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Education / Re: Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Awards - 2017/2018 by Phemour: 10:14pm On Feb 12, 2017
Someone should add me to the whatsapp group 08068016981
Education / Re: Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Awards - 2017/2018 by Phemour: 10:13pm On Feb 12, 2017
Pls anybody from lokoja let hook up

I am going to lokoja.
Islam for Muslims / Violence: The Last Resort In Islam For The Physical Defence Of Muslim Community by Phemour: 6:12am On Jun 12, 2016

Mahatma Gandhi is a renowned Indian Philosopher of Religions who never professed interest in any particular religion. He avows below about the spread of Islam in a journal by the name 'Young India' in 1924:
"I became more than ever convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter of self-effacement of the prophet [Muhammed], the scrupulous regard for his pledges, his intense devotion to his friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and his own mission. These, and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every trouble" - Mahatma Gandhi, 1924.
The alleged Muslims who take to violence in the name of Islam should take a moment, relax and ponder over this factual assertion. I will employ them to kindly answer this question, who is your role model? The non-muslims who are only exposed to the islam created by these alleged muslims and publicized by the popular media should know that the Islam brought by prophet Muhammed (SAW) does not preach violence.
Prophet Muhammed (SAW) should be every Muslim's model. We must emulate his way of life in totality. He was never violent nor prechched violence. In fact, it was reported that in a particlar battle he partook, he was engaged in a wrestle with a particular opponent and after a long struggle, he finally had the opponent’s back on the ground. He was about to pound on the opponent when the opponent spit on his face. The prophet held the opponent’s hand and pull him up.
When asked why the prophet let the opponent go when he had every oppotunity to brutilize him, he responded that if he had pounded on him and killed him, it would have been because the oppotent spit on his face and not because they were in a battle. He would have pounded on him with the anger of the spit on his face and not because he was defending his umma (muslim community). The opponent accepted Islam on hearing this.
The prophet only waged war in self-defence. He never initiated battle againt his neighbour rather, vice versa. Violence is the last resort in Islam for physical defence of umma (muslim community) and it should not be a means to force people to accept Islam. Allah says in Quran Chaper 2 Verse 190: "Fight in the ways of Allah those who fight you but do not transgress. Verily, Allah does not like transgressors." FIGHT THOSE WHO FIGHT YOU, Allah says!
A non-muslim may pose a question, why does the Quran talk about fight? Why doesn't it talk about love all through? Quran is a complete guide for the whole of humanity. It guides us on every issues and matters. It talks about everything. It addresses miscellanous issues and so does it address the inevitable phenomenon of conflict/battle. According to Karl Marx, conflict is inevitable in every human society in as much as there are social groups (Christianity, Hinduism, Islam.) with deferring interests and ideologies.
However, the prophet warns muslims against wishing for a battle. But if muslims are forced to encounter the oponent in defence of their community, they must do so with utmost patience. In the course of defending muslim community againt attacking force, the prophet discourages the killing of children, women, elderly persons, sick persons, monks in the monasteries, persons sitting in places of worship, mutilation of dead body, uprooting or burning of palm or cutting down of fruitful trees, striking in the face, destruction of villages, spoiling cultivated fields and gardens, and the use of fire.
Etymologically, the word Islam is derived from the arabic word 'salaam' which means peace. It also means submiting one's will to Allah (God). Submittng one's will to Allah means that one follows all the teaching of the Holy Quran and prophet Muhammed (SAW). Thus, Islam is a religion of peace and the peace is acquired by adhering to the teachings of the Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammed (SAW) which forbid violence, terrorism, forcing people to accept Islam, eating pork, drinking alcohol, gambling, oppression, exploitation, fornication, argument and a lot more.
Allahu A'lam (Allah Knows Best)
Family / Re: Help!!..did I Marry The Wrong Lady? by Phemour: 10:54am On Feb 18, 2016
This is the game: Continue to help ur bro without her knowledge. Stop givin to her family and whenever she ask you why u v not been seein her family (finacially), tell her that she has killed the good samaritan in you. That you have decided not to help anyone again, her family or urs.


NYSC / Re: Job Opportunity by Phemour: 7:21am On Jan 31, 2016
End time job vacancy
NYSC / Re: Akwa Ibom State B'15, Lets Meet Here by Phemour: 3:41am On Nov 06, 2015
Please indicate which stream you fall to so I can know where to add you in the whatapps group.

08068016981 Stream 2
NYSC / Re: Akwa Ibom State B'15, Lets Meet Here by Phemour: 3:28am On Nov 06, 2015
Having seen what is going on in the first group created, you won't like to be on any group, trust me and some people can testify to it here.

And I think the focus is majorly on stream 1.

Now am gonna open a new group chat on WhatsApp for stream 2 but ni crime if any stream one joins as their experience would be vital for us.

***pls lets act maturely on this one as it is zero tolerance to deviations or any unsociable or uncivilized acts.

Just quote this post with your number. And we will get it started!

NYSC / Re: Akwa Ibom State B'15, Lets Meet Here by Phemour: 3:16am On Nov 06, 2015
NYSC / Re: Akwa Ibom State B'15, Lets Meet Here by Phemour: 3:06am On Nov 06, 2015
Education / Re: The Road To My Destination by Phemour: 9:49pm On Nov 05, 2015
Education / The Road To My Destination by Phemour: 6:19pm On Nov 05, 2015
After watching a movie in the first half of 90s where a court adjudicated a case in favour of an indigent old woman whose right was infringed by an affluent member of the community, I picked interest in the profession of law. But soon after getting to Senior Secondary School, the interest dashed away. I had found a new course of interest; accounting.
The love for accounting was strong. I would run away from the official school lesson to attend Comrade's lesson where I learn accounting everyday. The penalty for not attending school lesson would not deter me from having a dose of accounting everyday. 'Accounting is for me, football is for you', I would tell my cousin, whenever he complains about my wrong passes on the football pitch.
In 2009, I was admitted to study accountancy in Federal Polytechnic Bauchi. I felt, the day my dream of becoming an accountant will come true now has a date. But on learning about the height of discrimination against HND holders, i felt the need to continue the pursuit of my dream in a university. Undoubtedly, FEDPOBAU is a perfect institution to study accounting but the discrimination was not encouraging.
Before long, i purchased a new jamb form and applied to study accounting in Federal University Dutse. FUD was a new school and it was the first time the school would admit students. If FUD is going to start with only one course, that course must be accounting. When you fall head over heels in love with something that is how you think. I was obsessed with accounting; too obsessed to think outside the box.
I received the shock of my life when I opened JAMB website one day and found out that I have been offered admission to study Sociology in FUD. The only thing i knew about Sociology was the suffix 'logy' which is a derivative of a Greek word “logia” which means science or study. I searched google for the meaning of sociology. The study of society? That's all? So I felt.
Then again, it happened that the course/program of study was actually Criminology and Security Studies, not Sociology. The later was the name of the department offering the course. It was a devastating feeling knowing that i was leaving accounting for a course I hardly have an iota of knowledge about. Those who claimed to have knowledge of CSS made matter worse. They painted a daunting picture of the course; a picture portraying criminologists and security experts as warlords.
The maiden lecture with Professor Abdullahi Salisu set my heart at rest. It was explicit from the lecture that CSS is not all about raiding criminal hideouts, though it includes it. Criminology is more concerned with ‘how’ and ‘why’ crimes are committed rather than ‘who’ did it. Security, on the other hand, goes beyond the protection against traditional security threat like armed robbery. It extends to protection against non-traditional security threats like food scarcity, poverty, flood, poverty, disease, nuclear pollutions, to mention few.
If you ever hear me scream in jubilation
If you ever see me laugh uncontrollably
If you ever see me dance like I have lost my mind.
It is the joy of the opportunity I had to study CSS.
But who ever knew I will be writing a quatrain for CSS? When ‘Chattered’ was the mantra, who ever knew CSS would come to occupy a chiefly space in my heart. When I was cruising to south direction, thinking i was on course, who ever knew I would have to take a U-turn at a point? On the road to my destined end, I often had to eat my words. But I must say, i found the word I used to describe how my life will be incomplete without accounting a wholesome diet.
Crime / Re: W.H.O Scientists Investigate ‘mysterious Deaths’ In Nigerian Town (graphic Pics) by Phemour: 10:09pm On Apr 18, 2015
The gods need cockroach's intestine, 32 gallons of palm oil and 20 bags of yam flour. WHO wants to give injection, let's see what happens.
Celebrities / Re: Actress Mercy Aigbe And Her Daughter Michelle Rocks Denim On Denim Trend (photo) by Phemour: 4:35am On Apr 14, 2015
very cute girl
Like u, pls let's chat on bbm.
Literature / Waiting (for Election Results) By Caleb Jonah by Phemour: 3:06pm On Mar 30, 2015
As we await the announcement of our next President, Caleb Monday Jonah writes this great poem.


now is the time
our eyes pulled up into the screen
our ears clutched to speakers
our hands entwined in itself
our hearts pumping more blood
we ar waiting

we wait for the voice of jega
the long awaited voice
if only i could finetune d voice to please everybody
today that voice will please many
today that voice will displease many
in any case the voice will still speak

we ar waiting for what our hands have thumbed
my beloved people
let us look beyond what the voice wud say today
let their b no killing
we hav had enough of it
let there be no bloodshed
our earth is full of it
let there be no burning
our sky is already dark
we wait for the voice
please let us not wait for peace
let peace reign in our hearts

we ar waiting

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Politics / Re: My Opinion On PDP VS APC by Phemour: 11:49am On Mar 21, 2015
Enough already!!!!! My opinion this... my opinion that. Abeg, make una let us rest... lol. No hard feelings, Just kidding tho

We can't rest untill we have a better Nigeria
Politics / My Opinion On PDP VS APC by Phemour: 11:44am On Mar 21, 2015
Before you crucify me, I don't do politics and I have never voted before. I was impressed with the infrastructural development in Kano the last time I visited. I foresee change with the so called APC though, only if the party is composed of calibre of people like Kwankwaso or better people. I don't mean change in 'theory' or as used by most political fanatics, I mean a glaring change like the one a blind man can see in Kano.
Romance / Re: Upload Your Pix Here Lets See How Handsome Or Pretty You Are by Phemour: 7:57am On Dec 04, 2014
You can't beat me

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Politics / Re: APC Reps List 50 "Impeachable Offences" Against Jonathan by Phemour: 7:54am On Nov 26, 2014

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Adebayor Denies Evicting His Mother Over Juju: ‘i’m Not A Pastor, I Cannot..... by Phemour: 8:00pm On Nov 22, 2014
Dont mind them debayo, witches don wear gold rings.

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Sports / Re: Is Courtney Dike The Finest And The Sexiest Female Footballer Ever? by Phemour: 11:52am On Aug 26, 2014
Aziza is.
Phones / Re: Nigerian Twitter Users (Tweeps) Thread - Let's Follow Each Other by Phemour: 1:05pm On Jan 01, 2014
Phones / Re: Solutions To Airtel Bb Plans On Android Devices. SOS! by Phemour: 11:42am On Dec 02, 2013
Airtel, God dey ooooo
Celebrities / Re: “if You Want To Ride Me, Clear The Bushes Before You Send In Pictures''afrocandy by Phemour: 2:21pm On Jul 09, 2013
Na wah oooo...
Sports / Re: Childhood Pictures Of Some World Famous Footballers by Phemour: 11:20am On May 06, 2013
Owhhhh...see my cute messi in neck tie.
Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu Caught Red Handed By His Wife (picture) by Phemour: 6:04pm On Apr 27, 2013
No ooo..the man is just observing d indecency ni oo
Romance / Re: Thai Couple Kiss For 58 Hours by Phemour: 6:31pm On Feb 15, 2013
Me sef go kiss for a months...wetin man no go do for money?
Politics / Re: Nigerian Warplanes Head To Mali by Phemour: 10:30am On Jan 17, 2013
And who say we are nt giant of africa? Heard French army too landed in mali.
Religion / Re: ‘LOL’ Really Mean ‘lucifer Our Lord’? by Phemour: 11:40am On Dec 02, 2012
This is simple and straight forward, my own definition for 'LOL' is Laugh Out Loud..if u have hidden definition for 'LOL' den ur Lord Awaits You (LAY).
Romance / Re: 28-Year-Old Japanese Man Marries A Pillow! by Phemour: 1:20pm On Nov 27, 2012
He must be high on something
Business / Re: The Craziest Things Money Can Buy In Nigeria by Phemour: 2:06pm On Nov 26, 2012
Money can buy gari too..LMAO
Food / Re: What Is This Fruit Called In Your Native Language? by Phemour: 6:57am On Nov 25, 2012
Agwaluma in Hausa
Fashion / Re: Youngest Male Models In Town.(See Picture) by Phemour: 11:10am On Nov 22, 2012
The one doin 'Tualeh'. LOL

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