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Romance / Re: The Only 3 Men That Forgive A Cheating Girlfriend Or Woman by orohbirodeysmel: 9:43pm On Jan 06
cheesy Na Portable format I dey use now. Everybody is my boss. The moment someone starts calling you a boss in Nigeria, just know that you're owing the person money or time (to teach them something for free as the boss that you are).

Invariably, time na still money. So, las las, as a boss, you're owing.

Solution? Low key just as you did. Me no dey my main WhatsApp 1 month to Christmas. I'll go back on 27th of January or Feb.

With the way the government wants everyone to be poor, you have to project and invest whatever you have so that you can help others when the time is right.

Any small show off, you go chop insult and these people wey dey insult you go still bill you with their alternate account. If you refuse to roger, they become your permanent enemy and spread lies about you.

When they finally make it in life and they're giving a motivational speech, they'll talk about you, how they begged you and you refused. They'll continue painting you as evil in their memoirs and stories.

So, as a wise man, either you stay low key, don't snap close to your new car, don't take a picture that'll show 3-4 camera phone, etc. or always be the first to complain of lack of money so that someone who has an intention to ask won't even bother.

In this period, it's better they call you broke and you accept it with your full chest than try to prove you're not.

We are all owing humanity sha, but just make sure you pay your debt at the right time and not when it will inconvenience your finances, health, peace of mind or plans/projects.

Sports / Re: 3 Odds Rollover To Hit 81,000 Naira In 4 Attempts by orohbirodeysmel: 8:35pm On Jan 06
Bring it on, one thing must kill a man grin

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Romance / Re: The Only 3 Men That Forgive A Cheating Girlfriend Or Woman by orohbirodeysmel: 8:26pm On Jan 06
100% VeryBrokeMan.

Nigeria wey people dey suffer left and right na him you want make person brag say him rich? Anybody who brags in this regime is looking for enemies they can't handle. Humility and focus is the only way to survive this tenure.

Even when you have, always claim you don't. When you don't, still claim you don't.

Just brag and watch your DM filled up with financial requests. Me wey broke like this. Shishi, I no get.

There is no food at home self.

I learnt this the very hard way, this past Christmas, everyone was billing me...so then I ghost all man and ran away.

Right now...I don join the broke gang. The goal this period is to dey low key and enjoy...even if you think you have enough, you will find out that your enough is not enough for all the billings from all and sundry.


Romance / Re: The Only 3 Men That Forgive A Cheating Girlfriend Or Woman by orohbirodeysmel: 8:23pm On Jan 06

1. The Nonentity: — this is a man who had no option of getting another woman. If he sends her packing, it will take 10-15 years before he can be able to get another woman. What's the cause? Lack of money or absence of some physical features. Low self-esteem or low self-worth.

2. The Scrôtum: — This is a man that has committed crime(s) that will put him in jail for life or attract death penalty and only the woman knows about it. If he leaves her, she'll spill the bean. Example: Will Smith. It doesn't matter how alpha you are—as long as she's holding you in your scrotum with your secrets, you can't afford to let her go even if she cheats. The moment you dare, the whole world will know what you've been hiding. So, you'll have to treat her like a queen even when she cheats or you'll have to sniff life out of her—this leads you to the same trouble you were trying to avoid JAIL. Will Smith is not a SIMP—Jada knows one of his scary secrets, so he can't let her go to avoid trouble.

3. The Forgiving SIMP: These are men that have been spiritually put in a bottle or they are addicted to sex with her and even when she cheats, they can't let go because all he has tasted in his life, none gives him such an amazing pleasure as hers. For this, he never lets her go even when she misbehaves, cheats, or acts toxic.

Bonus for Married Men:

The Long Way: This kind of man already has all the children he wanted and he has bragged to lots of his buddies about how his woman has never cheated on him.

Everyone respects the man and how he was able to hold down a great family like his without divorce for more than 20 years. People look up to him as a mentor.

Now she has cheated, but he can't let anyone know because it will bring shame to him, to his children (knowing that their mom is a whóre and a public toilet), etc. and the man will lose respect among his peers and neighbours.

Everyone will secretly gossip him of being a 2-minute man in bed with a small rod that's why the wife cheated with a man who can handle her rough like a real G.

With this, this man never lets anyone know his wife cheated because they've come a long way.

The family will stand, but he'll become a little abusive and will start drinking or smoking to kill his pains, betrayer, disrespect, and depression.

He may start beating her once in a while, but the children won't know why. They'll be on their mother's side without having an idea of the real cause of their dad's anger.

The funny thing is, even though she has been caught and has promised the husband not to do it again, she'll still do it again as long as the man she cheated with is endowed and great in bed. #Fact!

Pleasure, through sex, has a spirit that makes women not to keep your promises. When the urge comes, she'll subdue it for weeks or months, but one day, she'll say to herself, "I have tried in holding back. I have kept my promise for months, so let me go take one and I'll make sure I don't get caught this time around."

She'll do it again, but this time, she'll never be caught.

If you manage to catch her again, she'll shed tears, emotionally blackmail you and blame you for not giving her the attention and the kind of sex you used to give her when you two started dating. She'll blame every damn thing on you.

You'll learn!

Women should know that we men have pride and ego. We don't forgive a cheating partner (girlfriend or wife) even if it's just a romantic or erotiç text message she exchanged with an admirer via chat and she tells him I love you or calls him my love.

This alone, we consider it cheating and we'll never forget or forgive you even if we haven't married you. We may pretend to have forgiven you, but it's a lie.

Only those 4 men I listed above forgive, the rest don't.

98% of men will prefer to go to Hell than forgive a cheating woman. When a woman cheats, in a man's mind, what it means is

1. Humiliation
2. Disrespect
3. You make him feel his dxxx is too small
4. You make him feel he's not great in bed
5. You make him feel he's not handsome, tall, or muscular enough
6. You make him feel he's broke or not romantic enough
7. You've just downgraded and degraded him and no single man likes that feeling, etc.

The moment you make a man feel broke and disrespected as a woman (through cheating), it's game over. He will revenge—it's just a matter of time. It's called slow poison.

The best thing I have read on this forum, this year
Politics / Re: Governor Soludo Commissions Market And Roads Built By Chief Agbalanze by orohbirodeysmel: 6:45pm On Jan 06
On developing the South East we stand for now

Like for Akụ ruo ụnọ/ụlọ initiative

Share for

Yoruba Ronu initiative

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Politics / Re: A VERY VERY Wrong Time To Be An Adult In Nigeria by orohbirodeysmel: 6:39pm On Jan 06
Dis ur statement is true sha.
I really understand the message behind it.

But u see eh, u cant do without stepping out also. And another thing, life will happen to u in one way or the other which will make u to step out.

No easy way out right now, in Nigeria grin grin
Politics / Re: A VERY VERY Wrong Time To Be An Adult In Nigeria by orohbirodeysmel: 5:02pm On Jan 06
Nigerian situation is disheartening
Our money has lost all it's value
Sometimes u will be wondering if ur money is getting stolen without u knowing u have spent it,it's well.

The only way to spend money wisely in this country, is not to step out of ur house


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Lagos Oriental Hotel, A Place Beyond Slavery by orohbirodeysmel: 4:34pm On Jan 06

Then shut your mouth and fvck off
Then shut your cunt and keep sucking the goddam sausage roll, you're known for
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Lagos Oriental Hotel, A Place Beyond Slavery by orohbirodeysmel: 11:43am On Jan 06

There are a lot of threads on Nairaland where people drop reviews of where they work/worked.
They drop how much the companies pay their staff.

Before you go for an interview, don't you google about the company?

Please, just get off my mention!

Who your mentions help, see this one...like mentioning you adds a dollar to my azza...are you high or what. Reviews or no reviews...the Nigerian labour market is for who get mind. If you no get mind you will remain idle and die of hunger...

The Company you are looking for reviews on, people are even waiting for an small vacancy to apply...

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Lagos Oriental Hotel, A Place Beyond Slavery by orohbirodeysmel: 9:02am On Jan 06

I know.

Just need them to share their experience

Of what use...will you offer them better incentives
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Lagos Oriental Hotel, A Place Beyond Slavery by orohbirodeysmel: 7:26am On Jan 06
I need people to speak up about their experiences working for hotels, clubs and lounges around Ikoyi, VI and Lekki..

Please share your experiences if you can.
Thank you!

Nothing want happen, cos millions of Nigerians are jobless, it you snooze you loose no time
Politics / Re: Asari Dokubo Comes After Tinubu After His University In Benin Repub Was Affected by orohbirodeysmel: 11:36am On Jan 05
Asari Dokubo coming After Tinubu After His University in Benin Rep. Was Affected. He's raging on Facebook now, threatening shutdown of pipelines, Lol.

Asari is a pipeline drop out. Na Tompolo dey control all pipelines now grin grin


Politics / Re: Wike And Fubara Compete Through Bags Of Rice Distribution In Rivers State by orohbirodeysmel: 11:32am On Jan 05
To become a JAGABAN is not a day job. Wike go give power to a man wey BAD pass am..

The best thing Wike should have done is to put a woman as Rivers State governor...no Niger Delta man wey grew up smoking weed, will gree dance to the tune of any mudafucking Godfather

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Politics / Re: Wike And Fubara Compete Through Bags Of Rice Distribution In Rivers State by orohbirodeysmel: 11:23am On Jan 05
Test of strength grin
Fubara should upgrade his own and add vegetable oil and tomato paste
Add noddles join🤣🤣🤣
Romance / Re: PornHub Releases Top 20 Countries Viewers In 2023 by orohbirodeysmel: 10:00pm On Jan 04
xnxx should release their own.

grin grin grin
Sports / Re: Onyi Echegini Moves To Juventus. by orohbirodeysmel: 9:46pm On Jan 04

Like who and who ?

You and your sisters shocked shocked
Foreign Affairs / Re: Sierra Leone Rejects Koroma's Relocation To Nigeria by orohbirodeysmel: 3:55pm On Jan 04

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Sports / Re: Onyi Echegini Moves To Juventus. by orohbirodeysmel: 3:40pm On Jan 04
Nigerian women soccer players are now hot cake in the market

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Lists Requirements For His Wife To Be This 2024 by orohbirodeysmel: 10:37am On Jan 04
Okay na

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Romance / Re: I'm Dying Slowly Because Of Cohabitation by orohbirodeysmel: 10:28am On Jan 04
There's no village in Nigeria that is not accessible. Just meet with her sister and plead with her(or settle her) to give you directions to their village. You can go with some police or soldiers, so the villagers don't descend on you.

If he dare go there alone, they go whip am 2 by 2 wood... grin grin


Romance / Re: Regular Girls Have Higher Body Count Than Olosho! by orohbirodeysmel: 4:53am On Jan 04
At the end na person born you too. You too wey dey nack Olosho all the time...you are a wasted too.

Live and let live.

Very correct at the bolded 💯

I met a girl in an eatery around my neighborhood, we exchanged contacts and started getting along well. We chat very well, but I noticed a pattern in our chit chat. Everyday around 7pm, she will become busy and tell me not to call or chat her till around 11pm.
What's the reason? that she works in a hotel and between 7pm to 11pm is the peak of sales in the hotel. So she is busy attending to customers. Okay let me visit you in your place of work, she refused. I told another street nigga, and he told me that the girl is probably an olosho. I gave him her area and after some days my guy burst the girl...she is full time olosho. My guy advised me to play along that the girls loves me and I will be eating her olosho money. The girl visited me and made advances I refused.

I started withdrawing myself from her until I ghosted her finally. If you are an olosho, that's a Public toilet...I no fit lower my own level of home training and discipline to your own level all in the name of kpekus and yeye love, instead na you go leave your olosho work, have a total change of life and mentality for us to rock n roll...what you consume is what you become over time

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Romance / Re: Avoid This, If U Must Go Far In Life. by orohbirodeysmel: 6:45pm On Jan 03

Please, can you give me hints on manipulation?
I will appreciate this gesture.

Read the following books...
1) " How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie
2) " The Prince" by Nicolo Machiavelli
3) "Mastery" by Robert Greene

And never forget

4) "48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene

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Politics / Re: Government Should Tax Mansion Owners In SE To Raise IGR - Fmr Ogun State Gov. by orohbirodeysmel: 2:37am On Jan 03

Well. Thanks for acknowledging that he mentioned other parts of the country. cool
Afterall, na the state government go collect the IGR and not federal.

It is aimed at discouraging South East billionaires and other middle class from building luxury mansions so that our region go become rag-tag and old school like South West...so that all man will be equal in mediocrity...e no go work

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Politics / Re: Government Should Tax Mansion Owners In SE To Raise IGR - Fmr Ogun State Gov. by orohbirodeysmel: 2:24am On Jan 03

Let me know go and watch the video. I can't believe I actually fell for the lies of an Ibo man. 😂

Edit....OP, you can do better than lying. You are cherry picking. Your title is misleading.

Why did he singles out South East... before saying including other parts of the country grin grin

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Politics / Re: Government Should Tax Mansion Owners In SE To Raise IGR - Fmr Ogun State Gov. by orohbirodeysmel: 2:17am On Jan 03

Try and watch the video, Egetwhy

Omo, I watched the video...the old fool mentioned South East: "...you can see mansions in the South East and other parts of the country" which other parts of the country...Hausa wey dey sleep for bush dey build mansion...abi Ijaw and Urhobo wet dey stay on top water dey build mansions...

I love the fact that you guys are realising that, nothing fit stop us. If Nigeria better Igbo man dey for gain...if Nigeria dey scatter ..Igbo man still dey for gain...anyhow una do the country...we dey for gain

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Politics / Re: Government Should Tax Mansion Owners In SE To Raise IGR - Fmr Ogun State Gov. by orohbirodeysmel: 2:12am On Jan 03
He did not only suggest SE but all parts of the country including himself.

He is suggesting that the government especially at the State level should look for a way to tax rich people like himself more, like it is done in most developed nations.

Na only taxation you see in developed Nations, you don't see their electoral system, how responsible and responsive their government is. So that the taxation will make people to start building room and parlour scattered all over South West...

We must grow and outgrow you people, you guys can choose to remain tribalistic and stagnant.

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Politics / Re: Government Should Tax Mansion Owners In SE To Raise IGR - Fmr Ogun State Gov. by orohbirodeysmel: 2:08am On Jan 03
Okay, I thought they are comfortable living in their brown roofs. They said they are relics of their sophistication from time in memorial...

How come they are now jealous of mansions in the South East.

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Romance / Re: Avoid This, If U Must Go Far In Life. by orohbirodeysmel: 12:31am On Jan 03
Op, you cannot conquer yourself and the world by running away from women. Women are all over the place. Use women wisely...they can get you faster to your destination. The problem with the African man is that he sees nothing apart from sex in a woman.

Master the art of friendzoning women. Give when you have, and when you don't have just promise that you would give in the future. Be neutral in your emotions around them and master the art of manipulation...and see yourself using them as willing tools.

A married woman have been helping me with business loans for more than 3 years now. She works in a bank, she uses her connections to get me the loans, with her passport, her name everything. We are not related at all...we are even from different states...her husband don't even know. She will process another loan for me by February, cos I have a huge project at hand.

My old school mate, wanted to date me so badly, I ended up friendzoning her. I call her my wife from time to time. She stays in the town of my birth. Anything I need in that town, cos many stuffs are cheap there than in my present domicile...she sends them across to me, without wasting time.

Another lady a hair stylist in my street is my informant. Once I travel, she will keep every news in my street intact. Once am back, she will not forget anyone..she go table the whole gist to me. When I newly came into the area, na she give me gist about bad boys in the area and how to avoid their wahala. I go siddon for her shop, she go dey show me all of them, as they are passing.

If you know how many women that have secured jobs for me, in the past, you will learn how to make the best use of women. Everything is not sex.

I still have another girl in Cameroun, a single mom of 2 kids, we have been friends since 2017, I have never send her a dime. I am keeping that one for war, Incase anything happen here...maybe China invade Nigeria to recover their loans grin grin, I will japa to Cameroun first and stay with her for sometime before I find my way to elsewhere. Anything that happens in Cameroun this night, she will tell me tomorrow morning grin grin

I have like 2 POS girls that doesn't collect charges from me anymore...but I no dey collect pass 2k or 3k from their hand, I do it with moderation...

Women can hardly get jealous of your plans and successes. Their own is small small gifts from time to time and to feel alright emotionally grin grin

My sweet mouth no be here, my manipulation skills no be here. I can promise you heaven and Earth, give them to you. I go still manipulate you and you will happily return them to me grin grin

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Politics / Re: 4 Largest Tribes In Nigeria 2024 by orohbirodeysmel: 12:10am On Jan 03
Ijaw ke!!!
Ijaw should be the 6th or 7th. Ijawa are not much. Landmass does not determine the population otherwise kanuri and gbagyi would have been the 3rd & 4th .
Ijaws are good in claiming other people as part of their tribe.
The population in their core state which is bayelsa is nothing to write home about.
Effik-Ibibio is far more populated than the ijaws. There is no part of akwa ibom that speak ijaw, they are just trying to claim ibiono to be ijaw because they have oil.

I'm 33 years old, and I can count how many ijaws that I have meet in my life.

I never see Ijaw man before. But you see Ibibio, Anang (Efik people) they are all over the place. As for Akwa Ibom and Edo State and Ondo State, I don't know those claiming Ijaw there, maybe 2 or 3 villages and that doesn't even make up 0.01% of the population of these states
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The High-income Skills To Acquire In This New Year To Make Millions In 5 Months. by orohbirodeysmel: 12:04am On Jan 03
This year seun and the mods should find a way to stop this non-sense, I am in the IT industry for more than 12 years now, and I can tell you for sure, that those of earning through our skills DO NOT HAVE TIME TO COMMERCIALIZE DIGITAL SKILLS. This thing this hungry boys do is nonsense, if they are actually earning they wont have the time to be teaching people.
Let me debunk the nonsense above.

1. Digital Marketing: You need to pay for paid adverts to see significant result, which may not yield commiserate result.
2. Amazon Kindle Publishing: I have a book on amazon it is exactly 1 year old today I have not made a dime off it, though I am not promoting it.
3. Ghostwriting: You will struggle to get gigs, its a "winner takes all game" the already established guys keep getting gigs while new comers will suffer
4. Facebook Advertising: Same as digital marketing
5. Google Advertising: Same as digital marketing

We are on the same page bro. I don even mute so many groups that offers all these on WhatsApp...I am just hanging in there for nothing. Na Ghostwriting or copy writing break my heart. They will always tell say " native speakers only" for copywriting jobs.

Only forex trading, had a significant impact in my life. If you have heart of stone (heart that is not easily affected by emotions), with a good money management skill, you go blow for forex with ₦100k sef withing six months

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The High-income Skills To Acquire In This New Year To Make Millions In 5 Months. by orohbirodeysmel: 11:59pm On Jan 02

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Werey wan cash out. Why e no make the money directly? Why e dey teach people. How many of e family members e don teach?

Once the hustle don hard them ..they go turn to financial coaches and mentors grin grin
Politics / Re: Why Udom Emmanuel Is The Wisest Ex-governor In Nigeria by orohbirodeysmel: 11:49pm On Jan 02
Akwa ibom people likes bleaching governors
If you no dey bleach you go loose election tire for Akwa Ibom.


Edo people likes ugly, ape like governors. If you be fine boy, you go loose election tire for Edo State...ask DVD...

grin grin grin grin

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