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Computers / Nigerian Network's Cheapest Data Plans For PC, Android, Iphone And Ipad by miracle4(m): 8:40am On Oct 28, 2014
Data and power is no doubt the biggest challenge every person in Nigeria has to contend seriously with.Epileptic power supply has made data bundles so expensive that most Smartphones has turned toys in the hands of heavy internet users like us.

As the holidays draws very close, I’ll like us to discuss on the cheapest, most affordable and budget friendly data bundles you can use on the computer, android phones, iPad, iPhone, iPod, tablets and any other devices that uses SIM card to get access to the internet.
Airtel Android and Android 2×1 Plan

Airtel android 2×1 data plan gives you a sizable data of about 4GB for only NGN2,000 and 9GB for only NGN3,500. This data works across all devices that allows you get access to the internet including Mac and PC(s).

The only limitation with this plan is that your SIM card have to be eligible before you are allowed to subscribe to it. Believe me, it’s a great deal for you if you aren’t the YouTube kinda person.

Airtel regular android data bundle on the other hand, offers 2GB of data for NGN2,000 and 4.5GB of data for NGN3,500. This one has no limitation as it works for SIMs and on all devices.

To subscribe to any of this plans, check data balance or read more about it, check out our earlier post on Airtel Android Data Subscription Plans and Activation Codes

Airtel Blackberry Unlimited Plan

Airtel Blackberry unlimited data bundle plan gives you access to a whooping 2GB of data for NGN1,500 only. Luckily this plan works across all smartphones, tablets, computer and other devices that lets you get access to the internet via a Continue Reading........
Webmasters / Re: Get Free Help For All Your Blogger Issues by miracle4(m): 1:24am On Oct 20, 2014
bought a domain name for ma blog dis weekend,how can remove the blogspot.com without My readers and visitors finding it difficult to access with the old url
check if this post or this other one can help.

Else send me details via the email address above.
Webmasters / Re: Get Free Help For All Your Blogger Issues by miracle4(m): 1:11am On Oct 17, 2014

Go to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-button/ and create one for your page copy the code and paste it In the html /javascript widget of your blogger and preview it to see
Thanks a lot buddy. http://addthis.com is good for getting all the social share buttons at once
Webmasters / Re: Get Free Help For All Your Blogger Issues by miracle4(m): 1:05am On Oct 17, 2014
How can i get RSS feeds?
You can burn feeds using Google feedburner. else, you can enter your current url//feeds/posts/default to use the default one that comes with blogger
Webmasters / Re: Get Free Help For All Your Blogger Issues by miracle4(m): 1:02am On Oct 17, 2014
How do I register on Adsense with a dot blogspot dot com blog url
You can do that from locating the "earning" tabs from your blogger dashboard or apply directly from http://google.com/adsense
Webmasters / Re: Get Free Help For All Your Blogger Issues by miracle4(m): 1:02am On Oct 17, 2014
Thanks bro, i nid tips on how to get good and huge traffic.
Quality traffic needs time and investment. It depends solely on how much of this two you're ready to part with. Organic traffic needs both on-page and off-page optimization while commenting on blogs, contributing to forum and all that will help with your referral traffic.

Social media is another good source of traffic, so studying more on this terms will help you go the right path.
Webmasters / Re: Get Free Help For All Your Blogger Issues by miracle4(m): 10:21pm On Oct 15, 2014
how do i provide 'like' button to my blog.
facebook like or social media "like, share" buttons?
Webmasters / Re: Get Free Help For All Your Blogger Issues by miracle4(m): 8:48pm On Oct 12, 2014

nice thread, now following
you're welcome
Webmasters / Get Free Help For All Your Blogger Issues by miracle4(m): 12:36pm On Oct 12, 2014
What is it that you need help with?

SEO, customization and sundry, kindly drop your issues here to get them resolved once I am online.

I will also set up your blogs on a custom domain name for free, all you need do is forward registrar access details and that of blogger to projects(at)3ptechies.com

This thread is limited to "Blogger sites" alone, that of WordPress might come up depending on how helpful this one turn out to be.
Music/Radio / Feature Your New & Local Music Lyrics In My Website/app by miracle4(m): 10:56am On Sep 05, 2014
I am developing an android app and a kinda blog that will feature only Nigerian music's lyrics. I will prefer songs in Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Benin, Igala and other ethnic groups to their English counterparts.

So if you know any song(s) and their full lyrics in local (traditional) or even English and want to help me with it.

Kindly forward it to projects(at)3ptechies.com or submit it via this contact form.

N/B: Both gospel, reggae, secular and/or any other music genre is welcomed.

Best Regards
Webmasters / Re: Need A Website Developer To Design a 4 Star Hotel Website...ASAP by miracle4(m): 7:39pm On Jul 24, 2014
Follow www.ewtnet.us for samples and good prices too
Phones / Re: How To Stop Spam Texts And Calls From Telecom (GSM) Service Providers by miracle4(m): 7:41am On Jul 20, 2014
miracle4: This already seems to be the new trend in town, GSM Operators have assumed the position of spammers and marketing experts. Hardly can one have a peaceful 24hrs without getting those unwanted, unsolicited and extremely annoying text messages and calls from Telecom Service Providers.

As the yeah draws closer to a halt, we have figured out some really helpful insight to help you put this silly trend under control.

What seems to work already with “MTN Nigeria” Subscribers

Prior to this time, we have discussed in details (link here) what seems to be a solution to Nigerian subscribers using the MTN services.

What works for every other Mobile Telecom Service Providers

This set of solutions should work for you irrespective of your mobile telecommunication services provider. It takes into account; apps, tips and tricks to put this annoying marketing campaigns under control.

[size=17pt]Article Source[/size]
Webmasters / Top 5 Software To Build Your Small Business Portfolio Website Yourself by miracle4(m): 1:40pm On Jul 19, 2014
We are discussing on the top five Novice Ready Software to Build Your Small Business Portfolio Website Yourself without knowing a single line of html code .

It is your right to have your business online irrespective of the size and financial strength of your company or firm .

In this age of social media and web 3.0 craziness many real clients usually find it unpleasant making a simple search of your business name on google / other popular search engines without coming up with a decent result, this can in turn push them over to your competitor who has a functional website with customer support .

What Other Ways can you build an authority Page for your Business / Company Without Having an Official Website?

One of the many ways you can establish your company presence online is :

The use of Professional Social Media Business Pages (Fan Pages )
Submitting Your Business to Yellow Pages and Business Directories
Creating A Thread on Popular Forum With Your Business Name as the Topic and Listing all your products and services
Submitting Your Business to Corporate Listing Sites / Services

The con and caprices : While the benefits of the above mentioned methods can’t be overlooked the dis-advantages seems to outweigh the Merits of using this cheap methods for you company pages.


It’s Free
It’s much more easier to set up
No host / domain Name is needed


You have no right over the contents (the social Network / site can decide to ban you or delete your contents any day)
Clients won’t trust those pages ‘cos any one can just wake up and create it
Forum topics could earn you negative comments and as such negative reputation for your company (you can’t delete comments on your threads )
The Site can decide to close down any day after-all they are not obligated to you.

How Do I Create a Business Portfolio Site for my Company by Myself Without knowing a single html code or on a tight budget ?

Hiring professional web-developers Nowadays as a small company could be one heck of a burden ‘cos their charges will even scare you away beyond negotiation.

My passion for small business getting online led me to creating this awesome Tutorial , Owing to my belief that this will help fashion Designers , Hairstyle-rs and Barbers , Small restaurant Owners , Private Teachers , Photographers , farmers , small Retail shops owners and etc. get a business Website Using any of these “top 5 Drag and Drop Website Creation Software” any novice can design with.

1. Ewisoft Website Builder

Download to create drag and drop websites nowEwisoft Website Builder is a powerful and easy website builder software that you can easily use to create your business portfolio website In seconds .

It is perfect for newbies & absolute beginners . It is so easy to use, all you have to do to start a website is edit text, insert images, and drag-and-drop.

You get amazing results when your website is built and maintained by Ewisoft Website Builder. You can Download it now following the link above and you will see how easy it is to build your Business website in only many a few minutes.

[size=18pt][Continue Reading][/size]
Webmasters / Top 8 Android Apps For Webmasters And Programmers by miracle4(m): 8:01am On Jul 15, 2014
Lately, my Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 has traveled more often with me than my laptop does. Being a webmaster and a coder, I could only think of apps that will serve me on the android device.

Using the Android apps under-listed below, I have been able to create amazing websites, do my freelancing jobs as well as attend to tech support needs of our readers.

You can’t go wrong using the apps below as they are well fitted for web-developers, webmasters, programmers and bloggers.

1. DroidEdit Pro

Being an avid user of notepad++ and sublime text, I can’t help but look for the exact alternative for my android pad, droidedit pro did the magic for me.

Just like myself, you can start by downloading the lite version of droidedit from the Google play store.

2. WebMaster’s HTML Editor

WebMaster’s HTML Editor comes handy for any website developer, blogger, coder, webmasters and programmers, this is because the app is very user-friendly and also comes with the Code completion feature.

Just like DroidEdit, WebMaster’s HTML Editor comes in two versions; the lite (free) and pro version. Both will normally serve well but ones lacks in some features.

3. Android Java Editor

Android java editor is a very helpful app for young app developers or those learning java programming and /or android applications development.

The app features includes; syntax highlighting, code completion and several other useful options.

4. View Web Source

As a webmaster, View Web Source app for android will really come handy as it can be used for troubleshooting websites amongst other regular uses of web source code.

I personally use the application more often being a freelancer with many micro-job sites to work on, I use it to troubleshoot blogs and websites by viewing the main source for possible html errors and all that.

[size=18pt][Continue Reading][/size]

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Phones / Re: How To Stop Spam Texts And Calls From Telecom (GSM) Service Providers by miracle4(m): 8:18pm On Jul 14, 2014

Which app for bb10
bb10 devices can run android apps, figure that buddy
Phones / Re: How To Stop Your Blackberry Phone From Hanging by miracle4(m): 8:17pm On Jul 14, 2014
acenazt: sorry I downloaded it from blackberry store. But the app developer's website is www.alsooz.com
yeah, the app works well too, just tried it on a friend's phone few minutes ago, nice share really
Webmasters / Re: Need A Mobile App Developer by miracle4(m): 8:58pm On Jul 13, 2014
mailtimi: Pls I need a developer that can help build an app for my site, just something like nigerianeye.com or lindaikeji app. Thanks
I can develop and upload to Google play store, send me a mail using projects(at)3ptechies.com
Phones / Re: How To Stop Your Blackberry Phone From Hanging by miracle4(m): 6:30am On Jul 13, 2014
Ariyke: The first method isn't working
how do you mean bro?
You can't move files to SD?
Phones / Re: How To Stop Your Blackberry Phone From Hanging by miracle4(m): 5:23am On Jul 13, 2014
acenazt: There is an app you can download from the app world to clear your logs (Advanced Os and LED) free
can you provide direct link to the app?
Phones / How To Stop Your Blackberry Phone From Hanging by miracle4(m): 9:54pm On Jul 12, 2014
Most blackberries are always hanging and you just feel like trowing it way and getting an android phone do not you? Well hold that thought because you would see the reasons why your blackberry phone hangs and the solutions. The reasons why you phone could be hanging and the solutions are as follows:

Your phone memory is almost full!

If this is the case, I recommend you get a SD Card and move all your data to it. Since the blackberry phones only install applications on the phone memory(A major downer i suppose), it would be wise to uninstall all applications you don’t need or haven’t used in a while

Your log hasn’t been cleared in a while:

This is mostly the case since most people do not know that your blackberry smartphone logs every thing you do, from pressing a single key to talking a picture or listening to music, all are recorded.

[size=18pt][Continue Reading][/size]

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Webmasters / Re: Hi. I'm Jide Ogunsanya; Owner Of Ogbongeblog.com. Ask Me Anything! by miracle4(m): 3:52pm On Jul 12, 2014
i would love that sir...pls hw do we do it?
ping me via projects[at]3ptechies.com or http://www.3ptechies.com/contact.html
Phones / Re: How To Stop Spam Texts And Calls From Telecom (GSM) Service Providers by miracle4(m): 10:54am On Jul 12, 2014
kwaifa252: I need call blacker app with mode of not reachable, switch off.
call blocker has the option to forward directly to voice mail
Webmasters / Re: Hi. I'm Jide Ogunsanya; Owner Of Ogbongeblog.com. Ask Me Anything! by miracle4(m): 8:29am On Jul 12, 2014
i cant access my dashboard, only cpanel
I can help you out bro
Computers / Tablet PC Vs Laptop: Which Side Are You On? by miracle4(m): 2:06pm On Jul 11, 2014
Personal computers is the next cutting edge gadget that has completely taken over the minds of many and how they carry out their daily activities.

With Tablet PC and Laptop on the front line, it is some worth difficult to choose exactly which one to use. Both are packed with amazing features, elegant design and portability to match.

Are you wondering which of these devices you would like to buy? Well wonder no more, this post outlines the main features and things to consider in this two devices. Make sure you read this post before you choose.

Cost Implication

The tablet PC is relatively new in the market thus the production is low making the price slightly higher than that of a Laptop. It is possible to get a good laptop to meet your every need for about $250 to $320 but this is different for Tablets.

The average selling price of a tab is $490 while the average price of laptop is $650. At a glance, it looks like laptops are more expensive but when you compare their performance and features you would see that the tablet PC is way more expensive.

While with $300 you can get a good laptop, you will need up to &450 to buy a Tablet of similar performance and capabilities.

Size, Portability and Shape
Tablets are usually more portable as compared to laptops. You do not need any special bags to carry them or move around.

They come in different sizes and shapes and some are small enough to fit into a purse.

The laptop on the other hand is bigger than the tab and does not allow certain mobility and mostly has to be carried in a bag. This is one area which the Tab tops the Lap top.

Power Consumption, Battery Life and Durability

If you are someone who is always on the move, then the Tablet PC is definitely for you. It can last up to 17 hours without any connection to power. This is way better compared to the lap to 2 to 5 hours of power life.

The power consumption on laptop is due to the presence of fans, coolers and other power consuming devices. In terms of durability, the lap top tends to last more than the Tab. The screen of the tap is more prone to breaking and other hazards related to software that may arise

[[size=18pt]Continue Reading[/size]]
Phones / Re: How To Stop Spam Texts And Calls From Telecom (GSM) Service Providers by miracle4(m): 11:23am On Jul 11, 2014
johnaruson: The best is to use Avast anti virus on android. i succeeded in blocking over 50 network numbers on my dual sim andoid. etisalat is crazy sms spammer.
you're right about that, but not only avast, kaspersky and most other security apps do have the option.

My only problem with security apps on android is that; it does look like a dummy item kept only for draining batteries at the quickest possible interval grin grin grin grin
Phones / Re: How To Stop Spam Texts And Calls From Telecom (GSM) Service Providers by miracle4(m): 3:43am On Jul 11, 2014
Appswheel: I just visited your blog. Welldone!
you're welcome bro
Phones / Re: How To Stop Spam Texts And Calls From Telecom (GSM) Service Providers by miracle4(m): 8:21am On Jul 10, 2014
snadguy007: Most tyms those messages dont have numbers, all u see is just MTN, how do we block those messages ??

The apps do have option to completely block unknown (all private names will be blocked) callers and text messages. This option will only affect you getting notification from your bank.

So it is best activated on your secondary sims.
Phones / Re: How To Stop Spam Texts And Calls From Telecom (GSM) Service Providers by miracle4(m): 5:57am On Jul 10, 2014
Onlinebizexpert: wonderful work op, i followed your explanation and it worked but the problem now is that these network providers now call me on phone oooooooo angry

any remedy to that


interested in online importation business QUOTE ME
you can add the number they normally use to call you to your phone's blacklist
Phones / Re: How To Stop Spam Texts And Calls From Telecom (GSM) Service Providers by miracle4(m): 5:54am On Jul 10, 2014
emyndukwe: Pls this 33111 will it also stop bank alert?
emyndukwe: Pls will this stop bank alert for mtn users?
Bank alert? Not at all, are you looking for ways to stop getting bank alert on your phone?
Phones / Re: How To Stop Spam Texts And Calls From Telecom (GSM) Service Providers by miracle4(m): 12:37am On Jul 10, 2014
Kk4: nokia touch for my mtn. I sent *stop* to 33111 and they hv not disturbed me since today. I hope they have stop
Gosh! Your only option is to wait a-while let me check if i could get in touch with Glo via twitter for a possibility. I thought you're on with a smartphone so i could suggest an app for you.

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