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Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by KingsleyJohn: 10:40am On Oct 29, 2018
Toyota Camry 2006, newly bought tokumbo car. Need an experienced driver living in the Ikeja preferably Ogba. Call me 08119018719. Driver must be ready to start immediately
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by KingsleyJohn: 8:31pm On Oct 26, 2018
Is Learners Permit allowed on Taxify for new drivers? Or a new driver have to wait for the 6 weeks to get temporary drivers license before driving on the platform
Jobs/Vacancies / Fashion Designers Wanted. by KingsleyJohn: 12:46pm On Oct 11, 2018
A new company seeks to partner with young male fashion designers.
Desired qualities:
Must be creative in your designs.
Must be a good tailor with experience.
Must be resident in Lagos.
Must be less than 35 years
Must be ready for a full time partnership.

If you are interested please contact:
07030942828 WhatsApp only!!
Politics / Support Restructuring And Let's Make Nigeria Great Again. Don't Dress Like by KingsleyJohn: 6:40pm On Sep 18, 2017
I have been wondering why the Northern Governors prefer to tour the East, even those dressing like Igbos up north. The truth is there is only one way to save Nigeria and ensure it remains saved. That is through restructuring.

So why beat around the bush, why beg for unity?

Just curious though
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Updated-New Job Vacancies by KingsleyJohn: 9:45am On Jul 10, 2017
Ladrope.com, An innovative Fashion and Tech firm is looking for an experienced female digital marketer.

Marketing Manager
Location: Lagos

Qualification for the post of a Marketing Manager is a degree holder in any social science course

Working days: Monday-Fridays

Interested and qualified candidates can send CV to nwankwo.kingsleyjohn@gmail.com on or before the close of business of Friday, 14 July 2017.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NBC Aptitude Test Invitation by KingsleyJohn: 8:51am On Feb 14, 2017
Were you called?
I was called, Chat me up, 07030942828
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Department Of Petroleum Resources - 2016 Graduate Trainee &experienced Hire Job by KingsleyJohn: 7:16pm On Feb 11, 2017
Hello friends, pls anyone with DPR past questions should forward to my email: terfagondo@gmail.com Thanks[b] Hello friends, pls anyone with DPR past questions should forward to my email: terfagondo@gmail.com Thanks[/b] Hello friends, pls anyone with DPR past questions should forward to my email: terfagondo@gmail.com Thanks

Have you been invited for test
Politics / Re: Buhari Dead? See Faces Of Northern Governors At Their 'emergency' Meeting In Abj by KingsleyJohn: 9:30pm On Jan 25, 2017

You got it right bro. That will be the catalyst nigeria needs to break up.
Touch Osinbajo and forget one nigeria.

You can't be too sure o... if (God forbid o)Osibanjo dies in a car accident like James Ocholi, what will be your reaction. Anything can happen o
Politics / Re: Buhari Dead? See Faces Of Northern Governors At Their 'emergency' Meeting In Abj by KingsleyJohn: 9:28pm On Jan 25, 2017
What of the IGP and his delegation that left since yesterday, any news from them? please they should take selfie with GMB for us to see please

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Politics / Re: My Thoughts by KingsleyJohn: 11:23am On Jan 13, 2017
Interesting idea, but I am afraid it won't fly...

What the youth need to do now is to insist on restructuring the country.

The events of 1966 have so polarised this country that everything, every event, every idea, everybody is viewed from a tribal point of view.

I think the best chance for this country is for us to go back to our roots...

Let each region grow and develop with their talents, resources, at their own pace and in a direction most acceptable to them.

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Politics / Re: Did Ojukwu Release Awolowo From Prison by KingsleyJohn: 9:09pm On Dec 29, 2016
Did I call them mutineers

Leave trivialities, where is the link to where Ogunewe was begging Gowon and also the Snapshot of the release papers
Politics / Re: Did Ojukwu Release Awolowo From Prison by KingsleyJohn: 9:05pm On Dec 29, 2016

For fvck sake, stop lying through your teeth . How many times do you want me to write it that THERE WAS NOTHING LIKE BIAFRA ON AUGUST 3RD 1967 .

Read again, I never mentioned Biafra young man.
Politics / Re: Did Ojukwu Release Awolowo From Prison by KingsleyJohn: 9:02pm On Dec 29, 2016

If the troops in Enugu were loyal and under his control why was it necessary to lock the Armory.
Why was Ogunewe begging Gowon for the Black scorpion(Adekunle),Jalo and Yar'adua to return to Lagos

Please can you show us a link to where Ogunewe was begging Gowon for the 'mutineers' to return to Lagos...

Who was Ogunewe taking orders from?
Politics / Re: Did Ojukwu Release Awolowo From Prison by KingsleyJohn: 8:55pm On Dec 29, 2016
I have already dealt with all of that so go back and read the thread

I still can't find the snapshot of the release papers?
Politics / Re: Did Ojukwu Release Awolowo From Prison by KingsleyJohn: 8:39pm On Dec 29, 2016

He had committed no crime on 2 August 1966 when Gowon signed the release order for Awo do not pretend you do not understand

Gowon came to power on 1 August
Signed order for Awo release on 2 August and
Awo released on 3 August

tell WHEN Ojukwu REJECTED him


Tell us when he should have been arrested at the earliest
As a soldier you react to events that are violent before reporting. Ogunewe reacted immediately and Ojukwu was hiding in a police station

So stop trying to change the subject

What is the connection between Awo release on August 2 and OJukwu rejection

When did Ojukwu make his rejection know to the world?
There was no hierarchy with the Prison

Calabar Prisons are under the Federal government and the line of command is ministerial. Ojukwu had no legal power to release Awo. Was Awo convicted of an offense against the Eastern region? How then can Ojukwu release him . Explain the legal status of the release.Was it a pardon?

That is like saying Rochas releases a coup plotter because he is a prison in Imo state.

Awo was not an Eastern Region prisoner

Why didn't Gowon go to calabar to witness the release and at least smile for the camera?

You can call it a pardon or a favour which Ojukwu expected Awolowo to pay back.

Please can you show us a snapshot of the release papers Gowon signed on August 2.

Finally say the truth and shame the devil, Who was in control of the troops in Eastern Nigeria?
Politics / Re: Did Ojukwu Release Awolowo From Prison by KingsleyJohn: 5:11pm On Dec 29, 2016

There is no logical connection between release of Awo and arrest of Ojukwu.

Gowon came into office on August 1 and signed Awo's release order THE NEXT DAY AUGUST 2 so please tell the world exactly why he should want to arrest OJUKWU at that time? What offence had Ojukwu committed at THAT POINT IN TIME to warrant arrest

I do not think you know the history at all

The people Ojukwu was hiding from were potential mutineers having heard what happened in Lagos. They were coup plotters.

Gowon was not a coup plotter just like Ironsi was not part of Nzeogwu's coup

While Ojukwu was hiding under the bed at the police station

Ogunewe arranged for the Non-Eastern soldiers to return to Lagos

Ojukwu rejected Gowon and insisted he wasn't the most senior officer so he can take over after Ironsi's kidnap. So its funny when you say Ojukwu had committed no crime, rejecting the authority of your supposedly superior is a crime for men in uniform. Yet the supposedly superior went to Aburi to negotiate with his junior?

Furthermore you claim coup plotters were in Enugu, those you called 'mutineers', in other words you agree there was a heirachy which was under Ojukwu's command yet the same heirachy was set aside to release the prisoners in Calabar and there was no repercussion on those that ignored it?

Ogunewe who you keep mention in Enugu, who was he reporting to Or you think he locked up armoury at his own discretion?? Until you start telling your self the truth, you won't learn.

Moreover if Ojukwu was not in total control of the East as you want us to believe how was he able to negotiate repatriation of troops to their state of origin? Or Gowon chose to negotiate with someone hiding inside a police station

Finally stop emphasizing on the timing because for Ojukwu that was the best time too, having failed to get a Yoruba coward who ran off to UK as high commissioner to take his rightful place as the supreme commander, he had to try the almighty Awolowo. Unfortunately Awolowo disappointed too.
Politics / Re: Did Ojukwu Release Awolowo From Prison by KingsleyJohn: 4:01pm On Dec 29, 2016
I have read your argument @op, its interesting how you are working hard to convince us that Gowon released Awolowo.

Let's look at it carefully.

Why would Gowon order the release of Awolowo and not order the arrest of Ojukwu in the east. You claim Adekunle, Jalo, Shehu Yaradua were all there in the east and the riffle men were northerners. So if Gowon could order Awolowo's release then he could have ordered Ojukwu arrest too. You claim Ojukwu was hiding and guarding himself with 'mobile police' then the army which you claim was loyal to Gowon could not arrest someone guarded by 'mobile police'?

The truth is at that point Ojukwu needed Awolowo to pull the West out of Nigeria that is why he released him while Gowon needed a united West in order to be able to fight the East that is why he allowed Awolowo enjoy his freedom. The only Advantage Gowon had was that federal troops were stationed in Lagos and Awolowo and the West has no standing army, Awolowo couldn't say no to Gowon and so had to betray Ojukwu.

Stop trying to twist facts.

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Politics / Re: Is Nigeria Really One Nation? By Fani-kayode by KingsleyJohn: 9:14pm On Dec 18, 2016
I have my personal reservations about the oneness of Nigeria, or at least, it's governance structure.
That being said, I have even deeper reservations about the author of this article. He was a beneficiary of this 'Questionable Unity' for about 16years and never for once did I hear him question the unity or structure of Nigeria.
It is precisely this absence of sincerity of purpose that causes issues never to be discussed on its merits but rather on the alter of sentiments and interests.
FFK is a pained looser, who thinks that championing the cause of Biafra will endear him to the SE and undermine the present administration.

That is part of the problem, you need to do real soul searching about the essence of Nigeria and discuss that. Forget about the messenger. Or you think FFK can't just switch sides, join APC and all his sins will be forgiven, if in doubt as OUK
Politics / Re: Is Their Benefit In Breaking Nigeria Up? by KingsleyJohn: 8:55pm On Dec 18, 2016
These people need to survive, and they will fight to survive.
Consider that if this break happens, four of the six countries will be cut off from the ocean. Think about how dependent Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso, and Mali are on their neighbours. Think about the Central African Republic. Do you for one second think that the political and business elite in the North-West, North-East and North-Central will sit idly by and watch themselves effectively become another Niger Republic? Do you for one second think that even the normal South-Easterner on the street will want to be constrained within the limited space that 29,388 sq.km will afford him? A space which will give him a population density of 1,089 people per sq.km, which will immediately shoot his country up to being one of the world’s top thirty in terms of population density?
There are arguments for changing the structure that we currently run, and the singular, overreaching argument, is that it is not working. But breaking up the country? You only need to take a look at the map again. From a military standpoint, there’s only one region that will be easily defended: the North-Central. If we are mad enough to go the route of a break-up, and the inevitable war for resources/access to the sea that will follow, we will be caught up in a war without end. This war will affect not just us, but two huge regions — West, and Central Africa. When that happens, isolationist or not, the world will take notice, and will intervene. Then they will put us back together, because that is the reality that they know. We are not the Soviet Union, or Yugoslavia, who had prior body corporates, to return to. Not one of our regions existed as a country, prior to Lugard’s “mistake of 1914”.
So my question is — what is the point of fighting a war, or wars, if we will end up back where we started? Will we not be better off thinking through a solution to what is clearly a problem?

This article is not absolute. It is meant to provoke a discussion. So, let’s discuss like thinking men.
Its unfortunate that most of your argument is borne out of fear of the unknown, to be frank you didn't make much sense.

If Nigeria splits along the current geopolitical groupings, I think its only the northeast that will have instability because of boko haram. But the truth is if boko haram overruns that region and establish an Islamic state there, it could be a good one for them too because we all know that 90% of northern Muslims in Nigeria share similar ideology to boko haram. The other norths are rich in agriculture and minerals, they would have no choice than to harness this for their own good.

The south will thrive because of education and trade. Its also a fallacy when people say igbos took to trade because of no land for agriculture. Southeast might have high population density but that does not mean it can't produce its own food, There are vast empty land in Anambra north, Enugu, Ebonyi. Furthermore Southeasterners can take to manufacturing which they still do well in, access to the sea is not a challenge because rails can be built to the south when good business relationships are established.

The Southwest will thrive no doubt even though these fear of splitting the country seems to be highest there.


Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Honoured By Liberia And Cote D'ivoire by KingsleyJohn: 5:16pm On Dec 12, 2016
I still dont get it.

These people giving this woman all this awards, do they even know the State this woman left Nigeria in?

Useless Awards.

The right question you should be asking is this:

Is APC sure this woman did all these things they said she did because all these people giving her awards can't be wrong about her.

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Politics / Re: Poll: Jonathan Handled Nigeria's Economy Better Than Buhari by KingsleyJohn: 10:31pm On Dec 04, 2016

U guys just keep deceiving yourselves. We know Buhari may be under performing, but saying the economy was fine before handover is a silly and nonsense thing to say.

Should I remind u how many states were having back log of unpaid salaries? 27 states where bailed out of 36 states shortly after hand over. Was that a good economy?
Contractors were owed huge sums which made them abandon sites, was that a good economy?
Subsidy debts ran into billions before handover, was that a good economy?
Nigeria was borrowing to meet up recurrent expenditure(paying salaries) as at feb,march this year, was that a good economy?
Stop this foolish assertions only believed by u and ur lots who are kids or have zero knowledge of the happenings in ur country.

States were owing backlog of salaries... so tell me what did they use their money for? was the central government responsible for that? we all know what happened. States used their money to bankroll their party's election my friend. That's not a yardstick to use. Tell us about companies that started after Buhari took over and those that shut down after since he took over. Tell us how many bank staffs were retrenched and how many were employed after he took over. These are the indicators to consider.
Politics / Re: Poll: Jonathan Handled Nigeria's Economy Better Than Buhari by KingsleyJohn: 10:03pm On Dec 04, 2016

Your opinion bro.....

Now, let's assume GEJ is still ruling and oil price crashed from $140/barrel to $40/barrel (knowing fully well that we don't determine the price of crude)
Then Dasuki keeps on distributing arms' funds to Bafarawas, Metus etc...
Boko Haram keeps on occupying more LGAs in the northeast...
Patience still saves millions of dollars in her multiple accounts...
Soldiers keep on running away from the battlefield...
Tompolo keeps on receiving millions of dollars for guarding oil pipes...
Ayo's private jet is being used to carry millions of dollars in the name of buying arms from Israel...
We keep on having incessant explosions in churches, mosques, motor parks and markets...TSA and BVN are still yet to be implemented.

Where do you think we will be by now?

Bro I am sure we wouldn't be in a recession because even with all these stories you told the economy was third fastest growing globally according to CNNMoney.com

Furthermore, I am sure Fulani herdsmen would not have killed up 1000 people, I am sure southern Kaduna, Benue, zamfara, will not be a war zone. I am sure a sitting governor will not pay foreign Fulani men to stop killing Nigerians. I am sure We won't be in these situation.
NYSC / Re: Kano Corper's Death: Our Story...nysc by KingsleyJohn: 6:26pm On Dec 02, 2016
so for the state coordinator, what matters most is exonerating NYSC, forgetting that someone just lost a daughter, a sister. Anyways welcome to Nigeria.
Politics / Re: 30 Billion Loan: Sanusi Comes Hard On Buhari by KingsleyJohn: 6:16pm On Dec 02, 2016
Sanusi is not getting it, BUHARI DOES NOT PLAN ON PAYING BACK THE LOAN!!! he just want to build the railway so that history will remember him for that shekina! the way and manner the future generation survives is upto them.

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Politics / Re: Re: We Made A Terrible Choice, did we? ( Buhari's Failing) - Another view by KingsleyJohn: 4:22pm On Dec 01, 2016
Op you are either uninformed or just lying to your self. Three things you said mattered before the election:

Security: book haram have been tamed no doubt, but Fulani herdsmen has emerged and is competing with bokoharam on terrorist ranking and our FG has not been able to arrest or try any of them in court. Shi'ite has been killed as if they are not human, I was surprised that a panel of enquiry set up by El rufai confirmed that over 300 Shi'ites were killed. Amnesty international has proven than over 150 Ipob members has been killed by this government. So my question is: what other form of insecurity is worse than that backed by the state?

Corruption: apart from the fact that we are yet to see a conviction, the big question is why is GMB prosecuting mostly PDP members, evidence are there against Amaechi, Babachir, Burutai etc. why is no body trying them?

Economy: No comment, I just wish this governt could return us to where we were in 2015.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Political Calculations by KingsleyJohn: 9:19pm On Nov 30, 2016
Guy you need some sleep.
Politics / Re: Governor Ikpeazu Rocks NYSC Outfit While Inspecting Guard Of Honour At NYSC Camp by KingsleyJohn: 8:23pm On Nov 28, 2016
Nigeria is really a funny country... Our laws are just for fancy. According to NYSC act, it is a crime for any person who is not a serving corps member to wear any of the NYSC outfit.. Attorney General over to you
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Remains The Grandfather Of Corruption In Nigeria - Reps by KingsleyJohn: 5:27pm On Nov 24, 2016
In other word, GEJ is trailing OBJ with a large margin in the 'most corrupt Nigerian' race. Don't forget OBJ is the 'Navigator' of the great Party APC... time will tell

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Politics / Re: 2019 The Moment For Our Greatest igbo Solidarity after Ojukwu, the great by KingsleyJohn: 7:39pm On Nov 22, 2016
My brother, they normally break promises. In fact Atiku, Okorocha, even Buhari is ready to make that promise
Politics / Re: Yoruba, Hausa And Igbo Political Orientation by KingsleyJohn: 6:36pm On Nov 21, 2016
Op no doubt, your assertions are true. I also want to point out that this method adopted by the north is somewhat connected with the fact that they have a structure with heirachy, from the Sultan down to the Hakimi, so everyone has a boss and the sultan answers to Allah. Interestingly in the east its all man for himself.

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