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Crime / Re: Landlady Bathes Anambra Woman With Hot Water by PROPEACE: 4:01am
If you want to live stressfree and have peace of mind as a landlord or landlady don't live in the same house with your tenants and engage the services of an estate manager or lawyer to deal with your tenants.
Wrong! If you want to live a stress free life and have peace of mind as a tenant, don't ever live in the same house with your land lord or landlady.

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Family / Re: What Happened That Made You Believe Spiritual Is Real by PROPEACE: 5:35pm On Dec 02

The Pastor was not attacked physically, he was killed with Spiritual powers. So stop saying nonsense.
May we know how the spiritual powers killed him?
Family / Re: What Happened That Made You Believe Spiritual Is Real by PROPEACE: 5:24pm On Dec 02
SS part of the nation.
It's seems that we are closely related, both in some traditions.

Yeah, the story goes this way. The river was abandoned a long time ago, no worshiping, cleaning up and taking care of animals in it.. So it has been sending messages through dreams and life to the villagers [including I ] and the chief, and the worst part of it the chief will tell you to keep your mouth shut that we are now in Christianity.
So Wahala started last week Monday, till Friday.
Which wahala happened?

Politics / Re: Lunatics Have Increased In Lagos Due To Hardship Under Tinubu, Sanwo-Olu -Rewane by PROPEACE: 2:50pm On Dec 02
sad Even though I'm a born again Christian, I quite agree with Mr Rewane on the increase in the presence of lunatics online and offline. If not for madness and Lunacy, how would a sane human being be celebrating the blood bath in Gaza? Isreal bombing innocent children and women just because of a few renegades amongst them. Only a lunatic will support the wickedness of Isreal. If you are supporting the genocide in Gaza, then you are worst than a mad man sad
Anyone that supports the killings of October 7th which was perpetrated by Hamas is a mad man too. Those Palestinian dudes raped women and corpses. Anyone that supports them is an even bigger mad man.

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Business / Re: How I Replied A Customer That Promise To Get Back To Me( Read Chat) by PROPEACE: 4:49am On Dec 01
Op, you will learn the hard way. Don't worry.

How can you send that nonsense to a potential client and still proudly share it online??

You have successfully lost that client, his potential referals and some online clients as well due to that behaviour.

Do you think it is easy to take up a 3 million naira project in this present Nigeria? It takes time, planning and budgeting over time.

Some clients come back even after years. Better grow up and be better. If you can please apologise to that person.
And the clown is still trying to advertise his business immediately after his post, I wonder who will want to deal with a rude business owner like that.

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Education / Re: How Do We Say NEPA Don Bring Light With Correct English by PROPEACE: 5:50pm On Nov 24
NEPA has restored the power supply.
Sounds right but e no sweet. angry
Family / Re: was I Wrong In Wanting To End Friendship With My Friend? by PROPEACE: 1:50pm On Nov 23

Helps and not helped, I go help you with Ur family needs but Ur kids can't help run few errands for me abi
That is why I said the woman begged too much and from a wrong person sotay the children always go there for their lunch everyday and hence the see finish. I have had my rough moments too and have sought for help from a funny friend and got funny attitude in return. When it happened, I ran for my life. I ran so far that the friend came back but I continued running. But I heard OP's friend went to beg. Well, all I can say is I wish her well. It's like her head is destined for knocks, she seems to have a friend that is good at that. Wish her well.
Family / Re: was I Wrong In Wanting To End Friendship With My Friend? by PROPEACE: 1:38pm On Nov 23
1. They are her children and she has right to send them anywhere she wishes; you do not. undecided

2. OH wow!! how loving of you, not! undecided

3. She begged your opponent ON YOUR BEHALF and that was a problem for you too? shocked shocked shocked

4. Tor! lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed

5. Some people like too much drama for this life!
If OP created this thread for clout, I will understand, but if she is serious, then it means she has a problem. You helped a childhood friend so you should be sending the kids on errands? I am sure she will not like people doing that to her kids. That is why if I tell people to manage their poverty and be careful how they go about asking 'friends' for help, they always tell me it's pride. that thing dey bring see finish no be small.
Family / Re: was I Wrong In Wanting To End Friendship With My Friend? by PROPEACE: 1:30pm On Nov 23

why did she not tell me she doesn't want her kids to run errands for me? And besides , the same kids come to my house everyday , eat my food and all. Have I ever complained the way they come to my house and scatter my things?
do you know the inconvenience i go through when 5 of them come to my house? I cook and make sure they're ok.

what's little errand they can't help me go? and I give them the change left. so who is stressing more between me and the children ?
Are you joking? If God enables you to be a blessing to someone, a friend especially, you musn't insist on getting something in return. I will be offended if you, for whatsoever reason, send my kids on errand like that. Go to the shop yourself.


Travel / Re: Handworks To Learn In Nigeria Before You Japa by PROPEACE: 5:25pm On Nov 12
You guys can never think of learning better skills?

Behaving like refuse scavengers all over the world. I'm not talking down on the skills you wrote there but considering the fact that 90% of people that considers japa are the graduates, putting up these skills is annoying.

Graduate should think above these.
In many of these countries Nigerians are running to, not many think big of your being a graduate. A high school leaver who has been on the job longer than you can be your boss.


Health / Re: Ewere Onyekpe: UK Authorities Punish Nigerian Doctor Over Sex With Patient by PROPEACE: 2:59am On Oct 22

Since when it wasn't consensual.
wasn't consensual yet she accomodated him in her house for another romp?
Religion / Re: If Jesus Is Alive Today, He Will Be A Palestinian Arab Christian (picture) by PROPEACE: 2:23am On Oct 21
When Jesus was born there was nothing like Palestine.

Palestine under the aegis of Arab conquest invaded and defeated Isreal in the 7th century; 700 years after death of Jesus and settled there For many decades...

Isreal converging together in 19th century to reclaim their lost territory and Palestine now refused to go.

The original inhabitants of that Bethlehem are the Jews of ancient isrealites of old
You sef get time to reply the mumu.


Education / Re: Reps Ask FG To Ban Queen Primer Textbook, It Contains ‘sexual Perversions’ (pic by PROPEACE: 4:06am On Oct 20
I was shocked when I saw the word gay recently in it. Deep down I was praying make My niece no ask me uncle what is gay. Glad she did not ask but I think they should stop trying to shove that agenda on us. Let the kids decide for themselves when they become adult.
Next time your niece asks yo what gay means, tell her it means happy. That is the original meaning of the word gay. Queen Prikmer is a great book and sadly, there are no Nigerian books to replace it.
Education / Re: Reps Ask FG To Ban Queen Primer Textbook, It Contains ‘sexual Perversions’ (pic by PROPEACE: 4:04am On Oct 20
Toor make dem ban am, I don't know d essence of d book sef.... normal macmilian English plus some story books with better cain don do to make u read properly as a child... Mastering english by mo. Odiaka na wetin we read back then bdat

....... . Seriously no be d main issue bdat now.... Fueling stations are now selling air instead of fuel... I nearly cried today in Abuja... You've increased d price to 630 then why sell air to me again angry
I used Macmillan and did not use Queen Primer but Queen Primer is an amazing book for learning to read and no other book beats it. I still recall the speed with which I was able to use it and jolly phonics to teach my little son and 16 year old house help to read.
Family / Re: When A 70 Years Old Man Behaves Foolishly, How Do You Handle It? by PROPEACE: 1:19pm On Sep 26

Please tell me you’re being sarcastic 😂😂😂
Some old people actually deserve it grin I am currently dealing with one here. cool
Family / Re: When A 70 Years Old Man Behaves Foolishly, How Do You Handle It? by PROPEACE: 2:03pm On Sep 25
When a 70 yrs old man behaves very foolishly, someone old enough to be your father, what do you do? How do you handle it as an adult? You as an adult of say 35-47yrs. Some 70, 75 yrs old men and women behave very foolishly, very irresponsible, very cunning, very dishonest, very deceitful, trying to cheat you, to manipulate you, trying to use their old age to manipulate you or to intimidate you, etc.

The level of crime and immorality in our society is too much. Even old men are not spared anymore. If I continue to write I will spend the whole day writing. Let me just stop here.

What do you think?

Well, you can start with "With all due respect sir/mir...." then you just say your mind. Mind you, you can be as raw and as vulgar as you choose to, your introductory sentence will vindicate you.

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Politics / Re: 'Subsidy Back As FG Pays ₦169.4 Billion In August' - Daily Trust by PROPEACE: 11:49am On Sep 21
Another fake news.
If you are not irredeemably dumb you would have asked yourself how the price of petrol remained the same inspite of the naira plummeting against the dollar. Typical Nigerian like you will follow his politician even unto death. Continue swimming in the gutter for Tinubu.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Rwanda’s Paul Kagame Wants A 4th Term by PROPEACE: 4:23pm On Sep 20
sit tight despot
What is wrong with sit tight leadership? That is what took China and SIngapore to their current first world status. It appears to be doing same to Rwanda. Maybe your country should follow suit because it is obvious that the western style 4 year rotational system only serves power hungry politicians and not the masses.

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Politics / Re: Anti Peter Obi Protest Hits Owerri (Photos) by PROPEACE: 6:08pm On Aug 23
It should be tagged HOPE UZODIMMA protest against Peter Obi influence
I tell you, just see the 17 man crowd.
Sports / Re: Victor Osimhen Mobbed By His Fans Making Him Visibly Angry (pics/video) by PROPEACE: 6:14pm On Aug 19
Now what is he angry about? Foolish boy. Imagine Ronaldo or Messi Behaving that way.

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Politics / Re: ‘We Weren’t Given Anything Extra’ — Ireti Kingibe Speaks On Akpabio’s ‘Alert' by PROPEACE: 12:26am On Aug 11
We miss Dr Bukola Saraki we miss PDPAfter him, we have been so unfortunate with rubber stamp Senate presidents Shameless bunch of wicked souls we've been having as senators. undecided
What exactly do you mean by you miss Bukola Saraki? You think Saraki gives a fucck about you? Everything that happened then was just due to a beef between him and Buhari, who never wanted him to be senate president. Was it not the same Saraki that shamelessly admitted he left the party because he wasnt given juicy appointments?
Politics / Re: Kanu Declares Every Monday Empowerment Day In South-East, Abolishes Sit-At-Home by PROPEACE: 11:27pm On Aug 05

Lol anybody way read your comment go just detect say you no be Igbo man
Politics / Re: Kanu Declares Every Monday Empowerment Day In South-East, Abolishes Sit-At-Home by PROPEACE: 7:10pm On Aug 05
Well, we igbos are no longer loyal to Nnamdi Kanu, our loyalty is to Simon Finland. The only thing we will do every monday is sit at home.

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Education / Re: Guys, Did I Overcharge This Woman For This? by PROPEACE: 9:45pm On Jul 30

Go where? We negotiated over the phone. By the way it's not only diction I'll be taking her,
reading and word building are also there.
Are you in Abuja?

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Education / Re: See The Only School In Africa Where Male Students Wear Skirts And Why by PROPEACE: 12:53am On Jul 24
That's kilt not skirt please.
Politics / Re: Dr Abubakar Yusuf: Kano Commissioner Of Health Waiting For Late Comers by PROPEACE: 1:25pm On Jul 11
There are simple biometric systems that can do that job, but just like the saying goes, common sense is not always common. Commisioner, instead of attending to important official tasks has reduced himself to a security man.
Education / Re: After having Said And Done, I Realized I Got 249 - Mmesoma Ejikeme by PROPEACE: 11:24pm On Jul 05
But why is a so-called brilliant girl still doing in secondary school at 19?

I know people who have graduated from the university at that age or at age 20, yet we are made to believe that she has been very brilliant and yet still in secondary school at this age.

Something is just not adding up
One deduction I made from the question you asked is you are clearly not brilliant.

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Education / Re: JAMB: Fabian Benjamin Promises ₦1M For Anyone Who Can Prove JAMB Had Glitches by PROPEACE: 6:19pm On Jul 05

It's time for all those people who had two different results printed from the JAMB-Portal to go and make cool money..
That Fabian of a man has a big mouth, he rants as a past time.


Education / Re: Result Controversy: ‘It’s Unfair, Not My Fault’, Mmesoma Says On JAMB 3-Year Ban by PROPEACE: 4:05pm On Jul 05
They should investigate her properly. I think she's not capable of such, someone somewhere is behind all these unknown to her. Her parents and older siblings should be arrested for questioning
That JAMB man is a very silly man! The last thing he will ever do is acknowledge he is wrong when he is. I followed his case with some applicants in the past.
Politics / Re: If You Are Oppoturned,get Out Of Nigeria by PROPEACE: 9:02am On Jul 02

Come to US or Canada. Not a bed of roses, but as a Nigerian, I mean a Southerner with resilience, you have no choice but succeed.
I am not joking, your success is assured.

However, if you are a product of Nigeria government, either by education, work ethic, cronyism, DO NOT BOTHER.
See your funny way of thinking, I have lost count of northerners I know in US alone, you people think anyone not from the south is incapable of doing well for themselves, and if the white man derides you, you scream 'racism' when you are no better.
Romance / Re: *** My Experience Today *** by PROPEACE: 6:45am On Jul 02
Huh....nothing is permanent
Most people realise that too late.

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