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Phones / Re: Were You Compensated By MTN For Slow Data Speed? by poiZon: 3:33pm On Jan 20
I got 500mb compensation from MTN but I can't use it. All my data usage has been from my normal data subscription balance. Anyone know how to switch to the bonus data
Turn ur fone upside down.....
The bonus data will begin work
Politics / Re: FG Committed To Sending Nigerians To Space –onu by poiZon: 2:08pm On Jan 17
This Onu had been dishing us lately some appetites that might not happen even in his own lifetime

Just to mention a few Promises from the Uburu man

-‘Nigeria to start methanol production soon’

--FG inaugurates committee on establishment of science data bank

-Nigeria to produce agric machinery soon, says minister

-Minister explains FG’s strategy for saving N3.6tn from raw materials

This is just to mention a few.... but nothing is forthcoming from that ministry, but waste of Salary on a "soon" minister.

Now if My president decides to reshuffle and sacks this man, and replace with a competent person, some will begin to cry marginalisation
What is stopping him?
All the cries those people have been crying has it change the leopard's spot?
Politics / Re: FG Committed To Sending Nigerians To Space –onu by poiZon: 2:06pm On Jan 17
Crime / Re: #JusticeForChima: Chima Ikwunado, Mechanic Tortured To Death By Police In Rivers by poiZon: 2:03pm On Jan 17
What a pathetic story!

How did we get to this stage that human lives mean little or nothing to us?

How could we allow greed and love for money destroy our conscience?

I was almost in tears as I read through the write-up. The impunity in the police force is sickening. The police aren't and can never be your friend. The police are the real enemies.
Those that took part in this crime will meet their Waterloo soon.

RIP to the deceased!!!!!I pray that those in the prison will get a helping hand.

I pray that the will of God be done.
Pets / Re: See The Snake I Killed In My Kennel Tonight by poiZon: 1:51pm On Jan 17
As I got home to drive in the compound, I saw a large green snake trying to get out of the compound, I moved fast so I could crush it, but guess I missed it as I couldn't find it again.

I went directly to my kennel to see if all is okay and alas, I found this big black snake lying under the tree, I 1st thought it wàs the green one I tried to crush that pulled off its skin, cos I hear dey change skins, I was a bit relieved as they say they never come back to wherever they change their skin, but as I observed it, I realised it's a life snake. (Wahala dey oh) for dis midnight, me wey fear snake.

I called out some boys to help out, na so we see the snake begin move to find an escape route, the boys self dey fear nobody could get close. I 1st got a Sack, put some dried leaves in it, poured petrol and kerosene, lit it up and threw it on the snake, na so snake ginger and was looking for a way to get into a dogs cage, that scared me and I summoned courage and threw a big stone on its head, then we started bombarding it with stones

For the 1st time in my life I killed a snake,
Not ordinary snake but a big black snake

I would love to know about this particular snake specie and their characteristics .
Characteristics of a snake is 1) it has bad character.
2) not friendly
3) can easily make frontpagë in nairaland.
Politics / Re: Court Sacks Ifeanyi Ubah As Senator by poiZon: 1:47pm On Jan 17
How many times will court sack this man.
Na him b d real el sacksacki.

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Politics / Re: Ozekhome: The Imo S'court Ruling Should Be Analysed To See If Justice Was Met by poiZon: 1:49pm On Jan 15
I would never speak ill of a man of God.. His being real or not lies with him & his Maker, just help me tell him to drop 100/sure odds make boys grease palm, no be only political prophecy him fit to dey see
100odds plenty, just one correct score.
Politics / Re: Ozekhome: The Imo S'court Ruling Should Be Analysed To See If Justice Was Met by poiZon: 1:48pm On Jan 15
.Analyse what?.my friend go and sit down pdp is dead already..i wish i could see faces of ipob online warriors so i can laugh in chinese.
Most ipobs warriors will be part of hope's govt.
So calm down n always stay glue to ur tv set if atall u hv one, u will see them.
Politics / Re: Ozekhome: The Imo S'court Ruling Should Be Analysed To See If Justice Was Met by poiZon: 1:47pm On Jan 15
Yes, it should be thoroughly analysed. But, that should be after religiously and legally analyzing the Zamfara judgement which nullified all the seats won by APC and gave them all to the losers and also Rivers judgement which stopped APC from contesting in the election thereby giving all elective positions to the PDP free of votes.
In zamfara n rivers, two warring factions went to court to challenge n pray court to award them the ticket.
Dont forget both parties conducted parallel primaries.
This imo case is completely different....
Someone came 4th, we all knew election was btween uche n ihedioha n to some extent ararume of apga, hope was out of the contest.
So when making comment, exclude rivers n zamfara case unless u dont knw anything.
Crime / Re: Pastor Michael Oluronbi Rapes 6 Girls In UK. Wife Aides & Abets Rape by poiZon: 1:33pm On Jan 15

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Politics / Re: Fada Oluoma Reacts To Supreme Court Verdict On Imo Election by poiZon: 1:11pm On Jan 15
What an hypocrite we have here, he is envious of Father Mbaka prowess. Hear him talk with both sides of his mouth. Say it loud like an atheist Religion is the opium of the Masses, for the crisis in Catholic church today is nothing to write home about, The Celibacy of a thing has made to Popes to be fighting Royal Rumble, imagine two gods, a current god & ex god fighting public. That aside. When Supreme Court gave PDP Zamfara, there was no need for this epistles, from this man of god, Its only when supreme court declares an APC victory, that the judiciary acts funny & legislative Bills GMB is yet to sign becomes issues. Like your popes two Reverend fathers fighting, but we know Fr Mbaka na correct bet odds.
U lack understanding....

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Travel / Re: Having A Brother As An American Citizen! What Are My Benefits? by poiZon: 12:04am On Jan 14
I'm just curious to know.
I would like to be more enlightened on this.

If my brother, I meant my own blood brother becomes an American citizen, I as a Nigerian, what do I stand to gain from it?

Will it increase my chances of traveling to America, will I have better chances to gain from institutions there, or and what other benefits do I stand to gain.
The benefits r numerous.
Una go dey speak english always n it will change ur vocabulary.
Something like i wanna, i gonna, u gerrit, gerrout or gerrarahia meehn.

Ayam out
Foreign Affairs / Re: Stampede At Qassem Soleimani's Burial Kills 40 People, Injures 213 Persons by poiZon: 4:01pm On Jan 08
The irony of all these brouhaha is that 90% of Nigerians hadn't heard of or know anything about soleimani before that Friday assassination. Yet you will see them coming online with their empty heads to say he was a terrorists this and that when infact the biggest terrorists the world had ever seen is USA. They killed more than a hundred children in a village called azizabad in Afghanistan around 2001 , their excuse was that they were looking for a mysterious taliban. In 2012 , they repeated the same thing against innocent kids. During the Iraq war in the early 2000s, they captured afghan citizens about 50 in number , locked them up and tortured them. They've assisinated people on their own soil, invaded another country's airspace and committed heinous atrocities. This country called USA is the biggest terrorists of the 21st century and they're determined to do more by destroying Iranian cultural sites. They've been behind the creation of several terrorist and militia group around the world. They created a tiny and weak nation called Israel and spoonfed them with money and military support just because they want them to assist in destabilizing the middle east. It's just terrible.

So the isreal in the bible we read in church na false?
Pls extrapolate.
Travel / Re: Akwa Ibom Government Acquires Two New Aircraft For Ibom Air by poiZon: 3:50pm On Jan 08

Appropriate the word Dones well


Have u arraif?
Travel / Re: Akwa Ibom Government Acquires Two New Aircraft For Ibom Air by poiZon: 3:50pm On Jan 08

O boy so u re thinking outside your stomach? All I see here is u re thinking outside your senses

If he can't adopt a simple minimum wage bros those jet buying is a scam....make he leave office,u go hear am...
These r one the things akpabio wife brought to uyo to steal from the state.
They turn akwaibom to looting capital.
No wonder when ngozi iweala came n saw what was on ground she exclaimed n said that it doesnt commiserate with the allocation accrued to the state as at the time.

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Travel / Re: Akwa Ibom Government Acquires Two New Aircraft For Ibom Air by poiZon: 3:39pm On Jan 08
No be your fault na. If to say you dey fuel station dey queue this season as you dey do during PDP era, you for no dey talk trash.
How much u dey buy fuel now?
Some people have iq of mosquito.
Travel / Re: Akwa Ibom Government Acquires Two New Aircraft For Ibom Air by poiZon: 3:37pm On Jan 08

comparing a state to Nigeria yet the said state has not started paying minimum wages which is the simplest thing used to measure a good performing state. Udom is a misplaced governor
R u dones?
Travel / Re: Akwa Ibom Government Acquires Two New Aircraft For Ibom Air by poiZon: 3:29pm On Jan 08
misplaced priority,
pay 30,000 minimum wage first.
R the entire akwaibomites in govt payroll?
What do most of these workers do in their offices?
I do laundry, my landlord don increase rent, i knw the state govt will pay d new wage, but these so call civil lazy servants wont want to pay our new price.
Greedy set of people
Politics / Re: Police Wade Into Case Of Head Of Federal Agency’s Son Caught With Lamborghini by poiZon: 6:43pm On Jan 06
Name of federal agency.. ... Silent
Name of federal agency head. ... Silent
Name of son..... Silent
Name of finance Director. ..... Silent

Name of managing director..... Silent
Name of laundering bank...... Silent.

Amount in cash.... $5million
Agency interested. . ..Police.
Do you see any trend?

Police wan collect percentage.
Case will die a natural death.

Odindin 5 million from Pikin.
How much papa won come get?
These people dem no go die better.
That money is just too much

I swear down if them calculate all the money Wey my fore fore fathers from the days of Adam spend e no go reach $5million dollars.
Na him one person hold.
May thunder Wey dey dance soapy strike all of these thieves
Politics / Re: Man Using Sim Card Hanan, Buhari’s Daughter Previously Used, Detained By DSS by poiZon: 6:35pm On Jan 06
If at any time he tried to use the phone number for fraud then his arrest and detention is in order. I don't believe the DSS will just swoop on him like that. The sim card was involved in something dubious.
R u sure u read the article?
Try read am
Politics / Re: FG Revokes Itobe-ajaokuta-okene Highway Contract by poiZon: 1:08pm On Jan 06

Mr man you should be more concerned with who on earth in their right senses will award such an important road construction project to a Car distributor (SCOA) instead of a competent construction company.

Why all the defence of someone or year? I don't get some of you
Bros awardng contracts to either a nurse or doctor or carpenter isnt the issue.
Most contracts in nigeria r being awarded to people who dont have the knowledge of what they r getring themselves involve, they later sublet it to another contractor that will do the job.
I think that is the case here.
So if u have a brother who is in govt n he wants to contract u to do a job outside ur field u go reject am?
Politics / Re: FG Revokes Itobe-ajaokuta-okene Highway Contract by poiZon: 2:07pm On Jan 05
Imagine... Contract awarded under 2015 regime and this is the time.they revoking it. See lie. We Nigerians stand to tell you that we wiser now and we know what's going on... Stop Masking your failure and take responsibility APC.
Pls where in the article did 2015 came up?
I don read the entire article more than 10times.
Politics / Re: FG Revokes Itobe-ajaokuta-okene Highway Contract by poiZon: 2:01pm On Jan 05

The contract/project was awarded in 2015 by the previous Administration, now revoked by this present.

But WTF gave Road Construction Project to Scoa Motors a Car sales Company? My God!!
Hv not read where they mentioned awarded by past administration.
What i read was awarded in 2015. Buhari was sworn in may29 2015.
Politics / Re: FG Revokes Itobe-ajaokuta-okene Highway Contract by poiZon: 1:56pm On Jan 05
Some nigerians r truly gullible.

The article said contract was awarded 2015, pls sensible people was gej president thru out2015?
Most if not all projects undertaken by gej govt that were still on course was reviewed by this govt immediately they took over.
And some fools here r excited over halfbaked news.

I pity this country
Politics / Re: The Failure Of Muhammadu Buhari Led Government On Roads -photo by poiZon: 7:55am On Jan 03
Look Mr Sarrki, for whatever its worth, I am going to remind you of something you already know but might have forget. All the revenue this government has generated from all sources: Crude oil, FIRS, Custom, Loans, Recovery from looters were less than 150 billion dollars as at before the 2019 election. That was 250 billion dollars less than what the Jonathan administration made from oil alone. Quote me anywhere, no president in the world, dead or alive can develop a nation of 200 million people at a fast pace with such a miserable revenue. If Buhari did not come when he did, IMF would have taken over the running of Nigeria by now, we wouldn't even have money to feed, talk more of constructing roads!!!
That is how they make vile claims n contort n distort facts.
So gej made more monies from oil sales n kept it for himself alone?
U forget there is sharing formula that exist btween the three tiers of govt.
Pls what did ur govr used his share to do in ur miserable state?


Politics / Re: The Failure Of Muhammadu Buhari Led Government On Roads -photo by poiZon: 7:50am On Jan 03
This is so sad for we the Buharists. We just lost a very influential comrade to the wailing Zombies of the miserable Poverty Development Party. To think that those you've decided to join now did not complete any project in 16 long years despite $700b revenue from oil alone makes it even more painful!!!
700billion that was shared among 36 states plus fct....

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Politics / Re: The Failure Of Muhammadu Buhari Led Government On Roads -photo by poiZon: 7:48am On Jan 03

Is it that BMC hasn't paid you or what?

If this is out of sincerity, then people like mannabbqgrills, yarimo, buhariguy, need to learn sense from you.

Mannabbqgrills will never expose wrong things like this because he is more Corrupt than any of the dirty Corrupt dogs in the PDP. And he will come here talking about integrity, whereas his life is on the opposite side of integrity.
Opposite side of integrity...No.
His life is Offside of integrity.
Anytime he says integrity, move towards the direction of integrity dem go carry flag, n ref go blow whistle.


Politics / Re: The Failure Of Muhammadu Buhari Led Government On Roads -photo by poiZon: 7:42am On Jan 03

Maiduguri -Kano road ?

Lagos Ibadan road ?

Ilorin -Ibadan road?

Onitsha- awka- Enugu road?

Badagry -seme road?

Numan- jalingo road?

Zing- mayo belwa- ngurore road?

Lafia-markurdi road?

Adoka- Ayingba road?

And many more takes 5years and most of them are at 20 to 30 % completion with the huge borrowing

So I don’t see anything positive in the next 3 years
Odukpani-calabar-itu road that buhari said work is ongoing, just used that roadto calabar on wednesday, i can tell u no single worker is on ground.
Jb left the place after election.
Theroad is totally abandon.
But buhari told the elders that visited him last yr that work was ongoing.

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Politics / Re: Court Declares Pension To Ex-governors Null And Void by poiZon: 7:29am On Jan 03
Are they not retired government workers? grin

Ok. What of ogogoro man way first be bayalsa governor come later be presido

How many pension em go come collect?
People wey dey drink beer, ogogoro either na hennessey, blue black or pink label, st remy, etc dey call another person ogogoro master.

Some people r just utterly foolish.
Politics / Re: Audit Report Indicts Olusegun Runsewe Of Multi-Million Naira Scam by poiZon: 2:45pm On Dec 31, 2019
A New Sherrif is in town!

No more business as usual.

You better sit up with the man of integrity at the helms of affairs or be booted out to jail.

No more impunity in our nation.

Thank God for President Muhammadu Buhari.
Criminals and fraudsters call him all manner of names,
But non of their fathers dare call him a thief or a looter!
This is the CHANGE we voted for.

To a new and better Nigeria we go.


Funny how Bobrisky suddenly turned to wailers hero/Role Model under 2 mins!
Shim will surely be smiling at how these youths brain reason right now!
Instead of them to face this serious issue at hand
They are here dancing soapy!
With these sets of youths,
The future get as e be o!!
Go n comment on the defence minister's thread.
Stealing isnt corruption, stealing is a crime.

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Celebrities / Re: Tacha On A Ride With Donald Duke, Dances 'Soapy' With Governor Ayade In Calabar by poiZon: 2:03pm On Dec 29, 2019
My attention has been drawn to the fact that we celebrate stupid things with massive body odour in this country....

It leaves me speechless on how a very neat Donald Duke will even think of giving a morally bankrupt and intellectually barren Tacha a ride on his neat power bike.

To make matters worse, the chronic adulterer called Ayade even danced soapy with her.

Little wonder the once beautiful Calabar is going backwards and having this Tachaerous smell.

Just watch how her miserable fans will jump on my mention like a wounded antelope.
She said taking me for a ride... ..

Please english people, e dey like tacha dull wella.
Family / Re: What Are Your Last Minute Christmas Shopping Items? by poiZon: 9:07pm On Dec 24, 2019
Every single year, I usually promise myself that I won't wait until the last minute to do Christmas shopping for myself and my family but here I am again just few hours to Christmas contemplating on the things I'll need for the holiday.

Even after making a long list of some items I'll be needing to make this festive season a memorable one, they'll always be something left out due to forgetfulness or procrastination.

The last minute Christmas count down has begun and a lot of stores will be winding down on sales and closing early today.

What are does last minute shopping items you would love to buy for your family before the end of today?
Na just 2odds i dey shop for now.

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