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Literature / Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Nmeri17: 10:24am On Oct 22, 2020
plot twist: prison governor is the CSO and permanent secretary at TBF
Literature / Re: Black Maria: Legends A Story By LarrySun by Nmeri17: 9:15pm On Aug 12, 2020
But wait, OP technically didn't call her dead. She's unconscious for all we know. And that's a perfect condition to perform an operation ie. no need for anesthetics. The only foreseeable losses are that of their unborn child and probably, her memory. If she survives, and Peter is put behind bars, Basket will go the extra mile to ensure his adversary is unaware of the operation's success

btw I keep getting the feeling that this dude EkopSparoAyara has finished the story
Investment / Re: Bonds Investors Hub by Nmeri17: 9:36am On Jul 31, 2020
Please has anyone been paid the 12.1493% FGN jul 2034 that’s been due since the 18th of this month, these delay is very very uncommon, it’s usually mostly 2 days it clears.
Doesn't the 2034 mean that that's when the bond matures? How come you're expecting it now?
Literature / Re: Black Maria: Legends A Story By LarrySun by Nmeri17: 9:23pm On Jul 25, 2020
well written
Romance / Re: Block Factory Worker Proposes To Girlfriend, And She Said Yes. See Picture by Nmeri17: 4:52pm On Apr 08, 2020
Plot twist: he's a high ranking board member at an offshore marine company, and this is his idea of a creative pre-wedding photoshoot

But either way, they look so happy together, their joy is infectious — a far cry from the smug smirk you see on couples with glamorous weddings. If it's not enough to carry them all the way, I wonder what will
Romance / Re: VAR Meme Challenge. A Thread by Nmeri17: 10:56am On Apr 03, 2020
Family / Re: Woman Beats Up Man In Wife’s Presence by Nmeri17: 10:23am On Apr 03, 2020
Now, this is d height of it. My fellow woman beating up my man? that type of man Is what we Igbos call' okorobia amu nmili'.
wow grin grin grin
Health / Re: Coronavirus: We Are Suspending Services – Sex Workers by Nmeri17: 6:52pm On Apr 01, 2020
As a mum, how would you feel if you hear that your daughter is the national coordinator of Nigeria Olosho Association?
I'm serious oo

And who said ibo people have been marginalized?
Amaka Enemo is the National cordinator of sex workers.

grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Nigeria Ranked As The Number One Country To Do Business In Africa by Nmeri17: 8:58am On Mar 28, 2020
Ask Dangote! wink
You can steal, kill and run away with other peoples money/goods.
You can work and not get paid.
You can invest and harvest at will at the expense of the blood, sweat and tears of others.
You don't need a conscience, work ethic or any sense of accountability.
The police is always your friend against the poor.
You can do whatever and get away scott-freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The best place to do business. . . where you do not have to pay attention to quality and you don't have to worry about disgracing yourself with substandard performances.

Push come to shove. . . . tell the investors that 'a big snake swallowed billions of investors' money.
A lawless country can only be a breeding ground for criminals.
The more corrupt. . . the greater the chances of success!

I refuse to believe you passed up the opportunity to play on the words "sa/sir loot"
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 4 Things You Need To Work For A Foreign Firm Remotely From Nigeria by Nmeri17: 10:17pm On Mar 24, 2020

Den dey talk about professionals not some unsuccessful meat seller ....... U think say cos u dey sell to oyinbo mean say u dey work for foreign My friend sit down and cut your dead meat
cheesy grin cheesy
Crime / Re: Man Blinds Another During Fight With Lady Over Sex by Nmeri17: 9:53pm On Mar 24, 2020
Nigga should have left them in peace. Now he's been harshly rewarded. angry
lifetime supply of her coochie incomingwink He never has to beg for coitus ever again. All he has to do is wave his restitution card like an NHIS membership and that booty will come callingcheesy
Literature / Re: Black Maria: Legends A Story By LarrySun by Nmeri17: 9:24pm On Mar 24, 2020
He's too blinded by career and the pursuit of revenge.
He comes off as a tactless overgrown baby with trust issues and low self esteem. Why is the lady married to him anyways

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Politics / Re: Sanusi Lamido Arrested, Exiled To Nasarawa After Dethronement As Emir Of Kano by Nmeri17: 5:25pm On Mar 09, 2020
GEJ smiles and waves at Emir Sanusi as he's been conveyed to Nassarawa state cheesy cheesy

Inside life
cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
Business / Re: The Dantata/Dangote Story: How To Create A Dynasty Of Billionaires (2020) by Nmeri17: 3:01pm On Jan 26, 2020
Ok oooo. Noted. What I need now is the one that is applicable in our context. We seem to have transitioned from individuals who blossom through single commodities in vogue to transatlantic trade. Ecommerce has that covered. I think technology has leveled the playing ground to a digital one, but I may be wrong. Everybody has his own startup now — innovative solutions mostly groping for that goldmine that will fetch them millions from their venture capitalists. That's where we are now. From following these historical trends, can you tell what direction we should throw weight behind? Or is it an assignment for the reader? It's true that every sector has a fair amount of potential when nurtured under favorable conditions. But asides the much talked about software industry (which is mostly profitable outside the continent anyway), which ones have that kind of explosive market share those medieval items had in the next 5 years or thereabout?
Business / Re: The Dantata/Dangote Story: How To Create A Dynasty Of Billionaires by Nmeri17: 3:56am On Jan 26, 2020

Moo moooooo! Was Ojukwu a billionaire too?
We are talking of dynasty of billionaires, not failed 'Osondi Owendi' Upper Iweka Road VCD merchants.
Or failed para-military traitors and exilees from Abijan.
It is 'FORBES' not FROBE'S. Abi is that from the 'Biafran' dictionary?
Keep sniffing. That is as close as you can ever get my son.
cheesy grin cheesy grin
Business / Re: The Dantata/Dangote Story: How To Create A Dynasty Of Billionaires (2020) by Nmeri17: 2:56am On Jan 26, 2020

Err, there are a couple of things here.

1) They are and were heavily involved in transportation. In fact, transportation is one of the businesses that they were very famous for (multiple members of the family were very famous for that). Alhassan was a director in the Nigerian Railway Corporation, Aminu Dantata had a haulage company, Sanusi Dantata had a haulage company, Aliko Dangote had a haulage company and in fact, in the 1990s, he convinced the Central Bank (CBN) to allow him manage their transportation needs (he managed CBN's fleet of Coaster staff buses and they all had "Dan" written on them). Sayyu Dantata was once the chief executive officer of Dangote Transport and that's when he realised that he could make a lot of money from diesel because it was difficult to get diesel for their fleet). My mum used to say (a long time ago when she was still alive) that people like Aminu Dantata and Ibrahim Dasuki destroyed the Nigerian Railway Corporation so that their haulage businesses would thrive (I don't agree with her, but her theory is evidence of how popular and big Dantata and Dasuki's haulage businesses were).

2) They were also involved in telecommunications. Tajudeen Dantata was on the board of Starcomms, which was once the biggest CDMA network in Nigeria. Aliko Dangote also has investments in telecoms (through Alheri Engineering). Tajudeen Dantata was also on the board of Virgin Nigeria Airways.

3) They also had investments in automobiles. Aminu Dantata was once one of the biggest distributors of Mercedes Benz.

Read the posts again, you'll find references to all these businesses.

4) There are some goods that once provided huge profits, but are no longer as profitable as they once were, so the younger generation might not understand how big these things once were. There are many of them in this story. Grounduts, cocoa, etc were once Nigeria's major source of income, equivalent to the crude oil of later years. (Pinson Labulo Davies in Lagos became incredibly wealthy from cocoa around the same time and he provided the funds with which CMS Grammar School, the first secondary school in Nigeria, was built).


When I wrote that Dantata traded with UAC, it might not mean much to some, but UAC was once the biggest company in Nigeria and many of the people who are very wealthy today (the Abebes, the Murray-Bruces, etc) trace the source of their family wealth back to UAC. In 1986, a friend of mine said that being chairman of Shell (the largest oil company in Nigeria) or UAC (the largest non-oil company in Nigeria) was equivalent to being president of Nigeria (coincidentally, the chairman of UAC at that time, Ernest Shonekan, went on to become head of state of Nigeria many years later).

It's similar to the way that, probably in 100 years crude oil might have lost its value and people might wonder how people got wealthy from oil.

(When I wrote that members of this family were on the board of Mentholatum, it might not mean anything to people today, but Mentholatum was once the biggest brand of vapour rub in Nigeria, followed by Vicks and Robb. It's the same way that it might not mean anything to people today if you tell them that Chief Abiola once owned Berec, but Berec was once the biggest brand of batteries in Nigeria).

5) The other merchants were wealthy, but they did not manage their wealth in the same way. Dantata understood English and accounting, something that the other merchants did not understand.

However, someone on this thread has stated that Umar Sharabutu's company is still in business, but they operate mainly in Northern Nigeria.

Secondly, the other merchant's children were not able to continue the business in the way that Dantata's children did. This is similar to what has happened to the Abiola Family. In fact, there are many similar families in which their patriach was once one of the wealthiest men in Nigeria and while the children are still wealthy, they are no where near as wealthy as their patriach. Look at the Fajemirokun and Ojukwu families for example.
Sorry, man. Just seeing your mention.

Yes, you are correct about the references. I must've forgotten them during press time no thanks to old age creeping in faster than earlier speculated.
Crime / Re: Prostitute Injures Man Who Offered To Pay For Sex With Egg (Photo) by Nmeri17: 1:54pm On Jan 25, 2020
jesus! all the replies on the first page grin grin grin grin
Business / Re: The Dantata/Dangote Story: How To Create A Dynasty Of Billionaires (2020) by Nmeri17: 12:14am On Jan 23, 2020
Naptu2, it's been said countless times but not from me yet: you are a blessing to this forum. How does one pronounce your moniker?

This is the best thread I have seen since I joined Nairaland. So many practical financial lessons to learn here.

Kindly share some of these financial lessons

Many people in this thread have shown exactly the mentally poor people show... Always blaming the rich for their inability..

You seem to forget the story of Alhassan dantata, how he built wealth from nothing...

But did he really, though?

Alhassan remained in Bebeji until matters had settled down and the roads were secure, only then did he set out for Accra, by way of Ibadan and Lagos (Ikko) and then by sea to Accra and then to Kumasi, Sekondi and back to Lagos. Alhassan was one of the pioneers of this route. For several years, he carried his kola by sea, using steamers; to Lagos where he usually sold it to Kano bound merchants. By this time, he was relatively wealthy. In 1906, he began broadening his interests by trading in beads, necklaces, European cloth, etc.
So this dude used his savings (from begging on The streets) to sponsor business trips from the northern protectorate to Ghanaian cities, buy goods (kolanut o) in quantity. And the profits from selling kolanut were enough to make him "relatively wealthy". Erm, is there a modern day equivalent of kolanuts? Was there a time it was justified to have some kind of boutique/showroom for it? If no, how do you go from literally selling peanuts b2b to branching out into various foray of enterprise? Doesn't add up to me. The chronology is a joy to read but something undocumented happened along the line.

So, what happened to the other merchants who led the vanguard on the new route? Mismanagement of funds? Cowardice to expand into unfamiliar territory? He monopolized/ neutralised them? Nobody is asking. This story doesn't tell me how to go from being a common civil servant to an international business mogul. I'm not saying he was a fraudster or drug dealer. Maybe luck played a large role. I feel years eventually obscure dents on income strategies. 50/70 years from now, nobody will care what hotel was built with Yahoo money.

Whatever he did sha clearly wasn't mainstream knowledge. He was ahead of the curve in some way he could capitalize on and climb above everyone else. I imagine if someone has a rough idea of a modern day equivalent of what transpired, they'd have been dollar millionaires by now too, but let me ask anyway. Please PM me if you need to.

TL;DR: Alhassan Dantata was the plug who performed some magic and got excess capital to trade with. Used it to dig his hands into multiple income streams until he got noticed by the feds. They awarded him a bunch of contracts and he really blew up. His sons were Aminu and Sanusi , who is now late. Sanusi whose bro, Abdulkadri, lent his nephew, Dangote, seed funding when he was 24. Dangote's mommy, Mariya, is still hale and hearty; married her grandfather's business associate and is the daughter of Sanusi. At each generation, members of this family are at the helm of the most critically demanded products in the country. They live for attending to a large scale of consumers — oil, flour, cement, groundnuts, electricity, slightly real estate. Strategic endeavors the populace depends on.

Surprisingly, they have no investments in telecom, automobiles, transportation. Probably the next generation's mandate. These guys can afford to banish all the deficiencies we're suffering today. They're everywhere they want to be, do whatever they wanna do. But that'll make the future of the empire insecure
Celebrities / Re: Cossy's Mother, Chinyelo Orjiakor, 'Braxton-Jayis': Immigration Officer by Nmeri17: 12:32pm On Jan 20, 2020

Now I see where Cossy got her titts from. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

The Nipplle doesn't fall far from the Tit_
cheesy grin cheesy grin
Romance / Re: Excited Lady Drags Her Fiance's Beard In Lovely Pre-wedding Pictures by Nmeri17: 7:35am On Jan 14, 2020

Is it infected or what? Because I don't understand why it will send me to "early grave".
tears grin grin grin
Literature / Re: Black Maria: Legends A Story By LarrySun by Nmeri17: 6:42am On Jan 13, 2020
Peter's speech to Maria is unnecessarily wordy and repetitive for my liking. I don't know if u used it as a delay tactic for until when u come up with a better plot for the next episode.
Winston churchill toasting the queen of Englandgrin
Crime / Re: Soldiers Beat A Muscular Guy In Lagos For Flexing His Muscles In Armless Outfit by Nmeri17: 3:37pm On Jan 10, 2020
Den wan test if the muscles na koboko proof
Awon Eyan Hercules
Forming van damme for 9ja
That one wey I see na tospi. If soldier beat you you no go fit type well.
And I'm sure say because you think say you be Hercules you yarn den anyhow
Ogbeni come out with the real story jare!!!

#Do your state well
cheesy grin cheesy grin
Celebrities / Re: Timaya: Why I Collected The Car From Empress Njamah After Break Up by Nmeri17: 3:27pm On Jan 10, 2020
A gift from one lady, but given to another? undecided
What a cheesy dude.. embarassed
No wonder you can only afford “baby mammas” with “Bayelsa Hips aka MAMA BAKASSI” hips. cheesy

Indeed, money can never buy class!
Empress don “blow” pass abeg!
Good for her.

As of 2013 SHE HAD 5 CARS!
Na you buy them for her? undecided
cheesy grin cheesy grin
Family / Re: Should I Be Worried About My Wife by Nmeri17: 6:53pm On Dec 31, 2019

Proudly so! The reason I only keep friends LIKE moi with equal ranking of expert club-members “chop, clean mouth, STAY HAPPILY MARRIED AND SUPER-EMPLOYED” PLC! cool Not jobless, swagless, Christo-Sharia housewives with woman-wrapper husbands! wink

E dey pain you? tongue

Go and get married AND STAY married for 20 years ++++, then come back to address me. kiss
Your rusty, diabolical , NIGERIAN, moral compass of stinking hypocrisy I could surely do without. Please, step aside.


It will not be a bad idea to face the topic at hand. wink I can always understand the level of acrimonious envy against supper extramarital choppers on can still married and can still CHOP!

How do we do it? tongue
Unlike those of you who got married on NL with all your ITK and can’t last even 10 years in your so-called Christian holy-holy marriages, because you have never learned to mind your business. cheesy

Now, that is the REAL MISS-STEP!
I can NEVER discuss ANY of my friends with my husband and vice-versa! You all will keep learning the HARRRRRRRDEST ways. ;

Oh! What hypocritical novices! embarassed
grin grin grin
chai! I missed you sha. happy holidays. how chichi dem? I wish there was a way to compress your sagacity and experience into one ingestable pill or injection and administer once and for all. I go dey alright

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