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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by Ourown(m): 9:40am On Oct 27

This battle no start today. Some Centers are beginning to realise that Native doesn't mean better.

Even though the government is putting in some measures, it will most likely favour majority of us cos the natives gaun sef many of them don't have a degree. Just white skin.

Don't let that one discourage you

Thank you for the update.

Already envisioning how I'd work like mad for first few months when I reach there. Make money and send back home to my 4 wives and 24 children grin
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Working With United Geophysical(ugnl) by Ourown(m): 5:45pm On Oct 20
It all started like a joke and lots of excitement knowing I secured a job at united Geophysical (Nig) Ltd. An oil Servicing firm involved in seismic data acquisition for oil companies.
I wasn't asked how much I expected as salary so I thought they must have a well structured salary scale.
Unfortunately, it turned out that a company managed by the British/Scottish is worse that an average Nigerian run business. They offer letter came and the salary was nothing to right home about.
Fast forward a bit, salaries are been owed even up to 1year plus for old staff and that joined experienced it too.
One month turned to 2months, 3months, 4months 5months 6months until it dawned on me that its not about Big name, its about management.
Even with all the fund available, the expatriate will not approve for salary payment.
This went on and on until I left the company and I am still being owed months.
Do not be deceived by how the company looks from the outside, it is poorly run and I won't even suggest that place for my enemy.
It was the worst career experience I have had all my life and irrespective of the good staff there, just like Nigeria everyone there is suffering and smiling.
Today I have forgotten the experience but it wasn't a good one.

So sad how wicked humans can be. People work but you deny them their wages. Country is in shambles. No work. No nothing. Its so sad.
Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by Ourown(m): 11:50am On Oct 15

I hope you're doing great.

What is the reality on religion in vietnam? We all know what China is doing to religion. Are there Muslims there? Mosque? Churches?

Are Vietnamese people generally religious like nigerians?

Thank you.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Much Is Starting/allowances Salary At Nsia? by Ourown(m): 7:05pm On Oct 13
Ask your question here. You'll find answers quickly https://www.nairaland.com/1963601/monthly-net-salary-federal-government/563

Is there anything happening in that place? Please help us too abeg.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Which Do You Advise I Go For? by Ourown(m): 3:29pm On Oct 12
I suggest you go with the your current job and wait it out.

If I read your story right, you're currently earning 650k, and the company has enrolled you in a course that would take you to Canada. Plus, it's being sponsored by your current company.

If you take the job in SA, you'll first have to go to SA, then to Canada. And you're planning to settle down.

For someone who is planning to get married, what you need is stability, and your current company offers all of that. 650k isn't that bad, and you know for damn sure that you will get a better offer when you are done with the course.

This is what I think you should do:

* Stay in your current position, let the company sponsor you to Canada
* Get married whenever you want to
* Stay with the company for the next four years.
* When the four years is over, you most likely would be getting offers from everywhere, and you will be an authority wherever you present your qualifications.

How long have you been with that company? Surely four years is not that long. And being married, it could flash right before your eyes.

So I support you staying where you are right now. Better offers are going to come later.

OP I support this.
Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by Ourown(m): 9:46am On Oct 12
By the special grace of God January 2021 will not pass me.
I've completed my TEFL course on-line and all other requirements are available now except the police and medical which I intend doing in December due to the 6 months validity after which I will authenticate.
I've started applying for jobs already and getting both negative and positive response. Most said I should get back to them when the boarders are open.
I am also looking at China to teach because they pay more than in Vietnam.
At Whyna inspired me to take this part in leaving this country and start globe trotting via teaching English abroad with lots of opportunities.

Thank to the merciful God for healing your mum.

Hi bro, what is the update on your preparation? Can you please highlight some of the steps you have achieved? I want to start preparing too.
Travel / Re: Schooling And Doing Music ABROAD by Ourown(m): 3:26pm On Oct 11
trap indeed. Can they even hear your accent. Abeg you aint marketable. Trap artists are first known underground. No one will take a Nigerian newcomer serious.

Guy nawah oo. You don't know him, I put haven't heard him sing but you have already condemned him.

@op if you have the financial capability and you really want to go abroad. Please go. Put in the work and things will work for you. Good luck


Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by Ourown(m): 2:16pm On Oct 08

I have moved to Canada, not as a photographer nor video editor but through the Express Entry program.

We used my wife as the primary applicant and I also used my other blue collar job to create a profile.

All the best.

Thank you.
Travel / Re: I Want To Visit Maiduguri, Lake Chad From Australia by Ourown(m): 9:03pm On Oct 05
Why not tag along with the NGOs involved in relief work over there? Maybe get in touch with them. What do you think ?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Job Vacancy by Ourown(m): 9:00am On Oct 03
Hi everyone, I got this message this morning. How genuine is it pls? I served in Kwara state batch 17B.
Hi.ajinde Gud morning, is me eze emmanuel ur 2017b ex- copa mate at.KW state . am working with (SHELL S. P. D. C,) Oil and Gas Company in Rivers state, Hv u started working if no call me now 4 more details b/cos internal employment is going on now and is very urgent.

grin grin grin Every corp member in this country has/will receive that message. Its from scammers and its fake.

Good luck on your job hunting


Travel / Re: Travel Advice Needed by Ourown(m): 8:59am On Oct 03

Lol I told you about my plans to learn video editing and you recommended some materials. Truth be told I don't know jack about adobe pro, camstassia studio, or after effects angry

Please how can a total beginner learn these things? I just don't know where to start from. Kindly help a brother.

Bro, I won't lie to you. If you take action and go on YouTube you'll learn everything.

Camtasia is so simple that I didn't even watch youtube before I started using it. Get started today bro.

I don't know if links are acceptable here. I can send you link to download cracked camtasia.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Monthly Net Salary Of Federal Government Ministries,departaments, Agencies And P by Ourown(m): 7:23pm On Oct 02
i know one of her nephew, she helped but he has refused to connect me. This life. Did you get the number on this thread?

No, I got it online somewhere. If you need it. I can send for you. But I don't think that's her direct line.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Monthly Net Salary Of Federal Government Ministries,departaments, Agencies And P by Ourown(m): 7:13pm On Oct 02
yes boss.

I have one number, but I'm not sure if It's her assistants that handles the line because no response since I have been trying to connect via messages.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Monthly Net Salary Of Federal Government Ministries,departaments, Agencies And P by Ourown(m): 6:54pm On Oct 02
Tammyanybody, kkkp,ocvoice,danqujigy,OGs abeg link me with Farida fcc, or any of them special assitants, numbers.
Babagy823 how far with the job slots

Farida Dankaka?
Travel / Re: Travel Advice Needed by Ourown(m): 6:08pm On Oct 02

Hello, bro. What's good? It's been awhile.

Bossman. Abeg this handle confuse me ooo. Remind me abeg
Travel / Re: Travel Advice Needed by Ourown(m): 4:22pm On Oct 02
Hello Fam I need your quick advice!

I'll try to be as detailed as possible while keeping it short.

I'm a recent graduate in Nigeria awaiting service, while in school i was opportuned to start some online venture and i started earning. I trade crypto as well as forex. Long story short I currently earn atleast 3m monthly, but I always live in fear of stepping outside due to police harrasment and all. I don't own a car but I always get into their net and they extort me when they learn what I do.

That aside, I'm passionate about having another source or income on the side, to increase my earning plus saving capacity per time. Finding a job in nigeria is not an option because despite the stress, they won't pay well(that is if I get), starting a business is another daunting task due to the unenabling environment.

Now putting all these into consideration, I'm thinking of traveling out of the country, i can very much afford major countries, my main intention is to School (masters) work part time, while I still continue my trading and making my money since all I need to work is just my phone or laptop and I can work from anywhere in the world. Some people have adviced me to stay here and keep making the money I'm making, but they don't understand that with my job I can work from anywhere and still combine another job.

I need advice on these areas

1. Should I travel or just remain here and continue what I'm doing?
2. If I should travel, what country would you advice, I'm thinking USA, Germany, UK in that order
3. How possible is it for me to travel and buy a taxi and be a driver so I can earn more instead of 15$/hour job?

I just need a planned life I won't regret, plus Nigeria is suffocating.

Hey bro.

Nobody can decide on if you should leave this country on not. Its your decision. But one thing I know is, if I am the one making 3m online monthly, I won't be in this country.

I'm a freelancer on Fiverr and I don't make anywhere near what you make monthly. I completed NYSC since March and no reasonable Job in sight, just imagine if I didn't know about Fiverr and co. What will I be doing now? Teaching in a school for 15k ?

I only wish I didn't make some bad investment choices when I was in school, I lost a lot of my Fiverr earnings then to bad investments, like forex and co. I didn't have enough knowledge on it then.

There is more to life than what this country can offer. Go out there, see the world, set things up for your generation to come.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgent Advice Needed by Ourown(m): 9:06am On Oct 02
Thank You so very much bro !
I did as you instructed and I have received my answer.
Respect and Thanks

You're welcome baba.

I dey look for work too. If you have any tips or recommend on slot or anything that can help. I'd appreciate.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgent Advice Needed by Ourown(m): 10:08pm On Oct 01
554 pages to read through in what might not even contain my the solution to my questionings.

Anyway thanks for the heads-up

I'm saying ask your question on the thread. You'll get answers faster as there are civil workers there. Also learn how to search on nairaland,mid help you one way or another.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Monthly Net Salary Of Federal Government Ministries,departaments, Agencies And P by Ourown(m): 7:16pm On Oct 01

He doesn't reply everybody. He's selective....but it's still good.... at least he replies some

Una don start again


Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by Ourown(m): 4:55pm On Oct 01
Welcome back @whyna ,its good to see updates from you again. Have you tried to look for other worthy jobs you can do to make money in vietnam. Maybe you can combine with your teaching. Like sourcing and exporting goods to Nigeria. I know well that ladies buy human hair from vietnam.

Its just a suggestion. Take care.

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Travel / Re: What Is The Cost Of Living In Abuja?? by Ourown(m): 4:34pm On Oct 01

From experience, that sure connect May be the Mallam you see at the premises of that Ministry looking worn out

I don't look down on anyone and I don't mind. So far its sure. If you can recommend. I'd appreciate
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgent Advice Needed by Ourown(m): 10:29am On Oct 01
Greetings to all family members as we hope , work and pray for our dream Jobs.

Please I need an advice for something.
What's is the salary for a Level 12 staff of the ministry of labour ?

Kindly treat as urgent.
Thanks a lot in anticipation

Go here, you'll find your answer

Travel / Re: What Is The Cost Of Living In Abuja?? by Ourown(m): 7:01am On Oct 01

Probably come around and buy the slot first.

To find sure connect self na war
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by Ourown(m): 3:27pm On Sep 29
I would like to ask this.

Has anyone migrated to Canada and worked as a Photographer/Video Editor and the likes?

All I am seeing here are white collar jobs.

Do you know anyone in such a field?


Hello Royalty 1,

Were you able to move to Canada through video editing? If yes, please how did you go about it.

Thank you
Travel / Re: What Is The Cost Of Living In Abuja?? by Ourown(m): 6:36pm On Sep 26
I'm planning on moving to Abuja too. I have visited and liked it there. Na to get job thier be problem. Without connection. Once I save enough, I'll make the move. Maybe I can buy a job slot.
Travel / Re: Which Country Is The Best For A Nigerian To Hustle? by Ourown(m): 6:31pm On Sep 26
The grass is always greener on the other side. Nigeria is the one place where you can hustle and make it if you really have the hustling spirit. Our laws are so loose and you can get away with so much more. Plus you don't have to deal with any form of racism in the process because you are in your own country. Don't let anyone deceive you, Nigeria is the best place to hustle and make it.

What is the percentage of people you have seen in Nigeria that hustle and made it LEGITIMATELY?


Travel / Re: Yankari Games Reserves In Bauchi In Pictures by Ourown(m): 7:37am On Sep 26
Would love to visit this place one day.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Share Your Keystone Bank Test Score by Ourown(m): 4:36pm On Sep 25
Good day, please I sent my Cv to keystone career page and I am scheduled for CBT test with them. Any one with past questions, I'll be most grateful. Thanks

How did you apply please? I can't find a place to attach CV on their career page.
Career / Re: Wikipedia, The Helping Hand For Professionals by Ourown(m): 4:06pm On Sep 25
Are you the owner of the website you linked ? Can you create an approved wikipedia page? Let me know please.

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