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Travel / Re: Students In Switzerland/ Nigerians Living In Switzerland, your Experiences Here! by Lovet4343: 8:32am On Aug 25
Please for bachelor program is ielts a must and hope I can apply with weac and secondary school certificate please any one in Swiss or planning to go can we connect
Travel / Re: Lithuania Student Visa by Lovet4343: 5:29pm On Aug 14
Yes check Klaipeda university
Please Is there Schools that resumes in February/March ?
Adverts / Re: How To Start Local Arbitrage Business by Lovet4343: 6:43pm On Aug 01
Am interested
Hello friend,

Is Gems Noah here..

In this thread, we're going to quickly look at how to start a local arbitrage business that will generate between 100k to 200k and above every month while still doing what you love.

This is rather not a Google search information but what I've practically done myself and profit greatly from this business model.

But then you want to ask, what the heck is arbitrage?

Arbitrage is simply a trade method whereby you buy a product from another market for a lower price and take that same product to a different market and sell it for a higher price.

Let's say, you bought a Nokia 2310 for 2k in Aba..
You take it to Portharcourt and sell for 8k that's you've about 6k as your gross profit. Right..

By the way, the most common arbitrage traded by Nigerians is popularly call mini importation.

It's so call because it involves importing products in a smaller capacity
Or a handy method of importations.

But local arbitrage is different in the sense that you don’t need to import any single product from China
In fact, in most cases you don't need to buy any product until you get a customer.

Which is one of the the method I thought my students in EWS MASTERCLASS.

So to start your local arbitrage business
Here's what you need to do:

Identify a problem around you..
To easily spot a dying problem I've a method I call 4frameworks questions mechanism..

Here's how it works :

You basically ask questions like
Where I'm I now?
What's happening around me?
How do I come up with a solution for this problem?

But if you're not going that route, you can use online tool like Answerreplublic to easily spot people's problems.

Once you have identified your audience problem, go to a local market or online site like olist to find product that solve that problem..

Validate your solution using forums like this and Facebook groups to validate your product.

Once you're comfortable with the level of receptivity, you can go ahead and design a strategic marketing strategy using Instagram ads, nairaland ads, Google ads to reach your ideal audience with sponsors ads.
And start running targets ads to your products page.
I hope this helps you..

If you want further information, I have a free guide that will help you achieve this step by step.
If you're interested in the free guide kindly drop your whatsapp contact.

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Travel / Re: General Austria Study/visa( Process And Requirements) by Lovet4343: 9:28pm On Jul 29
Sent you a mail already sorry i did that before telling you

You're welcome.
Travel / Re: General Austria Study/visa( Process And Requirements) by Lovet4343: 9:23pm On Jul 29
Thanks dear


That's the website for the Austrian embassy appointment
Travel / Re: General Austria Study/visa( Process And Requirements) by Lovet4343: 2:44pm On Jul 29
Hey dear please i sent you a mail please accept i would like to know how u booked your appointment please i can't find the main site to apply the sites i found there is no link to click and book am just confused Google is not helping please help
Please recently booked a Legalization date at the Austrian embassy I can see that the earliest date is September 22nd, that is too far. Please what can be done to make the Dãte earlier? Can one pair with somebody to legalize?

Business / Re: Simplest Way to Make At Least N100,000 Monthly With Arbitrage. Don't Skip!! by Lovet4343: 5:34pm On Jul 27
Lol wahala ooo
Op mouth yaff dry
Business / Re: Simplest Way to Make At Least N100,000 Monthly With Arbitrage. Don't Skip!! by Lovet4343: 5:15pm On Jul 27
Forget about spending limit tell me d arbitrage abeg wey u dey do wey dey work abeg
I just used it man.... Check the time and date Sir.

Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Lovet4343: 8:09am On Jul 27
Good morning guys trust your night went fine please anyone with access bank Current account that can reference me please guys I really need it even if you don't have the account if you know anyone that has and can reference me please i need it .
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Lovet4343: 8:01am On Jul 26
Chai i miss d gbasgbos lol yeye dey smell
Travel / Re: Turkey Visa Application Delay by Lovet4343: 7:52am On Jul 26
Lol I thought an the only one ooo well make i no talk who knows it might be true maybe ooo
Nothing dey turkey again who wan go make e e go all na trial but no need to ovwr hype things just to make people see Turkey as a good place grin

I initially don’t want to reply your comment anymore and leave people to go see for themselves but concerning that boy you made mention… that is a BIG FAT LIE, you have a sugarcoated mouth bro, I’m very sure you’re a traveling agent, this is how you guys sound. Ok you said the guy did çabuk çabuk (quick quick) for 2months and bought 500kg worth of clothes and send to his sister and made over a million under two months?? Haba!!! My brother fear God na. How much do they pay a first timer for çabuk çabuk work (2,200 Turkish Lira) that is like 130,000 naira monthly. Are you telling me the guy didn’t pay rent, electricity, gas, water, internet bills, transportation and no food? (These are the expenses that eats up your income) Unless he came in with money, that is NOT POSSIBLE my brother.


Investment / Re: I Buy Any Faulty Or Used Laptop At A Very Good Price (photo) by Lovet4343: 7:43am On Jul 26
I have but is not faulty is new and clean just dat d suze is small I have to get a bigger one
Sale your used or faulty laptop
Travel / Re: Turkey Visa Application Delay by Lovet4343: 11:52pm On Jul 23
My dear experience is d best teacher dem no go hear so make we let dem go experience am so dem go learn
I wonder why people are killing themselves to go to Turkey undecided, some are hiding under “student” a country I stayed for 5 months and I regret, nothing dey for Turkey, there are many African countries better, your number one problem is the language barrier, go and see how our people are working as slaves. This is to tell you how hard Nigerian economy is. Everybody just want to japa. I can’t advice anyone to go there with the intention to “hustle” except you be Yahoo!


Travel / Re: Lithuania Student Visa by Lovet4343: 6:14pm On Jul 21
Klaipeda university spring intake for bachelor
u can google to get more
Hi all, which Lithuania university still has admission application open at this moment.
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Lovet4343: 10:18am On Jul 21
No wahala Sha if na better thing am in have emailed u already please reply with ur WhatsApp number

Lovet email me let me mentor u I like u �

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Lovet4343: 10:13am On Jul 21
Is there a specific way women should speak?
Na as i like i go talk oo

You are a woman and you speak like this…wow shocked
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Lovet4343: 12:33am On Jul 21
Na woman I be and as d lovet dey sweet una reach make una dey tag am dey go
See who dey give person warning to keep mute lol mtcheeew u better pack well

I dey use different moniker but u no fit provide proof smh

Make una dey help us increase thread I don't mind being d topic of discussion e dey sweet me die

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Lovet4343: 12:28am On Jul 21
Lol una still dey cry grin
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Lovet4343: 9:58pm On Jul 20
Lol maybe cos am emotional if person call my mama i go wan cry lol no blame me jor

Calling my mom a bitch won’t even faze me, I wonder why stuff like that gets folks worked up. A woman you’ve not met and obviously know nothing about is a bitch? grin
When you get into a war of words, prepare for anything

Calling your mom names won’t hurt her

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Lovet4343: 9:52pm On Jul 20
Let me remind you that u can't do a shit! All this bragging and threatening is not necessary especially to me dat doesn't know u And not willing to know u lol coming to nairaland to vest ur energy and accusing people is not necessary
Love and peace goodnight!


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Lovet4343: 9:43pm On Jul 20
Exactly wat am trying to point out dey want to start attacking me cos truth is always bitter
I don't know how some people find it easy to be insulting their mothers anyhow... Na so una no respect una mother. I can never stoop so low to insult someone else mother, for where
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Lovet4343: 9:41pm On Jul 20
Is dis how u people are in dis thread accusing people wrongly I don't even know dis moniker wey una dey talk abeg show proofs dat am d one abi na d format wey una dey always use for argument oshey
Na only two lovet dey dis thread u are free to suggest as much as u can

Who is this?
Are you a dummy or what?
Do you found it hard to comprehend English or what?

Better work on yourself..
if you come for me again.. I would troll you badly!!!
Watch your mouth!!
If you like use another moniker reply as you just did!
I Dey ur back full time!!

I am buying more. I am not average trade like you” who join crypto in 2021 and be forming Elon Musk”I am not newbie like you using different moniker to reply.. I would troll you. I am damn ready. Both online and offline!

I was raise better and more than you!!

I am available!!!

Anyhow you want it! I am already!!

If you like use three moniker reply as you’re doing. I would reply all!

Bleep off’

Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Lovet4343: 9:37pm On Jul 20
I no understand watin be moniker anyway no crypto carry me here lemme concentrate

I Am watching you. Continue using different moniker to reply. ! You got sharp mouth. It’s would be cut soon! Better back off or stay mute for this thread!!

Don’t let me be your nightmare do you hear me?
Cos this thread won’t contained me and you at all! I don’t want to drain the thread with you!!!

Stay off my moniker and your lane on this thread!!

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Lovet4343: 9:35pm On Jul 20
U are saying a different tin if I call u bitch u have d right to call me idiot or fool but calling my mum bitch instead of me is like me and u dey fight and i break ur head with bottle instead make u break my head u cum carry bottle go dey break my mama head abeg reason am e no make sense make we no twist am

There’s no rules when brawling. Just like saying we were fighting , I used bottle to break your head, why did you use knife to chook me.


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Lovet4343: 8:33pm On Jul 20
Person insult u instead make u face am insult am u dey call family people wey no get any problem with u as u call em mama shey u happy if na u person wey ur mama no do anything to just start to dey insult ur mama how u go feel honestly make una dey try value mother's please
Same way he called u bitch without including ur mother also blast him back without involving innocent people wey no no u or have issues with u
Your mother,your grandmother, your sisters,your female cousins,your aunts,your grandmother...your wife,your girlfriend, your female friends and all your future female children are the BITCH and will forever remain one.....no one messes with me and go scot free since my seven years on this platform...maybe you should ask around...you won't be the first scape goat,you won't be the second and you won't be the last...bring it on.....eleribu..I take my own beyond online...I take it to offline too...bring it on...


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Lovet4343: 8:21pm On Jul 20
Oga rest u are just over reacting is obvious ur angry for unseen tin or probably dats how u were raised to always insult people before u can express urself
Person talk without insult u replied back with insult claiming u don't want him to discourage people lol u gat to work on urself jari dis is a forum MANNER IS VERY IMPORTANT

I didn’t attack anyone.. but I won’t allow Unah discourage others of investing in crypto!!! That’s my stand!!!

In every investment, there must be loses and profit.. but saying that rubbish you type there I won’t take!!! Take it or leave it!

If you check out all my post on Nairaland. I don’t complain on any dip and i haven’t. If i don’t know the directions of Btc. I do ask here on Nairaland cos no one is Superman when it’s come to crypto!!!

I’m buying more! I never wish to buy coins like wink,dot,and link” but this dip make me buy them too. So would you call this frustration?

Check my post on the 12 of July which was on Monday” I drop information of this dip! So take note!

But saying that rubbish you type there is what I’d attack every time on this particular thread!! You can type that rubbish on other thread but not here!!!

I ask again, would you make huge profits if you’re not buying gift cards from yahoo yahoo boys? Answer me!!

NB: In Crypto, we make huge profits when it’s green Dot. We also take loses when it’s red Dot!!

Whatever you want” take it. Peace or pieces!!!


Investment / Re: I Buy Any Faulty Or Used Laptop At A Very Good Price (photo) by Lovet4343: 6:30pm On Jul 19
I have Acer small one for sell
Do you have any mini laptop for sale?
Travel / Re: Lithuania Student Visa by Lovet4343: 8:08pm On Jul 18
Chai maybe na scam honestly is what i saw on the site google showed me please if u don't mind sending me a direct link ti their site abuja own maybe u send through email to avoid getting banned

That is lie from the pit of hell, which vfs u see this?
Check vfs Lithuania Nigeria Lagos or Abuja , u can’t see this ok, 800 kwa!!
Travel / Re: Lithuania Student Visa by Lovet4343: 7:34pm On Jul 18
Please what i want to know mainly is price especially from those who has done theirs

Please the below information is what I copied from d vfs site

Document Verification Service
Letter from Sponsor 101460
Company Registration 115250
Education 101460
Civil Status Documents 101460
Identity document 101460
Work experience 101460
Bank statement 101460

If u calculate everything together is close to 800k please is dat wat I will spend on legalising all those documents please someone should help please

to the best of my own knowledge, if is Lithuania, you need to do legalization at the ministry of education for all educational qualifications and other supporting documents like identities, affidavits, bank stamens, employment certificate , salary slips , police character , any receipts or documents not substantiate visa requirements should be done at the foreign affairs and educational qualifications legalized too after the one at education ministry.

Lithuania does not accept court or public motorizations any longer !!! Further suggestions are welcome too.......: google vfs Lithuania in Nigeria Lagos or Abuja , you will get everything about legalization
Travel / Re: Lithuania Student Visa by Lovet4343: 5:47pm On Jul 18
Please legalisation and all this authentication stuff please is it before admission or after admission like i can get admission with my original weac and secondary school Transcript then legalising is for visa time right?
I think per page is 300naira if am not mistaken, sha take like 3k or 4 e should be enough,tanks
Travel / Re: Lithuania Student Visa by Lovet4343: 5:45pm On Jul 18
Alright please am hearing something like authenticate,notorise and legalize please which of these are we to do and if we are to do all please how much all together please don't be annoyed am asking much.
D reason am asking is cos legalisation is 80euros per document for Austria visa including 200k for court dats y am asking price for this Lithuania so i won't make mistake

Please i sent u an email
I think per page is 300naira if am not mistaken, sha take like 3k or 4 e should be enough,tanks
Travel / Re: Lithuania Student Visa by Lovet4343: 5:19pm On Jul 18
Please what's the cost of legalising please let me know please how much is the total cos for only legalising
Hello, please I have the tution fees at hand and other miscellaneous fees in the course of the admission and authentication at Abuja . The main tin is the sponsorship of a tin! What’s the best way to prove sponsorship can non family member be allowed to serve as sponsor , if yes what are the documents he will provide , thanks

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