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Islam for Muslims / Re: How I Am Memorizing The Quran Although I Am Lazy by loveanonymity(f): 8:26am On Feb 02, 2022
BarakaLlahu feekum. Keep going, you'll get there bi-ithniLlah. Your little drops of water will definitely make an ocean someday.

Islam for Muslims / Re: How I Am Memorizing The Quran Although I Am Lazy by loveanonymity(f): 9:56pm On Jan 30, 2022
In the eyes of distractions and low Iman

Lately I have been watching movies a lot. And yes social media (I’m mostly a ghost but I still spend a lot of time on these apps).

And I enjoy reading novels so much.

I am battling with how to make these constructive and not just time wasting.

Another thing is level of faith is not constant, it goes up, middle and low. I think I am in the middle of low right now.

Which means I pray only the obligatory prayers, no added good deeds, nothing.

These are affecting my memorization, I just pray Allah forgive my sins, improve my Iman and keep me steadfast on His religion.

One thing I am grateful for is however low I am, I make sure I memorize even if it is one verse.

I currently don’t have a physical teacher, I am managing an online platform for sisters to submit my memorization each day. I used to be absent a lot before but now alhamdulillahi I have improved

Islam for Muslims / Re: How I Am Memorizing The Quran Although I Am Lazy by loveanonymity(f): 10:25pm On Jan 21, 2022
I haven’t missed a day of memorization since I started making posts. However retaining what I memorized is kind of difficult. But one of the miracles of Quran is Allah make it easy. So I am hopeful that with persistence come ease.

I did some reading on retaining memorized verses and they include

Performing Salah with memorized verses

Praying Tahajjud with them

among others

I don’t know what I did for those short Surahs, I would have started reading them before remembering I want to revise.

And for Tahajjud, I’m not consistent, I keep snoozing the alarm.

The struggle is real, may Allah make it easy


Islam for Muslims / Re: How I Am Memorizing The Quran Although I Am Lazy by loveanonymity(f): 9:26am On Jan 15, 2022
I haven’t updated for a while because I didn’t want to be compulsive of my posts. It’s a hobby that I don’t want to be an addiction.

However not a day has passed without me not memorizing or revising the Quran alhamdulillahi. I finished one of the most difficult hizb for me to revise for 2 days ago. I know the hizb is still difficult to remember but I am hopeful.

Switching to using Yoruba translation has really helped my memory alhamdulillahi. I can flow with the meaning in my head now.


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Islam for Muslims / Re: How I Am Memorizing The Quran Although I Am Lazy by loveanonymity(f): 12:39pm On Jan 12, 2022
I have found that memorizing alone is not what you need. However you keep on memorizing and revising everyday.

Memorizing Quran as an adult is not easy, you keep forgetting it all the time.

But many of the companions(may peace upon them) memorized it as an adult with things to do in their lives and family to take care of. So please who am I not to give in all my efforts.

So I will keep reading and reading and reading in shaa Allah until it is in my head and brain. And my body and soul recognizes that Quran has come to stay in my life and my hereafter.



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Islam for Muslims / Re: How I Am Memorizing The Quran Although I Am Lazy by loveanonymity(f): 10:04pm On Jan 09, 2022
My memorization today is not staying so well and I made a lot of mistakes. It mad be unhappy but I know that I will improve in shaa Allah. Some days are like that.

At the same time I reflected on what could have caused it that I should avoid doing. These are the things I think I found

1. That I should not rush memorization (I wanted to get something done and I was rushing to finish memorizing)

2. Memorize small verses that stick rather than memorize plenty that will evaporate easily ( Today, I memorized more than I did yesterday, but yesterday’s memorization stuck better)

3. Quran need complete attention and focus at the moment of memorization ( I was thinking of what to cook and all sort)

4. Do whatever needs to be done before memorization so as not to be standing up or breaking to give instructions and other distractions



Islam for Muslims / Re: How I Am Memorizing The Quran Although I Am Lazy by loveanonymity(f): 11:03pm On Jan 08, 2022
I had a lot of distractions today, and I felt I shouldn't memorize today until tomorrow but no I didn't give in to my inner thoughts and I was able to memorize one verse. With the 4 lines I memorized yesterday, I know I will get there in shaa Allah.


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Islam for Muslims / Re: How I Am Memorizing The Quran Although I Am Lazy by loveanonymity(f): 11:23pm On Jan 06, 2022
‘And we have certainly made the Quran easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?’ ( Quran 54:17)

This is one of the verses I learnt by heart today and and it got me more motivated.

Listening to it, reading it, comprehending it and writing it. These old techniques is still what I am using

For listening, I have this app on my phone I use called ‘Quran memorization test’ and it is super cool. I listen to the portion I want to memorize so many times I can’t count sometimes.

Then I read what I have listened to over and over again

The comprehension part is complicated for me. I used to use English translation before but I realized Yoruba is my first language not English, and since I started using Yoruba translation it has really helped my comprehension.

And yes I bought an excersice book, pencil and cleaner and write whatever I have memorized. It helped a lot.

So today I memorized 6 lines. Great alhamdulillah



Islam for Muslims / Re: How I Am Memorizing The Quran Although I Am Lazy by loveanonymity(f): 10:14pm On Jan 05, 2022
Today was so hectic, I started my house chore way too early and before I knew it, the time had flew by.

I know so many people say the best time for memorizing the Quran is early in the morning, and to be candid it is very true because the brain is just waking up and it is still fresh. However, I have realized that this is not working for me. I can’t predict my activities, so I have decided that early morning would still be my preferred time, but if I couldn’t make it, then I will memorize anytime I am free.

Sticking to early morning made me procrastinate and being the lazy being I am, it made me inconsistent with my memorization.

The above decision made me learn 3 verses by heart today. Although it is small by my standard, I still memorized 3 verses which means today 3 verses of Allah’s words is in my heart. Alhamdulillahi



Islam for Muslims / How I Am Memorizing The Quran Although I Am Lazy by loveanonymity(f): 10:37pm On Jan 04, 2022
As salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. My name is Aisha and this is my first ever blog post.
I am putting this out to be a motivation for me and probably others that are also struggling to memorize the book of Allah
Quran has always been a part of my life, and from a very young age I always want to commit it to heart but it seems elusive and difficult to achieve.
I always find something as an excuse that prevented me from achieving this childhood wish of mine, but seriously there's no excuse that should have prevented me from something that would benefit my hereafter and increase my rank in paradise.
So, this would be a diary like sort of blog, about what I am memorizing, my obstacles and what I am doing to make my dream of being a keeper of Allah's words come true.


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Literature / Re: How To Download Any Yoruba Written Novel Online by loveanonymity(f): 5:54pm On Nov 30, 2021
Op, I also thought you wanted to tell us the sites we can get them. I miss Yoruba prose, plays and poetry
Education / Re: Help, I'm Afraid I Could Be Expelled From School After 3 Years by loveanonymity(f): 3:29pm On Feb 13, 2020

How long does this take? Mine hasn't changed after the VC signing and submitting to admission and NYSC is soon.

I didn't really notice but it was changed. I can't remember the time frame.

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Education / Re: Help, I'm Afraid I Could Be Expelled From School After 3 Years by loveanonymity(f): 9:07am On Feb 12, 2020
Go to jamb office and make enquires. I think you will have to pay some money, 10k or so. You will be given a form that the VC of your school will sign, then the correction would be made.

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Romance / Re: The Sacrifices Of Your Dad You Never Knew About. by loveanonymity(f): 9:59am On Feb 05, 2020
I so much love my dad. A good woman would let her children appreciate their father. My mom let us see what my dad sacrificed for us. He wouldn't talk but my mom will let us know how he is struggling to give us the best. Baami is the best. I pray we are able to pay him back though he's always saying he doesn't expect anything from us, he's just doing his responsibility.

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Education / Re: I Want To Go To School But I'm Confused by loveanonymity(f): 12:40pm On Jan 13, 2020
Medicine and pharmacy because of job opportunities sha. If you think you will be happy studying any of them, you can go ahead and write jamb again to start afresh or do either as a second degree through direct entry.
But my dear school sucks whatever the course you are studying, medical school will suck life out of you and many doctors aren't rich, they are just surviving and Ok. If you study your biochemistry well and get opportunity later you shouldn't be surprised if you are earning more than a doctor.


Health / Re: UNILORIN Elects Medical Student As Student Union President by loveanonymity(f): 8:09pm On Jul 17, 2018
Cc: Lalasticlala
Health / Ajipe.com by loveanonymity(f): 7:49pm On May 01, 2018
Ajipe.com is an online multimedia platform with a keen interest in health and wellness.We are currently developing a catalogue of over 3000 disease conditions.This move stemmed from the need to address the paucity of high quality African and indigenous medical content on the web.We are inviting interested persons in health and allied health disciplines to join us in filling the void.All articles will be published online with writers name, address and optional profile picture. Pls reach us at creativeajipe@gmail.com to signify interest.Kindly forward to your friends and contacts

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Health / Re: 5 Leading Causes Of Death Of Pregnant Women You Should Share With Your Love Ones by loveanonymity(f): 3:25pm On Apr 08, 2018
Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend. Be active, be part of reducing maternal mortality in Nigeria
Health / Re: 5 Leading Causes Of Death Of Pregnant Women You Should Share With Your Love Ones by loveanonymity(f): 7:31pm On Apr 07, 2018
Quite the contrary
“Asymptomatic” Malaria has a very high maternal mortality rate in this country
The second one complications of Rubella does not refer to a woman who is pregnant and then gets German measles. As there is a large percentage of women in West Africa whose mothers had German measles when pregannt resulting in undiagnosed CHD. In Obstetrics this is now standard protocol to request an ECG preferably before the women gets pregnant especially if the expectant mother is from West Africa. The reason the lack of a mandatory vaccination programme unlike the majority of Africa

Hypertension- Black people are genetically predisposed to hypertension due to the way our kidneys filter sodium the high sodium diet does not help
This is why instances of preeclampsia are higher amongst the black population

Yes ma, I am talking about leading causes in Nigeria not all causes. Ma'am malaria is not one of the first 5 causes of death in pregnant women in Nigeria. Rubella is also not one of the 5 leading causes and you can ask a gynecologist

5 leading causes of death in pregnant women in Nigeria
#complicatuons of child birth
#high blood pressure
Find out more on how to have a safe pregnancy here, remember to share the message with your loved ones https://www.ajipe.com/5-leading-causes-of-death-in-pregnant-women-of-nigerias. You can ask a gynecologist ma'am.

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Health / Re: 5 Leading Causes Of Death Of Pregnant Women You Should Share With Your Love Ones by loveanonymity(f): 5:24pm On Apr 07, 2018
Malaria should be on that list
And so should complications of Rubella since the MMR vaccination is not mandatory

The list is first 5 and malaria can not stand alone. Malaria is part of infection. And malaria killing pregnant women is so negligible compared to other infections. It is complications of Rubella on the baby that is dreaded not the effect on the mother, rubella rarely kill pregnant women, it is the baby that suffers. Thank you

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Health / 5 Leading Causes Of Death Of Pregnant Women You Should Share With Your Love Ones by loveanonymity(f): 12:48pm On Apr 07, 2018
check out the 5 leading causes of death in Nigerian pregnant women.Remember to share the link with your loved ones https://www.ajipe.com/5-leading-causes-of-death-in-pregnant-women-of-nigeria/

Pregnancy is as old as time, and it is a thing of joy, however it is also a battle field. In my language a woman that has just given birth is greeted as “ẹ kú ewu ọmọ” equivalent to “congratulations for escaping the dangers of child birth”.

For so long, humanity most especially Nigeria has been putting women on this battle field without fully giving them information, equipment and the care they need to scale through without hassles making a significant number of pregnant women die unduly. The fight against this negative trend is ongoing beginning with enlightening and educating Nigerians on the 5 leading causes of death in pregnant women.

What Is Maternal Mortality

Maternal mortality is the death of a woman while pregnant or within 42 days of termination (ending) of pregnancy, irrespective of the duration and site of pregnancy, from any cause related to or aggravated by the pregnancy or its management but not from accidental causes.

5 Most Common Causes Of Maternal Mortality In Nigeria

Be a happy pregnant woman and mother

The “Hitlers” wiping pregnant women out include :



High blood pressure during pregnancy (pre-eclampsia, eclampsia)

Complications of delivery (e.g obstructed labour, ruptured uterus)

Unsafe abortion
Read the prevention
what you should watch out for
why Nigeria
and safe delivery

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Webmasters / Re: Bloggers Drop Your Url For Total Reviews by loveanonymity(f): 2:48pm On Apr 03, 2018
Jobs/Vacancies / Newly Inducted Doctors by loveanonymity(f): 6:48pm On Mar 26, 2018
Application for the post of house officers available at ESUT

For more information like this and other health issues visit www.ajipe.com

Jobs/Vacancies / Vacancy At Lily Hospital by loveanonymity(f): 6:41pm On Mar 19, 2018
Lily hospital calls for applications.

Location: warri
Status: Private

We are currently recruiting to fill the positions below. Kindly click the link below each of the position to see details of the position.

Job Title: House Officer

Job Title: Medical Laboratory Scientist (Chemical Pathologist)

Job Title: Health Information Technician

Method of Application
Interested candidates should forward their word doc CV only to: recruitment074@gmail.com using the job title as the subject of the mail.

For more health information, vacancies, scholarships,grants visit www.ajipe.com
Literature / We Are The Women by loveanonymity(f): 11:43am On Mar 08, 2018
We are the Hope
But they know not
We are the warriors
But they denied it
We are the fighters
But they abuse us
Glad tidings to the
One who
Know us
Recognize us
Value us
Cherish us
For you have the world at your feet
The world is in our hands
Happy women's day
Jobs/Vacancies / UITH Recruitment Exercise by loveanonymity(f): 10:46am On Mar 04, 2018
Shortlisted candidates that wrote CBT at UNILORIN have been called for the next stage of the excercise. For the shortlist and names released visit

Nairaland / General / Re: Squat Toilet by loveanonymity(f): 12:12pm On Dec 02, 2017
have u tried it before ?
Romance / Re: There’s So Much Humiliation A Husband Can Take Before He Reacts! by loveanonymity(f): 5:05pm On Nov 18, 2017
Nairaland / General / Squat Toilet by loveanonymity(f): 6:33pm On Nov 02, 2017
Did you know that this is called a squat toilet and it makes elimination faster, easier and more complete which prevent faecal stagnation and by that protect against cancer, appendicitis and inflammatory bowel disease.

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Family / Re: One man, One wife by loveanonymity(f): 3:33pm On Oct 12, 2017
Islam for Muslims / Re: Please Advise Me On My Proposed Marriage. by loveanonymity(f): 2:04pm On Mar 31, 2017
Assalamu alaykum brother. Ask a trusted schorlar if there is anything against marrying in the registry. If Islam is not against it then accept it as part of something she wants before she accepts the contract. I have a feeling it isn't only her parents that want that I think she wants it too, so if Islam isn't against it why don't you do this for her afterall she has compromised some of her conditions already.


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