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Family / Re: Another Marriage About To Crash. by otikpoko(m): 2:33pm On Jul 17

Inasmuch as I understand some women are very annoying, I must remind you the only ground that's christian for divorce: adultery.

If she's not committed one, you need to work things out.

I have once being in a situation when a girl hit me first repeatedly and still ran telling people I attack and beat her.

BTW, didn't you notice this while courting?

Are you a Jehovah's witness?
Celebrities / Re: Mimi Orjiekwe Shows Off The Money She Got From Her Birthday Party by otikpoko(m): 12:35am On Jul 16
It may as well be fake money.

All this for the Gram.

Put your back and Push.

God go bless your hustle and no let any baskard intimidate you offline or online.

Many are leading a fake Life.
Politics / Re: Nigeria To Deploy Robots, Artificial Intelligence To Fight Criminals – Senate by otikpoko(m): 12:03am On Jul 16
More Avenue to Loot�‍♂️�‍♂️
Crime / Re: Syria: Teenager Shot Dead By Her Own Family For Refusing To Marry Her Cousin by otikpoko(m): 12:01am On Jul 16

Education / Re: Killing Of Python: Alvan Ikoku College Asked To Cleanse The Land by otikpoko(m): 5:32pm On Jul 13
Lol. All these superstitious beliefs should be abolished abeg. Imagine a python that can swallow two goats. What if it had swallowed a human being?

The relations of the person who the python swallowed will be made to cleanse the LAND angry
Romance / Re: Please Help Suggest Very Good Flimsy Excuses To Dump A Very Stingy Boyfriend by otikpoko(m): 1:19pm On Jun 13
You still don't get it,there are certain things any lady should not overlook in a relationship, a man who doesn't priotize your needs clearly shows you are not part of his life and if you eventually marry such man he won't care about your needs and that of the kids and besides my friend is not materialistic but a reasonable man should know what to do.There was a day they went out together and he stopped to buy some banana and my friend wanted some as well,he bought his own and paid and stretch forth his stingy hands to collect money from my friend to pay for her own,who does that?stop taking sides and hit the nail on the head

Why did your friend not pay for both his bananas and also pay for her own?

If she do am, she go die?

Must it always be the man spending on y'all?
Science/Technology / Re: This Caterpillar’s Camouflage Is On Another Level (Photos) by otikpoko(m): 5:16pm On May 31
Was it designed by an intelligent creator or did it evolve?

Are you a witness?
Politics / Re: Akeredolu: Gulak's Killing Was Calculated To Instigate Northerners Against Igbos by otikpoko(m): 4:47pm On May 31
God's kingdom: we pray let it come, let it come.

Are you a Witness?
Education / Re: Innovation: Enugu Partners Oxford University On Students’ Mentorship by otikpoko(m): 10:50pm On Apr 27
grin grin
Crime / Re: Lagos Police Command Arrest Suspected Cultists, Armed Robbers In Ikorodu by otikpoko(m): 12:06am On Apr 17
Land for sale
Business / Re: Share Your Experience Collecting Your Money Back From Your Debtors by otikpoko(m): 1:04am On Apr 12

Please how did you go about getting a court order against his account and retrieving the money ?
Sent u a pm

Daddy show us some love na.
Tell us how you did it.

I never had anyone who supported me financially

Back then, I was broke and Broken and when Jehovah started to bless me, I gift as much as I could and lent out as much as I can till I lent people money and almost became dead broke.

Over N5m is Hanging!

I'm planning to Arrest one of them on December 31st 2021 so that he will celebrate his new year inside Sanko

Please be kind enough to share this with us because these Animals have successfully turned us into beast.

Right now, what I do is this.

I have various accounts and one of the accounts always have little balance inside of it less than N2,000

Anytime someone ask me for money, I simply buy airtime from the account with little balance and when I get the alert, I show them my account balance that there is no money.

I also spin my cash round various business I'm into.

If you want me to loan you, you must be ready to work your ass for that money like I did and also help me in return.

You want N50,000 right?

I have over 30 Lapstops for sale.
Will give them the pictures...videos and price for the laptop and they should add what ever they want ontop of it and if they make the sale, they should keep the Extra while I collect the money for my market. ;Do

The initial flaw I made in this was that, when someone told me he got a buyer for an item, I'd give them the item to make the sale and bring my cash.

My very close neighbor i did that for, made some sales and never brought my money while also collecting his extra ontop.
The other items he ought to sell, baba was using them.

Till today na voice mail.
So if you're to market items and have and you eventually get a buyer, me and you will meet the Buyer and the Buyer MUST PAY INTO MY account.

Once money enters my account, I give you extra you used to sell that item.

Someone actually made a sale for an item and got over N80,000 extra when he needed just N25,000 for his issues.

When I got the alert, I sent him his complete N80,000 and he was shocked asking me why.
Told him a deal is a deal.
I made N10,000 profit after calculating all my expenses while this dude made N80,000 in profit.

They all know that today if you need money from Otikpoko, be ready to sell something that he has becasue dude does not have money in his account and that's one major way I have used to keeping relationships with friends and family.

You need money, I will forward you catalogue of cosmetics I have, laptops I have, phones for sale I have, powerful cosmetics and daily consumable products I have...you also have the prices I'm selling.

Add anything to it, look for buyers, we make the sale together, I collect my own part and you collect your share (not as borrowed money but free cash you worked for).

If you like make you dey die angry, you must be ready to sell goods I have to generate that money you need.

Lost millions lending people cash.

Bunch of ungrateful ingrates. grin

12 Likes 1 Share

Culture / Re: What Is It That People Easily Do But You Can't Do? by otikpoko(m): 1:33am On Mar 31

There is this idiot that phats loudly as if its a normal thing without saying sorry oo

He does it intentionally n unintentionally.. No courtesy no regard..when u ask him why..he'll say ''you no dey mess?''..

Another day I asked him if he does that in front of his boss in the office..same ansa..''him no dey mess?''..smh

shocked shocked

Are you in Asaba?

What's the person's real name.
I want to check something grin
Business / Re: Business Ideas For A 5 Million Naira Capital by otikpoko(m): 9:47pm On Mar 16
Network marketing.

I started a network marketing business sometime back with about 40k.
Gradually, I grew this business and in 2 years, business was paying upto 500k monthly shocked
The start is not always easy because the business model is new to a lot of people.

I did series of personal development and ruthless application of what I have learnt.

0 over head cost.

Did not pay for rent, fuel, salary or even products.

I partnered with a company that did all of the management.

MI e was to refer people to use the productsame and if they like it, keep re-ordering and I get paid for each re-orders.

Any new referral my customers make, I also got paid.

I was able to build the business into about 16 countries and 4 continents within 4 years.

There is also free travels upon qualifications, scholarships, house funds et al.

What I love the most about it is that if I should die tomorrow, my family members will keep enjoying my earnings monthly.

The start is not always easy as you will have to learn this business and become a professional in it.

You can also look into importation....crazy money there.

You should also look for a business that you love know do your research and market survey and start small and then grow big.

One wrong move and you will loose that 5m like 50k.

started a business and list over 8m last year because I wanted to hit it big grin

So I say do serious research about what you love doing and find ways to monetize it.

Don't through all your cash in.

You can start with may 500k and gradually grow your business.

Look for this books and also read.

Rich dad poor dad by Robert kiyosaki.

Business of the 21st century by Kiyosaki.

The slight edge by Jeff Olson

Thsee books will help you greatly.

Good luck


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by otikpoko(m): 1:38pm On Mar 10
Let us welcome the god of simps and his loving wife; Lucifer's daughter.

I feel like strangling this foolish simp of a man.

I shed tears for my fellow male.

Lord have mercy.

Say no be modern time we dey live, den suppose Behead that man angry angry


Properties / Re: Landlord Shoots Tenant Over Rent In Lagos by otikpoko(m): 4:46pm On Feb 10

Pls let us be human for once. The lockdown in nigeria affected every soul. If there is no economic activities going on, were do you expect citizens to get money to pay rent? In saner countries paliatives , stimulus were given to citizens to reduce the effect of the lock down . My tenant has being owing me since 2 years but I ask him to go look for one year rent ....cos I understand the effect of corona viruse on citizens ...instead of two years ...he is gonna pay me 1 year. Despite that I visited the apartment to fix the fence and other minor repairs ...one day we shall all die and abandon all this wealth ...

Please where is your compound?

I want to become one of your tenants grin
Health / Re: Yahaya Bello Inspects Reference Hospital Project In Kogi (Pictures) by otikpoko(m): 4:26pm On Feb 10
Space for sale.
100 by 100
Romance / Re: Pregnant Nigerian Lady Marries Old Man After Man Who Got Her Pregnant Absconded by otikpoko(m): 11:45pm On Jan 18
Don't engage in fornication they wouldn't listen undecided

Dem get sense pass God that's why.
Nairaland / General / Re: Charles Abi: DJ Switch Is Safe, Out Of The Country by otikpoko(m): 2:21pm On Nov 18, 2020
Politics / Re: Police To Raise 1,850 Operatives For SWAT by otikpoko(m): 10:58am On Oct 17, 2020
TV/Movies / Re: Erica And Laycon Share A Hug by otikpoko(m): 2:56pm On Aug 30, 2020
Celebrities / Re: Jennifer Ephraim Foundation Flagsoff 500 Widows Feeding Project To Mark Birthday by otikpoko(m): 2:26pm On Aug 23, 2020
Jokes Etc / Re: Memes: List Of People That Think That They Have Made It In Life by otikpoko(m): 6:37am On Aug 12, 2020

Yes, you "were" designer suit coz you don't write like one who wears or can even afford a designer's suit.

And let me advice you...Rather than going to "Italan" Restaurants, use the money to employ an English teacher....For someone that lives in London, your English Language is TERRIBLE!

grin ;Dcan't you see he is just playing around with you? undecided

Don't take it too serious kiss
Investment / Re: Safe Betting: How I Lost N880,000 In 8 Minutes by otikpoko(m): 2:08am On Jul 31, 2020
880k gone,just like that undecided to slap this op dey hungry me.since you had no experience in sports betting,you should have started with a very little amount but you got greedy and paid the price.Sports bet is not for greedy people,if you love yourself dont ever go back to it.


Family / Re: Please Help: How Do You Find A Mother You Have Never Met by otikpoko(m): 1:57am On Jul 22, 2020

I don't know why I feel your dad comitted a very secret atrocity. it could be that your dad slept or took his late brothers wife and had you through her, which is why he doesn't want to tell you whom your mom is. It's a top secret he's been keeping with his wife and I don't think they are ready to divulge it to anyone let alone you.
Your dad comitted a formidable and shameful Taboo,which is why he doesn't want to disclose the identity of your real mother

People have children aside wedlock all the time and don't find it difficult telling the children who the mother or father is. why is yours different

You took the words out of my mouth.

It has happened.

My friend, her husband slept with his brothers wife and had 3 children with his brothers wife while the husband and wife had two biological coming from them, his brother got 3 from another man's land making it a total of five kids and it was extremely top secret and those who got to find out the truth, they silenced them in through death becasue it was a serious taboo but one thing led to another and when the truth came out, the whole family scattered!
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of This Marriage.. I Want Out.. by otikpoko(m): 1:34pm On Jul 14, 2020
Good morning Nairalanders,
I am tired of my marriage and I am considering divorcing my wife of 8 years. I need mature advice either........

Please pardon my grammatical blunders....

I met this Lady at the banking all 7 years ago, it was love at first sight. I approached her and poom! we exchanged numbers, we talked briefly and said she resided in Abuja and would be returning in a week so we decided to meet at an eatery before she leaved.

We met and discussed about life aspirations and all that, I told her how I wished we get along and God willing we get married. Then she responded saying that do I know I have to be hardworking and responsible of I'm truly serious about marriage etc. I said I ma trying that things we fall in place.........

The Lies:
She travelled and we kept in touch through text messages and calls etc... She told me she was a virgin and had broke up with her bf bla bla....then i had promised to come and see her in few months time to reassure how I'm serious about her....blabla...... 2 weeks before my travel day to meet her, she called on evening and started crying over the phone, what happened, I enquired, she said she was RAPED by her ex BF... Oh gosh! How come? he trickked me over to his place and it happened..... I got mad and fasttrackked my going to meet her..........

I eventually visited and she explained how it all happened,I said no wahala... Being the first time we were seeing after a long time, I didn't make any attempt to sex her as that wasn't my priority. She left my place and I accompanied her to the busstop to leave, while there she brought up an issue like she wants me to touch her or something like that..... We returned to my room and boom it happend.... I came in all over her...etc.. 3 weeks later, she told me she missed her period and was pregnant... I was in 300l at this time.... I was like oh....OK... Save this preg! We would. Find away around telling our parents bla bla.......
Girl said no that she would have do abort it.... I said no pls don't.... And one even she called that her friend took her to a place and she has terminated the pregy... I felt bad......

Hide and Lied about the status of her parents and families.... As she was telling me, I was informing my siblings... Now that everything is done it was hard to do the damage control cos mum and everyone thinks I have been lying all along.....

Relocate to Lagos......
She finally moved to Lag and this time I was in my final year.... While writing my finals she called that she is pregnant... This time real pregnancy.... I said live it.... Not that that was the next thing but for the love that had beclouded my sense of reasoning at that time..... I manage to get 1 room sef apartment in Lagos so I have a sense of independence, not that I was planning anything marriage......my wife began to bring in her things one by one and before I knew what was happining, it was hard to let go....... Technically, she don get belle.... And I don marry wife automatically......... angry

From School to Marriage:

It was he'll for me becos I was around 25/26 around this time, mum c was complaining bitterly that I am not ready for for this, and dad to left me with my stubbornness..... So I struggled with this lady.... I told her that we can work around all these things and still come out good.....

Meeting her Parents & Her Education:
One of her big aunt has been the brain behind manipulating me to marry her and bla bla... She took me to see her parents, my one parent ain't aware of shit.... There they brain washed me that I was the Afesona... Like Fiance and etc.... Father told me that I will take responsibility from that moment on....... At that time she had a failed admission that I later knew about.......... Then I said PT program would be a nice option.... Yaba or Laspotech... The Dad told me that it's easier said than done because if tomorrow comes now and they are asking for school fees we I should count him out..... I'm like OK Daddy, the first school fees is a bit much, pay half lemme pay half and the subsequent onces I will pay..... Daddy refused to pay o..... I ended up using my house rent that I saved for about 6 months to pay for the school fees....... And the real issue began......
Weekly tfare, feeding, handouts, test, assignment bills I come lean like Dryfish..... No joy at all... A young grad like me.......my life was upside down....

Setting Up Business for her:

I later called her and told her the load is too much for me that she should start to do something to support us.... She was studying business admin at this time, I said she should learn a trade that she will later blend in with her Business admin....she said catering would be cool and we both agreed.... I searched for another money to send her to catering school again....now she is doing OND and catering school together plus pregnancy...... My both eyes went hollow and I am permanently stressed at that time......life became unbearable and I encouraged myself that it's only. Matter of time...... My wife delivered at the last month of the catering school.... Then the stress of a baby.....set in... Wife isn't working.....

I started Noticing her Laziness:

After 6 months, I told her to return to round up her catering school, get her certificate and start something...she said yes and it ends there....she didn't go.... Months after she said that academy is bad they didn't teach them well bla bla....that she wants to go to another Catering institute..... Then I told her to search..... For 6moths madam didn't see any, I had to do it myself.... Than I saw one of the top catering institute in Maryland, I paid oh.... Practicals, this and that..... I went broke again.....

After the course, I took her to the market bought almost all catering equipment and did a comcard and etcs... Madam pretended for a month and she abandoned everything........

Laziness Continues:
She insisted my cousin sister should come live with us, most of the times, it is my cousin that do all the cleaning, washing, bathing the kids etc... She will just sit down in one angle and that will be all.... When I talk, she would just laugh and that is all.....

Can't Cook & Wants me to eat any crap she cooks like that..
I have resorted to buying cooked food on my way home cos I most times take to spoons of her served meal and I would lost appetite completely.... Then I will go hungry and lean as a result.... I can't come and kill myself..... Untop someone that don't give a dam about me.......

Pregnant again:

Immediately my boy clocks two I told her that before any pregnancy, I have to set her up first so that the burden would be free a bit....... She said OK.... And few months after she went on admission only to tell me that she's pregnant again.....

Long story short: I am tired of the marriage right now..
What should I do...

Pardon my very long epistle..........

God told us that Sex before marriage is Wrong...very Wrong. But humans say na we wise pass, na the result be this.

Assuming you controlled yourself from Day 1 from Abstaining all this would not have happened.

It's obvious the parents knew that the girl was lazy and Unmotivated.

Her bf raped her and you all did not goto the station to file a report.

I am sure her bf impregnated her and she pinned it on you.

As It is now, go out there and make some crazy cash becasue the bible does not encourage husbands and wife to divorce except one of the spouse sleeps in death.


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