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Webmasters / Re: Help I'm Having Adsense Issues by MeandSum: 1:50pm On Feb 16, 2018
Tanx bro, but my clicks are valid

How do you know they're valid (just asking, not insinuating anything)?
Sometimes, you get a click dump at the end of the day which would include every legitimate click for that day.
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Celebrities That Attend White Garment Churches (Photos) by MeandSum: 4:15am On Jan 21, 2016
Truth be told, I fear cele' girls but I can't really differentiate celestial from Cherubim but I plan to attend a C&S, Catholic and seventh day adventist service one of this days just to know how they conduct their service. Not planning on visiting celestial church sha.

You should try attending even more denominations. You see, knowledge, comes from experience and the best ones are those you get first hand (where possible).

I still find it fascinating even after 20 something years of being an atheist.
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Celebrities That Attend White Garment Churches (Photos) by MeandSum: 3:56am On Jan 21, 2016
really? but why are most of them Yoruba? abi na acting tinx ni

Because you had to ask that question means you absolutely have no idea about religion in Nigeria (and its Africanization). grin
Webmasters / Re: 5 Killer Tricks To Make Your Blog Load Faster by MeandSum: 1:50pm On Jan 12, 2016

TBH, my blog does not claim ownership of all articles on it. Our duty is to collate several types of tech news all in one place for everyone to have it at ease. Any by the way, we do give credit to original writers. No plagiarism intended.

Are you kidding me? then, you need to read about fair use. Not a single article on your site (including all the ones you posted here) gave any credit whatever.

And you claimed ownership by not stating clearly the article is not yours - it is an inferred ownership if no statement is made to indicate otherwise.

Did you seek permission from the sites you copied from? A big NO would be your answer.

Don't you find it ironic that you stole every single thing on your site, yet, you added a copyscape notification that says "do not copy"?
Webmasters / Re: 5 Killer Tricks To Make Your Blog Load Faster by MeandSum: 2:43am On Jan 12, 2016


stealing content is not a funny business... so you can "lol" your sorry a$$ away.
I think the best option I have is to run a circle around you and alert all the people you've been stealing articles from. Then, have them file DMCA with google for every single page on your site.

next, I can contact any ad company you're using and file a complaint with them (good for you, I didn't find any adsense ad on your site). How is that "lol" working out for you now?

I have a very high level of intolerance towards thieves. Makes no difference - politician or fake webmasters like you. stealing is stealing.
Webmasters / Re: 5 Killer Tricks To Make Your Blog Load Faster by MeandSum: 7:09pm On Jan 11, 2016

Just give a link to the original post to reinforce your claim.

You see the OP is not denying it.

Beside, the burden of proof is on her. I know the original source of the article. I'll post it here if the OP says I'm lying.
Webmasters / Re: 5 Killer Tricks To Make Your Blog Load Faster by MeandSum: 3:37pm On Jan 10, 2016

I wont blame you tho!

You wouldn't blame me for what? for catching you in a lie or for calling you out?
must your life always revolve around decept? trying working honestly for once. you'll feel a lot better... beside the fact you don't have to look over your shoulder for the rest of your miserable life or worry about people like me finding you out.

so, what don't you blame me for?
Webmasters / Re: 5 Killer Tricks To Make Your Blog Load Faster by MeandSum: 3:15pm On Jan 10, 2016
Google loves pages that load in no time, and not only on desktop, but on mobile too. They even provide developers guidelines to help optimize the performance of your blog.
So how do you speed up your blog? Do you have some tips to share?

You almost fooled me there with that article.
what do you gain by stealing other people's content, posting it on your site as yours and then posting it here with no credit to the original writer?

I think you should stick with what you were doing before - trying to sell people pen1s enlargement like you've been doing before.
every single article you've posted here has been a copy of other people's work. Do you have shame at all?
Webmasters / Re: Google Adsense Problems – Whom Should I Contact? by MeandSum: 12:54am On Jan 10, 2016
Hi Forumers,

Please I’m having an issue with my blog (….). The Google Adsense application on it was running for more than 4 years without any problem.

Nevertheless, I recently saw it in my Dashboard that I needed to apply for Adsense to show on the blog and track my records, which meant that the Adsense ads that were running on the website were just doing so for nothing.

You said the ad has been there for 4 years. I assume you entered the code into the site yourself. Correct?
Then, look at the source code of the site and you should see the ID of the code showing up on your page. Is it yours?

Didn't you get any check or payment from them for the 4 years the ad was running?

And the best way to contact them is through your adsense account. If you're making more than $100 a month (not 100% sure of the amount but it should be around that $100-150) you should have a "contact us" option where you can email them. Don't expect any fast reply though.
Webmasters / Re: I Need Help To Complete An Order Online by MeandSum: 8:58pm On Jan 06, 2016
This is one problem with Nigerians... seriously its a big problem.. you all think that anyone who u come across online is a scammer? this why we aren't progressing in doing business online.. in business we take risk... if you don't take risk in business then it mean u aren't a serious businessperson... u need to take risk with your eyes widely open.. 100% vigilant... I've sold a .org domain @14,300 dollars before... so, i can't believe its a scam.. luck shines if u wait.. i don't even believe a dot org domain has such good market value before.. i wait patiently until i got a serious buyer who's willing to offer anything to get it... there are certainly some investors who needs your domain as long as its free from trademark issues..

Sorry, that's not why we're not progressing. We are not progressing because most Nigerians are scammers and they actually see nothing wrong in it.
I've also sold domain for $9000 and for as little as $800. Doing something that's certain to end up with your money gone and nothing to show for it is not called taking business risk. Its called being $tupid.

In your case, you sold a .org domain that means something to someone who probably bought the.com, .net too. Here we have someone claiming someone wants to buy his domain that's worth no more than $10 for $20000. Yet, it took me just one minute to do a domain check that shows that domain is free for registration for every other extension except .com and .net.

Now ask yourself this question: why would someone be spending $20000 on a .net domain when the .com is with someone else? Let's assume he's also planning to buy that .com for $40000. Then, what stops him from buying the .org for $3 before starting negotiations? Isnt that what a smart businessman would do?

#3, to register all the other extensions on godaddy you,all need to spend about $350. Why has he not done that to protect his future investment?

Lastly, the .ca & .us of that domain name is available for f*** sake!

Now, if you are a very smart guy you should run and run. On the other hand, I suspect the OP is also trying to pull a long con of his own.

That, my friends, is why we remain backward as a nation!


Webmasters / Re: Is It Good To Buy Traffic by MeandSum: 7:50pm On Jan 06, 2016

I pray the OP will listen to this.

I doubt he'll listen. You can see how many "professionals" showed up here trying to change the topic from it original point which was buying traffic from dubious service provide to making it seem he was asking about AdWords.

Even with AdWords, none of those saying he should buy AdWords has shown how much he needs to spend to make profit.

Yeye people.
Webmasters / Re: Is It Good To Buy Traffic by MeandSum: 7:41pm On Jan 06, 2016
Please sir, go and treat you tumor b4 it gets out of hand

I've seen people you can define as $tupid (with no regard to their level of education). I've met educated !diots and highly intelligent illiterate that you end up learning a thing or two from. But you, my friend, are in a whole new class of $tupid. Instead of keeping quite and let people forget the nonsense argument you were trying to make, you keep showing up with some silly stuff.

How would you like to end this year with a tumor? With your love and wish of tumor on others, rest assured it would catch up with you one day. Then, you should remember you wished it on yourself.
Webmasters / Re: Ad Code To Show On Mobile View by MeandSum: 4:05pm On Jan 06, 2016
[quote author=Frankicent post=41670644][/quote]

Cool! The image is not very clear on my smartphone. I hope you can see some improvement already.
If you prefer, try this one https://gtmetrix.com/ it may be easier to understand.

Sadly, I'll not have access to a computer or laptop until maybe later today or sometime tomorrow. It is Christmas eve today the 6th of January in this part of the world.
So, I'm in the village at my parent In-laws' and like 24 immediate family members! smiley
Webmasters / Re: Is It Good To Buy Traffic by MeandSum: 2:42pm On Jan 04, 2016

I don't blame your brain.. I can see it has tumor

The fool knows after he's suffered. - Hesiod

You told me adsense don't sue people, I told you they do and the first case was over 11 years ago(title: Google Sues AdSense Publisher for Click Fraud - https://www.clickz.com/clickz/news/1710062/google-sues-adsense-publisher-click-fraud) . Instead of just keeping quiet and let everyone in your household forget you're the a$$ clown, you went and open your mouth again spitting out nonsense.

Let's see if you'll have any functioning brain when you're my age. shall we? smiley
Webmasters / Re: Is It Good To Buy Traffic by MeandSum: 2:22pm On Jan 04, 2016

How will you use $10 for US, UK CA, AU, NZ, UAE traffic etc smiley smiley smiley You miss road ni??

You use beta money to chase money

I can see you missed the logic in that post and amount smiley
In SEM, success should be scalable to a point which was why I picked $10. $10 is something most people can afford to throw away(coincidentally, it is the minimum amount most SEM program require you spend per day).

But for you I'll make an exception... make that $100 and show me how your math add up.
Webmasters / Re: Is It Good To Buy Traffic by MeandSum: 2:10pm On Jan 04, 2016

Is it ok to buy adword?, I have signed up alread bt I dnt want to get into trouble.

Hey Fitz22, the short answer is no. You shouldn't. Let me be clear though, Adword is a fantastic program and the ROI is wonderful if you have something to sell. My concern is when people advice arbitrage (Adword to Adsense) for a blog site. Rest assured, you'll not recoup your investment (in fact, you'll be lucky if you get half of it back).

If you share your site's URL here I'm sure someone would come up with good ideas that can help.

Insult and help, I believe, should be offered free of charge. Avoid those who would come here and tell you to Whatsapp them. they're probably playing a long con with no intention of helping at all.
Webmasters / Re: Is It Good To Buy Traffic by MeandSum: 1:23pm On Jan 04, 2016

Knowledge is power, people really need to read more often than open their mouths. Nice one.

knowledge is power indeed! But have you tried adwords-adsense arbitrage yourself?
Because it looks good on paper doesn't mean it works - you may be lucky to pull a profit every now and then but it is not a business model you should advise someone starting their blog with zero knowledge of what he's doing.

maybe it worked before October 2011, but it has not worked much ever since. Sure, you can spend thousands of $$$ without any expectation of ROI. That's another thing entirely.

And let's not forget, the OP was not buying traffic from adwords (why else would he say the traffic was "showing up in analytics"?).

So, should you buy adwords traffic for your adsense account? short answer is no, you should not.
You'll end up spending more than you are making, tempted to click on some ads to "at least make something" then end up on the wrong side of adsense.

Since we are all "experts" here, answer this question and don't dodge it (need straight answers so we can all learn something).

I am giving you virtual $10. Please, show me how you'll do adwords arbitrage with it buying Australian & Canadian traffic and the expected profit. Let's go!

Talk is cheap but when it comes to practice, $hit, my friend, happens. But please, go ahead and make me close my mouth on this topic forever.
Webmasters / Re: Is It Good To Buy Traffic by MeandSum: 3:14am On Jan 04, 2016

You may use other PPC networks e.g. Bing Ads. Do not use Adword if its is for only Adsense. But you can use Adwords for Affiliate marketing. They have the biggest traffic online.

I know you can. You can set $.10 click rate on bing for example. 10 clicks would cost you $1. Let take that further and make it 100 clicks for the sake of this argument.

So you spend $10 with bing and got 100 visitors to your site.

A very good click rate would be 3-5% (which is on the high side if you ask me but let's just say 5% to make things easier).

Now, we got 5 people to click on adsense ad. How much do you think you'll get per click from google to turn a profit?

you'll need to make $2.2 per click (adjusted for overhead and processing fee) to make a profit. I've not seen that kind of luck for a very very long time.
Webmasters / Re: Is It Good To Buy Traffic by MeandSum: 2:47am On Jan 04, 2016
I read through the question by OP and all the various answers. In fact I could not help laughing at some of the responses. You see this is the problem with the Net. There is information overloads. Also everyone is an "Expert".

let me start by saying YES you can buy and send TRAFFIC to a blog monetized with Adsense, but you need experience to do this successfully. You need to earn more than you are spending to make a profit. It is called Adsense Arbitrage. You can Google and read this term.

When we talk of traffic, they are many types of it. There are fake and real ones. And this is where you have to be careful. Google does not want Fake traffic and you will get into trouble when you buy this. You will not be in trouble when you buy PPC traffic from places like Adwords, Bings, and Microsoft where there are enough quality controls and the source trusted. You do not have much of click frauds from these places as the companies involved have strong detective mechanism to control and stop this. Google is comfortable with this type of traffic and you will not get into any problem with your acct.

The only problem is that you have to know how to do this right. You must earn more than you are spending. Who said you cannot do it with PPC traffic? Do you know that you can get quality clicks from places like Adwords and Bing Ads for 1 cent per click? It is all possible, but you have got to know how to do this. It took me almost 10 years to figure this out. I thought free traffic and SEO was the only way. Hahahaha, now I know better.

What a coincidence as I just finished a report on how to make money online with cheap quality PPC traffic, the kind of traffic that is accepted by Google. Master this and you can kiss your money problems online goodbye as you will surely make money online. Imagine if you can earn $10 for every $5 that you send online. How much will you earn? You just need to start with a fix amount and then reinvest your profit until you build up your capital base. If you know this, then you can make money online on auto. It is just like turning up the tap whenever you want.. You can send unlimited traffic to any offer / website anytime you want. You will only be limited by the amount of capital in your hand. Yes the traffic from paid sources is almost unlimited.

I just said let me come to Nairaland when I ran into this thread and decided to contribute. If you want to know how it can be rightly done with PPC traffic, then see my signature. It is free info for you. You may take it or leave. No problem.

In 2016 and going forward, I want to say that using paid traffic online is the way to go. Organic or SEO traffic is no more the way. Just one Google change or update and you are down to zero. Read online of people who had a full-time income and after the Google updates lost everything. They saw everything dry up over night. Traffic they built up via SEO over so many years dried up in one day. You do not want that happening to you. Like I said the era of free traffic / SEO is over - at least for now. Maybe it will change in future, who knows. I am not saying that you cannot do SEO, but it is no longer worthwhile. Spend your time doing something else like adding quality contents to your website, looking for the right offers and so on.

Lastly, I almost forgot this one. If you can not successfully apply and get the Adsense acct by yourself, you can get someone to assist you do this. There si nothing wrong with this. They are couple of guys claiming to have some secret knowledge on how to do this successfully. You will find them at places like Fiverr and the other freelance sites. I do not know much about them as I have never used them. I got my adsense acct years back when it was still easy to get an adsense acct.

I hope some learns something from this post.

If interested in knowing the right way to bank with Adsense in 2016 using PPC traffic, then check out my signature. happy new year guys!

Quite a good post but the OP (if you reread his question) was not asking for arbitrage type of traffic ( adword to adsense). If he did, most of the advice would have been to educate him on adwords quality-landing-page algorithm (which essentially nullifies any profit he could expect to make from adword traffic).
Webmasters / Re: Is It Good To Buy Traffic by MeandSum: 2:15am On Jan 04, 2016

Is it ok to buy adword?

The short answer is No. buying adword to service a adsense account is called "arbitrage".
while google does not officially ban it, they frown upon such act and it would place your account under scrutiny. if my memory serves me right, the argument against it was "good user experience". imagine someone came to your site through adwords, then they left your site through adsense and landed on another site with adsense ads, then hop on to the next site through adsense... the loop can go on endlessly.

Again, you can try it but you'll end up holding the short end of the stick.
Webmasters / Re: Is It Good To Buy Traffic by MeandSum: 1:43am On Jan 04, 2016

You're so not on point.. AdSense can only ban somebody, they don't sue people.

Where the heck r u from?

The first person sued by google was back in 2004. that's 11 years ago!

I've been with adsense since December 2004 (they actually invited us to join back then and we got a personal representative as soon as we hit $3000 a month, you'll need to hit 10-15K to get one of those these days). So, I know what I'm talking about.

Now, where the heck r u from? right back at you!
Romance / Re: Photo Of An Alhaji Carrying His Girlfriend's Bag Goes Viral On Facebook by MeandSum: 11:05pm On Jan 03, 2016
How can you have genuine salvation that will guarantee eternal life with Jesus and grant you the grace to overcome sin, Satan and self? Please follow the following steps:
No Excuse, but admit it.
If truly you need God’s mercy to pardon your sins and give you grace to overcome them, then you need to face it by yourself and acknowledge your sin. Don’t excuse sin because everybody is doing it - in your church (even your pastors, parents or partners), in your family, in your place of work, etc. Don’t says, “Does that means everybody doing it will go to hell fire?” Yes, everybody can go to hell and God will still be righteous. Jesus said instead of you to be thinking how many will be saved, YOU strife to be saved NOW. Don’t excuse sin because of its popularity, it’s in person - you, face it. And sin is sin, either small or great, there is no difference, you just be sincere and confess it.
Psalm 51:3
For I acknowledge my transgressions,
And my sin is always before me.
4 Against You, You only, have I sinned,
And done this evil in Your sight
Make a Genuine Confession
Do you wonder why you’ve made several confessions of your sins and yet you still have guilt of those sins, you still go back into such sins, and your salvation is not certain or you find yourself going back into your sins? It’s simple: you didn’t make genuine confession. Genuine confession is not just using the name of Jesus, not answering alter call and so on. Take the next 2 steps that lead you to genuine salvation in Jesus Christ:
First Repent before You confess.
There are many fake confessions, but if you sincerely want to make acceptable confession, you must first repent. No need for you to confess if there is no repentance in you. Repentance is thoughtful realization of your sins and determination to forsake them. If you confess without readiness to forsake the sins you confess, you are simply wasting your time, and the sins will soon get you down. To repent is not to be sorry for your sins, if you are sorry without readiness to forsake all, you will have a sorry case and that is not a genuine salvation. Humble yourself before God now and surrender all.

God punish you for posting off topic here.
Webmasters / Re: I Need Help To Complete An Order Online by MeandSum: 10:32pm On Jan 03, 2016
are u on whatsapp?
why would you ask me that? Trying to sell me a bridge?
Webmasters / Re: Please Help: My Blog Has Been Hacked by MeandSum: 10:23pm On Jan 03, 2016

Issue number 1 is that although i was able to get back my gmail account but the blog has already been associated with another gmail account.

Issue number 2 is that, the person has removed my adsense codes from the blog and replaced them with his...but i was able to get the hacker's adsense publisher ID through page source. So my question now is, what can i do with his publisher Id that will enable him return my blog back to me.

You have only one option here: Google.
Question though, is your Gmail account not tied to your phone number?

My advice is that you use their adsense code to find other sites they own and run a circle around them. List all their sites in your report to Google. Should teach them a lesson or two.

On the other hand, the perpetrator is probably long gone and sold the site to someone else who is gullible enough to buy a "working adsense account" like a lot of people sell here on Nairaland smiley
Webmasters / Re: Paypal Vcc by MeandSum: 7:09pm On Jan 03, 2016
For PayPal VCCs

Check out Aspkin.com/forums or even Auction Essistance

How do you withdraw money from paypal? You'll still need a US bank account(although payoneer comes to mind, not sure if that one still work).
Webmasters / Re: I Need Help To Complete An Order Online by MeandSum: 6:38pm On Jan 03, 2016
i'm seriously in need of financial help. I listed my domain cb4a.net for sale on 123 reg of which i got a buyer. He's an investor from Canada. He contacted me yesterday via email.. he said he needs the domain for his project of which we both agreed in 20,000 dollars. He said i should send the domain certificate to him to prove my domain has no trademark problems and its appraisal report.

I tried ordering for one online but i don't have the price they requested for an order. The price for an order is 170 dollars. i don't have that money now so i want to know if anybody can help me complete the order request. once the purchase is completed, i will pay such person 500 dollars back for assisting me..

Anybody like that? its urgent...

Walk away from it because it is a scam. 1000% scam!
Your domain is not worth more than $10 (there's no value to it than the age) .. second point, it's not a .com domain ( the .com is with someone else and from what I can see they're not selling). Lastly, the .org is free and I can buy it for $2 if i want.

So, logic dictates that a businessman who wants to give you $20,000 would first buy the .com ( the .net has no value without the .com) and buy the .org before even contacting you.

Sorry to burst your bubble, you probably thought God heard your prayers abi? smiley


Webmasters / Re: Is It Good To Buy Traffic by MeandSum: 6:11pm On Jan 03, 2016
well,,a frndbought traffic and adsense,,and theyv bn workn well 4 hm,,he uses google analytics to check up on hz blog and it's bn kul

Here's what I can tell you - He's deceiving you.
Those traffic they sell are generated in 1 of 5 ways.

The first one which is the easiest ( I'm almost certain this is what you're being offered) is IP spoofing - basically, they generate fake IPs from different locations. While those would show up in your analytics, it has zero result on your earning - google sees through them right away and if a lot of your clicks are coming from such IP they'll disable your account.

The most advanced one (which is a little more difficult to catch by google) is using a botnet or zombie computers. Google would catch up with you within weeks and sue you. Then, the FBI would catch up with the organizer of that botnet, decrypt their sale data (who bought what and for how much) ... you can do the rest of the maths smiley

Just stay away from trouble. If people are not reading what you have to say - go look for another topic to write on.

31 Likes 1 Share

Webmasters / Re: How To Add Large Adsense Rectangular Unit With Multiple And Collapsible Ad Rows by MeandSum: 4:20pm On Jan 03, 2016

Hi Just checked from your site, it's nice and saw the adsense ads. But there was none like I mentioned. Checked your home page and multiple posts.

And wouldn't the ad I mentioned looks a bit wider than the 300*600 ad. 300*600 ad looks like a large side bar ad.

Thanks for your response.

That's why I said it automated by google. What's the widest google ad you've seen?
if my memory serves me right, only one of the ad parameter can be more than 300 px - so you can have 300 * 750 or 750 * 300, or 280*900.

In case you want to force/increase your chance of getting such ads, try using a parameter like 600 *300 or 720 by 300.
Let us know how it goes.

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Webmasters / Re: Ad Code To Show On Mobile View by MeandSum: 5:58pm On Jan 02, 2016

Thanks which cache plugin do you recommend for me?

I think W3 Total Cache is the best of them all (https://wordpress.org/plugins/w3-total-cache/), it may seem difficult to configure at first but there is an extensive how to configur online if you do a quick google search.

But before you do that, I'll recommend you test your site with http://www.webpagetest.org/, eliminate the bottleneck as much as you can.
Temporarily install P3 plugin which should give you some idea on the worse behaved plugins you are running(just don't forget to delete it when you are done because it's a resource hungry plugin).

sign up with cloudflare. it is a CDN service and their free version is more than enough for you (https://www.cloudflare.com/).

When you're done with all that, you should have less than 60 request needed to generate your page and less than 20 calls into your database.
Webmasters / Re: Ways To Receive Payment From Foreign Clients by MeandSum: 10:15pm On Jan 01, 2016
Pls Guys, what are the easiest and cheapest ways to receive 'direct payment from foreign clients?'


Payoneer if you're on one of those freelance/job sites.
If not, 2checkout.com would be the only choice you have.
Webmasters / Re: Ad Code To Show On Mobile View by MeandSum: 10:11pm On Jan 01, 2016

Bro don't stress your self inserting ads code to your CSS file.
check out this post from my tech blog. DO DROP A COMMENT

9 Best Free WordPress Advertising Plugins to Help Monetize Your Blog Ad

If you like the mobile view or you want to talk to me... click the email button.
Read again.

9 Best Free WordPress Advertising Plugins to Help Monetize Your Blog Ad

Over 180 request is made for each page on your site to display. That's a lot! Since you're using wordpress, use caching so a lot less request is made to MySQL. It would make your site run faster and the ads would show up faster too.

BTW, nice writeup.
Webmasters / Re: How To Add Large Adsense Rectangular Unit With Multiple And Collapsible Ad Rows by MeandSum: 9:22pm On Jan 01, 2016
I saw some websites have the following large rectangular shape ad that contains multiple ad rows.

so my questions is as follows:

Q:- How to add large adsense rectangular unit with multiple and collapsible ad rows in the blog?
I've attached the snapshot of the above said ad unit.

Thanks for any help in advance.

This is done by google automatically. Any of their large ads does that (the 300 x 600 large skyscraper in particular).


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