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Romance / Re: Nigerians Never Cease To Amaze We Ghanaians by nykolaax(m): 12:06pm On Sep 26, 2017
This dude is just delusional!!!! And also a bellicose idiot


Romance / Re: Why Do Most Nigerian Girls Have Smelly Pussy Problem? by nykolaax(m): 4:02pm On Aug 06, 2017
Why won't you generalize when na only dirty girls allow you to touch them.

From research! It is not only by being a clean gal that makes that pussy smell good! There are so many things involved.... So please take back that phrase 'dirty girls'. Cos so many clean girl with good hygiene still have smelly pussy!! That shit is naturally meant to smell!!!!


Car Talk / Re: Lexus Undergoes Its Own Transformation by nykolaax(m): 11:11am On Aug 02, 2017
Toyota and Lexus are partners

Check all their cars you will see for yourself

Is same thing as Honda and Acura

They are not partners!!! Toyota owns Lexus!!! Lexus is the luxury company of Toyota, Toyota bought over Lexus and made it produce it's luxury line. Same way Nissan owns infinity as it's luxury company, or Honda owns Acura, Hyundai owns Kia etc... Not partners!!!!
Business / Re: Package Delivery Problems: USPS And NIPOST by nykolaax(m): 10:11pm On Jul 21, 2017
are you sure you can call back for an international package?
What I read on their site is that the feature is for domestic package that hasn't been delivered yet. I have the same issue. Mine has been in transit since May 16. I will post the reply they sent to my friend that shipped the package to me below

Shit!!!!! Dude!!!! Since may 16? That's disheartening
Business / Re: Package Delivery Problems: USPS And NIPOST by nykolaax(m): 4:29pm On Jul 20, 2017
Sure! I'd let you know. I just told her today to request for a recall cos it's sickening

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Business / Re: Package Delivery Problems: USPS And NIPOST by nykolaax(m): 2:36pm On Jul 20, 2017

What is your tracking number? I can help you check if it is indeed in Nigeria already.

Can you help me bro Please. My sister sent a package to me from us through USPS on June 16 but up till now all it is showing is IN TRANSIT to destination, this is like 35 days now and no update still. I went to nipost office closest to me but they told me my package has not arrived! I'm really frustrated, here is my tracking number LA135025249US. I would really appreciate
Business / Re: Package Delivery Problems: USPS And NIPOST by nykolaax(m): 2:12pm On Jul 20, 2017
@femiadeuyi please I have a similar issue, mine has been since June 16 and up till the only message there is IN TRANSIT, I went to nipost to check, what I was told is my package has not arrived. This is like 35days and it is really getting frustrating. I don't know if anybody can help
Politics / Re: Read What EFCC Said About MMM by nykolaax(m): 6:00pm On Nov 10, 2016
I wish any of you here supporting MMM participated or witnessed a similar scenario in 2006 and 2007.

It's not "if" it will crash. It's about "when" it will.

Real and Cool, Wealth Solution, Penny Wise, etc.
i witnessed that bro...the difference here is you re not paying into any mmm organization account, so nobody can disappear with ur money unlike those wonderbanks u mentioned; u pay to their account, which made it easy for SEC to confiscate or flag their accounts wen government and banks clamped down on dem.....even if mmm will crash....it is wise torisk it now

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Celebrities / Re: . by nykolaax(m): 11:16am On Nov 08, 2016
Hillary is just petty and dirty
And donald is clean and a saint!!

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Phones / Re: Top 10 Games Every Mobile Gamer Should Play and Links by nykolaax(m): 7:14pm On Sep 19, 2016
max payne mobile....great and wonderful controls/UI on ios....it's paid in App Store but i use cracked ones cos my device is jailbroken....You will enjoy it
Politics / Re: Naira May Fall To N1000 Per Dollar - Federal Government by nykolaax(m): 7:02pm On Aug 22, 2016
Regarding the constant depreciation of Naira, a report was published on Nigerian Camera, bearing an interesting statement by Mr. Godwin Emefiele, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN), and his prediction of a continuous fall in Naira. Mr Godwin, who has served as Chief Executive officer and Group Managing Director of Zenith Bank Plc and also Deputy Managing Director of same company, gave a lengthy breakdown of why he thinks Naira may fall to N1000 per dollar in the nearest future.
“It is either I do not understand economics and how exchange rates work or a vast majority of us Nigerians still don’t get how we have wrecked our country with our own curious choices. Just this morning, I was listening to the radio and the lady on air went on and on about how she thought CBN governor, Godwin Emefiele was incompetent and should be sacked because the Naira was now exchanging at 309 or so to the USD.
“That view pretty much echoes the sentiments expressed by many people I know and it amazes me that there are Nigerians who actually think there is some magic POLICY that can make the Naira strong in the near term. If my economics and my understanding of the way the world works are right, then that is as far from the truth as Jesus Christ is black.
“The simple fact of the matter is that apart from oil that accounts for over 90% of our revenues, we really don’t have much of an economy. We hardly produce anything, we import even toothpicks, so exactly what policy is going to be implemented that will turn Nigeria into a top exporting economy in the near term? Where are our Apples, IBMs, Disneys, GMs, General Electrics, Coca Colas, Empire State buildings, Statues of Liberties, Lockheeds, Citibanks, JP Morgans, ExxonMobils, NBAs, Super Bowls etc? Let me bring that closer home.
“There was a time long ago when Nigeria had a truly strong economy and the naira was one to the dollar – even exchanged for higher than the USD, but that Nigeria is not this Nigeria. Sadly that Nigeria was laid by the British, and this Nigeria (if you don’t believe in the nonsensical imperialist conspiracies like me) – fueled by the DAMAGING Indigenization Decree, has been the creation of us Nigerians. Back then we had a booming economy.
We were either the top, or among the top exporters, of timbre, cocoa, groundnuts, rubber, palm oil, etc, in the world. Nigerians not only holidayed at home in their villages, at Yankari Games Reserve, at Obudu Cattle Ranch, at Oguta Lake, at Ikogosi springs, at Gurara Falls, at Mambilla Platueau, etc, we attracted international tourists who brought in loads of foreign exchange. Even Nigerian schools were foreign exchange earners because they attracted foreign students.
“We had different car assembly plants – Peugeot, Volkswagen, Anamco etc. Nigerian government officials only bought vehicles assembled in Nigeria for official cars. We had a thriving sports industry. We were not Man United or Chelsea fans, we were Rangers or IICC fans. We had the Nduka Odizors, people made money from sports. We also had companies like Lennards and Bata producing school shoes in their thousands, we had the thriving Nigerian Airways and the Aviation School in the north that produced some of the best pilots in the world.
In those days if you were brilliant you were respected much more than the crass money-miss-road contractors of today. Most of the Aje Butters I knew had fathers who were university dons. Back then it meant something to ‘know book’. Our textile industry was alive and well. Just recently I watched a news report on the textile industry in Nigeria on CCTV News. Though the main focus was on the comatose status of the industry, I was stunned by the gigantic Kaduna Textile Mill built in 1957. I could go on and on.

“Today however, no thanks to our parents (and we must call them out the way Wole Soyinka did his generation) and many of us (and we should be remembered for failing our children if we continue like this), we have destroyed everything. Today for instance Nigerian football (which comes easy to me obviously) doesn’t appeal to us, we have to fly across thousands of miles to watch ‘our’ clubs play. Every year we collectively burn billions of Naira being fans of clubs that give us nothing back, but some ‘entertainment value’ – simple pleasures for which we are ready to destroy the future of our children.
“Well people, payback time is here. Even with our ta-she-re money we all want to wear designer clothes and carry designer bags, Armani, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton etc. We all want to drive jeeps with American specs, our children must now school overseas and acquire the necessary accents to come back home and bamboozle their ‘bush and crass’ contemporaries that they left behind. Who holidays in Nigeria anymore, is there Disneyland here? No one buys made-in-Nigeria school bags for their children, after all no Superman or Incredible Hulk or Cinderella on them.
“We are no longer top exporters of anything and the demise of oil means we have zilch… zero. A country of 170M fashion-conscious people has no textile industry. We take delight in showing how our made-in-Switzerland Aso Ebi is different class to everyone else’s. When we help our musicians grow and pay them millions, they repay us by immediately shipping the monies overseas to produce their “i-don-dey-different-level” music videos. It makes no difference that distinctly Zulu dancers are dancing to a Nigerian highlife song.
“As stars concerned they also wed and holiday overseas to impress us all. All the musicians who acknowledge their Ajegunle roots now speak in a cocktail of strange accents to symbolise how much they have blown their monies overseas. Were we a more serious people, the highly popular Kingsway Stores of the past would probably have a thousand outlets pan Nigeria today supporting a massive agriculture industry among others, but today we have the likes of SPAR, Shoprite, dominating the retail industry while Kingsway is dead.
“And we Nigerians make it a special point to shop from the Oyinbos who have ‘cleaner shops’, ‘better this and better that’. For our personal pleasure we don’t mind them dominating us in our own backyard and shipping proceeds overseas. I could go on and on, but I don tire. Even as you are reading this, stop for a moment and look around you. What you see will probably explain why we are lucky it is not N1000 to the USD yet. And don’t think for a moment that it cannot get there.
“Just continue to wear your Armani gear and Swiss-made lace, continue to spend your money on Man United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Barca and encourage your children to do same. (My article tomorrow in my Saturday column in This Day is on the Nigerian champions Enyimba FC – Nigeria’s most successful club – not having a sponsor, yet Nigerian brands pay over N600m to Man United and Arsenal for sponsorship to impress us.) Ehhh, no problem, continue to tell me the NPFL is rubbish or the clubs should clean up their act if they want sponsorship, mo gbo .
“Don’t curtail your interest in choice wines ( we were the number one champagne consumers in the world in 2015), continue to love your American specs, cheer the education ministry for letting schools sink to pitiable levels, don’t fight them to improve our schools, don’t chide them for letting schools drop Nigerian history and embrace British, America and whatever else curricular.
“Carry on with your love of French wines and Chinese silk, don’t bother about Jamiu Alli when there is Roger Federer. Stock up on your Italian, American, British products which you cannot live without, including the ‘baby soft’ toilet rolls produced only in that small unique village in England – the days are long gone since you were a broke student who used wet newspapers to wipe your butt.
“Don’t even consider holidaying in Nigeria, it’s too dangerous – you have to fulfill your dream of being Nigeria’s Henry Ford. Don’t listen to people like me who have a wardrobe full of only cheap adire that is actually cheaper than just one of your Tom Ford blazers. Please keep dressing in fine silk made in some exotic place so you can be addressed accordingly.
“Finally keep letting corrupt leaders who have looted your commonwealth and shipped all the monies overseas get away because to attack them does not fit your political narrative. Let us continue with the fine life, let us all continue to work for Oyinbo. But don’t forget that there is payback time and Emefiele is not your problem. Time for us all to look in the mirror and take responsibility.


what you dont know is so much
Politics / Re: Man Named His Goat Jonathan During GEJ's Tenure But Was Never Arrested (photo) by nykolaax(m): 11:18am On Aug 21, 2016
Op, sorry to call you dumb sir. This is evidence of how incompetent Jonathan was.

The fact that your father can watch you call him goat does not mean my father will accept such.

The fact that people did it doesn't make it right.

Thank God Nigeria is becoming sane again.

I love my president Buhari.
I love Nigeria
what are you even saying....so because a man named his pet buhari and gets arrested is right?? or the fact aisha called fayose a 'mad dog' is right? Besides, the entity 'buhari' is a noun and we both know the def of a noun!!

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Speaker House Of Rep Dogara Bows To Pressure, Resigns by nykolaax(m): 7:39am On Aug 03, 2016
Celebrities / Re: BankyW Blasted Over Fake Yeezy Sneakers On Instagram by nykolaax(m): 12:18am On Jul 05, 2016

OK thank u sir.. grin
OK thank u sir..hope uv got ur self one..if no, u should,..it's really nice
ofcos....i do have a roshe run....been a fan of roshe run since 2013

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Celebrities / Re: BankyW Blasted Over Fake Yeezy Sneakers On Instagram by nykolaax(m): 6:32pm On Jul 03, 2016

I guess eBay deceived me..
those are purely pirated or wrong name given to nike roshe run!! nike dont have yeezy boost 350 line; there is only nike air yeezy and nike roshe run: nothing like roshe run yeezy boost 350.....feel free to use nike website....yeezy boost 350 is the result of kanye' partnership with adidas, thesame way kanye did with nike on nike air yeezy
Romance / Re: ... by nykolaax(m): 12:57pm On Jun 28, 2016
Listen to this. Song by
. Bruno mars
. title Nothing on you
. You sure find the answer there if you are smart.
. Thank me later
i swear, this is so on point
Celebrities / Re: BankyW Blasted Over Fake Yeezy Sneakers On Instagram by nykolaax(m): 7:21am On Jun 28, 2016
Nike roshe run yeezy 350 boost bro..
lol....nothing like that bro
Celebrities / Re: EXCLUSIVE: What Is Going On Between Wizkid And Model Pada? by nykolaax(m): 9:29pm On Jun 08, 2016
But wizzy too short sha! ahn ahn
Celebrities / Re: BankyW Blasted Over Fake Yeezy Sneakers On Instagram by nykolaax(m): 1:03pm On May 17, 2016
What of this one..
this is nike roshe-run bro.....not yeezy....roshe-run has been before yeezy

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Celebrities / Re: Top Five Artistes That have Turned Themselves to Video Vixens by nykolaax(m): 11:22am On Apr 02, 2016
Most of these artists appear in songs they were not featured on and their appearance barely last 60 seconds Choi !!"

1) Bred - If Davido had a Sextape .Bred will still be There. This Talented act has Turned himself into Davido's Hand Bag.Any Video you see Davido.towards the last 60 seconds.you will see Bred playing around .From Shoki to Reminisce Daddy.Oritse Femi sexy lady Infact as long as you saw Davido,you are likely to see his Dancer.Bred.

2) Skuki- What is Wrong with vavavoom and Peeshaun ?? You hardly see any video where Olamide and His Ybnl boys are involved and not see these two guys there. From Zeez atewo to Skales ijo ayo .lil kesh gbese,Indomie,Eleda mi .haha. No wonder they were nominated for best new act at the NEA after almost three years and an album ,rather than improve on the quality of their songs. they are busy Videobombing about.

3) Skales - It is practically impossible for Skales not to make this List. Back then at EME,check any Wizkid video,skales will be at one corner.fooling away.Before we knew,Skales began the video cameo journey appearing in other artist music videos more than the songs he released.Most of this videos belong to ,.Mostly upcoming artistes .samklef and others.

4) SpecialEd - I doubt this Guy music talent .so am not suprised this is where Life has Brought him .Back in thr days at Mohits.You will either see him opening Doors in the video. doing bodyguard or just jumping about. Having appeared in enough videos there,he moved to Hkn and Continued with his destiny .I think he is also an hypeman .Well done

5) Iceprince - ice prince that wan ( Dont know wat he said there) guy . Starting from most of wizkid's early videos, ice Prince kickstarted a Now flourishing career of appearing as Cameo in other people's video where he is not featured.
From there.God prospered the Trade,The Dangote is my guy crooner progressed and featured in Burnaboy.Soundsultan.most of these upcoming acts and an alarming number of Videos by female acts.

ice prince; dan wanchan guy dan iskan guy
Politics / Re: President Buhari Has Done The "Impossible" by nykolaax(m): 10:48am On Mar 10, 2016
I no even understand dis ppl again. Kachikwu claimed it wasn't unbundling but reorganization because these various arms /sectors of the NNPC had always been there.
me too.....so i thought.....just like DPR, those arms are dere but has nt stop dem cabals from doing runz
Music/Radio / Re: Jcole Vs Lamar Vs Wale; Who Over Who? Who Raps Most by nykolaax(m): 7:45pm On Feb 24, 2016
Kendrick anyday.... JCole is just a storyteller that i love but Kendrick is a social conscious rapper that brings the issues and solution inside a song to you e.g "the blacker the berry"
....try listen to love yourz or forbidden fruit
Music/Radio / Re: Jcole Vs Lamar Vs Wale; Who Over Who? Who Raps Most by nykolaax(m): 1:19pm On Feb 24, 2016
T I.. anyday anytime.
wasnt talking about ti.....if u dont have anything to say just dnt comment
Music/Radio / Re: Jcole Vs Lamar Vs Wale; Who Over Who? Who Raps Most by nykolaax(m): 1:17pm On Feb 24, 2016
well....kendrick is great but to me....anytime i listen to jcole, i get some connection wif life or maybe his story telling songs just gets me fascinating..... jcole is my choice
Music/Radio / Re: Jcole Vs Lamar Vs Wale; Who Over Who? Who Raps Most by nykolaax(m): 1:13pm On Feb 24, 2016
u are right stevecr7 rhymes:tie btw all flow:kendrick punchlines:j cole wordplay:j cole content:kendrick storytelling:kendrick delivery:kendrick versatality:kendrick originality:tie btw all KENDRICK-5 J COLE-2 WALE-0
but cole tells alota stories too.....
Music/Radio / Re: Jcole Vs Lamar Vs Wale; Who Over Who? Who Raps Most by nykolaax(m): 10:30am On Feb 24, 2016
End time rap
dtz ur opinion.....if u dont like any of dem, den dont comment...
Music/Radio / Jcole Vs Lamar Vs Wale; Who Over Who? Who Raps Most by nykolaax(m): 10:26am On Feb 24, 2016
forget awards; who raps most
Politics / Re: Fayose To FG: Tell Nigerians Owners Of REMITA by nykolaax(m): 11:41pm On Dec 05, 2015

And your point is?
Oga go and read the post I quoted
Politics / Re: Fayose To FG: Tell Nigerians Owners Of REMITA by nykolaax(m): 7:02pm On Nov 16, 2015

It was started by Jonathan in 2011..

Implementing it was done by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Its one thing to think up an idea, its another to implement.

Jonathan could never have implemented it because it would stop the free choppings on his government.

Who told you? I personally worked with a project in DPR that REMITA's platform was used and they collected their charges......this was JAN this year during GEJ's administration

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