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Jobs/Vacancies / Vacancy - Content Writer For A Business/entrepreneurship Blog by Krysstie: 4:30pm On Feb 19, 2018
A fast growing blog is in need of a writer who has interest in writing about business and entrepreneurship.


- Must have experience writing business articles.
- Be tech-savvy and a great researcher.
- Be able to use wordpress.
- Be a fast learner and be able to work independently to publish error-free articles without the help of an editor.
- Must be based in Lagos, Nigeria

- Write business articles
- Research and put up funding opportunities for business owners in Africa.
- Reach out to entrepreneurs across Africa who are worth featuring, and interview them.

Think you've got what it takes?
Send your CV to editor@foundersafrica.com, alongside one business article and links to previous works if you have any.
Jobs/Vacancies / Vacancy!! News/article Writer by Krysstie: 12:24pm On Oct 10, 2017
Forwarded as received...

A fast growing business and entrepreneurship website targeted at Africans is looking for a skilled content writer/editor.

- He/she must have experience writing business articles (Tips and advice for business owners).
- Must have knowledge of the startup ecosystem in Africa, and be able to reach out to startup founders and business owners anywhere in Africa, without stress.
- Must know the best source for news stories about entrepreneurship in Africa and funding opportunities for startups and businesses

Don't Apply if:
- You can't publish 5 articles per day, including business/entrepreneurship news around Africa and funding opportunities for business owners.
- You can't accept a starting pay of N25,000.
- Your article has to be paid special attention/edited before publishing.
- You don't know how to use wordpress.
- You have to be guided before you can get off your feet (Everyone is busy, you must be able to work independently).

Location: Must be based in Lagos, Nigeria

Send CV and sample of your works to: bizafriquevacancy@gmail.com
Education / Re: Unilag PG 2015/2016 ADMISSION DISCUSSION HERE by Krysstie: 9:17pm On Mar 07, 2016
Classes are in d evenings from 5pm for both full time n part-time. There are assignments already depending on ur sequence. There is also a WhatsApp group. Ask d course rep to add u when u come

5pm, all through the week?
Education / Re: Unilag PG 2015/2016 ADMISSION DISCUSSION HERE by Krysstie: 8:59pm On Mar 07, 2016
2015/2016 MassComm (Part-time).
I just made the supplementary list...for those who have finished registration, pls wat's the time-table like? Weekend? Evenings classes fall on what days of the week?
Education / Re: Unilag PG 2015/2016 ADMISSION DISCUSSION HERE by Krysstie: 1:43pm On Nov 25, 2015
Does anyone knw the cut off for Mass Comm...?
Education / Re: Unilag PG 2015/2016 ADMISSION DISCUSSION HERE by Krysstie: 4:49pm On Nov 13, 2015
Even if its waec we wrote, we would have heard something about results by now. I hope theres no underG wuruwuru going on there. angry angry angry

What d'u expect?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Premium Digital Jobs Test Written @ Punch by Krysstie: 10:28am On Nov 12, 2015
For those that wrote the recruitment test at Punch Newspaper aka Premium digital jobs..on October 30th, have you gotten any call or text message from them?

I'm yet to get a feedback. Someone said she got a text, asking her to send her Acct number for a refund of t.fare. Do you knw what that means? Nd did u get such?
Jobs/Vacancies / Did You Write Punch Newspaper's Recruitment Test On October 30th? Any Update? by Krysstie: 6:40pm On Nov 10, 2015
For those that wrote a recruitment test at Punch Newspaper..on October 30th, have you gotten any call or text message from them?
Education / Re: Unilag PG 2015/2016 ADMISSION DISCUSSION HERE by Krysstie: 10:30am On Oct 26, 2015

It's not scam. I was in his office that day but he wasn't around and I later saw him on the examination day. I even asked him when is the interview and he said they will contact those that passed to come for the interview. Like I said virtually everyone that applied in that department submitted their forms there and paid the 5k Becos I asked people before the exam that day and they confirmed it

Same thing with mass comm, we paid 2500...
Education / Re: Unilag PG 2015/2016 ADMISSION DISCUSSION HERE by Krysstie: 9:14am On Oct 07, 2015

Very serious. People who brought or bought calculator had to kip them outside. Some calculators were even smashed. Also, don't bring your phone. Unless u are coming with a car, or you have someone nearby that can hold it for you, while you write your exam.

really?...what abt handbag...purse and stuff...was there a place to keep it?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Septagus Consulting by Krysstie: 11:32am On Sep 19, 2015

someone you know got a job through them?

Nope. She applied thru' jobberman and went for the interview yesterday. They r recruiting for a bank...
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Septagus Consulting by Krysstie: 4:03pm On Sep 18, 2015
someone should help me confirm dis. ar dey real?


They are real...
Education / Re: The Disadvantages Of The National Open University Of Nigeria by Krysstie: 5:50pm On Aug 03, 2015
I am a graduate of M.sc in Mass Comm from Noun and i enjoyed studying there because i was able to combine working in a bank while studying and raising a family.

Secondly, the staff of Noun are the most courteous i have had the chance of meetingin a tertiary institution. I did not experience the corrupt side. Besides, in conventional institutions, there is corruption.

Thirdly, there is readily available reading material written by Professors from conventional University. The materials are so rich that i wish i had access to them during my undergraduate days.

Finally, research wise, i had the best experience. Because, lecturers in conventional university are assigned to supervise us. So if lecturers from University of Ibadan, University of Lagos, FUTA, Uniben, supervise ur project and thesis and you are still faulting the end result, then there is no difference between students or Open University and conventional universities. Research wise, i learnt alot at Noun and i am able to teach others what i learn't.

People should stop distracting and discouraging others. Its not everyone that will have d chance to attend conventional institutions.

Also, note that the caliber of people studying there are working class people who have busy schedules.



I tried applying for M.sc. Mass Communication. After the online application, I was told I don't meet the requirements. I have a B.sc in Mass Communication, second class. Wondering why the admission was denied..what are the requirements for M.Sc. Mass Communication? Thanks


Career / Re: Diary Of A Pretend HR by Krysstie: 12:02am On Jul 24, 2015

you said something about guest writing in your post which got my attention. do you know any person/website that need articles to be written by a guest writer without paying. if you do, kindly let me know. I want to do some pro bono work soon...


You can get sites that accept guest writers by searching for 'guest post', 'write for us' or 'guest writers' on Google.

Also, visit listshrine.com and enterprisehack.com. If you're interested in the topics, you can apply to become a guest writer.
I hope that helps..
Career / Re: Diary Of A Pretend HR by Krysstie: 10:30pm On Jul 22, 2015
To tell you the truth: I really wanted to like your post, but I can't help but noticed how your points contradicts each other. While some of your points made sense, the others didn't. What you've written here is mediocre at best and can't be valued as quality advice. Secondly, the statement “Nigerian graduates are unemployable” is becoming somewhat of a cliché that has been used to death: if there are no jobs, why don't you tell us and stop the blame game. Furthermore, I have read widely and know what it takes to be employable and anywhere I go I see some graduates if not all that are employable and it baffles me that employers still give this cliché reason of “Nigerian graduates are unemployable”. Why don't you people rephrase the statement like this: “Some Nigerian graduates are unemployable” or “Most Nigerian graduates are unemployable” rather than giving us the same trite excuse of “Nigerian graduates are unemployable”. Finally, so what, we are unemployable, but what have you employers done to drastically decrease the un employability of Nigerian graduates. Have you carried out seminars, career fairs e.t.c in Nigerian universities making them aware of the requirements of employability. Have the employers ever picked up potential candidates and train them up to their standards. Oh! Let me guess: no, because you are trying to save costs and maximise profits and the only way you can mask that is by resorting to the cliché sentence of “Nigerian graduates are unemployable”. If your write up is meant to impress and squeeze out praises from me, then am sorry you have failed because your write up is formulaic, trite, cliché and mediocre.

Nice point! Employers should 'carry out seminars, career fairs e.t.c in Nigerian universities making them aware of the requirements of employability'. Then, the write up is not meant to impress and squeeze out praises from you. No one has to like it...I just shared my experience and gave little advice that I felt will be of help...
Career / Re: Diary Of A Pretend HR by Krysstie: 9:48pm On Jul 22, 2015

People made mistakes out of desperation,instead of advicing them on how to go about things in future you are here insulting your head....Thank God you too are jobless.

Big Fool.
Ugly thing.
Look @ ur face like my anuz
With your head like wolnut.

This is exactly y u remain jobless! You need help...
Career / Re: Diary Of A Pretend HR by Krysstie: 9:43pm On Jul 22, 2015

Are you for real...This is a nice write up and you are here calling the Op names.. undecided undecided

Those are the kinds that remain jobless..
Career / Diary Of A Pretend HR by Krysstie: 5:19pm On Jul 18, 2015
One of the most common Nigerian trend is for unemployed graduates to lament about sending out their CVs over a hundred times a month without getting a single feedback. They even curse the government for not giving them jobs.

What if I say most Nigerian graduates are unemployable? It’s high time you all stop disturbing the mailboxes of recruitment agencies and companies who have better things to do than reading your CVs.

I’m not a Human Resource manager, HR or whatever term they give to those people. I don’t run a recruitment agency. I’m just an observer in one corner of Lagos, almost as good as unemployed. Sometime last week I was opportune to help place a job ad and receive the CVs that come in. Receiving CVs is one of the most difficult part of being a HR. First, the job listing sites do not help matters. You place a job ad in one site because you don’t want your mailbox to overflow with CVs, then other job sites you never knew existed take it upon themselves to publish.

I was set for the excitement and fun that came with receiving CVs for the first time, so I let the job listing sites do what they please, without inkling that it would be a frustrating experience.

As the CVs began to troop in, all I expected was to get applicants who had the relevant job experience stated in the ad, but the reverse was the case. Why would you apply for a job you clearly know you’re not qualified?

The job experience contained in your CV is ‘bar attendant’, ‘sales officer’ and ‘lab attendant’, then you go ahead to apply for the role of web content developer. How does that work? Even if you’re graduate of Mass Communication, I’ll send your CV to trash. Sorry.

Several times I’ve called on people who are unemployed, to take up jobs as guest writers, volunteers and others, where they would be paid little or nothing, but they gain experience which they would include in their CVs. This suggestion of mine has always been turned down. Everyone wants money, not experience. This is why they keep carrying empty CVs, applying for jobs that require experience and having their CVs sent to trash almost all the time.

The most annoying part of my experience was when I felt really insulted. How on earth will you send your CV to multiple companies at the same time? First, you’re not qualified, then I see you sent your CV to my company, Dangote, FCMB and Chrisland schools’ recruitment email. This is just wrong. You don’t even stop there, you go ahead to send it with a funny subject like – ‘Here! My CV, for employment’.

Another version of this was the one who forwarded the application email he had just sent to another company. It doesn’t end there, the CV wasn’t in Microsoft word format, not in PDF, but pasted in the body of the email. Yes. That’s how bad it was.

You see, when the HR manager or whoever is receiving CVs get 20+ mails from unqualified individuals, the next question that comes to mind is, “Can I just get a few qualified applicants”? The moment about 5 qualified CVs arrive, that’s almost always the end of the show. If the HR is not as impatient as I am, he or she might decide to go through the frustrating experience of opening another 20+ unqualified CVs in a bid to wait for 5 more qualified applicants.

This is what happens when you’re qualified but never get called. There are tons of people applying, 80 percent of the CVs are empty and unqualified. Once the HR gets 5 percent of qualified applicants that he needs, the door closes and the remaining CVs might never get opened because it’s frustrating to open yet another scary document.

Again, I’m not a HR, but I have acted it, and it’s really frustrating to receive CVs. You’re 31 years of age, meaning you must have finished your Secondary School education many years ago. There’s no argument about that because you graduated from the University in 2009. Secondary School will definitely be a long time ago. Now, why bring it into your CV that you were a time keeper during your Secondary School days? Who cares about that? Does it relate to the job you’re applying for? Even if it does, no one will take a look at that.

Qualification and experience is stated in job ads, pay attention. Applying for jobs doesn’t mean sending your CV to whatever recruitment email you come across. It’s a serious business!
If your job application is not a serious business for you, it is for the HR. Don’t go about getting phone numbers from the websites of companies who place job ads. This might sound strange, but it’s real. You come across a job ad you’re qualified for, and instead of sending your CV to the email provided, you go ahead to the company’s website, pick a phone number that was provided for inquiry purpose and then call to give unwanted ‘gists’ about how qualified you are for the role. No one is interested. Save your airtime and send your CV!

The job recruitment and application process is just crazy! From just one job ad, over a 100 CVs are received. How about a solution? There should probably be a way to close the mailboxes after a maximum number of CVs has been received. It’s really frustrating for the HR, and also frustrating for you to keep applying for jobs month after month without feedback. Save your CV from a life in the trash folder. Get experience! Read the job ad over and over again to know if your qualification and experience fit! Make things easy for yourself and whoever is receiving the CVs.

You’re probably asking how on earth you’ll get experience if you don’t get employed? There are tons of jobs that do not require experience, take advantage of them and respect the wish of those who seek experienced applicants. I had fun receiving CVs as a pretend HR, but at this point, it’s no longer fun. The mailbox is weeping, and as frustrated as I am. Tell those still applying that it’s all over. Let them know they’ll never get a feedback. In fact, inform them that successful applicants have not only been selected, they’ve also resumed work.

All the best in your job search!


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Phones / Re: 5 Best Apps To Help You Stay Organized by Krysstie: 1:50am On Jul 11, 2015
Cooool! Going to download Closet now!... smiley
Literature / Re: Nairaland Poetry Club Chatroom. by Krysstie: 7:32pm On Nov 27, 2014

I'll mail them tonight. I guess the links are broken or something. Were you able to download the first one?

Check my dp,talk whether I fine na!

Yea, I was..tnx
Literature / Re: Nairaland Poetry Club Chatroom. by Krysstie: 7:04pm On Nov 27, 2014

grin yeeeeeeee! Rofl! My daughter you are hilarious yeeeeee! Lol. Check my dp and say something daughter. I no fine Lol

You said you're getting your hands on more poems,please remember to always tag me and my ogas at the top.

Since this is your first,please look into using more poetry devices in your next poems. Devices are what make poetry different from prose. Check these links to download short ebooks on all poetry devices. When you read through them,you can then decide what devices you want to use in the planing phase of your poem.




If you had problems downloading them,please notify me,I'd be glad to send them to you by mailgrin

Lol...Tnx a lot.
http://www.utexas.edu/Poetic-Devices.pdf says page not found...http://www.education.nt.gov.au/poetry.pdf didn't open @all...
Literature / Re: Nairaland Poetry Club Chatroom. by Krysstie: 6:09pm On Nov 27, 2014

It's hilarious. Write more, please. We are all learning to better our crafts.


Witty,with a touch of humour and a sting in its tail. This is out of the norm and I really like that. Keep up the good work.

True OMA4U, tnx..

Tnx Krystal..
Forum Games / Re: Let's Play This Word Game Called Last Man Standing by Krysstie: 1:24pm On Nov 27, 2014
better still all is well.

*gud pm*

Well done my lover..

Literature / Re: Nairaland Poetry Club Chatroom. by Krysstie: 10:52am On Nov 27, 2014
Not tried delving into poetry. Guess if I try writing more of it, I'll get better. OMA4U laykorn

Here's something I wrote, first attempt. Rate me please:

I have seen enough!
From these 10year olds,
From these teens who think they’re cool,
And from these Adults who won’t act their age.

You see, I respect myself,
So, I’ll remain a stalker,
I’ll wait for your blunders,
And I’ll just write!

Dear Instagram girls,
We’ve seen enough!
Spotless selfies that tell a story,
Background that says another.

Dear Facebook boys,
Who cares about your six packs?
Stop stressing it,
We know you’re cute.

Dear Marketers,
Go down on you marketing,
We probably don’t need your product,
Stop forcing it down our throats.

Dear 10year olds,
It’s past your bed time.
Don’t try sending me a request,
We are not mates!

Yes indeed!
I’ve seen enough!
Your spellings are bad,
Stop updating your status!

Would you stop serving more than necessary?
Just 5 likes?
I’ll remove some more clothes,
50 likes is my aim.

Parents, don’t share in what’s for the 21st century.
If you must, do it on your lane.
Please, don’t spy on me,
I’ll just unfriend you.

Dear lovers,
We really don’t need the pictures.
No, we are not jealous,
We’re just not interested.

Dear Instagrammers,
Keep using the filters.
One day, we’ll meet you in person,
Then, you’ll tell us where you kept the cute face.

I can go on and on,
But I’ll respect myself,
I’ll keep stalking,
I’ll keep waiting for your blunders.

Christie Uzebu
Twitter/Instagram ---@xtyzeb


Family / Re: What's So Special About Your Age That You Hide It? by Krysstie: 7:31am On Nov 23, 2014
you won't understand, but some parent are very smart nd they're are always thinking into the futur


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