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Car Talk / Re: 5 Most Popular Car Brand In Nigeria by kernniejay(m): 2:18pm On Nov 26
Are there other popular car brand you know of?
Your topic is talking about top different brands of cars but you are listing different models of the same brand. Car brand is different from car model.

When you list Corolla as No.1, Camry as No. 2 and Highlander as No.6, all of them are the same brand which is Toyota.

Brands are Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Peugeot, KIA, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ford, Volvo etc.

Models are Corolla, Camry, Highlander, Prado, Accord, Civic, City, Pilot, RX 350, ES 350, I250, MDX, TL, 206, 306, 406, Optima, Cerato, Elantra, Sonata, C300, E350, S500, GLK, ML, G Wagon, 325i, 750iL, Edge, Explorer, Everest, Ranger, XC90 etc.


Car Talk / Re: Things You Didn't Know About Evs by kernniejay(m): 9:30am On Nov 26
I dont really trust the idea of electric vehicles especially in this part of the world where power failure happens 20hrs out of 24hrs. If vehicles that will run solely on solar energy for atleast 500km per hour solar charge cannot be achieved, then manufacturers must keep making gasoline/fuel vehicles for Africa.
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Sacks LASTMA Boss, Bolaji Oreagba, Appoints Bakare-Oki Olalekan by kernniejay(m): 4:11pm On Nov 24

Most it been someone close to the governor...
Ain't we all citizen of the state.
My brother, if you no get money and you know get connection, you go suffer for free in Nigeria o. (I'm not saying this is what led to the sacking o).

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Romance / Re: Do Women Like Rough Sex, And Why by kernniejay(m): 3:17pm On Nov 24
grin grin
go find work
grin grin grin


Politics / Re: Jonathan Visits APC Chairman, Ganduje, In Abuja (photos) by kernniejay(m): 2:56pm On Nov 24
What is someone like Jonathan doing with Gandollar, the man with bullion van agbada?
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Sacks LASTMA Boss, Bolaji Oreagba, Appoints Bakare-Oki Olalekan by kernniejay(m): 2:53pm On Nov 24
Avoid this type of mindset in your personal, family, work and public life. Let your conclusions and utterances be based strictly on verified facts.

There are thousands of possibilities that can cross any mind here, they are not facts. If something never happened, one million imaginative thoughts cannot make it a fact.

Did I say what I said is what actually happened? Among the thousands of possibilities you mentioned is what I said.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Riots Erupt In Dublin After Children Stabbed(photos) by kernniejay(m): 2:44pm On Nov 24

READ! READ!! READ!!! [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][/font]It doesn't kill.
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Sacks LASTMA Boss, Bolaji Oreagba, Appoints Bakare-Oki Olalekan by kernniejay(m): 2:43pm On Nov 24
And your father as prove to this claim or as LASMA performance been wonderful to question the sacking ?

Na your mother tell me. Read my comment over and over and over again if you can't grab things one time.
Culture / Re: Why Kolawole Olawuyi and Gbebga Adeboye Should Be Immortalized With GiantStatues by kernniejay(m): 7:03am On Nov 24
Why Kolawole Olawuyi and Gbebga Adeboye Should Be Immortalized With Gian Statues in Every States of Nigeria

The Story of Kolawole Olawuyi and Gbenga Adeboye shall surely Help the next Generations to strive to eradicate the societal ills and make their own Generation of Humanity to become better Huamne. Since most of us couldn't have achieved what these 2 achieved, if we don't allow myopic Selfishness and subconscious wickedness to prevent us from immortalizing this 2, we too would have done unselfish selfless part by letting next Generation know that our Generation gave Produced this 2 exceptionally humane Souls.

These two men came and made a great impact through their chosen career. Their names will not be quickly forgotten in the minds of the generation that witnessed their time.

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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Sacks LASTMA Boss, Bolaji Oreagba, Appoints Bakare-Oki Olalekan by kernniejay(m): 6:52am On Nov 24
Probably one LASTMA officer has unknowingly harrased a low key person close to the Governor, now Oreagba and perhaps few others are paying for it.

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Nairaland / General / Re: What Was The Biggest Challenge You Overcame This Year? by kernniejay(m): 6:35am On Nov 24

That doesn't mean your choice could be better, Obi or Atiku could have been worse. Sorry that we may not be able to find out. grin grin grin
I just hate APC and whatever APC produces. Nigeria has never had it this worst under PDP or even military rule. I don't care if LP, APGA, SDP, AAC, ADP or PDP wins, any party but APC.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Riots Erupt In Dublin After Children Stabbed(photos) by kernniejay(m): 6:03am On Nov 24
I'm sure majority of these migrants are either from terrorists-ridden countries or Africa. You enter a foreign land only to come and pour your anger and frustration which you cannot express to your government in the countries you were coming from, and then you start destroying properties and attacking people in the host country. The police in Dublin should give any immigrant who wants to constitute nuisance a shoot-at-sight treatment. Attacking innocent children who don't even understand what is happening is senseless and devilish.

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Nairaland / General / Re: What Was The Biggest Challenge You Overcame This Year? by kernniejay(m): 10:15pm On Nov 22
My greatest challenge in the year was that some people went ahead and voted for BAT after 8 excruciating years of Buhari. Now, nobody has to explain to them that they made a wrong terrible choice and they will have to suffer for it.


Pets / Re: Dubai-Based Businessman And His Pet Lions by kernniejay(m): 8:16pm On Nov 21
I see those Lions eating that man before the end of this year.

This I have seen.
Na so so bad things you dey like to see.
Autos / Re: Fact About This Generator by kernniejay(m): 2:24pm On Nov 16
That generator na thief magnet.
Politics / Re: List Of All The Unions That Have Directed Their Workers To Go On Strike by kernniejay(m): 7:45pm On Nov 14

Election was taking place in 3 states and Kogi happened to be the biggest debtor whn it comes to salary and pension... Ajaero and NLC didn't go to Kogi or bayelsa to protest, but he choose his state Imo because his political party is going to benefit from the protest...

Modified..... For those crying under my comment... Ask your self why only Imo state was the only state NLC President pick interest when the other 2 states having election same day with Imo are owing more months than Imo?
Imo state or No Imo state, NLC has already given a 30 days ultimatum to FG at the expiry of which they proceed to strike action without further notice. The Imo episode only coincide with the end of the ultimatum.
Family / Re: Broken Marriage, Please Advise me by kernniejay(m): 7:01pm On Nov 14
Good day pals, I have a sister whose husband abandoned for the past 8 yrs now,
with kids, male and female, the boy is now 9yrs, while the girl is now 8 yrs, my sis was abandoned after giving birth to the little girl.
She single handedly took the children far away and keep raising them up till date, now this is happening.

Yesterday, I received a call from my young sis, saying that her forgotten husband just called and was pleading for her return, that what will she do, that she needs my advice as senior, for me not to fall into conclusion I gave her 48 hours to reply to her, .....

Today I called the man (husband) he sounds so calm, "he said he need them back, he told me that he never chase my sis away, that it was my sis that carry her bag and left his house. Ran away with the 2kids, that he paid my sis bride price, he has visited my family for reconciliation but sis said she ain't going back that hunger is in the house, he admitted that then he was broke, "that he is not a drunker, womanizer, fetish, or never lay hand on my sis, and that he is God fearing man" only that he has no money when asked my sis she confirmed it.

Please friends advice me on what to do
If there is no record of domestic violence or husband beating and molesting her, emotional trauma or anything that can negatively impact on the children, she should reconcile with him and return to her husband.

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Politics / Re: Labour Declares Nationwide Strike November 8 Over Assault On Ajaero by kernniejay(m): 6:34pm On Nov 03

And that's enough reason for the entire country to be grounded with a nationwide strike? And what are the demands? Removal of the Commissioner of Police and area commanders. How will the removal of Imo state commissioner of police and area commanderschange anything? Are you guys even serious at all?

If Ajaero feels he has been unfairly harassed and brutalized, the sensible thing to do is to go to court. Sue the police for whatever claims the brutalization is worth and not throw the entire country into an unnecessary strike.
I know you you are an ardent BAT disciple but Try and reason beyond the surface. Ajaero has always been a threat to this government and the fracas that happened in Imo has given the APC central government an opportunity to covertly instruct the APC state government in Imo to deal with Ajaero with all available forces, the police is the ready instrument to do the dirty job. Why did all these arrest and "safe-keeping" happen when the 30 days ultimatum issued by NLC is about to lapse? Dont be surprised, one serious allegation will soon be cooked up to remove Ajaero and replace him with a government-appointed NLC president.

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Politics / Re: Presidential Yacht Delivered Before Public Outcry, Says Ndume by kernniejay(m): 2:00pm On Nov 03
When Godswill Akpabio passed through the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway and witnessed the terrible state of that road, he swore that the expressway would be fixed. Now instead of getting the road repaired, his solution is to get SUV for himself and his colleagues to defeat every bad road in Nigeria and leave the people plying the roads to their fate. Isokay.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: IDF Kills Asem Abu Rakaba, Hamas Head Of Aerial Array In Airstrike (Photo) by kernniejay(m): 7:12am On Oct 28
From the onset, I knew that Hamas has made a huge mistake by choosing a wrong battle against Israel that had hitherto been in hibernation mode. Hamas did not let the sleeping dog lie in peace but has decided to stir the hornet's nest, now the hornet is stinging them mercilessly at every angle and they are now paying dearly for it. It will soon get to a point where Israeli soldiers will array themselves along the palestinian borders and any civilian that wants to escape must pass through a thorough scrutiny so that fighters will not sneak out among fleeing civillians.

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Education / Re: Robbers Invade TASUED Hostels, Rape 4 Students by kernniejay(m): 5:25am On Oct 27
The robbers know the right places to go for robbery such as houses of their Local Government chairmen who are hoarding their palliathieves and House of Rep members who have never had any positive impact in the development of the state, but the robbers dare not go there, it's the hostel of harmless and innocent poor students some of whom are sponsoring themselves to school, that the foolish cowards prefer to rob. They should be burnt alive when caught.

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Autos / Re: Guys, Please Help Me Choose Between These Vehicles by kernniejay(m): 9:17pm On Oct 26
I would have prefered the Toyota but that tiny light is a 1999 car but the Honda according to you is 2006. The Honda is a newer model compared to the Toyota and should be able to serve you longer than the Toyota since it's younger. Mazda does not have enough technicians that can handle it perfectly in this part of the world.

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Celebrities / Re: Logos Olori Escapes Death In Car Accident by kernniejay(m): 7:04am On Oct 23
Praise Da Living God Almighty, Say AMEN ooo

Don't Forget, Bring This BETA News
BETA News of a narrow escape from death, abi?

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Autos / Re: Brand New American Spec Lexus Lx600 2023(black On Black) @245 Million Last by kernniejay(m): 2:52pm On Oct 22
[quote author=senatrpaichulo post=126537383][/quote]
I just like your demeanor, you never take offence by all the comments people have passed on your "product", you are good sales person with nice interpersonal and business culture, keep it up bro. Good day sir.

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Autos / Re: Have You Changed Your Car Engine Before? Let's Discuss by kernniejay(m): 2:31pm On Oct 22
I never changed engine. When I noticed the engine was overdue for replacement, I sold the whole car.
Family / Re: See How Much I Give My Wife To Cook Food For Us Everyday by kernniejay(m): 8:17pm On Oct 20
I give my wife #500 everyday to cook for the house and yet she complains, it's really annoying.

Do you know that the #500 is even too much because there's everything a woman need to cook in bulk in the house. Meat, crayfish, Maggi, salt, seasonings.....

I mean everything. All she buys is things we can't buy in bulk which is tomatoes and pepper. Please guys what's your take?

Here in the north all these perishables are too cheap, she just steps out of the house and buy them from women selling just in front of our house.

Before some people start saying I'm stingy, you must also know that she doesn't lack anything. I give her pocket money and also buys her anything she needs as far as i can afford.
Are the only one eating in the house and your wife doesn't eat? Is your wife a handicap that cannot work or contribute money to cater for the expenses in the house? Is there an agreement that you will be bringing money while she will be bringing something else for the family? And you bring your family issue to Nairaland for judgment where there are kids and kindergarten? If you lose your job or you die, will your wife stop eating? Anyway, I dont know the agreement or arrangement you made in your family with your wife. It's your home, deal with it.
Foreign Affairs / Re: "You Will Soon See Gaza From The Inside" - Israel Defense Minister, Gallant by kernniejay(m): 8:40pm On Oct 19
US is a stupid country supporting genocide
Where were you on October 7 when Hamas was shelling the Isreali civilians and going from door to door killing the Israeli natinale among them?
Crime / Re: Thieves Raid Ogun Palace, Steal Crown, Staff Of Office by kernniejay(m): 8:57pm On Oct 15
Hunger in Af0nja land. Yorubas respect their elders but insult their king. Stupid people.
Those basterds learned that from the IPOB miscreants that dragged out a traditional ruler in the south yeast and burnt him in the public square few years ago.
Family / Re: Married As A Virgin, Married For Love Yet..... by kernniejay(m): 4:40pm On Oct 14
It's 2.47 am here but I can't sleep, I hardly sleep these days.

My whole world is crumbling.

He said he can never work in a private company again. His target is multinationals.

I encouraged him to pick up a job with private company while hoping for a bigger fish at least to support in taking care of the needs at home but he said no.

I'm left with taking care of our 3 kids, feeding, school fees and virtually every need at home. All he does is press phone, gamble and sleep.

Now our rent is due, no money.
I married as a virgin, married for love and not money, work my ass off, doing so many side hustle to shoulder the expenses at home. I'm tired. I regret all .

When I see my "unserious" classmates on social media and sometimes offline, I weep. See them living large. I thought all the sacrifices I made way back will pay off now.
I have made up my mind that if he doesn't fix the rent, I will move back to my parent's house.

Kindly feel free to advise or bash me. Tankio
Hello, never mind all those people insulting you, know that many of them would be worse than your husband if they find themselves in his shoes. How can a married man leave the responsibilities of taking care of his 3 children, house rent and all other bills to his wife while he wastes his own life away in this APC terrible time in Nigeria?
I will advise you let him know that if he will not make attempt to better his life by looking for a job to support you, you wont be able to cope with the financial burden any longer. What you plan to do is a right step, move with all your children into your family house, regard him as a dead man. He may want to manipulate you emotionally bu telling you that you want to leave him in his trying times, na lie. Tell him that when you see him become serious with his life, you may reconsider to come back.
The only thing I will condemn you for is that you are measuring yourself by what you are seeing people post online, never look at that. A lot of people are living miserable lives but put up a fake happiness on the internet. Many even suffer domestic violence behind the scene, some are in huge debt, a lot are living a fake life, dont ever make the mistake of looking down on yourself because of what others are posting online. Peace be unto you.
Religion / Re: The City Without A Sun by kernniejay(m): 7:47am On Oct 14
Thanks for this. Dont be surprised some people will begin to come out one after the other to tell you that it is a lie and that you are being deceived by a fiction book called Bible. Remember, the gospel of the cross is foolishness to those that are perishing.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Arabs Chop Off The Feet Of African Migrants To Stop Them Getting To Europe by kernniejay(m): 7:32am On Oct 14
Africans are seen as the lowest in all human race and less deserving of being human. Our desperation to japa at all cost and by all means even reinforce this fallacy among the people of the world that have not gone out of their continents that africa is most likely unliveable. No thanks to bad governments in africa that is forcing people to seek greener pastures oversea.
The unfortunate truth is that africans have the best of brains, reason why we have them excelling in other countries in areas of science and technology, medicine, business etc where there are enabling environment to operate and thrive unlike the destiny killer environment in most african countries.

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