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Technology Market / Re: I Need The Lenovo Slim 7 by jjagz: 2:31pm On Nov 28, 2022
Still looking for.


Any other laptops with similar specs would be welcome
Properties / Re: A Self-contain BQ For Rent In The Game Village, Abuja by jjagz: 9:49pm On Sep 14, 2021
Still available?
Technology Market / Re: . by jjagz: 4:58pm On May 15, 2020
Just phone
Technology Market / . by jjagz: 7:38pm On May 14, 2020
Technology Market / Re: Brand New Samsung Wireless Charger At A Cheaper Price by jjagz: 2:37pm On Feb 09, 2020
Technology Market / Re: Samsung A30 For Sale by jjagz: 6:39am On Jan 02, 2020
Phones / Re: Samsung A70 For Sale by jjagz: 6:19pm On Dec 22, 2019
Still available?
Phones / Re: Samsung A70 For Sale by jjagz: 5:18pm On Dec 20, 2019
Reason for sales : got a new phone
Casing and charger available
80k negotiable

How do we contact you?
Technology Market / Re: . by jjagz: 1:29am On Dec 11, 2019
S. A?
Technology Market / Re: **PHONE SWAP CENTRE**SWAP IT NOW!!! pin:265DA560 or 08033923897 by jjagz: 7:56am On Dec 08, 2019
Clean Galaxy A30 4gb/64gb available in portharcourt..

Type C USB cable..


HMU if interested

How do we reach you Sir?

Good morning
Literature / Re: BloodLine by jjagz: 3:42pm On Apr 19, 2019
In case any one finds his way here

I really did have he whole story figured out. Then my phone was stolen back then and I just zoned out.

Reading this after all these years with no has opened my eyes to how my readers enjoyed it.

I will try and finish this story.

And I will only start posting when the story is finished, so they will never be another break in transmission.


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Technology Market / Re: Samsung S7 SOLD!!! by jjagz: 11:30am On Apr 18, 2019

Yes sir, 62k with Fast Charger

Without the fast charger how much?

What is the storage capacity?
Technology Market / Re: Samsung S7 SOLD!!! by jjagz: 5:10pm On Apr 17, 2019
You still have the dual sim?
Phones / Re: New On Galaxy S6 Battery by jjagz: 11:10pm On Feb 23, 2018

I've sent you a PM. Or can you give me your email?
Phones / Re: New On Galaxy S6 Battery by jjagz: 12:57am On Feb 23, 2018
Ghostnick, please how can I contact you?
Literature / Re: Scattered Petals. ( Romance Collabo Thread)- Be A Part. by jjagz: 9:06pm On Sep 04, 2017
Karenjay. You're a brilliant pelzin. I was beginning to wonder how everything will tie up.

Meanwhile, I seem to think the name Rita's crush is Mark. And I'm sticking with that.

Mark got home in a lot less time than he had told his brother Richard. While he had plans to grab an early dinner in some restaurant before heading home, he changed his mind when he remembered Rich had Sophia over last night. For all of his brother taking her on fancy dates, she never failed to leave his refrigerator well stocked with different meals, which always finger licking good. Rich could continue deceiving himself but his women chasing days were seeing their twilight. God bless Sophia, he thought.

And Sophia, the ass on the girl. Damn. His brother struck gold with that one he had to admit. Besides their identical looks which they shared, their love for a nicely shaped behind was the other thing they had in common. They could not have been more polar opposite than the twins; Rich and Mark.

Rich had always been the life of the party, the boisterous one. The trouble maker who always roped his twin into covering up. The baba for them girls. International heart breaker. They were both handsome and Rich knew how to use it to his advantage. Years of hard work in the gym and their careers only added to the appeal. Mark on the other hand while certainly not "reserved", he was the clean up guy. The calm one. The guy who knew that girls liked him both never knew what to do. While Rich maintained that Mark was not innocent, Mark never broke hearts and was straight up with his emotionally dissociative state. He was a serial monogamous friends with benefits kind of guy.

Dinner at home that evening was a special Ghana jollof recipe Sophia had whipped up over some nice Arsenal banter, Rich was a staunch Gunner. So far as Rich was concerned, if this was how Ghana jollof went then Nigerian jollof didn't stand a chance. Mark maintained that he wasn't talking of the rice but about Sophia's behind. Anything from her had to be the best to him.
"Talking of behinds" Rich said. "Yesterday when I was out with Sophia, I saw this broad who seemed like she recognised me. As usual I turned up the charms and flashed my million dollar smile. But she just stood up and ran away"

Mark couldn't contain his laughter as he told his brother "it is one of two things. Either you've broken that girls heart in the past and you cannot remember or Sophia don tie down your skills"

"The upside though" Rich continued "As she stormed away, the sway of her ass was a certified Oscar performance"

The talk of fleeing girls drew Mark's mind back to earlier in the day when the deja vu inducing face ran past him. He didn't bring it up to Rich because he didn't want to equal the banter playing field.

And while he was taunting Rich of his failing charms, he also remembered the only girl he ever wanted to use his own "charms" on. It was an innocent kind of love. But it had left him scarred and made him hide his emotions behind an ice fortress.

He cast his mind away from all those serious thoughts and went back to hitting Rich with banter.

If only they knew they had both been talking and thinking about the same girl.
Technology Market / Re: e@Board & StarBoard & D-Board Interactive Whiteboards For Sale by jjagz: 10:05am On Jun 02, 2017
Please I would like to make some enquiries from you. How can I contact you?
Thank you.
Education / Re: 10 Common Words Nigerians Use Everyday That Don't Exist by jjagz: 11:24am On Apr 19, 2017
OP, no vex. But this post is not really on point.

Those words no dey Queens English, I agree. But language evolves and just like the Americans modified English to suit them, many other nations are doing the same.

So as far as you say those words and people understand them, they exist. They exist in Nigerian English.
Technology Market / Re: Used Htc One M9 SOLD by jjagz: 8:57pm On Apr 15, 2017
Would you consider reducing the price?
Technology Market / Re: Htc M8 eye 38k by jjagz: 7:18pm On Apr 14, 2017
Still available?
Technology Market / Re: **PHONE SWAP CENTRE**SWAP IT NOW!!! pin:265DA560 or 08033923897 by jjagz: 4:03pm On Apr 12, 2017
yes. what is your location?
Technology Market / Re: **PHONE SWAP CENTRE**SWAP IT NOW!!! pin:265DA560 or 08033923897 by jjagz: 8:00am On Apr 12, 2017
HTC One m8 38K. 16gb fully functional. Selling cod I have another phone. Don't need it. Call 09059452121
Location is owerri

Are you open to selling to those of us outside Owerri?
Technology Market / Re: **PHONE SWAP CENTRE**SWAP IT NOW!!! pin:265DA560 or 08033923897 by jjagz: 2:05pm On Apr 05, 2017
HTC one m8 with original pouch for sale @ 30k
Issue: just the touch pad. Call or whatsapp 08060796372

The touch pad? You mean the whole touch screen is not working?
Literature / Re: My Honest Observation And Critique Of Americanah By Chimanda Adichie by jjagz: 6:57am On Nov 06, 2016
I read one of her writeups on a letter she penned down to her daughter, according to her she said she won't stop her daughter from involving in premarital sex, neither will she create an impression that her father was the only man she had slept with, but she will only advice her to be responsible for her actions, as the notion of "waiting for the wedding night is not realistic". She also painted a picture of fun in premarital as long as you can take care of yourself.


is she not stating the reality?

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Literature / Re: My Honest Observation And Critique Of Americanah By Chimanda Adichie by jjagz: 6:52am On Nov 06, 2016

This your honest review sef.

And if you look at it critically, she no lie for the book. Those are the harsh realities we live in.

Sha I appreciate that it's your opinion and you have a right to it, so I respect it.

But if e too pain you, go write your own moral book.

Please appreciate that that is my opinion, I have a right to it so respect it.

Thank you.

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Technology Market / Re: Portable Bluetooth Receiver by jjagz: 6:57am On Oct 21, 2016
Still available?
Family / Re: Do You Think Married Women Should Tender Their Salaries To Their Husbands? by jjagz: 9:05am On Oct 17, 2016

Thanks dear. Sometimes I wonder why people get married in the first place. They share "all things in common" only when the man is ready to bleed himself dry, but the woman cannot bring out hers. What then is the reason for her working? Most men will practically stop their wives from any form of work to keep the home for them. Others allow their wives to work but now see what they get. Anyway, I din't have much to say but it is very bad of any woman to use her hands scatter her own home. They can initiate quarrel, run their mouth anyhow and even be the first to raise a hand against the man. When the man cooperates, they will still be the ones to call press conference shouting ABUSE!
One told the husband that things are getting tougher for only him to carry the weight of the family's needs that she should be allowed to pick up a paid employment. Because the man wants the wife to be happy abd feel belonged, he allowed it. Some years later, the woman was still lamenting. She will practically force the man to keep vigils at night praying anytime her salary delays. The last thing she does is telling the man when the salary is paid.
The reason for taking employment is defeated. The man called and told her to quit her job and join him in his business but she refused and left the man's house.
Most women today want to be referred to as "a once married" woman. They love freedom to the extreme! I wonder why people take almost every word some of these women speak to be true. I don't give them support any more. Research has shown that 80% of marriages today have women who maltreat their men. Average men are shy in nature and would not like to go public with family issues. Only shameless women do!

I hope this does not degenerate into senseless bantering. But I beg to differ.

It is not the place of anyone, man or woman to allow another person, man or woman to work. Married or not, it is the right of everybody to gainful fulfilling employment. And it is not one's right to demand to know the amount or time of payment of another persons salary even if they are married.

Now, in the OPs case, there is no magic wand, marriage depends on understanding. Both her mother and step mothers argument are flawed. The mother argues that if he knows her salary, he would not do "what a father should do", that premise is wrong because the family is the responsibility of both. The husband is not helping the wife, the wife is not helping the husband, it is both their jobs. Naturally who earns more should contribute more and not who had a longer erectile genital.

The step-father on the other hand wants to know because "she earns more than him anyway". While it is better for couples to know their income, it is the ladies Right to not want to disclose her pay to anyone, husband or not. He seems to want to know out of insecurity not for reasons of planning the family expenses and all.

But who I'm I? I've never been married. These are just the thoughts of one trying to make the world a better place for all, irregardless of genitals.


Car Talk / Re: Share Your First Car Bashing Experience. by jjagz: 8:47am On Sep 26, 2016
Funny stories I swear, I must share my own experiences;

1. It was my aunt on the wheel not me, I had not learnt how to drive, still share worthy thought. The aunt in question was just learning how to drive, and to help her get over her driving phobia I was always with her. Around that time I also loved Flavour's song Baby Oku, so I'd normally sing along and encourage her to "Fire dey go".
That was how when turning in to the compound, rather than brake, she mistakenly "fired dey go".
Rammed into the building, broke a wall badly. We were lucky no one was in, if not na die.
Till today, she still doesn't like driving.

2. This one was me, with One month of driving experience. While turning a bend on 3rd gear and about 30km/hour, I saw this red wagon turning the same bend, but leaving her lane unto mine, horned, slammed the brakes but you know now;
GBOSA!!!. Totalled her drivers door glass, bent the left side of the car.

Next thing I'm hearing 25k to fix them. Passers-by have seen it wasn't my fault. Due to her age sha wanted to help with the little I could, mama was creating a scene, me and the boys walked, left the vehicle.

Later discovered that the brakes pads were badly worn out. Felt bad sha.
Health / Re: Please Help! I'm Having Severe Scabies, I Need Fast Relief. by jjagz: 2:37pm On Aug 30, 2016
Apply Benzyl Benzoate correctly as stated in this link for Scabies
Do that two to three times

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Properties / Re: Is It Wise To Run Bathing(bathroom) Water Pipes To Your Soakaway? by jjagz: 9:07am On Jul 02, 2016
I hope this doesn't get lost in the myriad of responses and the OP sees this.

What is classically done in our climes is to have one hole partitioned into 2 parts which are;

1) SEPTIC TANK: This is where toilet waste i.e faeces are flushed into. Bacteria (which is why it is called SEPTIC) decompose it into SLUDGE which settles and WATER which floats. This tank is usually made with concrete ate the bottom to prevent the sludge from getting into surrounding soil. At the top of this tank is a connection through a hole, pipe or whatever to the septic tank that allows water to drain into the soakaway pit if the water above the sludge becomes excessive. NEVER DIRECT WATER FROM SINKS OR BATHROOMS OR KITCHENS HERE BECAUSE THEY CONTAIN SOAP AND OTHER CHEMICALS THAT WILL INHIBIT THE BACTERIA AND THE SEPTIC TANK FILLS UP QUICKLY LEAVING YOU LITERALLY WITH BIG UNDECOMPOSED SHIT.

2) SOAKAWAY PIT: Which is what we call the whole set up at times. It is normally larger and the floor is left bare to allow water literally SOAK AWAY into the ground. Water from sinks, bathrooms, kitchen sinks etc should all come here, including the excess run off from the septic tank( remember from above). SIMILARLY TOILET WASTE SHOULD NOT BE DIRECTED HERE FOR THE SAME REASON IN CAPITAL LETTERS ABOVE.

I hope I have clarified and and not confused you more.

You're welcome.


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