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Politics / Re: 'I Never Knew A White Person Can Lie So Perfectly' Nnamdi Kanu (Video, Photos) by Nkysuccess(f): 8:17pm On Feb 28, 2019
We do what we do as a result of who we are!

We are Igbos, and proud of it. No apologies.

Igbos are not united!
Igbos are not united!

It was the same people who sell you the stereotype that Igbos are not united that came out, to fight the unity of Igbos at Okota/Ago, other parts of Lagos and Igbo land in general.

Seeing that their narrative is failing, they are now selling another narrative. They are saying Igbos are putting all their eggs in one basket.
How can the whole of the Igbos vote PDP?
Now we are being accused of not being divided enough to spare some votes for APC. Olee ihe emere ya adi uwa mma?

A little history will suffice. We are an egalitarian society. Indirect rule didn't work with Igbos. It worked well with the North and the South West but not with Igbos. Warrant Chiefs didn't help matters either. So really, Igbos are not political lots. Same reason voter aparthy is highest in Igbo land.

But when we take a political stand, we speak with one voice. That is who we are.
We have always done. We did it with Shagari, Obasanjo, Ya'radua and Jonathan. We are doing it against Buhari.

Make no mistake, we have always put our political eggs in one basket and that is who we are. That is why we don't entertain dynasties. The likes of Saraki and Tinubu and Mohammed won't last a decade in Igbo land.
We are decisive and courageous. If that is what you call arrogance, then so be it. But we will never stand on the fence.

I write this because of the young generation of Igbos in Nigeria. Go home to your fathers in the villages and ask questions. Learn how to be Igbo without being apologetic. The first thing people notice about an Igbo man is his enterprising spirit. It is not found anywhere else. Ihe agwo muru aghaghi ito ogologo.

We can't apologize for who we are. But what we do not have is the spirit of Nigerian politics. We don't play the politics of "Master say! Alhaji say! Everyone is a master in Igbo land. Onweghi onye na akpanye ibe ya nri.

The Igwe of my community has no more stake in the affairs of my community than I do. He is more of a representative of the people to the government and the custodian of our tradition than a "ruler" in the real sense of it. That is why we have the cabinet and elders in council.
Igbo amaghi eze.

It is not a bad thing in a sense that decisions are collectively taken, from the household, through the hamlets to the community. It does not make us lawless lots. The consultative mechanism is our strength. Igwe bu ike.

This is the singular reason why the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo has not been able to evolve into that rallying point for the Igbos like the Arewa People's Congress for Northerners, Oodua Peoples Congress and the Afenifere for Yorubas.

Let us all brace up for the times ahead.
Someone who will dislike you will not always need a reason to. Add the ingenuity and hardwork of the average Igbo man to the mix, and dislike quickly turns to hate.

And I understand it. I perfectly do. Its not easy to like someone who comes back to your land, after being sent packing just a few decades ago with just some two pounds and all his properties confiscated by his hosts.

He comes back and acquires them back hundred folds, marries your daughters and prospers with them. Then goes ahead to not only carve settlements in Ojodu and Ojo for themselves, but is about to become a determinant to your political future in a dispensation where you have been promised a second place.

What they may never know is that the ordinary Igbo man is not interested in your presidency. We thrive wherever we go. So when you say we are not strategizing enough for the presidency, we don't see it how you see it.

The average Igbo man simply wants a good environment for his business, and good infrastructure for a decent life. The things which "presidency" has not bestowed on any ethnic group in Nigeria.

The five Igbo states have since 2012 almost consistently occupied the best positions in WAEC and produced the highest number of medical and engineering students in Nigeria.

Check the Igbo business in Lagos, Kano, Maiduguri, Portharcourt. Most are not based on government patronage. We make things out of nothing. Presidency means nothing to an average Igbo man. The ten poorest and educationally backward states in Nigeria are within the regions that have held the presidency within the last two decades.

A good example is the very primary school where President Buhari cast his vote. It was the closest to his ancestral home. A "successful" Onitsha business man who has made money from his trade will know that the church and the school closest to his home is the very yardstick to measure his success. He needs not become president to refurbish them. Ana esi na ulo mara mma puo ama.

To the young generation of Igbos, I say to you today, Quit trying to impress anyone about how hospitable or detribalized you are!
Nnamdi Azikiwe did it and failed, Jonathan did everything imaginable, things he did not do for his native South South and yet failed. If you think you can please Nigeria, then you have another thing coming.

Look at Benue people, they received the greatest visit of deaths from this government. But they'd rather die some more than let an Igbo man smell the Vice Presidency. And tomorrow, they will also tell you Igbos don't know politics. And you will want to engage them in an argument.

Do not be disturbed when you hear them say we are not united. We have never been that kind of united people. Read our history. Even as Igbos were dying in their hundreds during the pogrom, Gen. Ojukwu, one of the first Igbo men who realized that this "forced marriage" can never work was only "permitted" to embark on the war against Nigeria by seeking the voice of every hamlet, every village and every community. He did not take unilateral decisions.

That's how decisions are taken in Igbo land. We do no alienate those who are in dissent. We do not allow one Tinubu to make decisions for some and another Saraki for others, so that our two eggs are comfortably placed in two baskets. No! We rise to the occasion wherever we are, Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, sokoto. Our spirits communicate with each other and not with any leader figure and decide what is best for us. Either you respect us for getting it, or you respect us for trying. This is who we are, and we are not changing it soon. We are Igbos. Deal with it.

Written by Ugo Finian

I will repeat the last line.


Culled from Charles Okonkwo
Ten gbosa for whosoever that wrote this, my brother u just hit d nail at the head
Politics / Re: Nigerians Celebrate, Pray For Buhari On 76th Birthday by Nkysuccess(f): 6:41pm On Dec 17, 2018
It is very obvious that this is not the Buhari we know. Nnamdi Kanu speech is beginning to make lots of sense. May God have mercy on Nigerians, this is too much to bear.

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Religion / Re: Salvation Ministries Builds 90000 Seater Church ‘HAND OF GOD’ In Port-Harcourt by Nkysuccess(f): 10:07am On Nov 27, 2018
Abeg you people should leave these men of God alone, or do u hear any of their members complaining? Bussybodies. The so called tithe and offerings are they your own?
Religion / Re: Salvation Ministries Builds 90000 Seater Church ‘HAND OF GOD’ In Port-Harcourt by Nkysuccess(f): 8:53am On Nov 27, 2018

FOOL. China has much more Billionaires than Nigeria...reason before you reply Mr Tithe payer! undecided undecided undecided
Really? Please go and ask China how their Billionaires came about, if it were the sole responsibility of the churches. Please face your useless Nigeria government that are feasting on your future daily.

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Religion / Re: Salvation Ministries Builds 90000 Seater Church ‘HAND OF GOD’ In Port-Harcourt by Nkysuccess(f): 8:47am On Nov 27, 2018

IGNORAMUS. Shey na Nigeria dey build the churches? Abeg try reason b4 u comment.
Please help me ask them o. Abeg enough of all these nonsense against churches. You people should leave the Christians alone and face your useless Nigeria government that has made life difficult for you all.
Celebrities / Re: Nollywood Star Actresses Who Sacrificed Their Career For Marriage (photos) by Nkysuccess(f): 6:46am On Sep 30, 2018
Am happy for them. Marriage is a choice, but that does not mean that those that are not yet married have committed an unforgivable crime. Any how they chosed to live their lives, I wish them success.
Literature / Re: United In Betrayal by Nkysuccess(f): 9:34pm On Dec 01, 2017
Abeg you people should allow the writer to finish her story. No matter how you see it, shits happen these days, take it or leave it. What people do nowadays is even worst than what Michael is doing in this story. Until we learn to take responsible for our actions and not apportion blame to people, we might even do worst things. Pamelb pls keep it up and don't be discouraged. The story is already passing the lessons its meant to pass, and those who will learn from it will do. Remain blessed. Waiting for more update.....


Education / Re: School Feeding Program In Niger State: See What Pupils Were Fed by Nkysuccess(f): 5:15pm On Nov 20, 2017
Nawa o

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Celebrities / Re: Omotola, Ireti Doyle & Tiwa Savage At Banky W, Adesua Etomi Traditional Wedding by Nkysuccess(f): 9:18am On Nov 20, 2017
See my account balance is for all mtn sim working
Scam! Scam!
Literature / Re: United In Betrayal by Nkysuccess(f): 1:35pm On Nov 13, 2017
Thanks for the update Pamelb and welcome back, we really missed u and the story. Pls complete it for us.

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Religion / Re: CEO Of The Mount Zion, Mike Bamiloye Marks His Wife's Birthday In Style by Nkysuccess(f): 11:37am On Oct 18, 2017
Nice one. I love this family. May God bless me with a reasonable husband such as this. Amen
Celebrities / Re: Video From DJ Olu Abiodun & Chime Amaechina's Last Night With Money In Car Boot by Nkysuccess(f): 11:47pm On Oct 16, 2017
I feel for the guys. Doh I am not able to watch the video seems it has been removed. May their souls rest i perfectn peace
Literature / Re: SPEECHLESS:A Story By Marianneada by Nkysuccess(f): 6:21pm On Sep 25, 2017
i"m sorry for not updating, my phone was stolen on my way back home some days ago, still trying to get another.
Ohh, so sorry about that ma
Literature / Re: United In Betrayal by Nkysuccess(f): 5:41pm On Sep 21, 2017
PamelB pls remember us o
Literature / Re: SPEECHLESS:A Story By Marianneada by Nkysuccess(f): 10:53am On Sep 15, 2017
Get well soon ma and your son too

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Literature / Re: United In Betrayal by Nkysuccess(f): 12:40am On Sep 14, 2017

But she became remorseful after that and pleaded for forgiveness from Claire unlike Amara.
Yes but even at that you still can't compare her to Claire
Literature / Re: United In Betrayal by Nkysuccess(f): 10:58pm On Sep 12, 2017
Happy birthday PamelB
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Nairaland Virgins' Lounge by Nkysuccess(f): 11:48am On Sep 11, 2017
It is morally to keep one's self till marriage. But honestly, I'm fed up being a virgin!
When I come across guys and I say no sex cos I'm a virgin, after that day, they will avoid me like its a disease!
Sometimes, I wish I gave it to the very guy I loved instead of allowing him walk away.Most of my friends are married, and I'm here keeping my virginity, though I don't know if they married as virgins or not.
I don't even have any relationship now cos I'm scared of being dumped cos I'm a virgin. It makes me sad but I feel great being unstained passing through the higher institution and serving the country.
Well, God is still in charge. I wait for His appointed time.
My I feel your pain. But God will help us
Literature / Re: United In Betrayal by Nkysuccess(f): 4:04pm On Sep 09, 2017
ebere is not at fault atall...cos micheal has order to do it
Read very well, she equally wanted it and was happy when he ordered for it unlike Gertrude
Romance / Re: I Am 30yrs, Earn 35k A Month And Will Marry A Student In A Months Time. by Nkysuccess(f): 3:01pm On Sep 07, 2017
I am forced to respond to this thread, I work in a private firm, got married 2 yes ago on a 120k per month sal. Company restructured and slashed sal to 65k for me, mind you, those considered expendable lost their jobs. My wife, a student I am training, currently have a 1,year old son. Believe me we are not hungry.

How do we cope: a careful breakdown.
FOOD... We buy what we can consume every month end on this basis.
Rice-2 painter=#3600
Beans-1 painter=#1800
Yams. =#2000
Egg crate=#800
Red oil, big eva can =#900
G oil, same size. =#800
Ingredients, maggi, pepper, salt, onions etc=#1000
Total=#12500. Gas #2000 actually #1800 for 5kg bringing total to #14500

My son now eats adult food along golden morn
Golden morn 2 big pack=#1500
Milk...123 peak for kids 2=#1800
Usual drugs for children, bonabebe, paracetamol, cold drugs etc =#1500

Actual cooking
We cook once in a month and stock in d freezer, all we need do everyday is boil rice and make EBA. Or rather cook yam porridge or yam n egg.
To cook soup, egusi and ogbon, Egusi 12cups is #1200, my wife also buys ogbono 1500,, tomato fruit and canned and fresh pepper for stew #1500.
Meat to cook all 3=#6000, other things she may buy like vegetables n kpomo etc#1000, total =#11200

Other bills
CTL cable TV #3200
Light =#1000
Waste mgt=500
Fuel for gen, 1k per WK=4000
My recharge n data=3000
Wify recharge n data=2000, I call more lol
Her hair and cream, I don't know her she partitions it is #4000

Grand total is #48200, So I simply give her 50k monthly to pay for everything at the end of every month. And yes unless you are blind, you can see we are well covered, mind you she and not me drew up our new spending pattern, what a good wife should be able to do.

I save a mandatory 15000k every month, which is #180k per annum, I live in a 2 bedroom flat of 150k, with finance falling down, I simply rented out d guest room for 70k, call me greedy, mind you my guest room has no access to my living room and master room, I only share kitchen, now I only have to pay 80k per annum.
.I still have change.

I make bold to say we live very comfortably. Am I making plans to up my finances again YES. I only made this break down in support of op, from his breakdown, he may not live to even my now manageable standard, but he can, because he has focus.

Lastly we have a good ride, but mostly used socially and for church, I don't fuel or maintain my car from salary, occasional once in a while free cash maybe from office runs does that, everyone who works must have that loose free office change from one or two racket.


I love this. Truly there is wisdom in planning

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Romance / Re: I Am 30yrs, Earn 35k A Month And Will Marry A Student In A Months Time. by Nkysuccess(f): 1:48pm On Sep 07, 2017
Wow @ Op am really impressed with your write up analysis and decision cos this is the real deal. It is not about how much you earn in a month but its about your plans and vision which you av for yourself and your upcoming family and dt is what you have stated clearly here and with this I believe any reasonable Lady will gladly be your wife.

Don't mind the people criticising you here becos they are d same people the will use their hard earned money to patronise prostitutes and waste on girlfriends for years just to fulfil their sexual desires instead of them doing the right like you are doing now.
My prayer for you is that God will bless you and your marriage and continue to provide for you any good thing you need in life in Jesus name.

Am believing God to bless me with such a reasonable man like you soonest

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Literature / Re: Poetic Heart by Nkysuccess(f): 11:00am On Sep 07, 2017
Very interesting pls keep it up
Literature / Re: Poetic Heart by Nkysuccess(f): 10:28am On Sep 07, 2017
Pls keep it up

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Literature / Re: United In Betrayal by Nkysuccess(f): 5:00pm On Sep 05, 2017
Hmmm...... Interesting
Literature / Re: Poetic Heart by Nkysuccess(f): 10:52am On Sep 03, 2017
Nice one

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Literature / Re: SPEECHLESS:A Story By Marianneada by Nkysuccess(f): 9:32pm On Aug 30, 2017
Wow keep it.
Literature / Re: United In Betrayal by Nkysuccess(f): 9:47pm On Aug 29, 2017
Wow! Thank you PamelB. Pls keep it up

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Literature / Re: United In Betrayal by Nkysuccess(f): 12:54pm On Aug 25, 2017
Chantal is acting as the sister that Amara ought to be. Amara is indeed shameless. Wonderful update PamelB

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Literature / Re: United In Betrayal by Nkysuccess(f): 10:44am On Aug 24, 2017
Nice one OP, however I think the way you portrayed Phil is unreal, and somewhat perfect with desperation.

Ever since he laid his eyes on claire, he's made it a point of duty to make her his, fully aware she is married.

And from the way Micheal was quick to forget about he's perfect Sarah that he almost killed his wife for cos of a scandal, to falling in love with Amara that he's been living with for years to the point of divorcing he's wife for and then out of love for again.

Claire didn't fight for her marriage because Phil was in the picture... and the only thing I know about this philip is that he is a divorced barrister and also friends with Enatel, he could be lying about both as we neither know his family nor see him in barrister action. We really don't know much about him to ascertain if he is indeed a gentleman or a serial heartbreaker.

Kelvin chose claire over Micheal, a friend wouldn't do that.

Since micheal is a dog that rape anything in Skirt, why hasnt he molested the two new maids or that new claire's friend? He did molested Ebere and Kelvins fiance afterall

I don't know if I'm the only one but I think the theme of this story was meant to separate Mike and Claire and bring her to Phil, thereby making mike the miserable one in the process.... Which doesn't sit well with most of your critics.

The readers telling you otherwise are mainly interested in the story, they do not care if you're doing a good job or not. The story is so predictable that I can continue from here as I know how it'll end.

But then again, it is only my point of view.
Your point of view actually but your analysis of the story is so poor maybe u should try and read d story all over again so as to better understand it. All the same understanding differs


Literature / Re: United In Betrayal by Nkysuccess(f): 10:30pm On Aug 21, 2017
I pains me to say this "its a Man's world" Michael has been digging both big and small hole nobody sent him parking, but just once he caught amara and he's feeling cheated. hmmm
Besides that, it is obvious that Michael is second to the devil. He does not have respect for marriage and women and it is not all men that are like that. PamelB thanks for the update

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Literature / Re: United In Betrayal by Nkysuccess(f): 3:23pm On Aug 20, 2017
PamelB thanks for the update. So sorry for the loss of your Uncle may his soul rest in peace

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Literature / Re: United In Betrayal by Nkysuccess(f): 11:16pm On Aug 19, 2017
PamelB pls don't be discouraged by the negative comments of some persons here instead continue to bless people with d talents that God have blessed you with and remain blessed.

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