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Romance / Re: Trying To Be Invisible On Whatsapp. by Petyr1: 5:36pm On Jan 22
I turned off last seen when I noticed people are using it to monitor my life

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Celebrities / Re: Meet 'queen Of Dark' Nyakim Gatwech, The Lady With The Darkest Skin In The World by Petyr1: 9:45pm On Jan 20

Lol. She's not. You can try your luck. Check her out on Instagram
what is her handle?
Romance / Re: Help My Friend Mom Is Driving Me Crazy: by Petyr1: 3:13pm On Jan 18

You got registered and the first post that came to your mind is this? I can see your end from your beginning
i guess that guy called Pornlegend is his mentor
Romance / Re: Joining Adult Entertainment (pornography) Industry. My Experience by Petyr1: 10:12pm On Jan 17
You choose the wrong profession


Education / Re: What Is The Difference Between Advice And Advise? by Petyr1: 9:24pm On Jan 17

You are.
And you could also say:

I had been careful - which means that you were careful but stopped being careful

I have been careful - which means that you were careful in the past and also careful now
English!!! Thanks

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Education / Re: What Is The Difference Between Advice And Advise? by Petyr1: 6:35am On Jan 17

Been is the part participle of be. E.g I have been waiting for you.
Being is the present continuous form of be E.g Being the best is important
so that means "I am just being careful" is correct
Education / Re: Top 10 Most Deadliest Weapons In The World by Petyr1: 5:03pm On Jan 16
where is atomic bomb
part of those ones mentioned are atomic bomb
Little boy and fat man is atomic bomb
The castle bravo is atomic

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Education / Re: What Is The Difference Between Advice And Advise? by Petyr1: 4:49pm On Jan 16
Difference please
Romance / Re: My Deadly Affair With A Married Woman by Petyr1: 9:05am On Jan 16
After that call all attempts to reach the lady proved abortive, I tried to inquire from the nurse but she feigned ignorance of what I was talking about though she said she had something to tell me when next I come. I was restless and scared of seeing her again but I needed answers so I had no option than going to see her.

I decided against staying in her place during that visit. I also insisted that we will lodge in a neighboring state and of course my right hand man would be around. On the d day, it was actually fun though I was nervous but the presence of two of my friends in the adjacent room calmed me a bit.

After the drinks and mad sex, she told me she was ready to confess.
My ex sugar mom husband found out about his wife's infidelity and somehow got my number and gave it the the nurse who happened to be his side chick to track me down.
She later fell for me and kept telling the man that she couldn't get any information from me. After the man kept pressuring her, she told him of my visit to her place and he boasted to the wife that he will soon get me and deal with me.

She went on to tell me alot of the man's secrets, she was his side chick and followed him to all his trips. The man was sleeping with the wife's younger sister under the same roof, the same girl the wife trusted so much and spoke highly of. She said many stuff about the man that I have even forgotten, she told me not to worry that she would talk the man out of harming me since she had his mumu button.

After the confession I felt like a boss, the hunter was now the hunted. Since the man was out to get me I decided to use the girl he sent against him.
I called the wife and told her everything the lady told me. She was more than heartbroken and disappointed, I felt fly and fulfilled not knowing I was being stupid.

I might have just destroyed a home due to my naivety and foolishness. I felt so guilty, I took out my sim and deleted all their contacts. I put the sim back some years later and it seemed that particular incident is past now.

******************The end************************
Lesson: if you must date a married woman please wear a bullet proof around

Proverbs 6:26 NLT
For a prostitute will bring you to poverty, but sleeping with another man’s wife will cost you your life.

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Education / Re: Covid 19: Reopening Schools Is Playing With Fire by Petyr1: 6:21pm On Jan 15
While I am totally against another full lockdown, I am equally against the reopening of not all schools, but nursery, primary, and secondary schools. Reason being that this schools bring pupils in very close contact with one another daily; forget all the Face Shield and Hand Washing protocols. In the last term, my kids wore thier face Shields daily, carried their hand sanitizers in thier school bags daily, and the school provided humidifiers, hand sanitizers, and hand washing points in the school, but they didn't prevent the kids from catching cold repeatedly as is always the case whenever school is in session. I even suspect without hard proof though, that one of my kids could have contracted the virus, because on the particular day he was mildly ill and was not in school, I called in to the school, and the class teacher confirmed to me that about 4 other pupils besides mine where also not in school because of illness on a class oc 13 pupils. Funny enough my wife and I had very similar symptoms within a space of 48hours, but thankfully we got better without taking any drugs. We decided to at least for a time allow our body fight it rather than taking any drugs that could weaken the immune system.

During the same last term, our kids school to my surprise invited parents for open day not minding the effect it could have. Yes parents were asked to put on thier masks, but many were simply covering their mouths with it while the nose which is the entry and exit for the virus were usually left uncovered. Some other parent complained of breathing difficulties and would generally just shift the mask under the jaw.

While in the school, even with all the supposed stage management the school management must have done to convince the visiting parents of following the civid19 protocols, you could clearly see that it was not practicable protecting the kids from themselves(no time to go into all the details of what I saw with regards the kids and their supposed protective gears).

My point Is this, for some reason, the last wave of this virus was not so deadly as we originally feared, but this time around with the virus mutating and becoming more resistant, it looks like we are dealing with something far deadlier. Yes I've heard many say people are going to the markets, churches, mosques and all. But the school environment is a different one. Those who have refused to go to the churches and mosques, who wear their face masks and exercise maximum caution whenever they have to visit the markets(and ofcourse there are many such people), will unfortunately be very vulnerable with thier kids forced to return back to school irrespective of whatever measures the school say they are putting in place. Children will always be children; no one can reallly prevent them from doing what they do when they come together. As far as I know, face Shield is no barrier to an airborne virus, it can only prevent saliva from reaching the eyes not a floating virus and they cannot were face masks for the length of time they're expected to be in class.

I however think those in tertiary education can go back to school especially those who live in campus. For those who go from home, given that most of them are young adults who understand what protecting oneself is all about, they'll do better at managing the spread of the virus, better still they can go virtual as is been done in other parts of the world now. Most tertiary students will need very little if any help from parent in taking thier studies online.

It seems to me that the directive to resume school on the 18th is the government caving in to pressure from the public, and that is understandable, but given what we've seen with this virus in the last 2 months, I'm afraid we might be playing with fire by letting the kids come together from monday next week. I hope I'm wrong though, but surely, the fastest way to spread this virus and any airborne disease is through basic schools.

For those who may want to attack me, please note that I'm not ignorant of the challenges that many of you particularly parents are having to deal with with the children at home. And for the teachers and those in school employment, I understand how continuing school closure will affect your means of livelihood. The fact is, either way, it's a tragic situation and I wish everyone the very best while we hope the virus abates again like it did last year until the vaccine begins to arrive.

Good luck everyone.
everything you wrote there is trash and meaningless. If you want to protect your kids, don't let them go to school and leave other kids out of your miseries. Must other children stay at home because you are protecting your kid? Do you even know flights are coming from UK? And UK is on lockdown because of second wave? You don't talk about blocking those flights but about school
Travel / Re: America And Canada Not As Advertised by Petyr1: 5:55pm On Jan 15

I didn't realize you didn't have a Bachelor degree, which is a minimum requirement if you want to stand a good chance getting a ITA to apply for express entry or a provincial nomination.
thanks for your time
Travel / Re: America And Canada Not As Advertised by Petyr1: 9:51pm On Jan 14
you need master or bsc plus another diploma and experience to apply for pr. Unless your parents are very rich doing bsc in canada is very expensive
very sad
Travel / Re: America And Canada Not As Advertised by Petyr1: 9:14pm On Jan 14

You should budget N15-N20 million($60,000-$80000) for international tuition fees,accomodation and personal expenses. You can reduce the total cost if you work part-time during the academic year and full-time during the summer break(May-June).

It is easier to obtain PR from Nigeria after gaining work experience if you don't have the funds for a bachelor degree program. I think the financial requirement for a single applicant is around N3.2 million.

that is much o. And I was thinking of 10mill Naira. I don't get the bolded part. You mean i can easily obtain permanent resident from Nigeria even without bachelor's degree but work experience? Nigeria work experience? Please explain
Travel / Re: America And Canada Not As Advertised by Petyr1: 1:19pm On Jan 14

You are wrong about Nigerian youths being spoilt,entitled and 'professional job" orientated. Majority of youths are looking for side hustles and some have become entreprenuers and quit their jobs after gaining the relevant professional experience, that will help them run their own businesses.

The employment market is unstable and you can lose your job at anytime, and majority have come to realize that working 9-5 everyday for the next 30 to 40 years, with the current state of job insecurity is a dangerous gamble.
like how much should I budget if i want to go for a bachelor degree programme in Canada or is it okay to go for bachelor's degree in Nigeria and master's degree in Canada?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Challenge In Getting A Job (please Help) by Petyr1: 12:59pm On Jan 14
Seriously it's tiring and devastating... I can relate because I am in the same situation...

The last place I submitted my application, the moment the manager got to find out that I am a PCM, he just said we will get back to you..

I haven't given up yet... I still believe that something good is in the way.
what is PCM?
Phones / Re: How To Convert Airtime Bonus To Data. by Petyr1: 4:11pm On Jan 13
I don't think it does , have tried it.
he said *419# 419 419 419


Romance / Re: Incest : Twins Having Sex With Each Other by Petyr1: 2:47pm On Jan 12

why will you end the video by wishing them the best
Best in what exactly undecided
Education / Re: This Is Where We Live In The Solar System (photo) by Petyr1: 2:33pm On Jan 12


The Sun is the center of our solar system, making it the innermost core of our system. If you go past the Sun, the next planetary object you'll encounter is Mercury, then Venus, Earth and so on.

I'm not talking about solar system. I said beyond the solar system. That is what that guy is asking
Romance / Re: Good Men With Good Heart Still Exists On Nairaland (Lexusgs430) (Pictures) by Petyr1: 1:19pm On Jan 11

Done Sir.
seen sir. My gratitude. Really appreciate
Education / Re: This Is Where We Live In The Solar System (photo) by Petyr1: 9:37am On Jan 11
Someone once told me after you’ve passed the sun, You will see God. I don’t know how true is this?

It might be true because nobody can ever survive the intensity of the sun, Even some part of the earth far off is usually very very hot.
after the sun, space continue. Sun is not the only star in our galaxy
There are many stars with many planets orbiting them (exoplanets). And there are billions of galaxies in far space

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Romance / Re: Good Men With Good Heart Still Exists On Nairaland (Lexusgs430) (Pictures) by Petyr1: 8:47am On Jan 11

By tomorrow boss.
no problem boss
Romance / Re: Good Men With Good Heart Still Exists On Nairaland (Lexusgs430) (Pictures) by Petyr1: 8:34pm On Jan 10

Seen bro.
okay. Thanks boss
Romance / Re: Good Men With Good Heart Still Exists On Nairaland (Lexusgs430) (Pictures) by Petyr1: 8:27pm On Jan 10

I didn't see it oooooooooo.
Can you drop it here then or to my 2nd number 09130213029
5206984016 FCMB
Romance / Re: Good Men With Good Heart Still Exists On Nairaland (Lexusgs430) (Pictures) by Petyr1: 8:21pm On Jan 10

I haven't got any message boss.
i have sent it again boss
Romance / Re: Good Men With Good Heart Still Exists On Nairaland (Lexusgs430) (Pictures) by Petyr1: 8:12pm On Jan 10

Please drop your account details to my number 07036204487
done thank you
Romance / Re: Good Men With Good Heart Still Exists On Nairaland (Lexusgs430) (Pictures) by Petyr1: 8:02pm On Jan 10
About 2 days ago, I was left with no option than to come online (Nairaland Forum) and seek for financial assistance after which Sokoloan and Naira Plus were on my neck and sent out Fraudulent messages to my contacts calling me a Scammer.

I tendered my request on nairaland and a lot of people supported me though some didn't believe and that's normal to me because of what people have done in the past.

3 people sent money to me and another person promised to send me something next week.

There's a particular man who sent me 25k. Everyone who saw the thread was shocked and I was able to clear my debts.

This morning as I was appreciating him via personal text, I told him that the urge is coming again as I have no source of income and I don't want to beg for money again.

Did you know his reply... He said that "Don't worry, you go soon chop agege bread with hot akara"

He didn't even ask for my account details anymore, he just sent me 40k.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm in a greater shock right now.

So, people with good heart still exist in the world and even on nairaland.

I have made up my mind that I won't keep this to myself.

I will tell the whole world what this great man with good heart did for me.

He sent me 65k in just 2 days without working for it nor know him before.

His moniker on nairaland is Lexusgs430

Help me appreciate these people that sent 3k and 2k respectively too ChoCho54 and Smartty68

Good people with good heart still reman in the world and on nairaland.

Almighty God will continually strengthen and bless them abundantly.

Thank you so much my helpers.

See the screenshot of the alert below.

Please help me make it go viral by appreciating and praying for them.

Your helpers shall locate you too.
abeg i need 1k please embarassed
Education / Re: What A Student Wrote In His Exam Sheet. by Petyr1: 7:47pm On Jan 10
may God forgive me,i could remember when my sister whom is an English teacher marking WAEC,i help her that particular day to mark and someone wrote something like this and put his phone number as a bad guy then,i was in first year in uni then,i quickly called him to send recharge card,he sent 900 naira immediately,though my sister didn't know,years after i told her and she scold me bitterly,i felt for the guy because he still fail.

Education / Re: Bitcoin Withdraw Help by Petyr1: 9:30am On Jan 10

To buy, go to the exchange and bid a price lower than the market. When price falls to your price, the purchase is made and without a fee. To sell, same but ask at a price higher than the market price.
thanks. I will give it a try.
Education / Re: Bitcoin Withdraw Help by Petyr1: 9:01pm On Jan 09

You simply don't know how to use Luno. I have never paid fee for buying or selling coins on Luno. I make price so I don't get to pay the fees.
explain that bold
Education / Re: Bitcoin Withdraw Help by Petyr1: 6:28pm On Jan 09
Please someone should tell me the best app to buy cryptocurrencies with low interest rate
Luno is a bastard. I deposit you charge me, i buy coin you charge me, i sell coin you charge me, i withdrew money you still charge me
Education / Re: Bitcoin Withdraw Help by Petyr1: 5:52pm On Jan 09
ah ah you mean you can't withdraw 10k naira? Na to watch am for screen. Then what's the point of investing,
good question. Someone supposed to sue luno.

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