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Islam for Muslims / Re: Recommended Time-table Or Routine During Ramadan by Kherdija(f): 3:18pm On Apr 10, 2021
ok thanks for your audience and respond

U re wlcm.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Recommended Time-table Or Routine During Ramadan by Kherdija(f): 11:06am On Apr 10, 2021
smile... being friend only this forum is just a mirage which is far away from reality. I wish we could be serious than that. Because I am on the lookout for a Muslim lady for a friendship, hoping to meet each other one day.

I’m so sorry.. to be honest I don’t want to be involve in any friendship...just look for one in your state..i hope you will find a religious and God fearing one.thnks
Islam for Muslims / Re: Recommended Time-table Or Routine During Ramadan by Kherdija(f): 11:37pm On Apr 09, 2021
[quote author=acesboy post=100648042] okay. Can we be friends. [/quote

Yes we can, but just on this forum..
Islam for Muslims / Re: Recommended Time-table Or Routine During Ramadan by Kherdija(f): 6:26pm On Apr 09, 2021
you never reply my last mention to you

Oh sorry for d late reply..How u doing?
I’m khadija from kano state.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Recommended Time-table Or Routine During Ramadan by Kherdija(f): 6:37am On Apr 09, 2021
Oh Allah make our fast of those who fast(sincerely),and our standing up in prayer for those who stand up (obediently),awaken us in it from the sleep of heedless and forgive our sins.


Islam for Muslims / Re: A Month Of Reformation & Redefinition, Ramadan Is Here. Are You Ready? by Kherdija(f): 6:28am On Apr 09, 2021
Masha Allah.Jazakallahu khairan for the reminder
May Allah subhanahu wata’ala make us reach Ramadan and help us to fast and stand in prayers and protect our limbs from committing sins.


Islam for Muslims / Re: The Reason Why Fasting( Ramadan) Is Prescribe by Kherdija(f): 6:17am On Apr 09, 2021
Masha Allah.Ramadan is coming soon,we are waiting for d moon
The month of blessings,forgiveness,full of mercy.
Ramadan is a chance to build our Imaan.let replenish our Imaan in this upcoming Ramadan!!

Oh Allah Allow us witness Ramadan,benefit from it,use it to earn your mercy,and emancipation from the fire.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: An Advice For Every Believer Before The Entrance Of Ramadan – Shaykh Ibn Baaz. by Kherdija(f): 6:06am On Apr 09, 2021
Ameen Ya Hayyu ya Qayyum
Islam for Muslims / Re: Ruling On Trading In Currencies by Kherdija(f): 7:32am On Apr 02, 2021
Masha Allah

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Islam for Muslims / Re: The importance of saying Salaam by Kherdija(f): 7:19am On Apr 02, 2021
Jazakallahu khairan


Islam for Muslims / Re: Understanding The Islamic Calendar by Kherdija(f): 6:11pm On Feb 19, 2021
as Salam aleykum

Wa’alaikumsalam warahmatullah
Islam for Muslims / Re: Etiquette Of Acquiring Beneficial Knowledge by Kherdija(f): 8:28am On Feb 19, 2021
Jazakallahu khairan

Islam for Muslims / Re: Understanding The Islamic Calendar by Kherdija(f): 8:22am On Feb 19, 2021
Masha Allah

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Is There Any Special Virtue In Performing ‘umrah In The Month Of Rajab?. by Kherdija(f): 9:05am On Feb 12, 2021
Jazakallahu khairan.May Allah grant us the best of today and all the days of our lives.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Is There Any Special Virtue In Fasting During The Month Of Rajab? by Kherdija(f): 9:01am On Feb 12, 2021
Masha Allah...May Allah subhanahu Wata’ala increase us in knowledge..Makes us those who are wise enough to say I don’t know,when we don’t and keep us ever becoming those who have an Answer,a thought or opinion on everything.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Ruling On Celebrating Valentine In Islam by Kherdija(f): 8:50am On Feb 12, 2021
Allahumma Ameen..May the Almighty make us the from the strongest believers protect us Always from hearts that are not humble.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Ruling On Dyeing Hair And Beard by Kherdija(f): 8:58am On Jan 22, 2021
Allahumma Ameen,May the All mighty direct us to the right path.


Islam for Muslims / Re: How Can One Achieve A True Belief In The Oneness Of Allah? by Kherdija(f): 8:47am On Jan 22, 2021
Masha Allah,Jazakallahu khairan


Islam for Muslims / Re: Prophets And Messengers in Islam (From IslamQA) by Kherdija(f): 3:48pm On Jan 21, 2021
Ameen Ya Hayya Ya Qayyum..Jazakallahu khairan
Islam for Muslims / Re: I Don't Really Like Eating Sahur by Kherdija(f): 10:48pm On Nov 17, 2020

i'm fine. hope you are, too?

I'm fine of course,Tnx

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Islam for Muslims / Re: I Don't Really Like Eating Sahur by Kherdija(f): 10:11pm On Nov 14, 2020

You have a beauriful moniker kiss. Choi.

Hmmmm thanks.How are you doing

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Islam for Muslims / Re: How To Pay A Missed Solat When Menstruation Stops? by Kherdija(f): 10:15am On Nov 13, 2020

Salam, Amin to the duas��
May i know you pls?


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Islam for Muslims / Re: Ruling On Working As A Lawyer by Kherdija(f): 7:56am On Nov 13, 2020
Masha Allah,may the Almighty rewards to you.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Speaking A White Lie In An Attempt To Reconcile Between People by Kherdija(f): 7:53am On Nov 13, 2020
Jazakallahu khairan


Islam for Muslims / Re: How To Pay A Missed Solat When Menstruation Stops? by Kherdija(f): 7:50am On Nov 13, 2020
Masha Allah,May Allah subhanahu wata'ala,the controller, direct our hearts to his obedience.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Wiping Over Shocks During Ablution And Some Misconceptions About It by Kherdija(f): 7:39am On Nov 13, 2020
Alhamdulillah,indeed is easy and simple,islam is knowledge based,the more you know About it the more u will love it.Ya Allah Do not burden us with that which we have no ability to bear.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Importance Of Reading And Acting Upon Qur'an by Kherdija(f): 5:42pm On Oct 24, 2020

Abi..what can I say..Mashallah. Maybe i don't seem to come here to spread hate because me myself had wanted to be a Muslim at the tender age of 4 years old, I can still remember coming home from school to meet my mum in her poultry farm and telling her th following words: 'Mummy , good afternoon. Mummy I want to be a Muslim '
And to that she replied ," . Come on , get out of here' she said it and continued with her work. It seemed as though she saw me as a silly child who just spoke ignorantly and saying nothing sensible. I left and went into the house to changeup my uniform , feeling sad. Mum and I never spoke about that incident again even till this very day.. I remember that day well... at Asokoro , as if it was just last year. Then I had learnt already to pray "bismilah.....and the rest. " I was too young to go and buy my own tasbir, lol. Even though I really wanted to own one..who was going to buy it for me at 4 to 5 years of age. I have a good retentive memory , so I know all I am saying is exactly what happened those days and I still see the memory in my mind.

So, my point in all this is that, I have known Muslims from childhood and I have lived around them and schooled with them , and so, I already know what I know. Unlike someone who hasn't been with them and just because of the recent years of boko haram terrorism they just conclude hat "all Muslims are wicked and hate Christians" magana magana...bla, bla bla. I will never forget Hadiza Shehu ,my love , my crush back then in primary 3 and 4 .

This fulani girl liked me and I like her even more. This was a girl who defended me and gave me her lunch box snacks on more than one occasion ( foreign sweets and snacks even) to eat with her during breaktime , even when one other rich Muslim guy named Imam who also really liked Hadiza was telling her that why should she choose me over him and that she should not be giving me her snacks. Hahaha it was entertaining that year, I'm telling you fa. I'm talking about 1998 to early 1999 fa. Wallahi, I'm not kidding. That's to buttress my point that if a
Muslim girl (whether Hausa, fulani or kanuri) likes you and wants you, she will go for you not minding what others say. That's if she really likes you tho. I have been trying to find hadiza on social media for years now but it has not been possible. But I heard her elder sister died in a boat mishap when students of Capital Science Academy were on an excursion sha. I cried that day for her....lol not even for Farida her elder sis who died that day. That was like 2006 ko... we were in secondary school then. Our schools see not too far from each other, but we boarding so not allowed to go out of th or premises.
In summary, the fact of this life is that we have good Muslims and bad Muslims , and we have good Christians as well as bad Christians . Same goes for traditional idol worshippers . Its not the religion that makes a person good

or evil, it's the individuals heart and soul that determines that. At the end of the day, what we all want to achieve is to be able to make it to Aljannah fridaus . Anybody who lives life as if they are God and live life recklessly with wickedness will have themselves to blame in the end..is it not so Kherdijah? It is so. May God help us all oh.
See ba, If most human beings only knew hat this world is just a test of our minds and principles, then we all would know that it is one God who cold have made us because we all have the same features - blood in our veins, bones, eyes and so on. We all eat God throught our mouths. Meaning we are all from one source, one origin. But
wisdom is not for everyone I have come to see. God will ask us all how we loved one another on the judgment day, irrespective of ethnicity or religious affliliations. .......still find me a cool Hausa chick o... lol . Kinji ko?

Oh God such an interesting story,so u like to be a muslim that's a good thought,and if you wanted to convert now why don't you explain everything to ur mom,may be she will say something about that.
I also schooled with christains both primary and sec schl,back then my best friend was a christain we played,visit each other,she eats from mine and also ate hers.wallahi bokoharam were the one's who tarnished the image of islam and erased ol trust we gained from opposite religions majority of poeple believes that this what islam teaches.May Almighty brings an end to this terrible act.And I hope one day one time you will find Hadiza.
May the Almighty guide you to the right path,Although there is hope for everyone who thinks there is not,as long as ur intentions are genuine,the struggle may be bitter but at end result is sweeter,so pls if you want and hv insterest in islam explain it to ur mom,she will say something good insha Allah,May the Almighty blessed ol parents.
Lol don't worry i will search a pious and beutiful lady for you.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Importance Of Reading And Acting Upon Qur'an by Kherdija(f): 2:07pm On Oct 23, 2020
[quote author=KevUnique post=95244258][/quote]

Wow!I love the way you praise muslims a person like you is really hard to find unlike those pple that will sneaked into this thread displaying thier ignorance and lack of home training,indeed islam teaches us to show kindness and care to anyone including non muslims.Thank you soo much.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Importance Of Reading And Acting Upon Qur'an by Kherdija(f): 9:46am On Oct 23, 2020

Kudin ka right? In one word, MONEY is the requirement. But I'm not a Muslim o. But I wanted to be when I was a little Child. I still can remember my days of going to islamiyya after school with my best friend , Aminu and our neighbourhood kids . Far back in the 90's . Lmao, see my profile photo sef, and you will know that I have a thing for arewa ladies. I've always been drawn to them and though dated a few beauttiful ones, it has never gotten to the point where we talk of planing marriage . Or are they waiting for me it convert to Islam first before they take the love serious....

Yes money is Also required both that isn't the main thing,the requirement are to be pious,educated,well behaved,love for the sake of Allah and abide by the rules and regulations,most of All you must be a muslim,coz islam does not permit muslim female to marry a christain or any other religion but it is permissible for male(muslim)to marry a christian. why do u like to date arewa ladiesyou know they are soo expensive fah.Lol
Islam for Muslims / Re: Singling Out A Day For Fasting On Prophet Muhammad Saw's Birthday by Kherdija(f): 7:03am On Oct 23, 2020
Ameen ya Rabby.Jazakallah khairan

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Islam for Muslims / Re: What Islam Says About Celebrating The Birth Of The Prophet? by Kherdija(f): 7:00am On Oct 23, 2020
Wallahi this is fact,All this is bidiah and some fellow muslims will keep on saying trash they will be like stop making use of cars ,phones,flight.Etc coz the prophet hasn't make use of any.May Allah subhanahu wata'ala direct us to the right path,May we abide by the rules of Allah.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Is Buying Expensive Items Regarded As Extravagance? by Kherdija(f): 6:41am On Oct 23, 2020
Masha Allah jazakallah khiaran


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