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Romance / Re: Na The Matter We Dey Solve Oooo... by Lipslikecandy11(m): 2:39pm On May 29
yahoo boy dey charge phone for parlour..... client video call.... papa pick call tell client say my pickin dey baff ....na the matter we dey solve for area since morning oo....

mk una clear us the matter we una dey solve for una area ...

Yahoo boy go charge him phone for him neighbor house.... Him client call am the neighbor pick him call tell the client say him dey charge him phone for him house....
We still dey dere dey settle the matter....
Romance / Re: Nairalanders,my Peace And Existence Is Being Threatened!!! by Lipslikecandy11(m): 2:18pm On May 29
[quote author=BlissB post=79447785] cry cry cry cry
October 2015 when i started working, i met this guy at my place of work and he kept on coming everyday for like 4 days for my num of which i gave him with the mind of blocking him when he calls....initially i was listening to him and he started asking me out and i refused....he kept on pleading and i kept on refusing.....At a point i eventually blocked his num because the calls were becoming irritating even on whatsapp incase he locates me there....i had peace of mind for sometime till my phone was stolen and i got a new phone and he started again and i blocked him. After a while the new phone was stolen and this devil started again .....then he started using other nums to call me but when i hear his voice i always end the calls and block him..... After a while, since he cant reach me, he comes to my place of work unannounced ........
Na so we don day turn around since that 2015 day come till last year Oct i got another phone and since i make use of the internet alot i got a torchlite so i can put my active line thereby not disturbing my internet work, na there the major wahala of since 2015 start because I can't block him again....every blessed day is now a nightmare, if to say e go call like 2 or 3 times then he go rest I for nor day disturb myself but how can a person in his right senses keeps calling over 20 to 30 times a day Some will say i ate his money thats why but before God and man nothing like that.....i never see he one naira even when my friend adviced me to bill him and i should make sure its something he cant do and as e nor fit e go run,so i did but still he nor send money and he nor won allow me rest,what have i done to deserve this....i picked his call one day and asked him what he wants, he said he is alone and he wants a friend, i said i cant be your friend, he said then i won't have peace. Am saying my existence is threatened because he knows where i work and he knows i close at night so this guy fit do anything and he stalks me once in a while. I have called mtn to know how i can block or bar this particular num they are not giving me any resonable answer. I just can't fathom why a person in his right senses will do something like this. To think MTN can't even help me to regain my peace, taya me. How do I go about this, I nor get connection......telling my dad will be a threat to his health. Pls advice me on what to do please :

The part that got me was" i picked his call one day and asked him what he wants, he said he is alone and he wants a friend, i said i cant be your friend, he said then i won't have peace"...the guy is a maniac...

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Romance / Re: ... by Lipslikecandy11(m): 9:19pm On Apr 07
I am a businessman who uses a Tecno L8 phone, unfortunately, my phone refused to come on again and I'm very broke presently that I can't even afford a Nokia torchlight phone.

Please if you have an android phone which you are probably no longer using, I would appreciate you gifting it to me.

PS: I used a neighbour's phone to type this.

Though i reside in Lagos but any location would be much appreciated.

God bless you all.

Out of curiosity... Which fone u come use post this topic..
Romance / Re: What Have You Bought This Year That Was A Waste Of Money? by Lipslikecandy11(m): 7:33pm On Apr 01
I bought this Big Bull rice last week not because I can't afford foreign one but because I wanted to patronise Nigerian brands. The rice is quite tasty but sand full am, no matter how many times I wash am. Now I'm stuck sandy rice for the next eight months, 19k wasted undecided
Make I hear say I buy made in Nigeria again

Bro... The big bull rice u bought was actually a re-bag... I work in the company and we ve been getting same complain over tyme.. Soon was asked to go for a market survey at daleko market.... Close to mushin.. What I saw there.. Left me speechless for close to 10mins...
Sorry about the lost..!!!
Romance / Re: Help My Friend Is Gay, Can I Help Him? by Lipslikecandy11(m): 12:25pm On Apr 01

Can u connect me with her please? I love bi ladies like mad!!!

Bro.. Seem like ure in ma thought..!! Wan tyme i tried to persuade her for a 3some buh she told me her partner is into ladies alone..
Romance / Re: What Is Your Proudest Achievement So Far? by Lipslikecandy11(m): 10:45pm On Mar 31
Been independent.. Cause I don't depend on ma parent for a dime unlike my eldest brother that has his hope on my fathers property.. .. Have ma own apartment nd a job...

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Romance / Re: Help My Friend Is Gay, Can I Help Him? by Lipslikecandy11(m): 10:33pm On Mar 31
Na wa oh. This thing will be on the rise.

I don't believe people are born gay, they are programmed via movies, porn, TV etc. the things they see, to think it's normal. We are getting to the time, it will be seen as normal, God help us.

Op, I believe you know what to do.

I think most people re... My ex girlfriend told me she is bisexual.. That no matter the size of a d*ck... If she hasn't been touched by a lady.. That her sexual desires haven't been satisfied... Nd it all started at her tender age....
Romance / Re: What Is Your Current Ring Tone? by Lipslikecandy11(m): 1:25pm On Mar 30
Make we put CORONAVIRUS aside, we re African. Nigerian for that matter, God will not let us suffer.. We have seen too much and it wunt be unfair if Corona join

Current ring tone : Fotifoyin. Produce by rexxie ft Marley Teni n zlatan

I love the instrumental so much, not even lyrics, just the background instrumental make sense like madt..

Oya share ur own current ring tone and what you like abt it

Cownubighorn Abi bigcowhorn easternprince Riele zexy

Line one: Justin Bieber-Yummy
Line two: rick Ross feat chris brown - sorry
Romance / Re: I Am Considering Castration To Control Homosexual Desires. by Lipslikecandy11(m): 2:39am On Mar 27


I sight you.

You can snip the spiner too.

You guys are already useless as far as this world is concerned.

See mumu....
Frustrated cow...!!! U wey dem for use as experiment for corona virus...
Romance / Re: I Am Considering Castration To Control Homosexual Desires. by Lipslikecandy11(m): 6:18pm On Mar 26
I have a better idea.

You should consider SNIPER.

Nonsense. lipsrsealed

Ure very stupid for telling him that....!!! Fagg?t.!!
Romance / Re: In Love With A Woman With 3 Kids by Lipslikecandy11(m): 9:26pm On Mar 21

Of course

Product of a broken condom

Yes...!!! That's what ure...!!! Chump
Romance / Re: In Love With A Woman With 3 Kids by Lipslikecandy11(m): 8:39pm On Mar 21

As gay as hay


Oloriburuku ni awon family eeee....wasted sperm
Romance / Re: In Love With A Woman With 3 Kids by Lipslikecandy11(m): 5:56pm On Mar 21

Puṣṣi head
Get a job

Look at this wan....!!! Might as well hook u up with wan if u so desire.. ..!! Jobless gay
Romance / Re: In Love With A Woman With 3 Kids by Lipslikecandy11(m): 8:12am On Mar 21

Another frustrated soul...

See pot calling the kettle black...!!! I shud b the wan telling you that... D?ck face

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Romance / Re: In Love With A Woman With 3 Kids by Lipslikecandy11(m): 7:39am On Mar 21
You're a big shame to manhood.


You re very stupid for insulting this guy....!!! All he is asking for is a piece of advice... What is wrong with most people here.... That derive much joy in insulting and making people feel bad...
** spits****


Family / Re: How To Divorce? My Sister's Husband Is About To Kill Her. by Lipslikecandy11(m): 11:03am On Mar 20
Your phone can type this here but cannot type it on Google I guess?

What is wrong with people....!!! Do u have to b rude...!!! ****smh**** nah wah ooo

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Romance / Re: Which Film Did U Watch That Made U Want To Love by Lipslikecandy11(m): 9:35pm On Mar 11
Hi Nl

I this i usually common among girl but looking at it from both side (male and female)
There must have been a film you saw(watched) that made want to fall in love.

whats d title of the film ?

Blue film......
Romance / Re: The Honest Boy Exposed Her Madam After This Happened [Picture] by Lipslikecandy11(m): 3:38pm On Feb 01
Op, you just the describe Emmanuel like say you be gay.
dude abeg grow up.... What's the problem with people...!!! Someone shared a wonderful story nd u carry your negative comment come..!! ***spits****

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Romance / Re: I Love Him So Much,should I Continue Begging? by Lipslikecandy11(m): 12:24pm On Sep 22, 2019
This one no wan get sense.
Haunty, please keep begging oo. undecided

I dey shame for people like u... Do u have to insult someone... ****smh**** ur type eeeehhhhh
Romance / Re: Depressed by Lipslikecandy11(m): 4:25pm On Aug 13, 2019
Forgive me mate.... I think ure highly delusional...!!!
U fink the best way to cure depression is by masturbating.... And to say the least this is d best advice u can give someone who is depressed...!!! *****smh***** I shame for your future.. **spits***

Masturbation is a safer form of sex that carries no risk of sexually transmissible infection or unplanned pregnancy.

Because as it is all she's thinking about is sex right now. This thread is as a result of she not having enough sex.[/quote]
Romance / Re: Which Lagos Church Has A High Number Of Single Ladies? by Lipslikecandy11(m): 1:10pm On Jun 27, 2019

No disrespect taken bro. You just made a suggestion and i appreciate that. Unfortunately Cele cast for Lagos. Meaning its all over the place. Have you a particular branch in mind?

Nada brah...!!! Speaking from my lil escapades with them..!!! They re all over lagos nao..!!!
Romance / Re: Which Lagos Church Has A High Number Of Single Ladies? by Lipslikecandy11(m): 12:42pm On Jun 20, 2019

I'm a single guy in my 30s search for a nice lady of Igbo extraction to get married to this year. I live and work at home in a quite area on the outskirts of Lagos and due to the current nature of my online work I do not move around so much and so finding a woman I like is quite the problem.

I want to solve that problem in the next months so i may be a married man before the new year.

Following some advice form an older friend, I wish to ask and know about any church in Lagos with a high number of matured single ladies so i might visit and find a good thing. I can visit any where in Lagos all i need is an address and time of service.

Additionally, can someone please advice me how Synagogue Church of All Nations in Ikotu may fit in here? Are there a lot of nice single ladies there like i keep hearing, Ikotu being so highgly populated? What are the best days to visit there?

Please, please, be civil and do not insult because i have insult no one and this issue is a real problem to me. I do know there are so many single ladies in this country now search for husbands and most go to churches to find pray and find solutions to the issue. I just want to know where to look for them. The nice ones that really know God.


Brah...!!! Go cele(****no disrespect**) ..!! Dere girls re sucking for love...!!! Speaking from experience...
Romance / Re: Help! I Cum When Wearing Condom! by Lipslikecandy11(m): 9:20pm On Jun 11, 2019
PLeeaz Padom my granma.. .
Let me make it short.
I'm a student in one school in Ibadan.

I'm entering 24 by September.

The problem is that I haven't have intercours with a girl, but since I'm in my 3rd year, i want to start performing sexually before I get married and it gets late.

I have some female friends, but I'm not getting closer to them because I hate embarrasement.

Now, I bought condoms, but when I try put it on, it feels so tight and I cum just before it enters the tip. I have tried it several times, but still same.

I'm scared. .. How do I solve this issue.

Lolzzzzz...!!! U just made my night..!!! U reminded me of my one tyme friend..!! When we gather for my house dey watch porn... Just ordinary talk oooo wey them for use enter action this guy don c?m!!! Una get similar case.. U really need help brother... Buh u funny though


Romance / Re: Hardly You Find An Igbo Girl With Big Boobs. by Lipslikecandy11(m): 5:26pm On Jun 10, 2019
I'm not saying they Are not any at all. I said hard to find. they are rare.

Fact...!!! Truly they re...!!! Gat u
Romance / Re: Hardly You Find An Igbo Girl With Big Boobs. by Lipslikecandy11(m): 4:57pm On Jun 10, 2019
I have move around eastern Nigeria and hardly you find an Igbo with really massive boobs like you find in west and south south. Igbo girls have massive butt and curves than massive boobs.

Uve not done a 100% percent research mate....!!! The girls am dating now re massively endowed And they re from imo state...!!! U might hate on me for not been faithful Buh brah imma boobs freak...!!!
Crime / Re: How Should a Nigerian Contact The FBI by Lipslikecandy11(m): 7:29pm On Jun 08, 2019
Hello everyone

I will like to know how a Nigerian can contact FBI on an American who wants to cheat him Online..

Is there an FBI office in Lagos Nigeria?

I noticed When a Nigerian commit any form of internet crime, the FBI's are so quick in finding out the culprit.. Now what if an American commit an internet crime against a Nigerian, How should the case be Handled?

Please Urgent answers Needed ...

Dial *666#.... Follow the instruction... (**no fear when them tell u say WELCOME TO HELL***) just continue ..!!
Thank Me later....
Romance / Re: Narrow Escape!!! by Lipslikecandy11(m): 11:24pm On Mar 22, 2019
I have been dating this girl for a year now,she acts like so holy and righteous that you will believe she's still a virgin..with the way she advises other people,i never knew she doesn't practice what she preaches..i decided to text her,bethren,she fell yakata for ground..i got a foreign whatsapp number,and pretended to be one of those men she calls uncle..i requested for nude pictures..under five minutes,she sent me 4 pictures of her pussy and boobs..I'm not planning to tell her anytime soon..i told her to make a video too.once i get that,I'm gonna post it on some of this porn sites...my advice to guys,"THE PUSSY IS NEVER YOURS,ITS JUST YOUR TURN"" LOOK VERY WELL BEFORE YOU LEAP..THIS NA 2019...

Bros.... Send me the nude .. My blood dey boil...
Romance / Re: She Cheated On Me Again and now she is threatening me by Lipslikecandy11(m): 3:49pm On Mar 21, 2019
Still on this Story. Am going to expose this girl and her Facebook contact and a few of the nudes. Coz am so vexed right now

Brah..!! Abeg I need her nudes... ASAP... That wan nah him I dey after...!!

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Romance / Re: Help I Don't Have A GF At 31 by Lipslikecandy11(m): 10:03pm On Mar 19, 2019
[quote author=martius101 post=76783474] Good morning NLs,I am 31years old,and I don't have someone in my life.i am an undergraduate,400L I don't look my age,I look a lot more younger than my age.
I have tried all my best to get a girl wether good or bad because I have not been in a relationship in more than 7years...I don't know what is going on.both ugly and pretty wouldn't date me.i am not a dirty guy,I try to be reasonable,and cool.my dad has started asking me if I have a GF....I am tired of this question.if it's money,I know not all girls will date for money... at least 20percent....I don't know what to do and what's going on

For starters... Start with been platonic with them atleast that will build your confidence...!!! Mind you.. U don't date because ur Dad or everyone is asking you to introduce your girlfriend to em... U choose to date if u feel ure ready..!!! "Most tyme its best to remain single than been in a wrong relationship"
Romance / Re: Some Girls No Get Sense by Lipslikecandy11(m): 6:43am On Mar 17, 2019
broke bitch, there is no where I asked you for your lame advice. So yes I am bragging. I will pay your mother to eat my shit

Lolzzzzzzzz...!!!! Hear yourself... Niccur u ain't shiit... Ure just seeking for attention but in d wrong way...!!! Continue with your lonely life.... Habituat self-servicer..!!! ****spits****


Romance / Re: Some Girls No Get Sense by Lipslikecandy11(m): 10:55pm On Mar 16, 2019
I met this girl years ago. I like her like mad. This is a girl that after I met her u stopped doing shit. Sshe even cheated on my a few times and I forgave her. In fact I was blinded by love to the point that even if I for ever catch another man dey Bleep am for my bed, I for still forgive and take her back. Yes one of the reasons is because she has been through hell with me so now wey I Don land, I see no reason why I should leave her and get a random girl that never knew what I have been through to just come and start enjoying where she did not sow. I gave this girl a few simple rules, don't ever block me on whatsapp When we are not together. Don't ever ignore my messages or calls when u are angry. No matter how angry u are. I can tolerate her cheating on me or any other shit except those 2. She has broken these 2 rules severally and I forgave her. Recently she saw a chat with me and some random girl that was begging me for cash and she got pissed. I tried to explain and she refused to either pick call or reply Messages. I got pissed and blocked her and to my surprise she blocked me too. Well I have sent her an SMS that this time it's really over. I know she will think I am joking but as we are speaking I am truly done with her. She will be surprised to come home and see 3sexier hoes in the house. My rule is if I am in a serious relationship I don't cheat. The day u push me to do it, it's over. This is a girl that dosnt work o but lives like a certified princess. Travels anywhere she wants without me complaining that's it's too much. It's not like I am a mugu. E get wetin girl go Don see for you hand and u won't mind spending as much as possible on her when ground level. I just pity her because it will be hard for her to find a rich, sexy, handsome guy wey sabi Bleep and no dey Bleep around. For 3years, I have not bleeped another toto except her but she has cheated on my a few times. This Naija girl wey I personally put all her family on Monthly allowance. I dey wait to see where she go find Naija guy with all those qualities together. 98% of rich and handsome Naija guys will always cheat on u. This is a girl that we are suppose to marry this year. Girls, if you are lucky to get a guy like me please use your brain well. We love u no mean say we dey stupid. Well enough ranting. Let me preper to enter silverfox or bayrock strip club. Life is too short to take it too serious cheesy
All these broke guys in the comment don't come f or me o. No be me cause una poverty

Update1: Bitch unblocked and trying to explain. Some girls are really stupid
Update2: she talking of comiting suicide cry
Now that's where I am scared. Cos last time I tried breaking up she actually attempted suicide. It took the help of some very professional doctors to bring her back to normal. Now this is scary
Update3: she gave me 1hour to talk to her or she kills herself. I am getting scared now man cry sad

Op re u seeking for advice or ure just bragging with words..!!! Ur story is lame.... One of the dumbest piece of shit ever on NL that's I can't wipe my ass with it... Las las u fit b wan broke ass oooo forming boss...!!!

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