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Culture / Re: Th by lifeisgood12: 2:20pm On Sep 02, 2021
in Igbo it is even beyond that they also have another which is Nwamba. But the one that seem to be widespread and a constant among these groups are NwaOlogbo, Onogbo, Ologbo

it is Iyase just as you dotted it above in the first one the "re"is not added with it, in pronunciation and in spelling it is certainly itsekiris corruption of the pronunciation, the same with Ologbose as an added source you can watch how the Bini chiefs in Invasion 1897 produced by Lancelot Imasuen. pronounced it and how severally they called him Ologbose the leopard.

I don't think it is because the word Ologbo,-Edo Yoruba , Nwologbo-Igbo, Onogbo-Urhobo as can be seen from the screenshot below already shows to be that the name Obala and Nwobili evolved later due to their shared relationship, proximity and culture, it is safe to say that Obala an Nwobili is certainly something more streamlined to the relationship between these two, and with the widespread of Ologbo which also means cat in all the language with varying variations.

Ologbo seems to be Older than the presence of the other two.
i think some nigerians dont know about language families. Yorubas, igbos, edos and others would share similar words because of similar ancestry tree. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/329166432_Argument_for_The_Reclassification_of_Yoruba_as_A_Language_Isolate - if you click on the link you see word similarities between different lnaguages. Hausa which is an afro asiatic language will share similar words with somali, amharic, hebrew, aramaic and other afro asiatic languages
Culture / Re: Th by lifeisgood12: 2:11pm On Sep 02, 2021
Ok I have two questions for you,(1)how did your Oranmiyan take over Benin since your history said he was invited if he was invited.

(2) how was he able to communicate with the people on ground since he was not Bini

(3) what would have warranted his invitation since they would not be able to communicate with him

(4)also were the People tired of ruling themselves to go for a total stranger who can't communicate with them in the first place ( the Oba's tale of Izoduwa sound better here since communication and oneness should be a factor for invitation

(5) will they have willingly surrendered since he was Yoruba and they were Binis ( opposition would have be more since there were no history of conquest and they would have prevailed, why would the general Binis have supported him against the Ogiamen if they don't think he is one of them, most times if not all when Other tribes come to rule and dominate a foreign land, it is usually by conquest.

the Binis were men of war and valour. we conquered you guys and the name of your state Eko is intelligible in Benin meaning war camp, and many of your quarters have the same exact naming pattern of the Esan tribe of Edo not close exact! "Idumu"

They are the only tribe who use that pattern oral
tale which can be distorted will not fly when there are pointers very
strong and deadly ones at that you guys only bullied your Oba into Denial he knows his history. Tribes of coward
lol you know the name eko only applies ot lagos island right?. Modern day lagos state is made up of parts of ogun state. Most of modern lagos state were either controlled by ijebus, oyo or awori. A simple search in google maps will show the name "eko" refers to lagos island.

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Politics / Re: Niger Delta Republic:ARE IMO,ONDO,and ABIA STATES part of the proposed republic? by lifeisgood12: 12:33am On Aug 29, 2021

The yorubas must loose ondo,no two ways about it.you yorubas have always encouraged the division of igbos that you will rather support a niger delta republic against b1afra,forgetting that one of your states is among the proposed ND republic..
Sometimes it's good to have a too of your own iceberg ,you must lick your wound.
U are confident yet stupid at the same time. Where does south south exist on a compass. im sure youll say something stupid. look at the niger river and how it seperates nigeria into 3 regions which are north, south west and south east.
Crime / Re: You Think This White People Love You (check Pic) by lifeisgood12: 10:09pm On Aug 22, 2021

You are irredeemably stupid, you can't even comprehend what I wrote. SMH. Like, I said truth is bitter. I don't expect you to feel good after tasting a bitter substance.
u are a fool. Go kiss your masters feet and bow down to them. Foolish bastard. Same europeans that gave power to north and killed many of our people are the ones you glorify.
Crime / Re: You Think This White People Love You (check Pic) by lifeisgood12: 11:36pm On Aug 21, 2021

Something that is still practiced in almost every state in Nigeria , I think we're the worse compared to them , most Nigerians can eat anything, whites prefer to preserve , I honestly wish that Nigeria was colonized a little longer , maybe they would've picked up some things from their colonial masters , but here we are ....
u are a fool. Same birtish that gave north power is the one u want. You are a slave suffering from inferior mentality. So a european can instruct you to kill your family and ull do it
Crime / Re: Twin Pastors, Sonaike Taiye & Kehind Rape & Impregnate 12-Year-Old Girl In Lagos by lifeisgood12: 6:57pm On Aug 21, 2021

You did not include fraud.
Shame dey catch me for my Yoruba people sometimes I wonder why I'm part of them. Highly learnered but gullible.
Is only my people that see scam as being smart.
But every clan, ethnic get their own for body.
But its also an individual thing, since the law is not doing anything to the criminals more people are joining them.
hausa in diguise grin we see you.

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Crime / Re: You Think This White People Love You (check Pic) by lifeisgood12: 6:54pm On Aug 21, 2021

You are using had, they had, they had.

I am saying today, with all the education, exposure etc,

We still enslave ourselves.

We still slaughter ourselves.

We still traffic our people to Europe for slavery (sex slaves).

We still siphon resources meant for development.

So how can we complain about the whites in the 1800s when today we are still animals to ourselves? When we were part of it before and still working with that mindset today.

We should change our mentality of placing riches over lives.
My point is most of the things africans are doing today has been done in europe before. Your replies makes it seem europeans were a perfect group that have never done bad things. World war 2 was in the early 1900s btw. Its up to africans to either develop themselves from those acts similar to what the europeans did or stay and embrace their current tradition
Crime / Re: You Think This White People Love You (check Pic) by lifeisgood12: 6:44pm On Aug 21, 2021

Former Yugoslavia was not occupied by blacks. So barbarity is not exclusive to the black race. Every race has its idiots.
that fool is a slave that seek european validation. Im sure if an european tells him to kill his mother he will do it
Crime / Re: You Think This White People Love You (check Pic) by lifeisgood12: 6:41pm On Aug 21, 2021

We are doing worse. Which one is colonial mentality? Are you in any way justifying ritual killings and selling human parts of your own people because you want to drive flashy cars and chase women with big behinds?

Are you justifying wiping out villages killing women and children in whatever reason they call it?

We do worse and should feel ashamed of ourselves complaining about the whites.

We are worse and should change our ways.
do you think they never sacrificed people to their gods? "A human life was the most valuable sacrifice that the Vikings could make to the gods. We know from written sources that Odin – the king of the gods – demanded human sacrifices.". "Are you in any way justifying ritual killings and selling human parts of your own people because you want to drive flashy cars and chase women with big behinds? - Do you know europe has the biggest black market for body parts sale. Are you justifying wiping out villages killing women and children in whatever reason they call it?- world war 2 wasnt long ago, do you know what they did to women and children?. You are suffering from an inferior mentality

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Crime / Re: You Think This White People Love You (check Pic) by lifeisgood12: 6:38pm On Aug 21, 2021
Even though the whites treated our forefathers bad, and degraded them, it is even more shocking that we are treating ourselves worse. A black man was born to be treated bad, it is a bitter truth that we all must admit first, and find a way out of it. We must treat ourselves (Blacks) right before demanding that others treat us right.
WHY are you so stupid? So a white would treat you better? u think Whites that raped and killed black peope will do better. You see europeans as a perfect group like they didnt do worse things to eachother not too long ago.
Crime / Re: You Think This White People Love You (check Pic) by lifeisgood12: 6:35pm On Aug 21, 2021

So we cannot make it look like oh, those guys are racists when we do worse to ourselves. More like worst.
u suffer from colonial mentality my guy. You are comparing killings? Killing is Killing no matter what.
Crime / Re: You Think This White People Love You (check Pic) by lifeisgood12: 6:33pm On Aug 21, 2021

Normal levels aboki don't marry their daughters out too, even Ibos are protective of their daughters

That's not what the discussion is about
Correction *they dont marry their daughters to southerners. Hausas intermarry kanuris, fulanis, nupes and many more. southerners are seen as infidels to them so they dont give out their children to us. Read about the siddi people in Pakistan. Siddis are a bantu group that were brought as slaves from africa to asia. Look at the way pakistanis treat them badly due to their black skin, you think theyll treat you any better?
Crime / Re: You Think This White People Love You (check Pic) by lifeisgood12: 6:29pm On Aug 21, 2021

We are still lynching ourselves today. That is the problem.
my guy lynching still exist in many parts of the world. There are thousands of undeveloped places in europe, africa, asia that use lynching as their law. You just dont see most of it on the media
Crime / Re: You Think This White People Love You (check Pic) by lifeisgood12: 6:22pm On Aug 21, 2021

Well I have two encounters with Russians that I can't forget

I worked with one at Grandexcelssior Sharjah UAE.. she is the nicest foreign woman I have ever met as a black man only second to Kenya women always happy to hangout they see Nigerians with some kind of swags

Second one was a tourist at a club in Ajman close to Civil defence office Ajman beach.. me and my guys went to smoke shisha and drink some beer... Then we saw this Russian clique trying to snap our pics and they were staring at us like we were ghost.. we kept on with our flexing, next thing one of the dude walked up to us and told us can we have pics together and join tables together that he doesn't mind paying our bills we agreed and while talking he told us in his city they barely have very little Blacks, and he has seen few Africans in his entire life

Few Russians and Chinese are racist, Egyptians, Pakistani , Moroccans love Nigerians and know abit much about us.

Many uneducated Indians, Americans and Philippines are very racist

lol go to egypt, morocco or and request to marry their daughter. Words like abeed and kala will fly out of their mouth
Crime / Re: You Think This White People Love You (check Pic) by lifeisgood12: 6:13pm On Aug 21, 2021
Black men that lynch an innocent person just for being accused of theft.
lol some of you are funny. Honestly i dont blame you cause this is due to lack of historical knowledge and colonial mentality. Most of the things nigerians or africans are doing has been done in europe. Europeans have just learned to develop themselves from it. Lynching has been a thing of ancient europe till the 21st century.
Politics / Re: Astonishing Ancient Igbo Male Hairstyles by lifeisgood12: 2:48pm On Aug 14, 2021

So far, Igbos are the fairest. When you come up with a West African ethnic group with lighter skin colouring than Ndigbo, it will be duly noted.

White people are fairer than Igbos. It has never bothered Igbos.
Yorubas are darker than Igbos. It has never bothered Igbos also
Khoisans are lighter plus like i said earler you can base your assumpyions without facts. There are thousands of west africangfroups we have not seen or heard of. Until then you are wrong
Politics / Re: Astonishing Ancient Igbo Male Hairstyles by lifeisgood12: 2:32pm On Aug 14, 2021

Modern day afonja grin grin grin
typical average igbo

Politics / Re: Astonishing Ancient Igbo Male Hairstyles by lifeisgood12: 2:27pm On Aug 14, 2021

Then give me the name of any ethnic group in Ghana, Togo or Benin Republic known for being quite fair
go to all states and explore the towns in those countries.
Sports / Re: Oshoala Recovers From COVID-19, Receives African Player Of The Year Trophy by lifeisgood12: 7:58am On Aug 14, 2021
Shey she'll not find somebody to impregnate her on time before menopause set in undecided undecided
shes just 25 and already has a daughter

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Politics / Re: Astonishing Ancient Igbo Male Hairstyles by lifeisgood12: 7:54am On Aug 14, 2021

I hate coming to your level of shallowness but what you gotta say about this?
;Digbo kwenu

Politics / Re: Astonishing Ancient Igbo Male Hairstyles by lifeisgood12: 7:53am On Aug 14, 2021

Yearly WAEC results reveal a lot. Northern states aren't exactly blazing an academic trail. In other nations where Fulanis are indigenous,. I'm unaware of their academic exploits in those climes also.

But Igbos as a group are highly represented in academic excellence list both here in Nigeria and abroad
yorubas are also reprensented in academic excellence wherever they go lol
Politics / Re: Astonishing Ancient Igbo Male Hairstyles by lifeisgood12: 7:50am On Aug 14, 2021

You and I well know that Igbos are the fairest in the band Igbos are in.

Igbos are generally fairer than Edo, Yoruba, Benin Republic, Togolese and Ghanaian ethnic groups
there are multiple tribes in ghana, togo, benin republic, even nigeria that i dont know of. So you cant generalize without sufficient analysis
Politics / Re: Astonishing Ancient Igbo Male Hairstyles by lifeisgood12: 4:52am On Aug 14, 2021

So you had to travel all the way to Senegal to find a hazel eyed Fulani. I am sure by the time I travel to Togo, I will also find a hazel eyed Yoruba.
But in my own extended family, I have about 6 or 7 hazel eyed people,and they are completely Igbo, with no blood infusion from any fairer tribe for the past traceable 300 years
Anyone can have hazel eyes or even blue eyes. Rendille people for example are known for their blue eyes. If you have it then good for you.
Politics / Re: Astonishing Ancient Igbo Male Hairstyles by lifeisgood12: 4:45am On Aug 14, 2021

Buhari is not fairer than Ngige and is not significantly fairer than Onyeama some of his Igbo ministers. And the funny thing is that we see these Igbo ministers as dark in Igboland.

Now Berbers also dwell in the Sahel region and are significantly fairer than Fulanis.
Fulanis were slaves also, yet the appellation RED was reserved for Igbos.
Igbos have always been fair without mixing with a lighter skinned tribe. Fulanis mixed with Arabs and Berbers to achieve their complexion, and yet, it cannot be said that they are lighter than igbos
Buhari is almost close to ngiges skin complexion. Like i also said earlier, environment plays a huge role. Look at senegalese/malians/chadians alot of them are very dark skinned due to living near the sahara and uv rays. Buahri sef isnt even a full breed fulani, his mother is hauss/kanuri. Fulanis were barely represented in the trans atlantic slave trade compared to igbos. tuaregs have been in the sahel for over 1000 years. North africans and middle eastern populations have always been lighter than other africans. I cant even generalize all tuaregs, the ones in west africa have niger congo admixture compared to their counterparts in libya . Darker skin is found in indigenous populations nearer to the equator. Lighter skin is found in indigenous populations further from the equator. North african is further from the equator compared to other sub-saharan africans hence lighter skin tone.

Politics / Re: Astonishing Ancient Igbo Male Hairstyles by lifeisgood12: 2:44am On Aug 14, 2021
Oga, no need for the long, boring epistle. There's no ethnic group in Southern Nigeria (at least) that doesn't have light skinned people. Some just have more light skinned people than the other. Many Fulanis are so lightskinned they could be mistaken for North Africans. Infact, their features and light skin has led many anthropologists to posit that Fulanis could be mixed descendants of Amazigh (Berber) people of Northern Africa and some negroes. That Fulanis have more light skinned people than Igbos isn't even debatable, same way Igbos having more light skinned people than pretty much every group in Southern Nigeria isn't debatable. But that still doesn't detract from the fact that Igbos are a predominantly dark skinned people. Show me any picture of a large concentration of Igbo people and let's see these "predominantly light skinned" Igbos. Lastly, I'm a very proud dark skinned African man, there's nothing to be ashamed of. It's you that should stop being ashamed of your dark skinned Igbo ancestors.
You are actually right bro. Fulanis are a product of mixing a niger-congo group(senegalese) and north african(most likely tuaregs).
Source: https://bmcgenomics.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12864-019-6296-7

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Politics / Re: Astonishing Ancient Igbo Male Hairstyles by lifeisgood12: 2:41am On Aug 14, 2021

Shagari, Monguno, Ahmadu Bello and the rest are also dark-skinned, yet they are Fulanis. So you conveniently forgot about them. I have seen a huge number of Fulani cattle herders and they are generally darker than Igbos. Their darkness even approaches the Yoruba shade.
In fact, I can't even remember seeing any Fulani cattle herder that is lighter than me, and I am not really fair. I have perhaps the same complexion as Peter Obi.

You guys never believed Precious Chikwendu was naturally fair-skinned until she started having fair-skinned boys for FFK.

There is a reason whites of 1600s and 1700s coined the term Red-Eboe, clearly to denote the fairer skinned Igbos, when compared to the generally very dark-skinned Yorubas and other sub-saharan Africans
Umaru Musa Yar'Adua is a fulani yet has a light complexion. Same goes to buhari and aisha. Shagari was still a little bit fair. You also have to acknowledge environment plays a huge role. Most of these people u mentioned live along the sahel line which makes their skin darker. Look at the north african tuaregs and how their skin evolved to a darker complexion after living in the sahara for years.
Politics / Re: Astonishing Ancient Igbo Male Hairstyles by lifeisgood12: 2:36am On Aug 14, 2021

Igbos are by far, academically more intelligent that Fulanis and Zulus.

Igbos are also not darker than the tribes you mentioned. And some Igbos have hazel eyes. Fulanis and Zulus don't normally have hazel eyes, unless they are faking it with contact lenses.
lol you cant generalize all fulanis cause you havent seen most of them
Politics / Re: Astonishing Ancient Igbo Male Hairstyles by lifeisgood12: 2:34am On Aug 14, 2021

Oyibos noted the fact that Igbos were lighter than Yorubas and other Africans.

It is difficult to determine the complexion of someone from those ancient black and white cameras, but one obvious fact is that they are all much fairer than their hair
igbos arent even close to being the lightest.

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Culture / Re: OLUKUMI: The Delta People Of Yoruba Extraction by lifeisgood12: 6:25am On Aug 04, 2021
I believe they're more igala than Yoruba because they share no boundaries with the Yorubas but they share boundaries with Igala.
Their language is much similar to the igala than Yoruba.
I have been to ugbodu, I think they should join Igala than claiming Yoruba.
heres a comparison of their language. Igala and olukwumi are both related to yoruba


Culture / Re: So, Most African Americans Are Of Yoruba Descent ? by lifeisgood12: 3:52am On Aug 04, 2021
[quote author=lifeisgood12 post=104405285]
three years later and with good knowledge of ancestry testing. Your lies have been debunked. U use wikipedia as a source right?
"It has been hypothesized that, at least, 60% of all African Americans have at least one ancestor who originated from the Igbo kingdoms. Many African Americans are now tracing their Igbo heritage with the help of genetic testing and historical evidence" -
The bight of biafra transported more than 1.6 millions slaves. It was the second most slaves from any part of WEST AFRICA. https://www.slavevoyages.org/assessment/estimates
Im sure you will say bight of benin transported the most slaves which means yorubas were the most transported. Well you will also be wrong there, the most transported ethnicities in bight of benin were Adja, Mina, Ewe and Fon.
source: https://www.ancestry.com/dna/ethnicity/benin-togo,
Culture / Re: So, Most African Americans Are Of Yoruba Descent ? by lifeisgood12: 3:51am On Aug 04, 2021
Recent surveys of African Americans using a genetic testing service have found varied ancestries which show different tendencies by region and sex of ancestors. These studies found that on average, African Americans have 73.2-82.1% West African, 16.7%-24% European, and 0.8–1.2% Native Americangenetic ancestry, with large variation between individuals

Correspondingly, Montinaro et al. (2014) observed that around 50% of the overall ancestry of African Americans traces back to the Niger-Congo-speaking Yoruba of southwestern Nigeria and southern Benin, reflecting the centrality of this West African region in the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Benin here means dahomey or republic of Benin

Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_Americans

search for "tracingafricanroots wordpress", look through all the content there and see different ancestry results.

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