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Agriculture / Re: Are You Into Buying And Selling Of Agricultural Products? Kindly Join Our Group by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 5:10pm On Feb 23
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Celebrities / Re: Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce From Kanye West by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 10:44pm On Feb 19
2 of Dem should have custody of their children, don’t use mental health b/S to restrict him from his wards

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Religion / Re: Apostle Johnson Suleman: In COVID I Bought My Third Private Jet (Video) by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 4:36pm On Feb 17
Remember when Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem suleiman ?

I know you won’t

That’s an equivalent of 2005 - 2010 cars today, why can’t you emulate him ?

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Politics / Re: Sasa Clashes: Ganduje’s Aide Accuses Akeredolu Of Instigating Attack On Hausa by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 2:06pm On Feb 15
Business / Re: India Bans Cryptocurrencies, Gives Investors 6 Months To Liquidate Their Assets by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 12:55pm On Feb 13
Cryptocurrency started as a good idea until Casino speculators and Ponzi manipulators started taking advantage of the fact that the scheme is largely unregulated to cash out big time.

Cryptocurrency is now the beautiful bride of money launderers and drug racketeers. Proceeds of criminal and illegal activities running into billions of dollars are passing through the cryptocurrency schems without being detected.

International business entities and billionaires started embracing cryptocurrency in other to envade tax. Developed countries like US, Britain and China had no choice than to join the bandwagon to the detriment of the economy of poor countries. But I am sure that these countries will soon ban cryptocurrency. THE CRASH OF CRYPTOCURRENCY IS IMMINENT.

The fact is Cryptocurrency is international version of MMM. It is highly erratic and unpredictable.
Cryptocurrency will cause great damage to emerging economies like India and Nigeria.
No doubt, cryptocurrency is the currency of the future only if a new world order can be achieved.

What bout Fiat currencies, criminals doesn’t use it for transactions?

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Politics / Re: Jakande Didn’t Live In Govt House, Drive Govt Car - Afenifere by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 6:53pm On Feb 11
are you talking to me

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Politics / Re: Biden Threatens Financial, Visa Sanctions Against Nigeria, Others Over Anti-gay by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 11:47am On Feb 09
He include few Nigerians in his cabinet Nigerians are celebrating less they know there's evil plan against them

The one living in Ogun or Anambra ?
Crime / Re: Yahoo Boys In Benin Throw Money Into The Air (Video) by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 1:13pm On Feb 08

should we tell him?
Tell him what

Na everybody wey Dey trowey money inside car na Yahoo boy
Crime / Re: Yahoo Boys Spray Money In The Air In Edo As People Run To Catch It (Video) by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 1:09pm On Feb 08
Everybody wey Dey trowey money inside car now na yahoo boy
Crime / Re: Caretaker Murdered Undergraduate Polytechnic Student Over Unpaid House Rent by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 12:53pm On Feb 08
END TIME CARETAKER, house wey no be your own well you’ll soon get a befitting house
Politics / Re: Marauding Herdsmen Have Launched Guerrilla Warfare In Yorubaland — Agbekoya by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 8:30am On Feb 08
My advice to the south west is that they should never try to pull out of Nigeria to form a new country. Buhari will one day decide to rid this country of herdsmen, you know he's an army General. When he fights them like he fought the maitasina bandits in the 1980s.

Another reasonwhythe South West should stay in Nigeria is that they cannot make it except they remain in one Nigeria.

A word is enough for the wise.

Monday morning madness again ?

The Yoruba you’re attacking in all your silly rant still gave PDP more votes than all southern regions so what’s your point ?

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Business / Re: CBN: Why We Banned Cryptocurrency In Nigeria by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 7:02am On Feb 08

You people just make comments that are both baseless and foolish

Baseless like your country
Politics / Re: Crypto Was Banned Cuz The South Refused To Take The North Along (Picture) by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 5:33am On Feb 08
Lol, who would even want anything that got to do with brainwashed fools that think this way? Take North along ke? I've always said it that an average Southerner is a weed smoker and as result, have their senses damaged which prevents them from thinking clearly.

Shutup... eyes don clear for your bdc hoarding mallams, you can keep the physical dollars, when nobody is willing to exchange with you, then you’ll know you’re in for a long thing

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Business / Re: CBN: Why We Banned Cryptocurrency In Nigeria by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 1:11am On Feb 08
Only a fool will believe that the Nigerian government will make any policy that will be in favour of the citizens of Nigeria.

This buhari government are thieves. They have embezzled all pension funds. The sweat of all Nigerian workers. They now came to our money in the banks. They are starting with dormant accounts. When they finish stealing that one, they will now come to our normal accounts.

They are angry that they cannot access our Cryptocurrency and can see a lot of Nigerians getting smart and converting their naira to crypto. So they now came with this deceit to deceive ignorant Nigerians to leave money in their bank accounts so that they can steal it.

Yeye government.

Dangote and friends can borrow any amount they like but a graduate can’t get a loan, a student can’t get student loan but they want me to leave my hard end money in the bank, so when it’s election time, Apc and her twin can remove any amount they wish, In a century where most nations are buying crypto in millions to challenge the American dollar, mine is banning it, even America is sponsoring larger cooperations to buy cryptos, well I know the big abokis are not happy since Nigerians stopped using bureau de change, they can’t control millions of dollar anymore, by the way, why did he quote buffet but can’t use Elon Musk as an example

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Sports / Re: Odion Ighalo Signs Contract With Al-shabab Saudi FC by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 6:31pm On Feb 04
Fervently praying for Arab money on me and my homies

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Celebrities / Re: Lil Uzi Vert's N9bn Pink Diamond Implanted Into His Forehead by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 3:31pm On Feb 04
thanos needs UZI dead or alive but the stone must be intact

He has been saving for that since 2 years ago, he paid eliante (a known jeweler) to do it for him

I’m sure this will be the new trend now, jewelry implant harder than racks and blings


Celebrities / Re: African China's New House (Pictures & Video) by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 3:26pm On Feb 04
I wonder how these entertainers that are no longer in the mainstream make their money.

Investing when you have the money so you can enjoy later
Crime / Re: #JusticeForIjeoma: 2 Siblings Murder Ijeoma Nneka, Enugu Makeup Artist by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 9:32am On Feb 04
Hope her spirit torments them even in prison

You can do nothing but cry if you watch the video where 2 women were crying and shouting the late lady’s name, human inhumanity to each other angry

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Politics / Re: It Is Now Crystal Clear That SW Leaders Are Useless by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 8:21am On Feb 04

My post is not directed at two-faced IPOBians like you posing as Yorubas. Obvious you are trying too hard. Now take a hike.

Eledua mabatie atawon tonieje, O ni moridele, eleriibu omo

give any of your friends that understand Yoruba to translate it for you cause google won’t help,

I’m a victim of their atrocities but you still find a way to call me Ipob

Wan masofo nidile e tirantiran

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Politics / Re: It Is Now Crystal Clear That SW Leaders Are Useless by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 7:47am On Feb 04

That is indeed what OP is. What is driving most Igbos is a vengeful desire to see an ethnic strife they wish to co-opt others, like the Yorubas, into so that multiple and simultaneous chaos and anarchy across Nigeria can crash the "Zoo".

Yorubas on the other hand want peace and security across the SW and not war with anyone even as we are ready to defend ourselves if need be.

This is why some desperate and unthinking Yorubas have to wise up and stop talking of any union with Igbos who are after chaos not peaceful co-existence with others. Igbos are driven by dark, vindictive thoughts and malevolent intention related to their civil war "humiliation".

Yorubas should distance themselves from Igbos, as we have different goals, so that they alone own the negative consequences of their actions as is always the case with Igbos who are sentimental people given to making the same mistakes again and again. .

Please shut up your mouth, just shut up, 4 years ago, my neighbor was kidnapped by Fulani herdsmen along igbara odo- igbara oke road, for 6 nights, my neighbor walked from ekiti to Kogi state, combing bushes with bare legs and a sack full of money on his head, less than 2 weeks ago, Fulani herdsmen attacked my friends along ose- owo road, a place with 2 army checkpoints, 8 bullets were fired at their Car but Thank God no life was lost, I’m sure you won’t say these gibberish if you’re close to the victims of these herdsmen atrocities, even the peace you claimed Yoruba wants have been turned to fear and uneasiness when plying major highways

where’s the peace we Yorubas want if most of our highways have been occupied by marauders, or you value the peanut you’re paid than human life ?

Secure major roads leading to Yoruba land, hell no, your politicians will never do it but if it’s to berate Sunday Adeyemo (Igboho) or write unfounded allegations bout him just like Ojudu did, you’ll see them uniting in their thousands

Ti omo kaaro ojiire kan baku cause of your politicians negligence, they will bury their wards till 7th generation, I’m binding this with Ajobi that holds all Yorubas together

If you hide behind fake moniker to quote me, if you’ve been hiding behind fake monikers to divide southerners, you’ll share in the curse too, and if any mods deletes my post, they’ll share in it too, cause I’m sure most southern politicians have reps here, they must see the curse and relay it to their masters, this shii isn’t about political correctness anymore, this thing is personal to me

Almost 2 years since this has been reported but nothing was done, now it’s a cancer, do we watch it grow just like those oloriburuku 4 + 4 people called polithiefcians ?

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Politics / Re: The Fulani Strategy by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 6:15am On Feb 04

You spoke well my brother, but you only stated their cattle rearers strategy.

Don't you know there are terrorist fulanis too on this forum, they are the e-herdsmen. Lemme expose their already well known expired strategy.

They open plenty accounts with different monikers, many of which carries Yoruba and Igbo names. They'll then start a thread with tribalistic topics that mostly instigates the Great Southern Tribes against each other
You caught ‘em in 3D

even their brother is not claiming them anymore, you can go to sabo and see how they’re resented
Politics / Re: “fulani Must Go” Protest In Edo Is A High Level Of Hypocrisy, Misplaced Priority by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 4:48pm On Feb 03
My opinion in short is where are these women when cultist sacked major communities in Benin for weeks, and months? Most popular guys in Benin leaving abroad and outside home can’t go home not for the fear of herdsmen but cultists who they grew with as brothers/friends.

We know there’s a problem with the Fulani herdsmen crisis but most of the women protesting do not have the right to protest since they are breeders of violent men who are blood thirsty.

I’m not into politics and do not support crimes perpetrated by the Herdsmen but the fact is we can only rightfully “punish all disobedience when our obedience is complete”

The Fulani has an agenda and you can see through their son’s body language
Celebrities / Re: ‘Stop Tarnishing My Image’ — Mompha Reacts To Inclusion In N157m Fraud Charge by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 10:58am On Feb 03
You can never run from your past Boy.

Your past will always live with you till you die.

No diggity.

A good name is better than Silver or Gold.

Just like buhari’s past, killing democracy, kamar doesn’t forget, another man will definitely end his government before his appointed time
Crime / Re: Video: Police Summon Ogun Hotelier Over CCTV Cameras Uncovered In Rooms by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 2:13pm On Feb 02
My question is that do you think there are no cameras in European countries
Am sorry to say, bt with the high rate of ritual killings concentrated in a single region, I think there is nothing wrong with what the management did. Nobody wants to come and start hearing sorry tales of how unkwon idiot murdered people in you hotel and you suffering in hands of police(most useless worldwide).

O gooo gan o, O go gidi o fi enu oora
Foreign Affairs / Re: Lgbt Flags To Be Flown At US Embassies by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 1:52pm On Feb 02
Over 40 E.O in a week (this is one of ‘em) but but but trump is the dictator, orange man bad, how media has successfully brainwashed humans

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Replies Aisha Yesufu Over Esn’s Attack by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 8:25am On Feb 02

When they burn igbo shops in the north , don’t cry Oooooo

Igbo business in forest ?

If they try that to igbo stores in public, then they should forget their sabo anywhere in Igboland, I’m not igbo but if a group of people are trying all their possible best to combat banditry and kidnapping without govt help, leave them to It, let them achieve their aim, Ahba!!! you people will just open mouth like you’re not human being, I bet you haven’t been kidnapped by these marauders before, I pray you won’t.
Politics / Re: Share Your Tribalism Experience Across States In Nigeria by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 7:40pm On Feb 01
Politics / Re: List Of State House Of Assembly Members From 2019 To 2023 by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 2:24pm On Feb 01
Politics / Re: Port Harcourt & Ibadan: Which Of Them Have More Brown Rustic Roofs- PICTURES by JOHNSONSOLAFUNMI(m): 2:20pm On Jan 31
This is just like saying the gothic buildings in Western Europe makes them poor or backward...

Cause Dubai have skyscrapers does that make them more civilized than the Europeans

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