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Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by MemOL: 9:56am On Feb 08, 2019
Good morning house..

Please how much does ac evaporator (the one under dashboard, passenger side) cost for a fx45 2003 model..


Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by MemOL: 11:16pm On Nov 15, 2018

I am too lazy to check but on-board diagnostics started as far back as 1968 with a volkwagen

The more compliant OBD2 came on board around 1996.

Is your vehicle dated further back than these dates?? lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed

Yes, 1976 - 1986 model . . . You should have OBD1 if I am not mistaken


Na old regular Benz I dey talk about o..lol.. So I doubt if there is check light..
Also to be sincere..I don't know the actual year of my old Benz...I sha know its regular .. Have tried checking online for the details to no avail...or maybe am typing the wrong vin...
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by MemOL: 12:00am On Nov 01, 2018

Is there a check engine light ?

At all...there is no light on the dash.. But does w123 old benz has 'check engine light'?
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by MemOL: 11:58pm On Oct 31, 2018
Injector or carburetor?

Its injector..
The mechanic removed the plugs.. And one was bad(wet) ...I changed it and it stops rough idling .. Though am still looking to buy the original spec plugs written on the engine...
Autos / Re: Milex & Carquest, 2nd Largest USA Parts & Repair NOW OPEN In Lekki Phase 2 by MemOL: 5:14pm On Oct 30, 2018
Hello Ma

Please how much is four Bosch w7dc plugs?

Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by MemOL: 4:55pm On Oct 30, 2018
Dear Sirs..

Please I need help with my w123(old regular Benz) it started rough idling lately... The engine sound is not smooth at all...and it doesn't move well enough in sync with the pressing of the accelerator..

I really don't want my mechanic to start trial and error.. Please what should I tell him to check..
Autos / Re: TESTED & TRUSTED.... Cotonuo Cars Delivered By Tadeus by MemOL: 7:33am On Oct 30, 2018

Please can I still get 505 with Ac in Cotonou and how much?

Preferably auto but won't mind manual as well.

Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips For Honda Cars by MemOL: 7:04am On Oct 30, 2018
Happy weekend

Please what type of oil should I use for Honda accord 2007 model (discussion Continues)

And Edakun what can cause my OBD II scanner not connecting to the ECU of the same car?

Please help..
Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips For Honda Cars by MemOL: 11:51am On Oct 27, 2018
Happy weekend

Please what type of oil should I use for Honda accord 2007 model (discussion Continues)

And Edakun what can cause my OBD II scanner not connecting to the ECU of the same car?
Car Talk / Re: Innoson Upgrades From Manual To Automated Production (Photos) by MemOL: 8:33am On Jun 29, 2018
Hello everyone

Please who knows the customer service number of innosson or their office in Lagos here.. Their website is offline..
Investment / 20-30% Roi In 7months....investors Wanted. by MemOL: 3:58pm On Jan 08, 2018
Marindot Global Services is a Registered Social enterprise company in Nigeria playing a fundamental role in solving some of the issues plaguing
societies, drawing business techniques to find solutions to social problems while making our investors happy along the way.

As at July 2017, the labour report of Nigeria released by National Bureau of Statistics puts it out that the period under review showed that the population of unemployed was 27.12 million in 3rd quarter, compared to 28.58 million persons in the 4th quarter, which means that 351,015 actual persons were added or joined the list unemployed labour force, and it has been on the increase every quarter, in a lay man’s language, it means henceforth, every 3months, more than 351,000 person will be added to the labour force, and we have not added the underemployed persons.
Furthermore, the bureau said that keeping with the recent trend in the labour market, unemployment and underemployment continued to be highest for persons aged between ages of 15 to 34.
This social issue among many others is what Marindot is committed to address utilizing business techniques, resources, manpower and skills.

It is crystal clear that we can’t target all the unemployed persons so we filter
with the criteria below;

After the filtering, then they proceeds to our Legal representatives who
question and interview them, inform them of what Marindot stands for, what
we do, how we can help them, and all these are conducted according to
industry standard.

They are then asked to bring two legal accepted guarantors, either formal or
informal who has a landed property in Ogun State.
Then we invest in them by purchasing an INCOME GENERATING EQUIPMENT
for their business or trade after they must have signed a clear agreement
concerning the repayment terms and conditions.
Presently Marindot is the sole investor in this business, and we have more
than 10m Naira worth of INCOME GENERATING ASSET purchased towards addressing unemployment as a social issue in our economy, our business has been tested and proven, and that is why we seek private investors so we can do much more than the status-quo while making you smile at the same time.

Below are our investment highlights and details.
Investment highlights:
 20-30% NET fixed yields in 7month
 Proven income generation from operational phases
 Contract and agreement drawn up by Law Firm
 Return on Investment guaranteed
 The Return percentage is open to slight negotiation.

Investment Details:
Investment Amount – 250,000 Naira and above(in multiples of 250,000)
Use of Funds: Towards solving a social issue whilst making profit
Tenure of Investment - 7 months
Return on Investment – 20-30%

Collateral: The investor can request for one or more of our assets to be
registered in his/her name, or he/she can leave it registered in our
company Name as the whole transaction is bound by Nigeria Business
law as it will be signed by both parties.

Payment Guaranteed to Investor: Payments will be made into the
investors Nigeria Bank account as at when due/or as agreed in the

Interest Payment Schedule:
Option 1: Interest will be paid monthly and in the 7th month, the capital will be returned with the remaining interest, for example, You invest 2,000,000 Naira, the interest is 30%, which amount to 600,000 Naira which will be paid monthly for 7months, so 600,000 Naira in 7places is 85,714naira, so 85,714 Naira will be paid monthly for 7 monthly and the capital will be returned too on the last day of the 7th month

Option 2: Payment starts from the 6th month and it will be completed with the interest on or before the last day of the 9th month

Transparency: All our books, transactions are balanced and up to date as we exist primarily to solve social issues while keeping our investors happy, also we are happy to have our legal representatives deal with yours if is ok by you.

Please note that we reserve the right to turn down investors as advised by our legal advising firm and the major reason we are seeking investors is simply because demand is very high and we can not meet up.

Interested? Or you need to ask more questions, Please chat us on whatsapp 07032522991 or shoot us a mail at adeji34@gmail.com

Thank you...
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by MemOL: 5:40pm On Sep 08, 2016
Bonanzawin don get Nairaland id, grin grin >:without office address grin
Lol...very funny isnt it? how a supposedly reputable company wont have phone number or office address on their website... God dey
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by MemOL: 2:16pm On Aug 23, 2016

You have to mail them a reminder

Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by MemOL: 12:09am On Aug 23, 2016

use the old mobile version on opera mini....

from there u can easiky copy ur slip

Hello, Please i sent you a mail regarding an issue with Bonanzawin...have been on it for 4days now unresolved... i deposited 21k...they added bonus...and i mailed them that i dont want the bonus....cos its not worth it...how can you give me bonus and say i must turn over the money 5times on odds of above 1.8.... as a serious minded punter...that to me is unrealistic...

they replied me after 2days suggesting a way out which have done....but for 2days now again...havent heard from them... Please can you help facilitate it... Thank you
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by MemOL: 11:32pm On Aug 22, 2016
Choose Ebonybet and enjoy up to 110% bonus on your betslip.

Heads up guys... always read terms and condition of all the betting company you use...i was going through the terms and condition of ebonybet and i found out that the maximum winnings in a 24hour period is 100,000(yes you read right...100k pere...so all those accumulations hoping to win 5million or even 101,000...na waste of time o.... i copied it below from their website.... guys be smart n wise o...

30. Maximum winnings
Over a 24 hour period the maximum winnings of each individual User is 100,000 NGN os (net winnings, without counting the amount of set money).

27.3 If the User’s deposit exceeds the bet’s amount, at the client’s request for withdrawal Ebonybet reserves the right to charge the User all costs incurred as a result of processing deposits and withdrawals.

10.4 Winnings are paid only within the limits set with maximum limits of the company. If the User has made a bet and the winning exceeds the maximum, the company will not pay any amount of money exceeding the maximum limit.

I want to believe what they wrote above on their website is false... maybe they didnt read the terms and condition themselves...but just know this...if you win more than 100,000 in a day on ebonybet.... they are bound under those terms and condition not to pay you your money...
Nairaland / General / Re: vfl by MemOL: 11:49pm On Aug 21, 2016
Hello guys. This is Nosayaba Lawani. I decided to initially ignore this when I saw it but some of my loyal subscribers urge I commented. If you know me, I'm not a scam and will never be one. My five team killer win system I released last year was a hit and lots of bloggers copied me and started selling my books on their website with my name on it. So if someone buys from them. They read it and use the book. If after a while to strategy in the book stops working. What do they do next? Email the email address they see in the book. Or call the phone number in the book. And because I quickly do a search and see they didn't buy from me. I simply ignore. The five team killer system for example had 5 updates lasting over a span of around 8 months. And only eligible buyers got that update.

The rest of them who illegally bought the version one go around and keep spoiling my name that my systems don't work.

I have a face to my name unlike other internet marketers and I have a disclaimer on my websites that say the Vfl is a very erratic platform and no one system is 100% sure. What i try to do is update my systems as the Vfl system changes.

My latest system the handicap machine, for example, is working well. And there's lots of testimonials on my website to prove it. But of lately. The Vfl betradar platform has tweaked their system and it has somehow affected the Vfl handicap machine.

So what have I done?

I have already studied their update and brought out a solution and the Vfl handicap machine is working well back again.

I'm set to release this update this week.

Again. Those who didn't buy from me legally. I expect them to go around and say I'm a scam and my systems don't work and blah blah blah. Truth is I really don't care.

About three of my subscribers contacted me to respond to this thread hence I'm posting this.

As for refunds. Send a mail to virtualfootballprofits@gmail.com and i'd process your refund.

People also do abuse this process but I'd not go into too much details on this post.

Thank you.
Nosayaba Lawani.

wooow.... Just seeing this....normally....i wont reply to this...but seeing your carefully and wonderfully written story...i cant but laugh... maybe i should post the screenshot of the transfer to your account(in your own name) and several mails sent to you without reply...even after i bought the upgrade to your system for 13k...it took you more than 2days to respond... now...the system you sold didnt work as promised...and i sent mails to you severally humbly requesting why it didnt work as promised and if there is a way to correct it... but up till date...no reply... even the whatsapp group you promised....have sent mail tire... no reply...nothing... and you dare come here again saying people who bought from illegal sources are the one spoiling your name... you really need to get your act right seriously... cos all the story you wrote above....all Joke...even on your facebook page... you even delete customers's comment and opinion including mine... it just shows how far you are willing to go with the lies.... you can fool everyone but you know so deep down that you are really fooling yourself.....

Now....the first time i commented here was Jul 21, and that was after i sent you countless mails and text....so its been a month that you have been ignoring mails......justsaying
Nairaland / General / Re: vfl by MemOL: 11:37pm On Aug 21, 2016

I smelled a rotten fish as well, but I decided to go ahead since the amount was lower than expected. Could you believe it took that guy several days to respond to my mails? Yet, he continued sending me messages on the handicap stuff and did not bother to apologise when he eventually responded. Very annoying.

Those mails are on autoresponder.... he has prepared and program those scam mails to send automatically...
He is so full of himself.... he believes he is doing humanity a favor by selling those stuffs, but he wont get so far in business and in life with that kind of mentality...i even mailed him several time that the vfl thing is not successful as he promised...and was politely asking him to offer any reason for it..if any....... but as usual... he dissapeared... I just wish and pray no one will ever fall in his trap again...

People should run away from NOSAYABA LAWANI........

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Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by MemOL: 9:18pm On Aug 18, 2016

If only you were here when I was caught up in that same poo, probably you would have learnt. Luckily for me, it was just a little cash I deposited.

As it is, I only use bonanzawin for inplays, with a maximum bankroll of 5k

I guess i am right afterall... Bonanzawin na scam in disguise, i thought i was the only one seeing their scam antics, even the almighty Bet365 will ask you whether you want the bonus or not...... Please even for the Inplays..please stay clear of Bonanzawin... to register on bet365 is very easy and even ebonybet...
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by MemOL: 3:30pm On Aug 18, 2016
pls where are the BONANZAWIN agents...

I am just trying to be calm for the past 2 days now..

I think BONANZAWIN are scam jare, a company without phone number and office address on their website, they even give 1st timer 25% but its like the devil giving you free gift, it will never pay you in the long run.... their rule state that you must place bet up to 5times of your deposit on odds of 1.8 minimum, its just like devil; Please stay clear of them....i even mailed them and message on twitter so that they can remove the bonus...i no want abi na by force..... but as usual..no response....
Nairaland / General / Re: vfl by MemOL: 3:26pm On Aug 18, 2016

Somehow, I saw this thread on Google 2-3 weeks ago when searching for info on the guy before paying, but I can't remember ever reading before I paid. I still wondered what happened, abi na jazz? Ta!

The VFL handicap e-book (and the free ones he offered) did nothing. The amount required to earn just N50 (especially after losing streaks) was unreasonably high. Needless to say I didn't even use the 'strategy' but only studied it to determine feasibility. I wouldn't have paid if I had an idea of the gain-capital scenario. I didn't need to pay for a strategy that offers such very low returns - I have ignored patterns that gives slightly higher odds.

I was preparing to pay after he dropped his price to N1,990. Lucky for me, the price dropped to N990 when I was ready to pay. That helped a bit to deal with the feeling of being scammed.

I think he is truly a professional scammer, he sent a general mail few days ago that he has been away and busy bla bla, i just laughed, when he was collecting money, he was not busy, also i should have known when he reduced the price from 4k to 990naira, i even sent him a mail that why is it so low? but its well sha
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by MemOL: 3:12pm On Aug 18, 2016
you get 20% on ur first deposit when you get in through this link it is a new bookie for u https://www.bonanzawin.com/?code=clodd007 : so much inplays nd fast payout

First Impression last longer, i registered with Bonanzawin and funded my account today, Now they added 20% Bonus without giving me the option to ACCEPT or DECLINE, now i have sent them mail and even message on twitter but no response, the major reason why i want to DECLINE the bonus is below;

You have to place bets at least 5 times the total of your deposit + bonus amount prior to making a withdrawal. Minimum odds of 1.8

DID anyone notice the minimum odd of 1.8, on 5times the amount you deposit(i.e if you deposit 100,000..you must place bet equivalent to 500,000 on minimum of 1.8 Odd...thats serious) i find that very disturbing, and i believe anyone serious about punting will find it disturbing as well, at least Bonanzawin should adhere to Global standard practice by sending a code to accept the Bonus, especially with all their rules and regulation.

Please is there anyone with their office number or office address because it very unprofessional and scam-like for a supposedly reputable company not to have a single phone number or even office address on their website.

Thank you
Nairaland / General / Re: vfl by MemOL: 11:49am On Jul 21, 2016
I did business with him recently, bought the vfl handicap strategy and even bought his membership suite too, but few days after, the strategy which was supposed to be 'loss-proof' failed..
Now, we all know things like that happen, but nosayaba just vanished, he doesnt reply to mails or sms, all we need from him is just to tell us why it failed or is there an update to the strategy, but till date, he has not responded to all form of correspondence.

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