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Politics / Re: Time For Obidients to accept defeat ,move on and Support President Tinubu by Originality007: 9:42am On Dec 02

The erection defeat is painful. Very painful erection
Was it Tinubu that printed 23 trillion Naira
What you have not told us is what Obi would have done differently so that we would all have been eating Turkey if One was in power as you want us to believe

You want us to believe if One won we would all own Lexuses like they do in Anambra

that is problem, Anybody that is not saying something that support Tinubu is ibo, majority of u defening him are shortsighted.
so to u now am Omo ibo.
mura si

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Politics / Re: Time For Obidients to accept defeat ,move on and Support President Tinubu by Originality007: 9:21am On Dec 02
So Tinubu's erection victory is very painful for many Ibos they find it hard to swallow
I wish they soonest recover from Painful erection

Price of commodity keeps going up everytime, while the Tinubu and the house telling us to endure, keep Enjoying themselves with luxuries and Ambiguous Allowances. But u want us to keep cheering him. how will he know that people are suffering.

Most u my fellow Yorubas always talk as if the economic situation only affect ibos, while all of us are affected.

Many families find it hard to eat now. I know someone that almost withdraw his daughter from one fed university, because he can't afford to pay school fees and some other fees again.
the hardship is just to much, and the gov don't care.
Fashion / Re: Braided Hairstyle: Fashion Or Madness? by Originality007: 8:26pm On Nov 27
By the time someone step on the so called hair and break her neck her head go correct

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Romance / Re: Nairalanders That Have Lost Loved Ones: How Did You Cope? by Originality007: 1:31pm On Nov 25
2016 wen I lost my dad and a Good man.

I miss him everyday.


Politics / Re: Nine Oil Producing State Vs Multidimensional Poverty - Statisense by Originality007: 7:57am On Nov 22
My broda, Benin city situation is very pathetic and that is why we are going to vote out PDP in the forthcoming gubernatorial election.

Ondo Aketi s the worst my brother. APC no suppose win anything in that state
Politics / Re: Nine Oil Producing State Vs Multidimensional Poverty - Statisense by Originality007: 7:56am On Nov 22
sad pathetic! Just yesterday, a friend who arrived Nig called/told me about the poor state of Owena Road on his way to Benin city. I immediately told him to reverse and go back to Lagos. One wonder what these useless governors spend the money on

That Road is something else.

am from Akure, anytime am traveling from Lagos to Akure. that owena road is just too terrible. am yet to see anything Aketi did in that state except that Benin Ore flyover.

Mimiko is the best Gov Ondo state ever produce since Democracy started in 1999.

Normal normal APC no suppose win that Ondo state again.


Politics / Re: Selling Gari In 1944 Was Illegal In Nigeria by Originality007: 6:18pm On Nov 20
The same garri that is beyond reach of average Nigeria.. I small paint bucket of garri sells for 1500 as at last week..

1600 naira now

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Foreign Affairs / Tens Of Thousands Join Rally For Israel In Washington, DC by Originality007: 7:30am On Nov 15
Crowd carrying Israeli and US flags targets anger at Hamas and calls for captives’ release.

Tens of thousands of people have joined a rally in Washington, DC, to voice solidarity with Israel in its fight against Hamas and condemn anti-Semitism.

Tuesday’s “March for Israel” took place on the National Mall under heavy security, with senior members of Congress addressing a crowd of people waving the flags of the United States and Israel.

Many raised placards calling on the Palestinian armed group Hamas to free the at least 200 people taken captive during their surprise October 7 attack, which Israeli authorities say killed more than 1,200 people.

Israel’s response – weeks of relentless attacks on the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, which officials there say have killed more than 11,300 people – has exposed deep divisions in the US, Israel’s most staunch supporter.

At the top of the mall, the top Democrats in Congress – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic leader Hakeem Jefferies – stood together on stage with Republicans Mike Johnson, the House of Representatives speaker, and Senator Joni Ernst from the central state of Iowa. They joined hands as Schumer, the highest-ranking Jewish elected official in the US, chanted, “We stand with Israel.”

Democrats and Republicans stood united as they addressed the crowd [Mark Schiefelbein/AP Photo]
But beneath the projection of unity, Democrats and the US itself are sharply divided over Israel’s course and its treatment of Palestinians.

The country has seen weeks of largely
pro-Palestinian demonstrations amid growing calls for a ceasefire and President Joe Biden has toned down some of the full-throated solidarity with the Israelis from the war’s early weeks to urge more restraint.

Hamas a target

A succession of speakers took the stage to condemn the Hamas attack and what they said was the virulent spread of anti-Semitism internationally.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog addressed the crowd via video from the Western Wall in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem. After “the largest massacre since the Holocaust,” he said, “let us call out together, never again.

“No one will break us,” he pledged. “We will rise again … There is no greater and just cause than this.”

Rachel Goldberg, whose 23-year-old son, Hersh Goldberg-Polin , was snatched by Hamas after the group attacked a music festival, also addressed the crowd, noting those taken captive ranged in age from just nine months to 87 years and were of different religions and nationalities.

“Our hearts are bruised and seeping with misery,” she said. “Why is the world accepting that 240 human beings from almost 30 countries have been stolen?”

Many of the demonstrators wore Israeli flags wrapped around their shoulders or held small Israeli flags in their hands turning their anger on Hamas.

Banners and placards showed the names and photos of people being held captive in Gaza, with the crowd shouting, “Bring them home!”

Other signs read “Annihilate Hamas” and “ From the river to the sea, we support democracy.”

Security was tight, with trucks blocking access to the mall and police keeping a close watch on the area.

Melanie Lubin of Olney, Maryland, wore a flag that combined the Stars and Stripes with Israel’s blue and white Star of David.

Asked about the death toll in Gaza and criticism of the way Israel has conducted its military campaign, she said: “I think everyone is concerned about what is happening in Gaza and to civilians in Israel. Israel is doing its best. This is a war. Israel did not start this war.”

Mark Moore, a 48-year-old Christian pastor from Chicago, said he considered Israel “the only bastion of freedom” in the Middle East.

“I’m praying for peace… secured through victory so it does not continue with this endless cycle of violence,” he said.



Politics / Re: Stop Hating Each Other Because Of Politicians - They Are Just Using Us by Originality007: 1:58pm On Oct 28
Two of my colleagues in the office if u see how this guys always hail and defend some politicians. politicians wey no Sabi Dem oo.

omo u go fear, that truly Nigerians are the problem of Nigerian not our leaders.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Switzerland Revises Election Results After Discovering Some Counting Errors by Originality007: 6:54am On Oct 27
In my country Nigeria na na Court go settle am.
Judiciary decitate who win election in Nigeria.
inec is just an application center

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Politics / Re: All Former Presidents Are Ethnic Leaders Except Obasanjo – Amaechi by Originality007: 6:52am On Oct 27

Jonathan did his own toi

Jona did own too, I think Jona favour His own people and the North, he was trying to perceiving the Northerners. he put dem in positions too, Forgetting that no matter what u did for the North, dey will never see u as theri own and dey believe that presidency post should b occupied by the Northerner.

Instead of Jonathan to face the South West people he Begin to please the North.

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Politics / Re: All Former Presidents Are Ethnic Leaders Except Obasanjo – Amaechi by Originality007: 6:47am On Oct 27
i will say buhari started it, and now jagaban is doing is own. oodua ni mi, Eko-ile.

That Buhari own is the worst I ever see, the man no even hide am.

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Politics / Re: All Former Presidents Are Ethnic Leaders Except Obasanjo – Amaechi by Originality007: 6:45am On Oct 27
Amaechi you know I like you but this latest selfisness you are displaying because you lost the primary is getting out of hand.

Your stupidity made Wike hijack Rivers from you. APC members in Rivers are now an orphan due to your recklessness.

Your followers are in disarray because you are not a good leader. Go and make amendments before you are relegated like some failure politicians

but what the man said is nothing but Truth.

even though am not his fan.

Buhari nepotism is the worst, I cant conclude on Tinubu own, untill he is done with his appointment.


Foreign Affairs / Re: US Rejects Mideast Ceasefire Calls, Says Would Benefit Hamas by Originality007: 6:30am On Oct 24
As much as we stand with Israel, that's a bad bad idea. Truth is Israel can not keep up with open offensive continuously else it will escalate. These guys CAN never be wiped out. They're like the HYDRa. If e easy why them no rout taliban for Afghanistan? America learnt..Russia is learning that wars could be very tiring. The best Israel can do is retreat improve their intelligence/defence network to reduce to the barest minimum the chance of this ever happening again. Thinking you can wipe out these islamists is a joke. They'll be there being a thorn till the very end of time.

but do u no that this Hamas people are still firing Rockets 🚀? should Israel b looking wen rockets still going over Thier roof?.

the cease fire should come from both side.

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Family / Re: Help! My Wife Doesn’t Enjoy Sex by Originality007: 4:58pm On Oct 22
She is probably circumcised
They can also affect her sex drive

u may b right, I once met a girl. this girl no enjoy sex o, she was circumcised and dey cut her too deep. I have to romance her for long b4 she go wet and once she is wet u must quickly insert ur d**k otherwise she will dry within few seconds.

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Politics / Re: 'Nigeria Unites For Palestine': Muslims Hold mega rally In Lagos, Demand Justice by Originality007: 4:36pm On Oct 22

Majority of those supporting Israel are not informed.

Ask them why, and they will tell you is because of Christ. That same Christ, Jews don’t believe in him. They call his a magician and believe the Messiah is yet to come.

They detest the Muslims who believe in Christ, but adore the Jews who don’t believe in Christ.

They don’t even know Christian face the same prosecution as Muslims in Israel. Israel almost banned Christianity early this year.

Let both Gods of Christians and Muslims defend Dem. is non of ur business here.

wen did Arabs ever protests against insurgents or killings in Nigeria or Africa as a whole.


Politics / Re: 'Nigeria Unites For Palestine': Muslims Hold mega rally In Lagos, Demand Justice by Originality007: 4:32pm On Oct 22
Some people are stupid, those that did protest in London did they go to Palestine. Nigeria and Propaganda are of highest rate. Some people don't know that those stupid soldier are killing both Muslim and Christian in Palestine. They are even bombing church. Don't let social media given your fake news. Watch cnn or BBC news or Aljasera news and be updated instead of spreading fake news in social media. Infact almost all the world are protesting against Israel now. I know some people will Quote me wrong.

yes dey are killing both christians and Muslims,
Same has Hamas killed both Muslims and Christians in Thier attack.
but how did that concern us here in Nigeria.

did Arabs or Jews gives a f..k about us here? so y protesting.

we should learn how to mind our own business.

wen Russia was killing both Christians and Muslims in Ukraine, why didn't Nigerians Muslims protest or Didn't Arabs protests


Politics / Re: Who Is Sponsoring This Falsehood? by Originality007: 12:11pm On Oct 22
close to 2wks now, my colleague in office cannot stay in her house again in Ketu, she and her little boy are now staying with his brother in Ojota . the flood from the Dam have chase Dem out, only her husband stays in the house.

I was at around ishashi Ogun state yesterday, u need to see what the flood is doing to Dem.

dey play oo


Foreign Affairs / Re: Muslims Converged For A Mega Rally, Condemn Israel’s Bombing Of Gaza by Originality007: 11:43am On Oct 22
i kuku see Dem in Ojota yesterday.

what baffled me most is that, am yet to see any muslim person, leader or country that condemned what Hamas did and y dey never tell Dem to stop firing the Rockets.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Vs Hamas: Which TV Station Is The Most Objective In It's Reportage? by Originality007: 2:42pm On Oct 21
Sky News
Foreign Affairs / Re: Gaza Baptist Hospital Blast From Palestine Rockets, Not Ours - Israel Military by Originality007: 9:45pm On Oct 17
this is getting serious .

but y Hamas still keep firing Rockets 🚀, When dey know it will not get to Israel?

nothing like Peace. peace is what we are praying for

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Crime / Re: Two Lawyers Fight With Chairs In Enugu Court (Video) by Originality007: 8:47am On Oct 13
Politics / Re: Foundation Stone Laying For Lithium Battery Factory In Nasarawa by Originality007: 6:41am On Oct 13
Foreign Affairs / Re: No Power, Water Or Fuel To Gaza Until Hostages Freed - Israel To Palestine by Originality007: 5:33pm On Oct 12
War no b thing

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Politics / Re: Federal Govt Considering Fresh Subsidy For Gencos As Gas Price Hikes By 30% by Originality007: 11:12am On Oct 12
grin e go favor me and my family

don dey use Fire wood to cook🤣

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Just In: Renewed Air Strike In Gaza! (photos) by Originality007: 7:14pm On Oct 11
Despite all this Israel airstrike, do u no Hamas are still firing Rockets 🚀 into Israel?
the whole war tire me

let Thier b peace

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Sends Carrier Strike Group To The Eastern Mediterranean In Support Of Israel by Originality007: 7:12am On Oct 09

I see you tactcitly avoided mentioning Fulani herdmens and Boko Haram terrorist ravaging your brothers and raping yours sisters and mother's up north. But No those ones don't concern you. It UGM and IPOB you are after.


how sure are u that the guy is even from Benue?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: 44 Soldiers, 34 Police Officers Killed In Hamas Attack (Names & Photos) by Originality007: 5:42pm On Oct 08
Normally,you will expect Jews to inflate their loss towards 6 million .


Why are they now under-reporting their casualties ?

can we have ur own report?
TV/Movies / Re: THROWBACK: Remember The "CHECKMATE" Soap Opera Of Yesteryears? by Originality007: 9:23pm On Oct 05
I used to hate this Checkmate show back then, while watching it, I only looked forward to seeing adverts, especially that of Imperial Leather Soap.

I preferred the Orebe Kumo and Jagi Legbo series…

you must b from Ondo state
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija “All Stars“ 2023: Live Updates Thread by Originality007: 2:45pm On Oct 02
I enter this thread because of Baye, and finally, I came, saw and conquer for Baye.Now it is time to unfollow it

thank you everyone.


TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija “All Stars“ 2023: Live Updates Thread by Originality007: 10:12am On Oct 02

Kwa kwa kwa
You will cry blaad if you don’t desist from envy and jealousy!!!!!
I guess it was Dino and her daddy politician that paid every body in Nigeria and Africa at large to love her to the extent of voting for her under the rain,sun,night and day!
They also paid multichoice to make sure Baye wins most of the tasks and HOH!
You dey crase!

in Zambia if u see the jubilation wen Baye was declared the winner, some people said dey thought Zambia is playing football and score.

Once again Congratulations Tatiana4u

Congratulations all of us Baye tribe


TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija “All Stars“ 2023: Live Updates Thread by Originality007: 10:09am On Oct 02
I am happy CeeC and Mercy didnt win tho grin

if Ceec have won, The girl will never b humble in life again, Cos she will see bitterness as a way of life.
mercy will think the whole big brother of a thing is built around her.

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