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Travel / Re: Adenl And Stream Sort E E Center by MayMaj(f): 10:32pm On Sep 26, 2021
Pls add me to the group 08032301296
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by MayMaj(f): 7:23pm On Sep 20, 2019
am in same situation with you. For me, i changed my noc on EE profile so it will tally with saskachewan

Hello House,

My NOC is 1111 Financial Accountant and Auditors based on the EE profile created, but i want to create an EOI profile on Saskatchewan Express Entry then i discovered that my NOC is not part of the In Demand list but they have something similar 1311 Accounting Technicians.
So my question is that would it be advisable to go ahead and create the Saskatchewan profile provided that the NOC is different.

Is there anyone in currently in this position and what is the best advice?

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Workers Program- Connect Here Part 4 by MayMaj(f): 9:50pm On Jun 16, 2018


Please I have a few questions I want to ask you.

I just started the process with my family too and we plan to make my wife the principal applicant cos of her age.

She took IELTS already scoring LRWS 7.5,6.5,6.5,6.5 and CRS now at 360.

My question now is, can we apply for PNP with this score while she attempt IELTS again?

Is the score good enough for PNP?

yes you can apply for pnp with it. try saskatchewan PNP

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Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by MayMaj(f): 9:40am On Sep 13, 2016

Hello pls can u kindly tell me how u applied and what are requested of u by the embassy. Did u apply before or after u got pregnant. on what grounds did u apply visit or medical? pls kindly reply to let me know cos I want apply too. tnx

Please any info on how application was done will be useful please plus where to get an affordable rented accommodation for duration of stay in Canada.

One love house
Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by MayMaj(f): 9:36am On Sep 13, 2016
U can go any day on weekdays apart from public holiday. I used Abuja, just walk in submit, pay & do ur biometrics no appointment is needed. I applied in May this year and in less than a month they posted my passport with Visa granted.

Please how much does Canada visa application cost in Nigeria?

Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by MayMaj(f): 9:34am On Sep 13, 2016
. Was your visa medical or tourist

God bless you dailydolar for giving back to the house. Am inspired by your post. Please did you rent accommodation while in Canada? If u did pls how much did you pay per month? Please can i PM you?

Thanks and have a blessed day. Regards to LO
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 4 by MayMaj(f): 1:28pm On Jul 24, 2016
[quote author=Ezemistic post=47833421]

I am interested.. also want to know the hospital name *Dr Fare Diakarbali* in north Jersey[/quo

Am not sure I can quote well... Dr fares is a somehow doctor ooo, like he's more interested in the money u are paying than the service he's tendering. I personally wount recommend Dr fares honestly
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 2:00am On Dec 13, 2015

Not necessary for US passport, my 1st baby, eyes were closed with my hands showing in the background sef grin grin grin, second baby taken in car seat with white cloth as background.

see below from US website: http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports/under-16.html

When taking photos of newborns and infants, please make sure no other person is in the photo, and the child is looking at the camera (preferably with his or her eyes open, not required for infants and newborns).

For infants and newborns, lay the child on his or her back on a white blanket or sheet to ensure his or her head is supported without the aid of a hand. Make sure there are no shadows on the child’s face if you are taking the picture from above. Alternatively, cover a car seat with a plain white sheet and take a picture of your child in the car seat.

Am happy with this info ooo.... My baby head go one corner for d pix, was praying that they accept it.. Now am calm
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 5:39pm On Dec 06, 2015
@Maymaj congrats on d arrival of ur bundle of joy...i had my baby on d 5th of november...no be decembe

Oh ok... So u must be in Nig by now.. We jst de try start paper process.. Tanx for replying
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 10:56pm On Dec 05, 2015

Hello @deeore Big congrats on the birth of your LO, can you please send me the price break down of both hospital and doc fees, and any other fees you made? I intend using the same hospital or a cheaper one if there's any in NJ area. Thanx in advance my email is tweetdamie@yahoo.co.uk

Dis is meant for deeore... Don't even knw how to quote her... I left St Marys hospital dis evening, not quite two hrs, I delivered on 3rd by Dr fares Diarbakerli too.. Small world, wish I took a sight of any black person. Lol.. I alwz also go to d nursery ooo... Well done.
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 8:15am On Dec 05, 2015
Pls can I get help with pages where ETC was discussed? Tried searching but d etc coming out fit reach one million.. Pls anyone help... Can't wait to go back home oooo
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 5:44am On Dec 05, 2015
this one na heart breaking discovery nothing heart warming about it oooo.

Meanwhile, today is a slow day on this thread o...warris happenin?

In the 'spirit' of new discovery, I contacted one hospital in New Jersey via there online customer care chat. The name is Virtua, when dey emailed me the self pay package ehn, I just sighed! VD - $12,936 CS - $22,100 undecided they are not serious mehn

Lol... U funny, try St. Mary's hospital in new Jersey... It's 4k every every inclusive except doctors fee.. Had LOL ystday yet to get all d break down before I post... Not sure if Epidural is part of it Sha but I guess if it's not then it's not more than 500.. Will post price wen am done. Good luck
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 5:35am On Dec 05, 2015

shocked shocked shocked I am sorry but you scored F9. In ftymums' voice kikikikiki, serious carry over, you need to start all over from part 1. We don't patronize agents here, in fact we can give you better service at much cheaper rate, just consult the gurus in the house.

Am not old on dis thread ooo, so am surprised how u pple know if someone is an agent honestly!! At some point I was called and agent but I jump am pass.. D info I got here was helpful so I didn't let dat body me.. But seriously, do u pple have magic eyes of detecting agents?? Just curious
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 5:30am On Dec 03, 2015
Morning mamas, and happy Cyber Monday grin pls which website will I check to get all these fantastic deals? As I be JJC for this kin tin O! (Na so I go miss flight promo on black Friday and yet to get any other good deal). Pls help a sister.

And for the mamas that have ordered but yet to travel, how una do am Must I have a US address to deliver it to or I can just order on hold? Will be traveling mid January. Pls help ooo cry . na me and the cyber Monday today as I no go work grin grin. I must get my Deals. Pls kindly update the house on any good deals you see abeg. Also for airlines ....na Houston I dey go o. Make una helep mi O.

Looking forward to every of ur post cos I knw I will definitely laff.. I think it's better u have an address cos delivery doesn't take more dan 4 working days max, don't knw if there is anything like book on hold Sha cos as u buying things, u pay online with either PayPal account or master card or any payment method..

Check Burlington as their prices are fair, Walmart too, Marshalls is OK but a bit expensive Sha.
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 5:10am On Dec 03, 2015
PART 2...
There was a woman in front of me, they searched her bag for close to 20min...also there was a Family, the husband was asked to remove his belt, na im trouser wan disgrace person husband, make I no lie, na only boxer show grin. I was not searched sha, as na sisi I do go the place sef, my belle no too show.
On getting to the entrance, had to sit down cos, we were just entering 4 persons at a time.(naija, dem no even pitty belleful woman make dem allow me enter first undecided. I then entered the main hall, checked and asked to sit for passport verification. The security lady then told ppl to stand up and join the queue, then she saw my face and said..oh sorry oh, you're pregnant?? Pls just sit. Verified and sent for finger printing, then, to the final destination....There was this lady in window 7, I think they forgot to put white paper on her table, cos for about 8-10interviews she never gave one white paper!! Na only green paper she dey issues ppl, another lady @window 8, reject people so tey she refuses a Pastor (this our jerry curled church pastors) I NO MENTION NAME O.
So there was this man in window 9, I was attracted by His voice and calmness. He asks and listens well to people's explanations. Na Im I start to dey look the window dey scabosh... grin speaking in tongues seriously say na there I wan go..the woman beside me was talking, I no even hear weting she dey talk, just they look that window!!
Before then, I had about 5people before me, so I started calculations and distributions that before it will reach me, ppl would have occupied those winshywinshy windows.....then I heard..."next applicant window 6!!!!Before i'll look my front, all of them...I MEAN ALL OF THEM stood up (cos dem be one family) to window 6!!! Yeeepaaaa!!!! Which means the next applicant na for the next window...OLUWA oooo.

Then I remembered someone on this thread said you can stand up to use the toilet then come back... Then I realised, I had committed the whole process to God's hands. Hmmmm... After like 2 min,I just heard..."NEXT APP WINDOW 9!! I was like really did I hear 9 abi na 7 grin. I just run go there as If person wan chance me. grin.

So the Interview proper!!

VO- Morning madam
Me- Morning Sir
VO- Passport and confirmation page pls
Me-Passed it
VO-So why do you want to go to the US
ME- For Delivery
VO - Oh you want to have your baby in the US
Me- Yes sir
VO- What do you do
Me- Am a xyz
VO- So why US
Me- I've had some episodes of Bad hx so I intend given the advanced facility in US a shot
VO- Ok, where do you work and how much do you earn
Me- Bleep
VO- Your husband...
Me- works with Bleep and earns btw Bleep-Bleep monthly. I have his statement of accounts printed just yesterday
VO- Ok can I see it ( Opened and studied it carefully). Then said, I can see he's got some huge deposit on this account in September
Me-Yes, from his business account
VO- You say he has a business too
Me- Yes, he's into this and that
VO- Alright,(starts to type ooooo, and asked) sure you know health care in America is much more expensive than what you have here
Me- Yes am aware.
VO- Ok, madam, no law binds you from having your baby in the US, but you must make sure you pay your bills, get a confirmation from your Doc and hospital and always remember to board with your documents intact.....so am going to approve your visa,(Gave me two white papers, sharperly puts them in my folder, com hold am for armpit, as if he was going to change his mind any moment.) grin...he continued talking oooo ( I no even hear anything again, all I was thinking was how am gonna jump on dh's chest and rrrroooollllll!!!! ....... so have a nice stay in the US. (at least, I hear that one) grin
Me- Thanks .....You too

NOTE...All the questions he was asking like work, and co, he didn't ask to see anything, but then I brought out documents to show him through the glass....he pretended not to see it anyways.....

Really appreciate all the contributors on this thread, you've been so helpful indeed. Thank you soooooo verrryyy much.

To all waiting for thier interview, go with confidence and prayers, it shall be well.

Hahahahahaha u are really funny and a gud story Teller at that. Hope u read mass communication in school.. Was laffing all tru.. CONGRATS dear
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 3:19pm On Nov 21, 2015
Hi all, been a silent follower of this thread and said I will post my experience once I port. Will like to thank all that have contributed it help immensely.i went through part 1-3and d info I got helped. Prayer and burden of proof cannot be overemphasized. I got my visa when I was 3 moths pregnant for vacation, I wasn't asked if I was pregnant during the interview(lucky me). I stumbled on this thread shortly after. I digested it inside out and proceeded on my missionary journey via BA to newyork enroute New Jersey.went with almost 11k thanks to Travelex changing at 196 .found Gods favor all d way. Got to POE and met dis evil CBP.asked purpose of visit, told him to deliver collected all my docs and took me secondary inspection by himself. Handed me to one guy saying she was pregnant during interview and she didn't declare. The other Guy said it doesn't matter as far as she has her money and docs. He was still arguing o, see me see trouble. After the guy told him to go Bac to his post that he will sort me out.the guy left reluctantly.after 10 mins he called me up, asked if I was pregnant during interview I said yes, he then asked y I wanted to give birth I and better healthcare bla bla. Stamped me in till may, said if I needed to stay longer I should notify immigration for an extension and to always keep my receipts. ThankGod for divine favor and thanks to all nairalanders who contributed to this thread. Any new jersey moms around , pls holla

Currently in NJ... Congrats on ur successful POE
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 3:11pm On Nov 14, 2015

I didn't apply for passport but from what I read in a link on the previous page, the passport fee is to be addressed to innovate one, and the processing fee of #30 to Nigeria embassy

Shey using either Nigerian passport or getting a Nigerian visa is all OK. Me thinking of the stress in getting a passport, think I will jst get Nigerian Visa instead then come and get passport in Naija
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 12:10am On Nov 13, 2015

It's on page 83. You go love cold na when you hear some prices like Florida cheesy I like your spirit jare. Reminds me of the story of some guy who wanted to rent an apartment in a high rise building. The rental price was highest at the ground floor and reducing as you go higher. So he asked for the price of the topmost floor. When they told him and it still wasn't within his budget, he replied "this building is not high enough for me" cheesy

Hahahahahaha nice one


Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 11:19am On Nov 10, 2015
Thanks to this forum that helped me a lot, I want to share my POE experience.

Am now in New Jersey, flew Lufthansa through abuja on 7th November in my 35 weeks plus 4 days to Germany then Newark final destination. At Abuja airport after my fit to fly was asked, I was made to go to d airport health for my BP and Co. My BP was hi Sha but the doctor concealed it and as me to relax.. As per JJC my blood don hi.. Lol

Flight to Germany was gud but was among d randomly selected for another security check at Germany, dat didn't take up to 10 mins, waited for 5 hrs plus for my connecting flight to Newark.

Got to Newark at 1:45pm, very long que for the Immigration checks but it didn't take up to 15 mins to get to my turn. And it goes

OFFICER- what are u here for
ME- child birth

OFFICER- how long are u staying?

ME- going back January ending

OFFICER- whose paying for bills

ME- my husband

OFFICER- where is he?

ME- Nigeria

OFFICER- so he's sending the money

ME- yes

OFFICER- where are you staying

ME- with a friend she's outside

OFFICER- how much do you have here

ME-1200 dollars, which I made to show him but he said not to worry since it's not up to 10000 dollars

OFFICER- place ur right hand and ur face shld face d camera and enjoy your stay

ME- is dat all?

OFFICER- Yes, do u have luggage? I said yes and he showed me where to go pick my bag.

No single document was asked, no secondary inspection but was at agriculture cos of d indomie and milk I declared. When it was my turn for dem to open my bag, I guess they felt lazy all of a sudden cos de asked is dat all that you have in there? I said yes and they said don't worry ma'am pick ur bag and go. Dat was all ooo... This is what I call favour frm above.
I decided to say the truth and honestly part of me was ready to come back if bounced back.

Aside the workers at d airport, I was d only black face I saw at d POE.. Met with a preggy Mahmah that we boarded same flight frm abuja, she was going to Houston and later chatted me about how she was stressed at d POE and that a woman was turned back to Nigeria as well...

At the end it's God's grace. Thanks every one. Waiting for little one to arrive.

Forgot to mention was stamped in just B2 and nothing else, don't know what that means.


Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 6:21pm On Oct 31, 2015
So I left Naija on Thursday with Lufthansa at 36 weeks but my fit to fly stated 33weeks and they still don't want to fly me I just pleaded and told them I am fit bags where not searched 2k made that possible got on the plane no hassles pls mothers try and get compression socks cuz it helped a lot. Was the only preggy on both flight

Fast forward to the almighty Chicago Poe

CBP: hi, what brings you to Chicago
Me: Vacation
CBP: Where wld u be staying and seeing
Me : with a friend and she would be taking me around
CBP: how long have you know your friend
Me: more than 5years stayed with while doing my masters in U
CBP: How long are you staying
CBP: looks at me and said 10 weeks
Me : yes am here for child birth as well
CBP: k why do you want to have your baby here and re you talking to a doc already
Me :for better health care I want to have my baby cuz I loosed one before and my doc referred me yes I am talking to a doc already I passed him dr's correspondence and bill and receipt of payment.
CBP : goes through everything and my visa transcript and asked where is ur husband:
Me: he can't make it cuz of work but he his coming later I have his ticket booking here do you want to see it
CBP: then I passed it to him
CBP madam please follow me for secondary inspection
Me k then ( in my mind chai this guy sha took me for sec inspection) after 10 mins
Another CBP came out asked where is my husband and who I wld be staying with told him again and then said I can see you have paid all ur bills u don't have any outstanding. Then he said have a great stay ma'am stamps me in till April.
No Agriculture check at all then I wheeled myself out of the airport.

Chicago was not bad after all.

Waiting patiently for LO to arrive.

Congrats on successful POE and may d Lord be with you the as little one arrives..

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Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 7:29pm On Oct 26, 2015
@maymaj,please send me details of NJ hospitals that you have (previous post deleted). I have been doing my research and I will like to compare before making direct contacts to the hospitals. My email is makinsatimi@gmail.com.


OK will do dat..
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 7:13pm On Oct 25, 2015
JW u need rest... Pls go and sleep, it will help u a great deal.... Hibernation CONTINUES.. cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy


Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 6:55pm On Oct 25, 2015
[quote author=Adiahabasi post=39352381]. she's looking for a good deal in new jersey where she is going......told ppl to pm her abt California...clear? grin[/quote

JW even in d New Jersey am get to get a hospital with gud deal... If I was going to California I assure you that I will not be checking this page, but what difference does it even make since no more hospital names or cost.. Am hibernating... I kuku ma new for here sef


Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 5:53pm On Oct 25, 2015
Since after deleting d post, I wasn't keen on coming to check d latest (maybe someone got a gud deal) cos dia is no point doing dat.. I have booked my ticket already so am so in need of hospital deals but I guess now it's not useful coming here cos any post with doctors and prices wount be allowed anymore...

On the matter of checking part one of this thread, I guess most of d prices in that thread would have changed hence no nid to check... I rest my case.


Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 9:15am On Oct 25, 2015

Ghen Ghen, Uchetobi, pls pass me the lipton na!

Haba justwise... I meant no harm, cool down pls.


Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 8:14am On Oct 25, 2015
Gud morn pple...

Me and my wahala Sha, make una no vex ooo @ justwise and Co. Promise not to mention hospital again..

Got a very gud deal in California where the cost of everything including doctors fee is less than 5000...

Mummies considering California should PM me. I hope am not violating a rule here again ooo.

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Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 10:54pm On Oct 24, 2015

I never accused you of that.

Actually that will not help a lot of expecting mums. A lot of expensive hospitals today used to be cheap/affordable but as soon as their names are mentioned here and people started contacting them they raise their prices and even charge for Dr's letter.

I guess dats a point you are making.. Correction will be taken.


Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 3 by MayMaj(f): 10:27pm On Oct 24, 2015
@ justwise.. I wasn't trying to promote any hospital as I have no business with them but only for d fact dat we are trying to get affordable or gud deals...

I mean it's worth considering if hospital A collects 8900 as bill while hospital B collects 3800..

Bear in mind that both hospital A AND B are in same location.


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