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Politics / Re: A Magistrate Court In Eastern Nigeria In Bad Condition (Photos) by oluwayimika123: 6:35am On Dec 13, 2018
My major concern about this people is for every of there flaws, they are always fast at attacking d F.G. and not holding there Govs responsible.

All oil producing state gets 13% oil derivatives fund b4 the monthly allocations, F.G also gave them NDDC yet no significant changes in there region.

It is until they wake up to see that they are d reason behind there flaws and not F.G


Business / Re: Help!!! I Mistakenly Sent N1m To A Uber Driver by oluwayimika123: 7:25am On Nov 18, 2018
I feel pained reading dis post and dre is nothing more dat hurts me oda dan d attitude of Useless Uber in mediating into what happened that shows dre Customer's protection ain't there priority.

On my own I'm going to twitter to rant on b1/2 of d OP and I'm so going to call out Uber on my post.

Most of the useless coys in Nigeria loves to take us 4 granted cos dey know nothing will happen.

I need people to join in d call out in other to make dem act cos it seems dat is d only lang dey understand

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Education / Ican Center In Oshodi by oluwayimika123: 7:47am On Oct 14, 2018
I am planning to write next yr May diet and I stay somewhere around Oshodi so I need som1 to pls recommend a very good tutorial center around oshodi or its environ for me
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Wema Bank Plc Nationwide Graduate Trainee Recruitment 2018 by oluwayimika123: 7:17pm On Sep 26, 2018
I also scored 65% at d initial test and I ve not received any mail quite confuse.

I'm still waiting for mine as well
Education / Re: Ambrose Alli University: Institution Reacts As Police Describe School As ‘den Of by oluwayimika123: 3:11pm On Sep 25, 2018
It's a natural thing for the VC to save d name of d skool he heads. Without doubt out of every 10 students of AAU 7 are cultist and dey don't hide it.

It's as bad as secondary skool studs in Ekpoma also flaunting dre cult group.
Business / Re: Please Help! Gtbank Is Trying To Charge Me For ATM Card Twice by oluwayimika123: 3:37pm On Sep 05, 2018
I really don't understand y some people are trying to bash d op 4 dis post. I actually suspect staffs of the bank doing dis most.

I don't think OP is trying to taint d image of d coy rather it's just an eye opener to anoda form of daylight robbery.
Op categorically said he spoke with 2 staffs and both of den said dsame thing. So I don't see any fuse about that.

What is left is 4 Gtb to tell us if it's true or not whether one can still get dier cards transferred to dem den caution dier staffs buh if it's true, then dey are mad.

Those saying he ought to have explored oda means, after speaking with 2 staffs dat confirmed it to her must be seeing customers mistreatment as a norm ch ain't meant to b.



Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Wema Bank Graduate Trainee Recruitment by oluwayimika123: 7:00pm On Aug 26, 2018
I used my fone 4 d test and I did it different time apiece.

I did d reasoning test yestday morning and I wanted to switch to my laptop cos I noticed it would be beta using a laptop buh I faced the challenge som1 initially posted that the TAKE TEST ain't clicking but I later saw a msg at d top saying my chromes is old and ain't compatible that was y I used my fone.

So if u re facing such challenge, u may want to update ur chromes 1st b4 taking d test or u use ur fone.

I did verbal around 3.30 pm went to watch ball den came back to complete d test just now.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Wema Bank Graduate Trainee Recruitment by oluwayimika123: 6:53pm On Aug 26, 2018
I noticed something very awkward on this thread and it is my first time of seeing such on a job thread.

Somebody created a WHATSAPP group and my question is what for when their is a thread already and almost everyone is begging to be added.

That has defeated the purpose of the thread.
A QUICK REMNINDER for d group creator of the group.
The essence of a job thread is not just 4 d applicants alone buh 4 reference purposes 4 dose that would apply to wema bank in future and would want to know about their recruitment processes.

As for me I ve just completed my test using my fone, and I scored 65%. So I don't know if I still ve a chance of making it to d next stage buh would b very glad if I do.
I would upload my video tomao by God's grace.

Any1 that doesn't want to b selfish with their encounters shld also make their comments on this group


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 42 Job Interview Dos & Don’ts by oluwayimika123: 10:22am On Aug 16, 2018
Some of these things Na fable.
I ve just resumed a new role today after completing my NYSC.
During my interview, and my CV I lied cos my friend dat worked there told me to include it in my CV dat I currently work and earn an income as dis would give me the opportunity to negotiate beta salary at 1st inwas reluctant Buh I did eventually.

Brot one of d coy I did intern to present day and I inflated my salary in fact I regret not inflating it well cos I could ve negotiated beta.

So d rule don't lie, doesn't work every time.

U can lie, Buh lie with sense just like he said
Car Talk / Toyota Highlander 02 (reg) Available 4 Sale In Abeokuta by oluwayimika123: 6:11pm On Aug 10, 2018

2 million naira (negotiable)
Available for inspection in Abk
Education / Re: Suspected Cultists Attack 200 Level OAU Student by oluwayimika123: 9:01am On Aug 08, 2018
This nefarious act needs to stop. It's very common to see some miscreants parade themselves around as security council taking actions into their hands.

School management needs to get them arrested and make dem scape goat for others that do this.

I ve always hated these guys with passion with the way they act like animals and parade themselves around d campus.
Bunch of nitwits


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Interview Etiquette 101: My Personal Experience As A Recruiter by oluwayimika123: 11:15am On Jul 31, 2018

I will tell you sir, that a good short concise acknowledgement mail as receipt of a mail for a job interview goes a long way to prepare the ground for a candidate. The candidate name resonant well with the HR recruiter and often time prepares the candidate for a mild toned interview session. Again for multistage interview, it is very good to send go acknowledgement mail. A 20-30 words mail kills no-one except a mentally lazy man.
It says a lot about the personality of the candidate and he's desire to join the organisation. Makes you stand out from the teeming crowd of applicants.
Remember to the recruiter the applicant is either underemployed or unemployed, so what stops him/her from acknowledging a mail in a nice way.

I agree with u my own concern is some people are not exposed to d acts of corporate world and don't even know they are meant ty acknowledge an invite most time fresh grads that don't ve experience about things like this and this doesn't make dem lazy.

I was with a friend sometimes back wen she saw a job advert DT says send ur CV to so so and so and guess what she just sent her CV with
Hello so so and so
Pls find attached a copy of my CV. And nothing more and she had been doing dat for long until I told her no u shld give a Lil intro about urself.

where I am going is dis she's a brilliant girl and a very energetic one and I can vouch dat she will perform excelently well on any role Buh 4 ANY strict Recruiter, she would ve b3n labelled as being unserious.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Interview Etiquette 101: My Personal Experience As A Recruiter by oluwayimika123: 8:12am On Jul 31, 2018
I see most of this recruiters as d most confusing being.
They all set diff standards based on dier own personal judgment. The issue of using email add without nos shldnt be a prerequisite to choosing viable candidate.

He has highlighted some things above that shows he's just one of this ova pompous HR saying a candidate didn't make d clearance list becos he/she didn't send an acknowledgement letter appropriately.

I will like to remind OP that not everybody knows all this things and that doesn't mean they won't perform excellently well wen given a role.

Recruiters shld stop dis act of acting like demi gods that must be worshipped and learn to b considerate

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Phones / Re: Airtel Nigeria Is The Most Fraudulent, Criminally Minded Telecom In Nigeria by oluwayimika123: 7:45am On Jul 28, 2018
Everybody that uses Airtel around me complains about their day light robbery and d way they rub it on dier face.

My younger sis dares not recharge her airtel and not exhaust it herself d moment she leaves it 4 a whole day, they would surely deduct part of it.
One of my aunt almost ran mad cos of dis poo last weekend wen almost #200 was deducted from her account. She was just nagging all day as dey kept on reducing her balance and customer care wasn't picking.

The sad thing is my younger sis met one of there customer care agents and she told her pleaded with her to unsubscribe her from all extra packages they must ve subscribed her 4 and she did ch received Msgs that she has been unsubscribed from all of those packages. She recharged her fone d next day and it was still dsame deduction. I was just laffing at her wen she said Airtel has deducted her money again.

It's quite unfortunate that we don't ve govt in dis country we ve NCC and CPC that are supposed to handle dis buh it is none of their biz wen all of their ogas are already settled.
I feel like cursing all of dem dis morning


Politics / Re: Nigeria's Grazing Conflict Deadlier Than Boko Haram - Al Jazeera by oluwayimika123: 7:31am On Jul 28, 2018

So we should return Buhari?

Is Buhari and Atiku d only viable person in dis country of ova 190 million people
Politics / Re: Nigeria's Grazing Conflict Deadlier Than Boko Haram - Al Jazeera by oluwayimika123: 6:58pm On Jul 26, 2018
I just look at those supporting Atiku with utmost dismay. To me he ain't an option ve u watched his' body language on this' herdsmen killing.
He has not openly criticised there actions he rather chooses his' words carefully about them more reason he can't be trusted about them

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Education / Re: Kaduna Team Representing Nigeria Wins World Schools Debate Competition by oluwayimika123: 5:29pm On Jul 26, 2018
please sir, they is no public sch that bear a Christian name anywhere in Nigeria. Check your fact well

May be in ur environ buh where I come from, most Christiane named skools are public skools. Myself and my sibgings finished from one and it's still in existence till date as public skool.

Amongst others are still in existence as public schools in Abk
Education / Re: Kaduna Team Representing Nigeria Wins World Schools Debate Competition by oluwayimika123: 10:12am On Jul 26, 2018

polices & approach may differ but the goal remains thesame. Kindly share the useless event u r referring too.

No b BBN

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Education / Re: Kaduna Team Representing Nigeria Wins World Schools Debate Competition by oluwayimika123: 7:38am On Jul 26, 2018

Yes, but not in north, Have you been to north before?

Okay sir learned something new

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Education / Re: Kaduna Team Representing Nigeria Wins World Schools Debate Competition by oluwayimika123: 7:37am On Jul 26, 2018

Remember this is not PDP sharing govt. Securing dir future is the ultimate goal of the government. Education reform policy by the kaduna govt ensures every child especially from the poor families who attended govt schools get the quality education they need to compete and have a better life. This a huge feedback that the education reform is working. Kudus to elrufai & pmb

Yes we know, securing there future is d utmost priority and I am telling u I strongly believe it won't b hard 4 dis kids to sponsor there own education and a quick reminder it is during dis APC govt that an APC governor gave the winner of a useless event #2million nairaa plot of land and just recently $25000
Education / Re: Kaduna Team Representing Nigeria Wins World Schools Debate Competition by oluwayimika123: 7:21am On Jul 26, 2018

Thunder fire you there! ECWA school is for the Evangelical church and St John in Kachia belongs to the Roman Catholic Church. Mind your self.

I attended ECWA school and st John in Sabon gari Kachia local govt is under the Kafanchan diocese.
You come over to Kd and find out yourself.

Yes sir buh leave d thunder out
Education / Re: Kaduna Team Representing Nigeria Wins World Schools Debate Competition by oluwayimika123: 7:10am On Jul 26, 2018

sorry sir this is appreciation not reward. they already got rewarded at the event

Yes I agree buh it ain't encouraging at all if u ask me from a whole state govt in fact 1 million each for dose kids is too small if truly we value education in dis country.
Education / Re: Kaduna Team Representing Nigeria Wins World Schools Debate Competition by oluwayimika123: 7:06am On Jul 26, 2018

My friend are you short sighted? Can't you see ECWA school and St John? These are missionary owned schools joor.

Pls don't display ur ignorance here.
Don't tell me u don't know there are public skools that bear xtian names.


Education / Re: Kaduna Team Representing Nigeria Wins World Schools Debate Competition by oluwayimika123: 7:01am On Jul 26, 2018
It's quite sad that young lads dat did the whole nation proud at d works level are being celebrated this way.

Imagine a token of 1 million naira for 6 individuals that put so much effort to achieve such fit and some adults were locked up in a house to engage in immoral act and d winner went home with a prize dat worth 45million naira. A state governor also gave out dollars to dat same winner 4 engaging In suxh.

I really wish this kids can be given d rewards dey truly deserve both in cash and in kinds if not, dis would definitely show dat education is just a waste of time in dis nation.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ernst&young Graduate Trainee 2018 by oluwayimika123: 3:19pm On Jul 17, 2018
Mehn d questions were too tough
Crime / Re: Soldier Guy Calls ACP Yomi Shogunle A Bastard For Blocking Him On Twitter (pics) by oluwayimika123: 2:18pm On Jul 15, 2018
The soldier is an idiot. An ACP is = to a colonel in the army. So he want us to believe he can call a colonel a BS. foolishness/disrespecting of superior officer because he is not in your line.
After all sars learnt from soldiers how to humiliate civilians.

Even if his' rank is equal to dat of d COAS, to him he's still a bloody civilian.

On a serious note the Yomi Shogunle just proved he's a bastard cos d guy had not said anything too much dat warrants him blocking him.

This has just shown that d SARS act is supported by him cos I'm sure a Senior Army officer won't react like that.
So Yomi shogunle didn't go well by blocking him.

As 4 me, I love this kinda News

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Be Wise! They Will Never Advertise Vacancies But They Want Your Patronage by oluwayimika123: 5:29pm On Jul 13, 2018

don't be discouraged

Keep trudging on

Winners NEVER QUIT, and I think you are one

At least you were able to make it past the hurdles, it's the Naiha factor that failed you

Thanx bro.
This actually mean a lot to me

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Be Wise! They Will Never Advertise Vacancies But They Want Your Patronage by oluwayimika123: 7:32pm On Jul 11, 2018
OP actually made lots of sense.
I will share my own little experience about some of this multinationals.
Last week wasn't really a bright 1 4 me

On Monday, I got a mail 4rm P&G that d position I applied 4 has been filled up. What made dis funny is d fact that I did online test then I got called 4 a test in dier premises wch I got a mail that I ACED and I shld b on d look out 4 d next stage. A month after, I sent a mail as a form of reminder that was wen I was told the position has already been filled up and i may keep chking dier site 4 oda vacancies.

On Thursday again I got a regret mail 4rm on of the Big 4s after I made it tru to d final interview stage going tru all d test stages to d interview stage. I rmba one of the guys we went 4. D interview 2gda told me later dat interview nite he ova heard one of dier staffs asking the HR person dat escorted him out if his/her own candidate has been interviewed.

Even the so called ones that advertise dre's are reserved 4 dier families

Still job hunting tho buh I kinda lost interest somehow


Career / Re: Oluyomi Olawore Speaks On Assault On Kunle Karimu by oluwayimika123: 1:41pm On Jul 06, 2018
he cut CCTV how manage... cooked up lies

So many thing already showed dis narration Na pure lie.
He disconnected CCTV and ur oda employees were watching him.


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