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Politics / Re: How ‘some Judges’ Delivered Onnoghen’s Resignation Letter At Aso Rock by mosho2good: 10:32am On Apr 06
*Why Do Banks connect ropes to pens...we trust them with our Money and yet they fail to trust us with just a common pen* � �


Celebrities / Re: AY Rocking Dreads On A Movie Set, Replies Troll Who Said He Doesn't Have Shame by mosho2good: 10:30am On Apr 06
Pizza is N4,500 & a bag of Cement is N2,600
U see how girls are busy eating ur Mansion guys? Everything is not village people o����

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Celebrities / Re: Victoria Kimani: I Apologize To Tiwa Savage For Slut-Shaming & Age Shaming Her by mosho2good: 10:26am On Apr 06
I*Agbo Jedi koro lenu eh bi Ewuro Burtu Sperm dun Lenu eh bi Yoghurt#Quantinue#*
Celebrities / Re: Ice Prince Warns Seyi Shay And Victoria Kimani Over Shading Tiwa Savage by mosho2good: 10:24am On Apr 06
We live in a country where the governors, senators, Judiciary and even the President blames the government..

Please who exactly is the government?



Celebrities / Re: Victoria Kimani: I Apologize To Tiwa Savage For Slut-Shaming & Age Shaming Her by mosho2good: 10:22am On Apr 06
It's only in Africa, immediately you say hi to a girl, Boom! her phone screen will break, her data will finish and if you mistakenly say "I love you" my brother you become her father automatically.���

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Crime / Re: Pregnant Lady Assaults Conductor In Lagos With Help Of Another Female Passenger by mosho2good: 7:12pm On Apr 05
When a gal introduce her boyfriend to her friends White gals: wow he's cute Nigerian gals: tell him we are hungry


Religion / Re: Father Mbaka Visits Woman Who Gave Birth To Quadruplets, Pays N1.5M Bill by mosho2good: 12:50pm On Apr 05
If it was Yoruba people that invented the ATM Machine ehn,
And u used ur left hand to withdraw the money, the machine would retract the money, hiss and show you *"Insufficient Home Training"������������

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Sports / Re: Dennis Emmanuel Bonaventure Helps Club Brugge Break 21-Year-Old "Curse" by mosho2good: 12:44pm On Apr 05
Is better u keep silent, because anything u say will be used against u in the court of law "move it"
That's the only English Nigerian police can speak fluently ����


Celebrities / Re: Banky W Teaching ABC At SpellAfrica Adult Literacy Class by mosho2good: 12:35pm On Apr 05
*Stupid is when you have a "LAND ROVER + LAND CRUISER, and you still have a "LAND LORD"...........u deserved to be "LANDED" a dirty Slap*

Travel / Re: BRT Bus On Fire At Unilag Water-front by mosho2good: 12:34pm On Apr 05
*Stupidity is when u feel headache and instead of buying Panadol,you use the money to buy airtym and log in to facebook and post "Am feeling headache"with 57 others just to get comments like "get well soon","sorry guy's",,your foolishness is beyond repair����� I wish Judas sold people like you��������*

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Crime / Re: Fiancée Of Kolade Killed By SARS, Breaks Down In Tears, Recalls Last Moments by mosho2good: 11:33am On Apr 04
Dear primary school tisha, the home work you're giving our children is too plenty.

Kilode gan! Do you know what a typical Lagos parent's day is like?

The pains of going through horrible traffic every day and when you get home, you realized there is no "NEPA", you quickly jump on the next okada to buy fuel for the generator.

On getting home, you pull gene o! Generator did not gree, until you clean plug and become sweaty.

Then generator starts and everyone is happy.

Mummy then rushes to cook dinner while every one goes to freshen up.

After everyone has eaten, you ask Junior; "Junior! Do you have home work?" .

"Yes mummy."

By this time daddy is already fast asleep.

Junior brings in the home work and you're almost getting into fits.

Junior tisha told junior to write 1- 500!

Whaaaaat!!! @9pm!!!

"Is your tisha not a Nigerian ni?".

Dear Lagos tisha, this is punishment fa! Kuku kee me!

Please junior will be coming to school tommorow and we can only write 1-5.

Junior is yawning already and mummy is tired fa!

Sebi you're the one with the teaching talent...

Remember, your reward is still in heaven and ayam not struggling it with you.

Bear with us, I understand you love Junior and so you will continue from where we stopped.

Please don't kee me!

My tisha didn't kee my mother!!! ���


Romance / Re: Tramadol: 3 FUTO Students Die During Sex Romp With 1 Female Student by mosho2good: 7:48am On Apr 04
You think say break-up between boyfriend and girlfriend na im dey pain pass? have u ever been separated from the person u are about to copy answer from in an examination hall�����


Crime / Re: 8 Nigerians Executed In Saudi Arabia, 20 Others On Death Row Over Drug Offences by mosho2good: 12:21pm On Apr 03
Some guys can deceive ehn.. They will be like " Baby, I see my future kids� in ur eyes".. � � �...Weldone Chairman of National population census��
Hope u'r seein golden morn, pampers and other baby food on her forehead too?�...
#guys sha��

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TV/Movies / Re: Into The Badlands Official Fan Thread by mosho2good: 8:41am On Apr 03
We get to understand in episode 11 that master is a very powerful bring to be able to track with her gift and even heal herself
TV/Movies / Re: Into The Badlands Official Fan Thread by mosho2good: 8:40am On Apr 03
towards the end of episode 11 if u can remember when Ankara said it too late does that means that Pilgrim will kill the Master
Events / Re: Pastor Sends Catholic Guests Out Of Church During Wedding In Benue by mosho2good: 6:34pm On Apr 01

1. *Some Girls Will Turn You Into Moses. She Will Let You See The Promise Land But Bruh, She Ain't Gonna Let You Enter*

2. *"It's really painful when you know you're a virgin but people don't believe you just because you have one kid"*
� � �

3. Its only in NIGERIA UNIVERSITIES that you will hear *"Madam, how much is that hundred naira bread"*?♨

4. Last night I prayed hard and
asked God to remove all the fake things in my life...

*"Boom next morning I can’t find my shoes & some Jean��*
Politics / Re: Rivers On Knife’s Edge As INEC Resumes Collation Of Guber Poll Results by mosho2good: 8:14am On Apr 01
1. Nigerian parents can never apologize, they will just come back and act nice. They be like
"Chika! Come and check this cloth maybe it will size you"�

2. Some girls will brag that they can cook...
Until you tell them to cook beans, the pot will look like where beans are having a pool party��

3. She paid you a visit and drank 6 bottles of beer & 1 full bottle of dry gin without getting drunk.... My brother, offer her kolanut & 4 white fowls coz you are dating your Ancestors����������

4. People can be so wicked ehhh...!!!
How can you say short people can hear ancestors gossiping underground..

5. So somebody cannot leave a church groupchat again?
Try leaving and a sister will just inbox you like "Bro Charles, why've you left the Lord"?? �����

6. Dating an Edo girl is just like dating the Chief Priest of a village shrine... You will have to appease the gods if you want to quit.
Lemmi run before they break my head �������

7. You have 10 shirts, 8 is adieu mama.
So if somebody did not die, you won't buy shirt abi��
"Snake swallow you there"

8. You did blood money and you are still stingy.
Blood that is not even your own
Where's that Fried Thunder??����

9. I just read the story of a man who sold his kidney to sponsor his daughter's education, at the end the girl committed suicide because of her boyfriend.
May the land of the dead reject her spirit.����

10. Instead of killing for money rituals
Just catch a snake and train it very well.... then send it to jamb office.....
2019 is your Year��

11. If you're happy with one girlfriend, imagine having 10? Happiness weee just kill you die���

12. Do you realize that when you're madly in love, even insults sounds like birthday wishes?����

13. You will be praying for your sugar daddy to remember you, his wife will be praying for him to forget you�
You people are just confusing the innocent man's soul���

14. Life is very funny: When Government finds minerals in your yard, the minerals belong to the government, but when the same government finds marijuana in your yard then it belongs to you..

15. Not everyone who checks up on you actually Cares..some want to confirm if their witchcraft worked.���.

16. Why do some girls think it's cool to remove a guy's cap from his head and playfully run around with it...?��‍�If I remove your wig from your head and playfully run around with it, would you still find it funny? � #Mtcheeeew!!

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Politics / Re: Tinubu At 67:tinubu Attends Match Between Ex-super Eagles Players & Team Tinubu by mosho2good: 8:12am On Apr 01

1. *Some Girls Will Turn You Into Moses. She Will Let You See The Promise Land But Bruh, She Ain't Gonna Let You Enter*

2. *"It's really painful when you know you're a virgin but people don't believe you just because you have one kid"*
� � �

3. Its only in NIGERIA UNIVERSITIES that you will hear *"Madam, how much is that hundred naira bread"*?♨

4. Last night I prayed hard and
asked God to remove all the fake things in my life...

*"Boom next morning I can’t find my shoes & some Jean��*
Crime / Re: Residents Steal Drinks As Beer Laden Truck Falls In Akwa Ibom (Photos) by mosho2good: 9:13am On Mar 30
Join me to thank God. I saved a life today. I asked someone how will you feel if I give you N500,000.
He replied Oga I go die o.
So I kept my money and saved his life. ����

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Car Talk / Re: Someone Spotted Driving Around With Fuel Nozzle & Hose Still Attached To His Car by mosho2good: 9:11am On Mar 30
��9ja reporters be like "I'm currently here with Mr Ikechukwu Akunne" Mr Ikechukwu Akunne, can u pls kindly tell us your name? �

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Sports / Re: Solskjaer Reveals The Man United Players That Will Leave The Club by mosho2good: 12:39pm On Mar 29
GUY: Babe I really want U 2 be mine . Girl: Lol! I have a boyfriend sorry. . Guy: Goalposts have keeper but strikers Always score. . Girl: Lol! U look like a defender in this one then. . Guy: Sergio Ramos is a defender but He has scored in 2 champions league finals. . Girl: Whatever Dude! Besides my boyfriend is tall and rich!. . Guy: Manuel Neuer is 6'4 but Messi still chipped Him. . Girl: Lol! But U know that Messi is richer than Manuel Neuer right? . Guy: Sure I know but Messi isn't taller dan Him, so that is 1 - 1 and that was all Barcelona needed to oust Chelsea and move on to win the champions league that year. So? . Girl: U never give up do U? . Guy: Chile kept playing for 99 years before they went in to win the copa America. And then won it back to back.. So? . Girl: Lol! This your knowledge of soccer will really take U places. . Guy: Lol, surely will and the next destination is your heart. . Girl: Dont even try it I will just block U . Guy: In 2006 Petr Cech tried blocking Stephen Hunt from scoring, Cech ended up hurting Himself. . Girl: Loool! U are a genius, call me I'll be free this weekend!!!. With FOOTBALL anything is possible


Phone/Internet Market / Re: Neat Blackberry Z10 by mosho2good: 4:05pm On Mar 28
Neat Blackberry Z10 up for grabs, 16gig internal memory, very sharp HD camera and videos, strong battery, sound speaker, everything intact with no crack on it. contact 09028809890, 08092396528 Herbert Madison, Odogunyan, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

How much
Politics / Re: Ikere George Dam: The State Of The Abandoned Nigeria Second Largest Dam (Video) by mosho2good: 12:58pm On Mar 28
Before you get serious with a girl , take her to the club to see how many guys know her . *If the bouncer hugs her , run away my brother* �����������

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Phones / Re: Free 100 Bulk SMS Each To 5 Lucky People. by mosho2good: 8:24am On Mar 28
If you are interested, just signify. I have some units I'm not exactly using.

I'm interested
Politics / Re: Kano Rigging Template Won’t Work In Adamawa Rerun Polls, PDP Warns by mosho2good: 8:12am On Mar 28

You must be able to recite/sing at least 10 of the under listed BY HEART:

Some have food but cannot eat,
some can eat but have no food.
We have food and we can eat.
Glory be to thee o Lord. Amen.

The day is bright is bright and fair
oh happy day, the day of joy
The day is bright is bright and fair
oh happy day, the day of joy
mama jollof rice!

Oh my home o my home
when shall I see my home
wen shall I see my native land
I will never forget my home!

Holiday is coming [2x]
no more warning bells
no more teachers cane.
goodbye teachers, goodbye scholars
I’m going 2 spend
a jolly holiday [2x]

h-i-p- for d hip
p-o-p-o for d hipopo
and t-a-m-u-s for the hippopotamus

Parents listen to your children
we are the leaders of tomorrow
try and pay our school fees
and give us good education

I am a little sailor boy that comes from the sea
that comes from the sea just to marry you
Oh will u marry marry marry
will you marry me?

8 o’clock is d time for school, don't be late in d morning.
8 o’clock is for boys and girls, come to school in za mornin.

Morning has broken, like the 1st morning, blackbirds have spoken, like the 1st word
Praise for the singing. Praise for the morning, Praise for the evening, Fresh from the world.

Now the day is over, night is drawing nigh, shadows of the evening, still across the skies
Glory to the father, Glory to the son, And to thee blessed spirit, Whilst all ages run, Amen!

Rain rain go away
come again another day
Little children want to play

Tisha jowo, mo fe jegba temi
nami lowo, mashe nami nidi, tidimi babe,
mape baba mi wa, baba mi, a ba e ja.

All things bright and beautiful, all creature great and small
all things bright and wonderful,
the lord god made them all.
He gave us eyes to see them
And lips that we might tell
He gave us “something” colors
And made the mighty se E E E

Bojuboju o oh! Oloro m’bo! e para mo o oh!
Se kin se, Shee!! she she she she Shee!!
E pere Mi Heey! Eni toloro ba mu , a paaa je (A paa jee!!)

Jack and Jill went up to a hill,
To fetch a pail of water
jack fell down and broke his Leg,
And jill came tum b ling after(wonder what they really went to do up that hill)

My mother, who sat and watched my infant head
when sleeping on my cradle bed, and tears affectionately shed,
My Mother
When pain and sickness makes me cry, you gaze upon my heavy eye and pray to God that I shouldn’t die,
My Mother,

Row Row Row your Boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily merrily merrily merrily
Life is but a dream.

Old Rodger is dead and gone to his grave, hmm!!, haa!!, gone to his grave
He planted an apple tree over his head, hmm!!, haa!!, over his head
The apple grew ripe and ready to drop, hmm!!, haa!!, ready to drop
There came an old woman to pick them all up, hmm!!, haa!!, pick them all up
Old Rodger got up and gave her a knock, hmm!!, haa!!, gave her a knock
(can't remember the rest)

Papa mama school no dey,
Wetin happen?
Our teacher dey smoke gari for school
Which kind gari?
Ijebu gary
, cele wata,
calabar groundnut
ondo sugar


Wherever you go (go go go n go)
Wherever you see (sisi eko)
Do not say yes, when you mean to say no(Baba Ibadan)

Sanda lily, sanda lily3x
Sanda lily, sanda li
(Which is the way many of us were taught)

I am a teacher (lawyer, doctor etc) in my country
Every body knows me well
If you look me up and down you will see that its true!


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Politics / Re: 40,998 Voters To Decide Adamawa Next Governor Today by mosho2good: 7:48am On Mar 28
A man can be in UK and not OK, he can live in US and still be USELESS. All good things come from ABOVE not ABROAD

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Crime / Re: EFCC Docks Man For Love Scam by mosho2good: 7:29am On Mar 28
*Have you noticed* *~•°•~•°•~* *Nobody Drinks alcohol* *Faster Than Someone Who Didn’t Pay for it!!*
���������� �


Politics / Re: 42 Political Parties In Kano Make U-turn, Support Ganduje’s Re-election by mosho2good: 7:05am On Mar 28
U gather different gals�‍♀�� picture for ur fone & yet u xpect ur gal to believe say u no cheat.. uncle, u be photographer?��

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