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Romance / Re: I Am In Love With My Friend's Fiancé, I Know He Loves Me Too. by ournaijablog(f): 10:31am On Aug 09, 2016
I totally get why everyone finds this hard to believe, but this is real, u think because it's a new blog its fake I totally get it, but hey y'all got opinions and I respect that a lot, be it real or fake we all know things like this happen in real life and almost everyday
Romance / Re: I Am In Love With My Friend's Fiancé, I Know He Loves Me Too. by ournaijablog(f): 10:29pm On Aug 08, 2016
Yahoo boy don collect your babe before grin grin grin


Useless scammer. This is how they start with fake and dumb stories before they graduate to full blown yahoo yahoo.
Romance / I Am A Prostitute Who Fell In Love With A Pastor ( CONTD) by ournaijablog(f): 2:29pm On Aug 08, 2016

A young man in his 30’s approached Natasha and I, he was really very handsome, he said hi but my friend snubbed him, I was about to answer his greeting but Natasha scolded me, anyway he left and Natasha said “This type of man will use you all through the night and give you small money in the morning” then I asked her, do you sell your body for money? She didn’t sugarcoat it, she just said yes. I asked her what were we really doing here, she said she wanted to teach me how to take care of myself and my family, I wasn’t forced into this life, I had always envied Natasha, the things she had and how she carried herself so when the first elderly man came to say hi and ordered drinks for us I was already in the mood to show Natasha I could do this.

I wasn’t a virgin, I had a boyfriend back home, we lost contact because I didn’t have a phone, he didn’t have a phone either, I naturally assumed he would be with someone else by now, besides I wasn’t really thinking about him now. Nelson, that was the man Natasha and I went home with, he wanted us both or rather he wanted Natasha and I to lay with ourselves while he watched (Pervert) I whispered to Natasha I couldn’t do it, she gave me a cold stare and said ( do not Bleep this up for me) he had promised us 200 grand and at that moment I would do anything for that money, my half would settle a lot of bills in school, I didn’t mind sleeping with the old fart neither did I mind when Natasha started doing weird things to my body, and this silly body of mine responded, wriggling, moaning, I wondered at that moment if I was possessed.

Natasha gave me 75 grand, I was expecting an equal share but I didn’t mind, I was so happy I kept screaming and she was smiling at how naïve I must have looked then, we spent the holidays in that state, Natasha said it’s better we did it far away from home where no one we know had the chance of seeing us. And that’s how it began for me, should I said I became worse than Natasha? I wasn’t in school much, my grades weren’t suffering because I paid for them, my lecturers were surprised, they noticed the massive change I had gone through, I was no more the innocent girl who wore same clothes to class for a week. I began to send money home to my parents, told them I got a job in school, they were beyond happy, my younger ones could go to school now, I moved them out of the old apartment into a better one, I was so proud of myself and kept telling myself I’d stop as soon as I have saved enough.

I am through with school now, waiting for NYSC, I was bored and Natasha had gone to the states to meet for boyfriend, so I travelled to Abuja, I had one senator there, not only will I get good money I’d also have a nice time. Now that I think of it, I was meant to go to Abuja, if not I won’t be here sharing this story; as I boarded, a young man, very handsome and well dressed walked up to me, you look familiar, have we met before? I blatantly said no, well I should have been nicer but I was in no mood, I just wanted to get to Abuja and have a nice time. While I sat down and waited for the plane to take off, he came and sat next to me, smiled and brought out a book to read, well I ignored him; then he gave me a pamphlet, My Name is Pastor so so and so, oh! I said, you’re a pastor, really! He said yes why do I look surprised? I said nothing, I collected the pamphlet which as I had expected was about the last days and repentance.

We talked for a while as the plane took off, he was going to Abuja for a Christian seminar, he asked what I was going there for, I said an “Uncle” invited me over; he invited me to the seminar and made me promise I was going to attend I said okay I would. When I got to Abuja, Senator had send his driver to pick me, and my new friend got a cab, we’d exchanged contacts already, I had the time of my life at Abuja and I obviously forgot all about the seminar; let’s call him “Daniel” Daniel called and asked why I didn’t make it, I lied and told him I was occupied, well I really was with the senator so it wasn’t really a lie was it? He said he was leaving to Lagos the next day and would like to have dinner with me, I turned him down, young men weren’t my thing and he’s a pastor, what will we discuss I asked myself? He insisted, pleaded, cajoled, I gave in, we went to one of the finest restaurant, I laughed all through dinner, he really was an interesting fellow and dinner for me had never been that interesting.

This was one year ago, I have seen Daniel more than 20 times, both in Lagos and Abuja, whenever I was in town I’d give him a call, we would have lunch or dinner, I have feelings for him, I know he feels same way, he’s jokingly asked me if I was seeing anyone, and I have playfully asked him if he was seeing anyone also.

I decided I was just going to tell him how I felt, I did, he was glad I did, he told me he felt same way but he knows I’m not a born again Christian, and he has a feeling I have not been totally honest with him. I am scared to tell him, who wants to wife a LovePeddler? No one and certainly not a pastor. I have never felt this way with anyone; do I go ahead and tell him? What if he leaves? I am done with school, might travel abroad for my masters, or do it here in Nigeria, I am ready to settle down and love someone, I realized I have had feelings for Daniel for a long time, wish I had told him sooner.

We have a date tonight, I am scared, everything in me says tell him, if he leaves or gets angry he has a right to, but I don’t want to lose him, I have never been this confused in my life

What do I do?


Romance / Re: I Am In Love With My Friend's Fiancé, I Know He Loves Me Too. by ournaijablog(f): 2:26pm On Aug 08, 2016
get back to me when you learn how to spell.......... grin grin grin grin grin grin grin uncle Iranu


What is this useless liar yapping about sef.
You are here trying to pass an obvious lie as a real story just because of traffic to your blog.
Go back and real your stvppid story and you just might see how dumb and fake it is.
Romance / Re: I Am In Love With My Friend's Fiancé, I Know He Loves Me Too. by ournaijablog(f): 5:16pm On Aug 07, 2016
I honestly do not know what your problem is, do you really find it hard to believe that there are People who really got problems like this? shocked anyway believe whatever you wanna believe your opinion really counts for nothing and if you really did respect anyone's hustle you wouldn't try to discredit their hustle openly so i'mma go ahead and call your a he po critter grin thanks


I respect your hustle in trying to promote your blog but why try to pass a very fake story as real.
Romance / I Am A Prostitute Who Fell In Love With A Pastor by ournaijablog(f): 3:01pm On Aug 07, 2016
How a prostitute fell in love with a man of God? This is my story.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, my mother had 8 of us, she was just a cleaner while my father was a night security guard. We lived in a 2 room apartment. My mother held our family together, she earned better than my father, my father on the other hand was a morning drunk; whenever he finished his shift at the company he worked he would branch at the local ogogoro seller and soak himself in chemicals, then come back home and pass out till 12pm.

I am the 4th out of 8 children, I grew up knowing this life, we would most times after school follow our mom to work, we would help her clean people’s compound, wash clothes and toilets. We did all these to ease the stress on our mother who was fast becoming aged, our first born chisom dropped out of school to go learn how to be a mechanic, our second born Donald also dropped out of school to go be a houseboy to someone in the north, our third born Nkem had to get married at 17, I watched all these happen with heavy hearts, I was waiting for my turn, when I will be asked “Ifeoma, which one will it be, will you go learn sewing or hairdressing”?

My passion for education was what kept me going, I came first in class, that’s why I was on a scholarship, but this scholarship didn’t cover books just tuition, my principal understood the situation at home I guess that’s why I was given the scholarship in the first place, buying those books was hard, we had mouths to feed, we had rent to pay and other amenities, well I was lucky, I never got asked the question, I finished secondary school and that’s where my problems began.

I told my mother I wanted to further my education, she was happy and sad, happy because amongst all her children I was the one who was passionate about school; she always bragged I would be the one to change the family situation, she was sad because she and my father couldn’t afford to send me to school. I was determined to further my education, I wanted to be a nurse and I wasn’t going to let poverty deprive me of my dream.

I had saved a little from working with my mother, I wrote “JAMB” passed with flying colors, did the school internal exams, I passed also, I was so happy, people wrote these exams for years and luck never smiled on them, but I wrote it once and passed and I saw it as a sign from God that this was the right path for me. My mother raised some money for me for registration and hostel fees, my father surprised me by giving me a paltry sum, I really wasn’t expecting anything from him, I guess he was ashamed and proud, I was the only one in my house who not only completed secondary school but would see the four walls of a university.

My first semester was horrible, I was always hungry, I had sworn to myself I would make my parents proud, I will never disappoint them, I will study hard, graduate with flying colors get a good job and send my younger ones to school I was so determined, I was always the first in class, ofcos I couldn’t afford handouts, I would beg and beg my course mates to allow me photocopy some parts because I couldn’t afford to photocopy all, I read on empty stomach, I was always hungry.

At night I would wash the school toilets and bathroom with the lady who washed it, she would appreciate it with a few hundred naira, that would last me for some days and then the hunger would begin. One day I swallowed my pride, if not I would have stolen, I asked my roommate for “Garri” she gave me without blinking an eye, I was shocked, I had always thought she was a snub because she rarely spoke with anyone in the room, that evening she brought chops from an eatery for me, I wanted to reject it, how I wished I had, if I had I would never be telling you this story; I grabbed it and thanked her like a million times, she smiled and sauntered to her bed.

That’s how Natasha and I became friends, she was like a godsend, from the first day she gave me garri I was never hungry again, she always made sure of that, sometimes she would dash me her old clothes because I have been wearing mine for ages, all I had to do was do her assignments for her, sometimes wash her clothes which I didn’t mind, sometimes I risked my education to do her tests and carry overs for her, but I didn’t mind I would do anything for her. One day I asked her “why do you do these things for me”? She responded “You remind me of someone” I never asked who, I just assumed I reminded her of her sister or something.

One weekend, during holidays I couldn’t afford to go home, Natasha had parked her things and asked “Ifeoma when are you resuming”? I told her I wasn’t going home, she asked why, and I told her, she asked if I wouldn’t mind going home with her; I jumped at the idea, I hurriedly packed my things, she stopped me and said not to worry she would get new things for me.

It turned out we weren’t going to her house, in fact she didn’t even live in the state we went to, she paid for a hotel for the both of us, I asked her if her father would not mind her absence at home she said she doesn’t care she pays her bills herself I asked how do you get money? She said I’d find out soon. We went to a boutique later in the day and she got things for both of us, I was so happy, clothes I could never afford, shoes I never thought I’d wear, Natasha got them all for me.

That night she wanted us to go clubbing, I was excited, I had never been to a club before, she chose a dress for me, made me up, I looked at myself in the mirror, I had never looked that beautiful, I was beyond elated, I kept looking at myself and Natasha was busy laughing at me. She called a cab, the cab picked us at the hotel and we were on our way. When we got to the club, she ordered me to act matured, I was never to misbehave or get drunk or give a “mere boy” any attention, that the older the men the better chance of getting huge sums of money, I asked money? She said yes of course, I wondered if they dashed money at the club so I asked her, she laughed for a long time and told me not to worry as I would be learning soon.

To be continued.


Romance / Re: I Am In Love With My Friend's Fiancé, I Know He Loves Me Too. by ournaijablog(f): 1:32am On Aug 07, 2016
Your opinion


The story is sooo fake and just too glaring. I hadn't gone beyong the second paragraph before I saw through your story.there are just too many issues that are just not adding up. Whoever wrote it sef don't have any idea how the business world goes.
Romance / Re: I Am In Love With My Friend's Fiancé, I Know He Loves Me Too. by ournaijablog(f): 9:46pm On Aug 05, 2016
It's real, I actually got this new blog because I couldn't post relationship issues on my news blog, you would be surprised at the number of people going thru different issueseveryday


Lol! I don't click blog links pasted on NL. Waste of time.

It may not be real but there are definitely some women who are doing this type of thing right now. So they better know what's up.
Romance / I Am In Love With My Friend's Fiancé, I Know He Loves Me Too. by ournaijablog(f): 9:46am On Aug 05, 2016
Envy has never been a trait I possessed, I was practically happy for anyone and everyone around me, it doesn’t matter the news, I’d jubilate with you even if we were enemies, I’d still wish you well in my heart, I was never jealous of anyone well not until recently.

I am in my mid-30’s, very successful, I have dedicated almost a decade of my life building up my company, my last serious relationship was five years ago, I had always said to myself, “One more deal, One more contract and I’d settle down” but one more deal or contract was never enough, I wanted more, I needed more, I never had time to date or keep a relationship, today I was in Austria, tomorrow in Spain, in a month id travel internationally more than four times, who would want to date someone like that? My EX complained all the time, how I was neglecting him, I didn’t have to travel much, I could control my business from Nigeria, problem is I am a control freak I needed everything to be done by me, only I could do it perfectly.

For years my vibrators have been my sexual companions, I have about six of them, depending on the mood, each one has its special duty, there’s Jimmy whose job it was to make me cum within minutes, there’s Jack whose job was to go real deep and relieve tension, there’s Joe for lazy nights and so on, then there are random guys I have met on the plane, we just go to a hotel and Bleep.

I had given up on men, the little I have met in a short while just wanted money, connections and sex, no one wanted long term, I was getting old, I looked young though but women will always see themselves as ten years older in looks, I said to myself, go adopt a baby, forget men, work hard and make a name for yourself, these were my plans, it was perfect and about to be executed not until my friend introduced her fiancé to me.

Jessie: Hello Bimpe, are you at the office?

Me: Yes I am

Jessie: Good, I’m on my way

Me: Sure no problem, please get me lunch I’m starving

Jessie: I’m coming with someone; we would go have lunch together

Me: Fine.

How I wish I could turn back the hands of time, how I wish I had told her not to come, I wasn’t around, I was out of the country, anything! But I guess fate wanted to Bleep with me real hard. Jessie came to my office with a guy who I felt Zeus carved himself perfectly, Dayo was tall, dark, handsome, fit, oh my, he was structurally perfect and I knew from the second I laid my eyes on him, I wanted him, when Jessie introduced us and we shook hands, it was the softest palm I had ever felt in my life, he’s voice was soothing, everything about him was perfect, I tried to stay calm but I was lost.

We went for lunch, talked, laughed, and we discussed their marriage plans, for the first time in my life I was jealous and it was over a man, not even business, how did this happen I began to ask myself? I said to myself, I’d go home and masturbate if off, while I was doing it, I was picturing Dayo’s face, it was bliss, he wasn’t even there yet it felt like I could feel him deep inside me.

Next day at work, I got a call from the reception; Dayo had come to see me, I was surprised and happy, I wondered if something was wrong, I asked them to let him in, he was so polite, telling me how sorry he was for coming in like that without an appointment but he needed my advice on something, oh I was so glad to help, anything to keep him with me in the office for a long while. He said since I had been to so many countries, he would like to know which place I’d suggest for a honeymoon, I didn’t even think I said, ”come to the house for dinner tonight and we will discuss it” he welcomed the idea wholeheartedly.

He came, we talked, drank, ate, drank some more, I can’t really remember who kissed who, next thing I knew our clothes were flying off our bodies, he was everything I had imagined him to be, he was a freak in bed like me, we were all over each other, I was selfish at the moment, I didn’t even stop to think he was someone else’s man, I didn’t care, I wanted him there and then, I made him spank me, tie my hands, choke me, hit my face, damn I haven’t had it this good in ages, he allowed me play out all my fantasies on him, Dayo was the perfect “Bleep Specimen”

All these happened six months ago and we are still fucking, he’s promised to break up with Jessie, but he hasn’t, he keeps saying he doesn’t want to hurt her but he wants to be with me, I have reduced the way I travel because of him, I give him 40% of my time, I know I am in love with him and I want to have his kids, why won’t he just break up with Jessie already?

What do I do?


Romance / Re: I Left My Fiancé For A Girl by ournaijablog(f): 9:44am On Aug 05, 2016
u musta been referring to ur skank ass momma


shotop, _bitch!
Romance / Re: I Left My Fiancé For A Girl by ournaijablog(f): 6:25pm On Aug 04, 2016
I don't think this is true

I say that sh!t[lesbianism] is demonic "some of my 'Charles Darwin' friends will not agree w:ith me though"
Romance / Re: I Left My Fiancé For A Girl by ournaijablog(f): 6:25pm On Aug 04, 2016
Raybans or Gucci? grin

Hope you aren't trying to throw shade @ me.
Romance / Re: I Left My Fiancé For A Girl by ournaijablog(f): 2:42pm On Aug 04, 2016
Guess you aren't yoruba then you would know that's her pet name, it was in "


An the gals name changed from nike to nifemi. That proves d story is a faabu
Romance / Re: I Left My Fiancé For A Girl by ournaijablog(f): 2:38pm On Aug 04, 2016
Dick solves everything in Nigeria, even a goat's Dick grin grin


Lol.. Quite a hilarious comment.. Lesbianism, the d¡ck becomes repulsive to the female so no matter how good you are, the crave for female conjugation will always be there.. Instead she will be bisexual.

D¡ck cannot solve this issue at all.. its all about mindset and she making a decision and sticking to it even though its going to be tough.. Really you dont know whats like for her the "writer"
Romance / Re: I Left My Fiancé For A Girl by ournaijablog(f): 2:37pm On Aug 04, 2016
Are you done? grin


u are really stopid.

Hopeless les, don't quote me again
Romance / Re: I Left My Fiancé For A Girl by ournaijablog(f): 12:56pm On Aug 04, 2016
undecided oh that grin

Romance / Re: I Left My Fiancé For A Girl by ournaijablog(f): 12:50pm On Aug 04, 2016
How so?

Total rubbish
Romance / Re: I Left My Fiancé For A Girl by ournaijablog(f): 12:50pm On Aug 04, 2016
Like how?

It has solved a whole lot of problems

hope u are not 'like that' though
Romance / Re: I Left My Fiancé For A Girl by ournaijablog(f): 12:36pm On Aug 04, 2016
A good dicck has never solved anyone's problems has it? undecided

First of,You don't know how sweet a dick feels

your boyfriend is yet to fvck out that demon in you

Trust me,u've not had an encounter with a great dick
Romance / Re: I Left My Fiancé For A Girl by ournaijablog(f): 12:29pm On Aug 04, 2016
am saying dat she's lost n was probably decieved in2 d act,cos if she had being wiv a man 1st,she might v made df choices,Yea sis she nids Christ... Wait untill she x delivered den u tel me whether she was posessed or not....

Having a different sexual preference doesn't mean one is possessed
Romance / Re: I Left My Fiancé For A Girl by ournaijablog(f): 12:13pm On Aug 04, 2016
so you're saying she's possessed?

undecided first of all,i wld like 2start by saying dat U nid Jesus,u probably encountered sm1 whom was carrying a strong foul spirit n she happened 2b yuh 1st love,n yea u might v enjoyed it bk den,buh come on gal,now yuh a grown up woman,ow u gon cope wiv her sagged bwests n Jajina in yrs 2cm if u finally decide 2b wiv her,4d sake of yuh family seek spiritual counsel cos its quite obvious dat u do not value yuhself dt much,like it or not,yuh not d one in control of yuh lyf ryt nw,wait untill u jam Christ then u wld understand....
Romance / Re: I Left My Fiancé For A Girl by ournaijablog(f): 12:12pm On Aug 04, 2016
doomed? how?

Girlfriend, you had better retrace your steps or else you become eternally doomed.
Romance / Re: I Left My Fiancé For A Girl by ournaijablog(f): 12:11pm On Aug 04, 2016
great advice, thanks


Nice story... If I we're her , I wud relocate myself with the one I truly love where ppol respect the LGBT community...Love conquered everything...

I may forget the full blown wedding atm or having the babies... Everything has a solution in the right time.
Romance / I Left My Fiancé For A Girl by ournaijablog(f): 11:58am On Aug 04, 2016
Bisi and I went to the same boarding school, she was two classes ahead of me; she was the first person I made friends with during my first year in school, I was very shy and introverted so it was really difficult to make friends as everyone thought I was a snub and a rich spoilt kid.

I saw nothing wrong when Bisi touched my boobs playfully anytime we were having our bath, or how she always wanted to share my bunk with me, or how her finger always played with my clitoris anytime she snuggled in bed with me, I kinda liked it so I said nothing and she continued, well one day we made full blown love and I liked it, I was into her, I liked her a lot, we continued till she graduated and I didn’t wanna do it with anyone else so I thought that phase of my life was over, “A phase I thought”

I had forgotten all about Bisi, I went to the university, graduated, met a nice guy, got a great job, I would term my life as being content, I had everything I wanted, Until I went to a conference in South Africa and saw Bisi, she came up to me and said “Nike, Nike!!!! OMG Nike is this you” I was confused at first, it’s been almost 15 years, but her voice was familiar, I know I had heard it before, I just couldn’t place it then she said “So you have forgotten your lover”? Then it all came back to me, Bisi! I screamed, we hugged, talk, we just couldn’t stop.

We reminisced on the past and talked about the present, we were doing really well for ourselves, I told her about Daniel my fiancé, and I asked her if she has anyone, she told me she and her girlfriend recently broke up and she wasn’t ready to date anyone, I said “Girlfriend”? She laughed it off.

The next day I took a flight to Nigeria, Bisi and I kept in touch, my heart fluttered whenever she called, I didn’t have many friends, so I thought I was just happy I finally had one I could talk to, she came back to Nigeria, resumed at her office, and we had dinner almost every evening, Until one day we both got drunk, ended up at her apartment and made sweet love, Daniel has never touched me this way I said to myself.

I couldn’t stop, I was hooked, I went back for more, I had no time for Daniel, he would call and ask me to come over I’d make excuses upon excuses, Bisi and I continued for six months, then she told me she wanted something serious and I’d have to break up with Daniel, I said I couldn’t, what will people say! I screamed at her, we are in Nigeria, Africa, if people knew what we were doing we will be arrested or even stoned to death. I told her I want babies, I want a full blown BellaNaija wedding, I want my family to come to my wedding, I want my dad to give me away on the aisle, I can’t have these things with you I told her, we had a big fight I went home angry.

We didn’t speak for two months, I was miserable, work was boring, Daniel became irritating, I wouldn’t let him touch me, he would cry and plead and ask “Nifemi", what have I done wrong”? I wanted to tell him, I wanted to say Daniel I am in love with a girl; the words just wouldn’t leave my mouth, I couldn’t hurt him that way, yet I knew I couldn’t hurt him even more by getting married to him, Bisi kept calling, sending me messages, she wanted us to relocate, live our lives somewhere else, away from friends and family who wouldn’t understand our kind of love.

I don’t know what to do, I love Bisi, I know I do, maybe I have always been a lesbian, and she’s always known even before I knew, oh! How do I make people understand that a girl can love a girl this much? I have made up my mind, I know what to do.



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Romance / Re: I Am Never Snapping Naked Pictures On My Phone! by ournaijablog(f): 3:00pm On Aug 03, 2016
At least I fit cause trouble for here run commot grin

Hehehehehehehe true that

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Romance / Re: I Am Never Snapping Naked Pictures On My Phone! by ournaijablog(f): 2:58pm On Aug 03, 2016
all u you have to do is go to ur google drive,
Delete the pic from google directly.

Hope you have Google drive on ur phone grin.
it is better for u to stall ur pics on Google Photo.
cos it is easy for you to access it. And you upload ur pic manually unlike Google drive which update ur photos automatically. I use Google drive mostly for files.

By the way check out my siggy

Alright thank you lemme see if I can try this
Romance / Re: I Am Never Snapping Naked Pictures On My Phone! by ournaijablog(f): 2:56pm On Aug 03, 2016
hehehehehehehe na where person enemies dey catch person bdat. You have to delete the entire backup.... Av forgotten how but search it on google you will see guidelines.

embarassed embarassed : embarassed
Romance / Re: I Am Never Snapping Naked Pictures On My Phone! by ournaijablog(f): 2:54pm On Aug 03, 2016
Hmm i can just imagine dear, honestly it won't be funny between us oh when it's eve to our wedding & i start seeing some funny pics of u my wife to be in compromising positions with some random guy(s), so fix up the mess now oh cheesy
Yes sir grin

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Romance / Re: I Am Never Snapping Naked Pictures On My Phone! by ournaijablog(f): 2:27pm On Aug 03, 2016
Aunty Abroad, my small dignirri Is @stakes

This is funny grin
Romance / Re: I Am Never Snapping Naked Pictures On My Phone! by ournaijablog(f): 2:26pm On Aug 03, 2016
Unkle if only I knew, please how do I delete, I even saw one I was kissin one broad, chai mo gbe

Total anonymosity is important on social media. I don't do backups or any bullshit online, I can't even remember when last I used my real name online.
Romance / Re: I Am Never Snapping Naked Pictures On My Phone! by ournaijablog(f): 2:20pm On Aug 03, 2016
This is not a hmmmmm marra, tell mods to move it to front page so people can know fa

hmmmm smiley

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