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Phones / Re: Tecno W3 For Sale by mosho2good: 7:30pm On Mar 15
Affordable Tecno W3 for sale in Lagos. Call 08083444927
how much
Phones / Re: ***** Infinix Discussion Thread ***** by mosho2good: 7:28pm On Mar 15
Infinix Hot note with cracked screen for sale... Case is old but battery is very gallant and also Infinix Hot 4 pro with panel issue for sale... Urgent sale ooo

Bring change and come and carry the 2...idimu, ikotun
how much make I pay for the hot note
TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by mosho2good: 5:09pm On Mar 11
go to kissasian.sh and register to download
I can't seem to find my way on the site unlike tfpdl
TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by mosho2good: 4:56pm On Mar 11
For those of you that find korean Series interesting like kingdom... Watch HAECHI very interesting series I'm a fans of korean

where do u download the series from
Do u have link to the series
TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by mosho2good: 7:30pm On Feb 28
if u haven't watched THE KINGDOM Korean TV series u are really missing
just six episode of season one
patiently waiting for season two
Every episode is worth it
Romance / Re: Meet Romantic men and Women in SFW chat platforms by mosho2good: 1:35pm On Feb 27
can u add me to your group My number is 08086843386
Crime / Re: Kano: Wife Pushes Husband To His Death Over Phone Conversation With 'Girlfriend' by mosho2good: 12:33pm On Feb 27
My uncle saved his girlfriend number as Low Battery, Whenever his phone ring and he is not around, His wife will just connect it to a charger and life goes on���


TV/Movies / Re: Into The Badlands Discussion Thread by mosho2good: 8:58pm On Feb 25
when is the show going to return
Politics / Re: PDP Agent Rejects Victory As Atiku Beats Buhari In Adamawa by mosho2good: 8:03pm On Feb 25

By Chief JCI

25 Feb 2019

Some are cut out for the suffering and do not care about it. The Northern Nigeria never told us they do not like suffering and poverty.

All they want is power. I spoke to a Hausa Fulani friend of mine last night who spoke what he described as some truths to me.

He said you Igbos have commerce and industry. Your people travel all over the world, many send money back to their parents and their communities, from their diasporan jobs.

The South West has commerce also, education, thriving airports and Seaports.

The Middle belt has agriculture and Food, and we accommodate them by giving them jobs.

So we must leave power to them in the North. That Power, is all they have to survive on. That whether you guys leave power for us or not, we have designed a foolproof means to take power and hold on to it till 2031. He said that power to the North is not a desire or want, but a genuine need for the survival of the Northerner. That in the next 48hrs, I will see what will happen, and how easily Buhari will be declared winner. I said impossible. He said just watch.

He told me that the North suffered while Obasanjo and Jonathan were in power. He said OBJ retired all their Generals. OBJ gave the ministry of Finance to a Southerner for the first time, that Jonathan did same. That if not for El Rufai and Ribadu putting their foot down in 2007, that Obasanjo was almost going to hand power over to a Southerner in the name of Peter Odili. He said that that singular move by El Rufai and Ribadu will make one of them President after Buhari in 2023.

He said the North will never go back to playing second fiddle. Their experience from 1999 to 2015 is not one they will forget in a while. That the North loves Buhari, because he gives all his appointments to Northerners. That whenever a northerner is in charge of a sector, they recruit and promote northerners, and it's effects last for more than 20yrs, and help their people survive, which is why they love and admire Buhari's approach to appointments.

He went on to say that Atiku is from an unrecognized Adamawa State and is almost a Kanuri. That him and his restructuring agenda will never be allowed to rule. That he knows it, and all the North know it, which is why the elections in the North are peaceful and there is no fighting, thuggery and killing. That the North know that Atiku's policies will advance the South and send the North into deep poverty, not on purpose, but by sharing the power, so they will not let him on board. That PDP shot themselves in the foot by choosing Atiku. A man from the Northwest, Tambuwal or Kwankwaso would have done it, and kept power in the North for them, but Atiku is far too exposed.

He even went as far as telling me that the south should forget 2023, and 2027. That the North have agreed that the south will not have power again till 2031, at the earliest and so it shall be. By which time they will have Fulani emirates in cattle colonies in Ebonyi, Oyo and Edo State, whether we like it or not.

They have told Ribadu and El Rufai to warm up, that it will be one of them in 2023, most likely the former, who is being kept away from controversy.

I asked what about Tinubu and Osinbajo. He laughed louder than ever. He described Tinubu as the biggest southern fool alive. He said they in the North were surprised that he would be fighting for Buhari's second term, after all Buhari did to him in his first four year term. He had none of his ministerial appointments approved and was shut completely out. All it took was Buhari attending his birthday party for his heart to melt. His VP was also shut out and is continously disgraced in Aso Rock. The only VP in the history of Nigeria that cannot see the president without going through an administrative staff, the chief of Staff, Abba Kyari. He said they do not trust Osinbajo, hence keeping him out of sensitive meetings, and that he will never be President, except he is ready to wait for 2031, but he is not their type.

He said the game of divide and rule will be perfected after 29th of May, as they seek to reduce Tinubu and prop up the likes of Fashola and a few others from the South West. He said by the time they finish with Tinubu, he will either go to jail or leave the party to run under another party platform, but they do not care.

I said, so you really think Atiku will lose this election. He said yes, that the North are not fighting. They have chosen, and Atiku better go get back his monies from the Generals that he bribed to make him the concensus candidate of PDP, yet failed to consult them when choosing a VP.

I thanked him and said that Atiku will be the next president of Nigeria and all their evil plans will be destroyed. Let us all pray for Atiku and Obi's victory. We have voted. All we have to do now is protect our votes and pray. If only Southerners would listen and Unite, the North would not have just evil plans against us.

Chief JCI
25 Feb 2019

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Politics / Re: Buhari Wins In Benue Govt House’s Polling Unit by mosho2good: 7:55pm On Feb 23
*INEC Released registered voters List per states*

No. States No of Voters

1. Abia 1,932,892
2 Adamawa 1,973,083
3 Akwa Ibom 2,119,727
4 Anambra 2,447,996
5 Bauchi 2,462,843
6 Bayelsa 923,182
7 Benue 2,480,131
8 Borno 2,315,956
9 Cross River 1,527,289
10 Delta 2,845,274
11 Ebonyi 1,459,933
12 Edo 2,210,534
13 Ekiti 909,967
14 Enugu 1,944,016
15 FCT 1,344,856
16 Gombe 1,394,393
17 Imo 2,272,293
18 Jigawa 2,111,106
19 Kaduna 3,932,492
20 Kano 5,457,747
21 Katsina 3,230,230
22 Kebbi. 1,806,231
23 Kogi 1,646,350
24 Kwara 1,406,457
25 Lagos 6,570,291
26 Nasarawa 1,617,786
27 Niger 2,390,035
28 Ogun 2,375,003
29 Ondo 1,822,346
30 Osun 1,680,498
31 Oyo 2,934,107
32 Plateau 2,480,455
33 Rivers 3,215,273
34 Sokoto 1,903,166
35 Taraba 1,777,105
36 Yobe 1,365,913
37 Zamfara 1,717,128

Total 84,004,084

*According to INEC :*

South-South has 12,841,279 registered voters

North-Central has 13,366,070 registered voters

South-East has 10,057,130 registered voters

South-West 16,292,212 registered voters.

North-West has 20,158,100 registered voters

North-East has 11,289, 293 registered voters.

Total= 84,004,084
And of the above figures over 8 millions are yet to collect their PVC!


*23rd Feb*- Election day for Presidential and National Assembly positions

*9th March* - Election day for Governorship and State House of Assembly positions.


We have 4 persons to work on a polling unit.

1. P.O
2. APO. 1
3. APO. 2
4. APO. 3

*P.O* Is the person in charge of the election in that polling unit, he is to ensure the election is in proper order

*P.O* Is the person to issue Ballet paper. Stamp, sign, and write date on it one after the other.

*APO.1* Is the person to check the voters pvc, the name and the picture

*APO. 2.* Is the person to check your pvc with card reader and make sure you thumbprint

*APO.3* Is the person to control the cheque and make sure the voters are on a line

*APO. 3* Is also to stand at the back of the voter once it is 2pm..

*P. O* Will open the election by introducing himself and other officer working with him/her and address the voters in good manner and be polite.


1. Do not eat or drink anything brought by the voters

2. Do not answer any questions from Press or voters

3. Apart from you and other officers, any other person is a voter

4. Be security alert..

See you all in good health.


*1. Do Not Argue About Politics in Public*

*2. Always Get Back home On Time*

*3. Do Not Criticize Any Politician*

*4. Do not Support or Wear Political Campaign Uniforms to polling unit*

*5. Don't Keep Late Nights*

*6. Always Listen to the News*

*7. Don't Disclose Who You Will Vote For at the Polls*

*8. Once You Cast Your Vote Go Straight to Your House*

*9. Don't Move About With Huge Cash*

*10. When Driving, Ensure That Your Car Central Lock is activated*

*11. Steer Clear Undefined Crowd or Groups of People*

*12. If You Must Hang out with Friends, Ensure that it is Safe to Do So*

*13. Don't Move About With Expensive Gadgets (Mobile Device)*

*14. Minimize Your Family Outings during Elections Period*

*15. Stock up Your Home with Food*

*16. Have Your Doctor's Number Handy*

*17. Cast Your Vote Once*

*18. Do Not Talk Recklessly At the Polls*

*19. Celebrate in a Civil Manner*

*20. Do Not Partake in Election Violence*

*21. Do not argue on social media groups*

Please it is important that you take these election safety and security tips. So that you will not have yourself to blame at the end.

Practicing all these tips would only mean that you are relevant to the society.



Politics / Re: 2019: The Presidential Candidate That Wins Lagos State Tomorrow? by mosho2good: 9:29pm On Feb 22
Instead of dying carelessly for a politician in this Election. Why not tell your parents to use you for ritual?��

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Phones / Re: Android 9 Pie Update Is Finally Here by mosho2good: 4:02pm On Feb 20
I'm not getting the update on my Note5
what might cause the reason someone help
Politics / Re: Election Postponement: Nigeria Has Lost $1.5bn – LCCI by mosho2good: 9:08pm On Feb 16
This INEC news no even shock Nigerian's Arsenal fans. Dey are used to Saturday disappointment. �� �
Politics / Re: Election Postponement: Nigeria Has Lost $1.5bn – LCCI by mosho2good: 9:08pm On Feb 16
This INEC news no even shock Nigerian's Arsenal fans. Dey are used to Saturday disappointment. �� �


Politics / Re: Omoyele Sowore Celebrates 48th Birthday With Mother Amidst Election Postponement by mosho2good: 9:07pm On Feb 16
What power can do to our incredible Nigeria����
Well Nigerians don't vote for good governance, not yet. They vote against bad governance. They vote to out power from whom they don't want. It doesn't matter to them where they are jumping to, they care much about where they are jumping from. Do i blame them? I could hardly. To many, no president deserves a second term anymore unless his performance is outstanding in the first.��
��Welcome to Nigeria, where we don't vote for competence, we vote for strong political structures; where we don't vote for people but we vote out People.�� This is why it is tough to get our best hands into office.� This is why we are usually between the rock and a hard place; always having to chose between the devil and the deep blue sea.�
From my sideline, this is the way I see things.

Please don't ask me for who I'm voting for and it doesn't matter anyway, my vote is just one.

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Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by mosho2good: 6:36pm On Feb 14
I tried all means to press the icon on my portal and it not pressing
Education / Re: A Thread For All Prospective\New Postgraduate. Students Of NOUN by mosho2good: 6:18pm On Feb 14
I tried all means to press the icon on my portal and it not pressing
Plz can someone help me
Politics / Re: See The Cost Of Shutting Down The Internet Per Day (A Must Read) by mosho2good: 5:49am On Feb 13
Omachi Isaac Achor wrote;


⭕ As a thug you are forever not safe, until the day you die.

⭕ You are always on the run and in the hide, even when no body is chasing you.

⭕ No body trust you, not your family, not your friends and not even the politician you are working for.

⭕ Responsible people hardly keep you as friends, because you have nothing else to offer in life except mayhem.

⭕ People avoid you secretly, if you don't look closely you won't notice it.

⭕ No matter the amount of money and wealth you acquire, you can never have rest of mind, because the blood you spill keeps crying to God for justice.

⭕ You can no longer follow your great dreams that you have always cherished.

⭕ Just like you take people to their graves untimely, the same way your death will come untimely.

⭕ You put your love ones at risk, especially your immediate family - and sooner or later they will be hurt no mater how much you try to protect them.

⭕ All the wealth you acquire especially money hardly last, because you spilled human blood to get it.

⭕ People fear you instead of respecting you.

⭕ Sooner or later your parents, relatives and friends will start avoiding you, since that is the only way their life can be safe because you are likely to be attacked at any time.

⭕ You might become so rich and famous, but none of this will you enjoy to the fullest because you will not last long.

⭕Because people are avoiding you, Alcohol and strong drugs will become your reliever which will affect your health and make you perpetuate more evil and live LIKE a Living corpse.

⭕ in the future when people point at the Mansions of your mates, others will point at your grave.

⭕The politicians who are sponsoring you today will stop giving you money immediately after the elections and you can't go back to those you hurt for help.

⭕ The politicians giving you guns and machetes to kill their political enemies will kill you when you are done doing their biding.

⭕ The politicians who are calling you every day and returning your flashing will change their number immediately after the elections.

⭕The politicians who have flung their gates opened and you go in and out as you please, some even ask you to meet them in their hotel rooms and you feel recognized, after the elections the Mopol at their gate will not allow you near their gates.

⭕If by chance you are arrested after the elections they will allow you rust in jail, because you are of no use to them and will be a threat and burden to them.

⭕ If thuggery is a great Job, their sons will be shooting along side with you.

⭕ If thuggery is lucrative, they will be shooting the guns themselves.


Politics / Re: 2019: Non-indigenes Leave Kano Ahead Of Polls by mosho2good: 11:03pm On Feb 11



DATE: 16 FEB 2019



PDP are taking an attacking approach with a 3-4-3 formation, while APC, the defending champions, are set for defence with a 5-4-1 formation.

PDP have won four of the five tournaments winning the first three with offside goals before winning their last title in 2011 with genuine goals, while APC won in 2015 with offside.

The two sides have retained their clerical signings who are both on the substitutes bench.

They both swapped players, with PDP signing attacker Atiku Abubakar back for a world record N1bn.
Saraki and Tambuwal were also among big money moves from APC to PDP.

Peter Obi, who was on the substitutes bench in 2015, starts and supports Atiku in attack.
Obasanjo who is getting close to retiring, is dropped to the substitutes bench.

APC signed Sullivan from PDP.
However, APC's Ambode is not fit for this tournament and also the Team Midfielder Okorocha is suspended.

1. Saraki (GK)
2. Tambuwal
3. Ihedioha
4. Umahi
5. Wike
6. Ekweremadu
7. FFK
10. Fayose (yellow card)
11. Okowa the Road Master
8. Peter Obi
9. Atiku (C)

Coach: Prince Uche Secondus

12. Obasanjo
14. Ikpeazu
15. Udom
16. Gburugburu
17. Ayade
21. Olisa Metu
22. Nwaobushi

1. Rotimi (GK)
2. Ngige
3. Ganduje
4. Wammako
5. El-Rufai
6. Lai Mohammed
7. Tinubu
11. Aregbesola (yellow card)
10. New Ag. CJN
8. Osinbajo
9. Mhd.-Buhari (C)

Coach: Adams Oshiomhole

12. Fashola
13. Akpabio
15. Tony Nwoye
16. Desmond Elliot
17. Fayemi
19. Ayogu Eze
20. Ogboru


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Phones / Re: UMIDIGI DISCUSSION THREAD by mosho2good: 9:26pm On Feb 06
I like to order for umidigi A3 and I'm giving it to my sister tomorrow cos she be going back to school in the evening plz is it possible to get the phone tomorrow before she goes back cos she school in the northern part
Phones / Jumia Agent I Like To Order Fir A Phone ASAP by mosho2good: 8:02pm On Feb 06
relaible jumia agent and I like to order for a phone
Phones / Re: Jumia Discount Party 2019- Good Phones At Good Prices. by mosho2good: 10:59am On Feb 06
can I get list of phone within thé range of 30k down wards
Phones / Re: Infinix Note4 Fir Sale by mosho2good: 9:54am On Feb 04
Phones / Re: Infinix Note4 Fir Sale by mosho2good: 9:54am On Feb 04
the pix
Phones / Re: Infinix Note4 Fir Sale by mosho2good: 6:32pm On Feb 02
Location pls
Lagos island
Phones / Infinix Note4 Fir Sale by mosho2good: 5:24pm On Feb 02
Anyone interested in buying infinix note 4 should contact it very neat and affordable
just going for 30k
contact me on
or send a message on WhatsApp with that number
Phones / Re: Infinix Hot 6X For Sale by mosho2good: 3:42pm On Feb 02
Phones / Re: Infinix Hot 6X For Sale by mosho2good: 11:09pm On Feb 01
is d phone still available?

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