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Business / Land Or Treasury Bill As Investment by praxs(m): 12:58am On Apr 15
I 'd like some financial advice from nairaland family on possible financial investment I could go into especially at my age (28) and still single.
I am based somewhere in the northern part of the country. I have 500k spare that I need to invest in. I thought about different ideas and settled for this two. My type of job wouldnt allow me to run and supervise my business properly, hence the choice of investment . Which would be the best for me: forget about the grammar.
Do note that I don't really have much idea about how TB works. What will be the current return of TB worth 500k and from month will I start earning.

Thank you for your contributions
Religion / Re: Is Cousins Marriage In Christianity Forbidden? by praxs(m): 2:55pm On Mar 31
I've attended and witness cousins weddings in plateau, Kaduna, kano and katsina. Heard it is happening bauchi, borno. I'm sorry if you're hurt, but if you're a Hausa tribe, you can go ask your family or pastor
Hurt? Mumu.
Religion / Re: Is Cousins Marriage In Christianity Forbidden? by praxs(m): 8:53am On Mar 31
No! In the northern Nigeria here, the Hausa Christians do practice it, but my culture Urhobo, forbids it. But a pastor once told me the Bible doesn't forbid it. How true is this? Pls more contributions needed

Shut up! Which Hausa Christians. bleeping liar
Phones / Re: Mtn Lumos Solar Power How Efficient And Details? by praxs(m): 8:59pm On Mar 21

A standing Fan, Laptop and phones.
The Lumos will power the above devices with ease, my only concern is what size your fan is, and the make of your laptop.

I use the Lumos, watch TV with it, charge my phone and laptop with it, it always takes like 3/4 hours before it drops to 65% and honestly, can't recall the last time I switched on my Gen.

Let me know the size of your fan/laptop, if possible attach pictures.
A neighbour if mine got same but his laptop energy requirements was beyond the Lumos, lenovo(the high end variant) .

I have a 32inches TV, plus rechargeable fan. How long do u think it will last the night
Family / What Will You Remember Year 2018 For? by praxs(m): 3:26pm On Jan 14
High points: Jumped from level 6 to level 10 in multinational organization. Made some good investments (bought lands and a car)

Low point: UTI catch me. I almost died coz I taught it was HIV.

Over to you
Career / What Was The Most Important Lessons You've Learned In Life? by praxs(m): 3:16pm On Jan 14
Mine are:
Careless about people's opinion and engage with what makes you happy.
I also learnt that failure is good. Be a risk taker. Your life is the present. Friendship needs care. Respect everyone. Never ever give up in the pursuit of your dreams. Travel expose and expands you. Do not look at things from just your perspective ( you are not always right). Make mistakes.

Let's hear yours
Family / Re: Is Getting Married Or Being Single More Advantageous To Success? by praxs(m): 4:42am On Dec 01, 2018

What are you saying? Most big businesses today were started by the owners when they were single. Is it Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, WhatsApp, Twitter etc were all started by the singles? Marriage brings stability to a man or woman.

The advantage of being single is that you don't give a damn about stability. You will just want to explore, be creative and daring. Many married have brilliant ideas that they can't implement because they have to consult their partner for consent.
Some times having a second opinion esp from ur partner could be diff between success and failure.

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Family / Re: Is Getting Married Or Being Single More Advantageous To Success? by praxs(m): 4:36am On Dec 01, 2018
Even though I am single, I have this distant believe that success is achieved more with a partner. Sometimes, family motivates you to achieve more, dig deeper. The fear of failure when having a family will make you more smarter when it comes to making choices, thus.......
When I am married, I will know better. But just my thought


Family / Is Getting Married Or Being Single More Advantageous To Success? by praxs(m): 10:19am On Nov 30, 2018
There could never be wrong or right answer to this question but rather personal opinion and as well as experience of the individual.

The bachelor:
You focus solely on your business or career, you could take risk and yes go straight into recession. You are at liberty to try new things even when you are not sure of, your freedom as well etc..

I feel this will require a great deal of commitment both financially and time wise. You tend to be more careful, thus highly calculative when taking risks knowing that you have huge responsibilities at home. On the otherhand, you will get emotional support from ur family which could even motivate u to try harder. The joy of coming back home to ur family after a stressful day is compared to non.

One thing is sure: some happens to be more successful when single while others up to the next level after marriage.

Over to career people, money making gurus, singles and married.
Career / Re: How Much Money Should I Save Before Quitting My Job? by praxs(m): 5:13pm On Nov 29, 2018
You goto have a backup first just as you asserted.
What I would do:
Start a business while still in your job: This will give u some hint as to where to improve more when u resign and concentrate on the biz.
Keep aside basic expenses for a year: Yes a year. This translates to house rent, school fees, and Sundry ( You never know when you will start getting returns).
Quit only when you've acquired experience in the business you are planning to venture.
Quit only when you have a solid plan.

Know this: it will get rough, might get even bad but there will always be light at the end of the tunnel if u have a good plan
Family / If You Have 2million NGN, What Business Will You Do by praxs(m): 9:17am On Nov 29, 2018
Look around your environment and figure out needs that are not met. Boom, business is born. This is the ideal business advice you could give someone.
However, I want to hear specific business ideas that will yield you good dividends and is sustainable. Your contributions please. I am posting it here so as to get mature contributions.

Career / Re: Help! My Boss Is Taking Credit For My Work by praxs(m): 5:00pm On Nov 28, 2018
Its such a shame that managers like these do exist. To begin with, a good leader uses the word "we" and not "I" when talking about his dept. I don't know the best advice to give you, but I recommend you keep your head down and continue to do your work properly. Always sends him a formal mail in any work you've done, which ordinarily he will take credit for. You can seldomly cc someone superior. By this, your work will start to get appreciated more without u even knowing.
I myself, a finance manager. I always make sure to use the word we, and always accord the thumps up to my subordinate. It motivates everyone to do better and brings about good team work.
Wish u the very best


Business / Re: Side Business by praxs(m): 10:51pm On Oct 03, 2018

Online businesses are the best, you are your own boss, you can work from anywhere provided you're with your phone or laptop. Because of your schedule you could try affiliate marketing or dropshipping

Thank you for the great ideas. Things like watches, women simple shoes etc. Could u drop ideas of what u think will be easier to manage
Business / Side Business by praxs(m): 4:36pm On Oct 02, 2018
Hello house,

Pleasant evening and hope everyone is coping well.

I am here needing for ideas regarding any legit type of business that can fetch me 30-50k a month.

Before then, I work from Mondays to Fridays (8am -6pm). This tells u that I really don't have time to supervise the business. Hence, the business will be maintained by a different hand. I am based in one other the northern States.
My salary is cool, so I am not considering resign to go into business full time. I just want to reach a stage where I can be able to save 80% of my salary and feed on the 20% + business inflow.

So over to you, please suggest some good ideas. 200,000 I will be willing to invest. (50,000 additional).
Looking forward to reading bright ideas from all.

Career / Re: Name The Best Companies To Work For In Nigeria by praxs(m): 5:24pm On Sep 17, 2018
So lately I have been seeing posts around companies that treat their staff poorly and owe salaries with no work life balance.

I've also read comments about bad bosses who don't give a damn about their staff.

But I know their are great companies in Nigeria who really treat their staff well. Not just in terms of salary, but more importantly other benefits.

Benefits like:
* A clear career plan and path
* Constant training and development, sometimes abroad.
* A good health management program (HMO)
* A collaborative atmosphere between staff and management, no office politics or bickering.
* Daily lunch in the office.
* Care for family of staff

I know some companies that have facilities like gym, tennis, library, and even bar for their staff. cool

So have you ever worked or heard about these companies? Let's hear from you.

NB: Not necessarily foreign or multinational companies. There are good Nigerian companies to work in.

This is an interesting thread.

Although NGOs wouldn't give you all of the highlighted points above, u would be comfortable working there bar the street that comes with it.
Depending on the position u are occupying but there is a clear career path.
Not too constant but there are trainings and sometimes, outside the country.
Health medical coverage
Good working atmosphere between junior staff and mgt.
No lunch.
Health care coverage for you family.

On a scale of 10, I rate them 7.

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Travel / Re: How To Spend 4 Days & 3 Nights On The Obudu Mountains by praxs(m): 12:47pm On Aug 31, 2018
When you go to Obudu, you’ll understand that the hills are really alive.

Despite the fact that it is called Obudu Plateau, it is actually located in the Obanliku local Government area which is about 60km from Obudu town. It is on these mountains that the famous cattle ranch was built.

To get to Obudu, there are two options as flights are not currently going there directly. You can either fly to Calabar and take a drive down for about 8-9 hours or you can fly into Enugu to cut the road trip down to 4 hours.

Once you get past the numerous checkpoints and bad roads along the way, you finally get to the plateaus and you are welcomed by the figure of a cow head perched on a ‘gate’. This is the beginning of many picture worthy moments as you are wowed by the mountains and the clouds that are within your reach.

Day 1

After arriving at the ranch and settling in your accommodation, have some lunch and begin your first activity of the day.

This is a tour of the Becheve nature reserve. This reserve is home to various plants/vegetation and also has a canopy walk.

At the end of the canopy walk, you climb a tower and you get to view the numerous plants available on the mountain and some mountain peaks are also highlighted.

The thrill really is the canopy walk and if you have mischievous people like I am, you’ll have some jumping and scaring the living daylight out of you.

After you get off the canopy walk, specifically asked to be taken to the Fern tree grove within the reserve. Some don’t get to visit but trust me it’s worth it. It’s almost like walking into an enchanted forest and has the most amazing white lilies. Not only are these lilies pretty to look at, they also smell divine. I likened the smell to talcum aka baby powder. There’s also a little river running through the middle and if you didn’t know any better you would think you were in a place right out of a fairy tale.

After walking round the enchanted forest, take a walk round the grounds of the resort built on the Obudu Mountains but before that, don’t forget to take a picture infront of the Becheve signage as a way to show you were really there.
As you walk round, you will notice the facilities that belong to the resort – basketball courts, restaurant, steak house and more importantly, the locals.

You can end the night playing board games with your group if you packed some or just watch TV till you’re tired and you call it a night.

Day 2

If you’re a morning person, 6 am is the time to set out. This is to go bird watching. Obudu is home to various species from the yellow bird to the red long claw bird. During the sightseeing, you see the various accommodation options such as the mountain villas, African huts, the conference room and also the presidential villa which is perched at the top of a hill in all its glory.

The most exciting part about this is while looking for birds, you literally go through the jungle. Like someone in our group said, it was like walking into Jurassic park. It was just us, bushes, the sound of streams and the birds. A couple of people will fall on their ass because the soil might be wet but it made for a couple of laughs.

When you get out of the jungle, you realize you went in the middle of one mountain and came out of the other side. It’s astonishing because if anyone points out to you that you would walking in the middle of mountains, you would chime in that it’s impossible, but alas it can be done.

After coming out alive on the other side, take some pictures at the top of the mountain you’ve just conquered and head on home because remember, you haven’t had breakfast. However keep an eye out for the most amazing valley views. It was breathtaking. We all had to stop and marvel at its beauty. Just in case you’re wondering, it’s on the left side of the presidential lodge so now you can’t miss it. Thank me later.

While birdwatching seems like child’s play, it takes about 2 hours and if you’re a budding photography this could easily be 3 hours. So be ready to be on your feet for that long.

After birdwatching, head back and have breakfast, shower, gist, rest and then it’s time to head to the grotto falls.

Grotto falls is one of the many waterfalls in the mountains and probably the most famous. It has a resting point, a little pool and people often grill food there if they’re having a party. If you’re lucky, before you enter you’ll see a horse and a ride can be organized. You can have a picnic there but if you’re just there to see it, after about 20 minutes you’ll probably be itching to go. I don’t blame you, many more things await you.

One thing a lot of people don’t mention is that there are villages in the mountains and 7 of them are easily accessible. This means after grotto falls, you can do a tour of the village.

From Opaganza (banana village) to little Cape Town, you meet a variety of indigenes who are separated by streams or stones. These people are friendly. A few of them are skeptical about why you’re taking their pictures but in general they’re very welcoming. You’ll hardly pass a villager without hearing good day or ‘yangukle’.

During your walk through, make sure you buy something from them. It could be palm wine, bananas, ube (purple pear), corn, etc but by doing this, you’re contributing to their economy and empowering them.

After this, it’s time to head back home and enjoy evening. Besides you need to sleep early as the next day is about to be hectic but lit!

Day 3

Day 3 is the most exciting day. You will be walking in the clouds on a mission to see the border between Cameroon and Nigeria. Make sure you wear a swimsuit underneath your hiking clothes and pack a small towel in your back pack. You’ll see why later. Also, pack some water, carry your speakers and set off with your friends. This hike is intense but my oh my it’s so worth it. The excitement when you hear you’re 1603m above sea level is honestly next to none.

After crossing this personal best, you start to notice Fulani settlements. I couldn’t believe it, settlements at the top of the mountain? We were amazed.

However what was more amazing was that we entered the first settlement and the Fulani women welcomed us like they had been expecting us. We sat on their stools, they brought out nunu (yoghurt) and some meat. It was the most thoughtful thing ever and continues to add to the notion that don’t judge a tribe by everything you hear on the news.

Even if you don’t do anything while you’re in Obudu make sure you do that. After visiting the Fulanis and you step out, you start to see the Cameroonian Mountains and if the clouds aren’t there you’ll see all of them clearly. This will be your reward for being patient.

When all this is done, you can start your descent. For an extra treat, you take a different route which leads you to beautiful waterfall that not a lot of people know of. This means you have the whole place to yourself. The waterfall forms a natural pool at the bottom and if you’re a good swimmer, you should jump into into it. Trust me it’s safe as 4 of us did it and I’m here to share the story.

If you can’t swim, stay at the top which is nicknamed the kiddies section. The water is cold but it offers such a relief from the hike you just finished. I know I said seeing the Cameroun border is your reward but I lied. This is your real reward. You’ll be shocked that you jumped into a natural pool in Nigeria. I mean you only see these things on TV.

When you think you’re done, dry off and continue back home as you still have the Holy Mountain to go to.

The Holy Mountain is named so because apparently when the missionaries first went to Obudu this was where they camped. It’s also believed that if you pray there, your prayers will get answered. We all had one thing or the other that we need sorted out so why not just give it a try.

From the top of Holy Mountain, you see the waterfall you just jumped into and if you’re in no hurry, just sit there for a few minutes and soak in the beauty and magic that mountains and clouds create when they are put together; God is really the master artist.

It then starts to dawn on you that your time at Obudu is coming to an end. With a bit of sadness, you start to head back to your cabin but on the bright side, you’ll have a bonfire and barbeque which is the tradition.

The bonfire is filled with barbecued food from corn to plantain, ram to chicken. Drinks are flowing, music is blaring, spirits are high and it’s a way to end your Obudu trip with a bang.

The next day at 6am you depart to catch that 1.50 flight back to Lagos from Enugu airport.
You leave with memories and pictures that will last a lifetime and you’ll also be able to boast of visiting Nigeria’s famous mountain ranges.

Now this isn’t just a story I’m telling, its based on my personal experience and because I love you guys, I decided to help you get the most out of your Obudu trip.

For accommodation, I stayed in a private cabin owned by the Obudu Conservation Centre. They are independent of the resort and their job is to protect the wildlife and plants on those mountains. I highly recommend their cabins as they give a vantage view and they are literally in the clouds. They all come with kitchens for each cabins, heaters in each room and a generator.

Holler at them or me and we can hook you up.
So my question is, when are you off to Obudu?

Source: http://tushmagazine.com.ng/spend-4-days-3-nights-obudu-mountains/

What should your budget be if you intend spending 3nights there? Your answer will be greatly appreciated

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Family / Re: My Pregnant Girlfriend Wants Abortion. How Do I Convince Her To Keep It? by praxs(m): 11:52am On Jul 28, 2018
Report yourself to your family
My family isn't the issue.. The won't have choice than to accept my decision after the insults.. She's hellbent on abortion, and I am not comfortable with that.. Too risky for me,..convincing her is the issue here then the best way to bring myself to her family. The pregnancy is 4weeks old

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Family / Re: My Pregnant Girlfriend Wants Abortion. How Do I Convince Her To Keep It? by praxs(m): 11:40am On Jul 28, 2018
How far gone is the pregnancy
Almost 4weeks now

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Family / Re: My Pregnant Girlfriend Wants Abortion. How Do I Convince Her To Keep It? by praxs(m): 10:03am On Jul 28, 2018
If you have a friend TO THAT (personally) KNOWS YOU, THE GIRL and HER FAMILY, will be a better adviser. Why I think so? It's because they can either Allay your fears it give you reasons to go with her abortion plans. Personally, I feel your on track in your decisions so far, Cheers mate.

The thing is we are from different states, so practically we have no mutual advisor. I am still thinking of the worst decisions the family could take? Any tips.


Family / Re: My Pregnant Girlfriend Wants Abortion. How Do I Convince Her To Keep It? by praxs(m): 10:00am On Jul 28, 2018
A cheap pack of condoms which goes for less than #500 would have saved you all these issues...
Your nemesis just started!!!!

Nemesis? Could you explain further


Family / My Pregnant Girlfriend Wants Abortion. How Do I Convince Her To Keep It? by praxs(m): 9:17am On Jul 28, 2018
Its not yet confirmed but we are suspecting pregnancy. I am 28yrs of age and my girl is 22years. We started dating not too long. We made love sometime last month and she missed her perioed. We used strip and it shows she is pregnant. We will go for a proper test today to confirm. Now here are the issues disturbing me:

A: She wants abortion but I don't want that: she's a student, hence keeping it will be complicated for her.

B: I have been thinking of ways to convince her but she's adamant, abortion is the best for her. Please more ideas for me on how to convince her. And if I successfully convince her to keep the pregnancy, how do we go about this?

C: Both of us come from a very strick family.

D: I am still thinking of how to report myself to her family. I could end up in police station tho. Do I go straight to see her parents (suicidal), do I go tell their pastor so we could find a way to break it to her parents. Do I go tro her parents siblings?

What is just the best way to report myself?

I need your advice's urgently please, coz we are doing the test this afternoon.

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Business / Business Type With 500,000NGN by praxs(m): 3:12pm On Jul 25, 2018
Business is the art of making ones living through producing, buying or selling of products. Others posit that business is a game of profit or loss. As a result of this, so people tend to be quiet skeptical on starting business.
some have the money but lack business ideas, while others have business ideas but lack the capital to start.
E-family, let's have a chat about business ideas.

You have a capital of 500,000 you intend investing in a business. What kind of business do you think you would opt for that could generate you 30,000 - 50,000 per month.
Take into consideration the fact that you are a busy man/woman, who works from morning till evening (Mondays - Fridays).

Don't look at the grammatical blunders.
Car Talk / Re: Benz Shipping Logistics by praxs(m): 2:12am On Jun 28, 2018

What's the year of manufacture??

Car Talk / Re: Benz Shipping Logistics by praxs(m): 3:15pm On Jun 27, 2018
Please ideas, kind of urgent for me to make the decision
Car Talk / Benz Shipping Logistics by praxs(m): 10:25am On Jun 27, 2018
Good morning Nairalanders.

Saw I intend buying this Benz C-180 from Germany. The cost is around 2,790Euros.

I will like to have an idea as to how much the logistics of shipping and custom clearance will cost me on top the cost of the VEH.

A rough estimate from experienced people will be appreciated.

Greatful in anticipation

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 5 Best Cities To Search For Employmeny In Nigeria by praxs(m): 7:42am On Jun 23, 2018
1) Borno
3) Lagos
Car Talk / Re: My Choice Of Car: Benz C230; Corrolla S; Peagout 406 by praxs(m): 7:11am On Jun 17, 2018
Thank you for your contribution. I do prefer Benz but I am quite skeptical as to how people will start looking at me financially, I am 27yrs of age. Benz will give u that "he has money" thing.. 406 don't like manual and I am not fully convinced by the automatic versions. Corrolla is okay, but I feel its easier to steal than the others..

Still open for further suggestions.
Car Talk / My Choice Of Car: Benz C230; Corrolla S; Peagout 406 by praxs(m): 9:23pm On Jun 16, 2018
Hello family,

I need your opinion on what type of car to buy.
I narrowed my options to be MBC230/C240, corrola le and 406.
However, I am still open to other good ideas.
My budget for the car is 1M -1.4M.
My salary is around NGN250,000 monthly.
Still single.

I am looking at fuel economy, durability, value when I want to sale, cost of maintenance etc.

What type of car would you advise I go for.
Your contributions are highly welcome

Career / Re: Is 13th Month Salary Taxable by praxs(m): 8:57pm On May 24, 2018
This pains me becoz my gross is 450,000.. About 100,000 goes to the useless govt as tax. Paying me the gross as my 13month instead of net will at least bring smile in my face
Career / Re: Is 13th Month Salary Taxable by praxs(m): 5:25pm On May 20, 2018
It's taxable. All incomes are taxable home and abroad except those with specific exemptions like income from govt bonds etc

I thought each country has its tax laws
Career / Re: Is 13th Month Salary Taxable by praxs(m): 5:25pm On May 20, 2018
It's taxable. All incomes are taxable home and abroad except those with specific exemptions like income from govt bonds etc

Can I have reference? I could be wrong but I thought bonuses are exempted from tax
Career / Is 13th Month Salary Taxable by praxs(m): 1:35pm On May 20, 2018
Salute great nairalanders!

I work with a multinational organization. We are paid 13thmonth salary (bonus) at year end. However, tax is deducted and we end up getting net instead of gross. I tried to search online to see what the Nigerian tax law states as to taxation of 13month salary but couldn't find any.

To that, I brought it here for the experienced and learned heads to throw light on the subject. Please is it taxable? And where can I get where the Nigerian tax law talks about this so I can follow it up in my organization

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