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Politics / Re: Wike Begins Construction Of Ikokwu Flyover Port Harcourt: Pictures & Video by miracle4(m): 7:31pm On Jul 03

There is no lga in River State that wike hasn't touched
where in Bonny LGA has he touched?
Politics / Re: Hundeyin Replies Akpabio: Authorise MTN, Airtel To Release Voice Records by miracle4(m): 7:58pm On May 14
Calls are not recorded by any telecommunication company anywhere in the world. But your line can be tapped, followed, and monitored if there are any reasons for that. Hence, why it's possible for security agents to track a particular number, eavesdrop on his conversations, get his communications, etc.

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Webmasters / Re: Rejoinder: Blogging Is Not Dead In Nigeria by miracle4(m): 2:08pm On Apr 26
The OP have valid reasons not to share his URL, especially on a Nigerian forum. Many persons are ready to harvest his keywords, dilute his content quality by making several duplicates, etc.

And for real, blogging isn't dead yet, and it's not dying any time soon.


Investment / Re: Nigerian SEC Clamps Down On Investment Platforms Offering Foreign Securities by miracle4(m): 4:56pm On Apr 09
This is madness in its purest form. How can these octogenarians allow Ponzi and useless schemes to thrive while honest platforms such as Bamboo is clamped down. Who invests in Nigerian stocks when you can invest on Tesla, Apples, etc.

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Literature / Re: Name Your Top 5 Novels Of All Time You Would Like Your Friends To Read. by miracle4(m): 10:43pm On Mar 24
The Godfather.
King Solomon's mines.
The Lord Of The Rings 1-3.
The Silmarillion.
Soul Of The Fire (sword of truth series).
A Stranger In The Mirror.
Things Fall Apart etc.

This is one of my favorites. I have also started reading the ultimate husband by skykissing wolf, although voluminous but worth every damn time spent on it.

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Business / Re: CBN Shuts Down Cryptocurrency Exchange Bank Accounts by miracle4(m): 12:51pm On Feb 05

Na you no get sense.

Many donations for the endsar protest were received through crypto
Back in 2017? Did you even read the post at all?


Car Talk / Re: Best Toyota Maintenance/repair Center In Anambra State? by miracle4(m): 10:25am On Jan 10
Agriculture / Re: Just A Random Thought On The Best Type Of Soil For Farming by miracle4(m): 7:37am On Jan 02
Oga @okoroemeka, please come and help answer this question o smiley
Career / Re: A Month After I Was Sacked, I Was Mistakenly Credited With ₦40,000 by miracle4(m): 4:29pm On Dec 31, 2020

How do I get in touch with the mod to help me bring it down?
you can use this link
Career / Re: A Month After I Was Sacked, I Was Mistakenly Credited With ₦40,000 by miracle4(m): 3:09pm On Dec 31, 2020

I clicked on modify(edit) so that i can delete but the system tells me I can't modify the post. Any other way sir?
you can't delete or modify a post that's already on the front page. It's only a mod that can do that
Car Talk / Re: Best Toyota Maintenance/repair Center In Anambra State? by miracle4(m): 9:05am On Dec 31, 2020
Did you find a diagnostic center pls.
Yes, I found one. Do you still need the contact?
Agriculture / Just A Random Thought On The Best Type Of Soil For Farming by miracle4(m): 8:37am On Dec 31, 2020

I am a complete novice in this niche but was having a funny thought earlier today. Please don't laugh at my question, even if it's far from reasonable. Now here is my question:

Assuming that I have a vast and large land at Umuahia, where I wish to plant maize, groundnut, or cash crops, but this land is notorious for badly performing on those types of items. I now dig out a large chunk of the soil (say up to 4 feet or thereabout), and fill it up with trips of soil from Ebonyi State (where such crops perform well), and allow it to sink evenly.

Would this action make this land (at Umuahia) a fertile land capable of yielding good products like its Ebonyi State counterpart?

Another is - If the soil's texture and yield-ability can be improved by the method above, is it better to go with this natural method than using chemicals (fertilizers, etc.) to improve the soil yields?
Phones / Re: Is Samsung Shipping Refurbished Phones As New Ones? by miracle4(m): 6:47am On Nov 14, 2020
alright.... jst update me wen u need to sell/give it out..... need d screen 4 my a30 badly @miracle4
it was fixed by them last week, though at some added cost.
Adverts / Re: Withdrawal Service For Your Limited PayPal Account by miracle4(m): 5:40am On Nov 10, 2020

Do you still offer this service? I haven't gotten a feedback for our pending transaction and you haven't picked up any of my calls either. Now, I have another that needs your attention, hence my asking if you're still offering this service. Thanks in advance
Politics / Re: Djack DJ-5050 Home Theatre System ₦ 19,040 by miracle4(m): 9:35pm On Nov 07, 2020
i just bought the 5050m model. To be honest the sound is on point even to the lowest volume is still dope.
But I don't know how to connect to my TV.
Connecting the device to the TV is super easy. Just use the Aux cable that came with it to connect it quickly.

I showed a quick guide for this in my recent Djack home theater review post.
Phones / Re: Is Samsung Shipping Refurbished Phones As New Ones? by miracle4(m): 11:06pm On Jul 30, 2020

The technician that fixed the phone messed it up. Just because it's a Samsung accredited center doesn't mean they would be perfect. It's not Samsung engineers that work there, they employ people and sometimes incompetent people. The person that worked on ur phone probably messed it up. Samsung don't ship refurbished phones ad new.

Also ur device took a fall and got it's screen damaged. That's not Samsung's fault. The fall might have affected other things.
Most likely the thing that played out here. It's disheartening though considering the fact it's less than a year. I'll look forward to checking another service center when I'm done with stuff here in the east.

hw much do u want to sell the phone
I'm not considering that yet. Would fix it first (if possible again) before selling or gifting it out.


Have you ever repaired your Xiaomi? How smooth was the repair process? I am thinking of switching too.
I've changed Xiaomi battery and power flex in the past. I got the replacement parts from Aliexpress and the fix was seamless. It was done by a road-side technician.
Phones / Re: Is Samsung Shipping Refurbished Phones As New Ones? by miracle4(m): 5:03pm On Jul 15, 2020
Samsung A30 comes with 24months warranty, so activate yours and see if it can be fixed. But the phone is not looking good.
I'm thinking of exploring this option, if there's a guarantee that such center actually fixes it and not like the one I visited earlier. It's well over 4 hours drive from here to PH.
Phones / Re: Is Samsung Shipping Refurbished Phones As New Ones? by miracle4(m): 4:57pm On Jul 15, 2020
Chief... With the photos I'm seeing , U need thuraya or a walkie not android.
Hi chairman, I'm not new to smartphones in any way and always go for my devices brand new.

My iPhone device of two years is still as new as ever (although I use it as a secondary device).

I have Samsung note, smart watch, three other smartphones and several smart devices. In fact, this is so far my worst experience with smartphones as it's the newest (apart from the Xiaomi Redmi 8 I got the same week it went bad).

I haven't used any device that developed this sort of issues within the first year, hence, my concern about it being a refurbished device.

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Phones / Re: Is Samsung Shipping Refurbished Phones As New Ones? by miracle4(m): 4:51pm On Jul 15, 2020
Probably you bought it from a shop that sells refurbished phones...

Then again... you know most new samsung phones are very fragile...

Any small drop can result in damage... hence the situation you are experiencing...
No, not at all. I bought this directly from Jumia (and not a seller on their platform).

That Looks water damaged

It's not water damaged. In fact, it haven't touched water before. It started by hanging on the Samsung logo and then came up again when I allowed the battery to drain and recharged. Next, it didn't turn up when I brought out from my pocket and that was it.
Phones / Re: Is Samsung Shipping Refurbished Phones As New Ones? by miracle4(m): 2:08pm On Jul 15, 2020

I had this same problem last month, took a HP laptop to HP repair centre, first the told me i have no warranty, i got confuse because the laptop is just 2 months old. i said okay they should go ahead and replace the battery, because the battery cant be seen easily.

the laptop stayed 2 weeks with them, only for the repair centre to sent me a message that the laptop battery is dead and the mother board is equally dead, and the most unfortunate thing is that the cant get the parts because it is not a ordinary laptop, that i should come pick it up.

After two days i went to the repair centre picked up my laptop and asked them how can you say a Brad new laptop that has not been used for 10mins have no warranty, that the motherboard is bad and the parts can not be seen, i went further to ask was the laptop manufactured in heaven?

I decided to call our IT person, he asked me to send the laptop across to him, lo and behold after two days he called me and said that he has replaced the battery that he got it for 19k i and his workmanship is 4K i paid him and picked up the laptop, and the battery last for 9hrs if fully charged.

most of this so called repair centers in Nigeria are not affiliated to the mother company, the just print signpost drop. you cant tell me youre an Apple or HP repair centre but you cant get parts from mother company.
Gosh! Such a sad experience! But in this case, the centre is listed on their site and actually fixed the screen at first. It's this second visit that seems strange as they actually recommended I check their PH office along with the receipt for a possible warranty fix.
Phones / Re: Is Samsung Shipping Refurbished Phones As New Ones? by miracle4(m): 1:53pm On Jul 15, 2020
Why is it that dirty?
That's one of the reasons I took the pictures. It was repaired at a Samsung world center at Aba and never touched until this issue

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Phones / Re: Is Samsung Shipping Refurbished Phones As New Ones? by miracle4(m): 1:52pm On Jul 15, 2020
Samsung can never ship a refurbished phone and sell it as brand new device undecided

It either person don tamper with this phone where you changed the screen or you used a wrong/fake charger that damaged the phone
There's no fake charger or such and it was changed at Samsung world store and not just a phone shop. Besides, I bought the phone two at once, hence no chance of using another charger on it.

Phones / Is Samsung Shipping Refurbished Phones As New Ones? by miracle4(m): 1:09pm On Jul 15, 2020
Well, this is a strange question to ask considering how huge the Samsung brand is; but then, my recent experience with their A30 smartphone isn't far from STRANGE! It's tiring and extremely bewildering. A device of less than a year just packed up without any tangible explanation.

I bought the device by August last year and changed the screen for 33k at an accredited Samsung center 7 months after. Used the device for another 2 months plus before it refused to come up again.

On visiting the Samsung shop again, I was told that the motherboard and battery could be dead and the cost of fixing it would be over 50k. So I'm left with the option of abandoning the phone or checking Lag or PH office for a possible warranty fix (which wasn't guaranteed by the lady that's working at the Aba center that I visited).

Now coming back to my question, it's only refurbished or poorly built devices that'd pack up in such a short while without any water or fire damage. The only physical encounters are - (1.) falling off from the top of my vehicle (hence, the screen change) and (2.) falling off from a stool.

Note: This isn't my first Samsung product as I've been using their devices since 2011 and would be disappointed if it's actually a refurbished phone since the center(s) I visited denied that it's a refurbished phone.

Attached herewith are some images that show the device without its back cover.

Phones / Re: India Bans 59 Chinese Mobile Apps (Full List) by miracle4(m): 7:01pm On Jun 29, 2020
Dunno about others but tiktok should be banned worldwide. That app is pure cancer.
This is so true

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Phones / Re: India Bans 59 Chinese Mobile Apps (Full List) by miracle4(m): 5:11pm On Jun 29, 2020
What's your views on this recent development?

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Phones / India Bans 59 Chinese Mobile Apps (Full List) by miracle4(m): 5:05pm On Jun 29, 2020
As tensions along the border continue, the Government of India has decided to ban Chinese apps diverting data and those with privacy issues.

Government has announced a ban on 59 such Chinese apps, including Tik Tok. Government has decided to disallow the usage of these apps both in mobile and non-mobile Internet-enabled devices.

A government press release announcing the ban stated: "The Ministry of Information Technology, invoking it’s power under section 69A of the Information Technology Act read with the relevant provisions of the Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking of Access of Information by Public) Rules 2009 and in view of the emergent nature of threats has decided to block 59 apps since in view of information available they are engaged in activities which is prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order".

The press release further said that the Ministry of Information Technology has received "many representations raising concerns from citizens regarding security of data and risk to privacy relating to operation of certain apps".

"The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) has also received many representations from citizens regarding security of data and breach of privacy impacting upon public order issues," the press release mentioned.

It further says that the move to ban these Chinese apps move will "safeguard the interests of crores of Indian mobile and internet users". This decision is a targeted move to ensure safety and sovereignty of Indian cyberspace, it said.

Earlier this month, data from the Finland-based mobile-ranking platform, AppFollow, indicated that applications like TikTok have borne the brunt of Indian anger over Ladakh tensions.

The popular short-form video app was ranked 5 in top-ten free applications on Apple’s platform in India before the May 5 scuffle between Indian and Chinese troops.

A month later, TikTok slipped down to number 10 on App Store.

Among Android users, the same Chinese application dropped from number 3 to number 5 in India ranking.

But it still remained on the list of top-ten popular apps in India.

Popular among youngsters, TikTok has the maximum number of users in India, followed by China and the US.

TikTok crossed the 2 billion mark soon after surpassing the 1.5 billion mark in the first quarter of 2020. Out of the 2 billion, India turned out to be the biggest driver with over 611 million downloads.

According to the report by Sensor Tower, TikTok’s surge in popularity was due to the coronavirus pandemic. People found TikTok to be most entertaining and engaging in quarantine.

Here's a list of the apps that have been banned by the government:

TikTok Shareit Kwai UC Browser Baidu map Shein Clash of Kings DU battery saver Helo Likee YouCam makeup Mi Community CM Browers Virus Cleaner APUS Browser ROMWE Club Factory Newsdog Beutry Plus WeChat UC News QQ Mail Weibo Xender QQ Music QQ Newsfeed Bigo Live SelfieCity Mail Master Parallel Space Mi Video Call Xiaomi WeSync ES File Explorer Viva Video QU Video Inc Meitu Vigo Video New Video Status DU Recorder Vault- Hide Cache Cleaner DU App studio DU Cleaner DU Browser Hago Play With New Friends Cam Scanner Clean Master Cheetah Mobile Wonder Camera Photo Wonder QQ Player We Meet Sweet Selfie Baidu Translate Vmate QQ International QQ Security Center QQ Launcher U Video V fly Status Video Mobile Legends DU Privacy


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Agriculture / Re: What Aquatic Business Can I Do In This Big Water Reservoir by miracle4(m): 5:18pm On May 24, 2020
can you share pictures for better viewpoint? Cage aquaculture is the best bet for rearing fishes
I've added it to the main post.
Agriculture / Re: What Aquatic Business Can I Do In This Big Water Reservoir by miracle4(m): 1:10pm On May 24, 2020
I have added the pictures to the original post. thanks
Agriculture / What Aquatic Business Can I Do In This Big Water Reservoir by miracle4(m): 11:25am On May 24, 2020
Here's the story:

My dad built a large 20 by 20 deep water reservoir several years ago before his demise.

Now there's a working borehole which has reduced or limited the function of this water reservoir to a mere rest-point for pets, etc.

I'm seriously looking for aquatic business ideas that requires very minimal attention and with very low mortality rate.

I'm currently looking at rearing catfish, crayfish, or prawns but needs better ideas as the well looks too large for raising catfish no matter the kind of steps that's built in it.

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Adverts / Re: Withdrawal Service For Your Limited PayPal Account by miracle4(m): 3:20pm On Jan 24, 2020
Second time trial, second time of great service delivery! I confidently recommends his services to all and sundry.
Technology Market / Re: Please Don’t Buy The MTN Lumos Solar System Until You Read My Review by miracle4(m): 6:18am On Jan 04, 2020
This system is wack. I'm surprised that it can't charge rechargeable touches. 12V Overload is their good morning, while disconnect some appliances (when only one or two is connected) is their good evening. It's simply a power bank for bulbs and phones, and then nothing else.

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