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Autos / Re: 2008 Tokunbo Lexus RX350 by miracle4(m): 12:02pm On Jun 07, 2016
sweet chomchin
Phones / Re: Need Help With Techno N3 Flash Share by miracle4(m): 12:18am On Jun 07, 2016
I have uploaded the flash share that's preloaded in Tecno android phones. You can get it here.
or even pick any other android file transfer app.
Phones / Re: How To Use Flash Share For Android by miracle4(m): 12:16am On Jun 07, 2016
heard that transfer is free without data,is my source right?
All wi-fi direct share transfer apps does so without using data.

You can actually get Gionee Xender app or the main one from either Google play store, iOS store and windows phone and share easily between smartphone and tablet devices.
Webmasters / Re: Heetng.com For Sale..grab It Now by miracle4(m): 2:47pm On Jun 03, 2016

We know heetng is a scam. But how much for your adsense
grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Nairaland / General / Re: Finally! You Can Now Get Fuel Easily In Your Area Using Nawhere.ng! by miracle4(m): 8:46pm On Jun 02, 2016
This is a super-innovative idea LordEmma, reminds me of how useful the AbokiFX platform has been since it was launched. I need not stress myself much to get authentic parallel (black) market dollar to naira FX rate or start calling those dealers in my list before getting non-confusing prices.

Nawhere is sure going to be a game-changer for modern Nigerians or just anyone with an internet-enabled device. Thanks again for coming up with this super-awesome idea.

I am proud to be one of the few person that published a pre-launch article on it.
Phones / Re: What Are The Benefits And The Disadvantages Of Rooting by miracle4(m): 9:14am On May 26, 2016
With rooting, you can remove bloatware, optimize your device, customize ROM and do other tweaks..... in the same vein, rooting can make your device susceptible to malware attacks, bricking of the ROM and would normally void your phone's warranty.

For Rooting guides:

You can opt here for - rooting with PC and/or rooting without PC.
Travel / 7 Things Tourists Find Strange About Nigerians by miracle4(m): 9:43am On May 23, 2016
Visiting Nigeria can be a mind-blowing experience as there are so many places to see, cities to visit, and cultures to explore. Certainly, along with the excitement of traveling to or living in a foreign land comes the possibility of the visitor experiencing some form of culture shock.

A number of tourists who have visited or lived in Nigeria have testified to being shocked and overwhelmed by the lifestyle, customs and practices of its people. Here's revealing to you the top seven things tourists often find strange about Nigerians.

The loudness

Nigerians find it hard to believe, but they are exceptionally loud, especially those from the western region. Some have stated that the loudness is a consequence of their local dialect and their cultural practices, while other believe that the average Nigerian lous because is is their heritage to be boisterous.

A typical Nigerian will not hesitate to belt out a song in crowded street in the bid to sell potions or win souls, and most locals will not even try to reduce the pitch of their voice, as long as they feel the need to air an opinion. While locals see these as normal, most visitors find it utterly alarming.

Church buildings every couple of miles

Nigerians are very religious people and a larger part of the country actually practice Christianity and they are very zealous in their faith. It is hard to find a street in most parts of the country (excluding the northern regions which are saturated with muslims)without at least one church or meeting place. Visitors find it remarkable and some have wondered how these churches maintain their members.

Nigerians tend to carry large amounts of cash

For most people who live outside the country, ATMs and credit cards are the way to go when it comes to buying or purchasing. Most wander about with wallets utterly devoid of cash, they do not see the need to carry cash around as it even creates opportunities of getting robbed or maimed.

They find it amazing that Nigerians on the other hand seem to love the scent of raw cash and carry money around with them at all times, despite the fact that there ATM machines around and most stores and spots have POS for credit cards. Nigeria is slowly becoming a cashless society, however they are finding it hard to give up the feel of paper money in their hands.

Bold requests for tips

Nigerians are not shy, not when it comes to money. Most visitors not only find it weird that they may have to paying extra for someone to do their job , they are baffled that waiters/waitresses do not hesitate to hint at or outrightly ask for a tip when it is time to collect the bill .

Unlike it is in the UK, there’s no set arrangement for tipping at restaurant and bars and so there is set amount or percentage one should tip neither is it clear, who should get tipped. The locals however do not see anything wrong with the whole situation as basically, it is the norm. When in Rome, act like the romans.

Liquor for everyone

Most countries around the world have a legal drinking age of 18 and so does Nigeria, so, many tourists find it astonishing when they see teenagers who are obviously below the age limit buying alcoholic drinks or spirits.

The most commonly purchased are the NGN50 satchet liquor sold by women who carry them around in trays and basins.Nigeria has a much more liberal stance on public drinking, and while most visitors find this delightful, there are who consider it unacceptable.

Locals eating full meals in public buses

The public buses, from BRT to Moluwe and Danfo are a major means of transportation for most locals in Nigeria, and while it would generally be considered unhygienic or just improper to eat while in motion or in public spaces that are not meant for eating, a lot of Nigerians flaunt the etiquette anyway and you cannot blame them really as desperate times call for desperate measures.

It is no secret that certain large cities in the country are plagued with the incessant traffic jams, and the locals basically cannot stifle the need to stay on the hustle, so, they save time by eating on the bus. Do not be surprised to see someone eating not just gala and coke, but full blown meal like jollof rice, fried yam and sauce or even Amala and Ewedu.

Their strong belief in superstition

Nigerians generally believe in superstition. It is an aspect of almost all the culture in the country and so it is generally accepted. There are so many signs and events that they believe are consequent to how things would turn out and they tend to read meaning to certain things visitors may consider as normal.

For instance, Nigerians tend to think that the right eye twitching is a sign that the person would see something good, while the average tourist see it as a sign of stress. Nigerians take their superstition so seriously that they could change their plan for the future or just for the day for something as simple as a black crow perching on one’s roof.

Source: Jovago Nigeria
Webmasters / Re: The Top 4 Tech Blogs In Nigeria by miracle4(m): 10:38am On May 13, 2016
your list looks legit. I concore
Phones / Re: Best Mobile Apps For Students by miracle4(m): 9:21pm On May 12, 2016
Quite a revealing list bro, syncs 100% with a comprehensive college student apps list I made some months back. Even though I didn't feature most of the ones here, it was really a time-tasking exercise to come up with any list at all.

Thanks for the for the share already
Phones / Re: What Is Hotknot And How To Share Files Via Hotknot? by miracle4(m): 6:38am On May 05, 2016
sounds like doughnuts
Business / Re: Difference Between A Business Name And Limited Company (cac-wise) by miracle4(m): 7:01pm On Apr 19, 2016
Somebody registered a business name today e.g. SOKLIN. But after some years want to incoperate the business as a company. My question is will the CAC still approve the name to be SOKLIN LTD?
That is the essence of reserving the business name bro, all you need do is - walk into their office, locate the holder of your original jacket and let your legal personnel work on the upgrade while the necessary payments (30k+) would come in alongside the required documentations


Business / Re: Difference Between A Business Name And Limited Company (cac-wise) by miracle4(m): 6:58pm On Apr 19, 2016


Please I need help with the name search and registration. Kindly, add me to your connection so I could mail you.

Do you still need a help with this?
Business / Re: Who Knows Cac's Office Location In Anambra State by miracle4(m): 6:56pm On Apr 19, 2016

Please where is the location?
zik avenue, after eke awka, just after the last keke bus stop, trek a little bit passed the filling station and you'll see the tiny sign by the road-side (right).
Business / Re: Best 5 Deposit Account Types To Save Money In For High Interest Yield by miracle4(m): 5:52pm On Jan 23, 2016
Webmasters / Re: 7 Ways To Succeed In Buhari’s De-dollarized Economy As A Blogger (or Netpreneur) by miracle4(m): 6:52pm On Jan 01, 2016
Good tips
thanks for checking out bro
Webmasters / Re: 7 Ways To Succeed In Buhari’s De-dollarized Economy As A Blogger (or Netpreneur) by miracle4(m): 1:35am On Jan 01, 2016

Thanks for your response. But then is there any alternative to use and make payment?
about 3 alternatives is already mentioned in the thread body

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Webmasters / Re: 7 Ways To Succeed In Buhari’s De-dollarized Economy As A Blogger (or Netpreneur) by miracle4(m): 9:38pm On Dec 31, 2015
With this new CBN policy, can we still make payment with our Naira Mastercard on facebook for buying of ads and promotion of our goods and services?
some banks will still allow you to do so, just that the rate is a bit ridiculous
Webmasters / 7 Ways To Succeed In Buhari’s De-dollarized Economy As A Blogger (or Netpreneur) by miracle4(m): 1:02pm On Dec 31, 2015
A lot of Nigerian bloggers, mini-importers, web hosting resellers, domain resellers and web artisans have in the recent weeks expressed shock and concern with the new CBN policies.

The huge discrepancy between the official CBN rate, black market operators and private bureau de change (BDCs) operators has been the cause of dissatisfaction among the bloggers and Nigerian netpreneurs.

The recent rumors of Nigerian banks planning to prevent their customers from using naira-denominated ATM cards locally for transactions denominated in forex isn’t sounding good at all for bloggers that needs forex for payment of web maintenance services, advertisement and tools.

We have taken the uncertainty of CBN policies for 2016 into consideration and have come up with a near-perfect list of top 7 best ways to stay unscathed in the President Muhammadu Buhari’s De-Dollarized Economy as a Netpreneur in Nigeria.


Payoneer is a huge relief to bloggers and internet marketers as it lets one receive payments (payout) from abroad. This may not be the best option for mini-importers but should work great for bloggers, affiliate marketers and freelancers.

A single Payoneer account will normally give you access to a fully functional USA bank account, European collection account and a fully functional credit card.

With this, you can receive payments in Euro from European companies, payments in USD from American companies, withdraw from all ATM machines worldwide and pay for goods and services directly in USD.

The steps for opening (you'll get free $25 at sign up), funding and withdrawing from a Payoneer is discussed in full at the source link here.

2. US Paypal Account

This is another top-notched way to go about your online business without panic and worries. A US paypal account will make it easy for you to pay for services in USD without the dubious rate being charged by the ever-dubious Nigerian banks.

Also, paypal funds are cheaper as you can easily buy from some bloggers and internet marketers for as low as NGN170/$. With a US paypal, you can also withdraw funds from paydotcom, hosting companies and other high paying affiliate programs.

Mini-Importers can benefit hugely from this option as they can easily sky-rocket their mini-importation business by buying paypal funds at a discounted rate from bloggers and internet marketers.

You can even ask most bloggers to pay your source (whole-seller) in USD while you pay the equal in Naira to his Nigerian bank account.

[continue reading]

Business / Re: Best 5 Deposit Account Types To Save Money In For High Interest Yield by miracle4(m): 12:43pm On Dec 31, 2015

Baba oooooo..... Na me oooooo, I'm loyal. Good to hear from you after all these years. Besides, everyone knows Razor, everyone does.

Buzz me, so we can relate better... #My_Signature
why don't you use a custom domain name for the blog in your signature bro?
Travel / Re: How Can Nigerians In Diaspora Access Their Funds From 2016 With The CBN Policy? by miracle4(m): 4:26pm On Dec 24, 2015
I got a huge temporary solution for Nigerian Netpreneurs and students. See all of that at http://www.3ptechies.com/overcome-buhari-nigerian-economy.html

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Business / Re: Best 5 Deposit Account Types To Save Money In For High Interest Yield by miracle4(m): 7:42am On Dec 20, 2015
I agree with DIAMOND HIDA.

But let's face it, Gtbank interest is so low, most of these banks when you consider their interest rate even on big sums of money like N1Million and above.

You will rather like using your money to buy Lacasera and biscuits than save it
you are right bro, but this isn't about their (GtBank) regular savings account, it is the business account that earns you interest instead of incurring charges
Business / Re: Best 5 Deposit Account Types To Save Money In For High Interest Yield by miracle4(m): 7:16am On Dec 20, 2015
Providing rates would have worked better. The information is abstract.
the rates are fully provided alongside the full features. Hit the source link (http://www.3ptechies.com/high-intertest-deposit-accounts.html) to see all that.

Making a table here isn't an easy task bro
Business / Best 5 Deposit Account Types To Save Money In For High Interest Yield by miracle4(m): 10:37pm On Dec 19, 2015
Saving and investment is usually the best way to keep your spending in check. It is wise to include your preferred savings strategy as you make plans for the new year.

We've thought its unwise leaving more than 200K in your regular savings account when there are better options for getting maximum returns on your savings. knowing also that one looses so much money (interest) by leaving huge money in his day-to-day savings account, we have decided to reveal the best options for getting huge returns on your savings & monetary investments.

We have carefully selected the best account types to help you save gainfully without restricting your spending completely as it is with "fixed deposit account" or forfeiting your basic interest as it is with your regular savings account (after like 3 or more withdrawals).

Also, the deposit accounts listed below does come with good and competitive (high) interest and other amazing features. Read all of it from 3rd planet techies link here
Computers / Re: Top 5 Quality But 'cheap' Laptops You Can Buy Online by miracle4(m): 11:20pm On Dec 02, 2015
quite an informative trade
Computers / Re: Konga Shares Rare Warehouse Pictures To Show Their Preparedness For Yakata 2015 by miracle4(m): 4:52am On Nov 27, 2015
Can I get a good male wristwatch online?
sure. there's even about 50% price slashes on both Jumia and Konga. Even Aliexpress and gearbest are running some discounts on fashion wears
Computers / Re: Konga Shares Rare Warehouse Pictures To Show Their Preparedness For Yakata 2015 by miracle4(m): 4:50am On Nov 27, 2015
All na scam! Inflating previous prices and them slashing them to the original price the item went for in the first place....It's only in NIgeria things like these get abused!!! angry angry angry angry angry

BArawo Banza
This isn't particularly correct bro, I bought the Toshiba 1TB HDD for NGN17,100 about two weeks ago, but it is selling for NGN11,000 in the yakata sales.

Also the HP 15 core i7 1TB no OS laptop sold for NGN181,000 for about the same time but now being sold for less.
Computers / Re: Konga Shares Rare Warehouse Pictures To Show Their Preparedness For Yakata 2015 by miracle4(m): 4:47am On Nov 27, 2015
@ Konga, its all scam. You are the worst. I would advise everyone to keep their hard earned savings for the real deal on Jumia Black Friday.
what happened? Mind sharing?
Computers / Re: Konga Shares Rare Warehouse Pictures To Show Their Preparedness For Yakata 2015 by miracle4(m): 6:42am On Nov 26, 2015
the yakata sales has just began. Happy shopping!
Computers / Re: Konga Shares Rare Warehouse Pictures To Show Their Preparedness For Yakata 2015 by miracle4(m): 6:03pm On Nov 25, 2015
And when you go to the site, you will see "SOLD OUT"; after selling it backdoor angry angry
it is best to mark down list of items you are going to need and start shopping as soon as it boots, except for flash sales that are usually limited by moments

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