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Celebrities / Re: Desmond Elliot Calls For Ban On Foreign Movies To Help Nollywood Grow by Orlandihno(m): 9:32pm On Jul 22
When ever I see someone watching nollyshit movies I get irritated not to talk of me watching those mess
We re at the same boat
Phones / Re: Original Kingston Class 10 Memory Cards For Sale. Discount prices by Orlandihno(m): 7:23pm On Jul 12
I ordered in d morning & it was delivered by noon at the exact rate without any extra charges. Gre8 job @Mikky Well-done.
Phones / Re: Original Kingston Class 10 Memory Cards For Sale. Discount prices by Orlandihno(m): 7:15pm On Jul 12

Ya. Hope you've received it

Yeah. Finally gotten mine. Original testified!

Phones / Re: Original Kingston Class 10 Memory Cards For Sale. Discount prices by Orlandihno(m): 1:46pm On Jul 12
Still expecting mine 2 be delivered @64gb. Ikeja, Alausa.
Phones / Re: MTN NG Unveils Their Cheapest Data Plan by Orlandihno(m): 11:00pm On Jun 21
The advantage of this plan is that.. If u exhausts ur plan e.g u sub for 4gb 2which supposed to last for a month & u exhausted it within 2 weeks u cn easily resub, it can even be rolled over. It's the best plan. Remember "if only u're eligible"
Phones / Re: See How MTN Wants Us To Compulsorily Exhaust Our Data by Orlandihno(m): 10:44pm On Jun 21
I changed the marked and it has worked fine since then..
Pls try it.
Brah! this is a long protocol , U don't need to off ur data savings, rather change to "saving high" & u're good to go..

Sports / Re: Fernando Torres Announces Retirement by Orlandihno(m): 9:41pm On Jun 21
Chelsea fans will never forget that goal against Barcelona
Yeah! 4real! It was Classic!!

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Romance / Re: Nairalanders What's Your Best Action Packed Movie ,mine Is Kill Bill(photos) by Orlandihno(m): 9:37pm On May 20
You guys should goan watch THE NIGHT COMES FOR US.
Yoo Mahn! U're correct! ## [1] The night comes for us [2] Headshot## that's a mind blown best action pack.. by my best Asian actor *Iko Uwais* Can't get tired of watching those two movies
Science/Technology / Re: Rainstorm Pulls Down A Mast In Ogba, As Thunder Storm Cut Down A Tree In Lagos by Orlandihno(m): 8:20pm On May 20
Same same @Ikeja Electric hqtrs Alausa. The mast fell on top of their canteen roof affecting the high tension cables....though work was still ongoing when I left.
Phones / Re: 10 Best Movie Apps For Free Streaming And Download Of Movies by Orlandihno(m): 9:42pm On May 11
This is a long protocol, y nt use ur Opera browser & check on "fzmoviez.net" to download any foreign movies of ur choice, it even has a search bar that u can use & search 4 any foreign movies of ur choice. U may thank me later!!
Phones / Re: Between Tecno Pouvior 2 Pro And Gionee A1 Lite Which Should I Go For by Orlandihno(m): 9:21pm On May 11
I was totally like you before I got my Nokia x5... Your eye go clear Las Las grin

Thank God for my deliverance!
What are ya insinuating? Mahn if u can't maintain ur android phone irrespective of any brand, always expects the unexpected to happen because u gonna complain & mourn& whines about it, e.g ur phone memory is filled up and it starts hanging, & wht are ya supposed to do? Is it nt to uninstall some useless unimportant apps & delete some videos, pics & clear the caches to free the phone's memory/ram inorder to speed up the phone, & some few othoth . Y ur Nokia x5 was given u headache ws u that didn't knw d simple tricks to maintains(handle it) is what my younger brother is using 4 d past 6months nw(nokia X5). If u need phone tips & tricks u cn always holler at me 08067623000
Phones / Re: Between Tecno Pouvior 2 Pro And Gionee A1 Lite Which Should I Go For by Orlandihno(m): 9:54pm On May 10
Please how much is tecno pouvior 2 pro ?
54k. I bought mine a couple of months ago. Don't let anyone confused ur brain. It's a machine!
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool vs Barcelona: UCL Semi-Finals (4 - 0) On 7th May 2019 by Orlandihno(m): 10:26pm On May 07


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool vs Barcelona: UCL Semi-Finals (4 - 0) On 7th May 2019 by Orlandihno(m): 9:57pm On May 07
Receive sense Barca!

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool vs Barcelona: UCL Semi-Finals (4 - 0) On 7th May 2019 by Orlandihno(m): 9:53pm On May 07


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool vs Barcelona: UCL Semi-Finals (4 - 0) On 7th May 2019 by Orlandihno(m): 9:32pm On May 07
Whaaaaattttt!!! This is damn Unbelievable!!! I'm I seeing double

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Phones / Re: The Worst Phone U Have Ever Used And Will Never Recommend by Orlandihno(m): 8:03pm On May 06
Injoo fire
That phone can cook indomie
Ohh booie!!! Haaahahaaaaahh!!!
Phones / Re: New Offer! How To Get MTN 1GB For N200, Valid For 7 Days by Orlandihno(m): 9:27pm On May 02

Phones / Re: New Offer! How To Get MTN 1GB For N200, Valid For 7 Days by Orlandihno(m): 9:24pm On May 02
Mahn! It's 4real, that's what I'm still using right away, I activated 4GB fr 1k fr a month, I even activated auto renewal. The best option to activate it..... if u're eligible, simply download mymtnapp & use it to activate. Believe me bruh. Proof!

Career / Re: Electrician Electrocuted While Working On A Pole In Port-Harcourt. Photos by Orlandihno(m): 8:18am On Apr 26
Damn! It's a pity! Nobody's perfect, even a monkey � who is the general of tree do falls off once in a while. What I'm I saying...anything u're doing, even if u self-proclaimed "a pro"! Well u might be perfect bt don't get carried away, concentration is the only way out, especially when it comes to light issue. Remember there's no mistake in the grave & "had I known" is always the final thoughts which will be too late! RIP buddy
Nairaland / General / Wet Dreams! Some Common Questions & Answers by Orlandihno(m): 12:11am On Apr 26
Are wet dreams the sign of a spiritual attack?

Expert Answer
No, they are not a sign of a spiritual attack. Some religions do frown upon any type of sexual activity outside of the marriage bed. This includes wet dreams and masturbation. The religions that teach the above are not speaking with sound medical evidence.

How do I stop having wet dreams?

Expert Answer
Stopping altogether is difficult.Your goal should be to cut down on the amount of wet dreams if possible.

Can I wrap a rubber band tight around my shaft to prevent wet dreams?

Community Answer
No. Do not do this as you will restrict blood flow to the shaft, which can cause infection or other problems.

Why do we awaken after wet dreams right after they end?
Community Answer
Probably, because you feel uncomfortable.

Does having frequent wet dreams mean I am losing my sperm and that I might have problems having children in the future?
No. Ejaculating briefly lowers your sperm count since you've just released some, but your body is always making new sperm and replenishing that supply; it doesn't in any way affect your ability to have children in the future. Same way that peeing daily has no bearing on your ability to pee in the future.

I'm a girl, and I get wet thrice daily. Is it normal?
Community Answer
This is normal.

Is it harmful to my genitals if I only use a wet cloth and not soap to wash it?
Community Answer
No, that's perfectly fine, as long as the cloth is clean. Soap can actually irritate your genitals.

According to my religion, it's a very big sin to have any seminal emission outside of sex, and I had two wet dreams! I am afraid to tell anyone about this! What can I do?
You can try talking to your doctor. Or you could reconsider your religion, as frankly, that's a pretty extreme view. This is a very normal thing to experience and not your fault, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Is it healthy to have wet dreams?
Community Answer
It's perfectly healthy to have wet dreams. Wet dreams are just a sign of semen buildup and the body getting rid of the excess semen.

As a teenager, how do i stop having wet dreams?
Community Answer
You don't. Simply go through the process of puberty and if you're embarrassed about it, know that it's okay and normal!

Are there any ways to stop or prevent wet dreams?
Community Answer
The above guide has several tips which may help you. Try some of them out and see what works for you. If nothing works, try to understand that dreams -- even the wet ones -- are generally nothing to worry about.

Do wet dreams cause fatigue?
Community Answer
Not in and of themselves. If they're causing you to wake up in the middle of the night, that could disturb your sleep and cause some fatigue.

How do I stop masturbatin
Check out this article Stop a Masturbation Addiction or this one, Control Your Urge to Masturbate.

I get erections at random times throughout the day. Why does this happen?
Community Answer
It's totally normal. Even if you're not trying to, it might just happen. This will taper off and become less and less frequent as you age.

Can someone else tell if I'm having a wet dream?
Community Answer
They might be able to tell depending on sounds or movements you're making, but it's not a guarantee.

I exercise every day, but whenever I work hard I have wet dreams. What should I do?
Community Answer
Try taking magnesium supplements (500 mg). Also, you can get a muscle relaxant such as orphenadrine from your local pharmacy.
55 45
Spiritually, does wet dreaming cause defilement at the adult stage?
Community Answer
It depends on your religion. The biggest question is: is it still sin/defilement if you don't do it consciously? If yes, then it does. However, if you consider sin as evil done willingly, then no. Remember, your body does it naturally - it's a bit like considering sweating a sin. Some people say that it's only defilement if you also have a sexual dream; if it just happens, then it's not a sin.

Can wet dreams cause hair or muscle loss?
Community Answer
No, they cannot.

Is nocturnal emission dangerous? dWet dreams / sex dreams)

Health / UNDERSTANDING WET DREAMS {how To Stop} by Orlandihno(m): 11:51pm On Apr 25
How to Stop Wet Dreams

Wet dreams are a normal, healthy part of adolescence. However, if your wet dreams are causing you embarrassment, there are some things you can do to help stop them.

Part One of Three:
Understanding Wet Dreams

Understand why wet dreams occur. While you're asleep, involuntary ejaculations will sometimes occur when your genitals become stimulated by your clothes or sleeping position, resulting in orgasm and ejaculation. They may even happen when no stimulation to the genitals occurs. Your body produces semen and seminal fluid whether you like it or not, whether you're sexually active or not, whether you masturbate regularly or not. Your body does this regardless of religious or cultural considerations.
If you're not orgasming regularly, but still are becoming aroused, excess seminal fluid from the prostate can make your genitals sensitive and tender, which may make wet dreams more likely.
Image titled Stop Wet Dreams Step 2

2 During puberty, hormones ramp up the production of sperm in the body, making wet dreams more likely during the early teenage years. Typically, a wet dream happens while you're asleep, but ejaculation sometimes may occur at other times you experience involuntary sexual stimulation. You might sleep through a wet dream or you might wake up instantly. You may have an erection when you experience a wet dream, or you may not.
According to statistics, more than 80% of men experience at least one wet dream in their lifetime. The frequency of these was .36 times per week. This means that men who reported having wet dreams had, on average, one wet dream every three weeks or so.[1]
Some men experience involuntary ejaculations in adolescence and then report that these wet dreams taper off into adulthood. Some men experience wet dreams regularly throughout their lives, regardless of frequent or infrequent sexual activity, while some men never experience them at all.
Wet dreams are normal. However, excessive wet dreams may need to

3 Learn common myths about wet dreams. Wet dreams are not a sign of any physiological or psychological abnormality or condition. They are normal. In fact, they’re a perfectly natural sign that your reproductive system is functioning properly. In other words, wet dreams are not "a problem," outside of the embarrassment and the mess.
Some people used to think that wet dreams were a sign of "spermatorrhea" or "seminal weakness.” This is something that has absolutely no grounding in empirical science and is now classified as an "imaginary disease."[2] There is no such thing as seminal weakness.
It is also a myth, however, that males "must ejaculate" regularly to get rid of built-up sperm. It's true that "unused" semen is absorbed back into the body and that you don't "need" to ejaculate regularly to live a healthy and fulfilling life. However, some men do report fewer wet dreams when they are having more orgasms from sexual activity – whether masturbation or with a partner.

4 Understand that wet dreams are not your fault. Your body is doing what it was made to do. Wet dreams are nothing to feel guilty about, so don't beat yourself up over something that's a perfectly normal function of your body.
If you have a wet dream, don't panic or feel embarrassed. When you wake up, clean yourself up by washing your genitals with soap and water and change your sheets.
If you're struggling to control your sexual urges and thoughts, or practice a religion that forbids masturbation, you still don't need to feel guilty about the occasional wet dream. It's not a sign of impurity or some failure on your part. You were asleep, after all! Talk to a trusted friend or religious advisor about the issue and seek guidance.
Image titled Accelerate Weight Loss Naturally Step 11

5 Talk to your doctor. If you still have questions, your doctor can reassure you about wet dreams and what is normal. Call or make an appointment. Raise your concerns. Your doctor can be a great resource for not only wet dreams, but also for things like safe sex and sexual health.
Part Two of Three:
Changing Behaviors
Image titled Stop Wet Dreams Step 5
Relax. In some cases, big changes or stressful periods reportedly produce more wet dreams than at other more relaxed periods of leisure. Make sure you get enough sleep and exercise, take time off from your busy schedule to relax and do things that you enjoy. Pick up new hobbies to fill your free time with fun activities and relax when you get the chance to relax.[3]
Image titled Stop Wet Dreams Step 6
Sleep on your back. Wearing loose fitting clothes or sleeping Unclad may reduce the risk of accidental stimulation while you're asleep.
Some people who abstain from sexual behavior change their sleep patterns by sleeping only a few hours at a time and wake up frequently during the night before returning to sleep, reducing the risk of involuntary ejaculation.
Image titled Stop Wet Dreams Step 7
Avoid spicy foods and stimulants. While there is no scientific link between food and wet dreams, in some cultures people think eating "heating" foods like green chiles and eggplant as well as coffee and other substances that contain caffeine, especially late at night, is “risky” behavior for arousal and wet dreams.
If you're struggling with wet dreams, try to eat smaller meals throughout the day, staying hydrated to keep your digestion functioning properly. Go to the bathroom frequently and get plenty of exercise to relieve tension.
Image titled Stop Wet Dreams Step 8
Avoid overtly sexual stimuli. As much as possible, avoid situations that produce a sexual response in you. It'll be much easier to control your sexual urges if you avoid pornography, sexual programming on television, and other media. Fill your time with enriching, fulfilling activities and avoid dwelling on thoughts of sex.
Image titled Stop Wet Dreams Step 10
Develop a healthy relationship with sex and masturbation. If you're sexually active, communicate with your partner to maintain a healthy and open sexual relationship that keeps you both fulfilled, and talk to them about your wet dreams if you feel comfortable.
If you're not sexually active (and even if you are) develop a healthy relationship with masturbation. If it helps keep your sexual thoughts and urges in check, it might be right for you. Many adolescents masturbate several times per week or even every day.
If you are sexually active but still have frequent wet dreams, it might help to talk to your doctor about them.
Part Three of Three:
Using Natural Home Remedies
Image titled Stop Wet Dreams Step 11
Try sage tea. As part of an Ayurvedic diet, sometimes sage tea is used as a night-time drink that aids sleep and relaxation, often used among monastics and other lay persons to avoid sexual thoughts and wet dreams.
Image titled Stop Wet Dreams Step 12
Try fenugreek and honey as a "coolant." Mixing some fenugreek powder--a common ingredient in Indian and other mid-Eastern cooking--with an equal amount of honey to mask the bitterness, is often used as a sleep aid and remedy for wet dreams.
Image titled Stop Wet Dreams Step 13
Drink licorice root tea. Aside from aiding your breathing and throat health, licorice root is commonly used in Eastern medicine for all sorts of "root chakra" cases. It tastes good and promotes general wellness and respiratory health.
Image titled Stop Wet Dreams Step 14
Try a warm bath with essential oils. It's a common misconception that "cold showers" decrease sex drive. Contrarily, cold temperatures may actually increase sperm production in the testicles. Practicing aroma therapy by taking relaxing warm baths with a few drops of peppermint, lavender, sandalwood, or rose oil is thought to reduce the possibility of wet dreams.[4]
Image titled Stop Wet Dreams Step 15
Try gourd extract. One common home remedy, but one without any basis in science, involves mixing equal parts of gourd extract and sesame oil and rubbing it into your scalp before bed to eliminate sexual desires. It can't hurt to try. To be contin'd.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Manchester City (0 - 2) On 24th April 2019 by Orlandihno(m): 10:40pm On Apr 24
KARIUS:: I woke up in DE gea's body, so how this shįť turn into freaky Wednesday!! But we got no choice than to chop this 2-0, I can't believe that it's Ole gunnar!! Ole gunnar!!!
Yeah! That's ma nigger, wha'tup ma nigger!! I luv how this freaky Wednesday turned 'em upside �. They were against Chelsea yesterday 4 a mere drawing of d match. It'z a damn pity!! grin grin grin

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Romance / Re: Top Nairalanders Of All Time by Orlandihno(m): 4:04pm On Apr 19
Evathyst, IZUKWU, Aliyeous, Sunexy, miremoses, YINKS89, layla129, KingTom, juhan, kennedymac, damilola69, Hurklan, ennyscongy, dianna1, imsirkay, Donemc, Aristokells24, hfinest1,Andykruiz, danwa25, Ndukings92, Evathyst, slimthugchimee, ireneony, Tuhndhay, joeCris, Despirado121, josh4ever, ritababe, khodedboih, cherrybrown, mekonglobal, johnjunior39, sampete, donobecs, milanseedorf, verine, babasolo, avicky, zimoni, iyamchee, virturaikay, zanebaddo, governorsym, Orlandihno, amross16,

onuwaje, suraaj, EngrE, saheedbadmus, WHIZKIDEFE, Ayodeji2k14, louiskay, kestare, joshuamoses101, godsonchikelue, bernie4naija, WeedyGonzalez, siempere,sekzy99, unearthed, ennyscongy, McBrooklyn, saucekid, Ebenezer1998, Nelkoko, anyakarl, Okoanike, Romzii, bassette, TamedWolf90, Ijaya123, Henz24, IAMXcessiz, kryptonKing, barackodam, ClintonDal, cheruv, ashatoda, ArinzeAlec, Mutaino7, yurme, MERS, cutecanson, ademoladeji, BeeBeeOoh, Glokit, ayxmania, chines4, Stormisova, KissCODE, odafe94, OlufemiWhit, sammyendowed, uanda, mimzy, Smellymouth, sunkieisland, AbrahamLincoln, addempsea, incredible70, rapcy, sherif4owo, chorlay, vosquare, IRAPADA, PastorAji, Stelvin101, phatiebaba, elpiro, Edipee, olojuede01, peleson, Oluwabunmy, lexaydfg, 7footre, godaxionbamin, mo9ice, emmanuelles, philismary, Slimfitdiva, brightballer, donkelz, DavOnyi, hero10, eagleeye2, scabit, AirSultan. Ralphloren25, jmichlins, mancheeutd, naijamakossa, marcusagrippa, heatflux, andretony, daholiest, Simplebea, aprilwise selvad, nadalion, eddyroyal, petishegzy, discoprophet, annikky, Solidkay, Phamoxy, ishowdotgmail, FactTruths, Mekky05, desdichando, Nwereonye, heskeyw, 3rdlegxxx, Onyeval, flekside, vickkydgreat, chucksvialle, marshalrhino, Erick9300, guntranno, faith2ogesco, rednaxx, stainlink, Diction10nairal, EngrKabir, Ayomide93, naijafox, freshkunzy, Rocktation, obasegun88, UdBerg, BoluGabriel, alhajisindodo, vinee09, bigjoule, Nitefury, mhiz, maiconyoung, Bb4u, snezBaba, donpapachi, neo2smart, rejoicebae, iAmCharis, alexie4real, Aadetola1, holymayor5, Bonchila, sunnyeinstein, nastyd, Penuelseun, slimmyjimmy, abagajnr3, chucksvalle, Olatoman, teewai3, Benndted, Predivine, Jodesky, JeffreyJames, celeb4lfe, south7313, latbas, engryomiaina, tgwltm, YoungDaNaval, Rucosta10, Eminentsaint, obaayo2, heanyi40, Ishilove, Twaci, Anas09, Ralphloren25, krett, Gofwane, Dhanidhamy, fancyboy, fashonale, rhodu, gurugalore, rattyo3, folxy91, BrainewsNg, vizkiz, jephthal, Evakingz, yeogar, Mrbee21, OVI75, mkdonald, lordkeme, ablatgraphicplus, DavOnyi, olumode09, gideon293, Phinity318, haydeey, egedem. gnaftalee, sexstoriespost, kunlexbaba45, strongguy, promi6, philybuck, Puah, frozenhot, arosunshine, temi4fash, naijafox, skoloppy31, phenom57, mayor10, ObioraIkenna, NanaAmofah, mixter, tonye72, kingmekus, flackoFlint, ibroh22,oluwaemmanuel, JESUSBOIY, ThisIsTDF, mediaspace, povost, SirHenry105, saintgp, SelinaBrown,urchelixir, Jaybee41, xule20, koropon, debonairprinx, gboly3290, yurme, pastorpussy, sweetyie, Enigurl, bbulldog, Fdfredo, enigma2007, olanrewajumi, Temilayhor, scabit, zanga420, dapsylee, kingmekus, Sirbomb, misspella, buccunmie, Destiny4fame, sonofgodfrey, Stormisova, Nogodye, Bespiel, ehispapa, berryice, MrsKheiron, tooltip,chigozie7, stal65, Holuwarphemmy, akugbe22, iheanyi40, Andremani, lamthoney, liveLongNprospa, Destiny4fame, chrisantus25, walexx211, Elsuperior, Akposkool, papyson, Shabib, iamDiabolic, Mathias260, yajoe.

If your name no day there, sorry o
Beautiful being recognized! I'm honoured!!

Celebrities / Re: Is Chichi Igbo Nigeria's Best Swagged Female Celebrity At The Moment? (photos) by Orlandihno(m): 11:39pm On Apr 17
Even Cynthia Uwak, the former Super falcon striker, they're all birds of the same feather.

Phones / Re: 2 In 1 Micro Usb 32gb For Sale by Orlandihno(m): 4:19pm On Apr 04
Can we have a glimpse of it?
Crime / Re: Soldiers Punished A Masquerade Who Harrased Them For Money In Lagos. by Orlandihno(m): 1:38pm On Apr 04

Travel / Re: About our trip to the Lekki Conservation Center, Lekki. by Orlandihno(m): 6:34pm On Apr 02
Beautiful landscape & adventure.I'm thrilled bruh!!

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Food / Re: How Do I Tell This Guy To Stop Eating In My House? by Orlandihno(m): 5:40pm On Mar 23
I still recalled when I was still staying in face me I face u, I remembered this pretty young lady.... broda plz I fit borrow ur matches, I mean everyday by day each time I'm back from work, whenever she comes fr it she'll start with a play, at the end....broda plz I fit borrow ur matches, it was kinda funny though. And this guy also, I mean every weekend he must come fr my Iron, "bros I fit borrow ur iron" b4 I used it I must go and knock on his door and get it back, till the iron got spoiled and I had to repair it with deep anger, after repairing that was when senses came into my oblongata, when he returns over the wkend fr it again, I turned him down with immediate effects. When he saw me using it he was surprised, exclaiming "bros u dey vex o" Ever since then he didn't knock on my door again fr it. The lesson is that "don't let anyone use ur kindness for a Fool"


Food / Re: How Do I Tell This Guy To Stop Eating In My House? by Orlandihno(m): 5:09pm On Mar 23
Food is the least thing I'll ever deny anyone. Like my grandfather always said to me "Offpoint no matter how full you are, you'll still be hungry in 5 hours time, so give that food to your brother"

I don't think there's any reasonable human being that will come to your house everyday just to eat, His conscience will not allow that.
Mahn I gotta tell ya they are some who doesn't have any
conscience, they believe becos u have enough that's u keep on giving them!! In their mindset that u're "a fooool" they'll keep on feast on u.

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