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Celebrities / Re: Makeup Artist Buried By River Bank As Her Parent Can't Afford Sacrifice Money by Kajaard: 8:17pm On Apr 12
Buried by the riverside? How?

Which kind fetish tradition is this?
Crime / Re: What Bobrisky Should Expect At Ikoyi Prison – Lawyer Reveals by Kajaard: 8:12pm On Apr 12
With that him big yansh, he should just look for the biggest and baddest in the prison make e dey lash am in exchange for protection. Without protection, him anus will never remain the same


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Agriculture / Re: Goat Engages In Intense Battle With Owner Over Rice (video) by Kajaard: 2:52pm On Apr 12
Lol cheesy

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Celebrities / Re: Which Cell Would Bobrisky Be Locked? Male Or Female Cell? by Kajaard: 2:25pm On Apr 12
I am just curious, would Bobrisky be locked in a male or female cell?

FG was very smart about Bobrisky's case, had he was arrested for Gayism, that would have drawn the attention of the West.

Very clever

Previous thread https://www.nairaland.com/8059413/bobrisky-jailed-six-months-no

So this guy really did an ass surgery? Because that ass looks surgically enhanced.

Those gays in the prison will finish this guy cheesy


Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Jailed For Six Months With No Option Of Fine by Kajaard: 12:06pm On Apr 12


Is he going to a male or female prison? grin cheesy grin

Because if it's a male prison I really pity his ANUS cheesy


Family / Re: How Do I Correct My Wife? by Kajaard: 9:45am On Apr 12
..Let me talk more on some points kobojunkie raised.

It's not about bathing early in the morning, it's about the person's health/body condition.

There are peeps that don't bath early ,yet, no offensive body odor from them.

There are peeps with little sweat here and there , you won't perceive any body other.

..and there are peeps with little sweat and you perceive offensive smell around them.

Another Area of concern is our wears. The cloths we put on, there are some of them that doesn't go well with the body sweat due to the kind of fabrics they are made of.

This is where A Good body Deodorant is needed.

Body deodorants helps to neutralize those enzymes that make body sweat to have offensive odor. My brother,there are deodorants you put on, even if you no baff for the whole day, as long as say, you no shot for body. No matter how you sweat reach, you wouldn't perceive any body odor.

My brother, na one of the secret of smelling good be this. No body wey no get body smell, we just have to manage it well.

After Evening bath, put on your roll on. No matter how you take sweat, no smells. Nivea roll on products good.

Make una try am.

Nice one. Makes a lot of sense.

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Family / Re: How Can I Change My 8 Years Old's First Name? by Kajaard: 9:43am On Apr 12
.. Abeg, let me ask o, which part of Nigeria you dey stay ?

.. advert of change of names on news paper na very small rectangular column, e no reach 12k. The 12k I mentioned sef is on the high side.

Then court Affidavit no reach 10k too. So, it's not up to what you think.

Haa that cheap? shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked

I have been away for too long so no blame me. I thought prices in naija skyrockets on a daily basis, that's why I used that figure cheesy grin cheesy

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Family / Re: How Can I Change My 8 Years Old's First Name? by Kajaard: 9:28am On Apr 12
Kajaard, which one be "if you have the funds" ? It doesn't cost much to do the above. Even, the court Affidavit.

It's good to put it out there so at least they have an idea that the newspaper advert will cost them some token at least. An advert in the papers name change section will set them back a minimum of 75 - 100k going by this years inflation rate.
Health / Re: Over Eight Million Lagosians Lack Access To Good Water – CSO by Kajaard: 1:38pm On Apr 11
But if somebody dey philanthropic enough to provide dem with clean water now,the same set of werey go say na low budget project the person do...

You can never please Nigerians.

Nigerians are the most ungrateful people on earth.
Celebrities / Re: Nigerians Don’t Believe I ‘Died, Resurrected’ – Oladips by Kajaard: 11:29am On Apr 11
grin The guy is in trauma.... after faking his death, he still no blow.

Exactly cheesy
Crime / Re: New Photo Of Bobrisky Leaves Tongues Wagging (photo) by Kajaard: 11:14am On Apr 11
Lol, is that really Bob cheesy grin cheesy


Family / Re: Married Nigerian Ladies No Longer Take Shit From Their Husbands (Pictures) by Kajaard: 8:38am On Apr 11

Which best did they make out of it you are delusional, ask them the mental torture they pass through, you can go for that generation of women and ve your piece and let others be. undecided

I respect your response without insult which is very unusual for this forum. This shows we can always disagree and have divergent opinions without resorting to insults.

I still maintain my stance, this idea of our Nigerian women going woke and copying everything from the west is not helping women. Let's tell ourselves the truth for once. Cheers cool
Celebrities / Re: Video Of Late Junior Pope In A Boat Few Hours Before He Died by Kajaard: 8:23am On Apr 11
Instead of the boat operator to pay attention to the engine of the boat and also pay attention to his navigation, he was busy concentrating on the video the guy was making and making signs and smiling like an i.mbecile.


Celebrities / Re: Junior Pope Is Dead - AGN President, Emeka Rollas Confirms by Kajaard: 8:13am On Apr 11
Careless death

Very careless and avoidable death.

I watched the video when they were on the boat, not a single life vest in sight, not even one life vest.

We have a very useless government and living in a society where nothing is done right, but you owe it to yourself to take personal responsibility for your life.

None of them should have boarded that boat when they saw that there was no life vest. We take stupid risks in this country.

Rest in peace to the young man. What a very avoidable death.

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Family / Re: Married Nigerian Ladies No Longer Take Shit From Their Husbands (Pictures) by Kajaard: 8:07am On Apr 11
I can tell you for free that they go after other people's husband. It has happened in my presence, I visited Nigeria last year and lodged in a hotel around Magodo, a single mom Nollywood actress (make I no mention name) was lodged in the suite next to mine and the Daddy grin that carried her, wink , these women are coming for your husbands or fathers if they can foot the bill. You think they are successful? They already have large lifestyles and it will take more money to sustain. Is it the single guys earning 500k, that will sustain them?

Leave the women, let them continue deceiving themselves. Hand go touch them. They always lose in the end. Stay and manage your marriage they say no and prefer to go woke. Forgetting that men age like fine wine and women age like milk.

Our forefathers cheated on their wives but our mothers stayed and managed their marriages and still made the best out of it.
Family / Re: My Husband Of 10 Years Threw Me Out And Is Living With Another Woman by Kajaard: 7:56am On Apr 11
Check my profile for the beginning of my story. Now he is living with another woman at the moment and I don't know how to function anymore. I can no longer sleep without taking alcohol. I have developed high blood pressure. I suffer from heart palpitations now. WHERE WILL I START FROM? A 40 year old single mother

You come here now seeking pity when it is obvious you have a bad character and are very quick to anger. You even said it in your previous post.

I am sure you pushed that man away from the house with your anger issues. No man wants a tiger for a wife. Check yourself.

Family / Re: How Do I Correct My Wife? by Kajaard: 7:35am On Apr 11
Bathing early has nothing to do with odour. In fact, in hospitals, adult patients are not required to have a bath everyday. Some only get baths twice a week. So, forget using her bathing culture against her. undecided

Since she works from home, she probably wouldn't need more than a shower a day -- does not really matter what time of day she takes it. Additionally, making sure to wear clean clothes is another way to combat BO of most kinds. Using the right laundry detergent, knowing to combat mildew when it shows up, etc. all necessary. . undecided

But more importantly,that crying leads me to believe that she may not be doing well emotionally, and emotional problems tend to lead to such issues. So, OP, can you describe --- not make excuses for -- your wife's emotional health? Is she happy (genuinely) or frustrated a lot of the times,maybe even anxious or does she seem to be more depressed and what not? undecided

Ofcourse, all of this assumes the smell is in fact from BO problems and maybe even mildew issues. lipsrsealed

To the op: I agree with Kobo's assertions.

From your write up it seems this sudden odour is a recent occurrence. So I suspect she might be depressed or having other emotional issues. Try and seat her down and find out what the problem is.

P/S - I really pity you sha. I cannot stand people with terrible body odours or offensive smells. Imagine living with such person in the same house or room, just the thought of it makes me want to puke. Spits in disgust.
Family / Re: How Can I Change My 8 Years Old's First Name? by Kajaard: 7:13am On Apr 11
We named our child based on what we found on Google whereas the true meaning of the name is devotee to a certain goddess.

I believe that at 8 years old, it is not too late to correct this error and change her name. Unfortunately I have no idea how to start.

Please any advise as to how we can go about this will help

Then solemn advise to my fellow parents, please dig deep and know the true meaning of your child's name or better still, stick to the ones in the bible.

The devil is not playing out here.

Go and do a change of name and put it in the national newspaper if you have the funds. Then swear to an affidavit in court. That's all. Your child now has a legal new name. Thank me later.
Romance / Re: My Babe Into Hookup But Can't Leave Her by Kajaard: 7:01am On Apr 11
I discovered this long ago, we keep coming back to each other, everyday calls and chats. We find it hard letting each other go.

That means you are okay with sharing the girl with the community.

So why are you telling us?


Celebrities / Re: Video Of How Junior Pope Died While Filming by Kajaard: 6:54am On Apr 11
Instead of the boat operator to pay attention to the engine of the boat and also pay attention to his navigation, he was busy concentrating on the video the guy was making and making signs and smiling like a slowpoke.

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Celebrities / Re: Junior Pope: Video Of Other Crew Members Who Were On The Boat by Kajaard: 6:40am On Apr 11
Not one single person with a life jacket, we take things at face value too much that is why a lot of things do not work in this country

I noticed that as well. Not a single life jacket.

Who do us like this sef? undecided

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Crime / Re: Guest House Owner Arrested For Allegedly Beating Man To Death In Imo by Kajaard: 11:32am On Apr 08

Source: https://punchng.com/imo-hotelier-in-custody-for-allegedly-torturing-man-to-death/

Photo Credit: Prince Uwalaka Chika Update

Is this the guesthouse? shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked grin grin grin grin cheesy cheesy grin cheesy

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Politics / Re: NPA Helpless As Warri Indigenes Kill Delta Ports With N4,000 Illegal Fees by Kajaard: 5:42pm On Apr 07
These people never learn.

They've chased all the companies away from Warri.
Romance / Re: Should I Shoot My Shot At Him? by Kajaard: 3:47pm On Apr 05

Lol cheesy grin cheesy


Romance / Re: Should I Shoot My Shot At Him? by Kajaard: 12:13pm On Apr 05
The writing's on the wall. He is not interested. Enter relationship with him, find yourself chasing him in the relationship. You have not wisen up at your age. Keep collecting body count after body count undecided

I just tire. Just imagine the mindset of a 46 year old single middle aged woman. At that age? This one is not an evening newspaper anymore, she is way past that stage. This one is yesterday's newspaper. Tufiakwa. Pathetic.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: UAE Suspends Diplomatic Ties With Israel Over Killing Of Aid Workers by Kajaard: 5:54am On Apr 05
No matter How the World Changes, the Ancient of the days, GOD ALMIGHTY cannot Change.
Even Joe Biden just officially turned against Israel tonight.
I am not suprised. I have always known that Biden was appointed to bring about the Fall of Nomerica.
The nations are deceiving themselves but it is expected as it has long been Prophecised to happen.

It is a prelude to what has been Prophecised over 2000 yrs ago to happen.


GOD'S Foreign Policy has not Changed.
You Bless ISRAEL, you are Blessed.
You Curse ISRAEL, you are Cursed.

One thing is sure , GOD ALMIGHTY will Defend HIS land and Save HIS People.
They are gonna pass through crazy hard times( The time of Jacob's troubles) after the RAPTURE. But at the End GOD will save HIS People.


I wonder why the mods cannot permanently ban this moniker undecided

You call yourself a Christian and fail to realize that the present day Isreal nation you worship are not Christians.

Illiteracy at it's peak. Pathetic.
Family / Re: I Almost Divorce My Husband by Kajaard: 12:37pm On Apr 04
This is a true life story. I want married men and women to learn from it. I am a young woman in my early 50s. I have 3 kids with my husband. We are doing great in the beginning our our relationship. I am a career woman. I worked in a good company but pay was not encouraging while my husband works with a company as well. We are both resident of Osogbo. We both loved each

The boldfaced, a woman in her early 50s is not a young woman. She is a middle aged woman.


Family / Re: Paternity Fraud: What If DNA Was Wrong And She Is Right? by Kajaard: 4:47am On Apr 02
Definitely a lawyer that graduated from one of these mushroom universities.

DNA/ Paternity tests have come to stay. Get with the program.

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