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Education / What The Future Holds For Marketing And Marketing Jobs by projectclue11: 6:52pm On Oct 27
Marketing is a unique strategy to promote awareness among members of a targeted public about a new product in town, a new kind of services provided by an establishment or about a person, an event and ofcourse anything marketable. Over the years people have devised several means of marketing which have evolved over time from the most cruel of them to the very sophisticated of them. To help narrate the tale of evolution of marketing, this article is dedicated to giving a prediction of what the future holds for marketing and marketers alike while also refreshing your minds with the current trends in marketing.

Long before and even now, marketing has been about promoting brand awareness, building brand trust and loyalty in the mind of target market or audience within a span of exposure to those products and services via television commercials, radio jungles, billboards, newspapers, magazines, mouth to mouth, flyers, tracts and public social responsibilities.

Click here for research projects on marketing

Without a digression from the original aim of marketing, the means of marketing has however shifted to attention retention strategies, need assessment strategies, need predictions, targeted marketing and the likes. All these have been made possible via the new media as opposed to the ‘traditional media’ of tv, radio and billboards, newspapers and the likes.

The realities of Marketing with the new media
By new media, we mean the internet. As a matter of fact, the internet has been such an unending wanderlust for businesses and brands with added solutions introduced within a short notice. The adoption of mobile application into the online marketing plan was one of the biggest deal strikers of all times especially as the apps can afford diverse marketing solutions respectively.

For instance Instagram is great option for marketing live videos, beautiful photo and vlogging with added editing features. Facebook likewise is great for live streaming , videos, photos, and lengthy marketing writes. Twitter however has limited number of written characters but great for making an event, a person, a business or service trend faster and globally with the unique power of hashtags. The same way does Tik Tok, email marketing, YouTube have their unique marketing features.

In another news, influencers are leveraging the social media apps as a marketing tool both for themselves and businesses alike. Just by increasing their followership, online views, impressions and their fan base alias popularity, their online handles automatically becomes a one stop spot for businesses and marketers.

Even at that, marketing promotions comes to you without you ever searching but turns out to be something you are interested about. Now how does that happen? Why does it appear so apt?

The future of Marketing and marketers
The future of marketing is quite predictable especially with the introduction of artificial intelligence and related algorithms into google – of the leading search engines.

With the introduction of targeted advertisements, search engines like google are able to predict what your are likely to search for using your search results, what you like and comment over the internet. Many of the social media applications have become tools in the hands of search engines to promote the marketing goals of businesses who have registered their presence online.

Soon, influencers will become too many because they have good chances of promoting your business to as many followers as they have. Being an influencer is lucrative especially lately, so people are likely to buy into building a large fan base, increased followership and numerous views for their online content.

Again, marketing will be more targeted in the future than it is now. This time more specific with little or no tint of doubt. It took psychographic data to bring as much as we have now and a more personal set of data is being gathered to make marketing such a great experience for business and their targets alike.

On the other hand, Online markerters who have no plans to upgrade to become influencers are likely to loose their job. Businesses promote their businesses via more strategic and sophisticated means including the use of influencers and use of recent google marketing tools.

To position yourself as a millennial Marketer, you need to improve in your marketing tech know how to be able to compete favourably.
Education / A,B,C Of Topic Development In Undergraduate Project Writing by projectclue11: 6:47pm On Oct 05
Writing a research project requires more than choosing undergraduate project topics, the ability of the students to develop the chosen project topic following the objectives the research is set to achieve is like the icing on a cake. Pulling a strong stunt in your research project content distinguishes you from a regular essay writer; with the techniques you are required to apply, you’re likened to an authority in your research field judging from the facts, figures, scholarly sources you have cited and general expression.

However, if you don’t know how to grow your undergraduate project topic from a topic sentence to paragraphs, a page and then to a full research, this article was put together just for you. You will certainly learn how to develop a research idea from a project topic to a research done; you just need to follow the directives down the line.

First, show understanding on your research topic
To start off your project writing, it is necessary you show understanding of the topic you’re researching by first giving an exhaustive background of the study or sometimes, as the case may be a Historical overview of the topic idea.

Find a scholarly source
To find pillars to build your project topic on, try drawing ideas and backup studies to solidify your claims and critique through scholarly sources that are relevant to your research topic.

Detail the significance
To further lengthen your write-up, explain the significance of the sources you have cited as it relates to your research. Significance simply means, the applicability of what the sources cited have said in your research. If possible, make it as detailed as possible.

Build on definition of terms
To further lengthen your discussion, you can build necessary and relevant discussions on the definition of research terms and research variables. On norms, the definition of terms section allows you to define those research keywords the same way it will by applied in the research.

Content is king, same paradigm applies in undergraduate projects; so to deal with it, you need to show knowledge and skill in content development.
Again, following research schedules and presentation formats, what to write may not look too plenty to makeup for the number of pages. However, being knowledgeable about the content development in your research project makes you a champion.
Career / Pay Attention To Keyword Indexing In CV Writing by projectclue11: 5:33pm On Oct 01
There are certain keywords that a hiring manager and softwares are expecting to see in your CV, bringing your understanding of the Job description to bare. But where such indicators are lacking, you may never get to the interview stage. We will be discussing keyword and indexing in CV writing and why it is very relevant in this dispensation.

The ever changing technicalities involved in CV writing is probably one of the major reasons you need to hire a CV writer but if you must do it by yourself, there are a lot of hacks to note. For now however, will focus on keyword indexing in CV writing and how to maximize that hack.

What is Indexing literally ?
The simple dictionary meaning of indexing suggests a way of directing attention to something. Like using your index finger, like a sign, to direct peoples attention to a specific place.

Indexing in CV writing means constantly directing attention to a particular word or phrase that is immediate and related to the job you are applying for.

Keyword Indexing in CV writing explained
Keyword as in CV are words related to your job search or the job description you’re applying for. As a job applicant, you don’t go making up keywords; keywords originate from the position the hiring manager has asked you to apply for.

Writing a Keyword indexed CV therefore requires repeating the position you’re applying for and a marching skill set consistently throughout your CV. For example, if you were asked to apply for the post of a ‘Social Media Manager’, you are expected to index or repeatedly use the phrase, Social media manager, social media management, Social media, Management as keywords and related keywords.

Why Keyword Indexing in CV is necessary
Pointers will be needed here:-

• Most times CVs are screened by softwares or robots. They look out for those keywords and the frequency at which they were used, which in most cases are already set. If your CV is not optimised with that keyword, you CV will likely not pass the first reading.

• It places emphases and attention on the actual job you’re applying for and your skills set.

• It shows competence and smartness in CV writing.

• You stand a chance to get to the interview stage of Job search atleast.

CV writing and its technicalities evolves with time, you must have to keep terms with the constant changes. Meanwhile, if you are still confused on how to write a winning CV, you can Hire a CV writer or attend a CV writing class.

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Education / Where To Hire A Writer Without Breaking The Bank by projectclue11: 7:06pm On Sep 28
You will certainly have a need for a writer; if not now, could be later. We can’t be all ‘Jack of all trade’; at some point a need may arise that we will have to delegate some of our activities to capable hands to handle. When it has to do with a writing task, however, to hire a writer will be a choice to your advantage especially if you hire a professional writer.

However for the sake of this article we are most concerned about where to hire a writer for undergraduates’ final year project. And so the article is to put you through the reasons you need to hire a writer for your final year projects, when you need it and where you can actually hire one for yourself.
Why you need to hire a writer for your research project.

Writing is ‘hard’
To be a writer, a professional writer at that, you need to have vast knowledge in various niches and the advantage of skill to develop topic ideas from scratch no matter the area of knowledge.

For final year undergraduates who have need to hire a project writer, it is very vital to look out for a professional who has an unmeasurable scope of knowledge in your course of study and especially the project topic you intend to write on.

It takes time
It takes time to develop and do justice to the content of the write-up while also staying afloat with relevant information for idea development and progression.

By the way, one of the reasons you hire a writer is because you don’t have the luxury of time. You are certainly delegating the task to someone who has all the time to give you what you expect to have.

Professional writers have relevant tools that make their tasks easier.
From spelling checkers, to data gathering tools, professional writers adopt the know-how that makes writing even easier for them thereby making the delivery of your gig fast and easy.

They know the quick writing hacks, and where to get such tools that perfectly suits your write up.

When do you need to hire a writer?

Writing by yourself is very necessary but certainly not a do or die affair. But if you have need for a writer, it means that:-
• You have a busy or tight schedule
• You have difficulty developing content ideas
• You probably lack the skill to write
• You hate writing, mostly likely to prefer talking than writing

Where to hire a writer
One can exactly tell where you can hire a writer if you tell the kind of writing that is involved. Here, we are basically concerned about where to hire a final year project writer.

Undergraduates are most likely to get a professional project writer in a project website. Such project sites have dedicated pages for writers and their client prospects.

To see an example of such pages, click on the link above to have a look or make request for a project writer.
Education / There Is A Conspiracy By Abroad Educationist To Defeat Nigerian Education Effort by projectclue11: 2:07pm On Sep 23
Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil says C.S Lewis. It has become rather too obvious that we value less our education efforts in Nigeria comparably to schools abroad who have advanced their interests in education from learning facilities to research centres to revenue generating ventures. But what we don’t realize is that there is a conspiracy, though of interest, to defeat the Nigerian education efforts.

Reports from Nairametrics, a financial resource company based in Nigeria had earlier revealed in June, 2020 that Nigerians spend over #152 billion in tuition in UK annually and over approximately #1trillion annually to study abroad. There are indications that more of Nigerian school leavers, and undergraduates even after doing their undergraduate projects and post graduate projects are very hopeful of studying abroad with faith that their dreams meets opportunities over there.

The conspiracy of interest

Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Oxford and many other foreign universities in this category have made the name and legacy over time because of the intentional act of investing so much to their education system in diverse dimensions that attracting foreigners becomes very easy. There are a lot to be talked about but let’s consider a relatable few;

Huge investment in research: For accountable reasons, foreign universities as listed above and more, have so much confidence in their research community base which are mostly in their universities. As a matter of importance, their undergraduate projects and final year research are meaningfully used as prototypes for further findings and innovations across several fields.

Three students in Sweden recently, were reported to have developed a product that alters wear and tear in tyres through their undergraduate research. They made the news and were called over by Volvo for partnership.

But over here in Nigeria, despite the huge investments in education infrastructure, it is not commensurate with the research inputs which overly affects research outcomes.

Advanced and specialised curriculum: With more targeted and specialised courses, coupled with conducive study atmosphere structurally and otherwise, the foreign study base gives better assurance of quality learning and classified experience.

The ultimate goal is not just to provide improved learning facilities but to also earn as much revenue as they have earned from foreign students till date.

Most of the attractions are through scholarship programmes, partnership, sponsored Visa, masters programmes, distance learning, professional certification courses and other fully sponsored programmes.

However, as a nation we can still gear up and take the bull by the horn. One way to withstand this conspiracy is to invest more on infrastructural facilities in the education sector, sponsor meaningful undergraduate projects and research and promote innovation at all levels through partnership and internship across several faculties of education.

This way, we will save more from foreign education and focus more strengthening our educational weaknesses.
Education / Understanding Semantics And Semantic Distortion In Mass Communication by projectclue11: 2:00pm On Sep 16
There comes a moment in a communication process when there seem to be a change or twist is the intention of a message sent, causing a sort of misinterpretation or misunderstanding at the receiving ends. Such scenarios are often pegged Semantic distortions or semantic barriers in mass communication or human communication at large. It has many turns and twists to it, giving it a commonplace in communication barriers.

What is Semantics?
Originally, Semantics as a word is crafted from a greek word ‘sema' which means sign. But in the contemporary interpretation gives it the new nomenclature, ‘semantic'.

Semantic as its new meaning describes, is the study of the meaning, sign and symbol use for communication purposes. In essence, the use of semantics is the use of signs and symbols and gestures in communication.

Semantic distortion/ Semantic barriers
By semantic distortion or semantic barrier, it simply means a twist in the meaning of a sign language, symbol or body language. This also means misunderstanding or misinterpretation in nonverbal communication.

Why semantics in communication
People share meaning differently, interpret massages differently and perceive meaning differently. From language, to culture, to signs and symbols, to body languages or gestures; people give meaning to communication messages based on what it means to them or even how they choose to.

However, in mass communication or in human communication generally, it is very necessary that you understand jow best to share meaning the way the receiver would to avoid misinterpretation.

For example, a wave of hand could mean ‘bye' and could also mean ‘no' in another instance. Just like kiss on the cheek means different things or maybe totally unaccountable in some climes.

By mere understanding what it means to the receiver first hand, helps you know how to use semantics ie. Signs and symbols in communication.

Factors that influence semantic distortion or semantic barriers

There are as many factors that influence communication that influence semantic distortions.
• Culture differences
• Languages differences
• Level of exposure
• Perception or selective filtering of messages
• Communication pattern

Communication however is said to be effective when there is a feedback. Be it oral or written communication or even semantics, you must take notice of the feedback you get as that tells how the receiver perceives the message to avoid , misunderstanding or misinterpretation
Education / STEM Degrees Are The Most Sought After In The World; See If You Have One. by projectclue11: 5:31pm On Sep 11
STEM degrees are the most sought after in the entire field of Education lately. The recent developments in digital and technological calls for more hands, making STEM courses and its degree holders hot cakes in the international labour space. Have you acquired a STEM degree? Do you intend getting one soon? What degree certificates could be classified as STEM? Let’s get started already.

STEM is an acronym for courses under Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These course are much larger in scope; meaning that they are broken into small bits of courses which are very much relatable, mostly interrelated and interdisciplinary in many universities across the globe.

Click here for undergraduate research in a STEM course

The term STEM gained popularity way back in 2010 as a way to instil in students the need to reason outside the box for skilful development ahead of their career in any of these courses.

Notable facts about STEM courses and degrees

• STEM degrees are interdisciplinary
• They are curriculum based
• STEM degree course adopt applied learning approach. In essence they target skill development and expertise
• They use real world problems as application models
• STEM courses and degree holders are very much sought after.

Why STEM degree holders are hot cakes in 2020 and beyond

Digital is currently the new normal and as the world head to fully emancipate all there is to it, there is serious need of classified science, tech and data experts who are equipped with relevant skills to either start innovation from scratch, rebuild what already exist as well as boost digital reformation across all human endeavours.

Icing on the cake
To become part of this global reform, STEM degrees must not be obtained at universities as graduate degrees. In fact, STEM courses are applied and use real life problems and project paradigms. In essence, a professional certificate course, post graduate course or special professional training in any of the STEM fields can pave ways for opportunities.

Courses under STEM include but not limited to ;

Science: There are many courses you can undertake under science including computer science, data science, physical science.

Technology: Sometimes science and technology could be attributed interchangeably. But specifically, courses under this field covers hardware and soft ware development, cloud computing, machine learning and Artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, graphics designs, programming etc.

Engineering: You already can guess, but as long as recent innovations is concerned lets consider software engineering, computing and computer engineering, mechanics etc.

Mathematics: Has too much juicy skills that digital innovation communities beg for. They include statistics, data science, computation etc.

Generally, STEM courses are solution courses. In other words, they solve problem. It is most interesting that STEM courses as broad as the scope is are very much interwoven, interdisciplinary and interrelated.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Be Guided, The Best Format To Submit Your CV Is In Docx Not PDF. by projectclue11: 3:22pm On Sep 09
Few years back, we were thought to always package our Curriculum Vitae – CV for short, in a PDF format. The reason was so your CV doesn’t loose its arrangement before it even gets to your employer who you actually aim to impress at the sight of your well crafted CV. But sorry, alot has gone digital including how your CV is reviewed. You may decide to hire a CV writer, write it yourself or take up any other options that are available to get your CV ready, but you must pay attention to the formats Your CV is presented especially if your intending employer has laid down guidelines.

So why the sudden twist in CV submission format?

Employees are really in the business of deploying possible means to employ smart and digital inclined workers. Some of these tactics deployed is to ensure only the smart and current gets the job. If you have applied for a job online, a regular applicant so to speak, or you overly intend to, here is an expo;

Many of those push up call for job application online are tracked by robots and not human even though they set the ball rolling. So with your CV in PDF format, submitted to some websites that has an APA , an Application Tracking System, your CV could be read as a photo instead of document. Giving out blank page as a result.

But with your CV is in Docx format or folder, you stand a better chance of getting your CV reviewed and passed for further assessments. This basically increases your chances of getting a job online.

Do all organisations now use application tracking systems?

It is safe to say no.
First, some organizations have not adopted the online submission procedure of employment. Even though they do, you submit to their website while the reviews and assessments are mostly done by humans which gives you an edge.

Secondly, the application tracking system is only a plug in to websites; there are very many of them with different solutions. So your odds are at stake if such systems read PDF files as photo as they are meant to only acknowledge text or docx files.

Again, how well is your CV written?

The content of your CV matters so much but how well your CV is written leaves a cloud of questions on your qualification for the job your applying for.

If you can write a CV, then do it well but if you can’t, it is advisable to seek or hire a CV writer who are mostly professionals and skilled with recent developments in resume presentation and submission.

Intelligence is obedience! Follow strictly the guidelines provided by your intending employer. Some organisations usually recommend a singular format for their establishment, so you must be careful to follow through as such will increase your chances of getting your dream Job.

Finally, follow instructions strictly. Follow the guideline for submission stipulated by the organisation to be on a safe side.

And the next time you apply for a job online where there is no guideline for CV submission and you are required to submit yours online, please send it in a docx format.
Education / Why The Pandemic Should Inspire Your New Undergraduate Project Topics by projectclue11: 2:10pm On Sep 08
The pandemic has hit for so long that it has now influenced how we live our daily lives. To some extent, we are beginning to embrace the pandemic-influenced lifestyles and hoping that things go back to normal pretty soon. But for undergraduates however, it is a great opportunity to let the pandemic influence your research topics positively especially those at the final year level of Education.

As it is in the news, governments across the globe, including Nigeria are putting plans in place to resume schools in a hope to provide sanitary measures as against the covid19 spread. Following their indecisiveness over when exactly schools should resume, I suppose final year students shouldn’t allow loose ends when it comes to picking undergraduate project topics as it will place a striking demand on them right after resumption.

Choosing undergraduate project topics is an exercise final year students should carry out first, before commencing their research proper as it provides the right leads, scope and variables for research. However, watching the events of the pandemic unfold, my expectations from undergraduates keep playing on the high; there seem to be more to discover about the covid19.

Now, as a commercial student, don’t assume that this talk is ideally for medical students or maybe a fresh game for the media or arts students to play on. As long as it’s about the pandemic, there is much more to research across all disciplines; from the economic downturn, to clinical challenges, to media hyper expressions, to academic showdown, etc. All these leave two and more to question about the pandemic and its stronghold on nations.
Bringing it back home, so much has happened around you, you can’t deny; tabling so much to consider about the actual or possible causes of covid19, the economic and social effects, the clinical challenges, the big blow on international businesses and trade plus cross border travels.

All these brings to bear a large scope of ideas for the your undergraduate project topics including finding solutions to the curb of the pandemic and every other downside that follows.

In all, I really think that the pandemic should inspire your new research as soon as schools’ resumption is concluded on. It’s not too early to begin, it’s just wisdom to make your project topics plan and outline your research routine on time.

What do you think?
Education / Challenges Associated With Undergraduate Project Writing by projectclue11: 11:31pm On May 14
Undergraduate projects are one of the last and unavoidable core curriculum activities that students must take before being certified full-flagged graduates in any Nigeria University, ohw ! It’s even a universal practice anyway. So, the research comes with a couple and more natural challenges and some too which are man-made (certainly the fault of the project students themselves, their supervisor and their associates).

In the course of their research projects, undergraduate tend to meet with a lot of people, go to places, and negotiate with people; that’s the same way the fleet of challenges extends from internal to external.

I have to put you through the challenges associated with undergraduate projects as we progress but first, here are common and regular sources of those challenges, it will help give a clue of where we are going.

Common and regular sources of undergraduate projects challenges

• Generalization
• Data sources
• Choice of project topics
• Project supervisors
• Time management

These are not all that there is, already people will discuss theirs individually based on the nature of their research, the project topics they chose, financial factors and all that. Let’s link up these sources and the factors for the challenges. So we have;

Challenges associated with undergraduate projects

Inaccurate generalization
It’s almost not safe to generalize the research outcome of undergraduate researches. Reason is this; the sample size of a typical undergraduate project is weigh too small to precisely speak for an entire research population; and that constitutes a big challenge since we can’t comfortably make a generalization from such research.

Data sources
Especially while dealing with humans as data sources, chances are that they will give not-so-true data as they may consider those data too personal, private ad may eve even think they are doing you a favor by filling up the empty spaces with whatever they are sure isn’t true.

Your project topic variables could be wrong
This is one of the man-made challenges I had talked about earlier, the first two are natural. Some project topics are wrongly structured with the wrong variables. You may not realize until it’s time to interpret who your research population and sizes are. That has always been a challenge most of the time with researches that has to do with survey.

Project supervisors; your choice hardly matter
Many times students choices hardly matter when it comes to choosing a project supervisor. While the institution have their reasons, there choice may not be what students need to get their research done on time. Sorry to say, Some supervisors are lazy readers, some poor time keepers, some are talented in ruling out your mistakes and never make attempt to point out where their mistake lies.

If students were left to choose, some lecturers or instructors will be left with no student researcher to mind, trust me.

Poor time management
It really doesn’t matter if your supervisor delayed your research or you, the fact is, you will get to bear the blame if you couldn’t round up your research in time.

To beat that, I suppose you need to start up your research in time and if your supervisor is pulling so much delay, I suggest you apply for a new research supervisor.

Challenges are not totally avoidable in research especially such that comes along naturally. But you could manage them so it doesn’t get so obvious that it invalidates your research.

Moreover, undergraduate’s projects are more like a mock-project where student execute a kind of do –it-yourself thing. Students get to crack all there is to a research, project execution and exhibition even though it has little or no influence on a larger population.
Education / How Undergraduates Can Manage A Full-time Study With A Part-time Job by projectclue11: 4:37pm On Apr 30
Undergraduates sometimes find themselves doing a side job while studying at school; well that’s a really great idea, I must commend. But I’m most concerned about dealing with studies and work, side by side without letting either side suffer. I mean students have a lot of academic activities to deal with – test, seminars, term papers, examination, gathering of research works and materials for those in their final year and lots more. Over here is work, dealing with your availability, punctuality and productivity which is not 100% guarantee could pose a little wobble, especially if you have a boss.

A side-job and studying pays off big time…

You will be way above your contemporaries while in school because you’ve got the experience they don’t have early. You are working under pressure trying to meet up with school and work too. A lot is in your head to fix –that’s much of an experience. On a bigger scale, the actual job you are doing is a plus to your work experience and perhaps your skill set too.

Income extra
When you work, you earn- that’s right. You absolutely get some extra income when you work as a student. It could be a personal business or you are working for an establishment, I hope you are not hustling for free.

Sets you up for lots of opportunities, you become more flexible and earn the ability to multi-task etc.

Some part-time jobs students can fit into

There are lots of jobs that undergraduates can do while studying. You do not necessarily need to work for someone; you could be selling your skills or product. Some part-time job to check out include photography, graphics design, web developing and design, facilitator, instructor or teacher.

How to manage your part-time job and full-time studies

As much as you want to make your work time productive, you also need to make your studies and grades count. The guidelines below will help.

Prepare a work/school schedule
Compare your school study table and your work schedule daily, with what you have, prepare on time table with time and days. It will help you do what you need to do per time at school and at work and know how much time you have to social activities.

You may need an assistant
You really do not have to pay this ‘assistant’, could be your paddy at school or at work. You need them to cover up for you when you can’t make it down to school or work. Most of the time, they give you information or relay to you instructions to be followed which you did not witness.

Be flexible
If you are not flexible to accommodate extra responsibilities, you may fail to manage the two sides. With an open mind, be ready to multi-task and keep up with your routine. Before you know, it becomes part of your lifestyle.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Here Is A Trusted Place To Hire A CV Writer by projectclue11: 6:40am On Apr 25
You do know you need a CV after school? You must have heard severally about that though – about sending a CV and getting Ivy for an interview and talks like that... But do you care to have one as a graduate or graduate to-be? I understand that not every graduate wants to work for someone; a handful intends to start up something for themselves after school and so don’t see any reason why having a CV is their business.

By the way; someone spoke to you about a job opening that you have been eyeing for some time now and you were asked to make available your CV. You regret never having a CV yet and blame yourself for procrastinating your CV writing. But you will have yourself to blame even more if you neglect the option to hire a CV writer in order to secure the job.

Something you need to know about CV and why you shouldn’t write it in a hurry

• Writing CV is an art and it is learned, that’s right.

• CV structural presentation varies with industries, institutions and organization; meaning that there is no hard and fast way of writing a CV.

• Again, you may need a professional CV writer to assist you if you do not have the luxury of time to learn how to write.

• One more thing you must know is that, it is necessary you update and upgrade your CV as you advance in your career.

• Most times while writing a CV, the use of apt terms is required or expected

You may like to learn how to writer, which I’ did advice CV or decide to hire a CV writer. If the latter is your option, you may click the link above to hire a CV writer. There, you will provide necessary details that will be needed to write a professional CV that is soothing for you intending job.
Education / What Is Business Administration About? What Qualifies You For That Course? by projectclue11: 4:07pm On Apr 15
What is business administration?
Business administration as an academic discipline prepares students at all levels for all aspects of overseeing a business by equipping them with supervisory skills, information and technology, leadership dynamics, business ethics as well as international relations. It cuts across an array of discipline which are either interrelated or interdependent.

In the corporate world i.e. the world of corporate business, business administration shelters corporate governance, human resource management, marketing, insurance, corporate law, finance and banking, economics, accounting, trade and some more business entities. Being in the list of job opportunities, students who intend to fit into any of those would have to study related courses and take up necessary academic tasks in respect of the course including choosing project topics in business administration and undertaking the research accordingly.

What qualifies you for a course in business administration at the undergraduate level?
Students who wish to study business administration at the undergraduate level will have to apply through the Joint Admissions and matriculation board popularly called JAMB over here in Nigeria. Doing so, the following subjects will be a precondition – English language, mathematic, government any of commerce, economics and accounting will do.

Choosing the subjects isn’t just enough as candidates are expected to score atleast a credit grade to be considered for admission. Admission to study business administration qualifies you for a degree certificate; to opt for a post-graduate programme or an MBA in business administration will require you to present a certificate of degree in business administration or any of the related courses.

Do Nigerian universities study business administration?
Well, some Nigeria universities like the one I studied in does not consider business administration a course; it rather an academic faculty housing many courses like banking and finance, insurance, marketing, business management, accounting and economics. However some universities and institutions like polytechnics would call it business administration. Their choices varies with the scope they intend to cover.
Education / Undergraduate Projects: Why Students Need Networking Now Than Ever by projectclue11: 11:25pm On Apr 08
As it is, the world is experiencing a paradigm shift; a shift from the way things should be to a reality we can’t help but adjust to. Students, now at home are meant to be in school while the finalist amongst them would have been facing their undergraduate projects research squarely. I could tell by experience, how disconnected the project students have felt while in Isolation; almost like the feeling when your school is observing strict industrial action. To stick closely to the paradigm shift, there is need to improvise as a sophomore, final year student and researcher.

I’m writing particularly about final year project students who might have chosen their undergraduate project topics and ready to commence research before the pandemic struck. Undergraduates sure need networking now than ever before, especially those preparing for their research project which is a prerequisite as long as their undergraduate programme lasts. So I thought seeing reasons with me will motivate you to connect and network for the sake of your undergraduate project.

What’s the big ‘Y’

Stay in touch and collaborate
If you never planned to relent in your undergraduate research efforts, doing it alone while at home will certainly require extra motivation and could turn out less strenuous. You could gear up with your network of co-research students. This decision will help you stay in touch with each other, keep each other informed about your progress, constraints and next move. It will most especially keep everyone in this research chain engaged, instill a collaborative spirit and make everyone productive finally.

To make the ‘connect’ a lot easier, conference calls can be hosted using mobile apps like whatsapp or the latest - Zoom. With zoom, you can actually schedule a meeting with your network of friends and when it is time, everyone should be there for a hangout.

Plan for the unexpected
Like mentioned earlier, a paradigm shift is in vogue and is likely to continue; like the ‘Professor’ in the ‘Money heist’, there is a plan in place for every supposed action. But we are kept in the dark in this case, about how much longer the stay at home embargo will last. So you should plan for the unexpected, best done with a network of like minds.

Your project supervisor is not there to guide you physically but he could join your undergraduate research network if you’ll find him sociable enough.

Fun time won’t hurt, never have
While networking for the sake of your research, please also make out time for fun. It will certainly make the virtual company complete and appealing to everyone in the research cycle. Recall that home right now is boring, some icebreaker won’t hurt .
Education / E-devices And Application Undergraduates Could Leverage While In Isolation by projectclue11: 1:26pm On Apr 01
While the embargo on movements still holds sway, easy, jovial and stress-free study time won’t hurt, I suppose. Ever since Covid-19 struck, a lot of human activities across the globe have been put to halt; important among them is academic activities. Students including undergraduates will be put at risk if they went to school; so self-isolation however became the new order. But does that mean learning should pause too? I don’t think so ‘cos there are ways to make-up for it.

While undergraduates and other category of students alike are far apart from their teachers, some e-devises and applications will bridge the gap this pandemic has created in the world of education. Also, for undergraduates who were meant to commence or continue their undergraduate projects research but were hindered by the pandemic, these applications and e-devices will benefit you a great deal.

e-readers (e-device)
Undergraduate and other students alike can pull the features the e-readers have to offer for better study experience. E-readers are standalone study devices for books and periodicals like newspapers, magazines and other documents. E-readers afford bold and visible fonts that are readable to all lenses; very important among its features as it applies to undergraduates, is that it is free from distraction that mobile phones can bring. In essence, students can read with e-readers and enjoy it maintaining focus without being tempted to reply a pop-up chat or even take a quick call.

Speed reading (reading app)
Like the name implies, Speedreading is an app that coordinates fast reading. In this period of self-isolation, undergraduates and other students can learn to read faster using this app. Fast reading is associated with bright students who have the ability to capture words real fast and also have the ability to pay attention to details within a short notice. This application can boost student’s memory capacity, increase reading speed and increase focus and attention to details.

Grasshoppper (basic coding app)
Learning to code may have been in your career to-do table but still can’t find a way around it yet since you have attained your academic center point. Start now to learn coding from scratch with a virtual game tutor like grasshopper. It works in a way that you solve virtual puzzles while writing codes. It is feasible using mobile devices, laptops and desktops; whichever is at your disposal at this time, you just have to start learning to code now that you have all the time.

You have to stay safe; please stay at home…

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Health / Health Education And Social Facts To Note About Covid-19 by projectclue11: 11:43am On Mar 20
Covid -19 or corona virus as you may have heard, has raised controversial debates and has turned out a greater part of our daily conversations lately. While corona virus is real, people still conceive the notion that the pandemic is political plot and is likely an attempt to disrupt the world’s peace, reduce the economic power of the world largest economic giants, health, and cut down the world’s fast growing population judging from China where the virus first broke out. What we must fail to do however, is to educate ourselves on measure to mitigate the spread.

Prejudice is sure to exist in situations like this but there are facts that remain inevitable whether or not covid-19 is political. These facts are education oriented on what the corona virus situation is like globally, how close it is to your location, what you should do, when you should do it and how fast you have to do it.

See what health education optimists have prescribe for similar cases.

The quick health education facts to note about corona virus

Corona virus is real and it kills
I still do not want to believe that some people doubt the existence of corona virus; the idea that it is a plot by government to siphon public funds to their coffers has beclouded their sense of judgment. Whatever you think, corona virus is real and it kills to.

125k victims from January to March 2020
Over a total of one hundred and twenty five thousand casualties of corona virus have been recorded on across the globe from January 22nd to March 10th and still counting. The western world seems to have most of the casualties excluding China and Italy. Nations have already enacted travel bans to curtail the spread of the pandemic.

Eight cases so far reported in Nigeria
Over eight cases of corona virus have been reported in Nigeria so far; the same could be said about most African countries. Travel bans have been enacted; while schools and the NYSC orientation camps all over Nigeria have been shut down as control measures against corona spread.

Social distancing is inevitable, experts say
Social distancing as experts say have said, is the best measure to take to curtail the spread of pandemics like corona virus. It has been advised that people keep away from public gathering. Even though it’s going to bring people against themselves, they will become friends again as soon the pandemic is down.

Business opportunities will emerge from corona virus outbreak
Sensitive minds are already taking out time to fish out the business areas to peg on the pandemic. Producers of nose masks, body masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants etc. will stop at nothing to produce as much as the world needs right now. That’s even on a lighter note because micro biologists are at it to hit the world with innovations of possible cure for corona virus.

Education is very important to help guide the society on what to do to be safe. Group sensitization, media advertisement and related measures are some of the many ways people could be taught about this pandemic and how to be safe.
Business / Let Me Tell You What Is Happening Now In Nigerian Banks by projectclue11: 7:11am On Mar 12
I went to one of the most popular Banks in Nigeria this morning to make financial deposits for a business I want to invest into. Really wished I had some money in my transfer account but there was nothing I could do to save myself from going to the bank. Set for work; I had to branch at this bank to make the payment to my supplier. I felt embarrassed with the experience that caught me by surprise.

Banking is no more what we think it is; research in banking and finance is now revolving more around codes and less with papers. And may I even suggest that the banking and finance project topics that universities so hold sacred should be looked into by quality assurance academic officers to ensure quality research outcome; because basing my judgment on my experience in the bank today, a lot of work need to be done by classroom lecturers to enable students measure up with the industrial requirements after school.

I guess your question will be… What did I see?

Yea, about what met me in the bank today; I was aiming to pick-up the usual deposit slip in the banking hall, when one of the officers alerted me that they no longer work with papers… What!!! That was all I could say. It’s been a while I went to the bank actually so I wouldn’t have known of the recent development if I didn’t go there.

If they don’t work with papers, what could be the recent development? Follow closely

I still remember very clearly that I didn’t meet any queue in the deposit spot, yet I claimed I was in hast and needed urgent attention… “Please just give me the deposit slip, I don’t have time anymore, I’m late for work” those were my words.

I was asked to initiate the payment with my phone and I told them look “I don’t bank with your bank, I only want to pay into someone’s account” That was ignorant of me. But since no paper was coming, I give in. I realized I was just a dial away from the transaction that would have taken like ten minutes or more to complete.

I almost made a mess of myself but my attendant was kind enough to draw my attention to the new, easy and convenient way of depositing money in the bank whether or not you own an account with that bank.

The digitization is the new order, it works faster and more convenient than ever. But my only regret is that people could be at risk in cases of hack or SIM card theft.

Maybe you have had that experience yourself, maybe not. What do you think about that development? Hit the comment box let’s talk about it.
Education / The Remarkable Factor That Will Power Your Undergraduate Project by projectclue11: 11:50am On Mar 04
It took me a whole lot of time to finally conclude on the when actually to start writing my undergraduate project back then at the University. Soon after getting all of the earlier submitted undergraduate projects topics crossed in red, I was confused. So scared of doing the next wrong thing I confided in one of my favorite lecturer for new project topic. Guess what he did; he reconstructed the project topics I had presented to him and assured of having it approved.

Like I said, my project topic was approved; infact the two undergraduate project topics I had submitted were too good to be rejected, because I had interest in health communication, I went for it the topic that relates to health communication. It wasn’t long, I was assigned a project supervisor who is meant to guide me through.

The central gist
I was supposed to start writing my research papers as soon as I was assigned a project supervisor but I didn’t. I knew my project supervisor and how mean and serious she can be academically so I didn’t introduce myself to her, not until I wrote my project chapter one.

When I came to pick up my project file from my project supervisor, she made some remakes which I considered too mean. Well, I couldn’t do anything but follow the instruction written in with red ink. I will tell you what she wrote, not once, not twice but as many time as I submitted my project file to her.

The remarkable factor that powered my research
Time… time is the big factor at the center of my Supervisor and I. I knew when to pick-up my project file and when she is expecting me and what her reaction will be if I do not comply with the time table.

Let me tell you the simple thing she did on my research paper; she writes on it the last date she corrected my paper and when I can come get it. After the correction, she also indicates when she will be expecting the corrections that I have effected.

This routine helped me keep terms with my project and her schedule as an examination officer and lecturer. By the way, I finished up my project quite early and ended being friends unlike what is used to be.
Education / Eating Habits That Can Boost Undergraduates Brain Power by projectclue11: 12:57am On Feb 26
Your brain needs as much attention as other sensitive parts of your body; because its performance either pacifies your mental or cognitive performance or makes it draggy. The human brain should as a matter of fact receive even more attention than other parts of the body since it holds the key to your saneness as human. The human brain has more than enough power to stretch and accommodate as much information and knowledge as you allow it to, as long you keep it up-and-running. Keeping your brain alive means keeping your brain cells active; this brings us to how you can boost your brain power as undergraduates.

Borrowing from some health education project topics; an undergraduate project on public health to be precise refereed to a 2013 health study in England which shows that some mental health issues can be associated with obesity. In that same research, it was recommended that food can also be used as a coping strategy to restore mental health.

I hope that rings a bell;

Now to propose a resolve for this brain abuse is to take up the right eating habits to boost your brain power to store, process and retrieve information when you need it.

I have here a line-up of healthy foods you can resolve to eating on daily bases or at close intervals for health brain;

• Vegetables and fruits including pumpkin, spinach, carrot, berries, apples etc.

• Sea foods that contain Omega 3 good and healthy fats plus protein source for super brain power, eg. fresh fishes.

• Grains like soya beans, beans etc. are good source of protein that are ever ready to replace and repair dead and worn our cells respectively

You will realize it is easier and even cheaper to maintain the brain than to resurrect a dead or nearly-dead brain cells. Decline in the brain performance is bound to occur if proper attention is not given it. I urge you to cease the day and save your brain from decline.
Education / Positive Habits Students Should Imbibe After Undertaking Their Project Research by projectclue11: 12:06am On Feb 19
Undergraduate research is undertaken by students in partial fulfillment of their academic programs in school; but that is only one of the many reasons students are almost mandated to take on academic projects from the point of picking undergraduate project topics till the project defense. Allow me to clear your doubts if actually your attention has been drawn to this fact already.

Let’s establish here that undergraduates, if not directly, are indirectly made to imbibe a number of positive habits at the end of their research project as undergraduates. While this article will ensure to point out these positive habit, it will also ensure to identify how these habit actually come to bare.
Some of these positive habits students could imbibe include the following:

Undergraduates are indirectly taught to persevere and persist when they present a research paper they took a whole lot of time to prepare to their research supervisor and end up getting a ‘go and re-do’ sort of remark. Nothing pains most then having your paper crossed with a red pen without pointing out where you actually got it wrong.

Time consciousness
During their undergraduate research project, students are made to work with time. How is that achieved? A time frame is slated for students to make their research following strict directions and academic research as stipulated by their institutions. From my experience, these timing is maintained except otherwise stated.

That’s one, the second state of time management testing is in the project defense. Research papers are presented following strict timing given to them in the project defense panel.

Team spirit
A team spirit is kindled when undergraduates seek opinions, suggestions and ideas from their counterparts and lecturers to ensure that they make the best of research decisions during their undergraduate project.
Education / Want To Top That Research Class? Here’s A Little, Tiny Secret… by projectclue11: 10:09am On Feb 12
When you follow convention, there is no need expecting something remarkably different as result; of course because you are doing the same thing everyone else does. As soon as an attempt is made to take a different move, the result certainly turns out different either the wrong way or a better way. This scenario can be associated to what is popularly acceptable in the academic undergraduate research terrain where students are made to follow strict and stipulated procedures in presenting undergraduate project topics and research materials. While this remains the case, the undergraduate research outcome of students hardly makes much sense because each research season welcomes a new set of undergraduates who run through the same cycle.

That notwithstanding, we will be discussing in this small space, little tiny secrets to top that research class and emerge with remarkable research outcome.

How to top a research class (the major public outing)
If your intention is to go outside the box to give your project supervisor a real brain workout, there is no need reading the same book your predecessors have read, consulting the same books they read during their research or even surfing the internet as usual. There is one more thing you have to do, an extra leap ahead which is reading above your level.

Reading above your level for undergraduate research means reading from authors whose knowledge is weigh beyond the intelligent quotient of a typical undergraduate but has more insight to lend if keen attention is laid to study through.

How to read a book that is above your level for better understanding

• Mark out words, phrases you are not familiar with or such that you find interesting and deep.

• Look up the unfamiliar words and their meaning

• Extract lessons when you familiarize with the word and phrases.

• Study to assimilate; do not study such books because you have to pass in the next examination or maybe because you have to put something in your head for the sake of the research. Study so deep so that it becomes part of what you do especially when it concerns your research.

To wrap up, the tiny little secret to top a research class is to read above your level. This strategy will make your research more remarkable and more like a career project since devoted time and effort are put into it.
Education / How Do You Write Proposals For Undergraduate Project Topics? by projectclue11: 12:16am On Jan 25
It is very easy to twist the understanding of undergraduate projects proposals to mean business project proposal. Reason could be that they sound and perhaps points to similar direction although one means a lot more than the other. But I trust that by reading this, you will get a clearer picture of what project proposals really means in undergraduate research and ofcourse how to write it better without mixing up the idea.

What is a project proposal?
Put simply, a project proposal is a written plan, drafted basically to highlight the phases a particular project is meant to pass through from the beginning to completion.

Comparatively, undergraduate project proposals are written plans about undergraduate project topics, drafted to highlight the stages that undergraduate projects will have to pass through before it becomes a full research, from the start to completion.

What’s the difference between undergraduate project proposals and business proposals?
Business proposals are more like pitching a business in a written form. It contains the executive summary which includes the historical background of the business in question. For easy understanding, a business proposal is meant to sell an idea, product or programme to investors, prospective buyers, angel investors and sponsors while putting their personal and business interest into consideration in order to bring their interest to bare.

Undergraduate project topics proposal is primarily meant to ascertain the students’ understanding of the project topics which they are about to research on. The means to this end is by allowing students present their approved project topics as well as every procedure they intend to deploy to complete their undergraduate project research.

How to write simple proposals for undergraduate project topics

• Re-emphasize your undergraduate project topic once more

• Write the ‘statement of problem’ in simple prose – the statement of problem is the idea or issue that has prompted the research. It is good to narrate a little about the problems on ground already and the level damage faced.

• State the main the objective of the research and in some cases all the objectives of the research

• Outline the research techniques involved

• The research population, sample size and sampling procedures

• State the instrument for data gathering

• The methods of data analysis

• And the theoretical framework to be used for the research.

Some institutions or faculties will prefer to have students’ project proposal this simple but sometimes, it has to be detailed at each of the stages so that you follow the same steps till the end of the research.
Education / Are Final Year Research Projects Compulsory For All Undergraduates? by projectclue11: 7:13am On Jan 23
The question of whether or not project research is compulsory for undergraduates is same as asking if food is compulsory to be eaten because they both aim significant needs at their various levels. Just like food, the ball of choosing undergraduate project topics by students and hustling to get it approved by their supervisors is the sole court of students; likewise you can choose not to participate actively in the final year project research at all.

What are undergraduate projects really about?
What’s the big deal about undergraduate projects? Is this thing really worth dying for? Is it possible I skip this part of my undergraduate programme at school?.... are common questions undergraduates will ask when they are on they seem not to get hands on the next way out.

Ideally, undergraduate projects research are project base test that are assigned individually to undergraduates at their final year level as a way of testing their level of understanding of their course of study and their area of specialization in prospect.

If you have observed closely as undergraduates, you will realize that students are made to choose their research topics by themselves and brought for approval to their project supervisors. Why is this done? It is done so that students can choose their undergraduate research topics from the subject area they find very much interesting and would likely further their studies on such subject areas.

Are research projects compulsory for undergraduates?
I ‘did rather say it is necessary and not compulsory. You may choose to do it or not to; but the institution in which you study will not take it lightly if you choose not to. It is more like a prerequisite in your undergraduate degree programme and forms a major part of your assessment.

Incase you didn’t know, undergraduate research is a course that tests students on their project management skills. No wonder they are taken through the process from the scratch – which is choosing undergraduate project topics and presenting a proposal to be approved and after which is brought to a defense panel for approval.

The aim of testing students on project management is very important as it very challenging part of that career part you so wish to toll after school. Besides no one will give you your results if you haven’t completed your projects in school.

Undergraduate project is infact compulsory for graduation and necessary for participation.
Education / Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Undergraduate Projects Chapter 4 by projectclue11: 12:34pm On Jan 20
• Table reading

• Negligence to the significance of findings

• Bad energy towards relating objectives and research questions

• Avoid explaining tables without the objectives in view

The chapter four of a typical undergraduate project is the highpoint of the research where the data gathered throughout the research is statistically interpreted and explained in good prose. It is also the point where the actual significance of the undergraduate project topics under study are properly examined, following the objective the research sets to achieve and the research outcome.

However, students’ undergraduate projects may go wrong at the chapter 4 even though you got it all right from the undergraduate project topics. Put in another way, there are chances that undergraduates could make huge mistakes in their project chapter 4. Using this medium, I’m meant to sharpen your consciousness on mistakes you could avoid when writing your project chapter 4.

Table reading
Table reading is usually considered a bad representation of data most times in research. Table reading is when you try writing out the data that is already presented in tables in a prose format. There is no need explaining or reading the table as it is again, all you have to do is explain what the table signifies in your research.

Negligence to the significance of findings
While trying to buttress on the data gathered following the objectives of the research, the significance of the research finding to the undergraduate project topic in view is indispensable. The significance is same as interpreting what your research findings means to the means to the society, taking time to point out what level of impact, influence and importance it has and also the disadvantage it has on the society whatever be the case.

Bad energy towards relating objectives and research questions
The research questions and the objectives are almost the same but one difference. The research questions raises queries which the research must provide answers to in the chapter for. So never neglect their differences and where they apply.

Avoid explaining tables without the objectives in view
If for instance your instrument for data analysis is questionnaire, it then means that each table in your data analysis answers to each research objective. It explains statistically the variables involved, the percentages and the resolution in figures.

However, if you didn’t have to conduct a survey during your undergraduate project research, you will also use tables but may not be as extensive as required when using survey.
Education / Reliable Places To Get Books And Undergraduate Project Materials When In Need by projectclue11: 2:18pm On Jan 13
The search for knowledge is fast budding, so does the need for a reliable knowledge source. Already, hardcopy books apparently mean only a little to people of this age, as it did to the generations that have gone by. As you would rightly guess, the developments and advances in technology are compelling people to adopt its alluring platforms for almost every sphere of human endeavor which also accommodates research and education as one of the chief pillars.

That being the case, a number of doors have opened to leverage the internet in this regard including those who want to do business. So far, education and research seems a soft ground for many adulterated academic content assimilators. However, we intend to proffer proper guidelines to professionals, researchers and undergraduate project students alike on the right platforms to consult as well as recommend reliable places to get books and undergraduate research materials for research purposes.

Reliable places to get books and resource materials for research and professional purposes.

Projectclue is purely a project website. It focuses more on providing free undergraduate project topics and research materials for students. These project topics and research materials are featured for all academic courses in the humanities, sciences, engineering as well as social sciences.

Codemint is a second to none recommendable repository of undergraduate project materials for students and researchers alike. It’s a great source of inspiration for research ideas and avails support materials for undergraduates. Technically, codemint also provides source codes for the implementation of computer science project designs.

Academia is a global educational website with over 67.0 million researchers. Its platform is majorly meant to allow researchers and professional bodies to share their research papers as well as support research among academics globally. It features free E-books, academic journals, censored and accredited research papers.

As undergraduates, it is recommendable to adopt academia as a reliable repository of undergraduate research materials. Since it houses both e-books and research materials, this website will be very resourceful for undergraduates and professionals alike.

Though an American educational website, Questia is a website that houses e-books, journals, newspapers, magazines and other library reserves that are of standard for undergraduate and professional use.

For undergraduates who will be needing research papers for their final year research, this website will do them a lot of good by providing reliable knowledge source.

However, it very necessary to point out here that project websites such as the ones listed above are meant to provide guidelines and serve as a reference point to students and therefore should not abuse this opportunity.
Education / Weekend Jobs And Engagements To Boost Income Of Undergraduate Projects Students by projectclue11: 2:53pm On Jan 06
The greater percentage of Africa’s work-force yields to the 8-9, 9-5 work time table which as acceptable, has formed a reliable source of livelihood to many especially those in the public service. However for undergraduate project students i.e. those warming up for their final year project research, there will definitely be need for more financial resources to fund the research. But where such needs are not met by parents or guardians of the undergraduate project student what healthy alternatives are available for them to explore?

Part-time jobs has always been a great income source for undergraduates, but for final year students however, activities will rather be too engaging to work a side job while pursuing to get their undergraduate project topics approved or even continue with the research processes during the week days.

So to beat that, this article is meant to introduce final year undergraduate projects students to weekend jobs and side engagements to boost their income while still in school.

Brand marketing representatives
Final year students while hustling to get their undergraduate project topics approved can equally work weekends as marketing representatives which in other climes could be regarded as brand ambassadors. While this term may mean differently to various people, entrepreneurs associate this term to individuals who are passionate about building brand awareness as well as connecting and engaging customers to the business market.

You can beat this motive by asking those in charge to allow you run a free trial for them, if you give your best, you would have won for yourself a weekend job that is sure to pay.

Event planning subordinate
Event planning is such a huge task that mostly happens on weekend and a huge plus side job for undergraduates too. But to click the right button is to offer to work as an even planning associate especially if you have had an experience in decoration, organizing and planning.

In such cases, you may not really look out to be in the event proper; you may end up being busy running about to get things in place in the stead of your employer.

Sales associate
Undergraduate project students can also work as sales associate in a big shop that is probably manned by one person. You offer to help watch out for thieves, make sales, move bought items to customer’s vehicles, and also mind the shop when the owner is away.
Education / Appraising Your Data Sources In Research, Why And How by projectclue11: 1:19pm On Dec 17, 2019
Research is a systemic inquiry into a subject matter by collecting an array of raw data, documenting, analyzing and interpreting the data after which a logical conclusion is drawn over the subject matter. That in a nutshell is what undergraduate research literally requires. While doing this, data and information are borrowed from various sources to ensure the research is of standard and credible.

However the undergraduate project topics you choose for your research is the chief determinant of the kind of data to source for and most of the time where and how to find them. It is expedient that you appraise your data sources during your undergraduate project research which is the more reason this article seeks to answer the why and how to appraise your data sources. Very quickly, let’s get to work;

What does it mean to appraise to research source
Simply put, appraising a research source means to consider the thoughts, ideas and opinions of other people other than the researcher with the aim of attributing their opinions to the current research. This is usually done with due acknowledgement.

Why should undergraduate project students appraise research data sources?

To ascertain the quality of the data source
After having their undergraduate project topics approved, most undergraduates leverage the internet for information regarding their project topics. Having endless results, they fall cheaply to sources that are not up to par with the academic standards often without credible references if at all it has. Therefore it is needful to look out for information alone from sources with proper documentation as mark of quality and credibility.

Authority of the data source
Who the opinion is sourced from is very important in ascertaining the credibility and reliability of a research data. Which is the more reason appraisal is important in every research. Every authoritative documentation are usually and properly acknowledged with stamps, seal and signatures, referenced or signed.

How do you appraise a research source as undergraduate project student

• First table the research topic the data source has discussed about taking care to include the Name of the source, the year and publication and the page number of the publication.

• What did the research seek to find out and what conclusions was drawn from that research

• What significance does that research’s conclusion add to your undergraduate project research

Appraising a data source is more like saying what someone else said in a way of reviewing the person’s opinion whether in agreement or disagreement while at the same time giving credit to the source.
Education / How To Impersonate Yourself During Undergraduate Research Without Losing Control by projectclue11: 12:21am On Dec 14, 2019
Even in the business world, business owners understand that daily transactions must continue weather they are there or not. For you who is probably a working class undergraduate, you may be troubled about meeting up with your job routines while also balancing your academic activities including your undergraduate project research. The period of final year research is often trying for the working class undergraduates since they have a chunk of books to study for exams, term papers, seminars plus the stress of choosing the undergraduate project topics they will research on following the subsequent approval and writing of the research paper.

Most of the time, undergraduate project students in this class are tempted to hire a writer for their research project and let loose of whatever cares they have for their research; it doesn’t turn out all good since they struggle afterwards to even understand what the research is about. But you actually can be in control of the research even when you impersonate yourself during your undergraduate project writing. You are just a tab away.

Here is the key to be in control of your research without actually doing the writing

Create a system around your undergraduate project topics, in case you are working on more than one project topic. What does that mean? A system in this case does not refer to an electronic or technological entity; it simply means a working process which relies on the interactivity of the parties involved.

I have classified this process into three key categories

These three key categories make up the control process for your research; when you manage it well, it keeps you in control of the research no matter who writes it, they will always come back to consult and seek insight for the next direction. It also puts you into the research as though you are actually doing the tasks yourself.

Who is responsible for doing the writing?
You may choose to hire a writer who is professional; but no matter how professional the writer is, your direction must be duly followed because you have the writing guide for undergraduate project topics following instructions from your institution’s research guide.

Like I already highlighted, you pave way so the writer can start running. Give out the first guideline following instructions in the research guide and let the writing begin.

Tools for research
You must provide every tool they need to finish the research which includes pen, papers, text books, data for library or online research and software if necessary to check for plagiarism.

They are quite easy to follow, just take the extra mile to dish out the research guide stage by stage so you can easily keep abreast of how the research goes what is in it.
Education / Healthy Habits Undergraduates Should Cultivate For Time Management by projectclue11: 2:58pm On Dec 10, 2019
Often times, undergraduates get caught up with so many activities; academic, political, religious and social activities that they are still trying to make out time for but more activities keeps coming without notice. When caught-up with their project research; from choosing their undergraduate project topics to doing the actual research, students complain about having a lot to accomplish in a short time especially when overwhelmed.

If that’s you reading through, there are healthy habits you need to imbibe as an undergraduate discussed below for your digest and better time management.

Be a little more picky
When you have so much to do starring from your schedule, you may become totally unstable if you don’t take charge. How do you work that out? Just be a little pickier about what you do and what not to do. If going for a friend’s birthday party tonight will cut down on the time you need to write your undergraduate project research, then you have to choose between the party and the project research.

Doing a task half way without accomplishing it does not speak well of you; you don’t even derive any sort of satisfaction; it gets you more worked out, frustrated and discouraged. The message is simple, pick the task you do so you don’t accumulate more tasks than you can actually do per time.

Set priorities
Seems like they mean the same thing but not totally. Setting priorities make you set your activities and tasks in order of importance. This means that you will do the most important tasks first before others follow. That’s a cool way to accomplish much in a short time. As an undergraduate, we know you for making time tables; it is recommended that you also make a to-do list in order of preference to help you schedule and time yourself in your daily activities on campus and without.

Don’t wait to be told
Don’t wait till you loss out, you have to decide by yourself, discipline yourself and determine to follow the rules you have set for yourself. There are choices others make for you and there are some you must make. If it’s about time management, the choice is yours to make and it takes your decision, discipline and determination to make it work.
Education / What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Undergraduate Project Research? by projectclue11: 6:07pm On Dec 09, 2019
Undergraduate projects research is one of the standards that tertiary education has held for long and leaves little or almost nothing to compromise. It’s defined by a number of characteristics which sets it apart from other forms of writing. Being a research, undergraduate projects follows speculations and procedures that lands undergraduates to the research findings and subsequent conclusion.

The following are on-point characteristics of undergraduate projects.

Well-structured topic
Every research must have a project topic which serves as the lead for the research. Undergraduate project topics usually contain two major variables - dependent and independent variable which conversely determine the research techniques, research methodology and procedures to be adopted for the research.

Follows a sequence
Although other forms of writing have their own writing procedures which can be maneuvered to arrive at the end but that of undergraduate project follows strict sequence which must be followed carefully to the end of the research. From the research background to the reference, every chapter has specifications as well as subtitles that are already on ground for use by undergraduates.

Abstract is a deal
Without any approval or consent from you, its already established that undergraduate projects must have an abstract at the beginning of the project. Although it is located at the earliest page, abstract should be the last thing any undergraduate should write during his final year project writing. Being a summary, abstract contains little information about almost everything procedure that was taken throughout the research including the undergraduate project topics that was chosen and the research conclusion. This is so because one can get reasonable grasp of the vital information about the research in glance.

The procedure for research and indeed undergraduate research makes provision for referencing other researchers and scholars but care is taken to ensure undergraduates don’t commit academic theft. To that effect, undergraduate project researches have citations of quoted books and academic research work with their names, year of publication and page number. Even after doing that, list of the referenced scholars are outlined at the last page(s) of the research work.

A constructive conclusion
Whatever has a beginning has an ending, for research the beginning is the undergraduate project topic while the end is the conclusion. The conclusion brings every other contrary factor in the research under subjection while also taking the supporting factors into consideration.
Education / How To Summon Confidence For Undergraduate Project Defense by projectclue11: 6:23pm On Dec 06, 2019
You have done well to have completed your undergraduate project research successfully. I guess it was easy getting your undergraduate project topics approved on time; and I hope you scaled through defending your project proposal. Now the journey is ending, the last lap of the project is the defense which is almost inevitable. If that is so, how then do you show before the project defense panel that you did the research and came out with facts convincing enough to take back home. There is no magic; confidence is all you need right now even after cramming the pages especially when you are not a regular public orator.

This article is meant to guide you on how to summon confidence before and during the defense of your undergraduate project research.
How to summon confidence for undergraduate project defense

No substitute for practice
Practice, practice, practice!! that’s one thing that has no replacement when you need just enough morale to face professors and senior lectures in a project defense panel. Practice the defense in the witness of family, friends, colleagues and loved ones to help you master your presentation and if they are good enough to make judges, they can help shape your public speaking skills for good.

Replicate each view point from different perspectives
To prepare yourself confidently, reproduce each researched viewpoint into different perspectives and find a balance just incase they try to test your level of understanding of the undergraduate project topic you researched on before the panel.

Avoid registering any bad impression in your mind
You may not be the first to go before the defense panel for your project defense. So there is every tendency of having to panic after the previous presenters come out narrating their ordeal; they usually have nothing good to say if they haven’t done so well. Always put yourself together and stay out of negative impression till it gets to your turn.

Pin reminder-stickers to your project copy
To help boost your confidence in the absence of a projector, prepare nuggets reminder stickers to boost your presentation. It helps you align your viewpoints structurally and maturely.

I wish you well at the defense panel.
Education / Undergraduate Project Topics Ideas For Human Resource Management by projectclue11: 1:28pm On Dec 03, 2019
The orientation about the new and convenient ways of sourcing human resources has marked the labor pool with resilient impact globally. This global shift in human resource management, input and output has demanded from researchers, undergraduates inclusive, the need to decipher facts from fiction and bring to the table which works better between the classical human resource management methods and the contemporary approach.

In this regard, free undergraduate project topics ideas on human resource management are provided below for undergraduate researchers who have the least clue about the trends in human resource management or even what is really there to research about. We also intend to provide intelligent sockets to lend your research stream by proving samples of human resource undergraduate project topics for insightful understanding.

So what issues does the contemporary human resource management address

Flexibility is the new order
The contemporary human resource management which basically houses the procedures for employment is fast becoming more flexible and virtual than it was. Employees do not necessarily need to be under the same roof, and in the same office space with their Boss to perform their collaborative and official duties. There’s now a shift in work place form office to where ever is convenient; work time to whenever is convenient within the 24/7 time of the week so long as you are able to meet-up targets.

That was on a lighter note; employees are even made to spend more time on personal development, insightful tours, leaves and other activities that will support their subsequent productivity at work.

The team and ball analogy
If employees are the team, then customers are the ball; customers are the center of the decision while the employees are the power force. The management may be somewhere up there taking the decision and when negligence, poor attention and strict decision making process is the order of the day, the team players will subsequently become resentful to keep the ball rolling.

But the contemporary human resource management approach has made official duties a collaborative and cooperative effort which directly assigns everyone a sense of responsibility for the productivity and pitfall of the organization irrespective of where you are reporting from while also maintaining hierarchy.

Academic qualification scarcely counts
The new human resource management orientation barely acknowledges your academic papers as a standing qualification to be employable. They now test your team spirit, resilience, customer relation capabilities etc.

What project topic ideas come to mind?

• Issues concerning job qualifications and attitudes to work

• Impact of flexibility

• Collaboration and corporation

• Freelancing

Sample undergraduate project topics in human resource management includes:

• The effect of corporate governance on the performance of an organization

• Role of emotional intelligence and work-life balance on job stress

• Personality and its effect on group performance

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