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Nairaland / General / IPOB LTD: “these Small Boys Are Looking For Money And Fame”- Chief Ralph Uwazuru by MadamDeMadam: 5:20pm On May 18, 2016
"Nnamdi Kanu sacked the three other people I appointed with him because they asked him to come and give the account of money that I was sending to him."
An angry Chief Ralph Uwzuruike, the leader of the Movement for the actualization of Biafra (MASSOB), reacted to the accusation that he is one of the Masked witnesses who will testify against Nnamdi Kanu, the now detained leader of IPOB LTD. Speaking with Emma Ike Agu on AFRICANFM World Service, Chief Uwazuruike said, "well, that is an idle talk, I don't join issue with such fellow, he's a very small person ( referring to Clifford Iroanya) for me to join issues with. I don't know him, when I formed MASSOB in 1999, he was not there. When I went to London to open Radio Biafra and handed it over to Nnamdi Kanu, he was not there. Even before I went to London, I had opened Voice of Biafra in Washington DC, which was manned then, by Biafra foundation, (BF) that was around 2001, 2002.
Before these small, small boys who just got up today because they are looking for money and fame. Why should I join issues with such an inconsequential fellow?"
I handed over Radio Biafra to Nnamdi Kanu. Dr Egemba, Ada Amarachi and tabgo Ume Asiegwu, Nnamdi. When I left, Nmamdi fired all of them and regisered Radio Biafra as Nnamdi Okwu Kanu". "Nnamdi Kanu sacked the three other people I appointed with him because they asked him to come and give the account of money that I was sending to him."



Nairaland / General / Nnamdi Kanu Is Not Working In The Interest Of The Igboman-chief Gary Igrariwey by MadamDeMadam: 1:09pm On May 15, 2016
Chief Gary Enwo-Igrariwey-President Gen. Ohaneze Ndigbo during a telephone chat with Emma Ike Agu on AfricanFM World Service called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to release, Nnamdi Kanu. He said,

"I will Continue to say so, release Nnamdi Kanu, and you are making him look like somebody he's not. You are creating too much attention. What we need is restructuring, not the balkanization of Nigeria. I will stand by that statement any time."

"You can't be telling the Igbo man to kill Hausa and Yoruba people when we have our people all over the whole place. That is madness. You will not do so now or either in the future because we think he is extremely immature. He is rather not working in the interest of the Igbo man. You don't wake up and start abusing the other tribes in Nigeria. You can not get your country alone. It can only be through the help of the other tribes. Otherwise, you will be making the same mistake that was made before where we lost everything. So, what is Nnamdi Kanu talking about? Nnamdi Kanu has very little understanding of what is going on; he doesn't. Inciting people to go and get killed. You are sending people to go and demonstrate against soldiers who are armed, like the same thing that happened in South Africa. What every responsible Igbo man wants is the restructuring of this country.

Nnamdi Kanu used to work under Raph Uwazuruike. It is like what is happening in our Churches, where an assistant Pastor says the Pastor is making so much money, so the assistant Pastor starts his own, that's exactly, what he's doing. Nnamdi is using Biafra to make money".


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Nairaland / General / Radio Biafra Operators Threaten Emma Ike Agu With A Lawsuit For Jamming Radio Bi by MadamDeMadam: 12:18pm On May 13, 2016
It is no news that Emma Ike Agu jammed radio Biafra, London Signal and admitted publicly, why he took the action. The Coordinator of Coordinators of IPOB LTD/ Radio Biafra London, Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya in an email war of words told Emma Ike Agu, the publisher of NIGERIAN FM /AfricaIssue and CEO of African FM, New York that his downloadorganization is planning to take a law action against him. Writing via his email, Clifford wrote:

“Sent: Thu, May 12, 2016 3:22 pm
Subject: Re: IPOB LTD: Emma Ike Agu to address Radio Biafra London accusation of taking a bribe from President Buhari. today @ 2PM

Ordinarily, I will not bother to respond to you because you rant so much. But my conscience keep disturbing me to send you this response so that my mind will be at rest that I actually warned you ahead of time.

And that warning is that you should consult with your lawyers and let them advice you very well on your official acknowledgment of your responsibility for hacking into and jamming Radio Biafra transmissions, evidenced by this your email.

Ask your lawyers to review the following laws and if they say you should continue, by all means continue:

Article 156.00 (8 & 9) New York Penal Law

Title 18 U.S.C Section 1030 (a) (7)

Title 18 U.S.C. Section 1362

Now that I have informed you, the choice is yours.

Thank you.
Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya.
Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android”
—–Original Message—–
From: Clifford Iroanya <cliffiroanya@yahoo.com>

The trouble between Radio Biafra operators and Emma Ike Agu started when Clifford Iroanya, and Emma Mezue issued a press release that ridiculed the person of Debe Ojukwu, the first son of late Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu. Emma Ike Agu who had earlier warned IPOB LTD/ Radio Biafra Operator to leave Igbo elders alone, could not contain his anger after telling Clifford and others to take down the Press Release and tender a public apology. Meanwhile, Emma Powerful whose name was included as a signatory to the Press release told Emma Ike Agu during a radio phone chat that he had no clue who wrote and issued the Press Release.

Nairaland / General / Breaking News:ipob: Emma Ike Agu Knocks Radio Biafra London, Off The Air. by MadamDeMadam: 6:11pm On May 11, 2016
Barely two hours after Uche Mefor the deputy director of Radio Biafra went on air, to tell his members that Emma Ike Agu plans to knock their station off the air, the stream station went dead.
According to a statement posted on Emma Ike Agu facebook page, “this is just a warning”.

Unknown to many, there has been an internal trouble between Emma Ike Agu and the operators of Radio Biafra London. Emma Ike Agu is said to have been angered by the consistent use of Radio Biafra to attack Igbo elders and had discussed the issue with IPOB leaders who agreed to tone down but went behind to continue the same old song. The matter reached a turning point when Emma Ike Agu sent Uche Mefor, Clifford Iroanya and others an email demanding a public apology which they never tendered.
According to Emma Ike Agu, the station will be back on air, this is only a warning of greater things to come, including the deletion of their Facebook group pages.


Nairaland / General / IPOB Leadership:nnamdi Kanu Lied, Says IPOB Solicitor, Emeka Emekesri, Esq. by MadamDeMadam: 1:33pm On Apr 24, 2016
Following the Press Interview granted to the Sunday SUN Newspaper on 17th April 2016 by Dr Dozie Ikedife, the Deputy Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), it has become expedient for me to make this statement in my personal capacity as the Solicitor for Indigenous People of Biafra having the conduct of the case between Biafra and Nigeria in the Suit No FHC/OW/CS/192/2013 pending in the Federal High Court Owerri, Nigeria. The case started in 2012 as Suit No FHC/OW/CS/102/2012. I have decided to make this Dr-Dozie-Ikedife public statement to clarify various issues and questions emanating from the conducts of some pro-Biafran activists who have brought confusions into the Biafran independence movement.
Let me quote some portions of the Newspaper publication. In the Press Interview, the SUN Newspaper wrote as follows:

“The average person in Nigeria knows that Nnamdi Kanu is the Director of Radio Biafra based in London, Britain. But what most people do not know is that he is not the leader and founder of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Nevertheless, he has through his incarceration by the Department of State Services become the face of IPOB”.
“Now, Nnamdi Kanu has adopted and is using the acronym, IPOB. People say Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of IPOB. The truth is that Kanu is the Director of Radio Biafra. We founded the IPOB, not Kanu. In the IPOB we founded, there is division of labour. Kanu only handled the communication wing of the organization but he went ahead to arrogate himself as the founder of IPOB because of the instrumentality of the Radio Biafra. The Supreme Council of Indigenous People of Biafra expressed displeasure in the language he used in his broadcast and the programme he was presenting. So, calling him the leader of the IPOB is a wrong crown on a wrong head”.
“Now, what differentiates your organization and the one Kanu purportedly leads?”

“The Supreme Council of Indigenous People of Biafra, using Bilie Human Rights Initiative as a corporate body follows legal, peaceful and diplomatic process to go about the issue of self-determination to the extent that this Bilie Human Rights Initiative held a meeting on April 14 with the United Nations Security Council Committee. The purpose of the meeting was to find means of countering the funding of terrorist groups- people who are declaring war, harassing other peace-loving citizens. There lies the great difference. The real IPOB is a peaceful, legal, diplomatic, law-abiding group. We have also been given Consultative Status of the ECOSOC of the United Nations. The interest of the Supreme Council of Indigenous People of Biafra is well represented at these international bodies because we are pursuing our self-determination through legal, diplomatic, law-abiding and peaceful process, through respect for all laws of the land. We are not talking about disobeying any law, we are not talking about war, we are not preaching ethnic hatred. We do not support insulting elders or constituted authority. We are not threatening physical assault on any individual or group. These cannot be the solution”.
Question: “Could Kanu’s hijack of your IPOB be the reason your organization did not talk about his release?”

Answer: “We are talking about his release but we are not saying if he has committed any offence, the law will not take its course. In any case, we the elders are saying let Kanu be released to us. We can caution him thereafter. We want him released to us and as elders we will sit him down and direct him properly. We cannot achieve self-determination through calling for war and violence of any kind or any method that can lead to spilling of blood. That should be avoided entirely”.
2. For a long time I decided not to make any comments regarding Nnamdi Kanu but since Dr Dozie Ikedife, the Deputy Leader of Nnamdi-Kanu’s-lawyersIndigenous People of Biafra, has granted this Press Interview to the SUN Newspaper and given answers to the question as to the differences between the IPOB governed by the Supreme Council of Elders and the group which Nnamdi Kanu purportedly leads, I now take the liberty as the Solicitor for Indigenous People of Biafra to make fair comments on the publication. I am aware of many pro-Biafra activists including Nnamdi Kanu who are now standing trials for alleged violations of the Nigerian law. I am not competent to speak about those people and the allegations against them because to do so might be prejudicial to the cases and would violate the rule of sub judice. I will never make any comments on the criminal matters at all. I would rather speak on the civil issues and internal problems and confusions that have bedevilled the Biafran independence movement and the way forward.

3. Consequent upon the interview granted by Dr Dozie Ikedife to the SUN Newspaper, many followers of Nnamdi Kanu have attacked the old man on Facebook

and on all social media platforms, abusing him with unimaginable insults and calling him unprintable names just because he said the truth that Nnamdi Kanu is not the leader and founder of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Many people are of the opinion that whatever offence that Nnamdi Kanu has committed against the Elders of Biafraland should be ignored and forgiven because he has worked very hard to advance the course of Biafra but I have a different opinion on this argument. Forgiveness has a fundamental spiritual principle. The argument is like saying that God should forgive a man who has worked very hard to build up the Church of God despite all the atrocities he has committed. The simple spiritual law is that without repentance there can be no forgiveness otherwise the sons of men will commit evils with unbridled impunity and hope to cover their evils with good works.

4. Dr Dozie Ikedife is not the only person who has been insulted and abused by the followers of Nnamdi Kanu. They have also abused and insulted me so much that it appears they have no more words of insults left in their mouths for me. These people are the type of Biafrans produced by Nnamdi Kanu in the Biafran independence movement. They are the fruits of his labour. What can we learn from this? The answer is simple: A good tree produces good fruits and a bad tree produces bad fruits according to the Scriptures. These people learnt the language of insults and abuses from their master. If Biafra should be given to them to govern, any person who has a contrary opinion would be stoned to death. Let me prove my statement by quoting the Facebook message on Radio Biafra Facebook Page captioned “DEALING WITH APC SUPPORTING SABOTEURS IN THE BIAFRAN STRUGGLE: Every calamity that has ever befallen the Biafran people in the expired Lugard contraption Flora Shaw named Nigger-area (Nigeria) were perpetrated by those Igbos born outside Biafraland of dubious and questionable parentage. The list is endless right from Dr. Azikiwe to the fool called Ukpabi Asika who I am certain is in hell. Henceforth and in keeping with our oath, all saboteurs will be caught and executed. There will be no mercy, no pardon, no forgiveness. All traitors must die and so too their families. This nonsensical disease of Igbo saboteurs springing up all over the place in the name of having a different opinion on Biafra liberation will no longer be tolerated especially those who claim they are Biafrans but are supporting APC or APC candidates”.

Emeka Emekesri, Esq.
Solicitor for Indigenous People of Biafra
visit and read the entire post


Nairaland / General / Ngozi Madu, The Women Leader Of IPOB, Disowns Nnamdi Kanu-now On Air by MadamDeMadam: 2:06pm On Dec 04, 2015
Ngozi Madu Speaks about the wicked ways/dirty politics of the director of Radio Biafra London (RBL), Mr Nnamdi Kanu. Listen to Ngozi Madu, the Women leader…Listen to Ngozi Madu, the Women leader of IPOB, who is based in Sweden. You be the judge!

Speaking ....You no longer hear of/from Dr. Justin Akujieze one of the pioneers of Biafran struggle and chairman of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nonso Ejerika, Arinze Awogu who is the publisher of Eastern Pilot and who is very instrumental in propagating the message of Biafra, Joy Ago who one of the women leaders, A B Asogwa, who is another fine lady that lives in Isreal, Dr. Chukwuma Egemba, one of the trustees of Radio Biafra, Nwada Amarachi Oparah another trustee of Radio Biafra, Chidera Akubuo, a young brilliant lady who lives in the US that used to share broadcasting service with Nnamdi.

Many know how she was used and abused by Nnamdi. When she refused to marry him because according to her he was old enough to be her father, she was humiliated and disgraced by Nnamdi. Another victim of Nnamdi's preying on Biafrian women is Chioma Amaryllis lives in the US, but is now one of the people abandoned in the so called command and control headquarters back home. This list includes Ifeanyi Onwukike, who donated N500,000 for the Biafran cenotaph and promised to keep supporting the Biafran struggle. Amongst those who have dissociated themselves from Nnamdi Kanu is Moses Nwaigwe himself, and now also Biafran Women Worldwide lead by Ngozi Madu. Please, ask yourself whythe above listed Biafrans who contributed immensely to this struggle and continue to contribute, have dissociated themselves from Nnamdi Kanu.

Are all these notable Biafrans members of APC and Billie as he would use the microphone to label them in order to cover his track of lies, deceit and defrauding Biafrans of their hard earned money? The truth here is that these are very courageous set of people who always call a spade a spade irrespective of the caliber of the spade even though they don't seem to wash dirty linen in public. These people have confronted Nnamdi to come clean and stop defrauding Biafrans as well as stop preying on innocent women of Biafra who are serving their country. Do any of you know how much Biafrans have contributed worldwide? Do you know how much is in Radio Biafra's account? Do you know how much is spent every month? In every nation, one person alone is never the President, Financial secretary, Treasurer and head of Defence Department simultaniously.

Do not be confused by the oratory and charming nature of Nnamdi. He never practices what he preaches on Radio Biafra apart from idol worship. Please, look deeply and see if you are smart enough to notice the resemblance between him and Uwazurike. According to him, Uwazurike is the "head and tail" of MASSOB, which means that he is the
Leader, the Financial Secretary, and Treasurer. Nnamdi Kanu is the director of Radio Biafra, the Financial Secretary, the Treasurer and head of Biafran Defence Agency. Are you beginning to see the resemblance between the two? However, Nnamdi will use his microphone (Radio-Nnamdi) to make you believe otherwise, if you cannot reason by yourself.

We have not heard that Uwazurike preys on them when speaking of Biafran women. It appears that he has respect for our ladies unlike Nnamdi who thinks 99.9% of Igbo girls re prostitutes. We all know that Nigeria is one of the worst corrupt States in the world, and Nnamdi will always remind you of this in his radio talk show. He will tell you how the leaders of Nigeria looted it dry, which is very true. He condemns their actions, which is the right thing to do. However, at the same time he tell you these things, he does the same thing with the money contributed by Biafrans. He uses Blackmail and evil Nigerian politics on fellow Biafrans. This is hypocrisy of the highest order.


Politics / Linda Ikeji Lied, No Single Igbo Trader Got Shot - NPF Niger State by MadamDeMadam: 4:54pm On Nov 24, 2015
Shortly after the news of a purported killing of 5 Igbo traders started making headlines, the Niger State Police Command Spokesperson, BALA ELKANA JAMES, got in touch with Ai, to refute the entire story. He spoke live to Emma Agu, on NigerianFM .
ASP Bala Elkana James, told Emma Agu how he drove to Mandala Market after reading the news on Linda Ikeji's blog. On getting to Mandala and discovering that Linda Ikeja made up the said story, he wrote Linda Ikeji to withdraw the story. He said the whole story is false and wondered where linda Ikeji and Vangaurdngr.com got such news. "The police spokesperson quoted in the said report as one who confirmed the news, is currently in another state. He left Niger State Police Command since 2014." Mr James said.
Please listen to the entire tape
Nairaland / General / 5 Igbo Traders Shot Dead? Niger State Police Command Spokesperson Will Be On Air by MadamDeMadam: 1:50pm On Nov 24, 2015
According to a news report: Gunmen shot and killed five Igbo traders, John Kalu, Oliver Ezemah, Uche Nguweze, Sunday Emmanuel and Tobias Anayo at Madala Market, Niger State on Thursday Night. We are standing by to talk with the Niger State Police Command's spokesperson who called in to say, the man calming to be the Police Command's spokesperson, ASP Richard Adamu Oguche left Niger State in 2014. Please, tune in to hear the truth.

Nairaland / General / Dprince Tells Bloggers And Fake Cameroon Girlfriend To Zip It! ( Recorded Audio) by MadamDeMadam: 3:30pm On Jun 18, 2015
"I don't know this girl and have never had any relationship with her. I usually allow my fans to take pictures with me, and this lady orchestrated lies to defame my image and character, using a photo she took with me for her one minute of fame. Nigerian bloggers gave her the platform to smear my name. Right now, I am a father and responsibly engaged, to the mother of my son, enough is enough"-DPrince on Nigerian FM, New York. 17-6-2015.

Listen to the recorded audio.

[url] http://www.nigerianfm.com/dprince-tells-bloggers-and-fake-cameroon-girlfriend-to-zip-it-recorded-audio/[/url]

Celebrities / D'PRINCE To Address The Issue Of His Baby Mama & ''cameroon Girlfriend" Today. by MadamDeMadam: 6:26am On Jun 17, 2015
Imagine being a visiting Nigerian superstar to New York City & you innocently allowed a fan to take pictures with you, only to find out she claims to be your "girlfriend"!
In 2013, D'Prince, a Nigerian International star bought a brand New Mercedes Benz, a girl he knew nothing about came from the pit of hell to lay vicious claims she bought the car for him. Nigerian master of Junk speculative destructive journalism gave the girl their platforms to get the publicity she desperately needed to push out her wishy washy song & video. She even pushed her case so hard to tell the blogger who helped her package the fake story that she is the daughter of a Cameroonian billionaire. While she smiled daily, as the firestorm & buzz created by her lies lasted, D'Prince told whoever cared to listen he had nothing to do with her.

As D'Prince celebrated with family members in Atlanta Georgia following the birth of new baby boy by his fiancée, bloggers are pointing fingers at the same Cameroonian phantom girlfriend, as the baby's mama.
Now, D'Prince is no more keeping mute over these continued distortions and lies. He will go one on one with Emma Agu on Wednesday, June 17 by 12 PM, EST/5PM, Nigerian Time, to clear the air once and for all. The interview will repeat on Friday @ 5 PM EST/10PM, Nigerian Time. A repeat on Saturday @ 10 AM EST/2PM, NIGERIAN TIME.

The extent folks can go in their quest for one minute of fame is what this interview is all about. Don't be told, tune in.

Culled from

Nairaland / General / Punch Newspapers, Shame On You!!! No Restaurant In Anambra Served Human Flesh! by MadamDeMadam: 3:39pm On May 17, 2015
The false news that a restaurant in Anambra served human flesh as meat was published by Yahoo news yesterday. The media took it down as soon as Nigerian FM refuted the story and called them out publicly. Another major news magazine that published the same false story also took it down following our complaint and threats of a law suit.

To see a major Nigerian newspapers run this piece of news considered a 'speculative journalism' is to say the least very unfortunate. Does it mean the era of news sourcing in Nigeria is over? I anticipate seeing a big organization like Punch newspapers to send an investigative reporter to Anambra State, with a camera and the necessary tools to substantiate that the incident took place. Why in the world would Punch Newspapers not show us proof? Has this Punch newspapers become so bankrupt that they could not afford to send a reporter to Anambra to investigate this matter? Are they so unprofessional to the extent of publishing an embarrassing story without proof, against a major tribe in Nigeria. I consider this action by Punch Newspapers as not only junk journalism at it worse, it is a desperate means to remain relevant for a news organization once seen as a giant.

Yesterday, I spoke with the Anambra Police Command PPRO Uche Eze who dismissed the entire news report. A high government source in Anambra also told me that it was a big "smear campaign against the South East of Nigeria. Maybe, Punch Newspapers were the secret source through which BBC, Yahoo and DailyMail,UK published the same story and later took it down. Punch Newspapers, read by all Nigerians should have known better not to publish same news everyone out there knew was a hogwash.

Punch newspapers should tender a public apology for carrying a false story that embarrasses the entire Igbo race and the Nigerian nation. One would expect Punch Newspapers to put these foreign news organizations that ran this false news on blast, we do not expect Punch newspapers or other shameless Nigerian bloggers to run the same false story. In their shameless attempt to publish at all cost, Punch Newspapers is gradually becoming a junk news media. I wait to see a retraction and necessary public apology within 24 hours.

Emma i Agu is a new York based public defender-He is popularly called NIGERIAN FM
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