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Education / Re: Outrage As The Hausas Overtake Igbos In Having More Professors. by Putinofrussia: 11:37am On Aug 27

Southern idiots
I guess you're yoruba? I wash My hand commot una beef with igbos

It is a healthy beef,I must say.They do not fight or attack themselves.

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Education / Re: Outrage As The Hausas Overtake Igbos In Having More Professors. by Putinofrussia: 11:17am On Aug 27

Have you downloaded the pdf?We are really trying but our govs are sleeping educationally.
Yorubas should really wake up.

Post the link
Politics / Re: Electoral Act: Channel Your Grievances To Your Representatives — Lawan by Putinofrussia: 12:57pm On Jul 06
Electoral Act: Stop Attacking Us, Channel Your Grievances To Your Representatives — Lawan
Senate President Ahmad Lawan has cautioned Nigerians, who feel strongly about some sections in the Electoral Act Amendment Bill currently before by the National Assembly, against attacking the presiding officers.

The National Assembly Committees on INEC is putting final touches to the draft of the bill which is expected to be passed next week.

The presiding officers of the National Assembly are under heavy criticisms over reports that the panel, against the popular demands of stakeholders during the public hearings, had introduced a section prohibiting electronic transmission of election results.

But Lawan said the presiding officers were not responsible for the amendments being proposed in the Electoral Act.

He spoke yesterday at the inauguration of the reconstituted Public Complaints Commission by the National Assembly.

Lawan urged the critics to direct their grievances to their representatives in the National Assembly.

He said: “The National Assembly is embarking on the amendment of the Electoral Act. Probably by next week or within the next two weeks.

“It’s very important that those who feel very strongly about any amendment that they think should be effected in the electoral act should contact or talk to their members of House of Representatives as well as Distinguished Senators.

“I want to state categorically clear here that presiding officers are not the ones to determine what is coming or what is not.”


I know this is coming because the North...core North...knows that your zombie representatives can never get it right.Even if a bill is brought that Northerners should rule forever,they will gladly sign and support it.

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Politics / Re: Agitators For Biafra, Yoruba Nation Are Illiterates - Olawepo Hashim by Putinofrussia: 1:22pm On May 24
Take it from me. The greatest problem of South breaking away from Northern Hegemony is the Yoruba Muslims.

Their appendage and slavery to the fulani caliphate is customised.

I don't know any Yoruba Muslim who strongly supports the disintegration of this evil marriage.

What is the fear of Muslims in Yoruba nation. Why are they opposed to both restructuring or disintegration.

What makes a Northern muslim so special than you?

Break free, The Yoruba nation will be paradise on earth without the North.

The North doesn't give a flying Fok about you. They have no regard for you.

I was shocked in Abuja when my muslim class mate told me they won't allow him lead prayers in the Hausa/Fulani dominated mosque.

You are just being stupid.Yoruba Nation is here to stay
In Yoruba parlance,everyone cannot sleep and put their heads and feet in the same direction.
There are Muslims and Christians supporting this done deal and there are Muslims and Christians opposing but Yoruba Nation will come to fruition.Insha Allahu.
Yoruba Nation is here to stay.Politicians will not be happy but it is a done deal.
Politics / Re: Yoruba Nation Rally Holds In Akure (Pictures) by Putinofrussia: 1:27pm On May 22

When Yoruba nation is actualised, you and mentally backward entities like yourself will be forwarded to the Terrorist controlled northern Nigeria so that you can fellowship with your fellow terrorists.

That terrorist is a Fulani..
Politics / Re: Yoruba Nation Rally Holds In Akure (Pictures) by Putinofrussia: 1:25pm On May 22
You people are wasting your time, if we promise to give Tunubu the APC ticket, he will use MC oluimo to disgrace all of you.

You have no rights to seek for a new country after we have helped you by making your son a VP for the first time.

This has gone beyond Tinubu.
MC Oluomo ke?You don't even know what is going on.
Yoruba Nation is a done deal.

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Politics / Re: Abdullahi Bello Bodejo To Fulani Herders: Don’t Obey Open Grazing Ban by Putinofrussia: 9:38am On May 22
Fulani will learn the hard way..


Politics / Re: Breaking!!!! Fulani Herdsmen (gunmen) Abduct Oba Tajudeen Omatoya. by Putinofrussia: 7:31am On Mar 21

Good. Now that some youths have printed banners of their purported new country. The Yewa IDPs have all returned. The highways are safer. Farmers are now safe in their farms. All bandits have fled southwest.
Wait a minute, none of those have happened.
Rather than fight the criminality plaguing the land, some jobless youths are busy riding Okada to promote secession too scared to face the bandits in the forest.
Fulani terrorist

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Politics / Re: Behold South-west Kidnapping Spots …why Roads Users, Others Must Beware by Putinofrussia: 7:19am On Mar 21
The kidnappings et al are done mainly by the foreign and Nigerian Fulanis and a few criminal Nigerians.

Believe the Fulani police establishment at your peril...

The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), ASP Sunday Abutu, said the police were determined to end kidnapping in Ekiti State, saying the commissioner of police Tunde Mobayo, had constituted a special tactical team in addition with the new Rapid Response Squad (RRS).
Politics / Re: Wike: If Zoning Presidency To North Will Make PDP Win In 2023, I Support It by Putinofrussia: 6:15am On Mar 21
Selfish politicians.
Only fighting for their belly infrastructures.
God had defeated all selfish politicians.
Fulanis have been defeated.Core North has been defeated.
Politics / Re: Alake Of Egbaland Tackles Igboho, Others, Warns Against Calls For Breakup by Putinofrussia: 5:50am On Mar 21
Mumu Putin of Russia, no words for a lowlife nuisance like you, ignorant Failure.

Fulani terrorist

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Politics / Re: Koiki Send Strong Warning To Oba Adedotun The Alake Of Egba Not To Try Himself. by Putinofrussia: 5:41am On Mar 21
Where was this same reverred Alake of Egbaland when these killers descended on his people and forced them to exile? Useless leaders.
Stop the nonsense.Nobody forced anybody to exile not Yewa villagers anyway.
NEMA has gone to Benin Republic but there were no Nigerians to be found.
It was all about the clueless governor's political opponents trying to create a mountain out of nothing.
It is the normal foolish politicking of our selfish politicians.

The only people that fled Yewa were the Fulanis,the Eguns...who went back to their Benin Republic and maybe some Igbos.
The Yoruba kings and their people are intact in Yewa.
There was no war and Yorubas seldom flee a battle.Ask Obasanjo,Tunde Idiagbon etc.
Okay,it is better for you to ask Sunday Igboho or read Yoruba history.


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Politics / Re: Koiki Send Strong Warning To Oba Adedotun The Alake Of Egba Not To Try Himself. by Putinofrussia: 5:29am On Mar 21
Yoruba Nation is birthed.

Alake,you better watch your utterances.This is beyond you.
Happy Oduduwa Republic.
Happy Arewa Republic.
Happy Biafra Republic.

Gioddluck to you all.


Politics / Re: Alake Of Egbaland Tackles Igboho, Others, Warns Against Calls For Breakup by Putinofrussia: 8:13pm On Mar 20
Bigger Dundee Dunce.

Fulani terrorist


Politics / Re: Alake Of Egbaland Tackles Igboho, Others, Warns Against Calls For Breakup by Putinofrussia: 8:10pm On Mar 20
The monarch is of course right. In addition to all he stated I would add that the success many Nigerians have had abroad, be it in music, education, software development, tech business, engineering, other business, sports , science, literature, Art and so on , they achieved because of the Nigerian quality and not because they are Igbo, Youroba, House, Ijaw, Isoko, Uroboh, and what not. Biafra, Oduduwa, Delta Republic will not produce the same excellence just as other African nations have not. The reason for this is that every nation is a compound. In other words, made up of different elements. Water is a compound made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen. Water is a life saver as are oxygen and hydrogen to different extent. You separate water into it's constituting parts, you have Oxygen and Hydrogen not water. The Nigerian quality is derived from the specific tribal mix that make up Nigeria and forged by our history .



Politics / Re: This Is Why Lagos Is No Man's Land: The Hand Of The Empire by Putinofrussia: 4:08pm On Mar 20
The Igbos in Nigeria the one that stood the Nigerian government in a full blown war for three years while your people are running to Benin just for ordinary herdsmen not even entire Fulanis

The only people that ran to Benin are the Eguns and Igbos living in Yewa.Ask Ojukwu and Kanu.
Yorubas are warriors.Ask Igboho..
Politics / Re: This Is Why Lagos Is No Man's Land: The Hand Of The Empire by Putinofrussia: 3:51pm On Mar 20

Why then are some elements saying that Lagos should be excluded from Oduduwa Nation does Igbos have anything to loose or gain if Lagos is in Lagos Republic of Benin, Benin Republic or Oduduwa Republic, the Igbos are not your enemy unless you choose to, but you are fighting shadows everyone Is waiting for you to wrongfully hit the mighty Igbos and you will understand why Igbos are not Fulanis

Who are those elements?

Battalions of Igbos were generously hit and decimated at Ore by not up to 200 Yoruba soldiers.
Are you talking about Igbos of Nigeria or another from Pluto?

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Politics / Re: This Is Why Lagos Is No Man's Land: The Hand Of The Empire by Putinofrussia: 3:50pm On Mar 20
Oba of Lagos

Fake news by pained refugees. grin
If they don't own Lagos,why are they the only ones that can sell lands in Lagos and not binis?

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Politics / Re: This Is Why Lagos Is No Man's Land: The Hand Of The Empire by Putinofrussia: 3:46pm On Mar 20

I made it clear that Igbos are legal occupants not natives, I'm not Aworis, Benin or Yoruba but all of you need to tell us the true owner or Lagos remains a no man's land or at best a shared city

Your long throat for Lagos go just kpeme you and your cohorts.
Yorubas are the only ones who can sell land in Lagos because they own Lagos.
Binis are visitors and they cannot sell even an inch of land.
Politics / Re: Breaking!!! Trucks Carrying Foodstuffs From North To South Are Being Blocked. by Putinofrussia: 10:18am On Feb 26
Northerners are just being daft.Most of the money of Nigeria come from the South.
May God forgive me but remove South from Nigeria and Dangote sef go become poor.

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Politics / Re: Court Orders Forfeiture Of Okorocha’s Properties Acquired Between 2011 To 2019 by Putinofrussia: 9:58am On Feb 26
Don't just stop there, jail him too.

This is why I love igbo people , they don't worship criminal like Lagos worships Thiefnubu.

Ndiara.Nobody worships Tinubu but his supporters. He has more enemies than any politician in Nigeria and Africa but he is very smart to have built and empowered a lot of civilians and politicians who are ready to do everything for him while some even conspire against him.
There is no politician in Nigeria who has built and empower people like Tinubu except an executive president,of course.
Politics / Re: The Hausas Are Talking But Not Loud Enough by Putinofrussia: 9:43am On Feb 26

Funny,are you saying that we still have Hausas in this country?
Politics / Re: Fulanis Are Not Terrorists And Bandits - Sultan Of Sokoto by Putinofrussia: 2:37pm On Feb 25
Never, Fulani are one of the most peaceful Group in Nigeria, they are only concern with cows. Off recent the Southern Media especially the Tinubu Media Crew have been profiling Fulani's as terrorist but forgetting that the main Terrorists are Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu.
Just as the King of Owo said, the SW should be more focus on ending Ritual Killings in that region instead of names calling Fulani to their Insecurity situations

You mean ritual killings done by the Fulanis who we have seen in Benue and other areas remove parts after killing their victims?

Read this.. 2018


Daily Post Nigeria
Daily Post Nigeria

NEWSHerdsmen slaughter father, son in Agatu, remove vital organsPublished on April 7, 2018 By Ameh Comrade Godwin

Report reaching DAILY POST from Agatu Local Government Area of Benue State has it that suspected herdsmen have slaughtered one Mr. Andrew Ataboh and his son at Innahim farm settlement.

The incident happened Friday evening.

Our reporter gathered that Ataboh of Okokolo ward and his son were abducted by the herdsmen in a farm settlement yesterday and their lifeless bodies were found by residents of the area after much search.

A resident of the area, who gave his name as Agaba, said the herdsmen, after matcheting the father and son to death, removed their vital organs and dumped their bodies in the bush.
Politics / Re: GEJ: Leader Can Be Called Upon To Come Rule Again After Losing Elections by Putinofrussia: 2:24pm On Feb 25

all this you are saying is simple rubbish. At this very delicate time in our nation’s history, I will prefer a man like Jonathan with known and tested principles to midwife the process of ushering in meaningful reforms to a desired conclusion. At least Jonathan allowed his critics to have their say and even protest without shooting them, which is a luxury under the Buhari regime. GEJ has a listening ear and we know most likely he will not kill our citizens when we oppose his views while we are building on locking up the lose ends of national disintegration that Buhari caused. If Obasanjo was not term limited- I will trust him to bring about the reforms just like he did with the military as Nigeria has not experienced a military coup in 21 years, It took a man who knows about coups like Obasanjo to dismantle the process of coups, so it will take a man like Jonathan who knows what it means to lose an election and concede to bring about genuine electoral reforms. I don’t trust Tinubu and all those upstart politicians who may get intoxicated with power. Now we need a consensus builder, a calm headed guy like Jonathan to unite the country and call for a referendum so if need be, we can all disengage in peace. I strongly believe the Buhari presidency was not an accident- it was necessary for it to happen so our people will learn that dismantling the criminal enterprise called Nigeria is a task that must be done peacefully and quietly. And Jonathan is that man who eill do it easily- Trust me! wink

May God help.It is better they use somebody from the major tribe of Igbo or Yoruba who will make positive impact not a gentleman like Jonathan who is a lost cause.
Have you asked yourself why they are even thinking about Jonathan?
Fulanis are a group who want Nigeria tied down so they can continue with their nefarious activities.They know that Jonathan is a weak gentlemanThey hate Jonathan with a passion even with all he did for them.
Nigeria might not even exist before 2023.
Politics / Re: Cattle Dealers Begin Strike Today by Putinofrussia: 1:02pm On Feb 25
Thank God.They are the ones that will suffer.We will not even know that they are on strike. Things will become easier for us.
Politics / Re: GEJ: Leader Can Be Called Upon To Come Rule Again After Losing Elections by Putinofrussia: 12:44pm On Feb 25

comparing GEJ to Buhari is a travesty!

If the only reason I can give is “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” and the “REGULAR MEDIA CHAT or ENGAGEMENT” by Jonathan during his presidency, then Buhari failed woefully!!!!

You are saying almost the same thing.You both want good governance. Buhari has shown himself to be worst but Jonathan was worse.We cannot accept worse or worst when we have a lot of valuable people at home and abroad.Our problem has always been allowing less intelligent individuals get to the seat of power.
It is because Buhari has failed woefully that we are even thinking about another failure in the person of Jonathan.Fulanis just want a weakling and a failure to give power to which is dead on arrival.The terrorists want to continue holding Nigeria down. Give power to Obi,Moghalu,Osinbajo or even the corrupt Tinubu(Tinubu has a Midas touch.Tinubu is the opposite of Buhari...even with his corrupt tendencies,Lagos state continues to grow economically and otherwise. Abacha was very corrupt but Nigeria had little growth under him because he used a lot of Southerners in strategic areas.Though, he was daft,he listened to good economical advice.)
Politics / Re: Oluwo Akanbi To Yoruba: Address Ritual Killings In South-West With Your Energy by Putinofrussia: 8:07pm On Feb 24

The fly that is perched peacefully on the scrotum of bandits and their apologists
The name that leads to nightmare for terrorists and their sympathisers
The boil on the nose in between the eyes of the enemies of our nation masquerading like patriots
The name that makes evil people lose their peace of mind
The name that renders parasites and destroyers homeless

A name that made millions of Fulanis and their sarkins flee into the bush grin

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Politics / Re: Oluwo Akanbi To Yoruba: Address Ritual Killings In South-West With Your Energy by Putinofrussia: 8:02pm On Feb 24

The message is clear... Oduduwa people prefer being killed by Fulani to being killed by their fellow skull miners.
Talk of preference for the Herdsman to the Headsman
Between the devil and deep blue sea
Between Scylla and Chabydis

A Quick Poll:

If you think Oduduwa people will survive Fulani onslaught until 2023 LIKE
If you see Fulani sending them to IDPs in Benin as power grabbing as well as land grabbing strategy since they can't vote from Republic of Benin IDP camps SHARE

Like Ojukwu,like KANU,like alaigbos..
Generational cowards grin
Politics / Re: Ijaws Reject Adoption Of Odua Anthem In Ondo by Putinofrussia: 11:51am On Feb 24

A gov that joins and follows all his people including your uncles and aunts and elders to dobale flat on the ground for Hausa Fulani emir of Ilorin baaaaahahahahahahhaahaaaaa!!!!! grin grin grin

Typical OSU


Politics / Re: Why Armed Fulani Took Over Yewa In Ogun State By Col Abimbola Sowunm by Putinofrussia: 10:28pm On Feb 23


Why Armed Fulani Took Over Yewa in Ogun State

By Col Abimbola Sowunmi

(Secretary for Operations, APAPO OODUA KOYA, (AOKOYA)

"The reason why the Fulani terrorists took over Yewa area of Ogun State is simple. It's a border area. They are now effectively in control of import and export in a section of Yorubaland.

"With the takeover and displacement of 5000 indigenous Yoruba people, now refugees in Benin Republic, the stage is set for them to import and bring in any military equipment into the area without being discovered.

An intelligent person should know that they are planning large scale attacks and they have just established a startegic military base in Ogun state to fast track reinforcement on Ogun and Lagos States, the most strategic economic hubs of Yorubaland. Their target is also Ondo State.

Once they have foothold on Ondo, oil and bitument resources will soon be in their hands. With that, they will hold Yoruba neck.

"When the inevitable conflict begins, they hope to control Ogun, Lagos ports and Ondo Ports. That is the game plan. Many have eyes, but only very few have the inner eyes that see beyond shadows. We do not want war, but now it has been imposed on us. The FG belongs to them with so much weapons. They have also created heavily armed non state actors in the name of armed terrorists across Yoruba forests.

"Those waiting for politicians to safe Yorubaland are mistaking. Only the people can safe themselves."

Generational coward excerpt..

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