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Celebrities / Re: Ex-classmates Drop A Stinker On Khloe After She Publicly Dragged Them by lonelydora: 5:32am
So this Khloe sees herself as a celebrity?
Politics / Re: Breaking: Ihedioha’s Legal Team Opens Up On Supreme Court Judgment by lonelydora: 5:25am

•Hope UzodinmaABUJA – The legal team of former Governor Emeka Ihedioha of Imo State has opened up on the controversial judgement of the Supreme Court installing Senator Hope Uzodinma as governor.
The statement released by Rotimi Peters reads:

‘Supreme Court Judgment In Sen. Uzodinma & APC Vs. Emeka Ihedioha & 2 Others: Putting The Record Straight – Rotimi Peters Esq.’

1.01 On 14.1.2020, the Supreme Court heard the appeal filed by Senator Hope Uzodinma and APC (numbered as shown above) against the judgment of the Court of Appeal affirming the victory of Emeka Ihedioha and the PDP in the Imo State Governorship election on 9.3.2019.

1.02 The Court of Appeal had, on 19.11.2019, affirmed the judgment of the Governorship election tribunal which dismissed the petition of Senator Uzodinma and APC against the return of Emeka Ihedioha and PDP at the Imo State governorship election held on 9.3.2019.

1.03 Soon after hearing oral arguments of senior counsel for the parties, the Supreme Court delivered its judgment and allowed it, and ordered, amongst others, that Senator Uzodinma be sworn in as the Governor of Imo State.

1.04 Since the delivery of the judgment, commentators have rendered all kinds of opinions on the facts of the case and the judgment of the Supreme Court. Some of the commentators are legal practitioners who were not involved in any professional manner with the case from its inception at the election tribunal up to its conclusion at the Supreme Court. Their comments or opinions now in the public domain, expectedly, are shallow and uninformed and are capable of misinforming the public.

1.05 It has, therefore, become imperative to put the record straight for the benefit of the reading public, even if it would not reverse the unfortunate decision of the Supreme Court and the obvious injustice it has occasioned. 2. BRIEF FACTS OF THE CASE2.01 In the result of the Imo State Governorship election held on 9.3.2019, INEC declared that Emeka Ihedioha scored the highest number of votes – 273,404 amongst all the candidates and met the constitutional requirements, and was returned. The other three candidates coming behind him were credited with the following votes:

Uche Nwosu (AA): 190,364

Ifeanyi Araraume (APGA): 114,676

Hope Uzodinma (APC): 96,458

2.02 Each of these candidates filed an election petition at the tribunal premised on different grounds. Senator Uzodinma’s petition was premised largely on the false ground that elections were conducted in certain 388 polling units, but the results of the elections which he had copies of (and which were favourable to him) were wrongly excluded by INEC in their collation of results of the election; that if those results were taken into account, he would have won the election.

2.03 The respondents in the petition, including INEC, denied the above allegations and characterised the purported results as false in their respective replies to the petition. Two short examples may be provided here. In paragraph 8i of Ihedioha’s reply to the petition, it is averred inter alia:” . . . Petitioners have embarked on a scheme to introduce false result sheets into the result of the election. They are thus put to the strictest proof of the origin of the result, the existence of the polling units as well as the distribution of election materials to those purported Polling Units.”

2.04 In paragraph 7c of INEC’s reply, it is averred inter alia: “The 3rd Respondent did not omit to record and reckon with votes due to the Petitioners as alleged. . . and any such showing results are fictitious and suborned.”

2.05 It is thus clear from the foregoing, and having regard to decided cases, particularly of the Supreme Court, that the petitioners had the burden of proving the conduct of elections in those polling units, the results emanating from them and the impact those results would have on the result of the election as declared.

2.06 At the hearing of the petition, Senator Uzodinma and APC called 54 witnesses out of which only 28 were polling unit agents. No ward collation agent was called as a witness. Senator Uzodinma himself testified as PW11. His State Collation agent testified as PW51 and a certain police officer testified as PW54. The other 23 witnesses were local government collation agents and sundry witnesses.

2.07 It is noteworthy that purported results of the election, relied on by the petitioners, were tendered from the Bar in bags and sacks! They remained there throughout the trial, except for the few which were specifically mentioned by the 28 polling unit agents. PW54, a Deputy Commissioner of Police, whose presence and testimony were challenged by the respondents, tendered documents in a pack which he described as result sheets from 366 polling units. He did not open any of them or refer specifically to them. He admitted, in cross-examination, that he did not know the figures they contained or the polling units they were concerned with.

2.08 It is, again, noteworthy that the 28 polling unit agents and PW11 admitted, in cross-examination, that the result sheets which they identified were not legible or did not contain the scores of all the political parties which contested the election. The 28 polling agents also admitted that those purported result sheets did not contain any entry to show the number of ballot papers issued to the respective polling units; the number of ballot papers used and unused in those polling units. Many of the sheets did not show the names and signatures of the presiding officers, and the date of issuance. In some of them, the dates written on them were before or after 9.3.2019.

2.09 PW11 admitted in cross-examination, when confronted with his chart in the petition, that some of the results he listed showed over voting. 3. JUDGMENTS OF THE COURTS3.01 It was because of the foregoing facts and evidence that the election tribunal, in its judgment, agreed with the respondents that the petitioners did not prove the existence of other results from the so-called 388 polling units. In respect of the evidence of PW54, the police officer, the tribunal, again, agreed with the respondents that he had no locus to be a witness and that his evidence was worthless as he could not tie his testimony to any of the documents he presented. The tribunal held that the petitioners merely dumped documents on the tribunal without relevant oral evidence.3.02 In making these pronouncements, the tribunal relied on the many decisions of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal which have determined the manner such evidence as given by the petitioners should be evaluated. The tribunal, therefore, dismissed the petition.

3.03 At the Court of Appeal, the petitioners complained that the tribunal was in error in dismissing the petition and, in particular, in denouncing the presence of PW54 as a witness and rejecting his evidence. The respondents offered opposing arguments.

3.04 The Court of Appeal, in its majority decision of 4-1, agreed with the petitioners that PW54 was a competent witness, but affirmed the decision of the tribunal that his evidence had no probative value. It dismissed the appeal. The minority judgment upheld the complaints of the petitioners and held that they had proved their case, but it did not say, significantly, the number of additional votes which the petitioners proved in order to show that they had scored a majority of lawful votes cast in the election.

3.05 The petitioners, aggrieved with the decision of the Court of Appeal, appealed to the Supreme Court. Ihedioha, aggrieved with the portion of the decision that PW54 was a competent witness, also appealed to the Supreme Court, and his appeal was numbered as SC.1470/2019.

3.06 As stated above, on 14.1.2020, the Supreme Court heard arguments on the appeals and delivered a judgment soon after. The petitioners’ appeal was allowed, but Ihedioha’s appeal was struck out. 4. REMARKS4.01 In allowing the appeal, the Supreme Court did not state the new scores which the petitioners proved from the 388 polling units, especially having regard to the following facts: (a) that only 28 polling unit agents out of the 388 polling units testified and they admitted that the result sheets had all the vices itemised earlier; (b) that PW11 also admitted over voting apparent in some of the results in the chart in the petition; (c) that more than 90% of result sheets were neither identified nor referred to by any witness; (d) that the respondent, particularly, INEC denied the existence of those result sheets and tendered documentary evidence to show that election did not hold in 388 polling units; (e) that PW54 tendered purported result sheets that were less than the number of polling units mentioned in the petition; (f) that PW54 did not open or read any of the purported result sheets and stated clearly that he did not know the figures or scores they contained or whether there were “mutations or tampering” in them, and that the documents were not submitted to him.

4.02 The Supreme Court did not state that it has computed the new scores, local government by local government, and determined that the petitioners had satisfied the requirements of section 179(2) of the Constitution before it arrived at the decision that Senator Uzodinma should be sworn-in as the new Governor of Imo State.

4.03 In reaching its decision, the Supreme Court ignored well-established principles of law that had guided its previous decision in similar cases. Perhaps, it is better to state that the Court turned those decisions upside down thereby creating the impression of a double standard.

4.04 Two recent decisions of the Supreme Court easily come to mind. The first decision, SC. 409.2019: PDP v. INEC & Others was delivered on 24.5.2019. It was in respect of the Ekiti State governorship election.

4.05 The second decision, SC. 1211/2019: Atiku Abubakar v. INEC (unreported) was delivered on 15.11.2019. At pages 62-63 of the judgment, the Supreme Court reiterated, thus:Before I conclude on this issue, let me state that whenever documents are tendered from the Bar in election matters, the purport is to speed up the trial in view of time limitation in election matters. Such tendering is not the end itself but a means to an end. The makers of such tendered documents must be called to speak to those documents and be cross-examined on the authenticity of the documents. The law is trite that a party who did not make a document is not competent to give evidence on it. It is also the tested position of the law that where the maker of the document is not called to testify, the document would not be accorded probative value by the Court. That indeed is the fate of Exhibit P80 and P24.

4.06 If the decisions in the above cases were applied to the appeal of Senator Uzodinma and APC, the outcome would have been a dismissal of the appeal. It is a matter of concern and conjecture that the Supreme Court, inexplicably, chose to chart a new, strange course in their decision. Unfortunately, the Court did not indicate that it would give reasons for the decision. That would have offered the Court the opportunity to explain the basis of the decision and state the fate of the long-established principles of law it had led the legal profession and the public to believe were trite.

4.07 In the absence of the explanation, it would be difficult for practitioners and the litigating public to respect decisions of the Supreme Court thereby encouraging disregard of the rule of law.

4.08 Before concluding this piece, it is needful to draw attention to a decision of the Supreme Court in SC. 1384/2019: Ugwumba Uche Nwosu v. Action Peoples Party (unreported) delivered on 20.12.2019, during the pendency of the appeals being discussed.

4.09 The first two paragraphs of the judgment are remarkable. They read:This Appeal deals purely with the issue of double nomination. The Appellant contested and won the primaries conducted by All Progressives Congress [APC] on 16/10/2018, and his name was forwarded to INEC (fourth Respondent) as the gubernatorial candidate of APC at the general election slated for 9/3/2019.​But the Appellant also contested and won the Primaries conducted by another Party, Action Alliance, and on 2/11/2018, he was issued with “a Certificate of Return & Confirmation as the duly elected Governorship Candidate” of the said Party.

4.10 The Supreme Court, therefore, held that by “allowing himself to be nominated by two political parties, the Appellant, not only did an act that is not authorised by law, which is illegal, the Electoral Act clearly says in its Section 37, that such a nomination “shall be void”.

4.11 The implication of the above judgment is that Uche Nwosu was the nominated candidate of APC in the election, but that his nomination became void because he had secured “double nomination”. It followed that if Uche Nwosu was factually the candidate of APC in the election, Senator Uzodinma could not have, validly, also be the APC candidate in the same election.

4.12 It was for this reason that Emeka Ihedioha filed an application at the Supreme Court, which was argued on 14.1.2020, contending that Senator Uzodinma and APC’s appeal should be struck out because of the implication in the above-named Supreme Court judgment.

4.13 In the judgment, the Court summarily dismissed Ihedioha’s application on the false basis that the matter of double nomination was a pre-election decision and it could not be applied to the appeal which was a post-election litigation.

4.14 The Supreme Court, in this instance, chose technicality at the expense of substantial justice and denied Ihedioha the benefit of an established legal outcome.

4.15 The effect of the foregoing is that the judgment of the Supreme Court does not reflect the justice of the case. The electorate in Imo State has been short-changed.


Advise him not to waste his money. He should look for a way and reintegrate into the new government.
Romance / Re: Is This Girl Mad??? by lonelydora: 5:24am
She has kissed me two different times...I mean a deep kiss but she kept on saying she only wants me as a friend...if I ask her did she have feelings for me.. her reply is that she only like me as a friend...what do I do??

She's just (or want to be) your fvckmate. No strings attached. Fvck and go nah.

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Romance / Re: My Pant Remover, My Pussy General Manager—Nigerian Lady Praises Her Boyfriend by lonelydora: 5:20am
Well to each man his own.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Harry And Meghan Will No Longer Use Official Titles - Buckingham Palace by lonelydora: 11:21pm On Jan 18
What could have caused this step back?

Is it that the Queen, like Nigerian mother-in-laws, wants to control her in her husband's house? grin

Meghan has finally cooked with her menstrual blood for him ooo. grin grin

See person wey dey born with golden spoon wan comot am, put wooden spoon for mouth.

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Career / Re: How I Was Wrongly Accused Of Rape And Got Sacked by lonelydora: 9:48am On Jan 18
6th of January 2020 is the day I won’t forget. I work as a personal assistant/secretary to my boss who happens to be a former politician.

My boss came to work with her housemaid for her to help in sweeping, cleaning and tidying up the office being the resumption day. She instructed us on how to go about it before she stepped out from the office promising to come back in the afternoon.

We started the work immediately until afternoon time when I decided to rest and eat. While eating I beckoned the grown up housemaid to come and eat or at least rest before she continues the cleaning but she declined. After like an hour, I told her to rest small, she declined yet again. This prompted me to go close to her in order to convince her to eat something or rest.

My worst mistake and nightmare was attempting to put my hand on her shoulder in my stupid bid to convince her. Immediately my hand touched her shoulder she started shouting continuously that I want to rape her, that she will deal with me; in fact that I will get sacked. At first I told her my intention, but she wouldn’t hear me, I then resorted to pleading, I even knelt down begging her that it wasn’t my intention to rape or grab her. She couldn’t stand my talks and pleading, she called the boss immediately telling her that I want to rape her. We narrated everything to the boss, (a lawyer), when she returned. After hearing from us she said she has stayed with her maid for couple of years, thus she trust her, and it may be true that I wanted to rape her or lure her for sex. She couldn’t see my explanation, pleadings and even crying. She said she has two options; either to call police for me or to sack me. That’s how she later sacked me that day.

I have been devastated and depressed since that day, not because of the sack but the allegation and accusation that was not even on my mind. The worst is that as an introvert I have no one to talk to, I am damn down.

Notes: 1. I have no intention of raping, grabbing or having sex with her
2. I will not be so stupid to rape or have sex with the housemaid in the office knowing that the boss will come at any time
3. I have not raped anyone or plan to do so in the future because I know is morally and legally wrong.

The text you sent to your boss shows you are not a serious person.

Women lawyers don't joke with rape.
Education / Re: What Is The Difference Between A Civil Servant And A Public Servant? by lonelydora: 9:34am On Jan 18
Civil servants are the staff members of Ministries. Eg. Teachers ( under ministry of education).

Public servants are the staff members of corporations. Eg. NNPC, CBN, NTA, etc.

They all draw salaries from the public purse
Politics / Re: FG Committed To Sending Nigerians To Space –onu by lonelydora: 11:00am On Jan 17
Person wey never crawl wan run.
Politics / Re: Has Power Been Restored In Your Area? by lonelydora: 8:01am On Jan 17
TCN reported a Nationwide blackout earlier today but it seems power is being gradually restored to some areas tonight.

Here in Mile 2 Port Harcourt, power just got restored 11:45 pm today.

What is the electricity situation in your area at the moment?

Yes oo. They brought it 6:30am today
Business / Re: Business Name Registration With CAC, Come In Here. by lonelydora: 5:58am On Jan 17
Are you having challenge registering your company or business name? Do you want to register your business or company name?

Indicate in the comment section.

Politics / Re: TCN Confirms Collapse Of National Grid by lonelydora: 5:57am On Jan 17
No wonder no light all night.

They just brought it
Politics / Re: TCN Confirms Collapse Of National Grid by lonelydora: 5:56am On Jan 17
Wow! Thank God ooo. Light just came.
Romance / Re: My Fiance Is A 2-Minute Man & We Are Set To Do Our Introduction. Please Help by lonelydora: 4:16am On Jan 17
Hi everyone... Good Afternoon

I will keep this brief and short.. Ignore any typographical error, please.

I have this boyfriend, we've been dating for years now. The thing is, he doesn't last long during sex, he's a 2 minutes man, as you people call it. There was a time, we had sex, less than 1 minute, yes, I mean less than a minute, just 3 or 4 thrusts and he released. He was shocked, sad and disappointed, I was shocked too. I was even the one cheering him up, not to be sad, that everything will be okay, that's not his fault, he just wore his cloth and left.

This is someone I want to marry, we will soon do our introduction and wedding, and I don't want our sex life to be boring, we are not enjoying s*x at all, and I don't want to cheat on him... We love each other so much.

Please, anybody that has experienced this before, or know how to stop it should advice me on what to do, its not making me happy neither is my boyfriend happy too

Your advice will be appreciated.. Thank You.

60 percent of marital issues is SEX. Think about it. BETTER A FAILED RELATIONSHIP THAN A FAILED MARRIAGE.

If you love him and want to marry him, get yourself sex gadgets. The problem is, overtime you will begin to enjoy gadgets more than humans. And this might push you into lesbianism.

If you still go ahead and marry him, you might be tempted to have a boyfriend outside. Why do you think many women have boyfriends? Haven't you heard of madams sleeping with their domestic staff

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Politics / Re: TCN Confirms Collapse Of National Grid by lonelydora: 4:06am On Jan 17
No be lie oo, me wey dey enjoy 24hrs supply dey on gen all day.....


They just restored it at about 9pm...

I swear. No wonder I haven't seen light since Thursday afternoon

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu To Support Amotekun With 1 Million IPOB Men by lonelydora: 6:13pm On Jan 16
Nnamdi don't try this nonsense. Stay on your lane, and stop dining with your enemies

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Speaks On Uzodinma’s Victory At The Supreme Court by lonelydora: 7:38am On Jan 16
Enough of this noise. Supreme court did well in their judgment.

Emeka Ihedioha's legal team didn't do a nice work.

Why are all the Imo state 419ers happy about Hope Uzodinma becoming Governor?

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Politics / Re: Abdullahi Sule Says Oil Prospecting Ongoing In Keana LG by lonelydora: 7:38am On Jan 16
Haven't they heard the world is moving away from oil?


Crime / Re: Bolufemi Princess Motunrayo: Suicide Or Murder? Facebook User by lonelydora: 7:34am On Jan 16
Position of the corpse will determine
Religion / Re: Mbaka Says He Has 39 More Prophecies by lonelydora: 7:30am On Jan 16
Had it been Mbaka is a Pentecostal pastor, he will own the largest church in Nigeria.


Politics / Re: Anglican Church TO El-Rufai: We Are Not Fighting You by lonelydora: 7:24am On Jan 16
Elrufia will never be president, NEVER!

Another northern will take over from buhari but not elrufia

But he's one of the cabal.
Politics / Re: Hope Uzodinma With Father Mbaka During The Prophetic Declaration On January 1st by lonelydora: 8:03am On Jan 15
Mbaka as a frequent visitor to Aso Rock got a privy info about it. Nothing prophetic

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Car Talk / Re: Please Help: Between Honda CRV 2005 & RAV 05 by lonelydora: 1:15pm On Jan 14
Good morning my honorable Car gurus in the House. I troway salute to you all. have been a silent guest on this platform for some months now and been following up on car issues and advices from reputable men here.

I had my corolla stolen at gun point last year with my wife shot in the hand. Since then I have been scared of owing a car but now I think I am ready to get one now.

I have a difficult choice in making between a Toyota Rav 2004 And Honda CRV 2004. I am going for a Nigerian used. My reason for choosing this rides are a result of the bad conditions of our roads and I need a car that Is off road. What are the differences between Rav 2004 and 05. Same with Honda 04-05 as I find them a striking resemblance.

Things I consider

1) Problems mostly associates with both cars please
2) The one that does have AC or Gear issues often. As I wouldn’t want to repair and spend so much money while at it.
3)Availability Of parts
4) Resale Value (My wife keeps hammering it to my head)

PS- Fuel consumption is not a issue here.

Permit me to mention some gurus I follow up here


And more others that skipped my head. Please do put a brother through. God bless and keep us all safe

Both cars are somehow on same level.

Resale value - RAV 4
Likely Transmission issue - RAV 4
Ecstatics - CRV
Enjoyable car - CRV
Strong engine - CRV
Design - CRV
Availability of parts - Both cars

But in all of these....it depends on your maintenance culture.

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Phones / Re: Countries Without Internet, No.3 Will Surprise You! by lonelydora: 7:41am On Jan 14

O boi with what you said now i no plan go that country again
How i wan take dy watch mojo? undecided

That's China for you.
Phones / Re: Countries Without Internet, No.3 Will Surprise You! by lonelydora: 7:40am On Jan 14

wiki from sweden banned

travelblog from germany banned

world bank data from switzerland banned

nairaland from nigeria banned


chinese ban everything from every country.

We are saying the same thing.
Politics / Re: 2023: Are Atiku, Tinubu In Secret Moves To Float 3rd Force? by lonelydora: 6:21am On Jan 14

I told you people neither PDP nor APC will rule Nigeria in 2023.
Culture / Re: Oba Of Ewuare Of Benin Visits Edo Indigenes In Rivers State by lonelydora: 5:49am On Jan 14
Chief of Staff to the Rivers State Governor, Engr Chukwuemeka Woke receives the
Oba of Benin, His Royal Majesty, Omo N’Oba N’Edo, Uku Akpolokpolo, Ewuare II to the Government House Port Harcourt.
The Oba is on a historic visit to Rivers State. He will meet with the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, the Rivers State Council of Traditional Rulers and Edo Indigenes resident in Rivers State during the visit.

I thought Oba doesn't leave his palace?


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: This Company Is A Scam! by lonelydora: 5:39am On Jan 14
Are you interested in making money??

Okay, I’m Mrs faith from Binomo investment!

grin grin

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Celebrities / Re: Pretty Lady Caught Watching Blue Film In Public. Nigerians React by lonelydora: 5:33am On Jan 14
Well, To each man his own.
Romance / Re: I Caught My Brother And My Landlord's Wife On The Bed by lonelydora: 5:32am On Jan 14
I stayed in one room and palor self contain apartment but shared the same compound with my landlord.
I work with a bank while my landlord is a site Engineer.
Last year a cousin of mine that just concluded is POP decided to stay with me. Hoping to get a good job in the same town I was all because he studied the same course I studied.
My landlord's wife is a full house wife. Though she's still young let say in her earlier 30's. And must time my landlord can be away for like 2-3wks at times due to the nature of his job/work.
To cut the story short, this afternoon around 2pm my boss releases me and three of colleagues to go home and rest cos we have a trip assignment to embark on tomorrow.
Getting home I met my brother with my landlord's wife pant down on the bed.

Since that afternoon my cousin have been begging me, likewise my landlord's wife not to expose them.

Am just too confuse right now.
Are mine to send my cousin packing?
Or to report the wife to the husband?
Or probably I should park my things out of the house because I no me and that woman can never be in good terms again.

You advise is needed.

Mind your business
Phones / Re: Countries Without Internet, No.3 Will Surprise You! by lonelydora: 5:31am On Jan 14
china allows internet, but most american sites/apps are blocked like facebook and whatsapp.

Yes. China do not allow any American site.
Phones / Re: Countries Without Internet, No.3 Will Surprise You! by lonelydora: 5:29am On Jan 14
china i don't believe it

Internet is restricted in China. They only have some approved sites from government.

Religion is also restricted in China.

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