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Celebrities / Re: We Got Search Warrant For Seun Kuti's Home - Police by Niorte: 3:36pm On May 17
Na their matter be that.

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Sports / Re: Bayern Munich Suspends Sadio Mane After Clash With Leroy Sane by Niorte: 1:29pm On Apr 14

I'm glad you backed it up. My own, all my children pictures from birth gone when they stole my phone. Never fully recovered from it 2 years after. I am still pained..

It can be very painful...

New phone is easy to replace

But old memories, video and photos and premium resources are difficult to recover if not back up.

Please let's go....better days ahead
Sports / Re: Bayern Munich Suspends Sadio Mane After Clash With Leroy Sane by Niorte: 1:27pm On Apr 14

There's a possibility of recovery of the phone. Armed with the IMEI Number and the phone's pack, report the case to the nearest police station.

You would pay between N10,000.00 and 20,000.00 depending on the type of phone.

The payment is only made after the phone has been recovered. Try to trust Nigerian Police for once, and you may be lucky.

The sooner the better. Good luck.

Hmmm....may be I will give it a trial but I have already erase all data remotely. I will consider it. Thank you.
Sports / Re: Bayern Munich Suspends Sadio Mane After Clash With Leroy Sane by Niorte: 1:25pm On Apr 14

Sorry for your loss Sir,
Thank you for your empathy.

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Sports / Re: Bayern Munich Suspends Sadio Mane After Clash With Leroy Sane by Niorte: 3:48pm On Apr 13
What could have happened? Mane is a gentle guy always.

By the way, My phone got stolen today ....

I'm yet to recover because that phone is like a the biggest resource I have either personal and family photos, trainings videos, pdf books, contacts etc

He pain me but God knows best. Thank God for back up....

Even though the phone is my business phone, the skill for the business is still in me.

I will pick up to the glory of God

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Politics / Re: Lagos State Government Unable To Pay Salary As Expected by Niorte: 2:50pm On Mar 28
I heard salary of civil servants in Lagos has been increased by 20%. Reason for the delay.

Thumbs up to LASG.

Some private companies pay at 3rd to 5th of new month
Politics / Re: Lagos State Government Unable To Pay Salary As Expected by Niorte: 10:03am On Mar 28
Let me confirm because I know the state government usually pays on time.

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Career / Re: Mechanic Returns N10.8m Mistakenly Sent To His Account, Gets Rewarded With N50k by Niorte: 10:48am On Mar 23
Can this be true?

You cannot mistakenly send 10M without your account officer beckoning on you.

You can't use USSD code to send such amount
Politics / Re: INEC Declares Sanwo-Olu Winner In Lagos by Niorte: 7:04am On Mar 20
The election was massively rigged.

There was voters apathy and many people were disenfranchised yet the number of votes for the state election was still equivalent to the presidential election.

This is ridiculous.

We are happy Sanwo-Olu won, but the manner of his winning is rather crude and illegitimate.

Sanwo-Olu was voted in only by the Yorubas, so he is the Governor of the Yoruba for the Yorubas.

Igbos should as a matter of urgency form their own association in Lagos that will be able to bargain with any government in Lagos and they should speak with one voice.

So many Igbos were disenfranchised yet the results does not show that.

Wetin Hausa man like me Sabi?
Politics / Re: Ask Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour (GRV) Any Question About His Lagos Governorship Bid by Niorte: 7:15am On Mar 09
Mr Governor,

Considering the level of division and tribalism being played in Lagos by politicians, what special package do you have for the INDIGENES of the land or will they be treated like everyone else considering they have no other state they can run to?

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Politics / Re: "God Forbid" – Aisha Yesufu Disagrees With Peter Obi Over Governorship Candidate by Niorte: 2:46pm On Mar 08
You're right Aisha

There is need for Labour Party to bring out the best qualified persons to be elected.

We can't blindly vote people without cognitive experience or who lacks capacity.

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Politics / Re: Mahmood Yakubu's Son: If Peter Obi Wins, I'm Not Going Back To Nigeria (Photos) by Niorte: 7:07am On Mar 03
This is terrible.


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Politics / Re: Reno Omockry Had This To Say by Niorte: 10:51pm On Feb 28
Reno is quite stupid and he is excelling in his foolishness.

I know many christians who voted for BAT.

In fact, one of my siblings and the president of my fellowship back then in school voted for BAT.

The Yoruba prefer tribe to religion, that is what I have observed in this election.

So, christians voted BAT
Politics / Re: Breaking News! Police Arrest Suspected Hackers Of INEC Servers In Maitama Abuja by Niorte: 9:48pm On Feb 28
Can you now for yourself?

Dino thinks he's smart.

That guy should be arrested for inciting unrest in the country.

INEC never violated a law not transmitting the election results to the server.

Infact it's not in the electoral law signed by the president for results to be transmitted electronically.

INEC issued a guideline which they might use or not use. They have the ultimate discretion to decide a workable method without external interference.

Infact election results must be manually collated and each results sheet signed by parties agents where available.

Think before you write.

Do you change rules in the middle of a game?


Politics / Re: [photo]"obasanjo Has No Credibility To Talk About Fraudulent Elections" - Yele S by Niorte: 8:25am On Feb 28
Sowore is very unwise.

He likes to fight and quarrel with everyone.

Obasanjo might have failed in the time past but what he is saying now is correct.

Why always attacking messengers instead of accepting the message.

Sowore is suffering from contentious spirit.

No wonder Kwankwanso even performs better than him.

He should calm down, he does not have the personality of a good leader. Let him continue with his activism
Politics / Re: Ban Religious Leaders/institutions From Politicking by Niorte: 7:20am On Feb 27
Religion should NOT be part of modern day politics. It has done more harm than good. In saner climes you will never hear a word from religious bodies in politics, only rationality and track record plus intergrity of candidates makes them win.

Pastors, Imams, and Traditionalists should take an honorable bow out of politics.

Let us look forward to fully deploying tech in subsequent election, while recalling that it is not a day's journey, STEP BY STEP.......

There is life after election, vote no be war!


Are religious leaders not citizens as well?
Do they have immunity over govt policies?
Do they not also bear the brunt of bad governance, failure in leadership and high cost of living?
Should they keep quiet when wickedness and evil and unfairness are the order of the day?

Think, think and think before you spew rubbish.

It is easier for religious leaders to be apolitical when the system is just, free and fair
Politics / Voting Difference Between The North And The South by Niorte: 3:31am On Feb 27
From personal observation, there is one major difference between the north and the south. Their voting styles have always been to what matters to them.

Northerners prefer RELIGION above TRIBE

Southerners prefer TRIBES above RELIGION

This is the determinant of voting strength in Nigeria of today.


Politics / Re: Gbajabiamila Elected For Sixth Time As Federal Lawmaker by Niorte: 3:25am On Feb 27

But you need to do better

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Politics / Re: Banky W, Obanikoro Lose As Labour Party Wins Eti-Osa Federal Constituency Seat by Niorte: 2:54am On Feb 27
Banky sorry.

Obi effect made you lost the election. People voted Labour all round even without knowing their candidates.

You came under the wrong party at the right time.

Sanwo Olu will be shivering now.....because people will use anger and annoyance to vote for Labour or PDP in the gubernatorial election

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Politics / Re: If Obi Losses, Many Northern Christians May Denounce Their Faith by Niorte: 2:48am On Feb 27
If he had voted for Peter Obi will the whole world all of a sudden be filled with the gospel of Jesus Christ? You're reasoning like an 8 year old
Do you know how many christians have been killed recently even when we have a Christian VP? Now imagine when the President and his Vice are of the same religion. Whatever they do will be seen as religiously biased even when it is not. Politics should be seen to be fair and relieve citizens of fear.

Imagine what Osinbajo did while he was acting president.....Nigeria progress

Imagine what Shettima could do if he became acting president for a while.....that man can implement Sharia law all over Nigeria and set his brothers to unleash mayhem on the citizen.
Politics / Re: Court Bars INEC From Using MC Oluomo For Distribution Of Election Materials by Niorte: 1:07pm On Feb 20
Good news


Sports / Re: Ronaldo, Benzema, Cristiano: Start One, Bench One, Sell One by Niorte: 9:00pm On Jan 13
In his prime R9 was unplayable. He was the most skillful top 9 football has ever witnessed. He collects a pass far from the box 18, uses a combination of insane speed and mesmerising dribbling to bamboozle defenders AND goalkeepers before scoring easily.

Kids of these days think football is all about goal statistics (achieved mostly from easy tapins) will never know how insanely good prime R9 was.

I will start prime R9, bench prime CR7 and sell prime Benzema.

I will sell Benzema instead of CR7 because CR7 is more clinical in front of goal. In terms of overall contribution to the game and entertainment offered CR7 and R9 cannot hold a candle next to R9.

The uninjured R9 of the mid-late 90's and early 00's was simply a phenomenon.
Some comments deserve prayers. God bless you.

Ronaldo Nazario De Lima was a great player doing his days.... He confronted more solid defenders than we have today and he scored more super goal keepers than we have today.

How time flies!


Politics / Husband Seizes Wife's PVC Because They Support Different Candidates by Niorte: 6:42am On Dec 15, 2022
A marriage is about to collapse because of political consideration.

A man, 37, in Eti-Osa LGA of Lagos seized the PVC of his wife, 33, who plans to vote for Peter Obi.

The man who is a diehard supporter of Asiwaju Tinubu insisted that he is the head of the family and that his wife ought to follow his lead. If she is not supporting my candidate, then she should not vote.

The wife on the other hand, maintained that she has a right to vote for whomever she prefers.

A marriage of 5 years is being shaken because of political matters.

Does the husband have a right to seize his wife's PVC?

What's your take?
Investment / Re: Crypto Is Not Just For Me, Massive Loss (millions Gone Under 2 Days by Niorte: 2:24pm On Nov 12, 2022

Hello do you have a whatsapp or telegram group?

Yes. You can reach me via this platform.
Investment / Re: Crypto Is Not Just For Me, Massive Loss (millions Gone Under 2 Days by Niorte: 2:21pm On Nov 12, 2022

That was the destination, so yeah.

Again, how much? smiley

Don't worry about the amount.

You've been weighed...lol
Investment / Re: Crypto Is Not Just For Me, Massive Loss (millions Gone Under 2 Days by Niorte: 6:01pm On Nov 11, 2022
Crypto is not good business.

....When one does not want to learn but wants to earn
....When one does not have an experienced person holding you by hands
....When one does not have a trading plan
....When one is not disciplined
....when one has got high level of greed
....when one lacks patience
and more of when....
Investment / Re: Crypto Is Not Just For Me, Massive Loss (millions Gone Under 2 Days by Niorte: 5:56pm On Nov 11, 2022

When you're typing plenty plenty, I knew you were headed somewhere.

So, how much do you charge? smiley

So in all my stories, that line was what caught your attention. It's Ok.

I could write more cause that is one of the business I'm deeply involved in.

You can interact with me on Telegram. username: kemkem22
Investment / Re: Crypto Is Not Just For Me, Massive Loss (millions Gone Under 2 Days by Niorte: 12:47pm On Nov 11, 2022

Your headline is misleading. You didn't lose money to crypto, you lost money because you were trying to do the Bureau D'Change system where you buy low and sell high. Were you expecting the Naira to keep falling?

I also was in your shoes, I bought some usdt at the rate of 863 per usdt and by the time I wanted to withdraw, it was already down to 850.

Guess what I did? I transfer the fund to my future account, made a trade with 10% of my portfolio with a tight stop loss. As soon as I got 35% profit, I just close the trade. The profit make up for the loss due to Naira strengthening against the dollar.

See ehn, Crypto can make you rich overnight. It can also send you to the village in few hours.

The problem many people have is that they want to make money fast fast, I belong to a topsecret signal room where premium signals are being dropped. Even after telling people to use not more than 10X leverage, some will still use 50x and 75x, they say they want the profit to choke!

But they failed to manage their risk, such people make $100 in the morning and loss $500 in the evening due to lack of discipline.

One mistake people make again is that they don't listen to news or belong to a community where economic news is shared.

For the past few days, crypto trading was affected by fundamental analysis and not technical analysis. If you are trading based on technical analysis in the last few days, you surely would have lost but if you have your ears to the ground

Listen to FOMC press release such as US inflation and CPI report, then you would have made crazy. The fight between CZ(Binance) and SAM(FTX) also contributed negatively to the bear will experience.

Sorry, I'm writing out of point.

If you want to trade profitably, then contact me....I do not promise heaven on earth but be sure you will get quality signals. All you will have to do is to know how to enter a trade, set stop loss, lock profit and close a trade and you will see your portfolio growing.

You win, you lose but your winning rate should be high enough....thats the way trading works

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Education / Re: ASUU Strike From 1999 To 2022 And Duration by Niorte: 6:43pm On Aug 10, 2022
I find this report unbelievable.

I also doubt if there was ASUU strike of 2010.

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Politics / Re: Governors Ask Buhari To Take 33 Steps To Rescue Nigeria’s Economy (Full List) by Niorte: 12:56pm On Aug 08, 2022
Did anyone read number 22?

They want a tax of 3% flat rate for someone earning 30,000 and someone earning 100 billion.

In the developed countries, the one who earns MORE, PAYS MORE.

But here in Nigeria, these crazy politicians want the percentage to be the same.

See how insincere they are.

They didn't say much about their own allowances


Politics / Re: Keyamo Is Myopic, Intellectually Stagnant For Insulting Atiku - Dino Melaye by Niorte: 9:13pm On Aug 06, 2022
I'm actually not a Yoruba but I've lived in Yoruba land, Lagos precisely for long

Any Yoruba, Hausa or fulani man and woman campaigning for Obi should have a rethink and retrace their step back. Though this isn't supposed to be so but you see those IGBOS have turned this election to tribalistic one. They have even turn it to religious one

I will support and vote for Tinubu. He has more achievements, antecedents and legacies to point at as a governor and when he left government than EVERY other contestants

Tinubu is very much accommodating and tolerance than other contestants. IGBOS are taking political position in Lagos. IGBOS are civil servants in Lagos and other South western states. IGBOS are doing businesses freely in Lagos and other south western region

Please go to any eastern state to see if you'd see any Yoruba or Hausa man as ordinary councillor. It is a TABOO to the Igbo

To them their igbo president in form of Obi is the best after bread and butter while others are nothing to write home about. Support Tinubu or Atiku and watch them curse, bash or threaten you. They accused you of being paid for supporting Tinubu or Atiku while them are doing it freely. They always insult the Fulani and Hausas and call them all sorts of names. They even call them cow, almajiri etc. They insult the Yorubas calling them fulani slaves. They condemned Nigeria as a country. Claiming Nigeria is a ZOO


For the northerners who reside in the north you can ask any of your family or friends living in Lagos and other South western states they will tell you how Yoruba are so friendly, loving and accommodating. Go to the state headquarter at Alausa ikeja you'll see igbos holding top position without any discrimination

Go to east and see how all positions are occupied completely by all igbos.

An average IGBOS are resentful, spiteful, hateful, bittered et al. They literally see themselves better, superior and more sophisticated than other tribes.

PLEASE verify this my claim if you aren't aware of it and make a decision on who to campaign and vote for

I leave you to your conscience
How much are you being paid for posting this all over the platform?

We are doing background check on you and you may soon be ban for spamming

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