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Politics / Re: Why My Presidential Ambition Failed — Obafemi Awolowo by Modphase: 6:35pm On Aug 14, 2022
If your Igbo father like make he wail to death Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the next Nigeria president
Tell them no amount of emotional blackmail or tribalism will make Nigerians vote a thief and a dying dangerous drug demon like Tinubu.

Tinubu is a smart thief. If you don't use your brain he will bamboozle you. Tinubu claimed a private soldier invaded his house and looted his certificates while in self-exile. This is the wildest lie of the century. He has either burnt the certificate to cover up his old names after being convicted and jailed for drug crimes or he is afraid it will reveal his age or genealogy which obviously is not Tinubu's. Remember the great Tinubu's family of Lagos has disowned him in a well- publicized book.

1. Now the question is how did the person in exile know it was a private soldier that looted his certificates?

2. Remember when Buhari was challenged about his primary school certificate, he was able to mention the school, his head teacher and even released pictures of his classmates. Why is it impossible for Tinubu to mention the primary school name, classmates or even schoolmates or teachers to clear the doubts the certificates are generating?

3. Recently, Keyamo has done more damage and opening more rooms for curiosity when he claimed Tinubu wrote exams from home but he didn't know the school name.

The questions now are: which exams did Tinubu write from home? Who marked the exams? Which year/s were the exams written? Which certificates were issued from the exams?
What is Tinubu afraid of? What will happen if he opens up? Do we need an honest man or a criminal as a president. What do you think?

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Politics / Is Peter Obi Cursed by Modphase: 3:13pm On Aug 14, 2022
Peter Obi is said to be a fine presidential candidate and he as been granting interviews ceaselessly to shore up his image but what I find bedeviling in the interview he granted is that there is no where he ever refered Nigerians to check statistics of the improvement he accomplished in Anambra.

Peter Obi would rather refer Nigerians to China Turkey Morocco Egypt Tunisia and every other country. Does this mean that Peter Obi can no point a finger to a single thing he accomplished or copied from all that countries to domesticate in Anambra.

Be it in security education infrastructure economy human capital development Housing transportation tax IGR waste Management traffic controls etc which among all of this as Peter Peter Obi implemented during his 8 years as Anambra state governor.

Obidient please come to my rescue before your master start quoting thesis in Chinese Mandarin for me over this simple question.

Are workers not paid over a year wages in active service in those countries he visited ?

Are govt officials allowed to loot n save in there 13 old Pandora ?

Are the governors in those state allowed to ferry N250 Million in cash like Peter Obi was caught red-handed in.

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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Inspects Lagos Red Line Rail Project (video) by Modphase: 2:57pm On Aug 14, 2022
Is that why your pathetic foolish Igbo father as been hating on the state right from the time of Azikwe ?

If an armed robber, typical 419er is made a Lagos state govr he'll build reasonable projects.
Lagos is the 2nd most unlivable city in the world but these nuisances will come and hail Tinubu.

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Politics / Re: Dear Obedients, Use Meme To Pass A Message To Urchins by Modphase: 12:47pm On Aug 14, 2022
I am also the Igwe of the entire Igboland

Peter Pandora is my slave and I do not also want the bastard that slaughtered over 5000 Anambra youth in Ezu River as presidential candidate.

I don't want a bastard that will loot the commonwealth of Anambrans into his 13 year old daughter Pandora account

Right thinking Igbos don't want criminal that was caught red-handed looting N250 million in cash on a monthly basis to Lagos to loot the heart n soul of Nigeria away.

We don't want this Pandora lunatic to bring his division of the Catholic n others

The same bastard claimed he invested state fund in brewery but today we can neither find brewery or the money.

This cursed oloriburuku Pandora bastard is also the only governor that used state fund to build malls in Abuja n PH then will it to himself.

Daredevil criminals,wolf in sheep clothing like this Pandora failure that could not stop kidnapping in 8 years in Anambra is not what Nigeria needs.

A lunatic without any tangible landmark project to show in 8 years is not what Nigeria needs.

What Nigeria need is someone like the Jagaban Bola Ahmed Tinubu that can in security provide RRS, transportation BRT, waste management, LAWMA, Eko rail Eko Atlantic, Lekki Seaport, Lekki Airport n others futuristic development.

Quoting Chinese rubbish statistics like the pandora bastard is a no no. Nigeria need a man that took Lagos to the 4 largest economy in Africa to take Nigeria to it rightful place.

So tell your entire house n tribe to churn tribal sentiment n bigotry n vote competence in Bola Ahmed Tinubu. A man that as done it before n will do it again.

No wonder Peter Peter Obi supporters hate it when ask if contestants should be judged based on their past records n antecedent.


I'm Oba of the whole Yoruba land.

Tinubu is my subject but he can't buy the omoluabi's, we are sophisticated people that have conscience.

I don't want the killers of Funsho Williams to rule Nigeria

I don't want bullion van thief again.

I don't want those that killed the youths at LEKKI toll gate to continue.

I don't want those who will be worse than Buhari.

I don't want those who uses M.C Oluomo to disrupt election.

I don't want those who have stolen Lagos and made it their family estate.

I don't want those who made their son inlaw the babaloja and their daughter the iyaloja of Lagos even when they don't have shop in any market.

I don't want those who will divide the south in the name of Yoruba.

I hereby withdraw my suooort and supporters from Tinubu and My new candidate is His Excellency Peter Obi.

Even if Peter Obi does not have a party, please vote for him.
Politics / Re: Can Wike Injure PDP? by Modphase: 12:27pm On Aug 14, 2022
But no lesson is to be learnt by Atiku from Ebele that sent them away. Seem na cement full your skull n no brain


And if time will be reversed, do you think "Amechi Saraki n others left for APC that year " would repeat it?

So lessons have been learnt.
Politics / Re: Jigawa APC Senatorial Candidate, Tijjani Ibrahim Gaya, Is Dead by Modphase: 12:22pm On Aug 14, 2022
Peter Obi will die before Tinubu mark my words.

Why is tinubu alive? Chaii
Politics / Re: Tinubus Campaigns Growing Tribalism Towards The Former Eastern Nigeria by Modphase: 12:14pm On Aug 14, 2022
Na Tinubu wahala go kill many of you wretched Igbos

In the build up to his win at the on't forget it is the same man that "made Buhari the president"...
Folks need to sit up..

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Politics / Re: Can Wike Injure PDP? by Modphase: 11:28am On Aug 14, 2022
Same thing lunatics said untill Amechi Saraki n others left for APC that year.


You are not even up to zero in political world.

You know nothing in politics.

The so called governors you mentioned are not with Wike,they just sympathise with him.

Once he go,do would have left alone.

They also resolve to work with Wike. They just insist on his importance to the party.

We can bet.
Politics / Re: TSG Thanks Asiwaju Over Faleke's Appointment As PCC Secretary by Modphase: 10:17am On Aug 14, 2022
Samw reason your dead brain Igbo father was not made the PDP or labour presidential candidate
Inside life! Why was James Faleke not made the APC's presidential candidate?

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Education / Re: Lagos Orders Reintroduction Of History Into School Curriculum by Modphase: 10:02am On Aug 14, 2022
Nice one


Politics / Re: Why Don't Obidient Want Candidate Judged On Antecedent by Modphase: 9:15am On Aug 14, 2022
You igbos lie shamelessly I swear to God.
Even till this very hour 2/3 of Anambra secondary schools be it private or public is not equipped with computer as you claimed till this very hour.

If Peter Obi constructed road n such roads as collapsed due to poor standard why hold present govt for the maintenance. Ikorodu road, Oworoshoki express are some of the road constructed before I was born n the are still standing till this very hour.

Peter Obi built poor quality roads n he should be rightly condemned for it, that is not to say Tinubu n other governors also do not build poor quality roads.

You talk about IGR shows you must be from a household of fools n lunatics. The IGR Tinubu generated sustained Lagos when Obasanjo held of to state allocation n that was never during Buhari era.

I understand tribalism n bigotry won't let foolish dead brain igbos admit to the superiority of others out of irredeemable hate but the story would have been different if it was your state that generated higher iGR.

boss, don't waste your time and energy responding to these guys.

Peter Obi ensured that every student in Anambra is a computer literate. He bought computers for every registered schools both private and public schools.

He also helped private schools in equipping their science laboratory. I'm saying all these because my alma mater was a beneficiary even though it was a private school.

People who haven't been in Anambra will sit in their house and be asking what Obi did for Anambra people.

About the IGR they always talk about, Nigeria generated more money and increased tax revenue under Buhari but where is the money today. I keep asking, what use is the billions generated by taxing poor market women if they will be looted by rich men?

If the government is sincere and cut unwarranted expenses and aides plus travels and convoys, the little we generate will go a long way in taking care of our problems.

About the roads,it was under Obi that roads in Anambra were paved with drainages both on the left and right side. Go and verify,any road with drainages were done by Obi and they're still standing strong. The ones that are failing is the lack of maintenance by subsequent administration
Politics / Re: Why Don't Obidient Want Candidate Judged On Antecedent by Modphase: 8:55am On Aug 14, 2022
I just read the unverified Facebook post the entire world is use by Ipob to post fraud, nonetheless let indulge that it is true. Loretto Special Science School, Adazi-Nnukwu was returned to missionaries n peter Obi gave

-Standby Generators
- Vehicles (Buses)
- Computers (this was done twice during his administration) and printers
- Free Internet access
- Employment of teachers and so on.

This was all Peter Obi did but Tinubu who happened to be the first governor to return missionary schools to it owner not only did that but paid tuition of student in those schools and paid for their NECO n WAEC.

That is why if you come into Lagos today secondary education is completely free. In Anambra state even primary school education is not free yet Lagos have over 12 times the population of student Anambra as.

Even anyone without a brain should know without using any metrics that Tinubu did beta in what you ask that I research. That is aside the Millennium schools Tinubu built across the state, bursary to Lagos university indigenes.

Only a shameless man will compare Peter Obi with Tinubu even with all his baggages he is milles beta than the pandora failure even on the education you hyped him.

Sorry to say you're not a good researcher. You want to elicit responses by indicting the people you expect the responses from and making unverified claims about Pandora paper you are totally ignorant of. Have you taken time to study the Pandora papers and what are the findings? Could you share the screenshot of the citations indicting Obi in the paper or that you jus heard Pandora paper and join others blindly to rant it? It is the height of ignorance and people laugh out when you make a fool of yourselves.
However, the first item in your piece is education. Kindly check this link and reply me and we can move to the next item. You have asked a question, you deserve answers.


After this, I will role in the questions Nigerians are asking about Tinubu's antecedents, I hope you will be willing to provide answers too.

Politics / Re: Dear Obedients, Use Meme To Pass A Message To Urchins by Modphase: 6:49am On Aug 14, 2022
I am Igbo n Bola Ahmed Tinubu is my choice to everyone his or her choice.

I'm Yoruba and Peter Obi is my choice

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Urges Youths To Take Back Nigeria In Owerri by Modphase: 6:47am On Aug 14, 2022
Same foolish pastor that could not open their foolish Igbotic mouth when Ipob was declaring sit at home weekly. All this Igbo clown must really think Nigerians are foolish I swear

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Politics / Re: Labour Party Rejects Odigbo, Cautions Pat Utomi On Appointments by Modphase: 6:46am On Aug 14, 2022
Maybe if you open your eyes n stop being a bigot you'll understand Lap is full of shit n no one needs to rub it on. It is there already.

The always want to rope some shit on Lp which i don't understand why shabi na only LP dey abi PDP no dey again undecidedNNPP no dey again.

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Politics / Re: Labour Party Rejects Odigbo, Cautions Pat Utomi On Appointments by Modphase: 6:42am On Aug 14, 2022
Why do we carefully. Do you clowns read carefully when other candidate bring out similar letters by their party or you are just being foolish like every other Ipob Igbo.

Read that letter carefully, Pat Utomi was not cautioned. He clarified what happened. Okigbo is the spokesperson of the big tent which Pat Utomi heads. It’s the brown envelope journalists trying to make mess.


Politics / Re: Why Don't Obidient Want Candidate Judged On Antecedent by Modphase: 6:34am On Aug 14, 2022
Politics / Why Don't Obidient Want Candidate Judged On Antecedent by Modphase: 6:32am On Aug 14, 2022
It is surprising at this crucial stage some Nigeria can be talking about competence yet they rather not look back into the candidate history to judge such competence.

This is why I need to ask, how come only Obi supporters do not want Nigeria to look back in history to chose their president. Must we not look at the candidate performance in the leadership role they held for 8 years to judge what they can accomplish in the future. In

Education - how many schools they built, what state offer free education, what state gives computer n grants.

Security- what state was ravaged with ordinary kidnapping for 8 straight years and what state was able to manage such menanxe with formation of RRS Neighborhood watch etc

Transportation- which state is able to do anything to improve it transportation system btw the candidates

Internal Generated Revenue- what state is able to triple it revenue within the 8 years both candidates governed, bear in mind that less vibrant state such as Kaduna Ogun Ekiti are able to triple their iGR.

Economy this is a funny one cos bigotry aside once you hear both parties talk on it, you are such to understand who should never be the president. If you have date listen to the two talk about corruption



Corruption this is a big one with Tinubu known as the bullion van man n his company taking 10% of Lagos IGR to Peter Obi now known as the Pandora Criminal n rightfully so cos he is the first governor to open Pandora account in his daughter's name just to loot. I am aware Tinubu own Pandora account through Osun state governor as well but no governor in the history of Nigeria is devilish enough to open one in their daughter name to act SAINT.

Infrastructure I remember those days after new year you might need to wait 5-7 days to cross the bridge. I have no idea if it's due to poor road network or if it still persist. I know both parties constructed roads but how lasting are those roads ?

Waste Management- this needs know debate we all know who did beta by a long mile.

I chose not to write about Atiku cos personally a Fulani can not rule 8 years and another Fulani thinks he should take over. Beside this two are beta than Atiku in every ramification of leadership.

Politics / Re: Oil Subsidy Must End, Peter Obi Declares by Modphase: 6:00am On Aug 14, 2022
Tinubu is Buhari pro max ..lol
Which of your Igbo governor accomplished what he achieved in education infrastructure security economy transport IGR health.

The hate your foolish Igbo father dish out to Awolowo is still worrying you. Only a mad bastard will have a choice of Tinubu n Obi judge their antecedent n chose Peter Obi on any criteria. Tribalistic bigotry na him wan kill all you igbos. Peter Obi as no tangible performance antecedent.


Shut your smelly mouth. Go vote Tinubu. Nobody needs your vote. Kpatakpata you install Buhari Pro Max and the country with descend into chaos. By the time Boko Haram sieze Abuja everybody will answer their father name. You will be calling for Igbos that you hate so much and you will not see them.


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Politics / Re: Between Tinubu And Obi by Modphase: 5:45am On Aug 14, 2022
Can you pls compare the IGR they met n the one they left ?

How many schools they met n left, who offered free education, returned schools to missionaries etc

What the security situation of the state was n how they left it

How many km of road did they add to their respective states

How were they able to manage waste generated in their respective state

How they met the health sector n how they left it

Human capital development ration before n after they left office.

Even as an Igbo if you find out this details on the leadership qualities of both party n still want Peter Obi as president ahead of Bola Ahmed Tinubu then God in his infinite merch must punish your entire household n generation both dead alive n unborn


Politics / Re: I’m Not Happy, I Didn’t Promise Anyone Happiness – Peter Obi by Modphase: 5:38am On Aug 14, 2022
Biafrans masses you imply.
I am yet to be impressed with the several interviews this clown as granted. He is yet to say a single tangible thing all year long.

Obi is the hope of the masses. Nigerians are now ready to fight corruption and bad leadership with their PVCs.

We need new set of Leaders.

Politics / Re: Rivers Ups For Grabs As Wike's Romance With Tinubu Escalates by Modphase: 1:10am On Aug 14, 2022
De give yourself false hope

As far as Presidential election is concerned in Rivers State, Wike has little or no influence as long as the new electoral act is concerned. Rivers people are not dummies. They don't like APC and I don't see it change anytime soon. If the battle between Wike and Atiku continues, APC may snatch some votes through the back door, but Labour Party remains the chief beneficiary. As at today, most people in that State are rooting for Obi, and Wike dare not go against the popular wish,otherwise he will suffer the Amaechi treatment. Before the advent of Obi candidacy of Labour Party, PDP is the blood group of Rivers people and that is where they will vote for governorship and Labour for Presidency. Thanks

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Politics / Re: Picture Of Peter Obi Penning New Set Of Lies In His Notorious Book Of Lamba. by Modphase: 1:01am On Aug 14, 2022
My brother na same amount they paid the lunatics from Igbo land that have been posting edit photos of Bola Ahmed Tinubu the next president of Nigeria but you n your entire household can wail some more. Ko kan aye.
I wonder how much they pay people like this to come online and defend APC.
Am totally disappointed with some Nigerian youths.

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