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Career / Re: I Need A Career Advice On Which Country To Travel To by kwasoly(m): 10:09pm On Jul 27
Hello guys, let me go straight to the point without wasting much time.

I'm a programmer working and living in Nigeria but I recently got a job in Europe, Spain to be precise with an opportunity to travel and live in Barcelona.

Every documentation has been concluded pending the issuance of a travel visa .

But I recently got another opportunity to work in Germany, Berlin to be precise with a higher pay although the documentation has not commenced yet.

Right now I'm confused on which of the offers to choose and I need advice please.

The offer from Spain is 90% set while that of Germany is about 50% ready but both of them are very feasible.

If spain is ready resume there when Germany own set resign and move I don't think you need visa again both na European countries.
Religion / Re: Have You Ever Considered Paying Tithes To Those Who Need Help? by kwasoly(m): 10:48am On Jul 25
Its cool to pay tithes in churches cos the church will use it to enlarge and win more souls for God, but is that enough, should we let the NGO's, widows, needy and orphanage to rot?

Cos Matt.25 Jesus told us the criteria for judgement and its not amount of tithe u pay or people u convert into chritianity, a Muslim that shows unconditional love is eternity worthy than a bittered tribalistic christian that never missed paying his tithe

Don't twist the scripture, Tithe is tithe, charity is charity. Jesus himself said the poor we will always have when people murmured when Mary broke the alabaster box and anointed his feet.
Romance / Re: My Fiancee's Anger Issues by kwasoly(m): 8:32pm On Jul 24
My fianceé anger issue is worrisome to me. ones she has a bad day, I will get my own share at home. I have begged her all i need in this marriage is togetherness, peace (she jokingly calling me Mr. peace of mind).

She just graduated and we are staying together for 2months now. She can be very sweet and hardworking, caring, can clean, arrange the house. I don't expect her to be this all good cos NOBODY is perfect, but her anger issue a big turn off.

When her Project supervisor was purposely frustrating her, and told her he will not accept her work and she will not defend (it was sorted out later) . I tried to talk and advise her she angrily walked out of my car in the middle of the road.

That night she wasn't talking to me and i started a call n went to the parlor, she came and was asking whom i was talking to and i said my guy, she queried but why did i go to the parlor, she flung our engagement ring away without knowing whom i was talking to (not cheating or calling any girl) she makes rash decisions when angry. like She can scatter our 2weeks plans cos of a small provocation.

I Love her but the anger issues is killing.

Red flag and don't think you can change her when you guys marry.
Romance / Re: Help! I Don't Feel Sexually Attracted To My Fiancée by kwasoly(m): 4:46pm On Jul 24
Intimacy during courtship is very essential....

Chapter what verse what?
Politics / Re: DSS Warns Against Public Display Of Affluence by kwasoly(m): 5:22pm On Jul 23
This message is for southerners and their yahoo boys and drug dealers, who just made 50k and won't let the whole Nigeria rest. grin grin

Ara di gi...
What kind of hate speech is that?
Family / Re: Married Men In The House Please Advice Me by kwasoly(m): 6:12pm On Jul 22
Good afternoon everyone..
Please I'm kindly in need of advice... ignore my typing ERROR..
There's this girl I love and I want to settle down with her. She's still in school while I'm still in school too. She's 22 while I'm 24 nd also in final YR and we both love each other..my mum has supported me to marry her.
I proposed to her and she said yes...I plan going her house next month next to start official martial rites but I'm afraid.
Here is my reasons

She's the only girl and the last daughter in a family of 5boys. Ever since we started dating, she's in 100l then, all her school burdens are on me..I take care of her and mine own...with this people around who knows about our RELATIONSHIP ask me to marry her to avoid story that touches the heart..which he has accepted , her mum nd dad have accepted it too.
My major concern about this girl is that those his brothers are not willing to do anything, istead the came asking me for small small money when I'm back, knowing fully I'm just dating thier sis....most times the my girl always feel ashamed of her brothers nd keep cursing them. The can't even call her on phone unless she calls them...nd the will keep asking why she didn't call them all this while knowing fully thier sister is in school nd not working.

I have thought about this over and over again, how do I marry from a family that can't even assist in anything...I know marriage is not always Rosy, what if something happens tomorrow nd I needed thier financial support..the can't render to me.
I discussed with my mum nd she told me I'm marrying thier sister who is well trained nd not the brother..that I can decide not to give them money again... But I'm very sad over this.
It's only the father and mum that acknowledge I hay been trying to see their sister through school expenses, including food and wears.
I discussed with my woman, she started crying, saying she knows her brothers are such a disgrace, telling me how she may commite sucide if I didn't marry her... She cried that she can't visits her house again... that her only hope will be to start prostitution which she can't see herself do that nd that's why she is going to commite sucide if I eventually leave her, all her social media handle is full with my picture, including her profile pictures.

Please what advice do you have for me.... should I let go of this girl, I don't mind letting go all I have already spent...I just want to make sure I won't regret the marriage tomorrow...I have already discussed with my mom nd we plan on going her house officially by August ending..but I'm still very worried.

Matured advice please

Marriage is the real thing, I will advise you not to rush into it just because you don't want to lose her.
Romance / Re: Getting Married At 35. Is It Late, Normal Or early For Guys. by kwasoly(m): 8:44am On Jul 20
I understand age is just a number, but all numbers are not equal still. The society tend to fix a standard for everything. Most guys will want to get married on or before they turn 30, but a couple of uncontrollable factors preclude that from happening.

What's your take concerning marrying at 35 for guys. Do you think it's a bit late?

Normal my brother, I have seen pple getting married at 39yrs.


Religion / Re: The Sack Letter Of Pastors In Winners Chapel Over 'Poor Church Growth' (Photo) by kwasoly(m): 8:58pm On Jul 19
So what you are saying is that God "called" this man to be a pastor, got him a job in this church company, and even though the man was fired as a pastor from the company, God's "call" on this man remains as is? undecided

Already your ideology is biased, sorry I can't help me.
Religion / Re: The Sack Letter Of Pastors In Winners Chapel Over 'Poor Church Growth' (Photo) by kwasoly(m): 8:38pm On Jul 19
I thought been a pastor is a calling..imagine them sack your calling.

Your argument is wrong, he was sacked from the ministry but his calling is still there. All he need to do is go back to the one that called him.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Much Salary Increase Is Good Enough To Relocate To Another State In Nigeria? by kwasoly(m): 8:33pm On Jul 19
For someone who is earning 40,000 naira monthly as a Teacher, how much salary increase is good enough to relocate to another school in a nearby States?.
Akwa Ibom -PH

My friend in ph earns roughly #150k as a teacher

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Romance / Re: My Relationship Is About To Hit The Rock, Pls Advice , by kwasoly(m): 10:21pm On Jul 17
Guys I need your help here, me and my gal have been together for 6 yrs now, I was convinced that she's the one for me, so I decided to engage her late last year, at least to show that her position in my life is not taken for granted , we have really been through hell for each other even when there was nothing she was there for me, but thank God today I'm working now.

Now for the past 2 yrs, It looks as if I have been struggling to keep her, cos we have been cohabiting since I came back from nysc. Since I came back over two yrs now she has been mishaving , she locks her phone constantly, something she never did before, even if its opened the apps are lock only her can open it, if complain abt that she will respond like why will I touch her phone, asking me who does that, to touch a woman's phone even to go to social media, and she has being subjecting me to that because I don't trust her, when we are about to sleep she put her phone on flight mode, and put it under her pillow and put her head on top. Her phone is constantly on silent mode during day time so if it rings she will determind whom to pick so I won't hear and know. We can't watch movie together as partners perhaps she afraid of who will call next ,because she knows I will give her hit.

If I manage to pick up her call she will be shivering,
We have had alot of issues because of her giving in to distractions , I'm tired of talking , I don beat her tire my hand don bend. I have told her if u don't want me again and you have seen somewhere better , open up and tell me instead of cheating that will be honorable thing to do. I don tire for this gal, if I drive her away she has no where to go. The school she's going I'm the one supporting her, her family is not giving her enough support because the don't believing in education all the know is business, and I'm the only one bearing her load and i'm not doing that because i want to marry her, i'm doing it because she needs help and she is my lover.
She doesn't want to loose me because we have really suffered together so she want to keep me as potential husband and still be playing games outside , what crime did I do to go for service so I can come back and make life better for us, cos that was when she got spoilt. I deflowered her and thats not how I left her.

I have resolved chasing her away, right now I'm in offshore , I never trusted her while I was on land is it now that I'm offshore I will trust her?

Children everywhere...
Romance / Re: I Need Help In My Relationship ❗ by kwasoly(m): 8:21pm On Jun 27
I have been dating a girl over a year now, she has been so nice to me over this one year, I was in another relationship before I met her... she was so nice to me that I had to dump the other girl which I dated from 2014 till early (2020... about 6 years)

Right now, I don't know what to comment on my relationship anymore.... she helped me stop crack and other hard drugs which I was taking...(I appreciate that from her)

Before I met her she has a 6year old daughter which is now 7... ever since I met her.. I've been doing my best, I Normally spend my money in hotels and clubs but now it ends in the house... I love her daughter like she's mine, and she knows that... I pay her fees..


I'm a hot tempered person, words annoy me rather than action... I destroy things when I'm angry... I'm just 27 years old and she's 28... a programmer by profession..m I own a land and a personal car today...

She's respectful and does what a woman will do to satisfy every man, but most times when I'm broke, there's always trouble in the house... and I feel loved when I have money...

I have never hit a woman my whole life till I met her, now I'm used to beating and shouting... now she's even telling me I talk too much when I'm complaining..

This was never my life...

Please I need options..m what do I do, I've just few hours ago hit her, because I saw her texting someone and she rescued to open her phone... causing damage on her left eye .... please what do I do....

I don't want to kill someone because I now feel I'm obsessed about her... I'm confused


My old relationship was worst... I found love and care in this lady...

You need Jesus sharply to help you.....
Read 1Jn 2 v 15 - 17
Politics / Re: Primate Ayodele To MURIC: You Are A Disgrace For Comparing Buhari To Jesus by kwasoly(m): 4:39pm On Jun 15
I am surprised that someone who called himself man of God within the Christian family has stoop so low to engage in this kind of argument. It is either he didn't read the news before responding or he just want to cause problem. I read that news and I didn't see where Buhari was compared with Jesus.
Someone use a biblical story in driving home his point and you said he is comparing Buhari to Jesus. If that is the case, then many of us, including Ayodele have at one point or the order compared Christ with an individual.

He is calling on Christian leaders to do what? probably he thinks everyone is as gullible as he is.
He should attached the portion of the message where Buhari was compared with Jesus for everyone to read.

Can you hear yourself? So the Muslim man didn't see anything or any other story to drive his point if not the story of Jesus from the Bible. No dey use ur nyash dey think!!!
Politics / Re: Wole Soyinka: Buhari’s Comments On Open Grazing Unfortunate by kwasoly(m): 4:30pm On Jun 15
Who is Soyinka? Is it a town in Lagos? tongue

Ask your father...ewu awusa
Career / Re: Bank A Or Bank B ??? by kwasoly(m): 2:05pm On Jun 15
Hi guys,

Pls I need the advice of the public here.
I have been an ET with bank A for about 20 months now at the bank’s head office in a department I don’t like and that doesn’t have a career path. So I’d basically be doing the same thing for years to come. The pay is basically 200k which is quite comfortable monthly. I have tried changing departments within the bank all to no avail. I want to leave the Dept asap so I don’t get stuck there due to age. I’d be 25 later this year.

I started the Entry level recruitment for Bank B a month ago, maybe to start again as an ET probably in a better department with a better career outlook. Right now, I am almost into Bank B’s training school. Bank B pays lower than Bank A, but comes with better perks such as a car. But I’m worried about having to start again and lose 20 months of work experience. The issue is I’d have to be in Training school for some months and collect about 25% of my current salary monthly until TS is over. Also, I don’t know what Dept I’d be posted to assuming I take the Bank B job offer.

What advise can you give me pls?? Also note both banks are in the top four banks in the country.

Should i remain in Bank A and keep trying a change of department or a change of Bank as an experienced hire which is a very slim chance


I take the ET job and start all over from Training school in bank B

Remain there e get why.
Experience is talking to you.
Religion / Re: I'm Seriously Sick & I'm Fasting. If I Use Drug, Is The Fasting Still Relevant? by kwasoly(m): 11:20am On Jun 13
[quote author=Igbojihadist post=102668218]Good morning Nairalanders.

Please I need advice on this. I was given fasting and praying which is supposed to end today but yesterday night i was not feeling alright then I visited a doctor who gave me some medications and placed me on drug, I'm suppose to use some this morning but I'm afraid I might spoil my fasting.


Una happy sunday[/quote

Oga you didn't tell us the type of fasting you are doing because there are different kinds of fasting. You can as well do. 6am to 12pm and break it to enable take your medication.
Religion / Re: I'm Seriously Sick & I'm Fasting. If I Use Drug, Is The Fasting Still Relevant? by kwasoly(m): 11:16am On Jun 13
Many of us think its only when we deprived ourselves of food that's when God knows we are fasting. Fasting is a strong communion with God in spirit.

You can eat and still fast, E deep right? That's why some people will say there is white fasting where you are allowed to eat some certain kind of foods during fasting (fruits, water etc).

What matters is your closeness to your maker. wink

Kindly back up your claims with scripture, you can't be eating and fasting at the same time. That's not fasting my brother.
Health / Re: I Have Erectile Dysfunction And Its Really Affecting My Relationship. by kwasoly(m): 10:24pm On Jun 12
I will be very short and precise on this one and I really need help. I am in my late 20s and the current relationship I have with my fiance is hitting the rocks because I don't even last up to 10 seconds during sex(yes, it's that bad). We have been together for awhile now, but these days I can really see she is really frustrated at me. Anytime we make love, I end up being ashamed. Please I want someone to help me out a permanent solution. Thanks as I await responses from meaningful NLers.

Flee fornication. Jesus loves you my brother!!!


Politics / Re: President Buhari's Democracy Day Speech On June 12, 2021 (Full Text) by kwasoly(m): 8:15am On Jun 12
Family / Re: How To Get Over Trauma Of Wife Past Life by kwasoly(m): 2:23pm On Jun 10
I learned wifey had slept with a guy that's married and far older than her, I got the impression when we met and started dating and asked her if there was anything between them, she denied.

I got to know from her after three years and she was not even remorseful, claiming she had dated him before we met and that's her choice cause she can date Whoever she want at the time cause she's single.

I always felt bad cause I got suspicious and asked her about it. I always think about it every day and it makes me feel so bad.

Her mother had apologised on her behalf that I should please get it over my mind and count it as when she don't know what she was doing.

We have got a kid and i don't want the kid raised outside a home though we were both not married officially.

I want to get the ordeal out of my mind cause that's the only issue i have with her.

How can I get it over my mind? I think about it every day.

Boy how old are you?
Marriage is not for everyone, she told you about her past and you are using it to judge her boy you never reach to settle down.


Politics / Re: Adamu Garba: Twitter Is An IPOB-Online Machine by kwasoly(m): 4:46am On Jun 05
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 2021 Workforce Group Top Talent Graduate Trainee Programme by kwasoly(m): 9:30am On Jun 01
Any one invited for the test ?

Don't be too excited about the invitation because last last na slavery work your been introduced to.
If u have other or better option take them.
Experience is talking to someone now.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Leave My Bank Job For A Multinational Technology Consulting Company? by kwasoly(m): 9:20am On May 31
Good Day,

I recently did an interview with a multinational technology consulting company with an opening senegal, i'm expecting to hear back from them this week with the full offer details. i've been having lots of thoughts on the matter, if the offer is very good and i accept it, i'm worried about how i can adapt to the country, how is the lifestyle and culture there, is there a community of nigerians there and if it would be worth it to leave my current job in a tier 1 bank and explore this opportunity.
i would appreciate any thoughts and advises here please.

You question is not complete, you didn't state if your a full staff or contract staff in the Bank before seeking our opinion.
But whichever be the case if the offer of the multinational is better you know what to do.
I rest my case


Romance / Re: Why Are So Many Decent People Single Nowadays? by kwasoly(m): 10:26pm On May 30
1. They have high expectations of their other half. When looking for a life partner, decent people will see if the other half is a good match for them. There may be many partial matches, but few perfect matches.

2. There are few quality people they can take a fancy to. The better the person, the fewer people of the same quality are around her, and the chances of meeting someone of her own calibre and developing a relationship are significantly lower.

3. They have high expectations of themselves and their future. They have goals they want to achieve in life and want to find someone who can make things happen for each other, not someone who will be a burden to them and hold them back.

4. They think there are other things in life that are more important than being in a relationship. They may be obsessed with their career, learning new skills and developing new hobbies, while a relationship may be seen as a waste of time and life.

5. They will carefully judge the sunk cost of being in a relationship. They will carefully assess the risks and benefits of a relationship and choose their partner carefully and deliberately, rather than just getting together with someone else.

6. They may already have someone in mind. This person may be someone she can never be with, but she is unwilling to find someone else to replace that person, so she stays single.

7. The person they like does not like them. The decent person may like someone who is better than her, but that person doesn't like her, and in that person's eyes, she may be an extremely ordinary person. The one who is not willing to settle for anything else will just wait and stays single.

8. They may not know what kind of partner they want. They may be good at business, friendships and platonic relationships, but not at romantic relationships and love. They also need to keep learning to get out of being single.

In general, finding a partner is not like finding a job, and many people want to wait until they are good enough to find a good person to spend their lives with. But the reality is that by the time you are good enough, you will have missed the right person and will not be able to find another one.

Marcus Okoebor

Everything you wrote here is abstract.
For the ladies pride, village people and lack of discernment to know the right man.
For the guys money, village people, lack of vision and play boy.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Take The Club Job? by kwasoly(m): 10:04pm On May 29
Hello beautiful people of nairaland! cool
I lost my job last year due to the outbreak and no job was forth coming.

A friend linked me up with a job in a club and with what he said, that I can get a connect there that I should just be smart.

Please I need input for those that have worked in a club and how I can do well in it.

Also, if my personality can blend with it. I'm not the party type and I'm also the church type.

Going by my personality I won't go for the job but with the state of things I just need to do it.

Please how can I be at my best in my new job? Thanks

You said ur the church type and u want to work in a club? What kind of gospel do they feed u with in ur Local assembly?
Health / Re: I Always Go "Raw" With Multiple Partners Until STI Taught Me A Hard Lesson by kwasoly(m): 10:25pm On May 28
My friends always call me "CR7 womanizer" due to my habit of moving with multiple partners.

It all began last week when I had unprotected sex with one of my partners. I started having inching on my male organ. I noticed it was suddenly swollen. I was still forming boss until I noticed yellowish sperm like discharge gushing out from the tip of my penis.

At first, I thought it was pre-cum. I cleaned it up and packaged it back into my boxer. Few minutes later, i felt wetness and stains all over my boxers. Behold what I just cleaned showed up again.

I screemed and cleaned it up again still wondering if there can be ejaculation without erection and stimulation.

It didn't end there. I began to urinate frequently and it felt like hell discharging urine, my feet held tightly to the ground, body stiffened and screaming followed.

I was in pains for good three days walking around with embarrassing wet boxers with offensive smell from the dripage. I began to pray. I thought my penis was becoming rotten because I have never experienced such. I thought the tube that controls sperm/urine had ruptured.

After a week of no relief and erection, I summoned the courage to see my doctor. He ran some test and said I have Chlamydia STI(sexually transmitted infection). He administerd some drugs to me and also run HIV test on me which I came out NEGATIVE.

Please share your first time experience with STD and STI so that our fellow RAW men can learn.

The Lord showed u mercy and has given you a second chance, 1cor 6 v 19-20. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit therefore glorify God in your body.(paraphrased)
Say no to sexual immorality. Jesus loves you brother!!!


Family / Re: I Want To Send My Wife Packing by kwasoly(m): 9:55pm On May 28
[quote author=igwebest23 post=102134047]This is too much for me. I have had enough. I got married to my wife last year October 2020. I did both traditional wedding and white wedding, spent a million plus. I work with ministry of health.

My wife has been insisting that I disclose my salary to her from day 1 but I never, I just told her that am earning 100+. Before I met my wife, she already learn Fashion designing. Then while was rushing around, preparing for wedding, she was pestering me to open shop for her. I specifically told her that d money I have now is Solly for wedding and traditional rite, which cost me fortune.

Then after much pressure, her people contributed money and paid for d shop (Remember I have paid her bride price then). I have swallowed red pill. How can I open shop for a girl I have not finished marrying. Then when she opened d shop, I equally supporting her with other things like buying protector and chairs. Every day she is going to shop, I drop pocket of 1k. Some times she asks me money to buy tailor materials which I give.

Now within a space of 7 months my wife now has 14 apprentices. She collected like 30k from them. Then all the money she made in her shop, she put all in her account, she doesn't contribute anything at home. Infact decided not to apply for ATM card. Some time, I may go to. ATM to get money and d tell me no network, if I come to my wife to ask her for ordinary 1k, she will say she doesn't have it. I never asked her to help in our home finances before, and I don't really care about her money.

But now found out through her Facebook chat that she sent her male school friends 7k. She hid it from me, she said d guy needed d money to treat her father in d hospital. I was shock. Cos my wife always complained she does not have money. Now she is complaining that I don't support her in her shop. That she can do whatever she wants with her money.

This morning, she was raising her voice to the hearing our flat neighbors, that am a useless husband, I feel insulted. Am embarrased. That I don't support her. She said her shop rent has expired that I should give her d money but she have enough money in her account to pay it. While is asking me. Am d one that pays for house rent, I buy food stuff, I give her transport every day.

I have had enough. I will call her mum to come over and carry her daughter. I can never beat her. The last night I shouted at her she fainted not to talk of beating.[/quote

Marriage is for men not boys!!
Go n sit down and talk with her, if they tell una to marry ur friend una no go gree.
Politics / Re: History Of Chief Of Army Staff Appointments From 1999 Till Date by kwasoly(m): 7:31pm On May 27


TENURE: 1999-2007
REGION: South West
STATE: Ogun State
RELIGION: Christian


REGION: North Central
RELIGION: Christian
STATE: Benue State
TENURE: 1999 - 2001

REGION: South South
RELIGION: Christian
STATE: Delta State
TENURE: 2001 -2003

RELIGION: Christian
STATE: Kaduna State
TENURE: 2003 - 2006

REGION: South South
RELIGION: Christian
STATE: Bayelsa State
TENURE: 2006 - 2007


TENURE: 2007 - 2010
REGION: North West
STATE: Katsina State


REGION: North West
RELIGION: Christian
STATE: Kaduna State
TENURE: 2007 - 2008

REGION: North West
STATE: Kano State
TENURE: 2008 - 2010


TENURE: 2010 - 2015
REGION: South South
RELIGION: Christian


REGION: South East
RELIGION: Christian
STATE: Abia State
TENURE: 2010 -2014

REGION: South South
RELIGION: Christian
STATE: Rivers State
TENURE: 2014 - 2015


TENURE: 2015 Till Date
REGION: North West
STATE: Katsina State


REGION: North East
STATE: Borno State
TENURE: 2015 -2021

REGION: North West
STATE: Kaduna
TENURE: 2021 -2021

REGION: North West
STATE: Zamfara
TENURE: 2021 Till Date.



REGION: South - 2 North - 2
RELIGION: Christians - 2 Muslims - 2



South = 4
North = 7

Christians = 7
Muslims = 4


President Olusegun Obasanjo Is The Only President Of Southern Origin That Appointed COAS From The NORTH.

President Umoru Musa Yaradua Is The Only Muslim President That Appointed Christian As His COAS

Both President Goodluck Jonathan & President Muhammadu Buhari Appointed COAS From Both Their Region & Their Religion.

Alhaji Abdulganiy Saad
A Blogger & Social Media Strategist
Writes From Ilorin


Happy Children's day.
Ewu awusa!!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N40,000 Banking Job Or Keke Napep Driver. Which Is Better by kwasoly(m): 11:12pm On May 24
Tell him to continue with his banking job. Keke is not that easy as you think. Staying in the cooperate environment will open many ways for him than riding keke.

Quit that 40k job e get why!!!
Contract job na scam.
Na experience dey talk to you.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Bolt Driver Or Bank Teller by kwasoly(m): 1:53pm On May 24
Good morning

Please I want to start a temporary business as a Bolt Driver before I got bank teller offer of ₦70,000 monthly.

A friend told me as a Bolt Driver you can earn up to ₦40,000 to ₦60,000 comfortably 6days in a week.
And if I work harder 7am to 7pm I could earn upto ₦80,000 weekly on Bolt.
But I need to invest by buying my own ride (I've just ₦700,000)

And with the Uber or Bolt I can get to meet many people and I can even freelance Real estate or Housing Agent while driving unlike the bank work that doesn't give you enough time.
Note: I just married and I need to Carter for ther family.

Please what your advise.

Forget teller work I won't even advice my enemy to work in the bank as a teller.
I'm talking from experience.
Be wise na slavery work be that.


Crime / Re: Could It Be My Account Was Used For Scam??? by kwasoly(m): 10:43pm On May 23
[quote author=lecoeur post=101896747]So I met this guy on telegram and we got going, he introduced me to one group like that where he sells Fake logs and said I should work with him.
I do chat him up frequently and just yesterday he came requesting for my account details that he wants to bless me. I'm a student, really broke in fact I haven't eaten properly for like 2 days straight honestly (Crypto did me sh*t) so I didn't hesitate in sending my details, shortly I got credit alert of #14k.
I informed him of the alert and he told me to give him any amount I wish to give him out of the money, at this point I became confused and was like how
I just blocked him immediately and deleted our chat, right now I feel bad cos obviously he's a scammer and truly I pity the person that may have been scammed as I've been overthinking considering the trauma this person may be going through.
Is there anything I can do?
I haven't taken anything out of the money yet.

I went to the bank and they keep telling me to come back, I will be going with my uncle hopefully on Monday.
Thanks smiley everyone for your contributions, I'll update once everything is sorted out.

kindly go to the bank and report that you received an alert but you don't know who sent the money.
Phones / Re: Nigerians To Submit Phone IDs In Three Months - NCC by kwasoly(m): 10:37am On May 21

Source: https://punchng.com/Nigerians-to-submit-phone-IDs-in-three-months-says-NCC

This APC lead government is the most clueless I have ever seen in my life.
What has the govt gat to do with IMEI number, was this why they were voted.
Why not make policies that will better the lives of citizens and provide conducive environment for her people?
This guy's no get sense at all.

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