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Agriculture / My Baby Snails by NGsnails: 8:34am On Nov 17, 2020
How soon can I start feeding my baby snails with SHELLOF?

Once your baby snails clocks 4 weeks (1 month) with an average weight of 10 grams; they can digest the plant materials present in our SHELLOF feed.

Pay close attention to their growth rate afterwards; it will amaze you in 3 months' time!

Kindly call � 08078630043 or send a WhatsApp message to place your orders for a bag of SNAIL JOLLOF! ����

Agriculture / Re: The A-Z Of Snail Farming In Nigeria (what Nobody Will Tell You For Free!) by NGsnails: 7:48pm On Oct 27, 2020
Ha! These your questions are quite much.
You'll find answers to most of your questions here:


If you still have more questions, reach out via WhatsApp.

Thank you so much OP for creating this thread. May God bless you richly. For everyone else that has contributed to this thread, thanks and God bless you all.
Please I have a few questions to ask.
1. During harmattan, apart from moisting the Snail pen what else can be done to prevent the snails from going into aestivation?
2. Please how exactly are hatchlings fed and what exactly should they be fed with?
3. I plan to use one of the Snail pens as a makeshift incubator (it will be used for hatching eggs alone) and I know that the eggs needs ventilation, will it be necessary to cover the top of the pen?
4. I heard eggshells is not a good enough source of calcium for snails, how true is that?
5. What is the best stocking density for the hatchlings, growers and the breeders?
6. I understand that snails may start laying at 9 months, how old will they get before they stop laying entirely?
7. If the snails are normal and healthy, is it necessary to clean the snail pens? If yes, how often should it be cleaned?
8. Is it necessary to change the sand in a snail pen if the snails are healthy?if yes, how often should it be changed?
Sorry for the many questions
Please don't be offended if I didn't mention your moniker. Thanks and God bless.
Agriculture / Re: What Causes Snail To Bloat? by NGsnails: 5:48pm On Sep 14, 2020
Your submissions are correct; snails do bloat when exposed to too much water but much more; the first cause of bloating is indigestion.

Good work you're doing there kiss
Apart from that,reduce the water content in the soil,they suck up moisture from the soil also,so when it's too damp,it also causes bloating.Sorry for the counter but snails don't bloat from over eating,cause they stop eating when they're full,well fed optimum fed snail would rather have a sturdy meat portruding out to like 1inch or more rather than bloat to death but what do I know?maybe I should keep shut,sorry for the intrusion
Agriculture / What Causes Snail To Bloat? by NGsnails: 8:45am On Sep 14, 2020
"How come nobody told me all these things? sadWhich one is this again? cry But they said snail farming is the easiest of all livestock farming! � Now tell me what happened, cos I'm getting tired already" � These were the series of questions being thrown at me, by a "new farmer" and I really felt so bad for her�.

Go back again and check the pictures; this time, s l o w l y✍️, that is called BLOATING.✍️�

BLOATING is when a swelling occured on the skin of the snail, making it impossible for it to retract the skin inside its shell; which may lead to its death on the long run.
There are 2 major cause of bloating but for today, I'll only be discussing an aspect; FEEDING

You see; snails may get greedy at times, and they show greed when served with food high in Crude Protein Content or Starch (carb) Content
That's the reason I patiently dwell on feeding techniques in MODULE FOUR of our e-Learning, demonstration class. (You follow this link www.ngsnails.com/course to access it)
Over consumption of starchy food like maize, sorghum, millet, yam, cocoyam, potatoes etc; will make it difficult for the snail to digest the food and lead to bloating.✍️
Invariably, a poorly formulated feed can cause bloating too; more reason I always recommend you buy your snail feed from trusted, reputable feed producers.

Since FOOD BLOATING is caused by "over eating" it makes the snails expend all its energy, trying to forcefully retract into its shell; 95% of bloat cases lead to mortality. Isolation and depriving the snail food is a way to cure them of this tragedy.
Always remember, PREVENTION is better than CURE! Ensure you are more careful in your feeding techniques.

Do have a great week
Have more questions? Drop it in the comment box.

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Agriculture / Need Snail Feed In Large Quantities? by NGsnails: 9:11am On Sep 03, 2020
"Freshness" is the Fourth value we preach at NGsnails. ��

Be rest assured of our top-notch quality standards each time you place your bulk orders on ANY of our products.✍️

Need quality snail feed for your commercial snail farm? We are your best plug�� and can ship up to 5 tonnes of SHELLOF to your location.��

Do click the link below or call � 08078630043 and let's collaborate. ���‍�‍�‍�
Chat with us on Whatsapp via https:///2348078630043

Agriculture / Predators On My Snail Farm by NGsnails: 9:09am On Aug 11, 2020
Today, let's quickly talk about some ways to prevent predators from gaining access to your farm ✍️

When I decided to start farming snails on a large scale, I began to encounter different predators all around � well, I was so very scared that I'll have to run away when I encounter them. Fast forward to now, we don't spare any predator on the farm because, it may pose as a threat to the next team member working on the farm and may be caught unaware.�
Well, does that mean snails attract slot of predators?� Not at all; it's their environment that attract these predators. The fact that snails thrive in a cool environment, as such, many of their predators are also naturally drawn to a cool environment. (Who no like better place?��)

This is why you have to put up preventive measures against them (predators) getting to your snail farm and why you have to eradicate them as soon as you spot them on your farm.

Human is the first predator for your snails� Human beings just derive pleasure stealing snails (reasons yet unknown to me�)...
... Follow this link to continue reading. https://www.ngsnails.com/6-methods-of-preventing-predators

Agriculture / How To Care For Your Snail Eggs And Make Them Hatch by NGsnails: 8:46am On Aug 10, 2020
Today, I will like share with you all you need to know about THE INCUBATION AND HATCHING OF YOUR SNAIL EGGS �✍️�

“Why are most of my snail eggs not getting hatched?” If you’ve asked yourself this question in the past few days, then this article is for you.

There are probably some steps you’re not getting right, but not to worry, we all didn't succeed on a gold platter; I had my own fair share of failure too���
What kindled my fire for research is because all I see is plenty eggs but little baby snails� it's frustrating and makes it look like a waste of time farming snails�� but now?� we record a 95% success rate with our snail eggs, and I'm certain this article will point you in the right direction on how to successfully hatch your snail eggs.��

For you to easily understand this article, let's quickly discuss the snail pen under three categories:

✍️ The Parent Pen: this is the pen where your parent snails (the breeders) lay their eggs
✍️ The Incubation Pen: just like the name sounds, it is the pen where the incubation process takes place
✍️ The Nursery Pen: the pen you move your baby snails to after they have been hatched...

...To continue reading, follow this link https://www.ngsnails.com/snail-eggs-all-you-need-to-know/

Don't forget to claim your gift! ��
Do drop your questions via the comment section �

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Agriculture / Help! My Snails Are Not Eating! by NGsnails: 7:30pm On Aug 06, 2020
So, when you open your snail pen this evening and you see them quarreling with the food you gave them cry, apologise to them cry cry You've made life too harsh for them.

Then whisper to them and tell them "I WILL START FEEDING YOU WITH SHELLOF"! grin
Nice one! cheesy
Now, send a WhatsApp message to 08078630043 to place your orders! Masa Masa! �� ��

Agriculture / Re: The A-Z Of Snail Farming In Nigeria (what Nobody Will Tell You For Free!) by NGsnails: 10:05pm On Jul 26, 2020
Thanks for the piece. I have a snailery of about 200 snails. I recently discovered that majority of them have lost appetite for food. I took a close look at what could be the problem, then I discovered that majority of them are having tiny white dots on their bodies and weren't that active as before. I had to isolate the infected ones, clean their house and return those ones that had no problem on their bodies. What could be wrong?

You need to keep good hygiene in your snail pen. The white dots you saw is a reaction to a fungal infection. change your pen soil.

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Agriculture / Re: The A-Z Of Snail Farming In Nigeria (what Nobody Will Tell You For Free!) by NGsnails: 10:03pm On Jul 26, 2020
Great appreciation for sharing your expensive experience

But the major problem of snail keeping is ant
Ant can destroy everything in a very short time
How do you prevent such attack

It is advisable to carry out a predator check on your farm before you setup a snail farm. In cases where you have ant hills (or castles) on your farm, first destroy them and kill the ants before building.
Finally, you need to construct predator control mechanisms around your pen.

Different pen with different predator control techniques. You can as well share a picture of your housing system
Agriculture / Re: The A-Z Of Snail Farming In Nigeria (what Nobody Will Tell You For Free!) by NGsnails: 10:00pm On Jul 26, 2020
Is this thread still active? I am a new Snail farmer here? Is it advisable to touch snail eggs with bare hands, will they hatch. Also can you incubate snail eggs found inside a snail being prepared for cooking?

As a new farmer, it is advisable to pickup your snail eggs with a plastic spoon to increase the hatch rate. But as you grow in the business, you'll discover efficient ways of doing these things.
Lastly, As a newbie, eggs laid in the soil by the snails should be left to hatch by itself while eggs laid carelessly on the soil can be picked and incubated separately.


Agriculture / Re: The A-Z Of Snail Farming In Nigeria (what Nobody Will Tell You For Free!) by NGsnails: 9:56pm On Jul 26, 2020
Is rearing snail for commercial purpose feasible in the North? I am thinking of the weather conditions there.
Thank you

Of course it is! But you will have to create a very conducive housing structure (Thatched roof) and increase your wetting pattern.
Agriculture / Re: Snails: The Perfect Meal For Your Snails by NGsnails: 3:30pm On Dec 04, 2019
The way you care for your snails is your management practices. Even if you get the best feed formula and you lack the basic skills on how to care for your snails, you may experience a spontaneous mortality events.

i don't understand what you mean by management pratice,is there any special feed formular for them?
Agriculture / Re: The A-Z Of Snail Farming In Nigeria (what Nobody Will Tell You For Free!) by NGsnails: 6:40pm On Nov 25, 2019
Please i need help in dealing with fruit flies they are killing my snails, I have lost over 50 to them.

Fruit flies are attracted by decayed (rotten) fruits. Ensure you remove leftover fruits from your pen very early in the morning.
Agriculture / Re: Snails: The Perfect Meal For Your Snails by NGsnails: 6:37pm On Nov 25, 2019
Depending on your management practices and specie of the snails; They will weigh an average of 200 grams live weight at 12 months

After feeding them with this supplement,how long will it take them to reach table size?
Agriculture / Re: Snails: The Perfect Meal For Your Snails by NGsnails: 10:06pm On Oct 22, 2019
How much

It is packed in 25kg bags and it cost 10,000 NGN

You can also reach out via whatsapp 08078630043

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Agriculture / Re: The A-Z Of Snail Farming In Nigeria (what Nobody Will Tell You For Free!) by NGsnails: 11:12am On Mar 25, 2019
Not as big as compared to the AM specie.
But they are prolific breeders and can lay up to 500 eggs at once.


Do they grow big?!
Business / Re: Whatever You Do, Don't Stop Growing! by NGsnails: 8:11am On Mar 01, 2019
You can reach out via whatsapp on 08092414515

hello, pls how much is ur giant snail?
and do u have point of lay?
Business / Re: See Who Won Our Woman Crush For This Wednesday by NGsnails: 8:10am On Mar 01, 2019
we breed the AM specie

what specie are u going to give me when ordered
Agriculture / Re: The A-Z Of Snail Farming In Nigeria (what Nobody Will Tell You For Free!) by NGsnails: 12:49am On Feb 06, 2019
Can you also share a picture of your hatchery? It will be easier to diagnose that way.

Boss please help me, i av AM Snails dey r laying i tried all method, no one hatched, i use wet soil i use dried soil still samethn please help me explain better how to do it and also how much is dat battery incubator pls
Agriculture / Earthworms In My Snail Pen: Should I Be Scared? by NGsnails: 5:39pm On Feb 02, 2019
Growing up as a child in Nigeria��, I used to have this religious sentiments about earthworms� and I was made to believe that seeing earthworms around has some "spiritual implications"�� and as such; THEY MUST BE KILLED! ��
Unfortunately, getting to my snail pen this morning; I saw some battalion of earthworms swarming through my snail pen!��
Please, what should I do?�
These were the enquires from a terrified snail farmer on a phone conversation � with me.��

Although your snails and the earthworms share a few similarities like:✍️
1️⃣ They are Hermaphrodites
2️⃣ They both serve as Bio-indicators to the environment
3️⃣ They both feed on organic matters etc.
But many a times; we are still curious IF overpopulation of the earthworms in the pen can kill the snail and most importantly, HOW THE EARTHWORMS FOUND THEIR WAY INTO YOUR SNAIL PEN?��

For couple of days, I shall be sharing some Benefits of earthworms to your snails and how to improve your management practices using Earthworms ✍️��

Do let me know via the comment section if you have few questions ����‍�‍�‍�


Agriculture / Re: Different Phases In Snail Farming by NGsnails: 5:36pm On Feb 02, 2019
Click the whatsapp link to get started

Agriculture / Re: Different Phases In Snail Farming by NGsnails: 5:36pm On Feb 02, 2019
Just click on the whatsapp link attached to the post

highly interested sir!
Agriculture / Re: How Can Your Snails Survive During This Harmattan? by NGsnails: 5:35pm On Feb 02, 2019
Snail farming requires patience... you need to get some practical training to understand the oractical aspect of it. you can reach out via whatsapp on 08092414515


Could you kindly brief me about the training aspect and how much do you think one can invest in it?. thanks
Agriculture / Re: How Can Your Snails Survive During This Harmattan? by NGsnails: 5:32pm On Feb 02, 2019
You can reach out to me on whatsapp via 08092414515

hello my little snails r dying pls what can i do also how to incubate my snails egg pls help
Agriculture / Re: MAKE YOUR FIRST 1 Million In 4months With Snail , Fish And Poultry Farming. by NGsnails: 8:18am On Dec 17, 2018
What is their average weight and your location?
Send me a WhatsApp message on 08092414515

I have snails in large quantity, I need buyers.
@OP how do I get buyers for my snails

My contact is 08164195062 for calls and whatsapp
Agriculture / How Can Your Snails Survive During This Harmattan? by NGsnails: 8:10am On Dec 17, 2018
The long awaited visitor is here
it's quite normal to get nervous about the season since it takes its own distinctive effect on humans themselves. angry
The Harmattan season is specially characterised with dry air, dusty environment and fluctuations in temperature.

All these features result in low relative humidity which have a great effect on the snails; making them have low appetite to feed, low egg production and low mating activities.

Don't worry, sit back and relax
we shall be discussing some hacks to ensure productivity on your farm within the next few days.

What is your greatest fear during this season? Let me know via the comment section.���


Chat with us on Whatsapp via https:///2348092414515

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Agriculture / Have You Heard About Ngsnails? by NGsnails: 10:05am On Nov 20, 2018
You are welcome! smiley
Welcome to NGsnails where technology and research work is used to breed more productive, fast-growing species of the Giant African Land Snail� using the safest organic farming methods kiss
We are committed to helping small scale farmers harness larger profit margin in their snail farming venture and improve their productivity

Our Products include:
1. Fast Growing AM specie
2. Highly Productive Point of Lays snails
3. Healthy and Meatier Jumbo sized snails
4. Organically formulated snail feed

We also offer:
1. Snail farm setup using the latest farming technology
2. Consultation services
3. Farm training

You can always contact us via
Call �08066282257
Email: ngagroallieds@gmail.com
And you can click the link in bio to chat directly with "Unku Onigbin"��
Chat with us on Whatsapp via https:///2348092414515
@ngsnails... Harnessing more profit in snail farming using the safest organic practices ���

Agriculture / Re: How Do I Go About Starting A Snail Farm by NGsnails: 10:01am On Nov 20, 2018
I'm yet to receive your mail please. Howbeit, you reach me via WhatsApp on 08092414515

have mail u pls reply as soon as possible @N
Agriculture / Re: Snail Farming: Preparing For The Dry Season (part 3) by NGsnails: 9:59am On Nov 20, 2018
You are welcome anytime smiley


Thank you, Sir. will get that soon.
Agriculture / Re: Snail Farming: Preparing For The Dry Season (part 3) by NGsnails: 10:24am On Nov 19, 2018
During the dry season, the temperature is relatively high. Imagine sun rises at 6am, and sun sets around 6;30pm shocked That's alot of heat on the snails and they really uncomfortable.
That's the more reason you need to get a monitor to the track the temperature of your pen.


Master, pls what's the main reason snails eggs production is lowered during the dry season even though your cage is cool and moist, even wet most times? Are there anything we can do to make them keep producing at their usual rate during this period?

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