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Fashion / Re: Chebe Powder And Karkar Oil For Hair Growth Here by Kfed4ril(m): 7:01pm On Feb 18

Do you know that there is a cell responsible for the growth of our hair?

Yes we can implement a mask which can promote the daily growth of our hair as fast as possible through a natural herb known as chebe powder and karkar oil, that is directly gotten from Chad.

This amazing combination is the secret behind Chadian womens' long hair

It is 100%natural with no side effect and i mean ''NO SIDE EFFECT''.

It can also be used for both natural nd permed hair

It helps to strengthen hair follicles
It makes the hair fuller and moisturized
It makes the hair long and shiny.
Order yours now!!

And say no to:

Say no to breakage
Say no to Dandruff
Say no to Itchy scalp
Say no to bad Edges
Say no to stunted hair growth
Available for just 2000 but if you want to get a dozen, we'll give it to you for 1500 each
If you also dont have time to be mixing powder and oil like me and we have the already mixed chebe powder butter. Stress free and easy to apply

To place your order text us on

And I go buy one for 3k o.
Pls how do you mix it?
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Reacts As INEC Postpones General Elections by Kfed4ril(m): 8:44pm On Feb 17
Cry me a River. grin
Goodluck Jonathan postponed the 2015 election for 3 weeks, heaven did not fall. INEC chooses to postpone the election this time around and Nigerians support this move.

Bros GEJ didn’t postpone the election 5 hours to the main time. But my anger is the timing of this particular postponement. Bros early morning when everbody was still asleep. At least GEJ did his days if not weeks to the election, no body traveled or whatsoever.
Crime / Re: Two Men Destroying Each Other’s Car, Along The Lekki-epe Expressway,Lagos by Kfed4ril(m): 8:36pm On Feb 17
Look at this fools.
Illiteracy is when u blame buhari for inec postponement when u kw inec is an autonomous body instead of blaming any 1 we must come out to ensure inec chairman resigns.
Apc and pdp should clalm the tension by blaming incec only. My parents traveled all the way to adamawa to vote they are on their way back n i think they won't waste any money traveling next week that i kw
So expect a low turn out

Hypocrite. Yes That’s what you are, when it happened in 2015 you blamed GEJ but now we shouldn’t blame Buhari? And also you kicked against the sacking of jega then but now you want this one sacked. Chai
Politics / Re: Muslim Cleric Accused Of Referring Peter Obi As 'Yamiri' During Jumat Service by Kfed4ril(m): 12:40pm On Feb 17
Stop calling us Aboki

Ode what is the meaning of aboki?
Politics / Re: Muslim Cleric Accused Of Referring Peter Obi As 'Yamiri' During Jumat Service by Kfed4ril(m): 12:38pm On Feb 17
Its not an hate speech if you are the one screaming afonja and aboki but hate speech now when they callyou yamirin

Hypocrite kee you there, infact as from today na yamirin ago dey call all these fl@t head.

Mumu what is the meaning of aboki? Is it not friend, and abokina is my friend so what’s derogatory about the word now?
Politics / Re: 91 Million Nigerians Now Living In Extreme Poverty - World Poverty Clock by Kfed4ril(m): 9:53pm On Feb 14
Go and complain to Alhaji Rabiu & Aliko Dangote,is the Federal Government controlling cement?

Indirectly yes they are, after the bad economic policies of Buhari made them increase the amount in other for them to remain in business.
Politics / Re: 91 Million Nigerians Now Living In Extreme Poverty - World Poverty Clock by Kfed4ril(m): 9:45pm On Feb 14

Before you shout Buhari and APC;


This analysis below is important to common man.... who are majority Voters in this 2019 elections.....

1. They said when Buhari took over from them a bag of rice was N11,500 but they took over when it was N2,500

2. They said when Buhari took over from them ltr of petrol was N87 but they took over when it was N11.

3. They said when Buhari took over from them $1 was N235 but they took over when it was N20.

4. They said when Buhari took over from them a bag of cement was N2,000 but they took over when it was N400.

1. It’s was between 8500 to 9500 not 11,500.

3. Dollar was 200 and not 235.

4. A bag of cement was 1,600 not 2000.

And yes PDP met them lower but it took 16 years to inflate to the level the left it, but It took APC just 3 years to inflate to this level.

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Politics / Re: Ballard Report: MS Document Shows Otto Riech, A Senior Partner At Ballard Author by Kfed4ril(m): 9:07pm On Feb 14
Please can someone show me one credible and honest person in PDP?

If no, shut up your mouth and stop wailing.

Show me one credible honest person in APC?
Politics / Re: Biggest Losers In Nigeria Politics Since 1999 by Kfed4ril(m): 8:57am On Feb 14

The igbos are the biggest losers in Nigeria politics since 1999

Bros this is not a matter of tribal something, what she said is true, as Nigerians what can we point to as the gain of democracy since 1999?
Business / Re: 10 African Countries With The Highest Debt To China by Kfed4ril(m): 11:21pm On Feb 13
africa is owing just one country almost 90billion..

and they say two heads are better than one

My boss then at vitafoam always corrects me whenever I make the statement, he will be like “two good heads are better than one”

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Autos / Re: Toyota Camry spider XLE selling for #1.2m by Kfed4ril(m): 8:12am On Feb 13
Gearbox cost is 1.2 -1.4million. And that is if there is no other faults again. Best is to sell your car as scrap or sell for 500k or exchange am for Honda Accord 1998 plus 400k

Bros haba na even the V6 engine is at most 350k plus gearbox fit be like 450-500k.
So where did you price it and the told you 1.2 for only gearbox I need to call EFCC for them.


Romance / Re: Val Partner Wanted: Braless Nigerian Slay Mama Recruiting Man For Valentine Day by Kfed4ril(m): 8:01am On Feb 13
Na breast be that?? cheesy

No na slippers
Sports / Re: Nigerian Fighter, Isreal Adesanya Defeats His Mentor, Anderson Silva by Kfed4ril(m): 11:04am On Feb 11
Nigerians now watch and participate in MMA? I am shocked!

Asin ehh
Recently I have been a fan o and mostly of this guy adasanya, he is good.
Car Talk / Re: $1.7million (n620million) Bugatti Veyron Spotted In Abuja Nigeria!!! by Kfed4ril(m): 11:49pm On Feb 10
What does this have to do with me??don't always be in a hurry to make a comment..I live in Abuja and I know a couple of dignitaries and their kids who ride worse..as for your line on me being a yahoo boy, I wish that was true but am far from that.thank you and have a lovely day

Politics / Re: ​Atiku Abubakar Launches World’s First Emoji Manifesto To Target Youth Voters by Kfed4ril(m): 6:52pm On Feb 07
One of the major reason many people are lobbying for Atiku, is not because He is any better.

It is because they are tired of this Lifeless APC regime
Yes it’s a known fact. But another known fact is that he will out perform Buhari.
Politics / Re: Prove That I Am From Cameroon, Atiku Tells Nnamdi Kanu by Kfed4ril(m): 10:19pm On Feb 06
I believe Nnamdi Kanu than Atiku

Nnamdi have never stolen our common wealth

Only played on gullible individuals

If so you should believe him more than Buhari too.
Politics / Re: Kwara Inspired Otoge Takes Over Nigeria - Mrrights by Kfed4ril(m): 4:51pm On Feb 06
See prove below

Gimme one game make I play, if e enter I go give you your cut, but I’m not paying a dime before Any game it must be after I have played and won.
If you accept hit me up.
Politics / Re: Who Is Sick Between Buhari Supporters And Atiku Supporters? - Dele Momodu by Kfed4ril(m): 11:19am On Feb 06
TSA and VBN were never used by PDP, they remained paper achievement until this government came on board.

EFCC was used only by OBJ to deal with enemies.

ICPC was dead, infact it existed only by the name.

Can you name prominent persons arrested, tried and jailed by ICPC in 16yrs?

How about infrastructures They worked on that you can point to now?

I did my bvn on December 2014 in owerri. Abeg who was on seat then?
Stop claiming what you didn’t do, Bvn and tsa are brain child of GEJ administration.
Politics / Re: Who Is Sick Between Buhari Supporters And Atiku Supporters? - Dele Momodu by Kfed4ril(m): 11:15am On Feb 06
Show us what they did with 16k and stop beating around the bush oga!

Bros you haven’t shown us the soup you were you cooked with the 4K you are just mentioning non existent soup. Bros we want to see the soup physically not by mouth.
Car Talk / Re: Does Innoson Manufacture Or Just Assemble Cars? by Kfed4ril(m): 11:09pm On Feb 05
From your write up,he manufactures. I'm thinking of buying IVM Bus for my firm,due to high cost of hiace bus,but the way people bad talk IVM products,i'm afraid.

The bus is actually good, in the last administration a lot of government agencies bought innoson cars and are still using them till today. Like public complain commission around my area have been using the busses for like 5 years now and it still serving them.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Blast President Buhari For Saying He Came Into Office In 2005 In Ekiti by Kfed4ril(m): 10:18pm On Feb 05
Omo dis man don finish shocked

Bros no be the man wey una won vote?
Business / Re: ‘Dangote Refinery’ll Not Sell Petrol At Regulated Price’- The Nation by Kfed4ril(m): 9:38pm On Feb 05
Hp envy 360 core i5- 5200U
8gb ram 500gb
Touch screen
Keyboard light
3 hours battery life
2 hours plus for media
Screen size 15.6
Windows 10 Home
Clean ...
2.20GHZ speed

How much?
Car Talk / Re: Save Your Salary For A Year, What Car Can You Afford ? by Kfed4ril(m): 9:31pm On Feb 05

Doesn't Abuja have high rent? Besides isn't the place boring?

I don't do well with boredom. Otherwise I'd have a host of places i could move to already

High rent ..... yes, boring.....no. Abuja is not boring one bit and it’s more organized than Lagos where you meet different categories of mad people every day.

As someone who have stayed in Abuja almost all my life and someone who has visited Lagos a couple of times, I boldly tell you that I can never base in Lagos.
Celebrities / Re: Hosting Glo CAF Awards Opened Doors For Me - Juliet Ibrahim by Kfed4ril(m): 1:45pm On Feb 05
Her presentation alongside South African soccer analyst Marawa was fantastic, much better than this year's drab hosts. I got to know she was bi-lingual when she hosted the event. I don't know much about her acting but her presentation is next to flawless.

Mostly the guy. I don’t know where the picked that one from.
NYSC / Re: NCCF Kano Distributes Relief Materials To Rural Areas In Kano by Kfed4ril(m): 9:36am On Feb 05
Nccf will never die hallelujah, rural rugged will never die hallelujah , let me hear u say Amen, Amen Amen amen amen... i miss ibadan nccf....
Ahh nice what year?
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Gets New Chopper From Caverton Helicopters by Kfed4ril(m): 8:03am On Feb 05

Guy dey lie small small now

Even if you want to buy a new chopper, average price for standard one is around $300k-$500k

Bros which kind chopper you wan see for $500k?
Na 7th hand you wan buy?
Car Talk / Re: Save Your Salary For A Year, What Car Can You Afford ? by Kfed4ril(m): 7:50am On Feb 05

Bro na so Lagos be. Lagos is bleeping annoying!

Me and my guy were just discussing about housing in ikeja and he was told 100k cant get him a face me i slap you room.

This Lagos is overhyped and just furked! Agent fees and comission sometimes dey pass rent sef

Bros forget Lagos and move to Abuja. At most what you will pay as commission in Abuja is 15%. Better houses and better road network.
Car Talk / Re: Save Your Salary For A Year, What Car Can You Afford ? by Kfed4ril(m): 7:48am On Feb 05

It's only in Yaba you'll see that ooooo...... Even Abuja is 10%-15% of rent.

Asin ehh. I’m into properties here in Abuja so I was surprised when I saw that poo up there.

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Car Talk / Re: Save Your Salary For A Year, What Car Can You Afford ? by Kfed4ril(m): 10:40pm On Feb 04
Maybe that fine Danfo in front of the one with a conductor...... grin grin

Single Room apartment to let around Jibowu. Trekkable or #50 napep to Yabatech. #150 shuttle to Unilag. #200 to Obalende just after 5 minutes walk to the road. Price for the apartment is #150,000 total package. After which you pay #60,000 per year (i.e #5,000 monthly). P.m for contact of the agent. Pay after inspection and you like it. Send your message to azeezabeeb65@yahoo.com

Why will I pay 60k for a house and then give agents 90k? For what reason?
Travel / Re: My Experience When I Moved To Sweden! by Kfed4ril(m): 12:48pm On Feb 04

grin I go dey watch una from afar

Bros I no be zombie o, I was just telling the zombie that wants to run away that we must enjoy this their change together.
Travel / Re: My Experience When I Moved To Sweden! by Kfed4ril(m): 12:48pm On Feb 04
Travel / Re: My Experience When I Moved To Sweden! by Kfed4ril(m): 2:23pm On Feb 03
I want to go and see what is happening outside Nigeria kiss

You can see it from tv. But for now we dey here together.

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