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Career / Re: Chevron Attorney Skill Test 2022 By Dragnet by khaleesi(f): 2:58pm On Jan 30, 2023

Yes, I interviewed at Lagos.
Was there another interview location save Lagos?

I do not think so. I did mine at lagos too
Career / Re: Chevron Attorney Skill Test 2022 By Dragnet by khaleesi(f): 2:31pm On Jan 29, 2023

Learned friend,
Very sorry I'm just coming online.
Yes I received the email and have interviewed.
What about you?

Same. Fingers crossed then. Did you interview in Lagos?
Career / Re: Chevron Attorney Skill Test 2022 By Dragnet by khaleesi(f): 4:33pm On Jan 18, 2023

Precisely what the email content was.
Wishing us the very best in this process!

Hi Learned Friend,

Chevron has sent out emails for interview. Hope you got the invite?
Career / Re: Chevron Attorney Skill Test 2022 By Dragnet by khaleesi(f): 3:23pm On Jan 02, 2023

Hello Learned friend,

Sorry I'm just replying this. Been offline for awhile.

I also got the email to fill the STAR QUESTIONNAIRE same period.

From the job advert, the role is at Warri, Delta State.

Let's stay positive.


Ok. Thank you
Career / Re: Chevron Attorney Skill Test 2022 By Dragnet by khaleesi(f): 1:25pm On Dec 29, 2022

I guess you are being considered then. Congratulations. I wish you a successful outcome. I didn't get the mail.

Thank you.

Maybe you can go to your candidate home page and check if the questionnaire is there.
Career / Re: Chevron Attorney Skill Test 2022 By Dragnet by khaleesi(f): 1:24pm On Dec 29, 2022
Career / Re: Chevron Attorney Skill Test 2022 By Dragnet by khaleesi(f): 3:36am On Dec 28, 2022

Good morning. The role is in Delta. I think the questionnaire if from Dragnet just to record your view on the process. I don't think it has anything to do with success or otherwise in the test.

Ok. The questionnaire was from Chevron. It directed me to their candidate website. The questions were on whether the candidate is a former government employee or has relatives who are government employees. They said it is for purpose of legal compliance

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Career / Re: Chevron Attorney Skill Test 2022 By Dragnet by khaleesi(f): 8:23am On Dec 27, 2022

I was on the seat to his right. We were two, I was the guy who wore native, a lady sat beside me. I don't know the number required, but I learnt the top 10 would be called for interview.

Some did in Lagos and Delta too. Maybe top 3 per centre then they'll pick 2 or 3 eventually.

Hello. Have you heard anything from them yet since the test?. I got an email to fill a questionnaire on their website a couple of weeks ago but nothing was said about the test result or interview.

Also, do you know if the role is in Lagos or Delta?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Chevron Interview, What To Expect? by khaleesi(f): 3:43pm On Nov 26, 2022
pls if u ve been part of any chevron interview in the past , can you share on any ideas or tips? yhank you.. and if u were part of the just concluded skills test, lets share information here . i believe the invites will be rolling in pretty soon

I know this was a long time ago but did you finally get the invite and how long did it take to get it?
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by khaleesi(f): 10:34am On Sep 01, 2022

This depends on what you are currently doing and what you have a passion for.

A lot of folks transition to Business analyst, Srum/Agile coach, Salesforce or Quality Assurance.

Some require more people skills than others to be successful in the role.

The person I am asking for is currently a safety professional but is considering taking up training in IT. Safety seems to require certification in canada before one can get a good job, so he is considering paths that are not regulated.
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by khaleesi(f): 11:25am On Aug 31, 2022

Just to add to what @Salford1 has said, unlike in Naija where a versatile cv makes you stand out, if the IT support was not related to logistics, here you will be seen as a risk as you can swap industries in an instant.

You may need to create different cvs. One solely logistics, the other soley for IT support.

I will also advise people searching to get the resume of someone already in their target profession. It will not only help you tailor yours, you can see some skills that you have and you overlooked, and skills you may need to learn.

In my case, I started in IT, then oil and gas and project management. After arriving, i decided IT was the best path to take for me. So i got someone's cv, brushed up on my IT skills (had not written any code in 8 years) did a certification, created a new linkedin profile, restricted it solely to IT and limited it to three years. I was contacted by a recruiter on linkedin the same week and eventually got the job (after 5 stages).
I know this was posted years ago but please what IT certification did you do? and what certification will you advise for someone who is about to venture into IT to be able to get good job opportunities in canada? Thank you


Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by khaleesi(f): 12:23pm On Aug 25, 2022
Please Mamas in the house, has anyone taken Fasidar? How effective is it? Test results show that I have malaria 2+ yesterday and I was given Fasidar, 3 tablets to take at once. Since I took it, it feels as if, I have gotten worse. Felt sick throughout the night and till now, my whole body is just feeling somehow. How soon will I start to feel better? Also is Fasidar supposed to treat malaria or prevent it?
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by khaleesi(f): 10:00am On Jul 27, 2022
a 1 year course isn't bad you can still get 1 year PGWP, a diploma might raise some questions especially with a 2:2,there will be some universities with 2 year PGD if that's what you want try centennial/conestoga college or for university- mcmaster university,university of alberta,memorial university of newfound land or better yet look through this site:[url]https://www.mastersportal.com/search/master?dur=[720,720]&di=24&ci=56&page=3[url]. fall 2023 will open this year so just start gathering your documents it's not far away.

Hello, pls can you clarify your post? You said a diploma may raise some questions especially with a 2.2. Will University of Alberta accept a 2.2 for a master's programme?
Travel / Re: What Can A Young Lawyer Do In Canada, The USA, Newzealand Or Australia? by khaleesi(f): 9:39am On Jul 27, 2022

Canada is great for lawyers, but you need to get licensed to practice and explore the vast opportunities. The process of licensing takes some time, as you need to get your legal education from Nigeria assessed to enable them determine the number of exams you need to write. Then, there is the Bar exams and other processes including articling. It takes time, resources, study and all. It is doable as I and some others are currently in the process. Of course, we are Permanent Residents.

Canadian universities offer LLM programs tailored to meet the requirements for getting licensed. Getting into any of those will help make the process easy.

I studied in the UK, but going through the processes like my friends from Nigeria and common law jurisdictions around the world.

Canada is a great place, I feel so at home than I ever did studying law in the U.K. to PhD level. I know and see many people who came from Naija a year or two ago doing so well. The government invests in many schemes to make settling down here quite easy. Mentoring schemes, settler programmes and agencies, agencies that recruit for jobs, teach skills that help get into work fast and all.

Yet, be realistic in your plans as it takes 1-3 years to settle fully into any of these Western countries and better explore opportunities for better life. But there are many survival opportunities for the earlier days.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Hello, I am a lawyer with several years of experience looking to migrate to canada. Can I dM you? thanks
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by khaleesi(f): 2:01pm On Jul 25, 2022
Silent reader and first time poster on this thread.

HAA ,It's PPR for me and my Family.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above ,and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness neither shadow of turning. Jam1:17

Student visa for me,
Study visa for my 4yr old daughter, and
SOWP for my husband.

Old Portal/Gckey.
Upfront medical. : May 12

Application submitted : June 8
Biometrics done&updated. : June 14
Ghost update. 1 : June 21
Medical passed : June 22
Eligibility started. : June 22
Ghost update 2. : June 28
PPR. : June 30

I'm grateful to God almighty for the entire process and success.
And I appreciate all the contributions form the various groups I'm in.
Nairaland,and Telegram groups like 9ja Canadian study support group, Ojc group and Travelling with kids group.

Wow. Congratulations . Please apart form the MPower loan what was the total POF you had to show for you and your family? Also what are the requirements for qualifying for the Mpower Loan? What is the assessment based on? Thanks alot for your response
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by khaleesi(f): 1:58pm On Jul 25, 2022
Congrats!! By this time next week my ppr would have landed.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by khaleesi(f): 2:59pm On Jun 30, 2022

You can apply with your spouse and kids, and most of the information you noted is correct.
You are not required to pay half of the tuition fee if it is not a condition for your admission. Having said that, paying half of your tuition will boost your chances of getting your application approved, as it speaks volumes of your financial capacity and intention to study.

Although spouse and kids are strong home ties when you apply alone, if you have other ties like landed property, business etc., you can apply with them and still get the application approved.

Landed properties make your application stronger in terms of ties and finance

2 yrs is better because you will get 3 yrs. of PGWP after completing your studies. This gives you the time to get the required work experience and apply for PR. However, you can still get your PR with a one-year program mainly if you apply to provinces with a provincial nominee program for students that studied in that province.

The funds you need depend on the family size, tuition fee and sponsorship method. If you have a sponsor, you must have a one-year tuition fee and $10K, $4K, and $3K living expenses for you, your spouse, and each additional member, respectively.

Note: providing minimum funds is not enough. You must have much more than that.

I can help you secure admission if you need assistance.

Thank you alot for the prompt response. I have a few follow-up questions. Just to be clear from your response, If I decided to go for a year's programme, does it mean I will be unable to get a post graduate work permit and must have to go through a provincial nominee programme? If I decided to take another one year programme after the 1st one year, will it make me eligible for the PGWP?

Also just to clarify from your response for each additional member living expenses is $3k, that will mean for my two children it will be additional $6k.

My spouse and I are to be co-sponsors, is this okay and will the financial requirement change? Thank you
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by khaleesi(f): 12:33pm On Jun 30, 2022
Goodafternoon everyone, I am new here. My husband and I are considering relocating to Canada. From my enquiries with a few friends our best route is through a study visa. I will like to know if it is possible to get a study visa for myself and also visa for my husband and 2 kids? We are looking at the whole family leaving together without having to leave anyone behind. Please how do we go about this? From my enquiries I know the following:

I will need to get admission in a University in Canada. The admission allows me to school there with a work permit to work for 20 hours.
My husband can be listed as a dependent and he can get a visa to travel with me and also get a work permit.
I will need to pay at least half of the tuition fee
We will need to show POF.

I will like to know can I list both my children and husband as dependents and what are the chances such a Visa will be granted?
For a family of 4, what is the minimum amount that will be satisfactory as proof of funds?
Must landed documents or investment documents be submitted?
Is it better to go for a 1 year programme or a 2 years programme?
What other requirements do we also have to consider?

Thank you for your help with this
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by khaleesi(f): 11:57am On Jun 29, 2022
Pls o mamas
I just want to ask of headache is part of second trimester package because I get it everyday despite being hydrated with enough rest

I also get constant and severe headaches too but I am still in my first trimester. I went to the hospital yesterday and they did test. The result says I have malaria 1+ and I was given malaria drugs. I am a bit worried if it is safe to take malaria drugs at this stage. Any experience mama on this?
Car Talk / Re: Hyundai owners Discussion by khaleesi(f): 5:00pm On Jan 06, 2022
Nice one bro.

I've not had any issue with my 2007 Santa Fe as well and it'll be a year soon.

I'll sell it and upgrade to 2010 Santa Fe by next year
Did you buy as toks or naija used?
Car Talk / Re: Hyundai owners Discussion by khaleesi(f): 4:59pm On Jan 06, 2022
Hello Everyone

I am looking to buy a naija used hyundai santa fe or ix35. I have a budget of 2m. I will need advise on whether its a good idea to get a naija used of any of these cars, the fuel economy, which is stronger and more reliable. I have never used a hyundai so this will be my first time. Your thoughts are appreciated
Education / Re: Unilag Postgraduate 2020/2021 Information Thread by khaleesi(f): 9:58am On Jul 13, 2021
Go to registration and click on new registration, that’s how I did my
Education / Re: Unilag Postgraduate 2020/2021 Information Thread by khaleesi(f): 4:50pm On Jul 06, 2021
no cause for alarm sir/ma, everything should be back to normal for those that has paid next week according to what the woman at room 8 told me last week Monday after my screening because I complained to her after making payment and can’t do course registration

Have you been able to do course registration now? If yes, how did you do it?
Education / Re: Unilag Postgraduate 2020/2021 Information Thread by khaleesi(f): 4:48pm On Jul 06, 2021
please oooo.... has anyone here through with course registration!! i have paid my obligatory fees as well as part payment for part time student but yet i can not proceed to do course registration. i juts need clarification if this is a general issue or i am missing something here.


Having same issue here. System is still requesting for payment of PG obligatory fee . Anyone with useful info on this?
Education / Re: Unilag Postgraduate 2020/2021 Information Thread by khaleesi(f): 9:50am On Jun 30, 2021
Is it possible to pay acceptance fee first?

what amount is the acceptance fee pls?
Education / Re: Unilag Postgraduate 2020/2021 Information Thread by khaleesi(f): 2:04pm On Jun 01, 2021


This is as a result of what you filled in your form.
You must be a worker with some level of of experiences. MBA is even worst compare to MSC Accounting.

Hmm, does it mean having work experience is a minus?
Education / Re: Unilag Postgraduate 2020/2021 Information Thread by khaleesi(f): 2:38pm On May 28, 2021
How did you check your entrance exam score?

Possibly, it might be because of your class of degree, work experience or other things. You know all these things carry marks. So when they add all the marks together with your entrance exams score and divide by their determined denominator, its bound to either increase or decrease your aggregate score depending on each score assigned to yours.

Like in mine I scored 55.33 in the entrance exam and my aggregate is now 58.33.
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 10 by khaleesi(f): 9:27am On Mar 17, 2021

I'm currently evaluating with CES and IQAS. CES takes between 15 - 20 weeks. I don't know how long IQAS takes, but I hear it can be up to 6 months. Not sure.

With CES, you can create a profile, upload your documents, submit an application and pay the fees in less than 2 hours. However, because of the daily limit by IQAS, it's very difficult to create a profile, not to talk of submitting an application and making payment. I spent about 3 months on IQAS before I could make payment.

For both CES and IQAS, you upload your scanned colour copy of degree certificate (some say scan the front and back), international passport and I think marriage/change of name certificate.

After submitting, you are issued a reference number/IQAS file number. Then you contact your school to send your transcript to them directly (via email or courrier), quoting your reference/IQAS file number. Transcript received via email are processed faster than those received via courier.

Thank you so much for this detailed response
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 10 by khaleesi(f): 7:36am On Mar 16, 2021

Your chances are good but you have to act now!
Be the principal applicant
Evaluate your LLB with IQAS (or CES) to get a Professional degree evaluation
Max the IELTS General (aim for CLB10)

Your spouse
Evaluate his/her B.Eng and PGD with WES
Max out the IELTS

If you both complete these before your next birthday, you'd have a CRS score of around 473

Thank you very much. Please I have a few more questions.
Between the Iqas and Ces which is faster? how long does it take to get the evaluation report? do I need my transcript from the University or the certificate is enough? Do I evaluate my lawschool certificate too?

From posts I have read, it seems the transcript is sent by the school to the evaluating body, my understanding is that I will need to apply for my transcript and request my school to submit it to Iqas or Ces, please confirm if this is correct?

Sorry for lenghty questions. I am still trying to understand the whole process? Thanks for your assistance
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 10 by khaleesi(f): 5:29pm On Mar 15, 2021
Hello good people. Goodevening to you all.
I just started following this thread. I will really appreciate a breakdown of the process for me as I am yet to understand the whole application process. I have tried reading from the beginning, but it seems like too much information to process. Please see below my details:

Age: 31
Degree: LLB, BL
Work Experience : 8 years
Spouse Age: 37
Spouse Degree: B.eng and PGD
Spouse work Experience: 10 years
Kids: 1

I will like to know the following: What are my chances with the above information? what score do I target for Ielts? how do I get extra points from my Spouse? and most importantly, where do I start from, if I want to get an ITA soon? Thank you
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by khaleesi(f): 8:03am On Mar 10, 2021
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by khaleesi(f): 8:00am On Mar 10, 2021
Please as regards the experience part, why is it that we can’t input other past experiences apart from the job we are doing now?
It will ask you to click “ present “.
My present job is almost 2 years exp and my past experiences are more than 4 years .
And the duration for present job as displayed on the experience part is 4 months instead of 2 years

When inputing past experience, click present, then unclick it. That should fix the issue

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