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Nairaland / General / Re: What Opinion Will You Defend Like This? by RentedReality(m): 1:14pm On Dec 04
My opinion that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Truth is, the majority can be wrong. I learnt recently that if a majority agrees on something, it doesn't mean they're right. There is hope for Nigeria. Even if nobody believes things will change, I do.

Please note I have no political affiliation and you don't have to agree with me. That's a beauty of life, we can agree to disagree


Health / Re: Japa: Federal Government Urges Universities To Produce More Doctors by RentedReality(m): 1:19pm On Dec 01
The problem isn't producing more medical doctors, rather it's about incentivising them to stay. Even if you graduate 50% more medical doctors than last year, that is simply more people that will be looking to migrate.

Fix the root cause - salaries, career progression, medical facilities, and make it inviting so more students would want to study medicine and also stay back to practice.

If you don't fix the main issues, having more doctors won't mean more will stay back. Although in a strange way, it could, but not at the scale FG expects. The more important thing is to address the reasons they leave.

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Career / Re: Coping After A Major Setback by RentedReality(m): 11:36am On Nov 30
Good day house, has any experienced job loss unexpectedly as a graduate and how did you cope during that period expecially when you have a family (labourer jobs are not even easy to come by), how did you cope with rejection, the emotional effect

The secret is to treat job applications like a game of numbers. The more applications and interviews you go for, the higher your chances. Never romanticise any opportunity. Once you finish the interview, don't start imagining working there. Simply leave it and focus on your next application. Remember, good things come unexpectedly. This mindset has made me more resilient and has worked for many people I shared it with. Just do your best and forget about it, and you will be surprised when your offer letter lands in your inbox 📥

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Education / Re: Let The Poor Breath: Innoson Demands Investigation Into Mmesoma's JAMB Results by RentedReality(m): 5:57pm On Jul 03
Quite an interesting turn of events.

If JAMB made a mistake then the scholarship stands.

If it was manipulated then it's nullified. Good approach from Innoson.

The girl is the one in the middle, hope things turn out for good.

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Sports / Re: Ivan Toney fined, suspended for 8 months for Breaching Betting Rules by RentedReality(m): 6:21pm On May 17
I'll bet you that he was betting on himself

A number of footballers are secret gamblers. They also like betting on themselves scoring goals

Thouhh I wonder how the regulators found out. Was he leaving behind his betslips in the locker room? Or one match cut his ticket and he tore it left and left it carelessly

He'll be back but I hope he can return to his current form

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Business / Re: What Business Do You Regret Starting?? by RentedReality(m): 1:39pm On May 17
I initially regretted opening an animal farm sometime in 2017.

Spent 600k on it. Imported those smelly he-goats from South South to the North only to realise there wasn't a market for ceremonial goats since it was so expensive and people really wanted the regular maradi or Sokoto red goats.

Then, one by one, they all died. It was sad because some were pregnant and I was expecting their numbers to grow.

The vet told me that they weren't resistant to a particular disease that was commonplace in the North since they were all bred from the south.

I counted my losses.

Anyways, I changed tactics and started selling rams instead. Fast forward to today and I'm still selling rams 🐏

Never give up

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Food / Re: Liberian Chef, Wonyean Gaye Set To Break Hilda Baci’s Cooking Marathon Record by RentedReality(m): 1:27pm On May 17
Has Guinness book of World records verified it yet?

He can't break a record that hasn't been verified.

I am also thinking which records to break since its record breaking season wink

I broke a bed last night, I might break a stool today or plate if I feel like 🙃


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Inter Milan Vs AC Milan UCL (1 - 0) On 16th May 2023 by RentedReality(m): 8:48pm On May 16
Man city seem favorites to win

But if there's anything I've learnt is that you can't be too sure of these things

My gut feeling is that Inter will win this UCL

You won't see it coming but you read it here

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Properties / Re: My Landlord Gave Me Quit Notice Without Owing. Do I Have A Case If I Sue Him? by RentedReality(m): 6:20pm On May 16
Yes, you have a case...

...a suitcase to pack your bags grin

If you have a tenancy agreement check if there is a notice period. If it is one months notice and above, you can take him up

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Celebrities / Re: Police To Offer Protection To Man Who Captured Seun Kuti's Assault On Policeman by RentedReality(m): 6:07pm On May 16
Does witness protection work in Nigeria.

Who are they protecting him against? Seun or himself.

I doubt the guy will turn up. 9ja police matter too carry wahala. He'll have to write a statement and go through administrative hoops, only to be given a small cell to pipe low inside grin

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Celebrities / Re: Deputy Governor Of Bayelsa Receives "Wahala Twins" At His Office by RentedReality(m): 6:03pm On May 16
Wahala for who no get twins grin

I've seen some of their content, very funny. Especially the video where they mimic pastors


Food / Re: Guinness World Records Follows Hilda Baci On Instagram, As She Gets Verified by RentedReality(m): 5:31pm On May 16
Edited. I made a mistake in earlier comment
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by RentedReality(m): 2:02pm On Nov 08, 2020
This soup looks great

Gracias...tastes better even

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by RentedReality(m): 2:01pm On Nov 08, 2020

Receipe pleaseeeeee.


Red pepper - 100
Yellow pepper - 100
Fresh Afang - 500
Beef - 1,500
Waterleaf - 250
Unshelled Periwinkle - 400
Stock fish- 500
Onions - depends on area o
Palm oil

Portion is enough to feed four people for 2 days.

Bring the proteins to a boil with the stock fish, add the waterleaf, boil for 3 mins, add your spices- Maggi et al, allow to simmer for 2 mins, then add pounded Afang and palm oil. Allow for 5 mins, turn off fire and allow soup to settle for 10 mins before serving.


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by RentedReality(m): 1:45pm On Nov 08, 2020
Happy Sunday guys

Lunch is Afang soup cooked with red and yellow pepper served with fresh beef. This part of the beef is the smaller foreleg muscle, it is extra crunchy, and easily dances down your throat in rich crayfishy taste released by fresh palm oil coloured like a Nnewi sunset.

Note the Afang is pounded, not blended. More than worth the effort.

If you are wondering the difference, think Poundo vs Pounded yam.

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Politics / Please Avoid This Fake Nirsal NYIP Application Link by RentedReality(m): 8:28pm On Oct 31, 2020

Please direct members close to you to avoid the link below:


It is currently being shared by thousands who are unsuspectingly providing their BVN details to access NYIP funds. Please note that neither CBN nor Nirsal have come out on any of their handles to share this link.

CBN official guidelines in accessing the funds also differ from the link. For avoidance of future tears please see CBN disclaimer and guidelines attached.

I know you wish it was true, and that you can access immediate money just by putting down your social security details, but please avoid throwing about your BVN number around.



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Politics / Re: Edo 2020 Governorship Election Updates, Results And Live Monitoring by RentedReality(m): 6:36am On Sep 20, 2020
Nigerians should take a cue from this elections.

If you've ever needed proof that the Power is with the People, this is it. Like some one earlier said, victory for Obaseki changes the political atmosphere going into 2023.

By 2023, Nigerians would have been even wiser. I'm also proud of the fact that Edo elections had minimal violence and this should be the benchmark for elections going forward, if not better.

Also, congrats to Obaseki, I have a lot of Edo friends and can tell you they are strong willed. When you have ancestors that built empires and created some of the most beautiful art in times past, it makes for people with a sense of direction and strong value of self.

It is why most people don't like Godfatherism, and it's simply because no one wants to be governed by someone who doesn't own their direction.


Politics / Re: Edo Election: Raymond Dokpesi Wins His Polling Unit by RentedReality(m): 7:44pm On Sep 19, 2020
Who is going to win? grin

Like for Rice

Share for POI

Mention for Obaseki

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Business / My Analysis Of Apple's New 4/1 Stock Split - Buy Or Not by RentedReality(m): 8:13pm On Sep 01, 2020
Warning: article contains numbers and plenty words

You might have heard in the news recently of Apple's stock split, and how it will make it easier for more people to own Apple shares. Read here:https://edition.cnn.com/2020/08/24/investing/apple-stock-split-investors-trnd/index.html. Sounds great right? What could be wrong, afterall Tesla recently did same and this is the fifth time Apple are doing it.

I'll try and explain, bear with me. Economists in the house, please correct me or chip in:

1. Apple stock price was around $444 before the split. Since the split was 4/1, meaning four stocks in the place of one, divide by 4 and Apple's new share price is approx. $112. Meaning if you owned only one Apple stock at $444, you now own 4 Apple stocks at &112 each

2. Apple had 4.2bn number of shares when it's share price was $444. When valued, it means they are worth $1.86 trillion ($444 X 4.2bn shares). Splitting 4/1 means 4.2bn shares X 4 = 16.8bn shares. If you multiply 16.8bn shares by their new price of $112 = $1.88 trillion. You can see their valuation remains almost the same despite the 4/1 split.

3. Asuming 1m people owned those 4.2bn shares when it was $444. With the price drop to $112, more people will buy. As it stands, those 4.2bn shares are now 16.8bn and owned by the same number of people (1m ).

4. Apple's dividend per share is $0.83. Meaning, it paid $0.83 for every share owned ($0.83 X 4.2bn = ~ $4bn in total dividend paid before the split.) Remember, that was before the split.

Now, with the split, they will have to pay at least 3X the amount of last year's total dividend just to be able to pay it's current shareholders (1m) a profit of $0.75 per share. (0.75 X 16.8bn shares = ~$14bn). So to pay their current shareholders a dividend which has reduced in value by 10%, they will need to pay out 3X as much dividends as they previously did. Talk less of when you have more people owning Apple shares as a result of the price drop.

But here is why I think it is unfair to older investors and the split is lopsided - rather than share that 3X total dividend increase by it current shareholders, it would rather devalue its stocks, sell to more people thereby giving everyone less value than they would get.

The people this will benefit the most are new buyers.

Politics / Re: Ize-Iyamu Campaigns In Etsako Central LGA (Photos) by RentedReality(m): 6:54pm On Aug 31, 2020
I remain apolitical

That said, if this election were to be based on effort, at least effort we can see, it likely might be this fella who would win

I'll tell you why

Effort is the currency of lifeTM

Low effort = low output
High effort = high output

The only exception to above, is if your effort is misdirected

Pray your efforts are never misdirected

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Education / Re: Rats Destroy ABSU Student's Property During Lockdown (Photos) by RentedReality(m): 6:30pm On Aug 31, 2020
ABSU rats are notorious

I heard then of rats that will blow your toes to cool it when eating them

I heard of rats that travelled in convoy, sirens and all

Even heard of one guy that had so many rats in his cupboard, that they started doing his assignments grin

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Politics / Re: Wike Donates Transport Vehicles To Nigeria Correctional Service Rivers State by RentedReality(m): 8:46am On Aug 29, 2020
Well done, Wike

It is scary when you hear stories of awaiting trial. People are there awaiting trial for 15 years, lawd!! Reminds me of one English armed robber that killed during an operation in the 60s, when he was released in 2016, UK media followed him around for the first day of his freedom. You can imagine how he struggled seeing how much the society had changed. Poor guy

Moral of the story; mind your business, pay your tax and eat well

I'd recommend cowtail peppersoup served with a sweating bottle of Trophy

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Politics / Re: Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu Campaigns In Various Wards Of Akoko Edo LGA (Photos) by RentedReality(m): 8:26am On Aug 29, 2020
What amazes me is the fluid nature of how Govt. handles Covid: on one hand, it is okay to shut businesses, have people speak and breathe into a mask at the same time time (that's like shitting and not cleaning your a%%) and introduce life changing procedures.

But the other hand, it is okay to bring thousands of people, squashed together like cheap rice, just because it is a political campaign.

I think we as people, should learn to ask more questions

Wetin concern me, I had peppered snails a few days back with fermented rice. POI and co can keep campaigning grin


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by RentedReality(m): 6:31pm On Aug 28, 2020
Let's talk about them peppered snails

Also known as

Archinata yummy yummy tongue

Look, you haven't tasted crunch until you've had this mollusc in a peppery dance with onion rings steamed in olive oil. The crunch is rubbery if the snail was frozen too long, but since this was fresh point-and-eat, it was crunchier than gizzard made from Pringles.

Recommended drink with this is fermented rice, aged three days for maturity

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Education / Re: 4-Year-Old Girl Destroys School Properties. Teacher Reacts Calmly (Video) by RentedReality(m): 6:25pm On Aug 26, 2020
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by RentedReality(m): 5:31pm On Aug 26, 2020
Tuwo Shinkafa AKA Northern fufu

This version is with vegetable soup and fried chicken

What gets me is the crunchy freshness of the veggies hugging the wheaty taste of the Tuwo like a lost relative.

Have this with a Limca and feel good health bubble from within grin


Romance / Re: Schoolgirl Who Claimed 10-year-old Boyfriend Was Responsible For Her Pregnancy by RentedReality(m): 3:09pm On Aug 19, 2020
16 years for Ivan is five years away. At his age, my biggest worry was WAEC, especially as I had a narrow brush with Junior WAEC previously. I mean, I wasn't even done with Nintendo gameboy games to think about fatherhood.

I don't know how matured he will be as a Step-Dad to a 5 year old at 16 years. In fact, his step son might end up being older than his wife, how will his kids greet their step brother? - "Good day Grand Step-brother, X" shocked


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by RentedReality(m): 7:56pm On Aug 17, 2020

All this English on top ofada rice nd stew grin

Food is both spiritual and orgasmic, no play o' grin

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by RentedReality(m): 7:42pm On Aug 17, 2020
Peppered goat meat stew on Ofada rice.

The heat level on this thing is equivalent to the sun and the tastiest thing about this dish, is its ability to diminish your sense of smell, only to instantly return it with the coriandic encumberance of scent leaves on juicy folds of goat skin.

I'll recommend Dr Pepper on ice as the step down drink

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Politics / Re: Nigerian government and ghanian government by RentedReality(m): 1:35pm On Aug 16, 2020
OP, as a Nigerian I understand your pain at the helplessness some are going through doing business outside the shores of this country, and with the added burden that comes with being a Nigerian.

However, if all Ghanaian businesses here were closed, we'll lose more in the short and mid term as Nigerians employed will lose jobs and loss of taxable income that flows back to the economy.

It might be preferable to rather put pressure on our Government to find a medium term way of supporting Nigerians doing businesses there. This might be through simple things like publishing business guides and maintaining close contact with business communities. While this is going on, back here at home, we re-examine the guidelines on how foreign medium and small companies operate, and if there are good lessons to be drawn from Ghana or elsewhere, we can always adopt.

But please, don't go inciting people as this sort of things end up affecting innocent livelihoods.


Politics / Re: Edo 2020: Concerns In Obaseki’s Camp Over Assembly, Defections by RentedReality(m): 1:14pm On Aug 16, 2020
I'm here only wondering how to monetise the blabbering between these two for the benefit of Edo people.

If a YouTube Match up / debate between Oshiomole and Obaseki with at least a million views can happen. With Ads and video clicks, it could raise $500 (N194,000), money that can go to an orphanage. At least they'll have something to eat while listening to the claims and counter-claims leading to the election.

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