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Business / Re: 100 Volunteers Needed ASAP! by lecturerdabo(m): 6:43pm On Jan 14
What's up guys
I have developed a Money Making System that needs to be tested before it goes viral. In order to test the system, I need volunteers. I actually need as many as I can get but the minimum number is 100.
The system requires a ONE TIME INVESTMENT OF N100. The return on investment is at least N1 million should the system works as expected[/b]. You won't be losing more than the N100 that you put in if it fails and you get to keep the product that's given during the experimentation even if the exercise fails. If it works out fine, you get to keep the million and all other profits that comes in afterwards.
So, if you're interested in the offer, just send me a message on whatsapp to express your interest and I'll show you how to join in. Please, help a brother! If this system works, it's going to be a major breakthrough that will pull millions out of poverty for ever. Remember, [b]it won't cost you more than N100!
I'm expecting to hear from you real soon!
Musa Abdurrahman
Whatsapp: 07037595859

Politics / Re: Gabriel Toby And Wife, Christy In Keke (Photos) by lecturerdabo(m): 2:59pm On Jan 07
Boats, Tricycle and bikes are the transportation modes within Opobo town. Cars are not allowed within the metropolis!


Autos / Great Fiat Ducato Bus Up For Grabs by lecturerdabo(m): 9:11pm On Dec 23, 2020
This Wonderful Fiat Ducato bus is up for grabs. bus is in good working condition, good engine,
great transmission,
good tyres with spare,
re-enforced springs in case of haulage,
18 passengers seat.
Bought November from Jiji as Nigerian used for personal use but on national assignments to the North hence the need to sale.

Call for inspection with your mechanic

Education / Re: Skills That Every Education Undergraduate Should Possess by lecturerdabo(m): 6:23am On Dec 15, 2020

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Do U Know Abt D Chaplains In D Military (navy, Army & Airforce)? by lecturerdabo(m): 8:51pm On Nov 27, 2020
I Should Call U 4 Dat? Pls, Say It Here.

your choice dear!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Do U Know Abt D Chaplains In D Military (navy, Army & Airforce)? by lecturerdabo(m): 5:45am On Nov 27, 2020
What Do U Know Abt Assitance Chaplain In D Military? What Are Their Roles Or Duty?

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Bank Vs Military Job by lecturerdabo(m): 7:06am On Sep 13, 2020
Job Security --Military
Renumeration -- Military
High risk job -- Military (who will die, will die irrespective of location or job description)

Can't compare federal job with CONTRACT STAFF!

CAVEAT: Make sure you have been selected for training before quitting the bank contract job!!

Good luck!!!

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Car Talk / Re: T4 And LT Buses! by lecturerdabo(m): 9:22pm On Sep 08, 2020
Whatsapp me got something for u 08050713791

Just did
Car Talk / Re: T4 And LT Buses! by lecturerdabo(m): 8:58am On Sep 08, 2020

If you're going for the LT please go for the diesel engine version and for the T4 just do your proper diligence

Thanks Sir
Car Talk / Re: T4 And LT Buses! by lecturerdabo(m): 4:23am On Sep 08, 2020
Op for either the LT or T4 it would be better to go for direct tokunboh to avoid premium tears

Okay Sir, thanks a lot!

Still need more input about those vehicles!!
Car Talk / T4 And LT Buses! by lecturerdabo(m): 8:08pm On Sep 07, 2020
Good day great Landers.

I'm here to seek for counsel on a pressing issue!

I intend to have a different stream of income apart from the regular monthly salary stuff and because of the distance I cover daily (Agbara - Apapa), I feel the transport sector will be a good idea hence I'm considering the above mentioned Volkswagen vehicles!

Major reason I'm looking at the LT is the number of passengers it can take per trip, T4 on the other hand is being considered because it can be used for long distance journey.

FACT! I know next to nothing about these vehicles, last time I tried transport business was with L300 which didn't work out well.

please for those using the said vehicles, every little information you can give will go a long way!!!

What are the challenges/benefits associated with these vehicles?
Which would you go for if you are in my shoes and why?

Thanks in advance!

NB: I'm considering Nigerian used!

Please moderator assist me with better viewership so I can garner the needed inputs.
Agriculture / Re: Agric Whatsapp Group by lecturerdabo(m): 5:46am On Aug 29, 2020
Family / Re: I Have Finally Made Up My Mind To Divorce My Wife. by lecturerdabo(m): 6:31am On Aug 23, 2020
You guys married in court, it's also court that will end it!

Please don't take any advice that encourage you to just separate and move on!!

Make sure to formalise the divorce after the separation to avoid unnecessary litigation in the future.
Romance / Re: I Am Tired Of Nairalanders Begging Online When You Can Do This Business by lecturerdabo(m): 8:56pm On Aug 12, 2020
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Pls I Need A Place To Stay (squat)in Lagos by lecturerdabo(m): 6:46am On Jul 31, 2020
There is a Redeemed zonal headquarter about 4/5 poles from that Agbara bus stop, your Parish Pastor should do the needful!

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Forum Games / Re: Who Can Interprete This Picture? by lecturerdabo(m): 5:56am On Jul 10, 2020
Rush hour things! Failure to prepare on time!! Dividends of procrastination!!!


Romance / Re: Was I Wrong... I Need An Honest Opinion. by lecturerdabo(m): 3:16pm On Jun 24, 2020
I am surprised most people are harping on "opposite sex besties"!

Is there any law against that?

I've had a female best friend for close to a decade now. we are both married though she was single when we started even till date my wife refers to her as my first daughter.


@Op, If everything you wrote there is the truth, I will posit that your boyfriend should be allowed to go cos there is nothing as bad in a relationship as trust issues! When once to partner cannot trust you, the relationship is ruined!!

Seems he enjoy having you run after him and begging to be accepted. If he can afford to ignore you for months without reason when you are neither married nor living together, imagine what will happen when he starts waking up every morning to see your face! I may be wrong but...


Family / Re: See What I Saw On My Brother's Phone. I'm Absolutely Confused. by lecturerdabo(m): 7:52pm On Jun 17, 2020
inside life
Religion / Re: The Punishment The Bible Prescribes For Rape by lecturerdabo(m): 2:53pm On Jun 14, 2020

The number one trending topic in Nigeria today is rape, and it is due to the rape and murder of Uwaila Omozuwa, Barakat Bello and Shomuyiwa Azeezat.

This has led to calls from many who say the best way to prevent rape is to make castration the punishment. While this seems like a good idea, it is not what the law of God issues as punishment for rapists. Is the Bible silent on rape? No. The Bible protects victims and encourages them to speak up and not be shamed.

The Bible gave different scenarios which rape can be said to have occurred or not.

1.) Consensual sex but the lady is betrothed to someone else. Punishment is death for the lady and guy.

2.) Sex that is not consensual which is RAPE. Punishment is death for the guy, blamelessness for the lady.

3.) Consensual sex with a lady that is NOT betrothed to someone else. Punishment is marriage with no divorce.

The first involves the lady not crying out when she knew she could get help.

Deutoronomy 22:23-24
23 If a damsel that is a virgin be betrothed unto an husband, and a man find her in the city, and lie with her;
24 Then ye shall bring them both out unto the gate of that city, and ye shall stone them with stones that they die; the damsel, because she cried not, being in the city; and the man, because he hath humbled his neighbour's wife: so thou shalt put away evil from among you.

The first instance can't be classified as rape because it happened in a place where the woman could have easily gotten help if she had cried. Her failure to do so shows she consented to the act. You must ask "why did God say they should be stoned to death if it was consensual?". They are to be stoned to death because the lady has been betrothed to another man and is considered is wife. So, guys be careful how you go about sleeping with people's fiancee. The judgement is death. Luckily for you, Nigeria doesn't regard God's laws. Sadly for you, God could kill you himself.

Deutoronomy 22:25-27
25 But if a man find a betrothed damsel in the field, and the man force her, and lie with her: then the man only that lay with her shall die.
26 But unto the damsel thou shalt do nothing; there is in the damsel no sin worthy of death: for as when a man riseth against his neighbour, and slayeth him, even so is this matter:
27 For he found her in the field, and the betrothed damsel cried, and there was none to save her.

This second scenario is a clear sign of rape. The man finds her in the field where no one could hear the lady cry for help. The Bible says he forced her, which shows she didn't consent to it. This is rape and the Bible equates the sin to murder. The punishment is death, not castration. As for the lady, she won't face any punishment.

Deutoronomy 22:28-29
28 If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found;
29 Then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel's father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife; because he hath humbled her, he may not put her away all his days.

This third case is consensual sex because they were found, not that she cried out for help. It is similar to a guy and a lady dating and having sex in secret to avoid the judgement of a sane society. If they are found, the man must married the lady whom he met a virgin. He must pay her bride price and must never divorce her. What if she wasn't a virgin? That case is fornication.

So, guys stays away from the bandwagon calling for the castration of rapists. That is against God's law which says rapists should be killed after thorough investigation is done.

Many who scream for castration of rapists are also guilty of death, for they cheat on their fiance, wife, husband which in God's eyes is punishable by death. That's being a hypocritical judge.

Matthew 7:2
“For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

One more thing.

Many today will say the clothes a lady wears have nothing to do with her getting raped. I can already sense a good sum of them already slamming me a rapists for what I'm about to say.

The truth is, everything we do has a consequence, whether we agree or not. When ladies are told to avoid dressing seductively, it is actually for their own protection. Dressing decently and avoiding getting caught in dark, lonely or dangerous places are ways to avoid rape. It is only a fool that will say clothes or dress code should never lead to rape. That is similar to saying there are no longer evil people in this world.

There are evil people who are demon possessed. They don't reason like the many sane guys who can control themselves. A little show of the thighs by a lady can trigger that demon in them towards rape. Guess what? It is not only demon possessed people that rape. Even guys who think they are sane do fall into temptation. So why as a lady do you go about tempting guys and expecting a different result?

Why don't go buy a 65 inch 4K Smart TV and put it at a junction like Oshodi in Lagos. Leave it there and see if you will meet it there the following morning. Guess what? It might not be stolen by confirmed thieves. It could be stolen by someone that has never stolen before but got tempted by the package. So, why do ladies think leaving themselves in the open doesn't have consequence? Oh, you want to live however you want with no consequence?

A bank with armed security guards and cyber security still gets robbed by cyber and armed robbers. Do you think it is only cyber and armed robbers that will rob a bank with its vault at its car park with no security? People that have never stolen before will join in when they see money flying in the air.

When people tell you to dress recently which the Bible also says, it is actually for your own good and others. Don't listen to those celebrities saying otherwise. They are part of the problem. Their business promotes indecency, so they are angry that people are speaking against indecency.

The diva singer who dances unclad in her movies and music videos goes home with millions and under the protection of bodyguards. The females that get influenced by her actions live in notorious neighborhoods where the guys wake up to smoke weed and drink adulterated alcohol which they did before going to bed under the bridge where they sleep. How safe do you think you will be walking pass that quite bridge at night especially when dressed seductively? You might be dressed like a masquerade and still get rape right there. That's why the Bible says to avoid fields i.e lonely places.

Give wisdom a chance and the foolishness that comes with emotions will flee.

Romance / Empty Without Them! by lecturerdabo(m): 5:16pm On Jun 08, 2020
A Wiseman once said "if you see a soldier exhibiting madness on the road, go check his marriage"

She was my Secondary school classmate, My CO SU member, later my friend, after my Wife and finally the mother of my wonderful children!

You are my backbone, my confidant, my PA. I can go for months in the name of serving my nation and still feel on top of the world because you are in charge of the home front!

I can face the worst terrorist without fear because my prayer warrior is at home doing what she knows how to do best!!
A teacher per excellence!!!

I call you THE BEST because there is nothing after that but of a truth, YOU ARE MORE THAN THE BEST!!!

Great Nairalanders please join me and my family in wishing this two important people in my life (my wife and Last born - I dare not come back late without explanations to this three year old man) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Health / Re: The Defeat Of Coronavirus by lecturerdabo(m): 6:56am On Mar 31, 2020
All I hear these past weeks is Coronavirus
It first looked like something which wasn't serious
But alas! today in the world, it has become something humongous
My mouth agape as deaths increases each day as a result of the virus
It's indeed a leveller of the young and old, the penniless and the prosperous
There aren't yet drugs for the cure, but only obey the rules of staying cautious
Every Tom, Dick and Harry says unverified things, just consider them as rumours
Your name is Corona cos you look like a crown and that's why your reign is callous
But know this: your reign is but for a very short time, it can never be continuous
A Sovereignty greater than the world is set to uproot you cos His reign is magnanimous
And then we will laugh: "ha ha ha ha ha" cos your defeat will be humourous
At the end, we will joyfully say to ourselves, "Happy survival" cos life is continuous

@Yinky, wonderful rhymes and prophetic!

good job!!

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Romance / Re: Help! Her Husband Has Been Acting Funny Since This Happened by lecturerdabo(m): 2:38pm On Mar 07, 2020
@Op, a lot has been said already and I want to believe you have learnt a few things!

Will is important but like someone pointed out, a sad reminder of death and believe you me, anyone who emphasise on a will for a 37yr old man is not to be trusted.

1. Tell your sister to go learn how to make money that even in the absence of the man she and her kids will be fine.

2. Tell your sister to stop making enemies of her husband's family. REASON SHE IS scared OF BEING THROWN OUT!! The family now may be saying "we no tell you"

3. Tell your sister to go beg her husband.

4. Most importantly, CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION OF LIFE! STOP STEREOTYPING 'AFRICAN MEN' BY PROBABLY GETTING YOURSELF educated -formal/informal cos I'm also 37 and African with almost nothing yet I have a will!!!

TO OGA 37, Abeg having a will is not death sentence as none of us can tell when Mr death will come knocking except...

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Fashion/Clothing Market / Re: Okirika First Grade Bale Of Clothes Grade AA Contact My Profile by lecturerdabo(m): 11:46pm On Mar 04, 2020
Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by lecturerdabo(m): 4:41pm On Feb 15, 2020

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Candidates For DSSC 27 Recruitment | Http://joinnigeriannavy.com/ by lecturerdabo(m): 7:03am On Feb 05, 2020
Seems you just woke up from your slumber blogger?

That screening is done and dusted already, stop deceiving people!!

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Properties / Re: Can I Build 3 Bedroom Apartment On A 25ft/50ft Plot Of Land? by lecturerdabo(m): 8:49pm On Jan 30, 2020
Pets / Re: Advice On Local Recipè For Dog Food by lecturerdabo(m): 8:16pm On Dec 26, 2019
Education / Re: I Got Admission, But My Tuition is Incomplete. Help!!! by lecturerdabo(m): 6:54pm On Oct 23, 2019
Deep breath.

Nairalanders, I humbly request for your help to raise fund for my education. I have no one to run to. Please help a soul. I just got admitted to study computer science in Lagos state University. But all that I have is 12k. I have run helter skelter, i haven't find anybody to help. It is with heavy mind that I am writing this to you all. Your help would go along way

All critics and questions are welcomed. I just need help.

No information about the amount you are looking for!

No supporting documents to prove what you are claiming!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: We Need Partner Across Nigeria To Work With Us by lecturerdabo(m): 5:28pm On Sep 23, 2019
yes Ogun State
Education / Re: 10 Famous People Who Were Tagged Failures Before They Became Successful by lecturerdabo(m): 3:39pm On Sep 11, 2019

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