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Politics / Re: #EndSARSMemorial: Survivors Of Lekki Shootings Recount Ordeal (Video) by Litmus: 6:22pm On Oct 20
Anybody that insists that nobody died at lekki toll gate a year ago

Is a heartless b@stard..... Yes, you are bloody moda fukin bagga

Misfortune will never leave you

With all due respect, you and others are confusing these sorts of video posted with Evidence of Facts. The guy in the video's words represent Claims and not evidence of Facts.

The following may help:

What is claim and evidence?

A claim is a statement about something, which could, in theory, be supported with evidence of fact. It is an assertion about the way things are, or were, or will be, or should be. ... Evidence is the concrete facts used to support a claim.

Facts vs Evidence

Facts and Evidence are two legal terms that are used with difference. They are generally understood as one and the same thing to an untrained litigant, but strictly speaking they are different.

Fact is a truth that can be proven. On the other hand evidence is something that is told by someone. It has to be accepted only on belief. There cannot be truth in all evidences. This is the main difference between facts and evidence.

Evidence is generally of two types, namely, documental evidence and factual evidence. The decision of the court is always based on documental evidence. You need to have factual evidence to disprove it.

On the main difference between facts and evidence is that evidence can be easily destroyed. This is because of the fact that evidence lacks strength and cannot be proved authentically. On the other hand a fact can be proved by all means. In fact the proven status has made the fact different from evidence.

On the other hand a fact cannot be destroyed at all for that matter. Scientific facts are all proved and hence can never be destroyed by any means. This is mainly due to the fact that fact is characterized by truth whereas evidence is characterized by falsehood.

Evidence is information helpful in forming judgment or a conclusion. Remember it is only information that can be either true or false. On the other hand a fact is a fundamental reality that has been agreed upon by a substantial strength of people.

Another important difference between facts and evidence is that facts cannot be disputed. On the other hand evidence can be disputed in the court. It all depends on the skill of the lawyer to dispute the evidence produced in the court. Fact is arrived at after investigation or experiment. Evidence begins an investigation.


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Celebrities / Re: OAP Dotun: In This Nigeria, You Have No Idea What You Would Wake Up To by Litmus: 4:53pm On Oct 20
This is me by Mark Twain: 'Loyalty to country always, Loyalty to government when it deserves it.'
Celebrities / Re: OAP Dotun: In This Nigeria, You Have No Idea What You Would Wake Up To by Litmus: 12:25pm On Oct 20
Nigeria don tire the masses

Ah, the Good ol "African masses" , weapon of the West...
Science/Technology / Spacex Update (how Did Starship 20 Static Fire Test Go?) by Litmus: 9:34pm On Oct 19
Politics / Re: Security Operatives Take Over Lekki Tollgate Ahead Of #EndSARS Memorial Protest by Litmus: 8:05pm On Oct 19
Demonstrators as well as Authorities need to take with them as many and varied videoing equipment as possible.

Good luck to every well meaning one of you participants, the people and representatives of the state.
Autos / This Chinese Company Turns Out A-million Evs A Year by Litmus: 8:00pm On Oct 19
Politics / Re: #EndSARS: How My Son Died In My Arms At Lekki Toll Gate - Woman Recalls by Litmus: 12:50pm On Oct 19
I thought they said no one died....

Indeed, and I also thought they said a massacre took place.


Health / Re: Francis Megwa, Nigerian Doctor Who Knew ‘Near Nothing’ Faces Panel In Ireland by Litmus: 11:34am On Oct 19

Nope!!!... I still don't get the relevance of that question or how it answers mine!

There are quacks everywhere in the universe, even in the most developed nations on Earth, and there are well read and trained professionals even in the most underdeveloped nations on Earth.

So, on what grounds do we write off Romania with regards to producing medical doctors of prestige?!!... And what or where is the documented evidence for such position?!!

What exactly is wrong with Romania (a European nation)?!!!.... Is Nigeria better than they are?!!

Were you or are you in a Romanian medical school ?
Politics / Re: The Nigerians Who Want Israel To Accept Them As Jews - BBC by Litmus: 11:15am On Oct 19
It's from the BBC so I am not surprised the article was written with so much bias and unnecessary sentiment. Nigeria is Britain's cash cow. But I do believe that what has a beginning must surely have an end. If Nigeria does not want to restructure, then I see it falling apart like a pack of cards eventually. It is inevitable.

Explain how Nigeria is Britain's cash cow?
Health / Re: Francis Megwa, Nigerian Doctor Who Knew ‘Near Nothing’ Faces Panel In Ireland by Litmus: 11:09am On Oct 19

What exactly is wrong with Romania (a European nation)?!!!.... Is Nigeria better than they are?!!

Such medical and non medical quacks are plenty even here in Nigeria! People who went through school but never truly got educated... They abound in all sectors: Law, Engineering, Pharmacy, Music, just name it.

Are you Romanian?
Car Talk / Sandy Munro Discusses Tesla Giga-berlin. by Litmus: 5:41pm On Oct 18
Travel / Re: Lagos, Abuja, Rivers, Imo, Kano, Enugu Dominate Air Traffic Data 2Q (Photos) by Litmus: 3:03pm On Oct 18
For a country with over 200 million people, the aviation statistics is very poor.

Or, For a country with over 200 million people, aviation statistics indicate amazing business opportunity
Nairaland / General / Re: Share Your Gains Using Nairaland . by Litmus: 2:14pm On Oct 18
What Have You Gained From Nairaland?

Less respect for Africans.

Less affection too.

Understanding why Africa seems the less developed continent/ area on earth.

Certainty now that if Nigeria ends, no hope for black Africa.

Less romanticised view of so-called poor people.


Celebrities / Re: Falz: They Killed Innocent Souls, No One Has Been Punished, We Won’t Be Silenced by Litmus: 4:23pm On Oct 16
No one can silence the voice of truth.

Indeed; but first, truth has got to find its voice. Right now the Nigeria media and political space is full of lies on all sides.

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Science/Technology / William Shatner Reacts To Seeing Earth From Space by Litmus: 7:56pm On Oct 15
Politics / Honest Taxi Driver Mocked For Returning Lost Cash by Litmus: 7:42pm On Oct 15
The Liberian teenage motorcycle taxi driver who found and returned money to a prominent businesswoman now says he is being mocked and threatened by those opposed to his actions.

Emmanuel Tuloe, 18, returned $50,000 (£37,000) after hearing the owner, Musu Yancy, making an appeal on radio.

Tuloe who dropped out of school in 7th grade has been cycling to earn a living.

His friends have been mocking him when his motorcycle taxi breaks down on the highway telling him he shouldn't have returned the money,

"They tell me I will never get rich in my lifetime, they say because I returned such an amount of money I will live and die poor," he told the BBC.

Tuloe picked up the money that was wrapped in a plastic bag and gave his aunt for safe keeping before hearing Ms Yancy's radio appeal.

The businesswoman rewarded the cyclist with money and other items including a mattress that he says he will give to is grandmother.

Tuloe said he was threatened while attending a celebration party at Ms Yancy's house.

"I left and returned home because in the crowd were also people who were angry with me for returning the money, they even threatened me, and so right now I need maximum protection," he told the BBC from his hometown of Gbolor Dialla on the border with Ivory Coast.

He said only a few friends appreciate and thank him for the honesty exhibited.

But he has largely managed to overcome the bullying and temptation of regretting his action.

Tuloe is urging fellow cyclists to always return lost and found items because they "don't know what the future holds".

The Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission says it is "deeply touched by the sincerity of the teenager".

Celebrities / Re: Nigeria Has Nothing For Igbos — Chiwetalu Agu Speaks Days After Leaving DSS Cust by Litmus: 7:23pm On Oct 15
It's a completely wrong mindset but I guess it makes sense for those that are business minded to think in terms of what something profits them rather than what value they offer something...

It's evident that this particular actor is on the path to becoming a folk hero but I don't think I quite like this individual. At the very least, he is an opportunist in the same vane as your typical Blogger in search of Likes, Clicks and Influencer status by any means no matter how damaging to others.
Celebrities / Re: Nigeria Has Nothing For Igbos — Chiwetalu Agu Speaks Days After Leaving DSS Cust by Litmus: 7:01pm On Oct 15
"Nigeria has Nothing for Igbos..."

What does this mean? undecided

When one gives the notion even the the slightest consideration nothing worty of endorsement returns. On the contrary, it turns out as if Nigeria ,with its large population, was made for Igbo people since Igbos are renowned traders. Nigeria has population for Igbo people which equates to the largest market in Africa.

What does Nigeria have for Isoko people?

I'd answer with the better question, what does Isoko people have Nigeria?
Foreign Affairs / Re: British MP, David Amess, Stabbed To Death by Litmus: 6:43pm On Oct 15
Report says a witness stated that a man of "African" appearance was responsible.
Health / Re: #NoBraDay 2021: Nigerian Women, Others Mark 'No Bra Day' (Photos) by Litmus: 9:05pm On Oct 13

I no dey Australia and America. Na where I dey me fit talk about.

My survey is based on Africa alone. Kenyan, Ugandan, Zulu babes got pecky and saggy boobs pass Nija girls.

Reason is too much bleeching, bleeching and reckless banging weekens the boobs tissues.

I guess you're one of those individuals from one of those African nations bristling with inferiority complex. My advice is that insulting Nigerians won’t improve your life nor make your ugly women less unattractive. Also, nothing wrong with looking like charcoal, embrace your god-given color and stop hating on Nigerian women for being ,on average, lighter in complexion than your women.

By continually harping on about Nigerian women skin colour, you’re acting as if fairness is some holy grail unobtainable by African people unless by artificial means and consequently you’re indirectly reinforcing stereotype that fair skin is superior.
Science/Technology / Star Trekk's William Shatner's Honoured With A Trip To Space (Remarkable Times) by Litmus: 8:57pm On Oct 13
Health / Re: #NoBraDay 2021: Nigerian Women, Others Mark 'No Bra Day' (Photos) by Litmus: 6:24pm On Oct 13
I know say they no go too many cos their boobs don fall finish. Every dick and Harry don press Nija girls boobs finish

Only 2% of Nigerian girls get standing and firm boobs

Fascinating; please, what percentage of Australian and American girls have standing boobs ?
Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Arrested For Drug Trafficking In Cambodia by Litmus: 4:19pm On Oct 13
This poster, NaijaCover, why does he endlessly post topics he knows will lead to attacks on so-called Igbo Nigerians and yet he wants people to believe he is himself Igbo?
Politics / Re: Chiwetalu Agu Before And After DSS Arrest (Photos) by Litmus: 12:36am On Oct 13
Strange though that any artist would encourage Nigeria's disintegration when many currently gain their dominance in Africa because of Nigeria's large population and unbiased support of the great Nigerian peoples. undecided

Seems to me that the issue of division of Nigeria is too much of a cold hearted position for anyone in the entertainment industry (celebrities ) to adopt given how much love and support they get from majority of Nigerians. It's like the worst type of betrayal.

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Science/Technology / Spacex: How Elon Musk’s New Rocket Could Transform The Space Race by Litmus: 5:14pm On Oct 12
The entrepreneur hopes the Starship will help take humans to Mars. Rivals fear it will dominate US deep space exploration

At the southernmost tip of Texas, alongside the Gulf of Mexico, a gleaming stainless steel rocket has been rising from the salt marshes.

At nearly 400ft, the new SpaceX rocket will eventually be taller than the Saturn V that carried Nasa’s Apollo missions to the moon, and its 33 engines will deliver twice the thrust. For Elon Musk, SpaceX’s founder, it is meant to play a key role in one day establishing a human colony on Mars.

But the rocket, dubbed the Starship, could have a far more immediate impact on a space industry that has already been shaken by Musk’s ambitions. With the power to carry as much as 100 tons into low orbit around the Earth, his admirers claim Musk is about to transform the economics of the launch business.

“It’s game over for the existing launch companies,” says Peter Diamandis, a US space entrepreneur. “There’s no vehicle out there on the drawing board that could compete.”

Musk’s space company still has some way to go to live up to the promise, including winning regulatory clearance to launch Starship from its Texas site and showing that it can reliably reach space while returning both the rocket’s stages for reuse — an essential step in reducing launch costs.

Also, many experts question whether a large rocket designed to colonise another planet can double up as an all-purpose transport for more varied and mundane tasks closer to Earth. But SpaceX’s success in turning its current rocket, the Falcon 9, into the main workhorse for reaching space has made others in the commercial space industry nervous.

“If you’re not careful, SpaceX will be the only game in town,” says Fatih Ozmen, co-founder of Sierra Nevada Corp, a private US company that has been contracted by Nasa to fly cargo to the International Space Station. Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ private space company, makes a blunter claim: SpaceX could end up with “monopolistic control” of US deep space exploration.

Musk’s venture has put itself in a commanding position in the new commercial space industry with surprising speed. It is only 13 years since it became the first private company to launch its own rocket into orbit, breaking into an industry previously dominated by nation states. It has also leapt ahead of contractors such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin, whose joint venture, United Launch Alliance, had carried the flag for US space launch — though using Russian engines.

SpaceX’s ascendancy has been underlined over the past six months by a striking series of wins.

They include a $2.9bn contract awarded by Nasa to use the Starship to land its astronauts on the moon as early as 2024. It was the space agency’s decision to pick only one supplier for this programme, after earlier indicating it would select two, that brought the warning from Blue Origin. Nasa officials point out that they have only awarded SpaceX a single mission, leaving them open to choose other suppliers for future landings. But Blue Origin claims that adapting its systems to work with the Starship will force design changes that will lock the agency into a dependence on SpaceX in the long term.

Musk went on to upstage Bezos a second time late last month. Just weeks before, the Amazon founder and Sir Richard Branson had each made personal trips to the edge of space on their company’s respective rockets. The brief moments they enjoyed in microgravity were eclipsed when SpaceX carried four passengers more than five times higher for a three-day joyride around the Earth, making them the first all-civilian crew to reach space.

SpaceX also announced the first 500,000 orders for its Starlink broadband network, making it the first in a new generation of broadband communications companies operating from a constellation of satellites in low orbit, around 500km above the earth.

And last week, Nasa said two astronauts who had been scheduled to fly on a Boeing spacecraft would be switched to SpaceX’s spaceship instead. The company that defined an earlier era of aerospace has hit too many technical obstacles to carry astronauts on its first commercially developed spaceship, putting it well behind what until recently was just a scrappy start-up.

Rocket science
At the heart of SpaceX’s spate of successes is the Falcon 9, which has brought down the cost of reaching space and become a springboard both for the company’s wider business and Musk’s ultimate goal of reaching Mars.

“In terms of performance, cost and reliability, it really is the most successful rocket ever built,” says Diamandis.

SpaceX’s share of the global launch market, excluding China, climbed above 50 per cent for the first time in the first half of 2021, according to BryceTech, a space research and consultancy firm. And while China launched nearly as many rockets as SpaceX in that period, the US company lifted nearly three times as much weight into space.

The tactics that turned the Falcon 9 into the era’s most widely used rocket are now being applied to the Starship. They echo many of the things that also account for the breakout success of Musk’s electric car company, Tesla.

Foremost has been the success of Musk and SpaceX’s chief operating officer, Gwynne Shotwell, at pushing disruptive technologies into mainstream production. In the case of the Falcon 9, that meant using 3D-printing for its engines, the most complex part of the rocket, and reusing the main booster, for future launches.

To master new techniques like these, SpaceX worked on almost every detail of designing and creating its own rockets rather than relying on suppliers, with Musk himself acting as a chief engineer in the early days to goad his team on. SpaceX also took on the full development risk itself, rather than being able to fall back on guaranteed payments from Nasa, forcing much greater financial discipline. As a result, the space agency estimates that the $400m SpaceX spent to develop the Falcon 9 rocket was 10 times lower than the likely cost of a rocket built under traditional government contracting.

Another advantage that SpaceX has shared with Tesla has been its ready access to cheap capital, thanks to the high valuation investors have been prepared to put on its business. Musk has raised more than $6.5bn for the company in the private market, lifting its valuation to $74bn earlier this year. Share sales by some of its investors have since valued it at more than $100bn, according to CNBC.

Most rivals have to generate cash from their existing businesses to fund new ventures, says Steve Collar, chief executive of satellite company SES. The ease with which SpaceX has been able to tap investors has opened the way for it to take much bigger risks, he adds.

One result of the ample cash, along with the company’s access to its own launch service, has been Starlink, which has beaten would-be rivals like OneWeb and Amazon’s Kuiper to launch its broadband service.

Racing to be first has involved technical gambles with its satellite designs, and Starlink is already on its third generation of technology. But even if it ends up writing off billions of dollars’ worth of satellites on the way to perfecting its constellation, the setback would not hurt the company the way it would a rival without access to such cheap capital, says Collar.

Rivals complain that as a result, SpaceX risks squeezing out other companies that haven’t yet achieved its scale and don’t enjoy its funding advantages. Blue Origin, which has lodged a formal complaint over Nasa’s moon landing award, said losing the contract would rob it of one important market for its New Glenn rocket, which has already cost $2.5bn to develop and has yet to leave the launch pad.

SpaceX’s vertically integrated manufacturing approach will also deprive other US suppliers of business, weakening the wider industrial base the country had built up to support its long-term ambitions in space, Amazon and others warn.

However, SpaceX’s customers — including those in government — do not seem to share the misgivings.

“Before SpaceX we only really had the ULA, so we’re in a better position than we were,” says Phil McAlister, director of Nasa’s commercial space flight division.

Diamandis goes further: “The US government is lucky to have a company like SpaceX based here,” he says, since its efficiencies feed through directly into the US space programme. And companies that compete with SpaceX in some markets seem more than happy to use its launch services, despite supporting a rival.

“When they came into the [satellite] industry, that freaked people out a bit — but I don’t think it needs to,” says Collar of SES, which is still happy to rely heavily on SpaceX rockets.

Sports / Re: The Moment Tyson Fury Knocked Down Wilder In The Final Round (Video) by Litmus: 1:25am On Oct 12
I ask myself, would Wilder defeat Tyson, Ali, Frasier, Lennox, or even Evander at their peak, and I couldn't envisage him being able to do so.

A similar exercise should help clear the thinking of those lost in the euphoria of Fury's victory over Wilder.
Sports / Re: Why Tyson Fury Defeated Me - Deontay Wilder by Litmus: 3:21am On Oct 11
Funny.... cos once upon a time in heavyweight land the tale of the elders was that the white man just couldn't box....

Blacks are just growing up soft.

In the West, all black boys do is hang around estates, street corners, sit on stairways gossiping and hating one another like women do. And like women, they’re vicious. Difference is, women will hate and leave it at talking. Boys with female characteristics but plus male hormones, leads to killers. Thus you get young blacks, either gossiping or killing one another in petty drug, gang feuds. Whites are on the other hand, growing their kids more healthily. At very young ages, white boys would be going rock climbing, surfing, skate-boarding, kayaking, playing football, cricket and rugby, going swimming, traveling throughout Europe etc. In addition, whites are adopting some of the foods – dubbed "ethnic foods"– from which blacks are turning away as too starchy,spicy or unable to afford.

In Nigeria where boys are still active in the outdoor pursuits mothers are turning their noses up at African foods such as yams, plantain, beams and feeding their children stuff like noodles, Spaghetti, and potatoes, consequently their children are growing up knock-kneed, weedy and short.

Bonus point:

On top of all that, the white establishment has probably been experimenting with black genes in secrete and injecting pregnant white mothers….
Politics / Re: South-East Crisis: 175 Soldiers, Cops, Others Killed In 72 Attacks by Litmus: 11:23pm On Oct 10
He is not in any South East, he is in Ojora Lagos State. Internet ipobians.

He's in Ghana
Sports / Re: The Moment Tyson Fury Knocked Down Wilder In The Final Round (Video) by Litmus: 11:11pm On Oct 10

Swears bro, i remember how nairalanders bn they over hype Wilder 2to3 yrs ago. Lol. Well i no too blame them cos if ur not an ardent supporter of boxing u won't know that Wilder is a scam.

They're now over hyping Tyson Fury.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Central African Republic : World Cup Qualifier 2 - 0 On 10th Oct 2021 by Litmus: 6:37pm On Oct 10
Knockout stage is now my problem. By the time they pair Nigeria with the likes of Senegal or CIV.
Every Nigerian fans will sweat that day.

Why are Nigerians so intent on hyping every Tom, Dick and Harry African nation?

The other day, so my Jamo girlfriend that is into Nigeria wedding vid, and all things Nigeria, rushed to show me one Nigerian comedian, hyping Ghana airport. ‘Ho, Heyyy, OH, AH Ghana airport, so good, oh Ghana air port, Ghana airport!’ I was so embarrassed for him.

My girlfriend asked me if that Nigerian Comedian has never travelled abroad before? And I couldn’t answer. I always thought that he had (that Comedian with the big eyes) My girl was going, ‘has he not seen South African, Kenya, London, Singapore, US airports, why was he going ga-ga- over Ghana airport and not the others?’

I told her he was probably trying to make a political point.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Central African Republic : World Cup Qualifier 2 - 0 On 10th Oct 2021 by Litmus: 6:19pm On Oct 10

CAR is still fighting senseless war within themselves hence playing their home match at neutral ground

What has sense got to do with African wars, oil or Timber? undecided

Top ten African resources (see what position War occupies)

1 Oil& Gas
2 War
3 Diamonds
4 Gold
5 Coltan
6 Uranium
7 Copper
8 Coal
9 Platinum
10 Bauxite
Science/Technology / Spacex Update by Litmus: 11:41pm On Oct 09

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