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Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Dares Yahaya Bello: "Invite Buhari To Commission One Project" by rock003: 8:28am On Apr 16
No projects, no salary payments..... yahaya bello should be investigated.

Will interest you to know that this is the kind of person NgeneUkwenu is supporting and defending? Someone that can't boast of just one project after more than 3 years.

And I can't help but wonder at the kind of life NgeneUkwenu is living; a life devoid of morals; a life devoid of honour.

Will such a dishonorable and immoral person make a good mother? I doubt it. She will unavoidably transfer her immorality to her helpless, hapless children.

NgeneUkwenu is a complete disgrace to motherhood.

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Politics / Re: Spot The Difference Between This Nigerian Military Officer And American Military by rock003: 8:15am On Apr 16
Can you spot anything unusual?

Source: https://www.newsvib.com/2019/04/spot-difference-between-this-nigerian-military-officer-america-millitary-officer.html

I can see that you are dull mentally.

First off, both of them are policemen and not military men.

Secondly, the person you called american "military" isn't from america but from an Thailand

Stop being dumb.
Crime / Re: Man Shoots His Girfriend Dead In Bayelsa Over Cheating Allegation. Graphic Photo by rock003: 6:21pm On Apr 15
She was happy she found a boyfriend but see the result... Men are very wicked.

Then your father and every male in your family are wicked
Politics / Re: Nigerian By Birth: A Dissection Of Atiku's Citizenship by rock003: 6:02pm On Apr 15

No, Jada was part of Ganye which was in Adamawa which was a UN mandate territory.

When you talk about Royal Niger Company holdings...those were territories that Royal Niger Company owned and later sold off to the colonial authorities who then integrated them into the pre-existing colony and protectorate of Nigeria. An example of a RNC territory is Wawa and Ngwa areas, now in SE Nigeria.

The UN mandate territory of Adamawa was never a RNC territory. In fact Germany was their colonial master. Germany lost it after its defeat in 1st world war. So Atiku's grand parents and parents were subjects of Germany just as our great and grand parents were subjects of British colonial government.

Jada doesn't belong to Nigeria you say, but does Jada has a representative at the Senate and House of Representatives? Are you saying the people of Jada cannot vote and be voted for?
Politics / Re: Nigerian By Birth: A Dissection Of Atiku's Citizenship by rock003: 5:50pm On Apr 15

What are you insinuating? Are you more learned than the 18 SANs on APC defence team?

with your disgraceful show of shame on the social media, what kind of example are you laying for your kids as a mother?

Would you want your kids to also display shamelessness like you?
Education / Re: Secondary School Girl Twerks On Her Male Classmate. See Reactions by rock003: 7:20pm On Apr 13
There's nothing wrong here.

Twerking is actually a great exercise.

It increases heart rate and this equates to more oxygen to the brain. As such, It aids the release of hormones which provide an excellent environment for the growth of brain cells. Students should learn to twerk more.

Will you praise this action if that girl is your daughter?
Politics / Re: What Could Ambode Be Telling Fashola Here? by rock003: 3:15am On Apr 13
that is why Yoruba's are 100% politically mature than igbos.
igbos play politics of bitterness,
how can obigot and obiano come together again.

Stay there and be fooling yourself. By the time the north deceive Yorubas in 2023 and another northern president emerges, you will realise that you've been playing the fool all along
Politics / Re: IPOB: Operation Show Your Näked Wife PICS, VIDEO by rock003: 3:00am On Apr 13

are you too going to show your wife Unclad? I'm sure you don't need anyone to show you that this idea ks stupid and utterly backward.

Use your brain to reason now. It have you forgotten the purpose of your Brain?

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Disgraces Lola Shoneyin, Wole Soyinka’s Daughter-in-law’ by rock003: 7:51am On Apr 12
This guy Reno Omo ale is just making every thing to thrive and remain in the public domain. See how he's correcting as if he manufactured the language himself. This lady too lola shoneyin always throw her shoulder as if she is also a master in novel writing she is the author of a book refered to as "baba bashira" using Lagos settings

Reno is just using his twitter page. It is his right. He didn't ask anyone to post it on nairaland.
Religion / Re: Pope Francis Kisses President Salva Kiir Mayardit's Feet While Kneeling Down by rock003: 12:30am On Apr 12
Deceiving black people. Black people are useless!

Since you are a black person, are you saying you are Also useless
Religion / Re: Pope Francis Kisses President Salva Kiir Mayardit's Feet While Kneeling Down by rock003: 12:22am On Apr 12
I love the overwhelming humility of the pope, but having said that, the pope need to let the Catholic body know that bowing to graven image is contrary to the commandment of God.

For your roofing call 08114018823 or WhatsApp 08182481552

Check my signature

Maybe you too should tell us why you kiss pastor adeboye's seat. How's that different from idol worshipping


Politics / Re: Sowore Gives Account Of How Publicly-raised Campaign Funds Were Spent by rock003: 8:26pm On Apr 10
Still confused why he lost angry angry

See integrity sha

he lost because integrity doesn't really count in Nigerian politics
Technology Market / Re: Buy From OFFERUP, Ebay, Amazon, In New York City!! & Ship To Nigeria by rock003: 8:09pm On Apr 10

Please Wetin concern Iyke with say clone jaapa now . The anger in your mind shouldn’t make you presume or voice out assumptions . Clone himself stated way back that he has never physically met Iyke . The relationship btw clone and Iyke is business and not personal related . Please do not drag the poor guy into matters which he is ignorant off.

stop commenting as if you are not in Nigeria. With the right kind of push, even iyke will not escape arrest. Stop commenting like a Jon Snow
Technology Market / Re: Buy From OFFERUP, Ebay, Amazon, In New York City!! & Ship To Nigeria by rock003: 8:04pm On Apr 10
Damage control. You see where Nosey attitude has led you to. Mind your business you won't, now you ended up exposing yourself. Till then you remain Rainbowdude. If there's no affiliate btw the 2 monikers there's no way your number will appear right there. Obviously Rainbowdude is really what you are while Olabrad is just another account to cover up your sexual orientation on Nairaland. YOU'RE GAY!

For those asking for number and address when you need mine too kindly let me know. I will deal with you and still accompany you to court and collect damages, since you have the evidence to back up your claims that myself and Wildchild1 are Clone2020 accomplices and have the information concerning his whereabouts.

Imagine you calling him gay as if you have patronised him before. Do you know you can be sued for this comment? I challenge you to drop that yyour full address. I won't mind taking you up. You irresponsible, senseless dolt.
Politics / Re: Raila Odinga Mocked Nigeria Over Corruption by rock003: 1:37pm On Jan 27
Coming from a man whose country reeks of demented sex-perverts. As if Kenyan politicians are saints. Mr. O-bingo or whatever your name is, I hereby put it to you that you lack the moral ground to condemn or criticize our country.

Who your mumu story help? Abeg, face your country while we shoulder the burden of redeeming our already battered image by ourselves. Thank you.

Committing sexual sin isn't the same as being financially corrupt. Your comment is dull
Politics / Re: Yemi Osinbajo Disables Comment Section Of IG Account After Onnoghen's Suspension by rock003: 1:13pm On Jan 27
Keep denying your lineage, after all you aren't the first and wouldn't be the last.

That's exactly why I say you are dull. I won't be surprised if you say Aisha Yesufu is an ipob member; that's how eternally dumb you are
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Welcomed On Arrival From Peace-keeping In Congo (Throwback Photos) by rock003: 12:58pm On Jan 27
Throwback of life!

This brings us to the latest happening in the country,

Between Buhari who directed the military to follow constitutional means to deal with the killers of Gen. Alkali and Obasanjo who directed the military to summarily executed the people of Zaki Biam, which behaved like Abacha....?

Between Buhari who tolerated the Senate President and National Assembly Speaker that are disloyal and have irreconcilable political differences and OBJ who directed the removal of several National Assembly leaders for their disloyalty, which behaved like Abacha..?

Between Buhari who tolerated Ayo Fayose's childishness and Obasanjo who had him impeached because he could not tolerate him, which behaved like Abacha..?
Between Buhari who is seeking a constitutional second term in office and Obasanjo who attempted to change the constitution to make him life president, which behaved like Abacha...?

Between Buhari who never withheld any state's allocation due to a misunderstanding with the Governor, and Obasanjo who withheld that of Lagos state because of Tinubu, who is a danger to our democracy..?

God bless our President MUHAMMADU BUHARI for the good decisions he is taking to rid our country of THIEVES, CRIMINALS and devilish people.
To a New Nigeria we go.... NEXT LEVEL issa GOAL!

The Chief Jobless of nairaland at it again. cheesy
Politics / Re: Onnoghen: Osinbajo Is An Embarrassment, Should Be Stripped Of SAN Title - Fayose by rock003: 12:52pm On Jan 27
The only Ọmọ àlè Yorùbá is running his mouth again

Mr Ayam in painz

Your painz will double up when Buhari is sworn in

You die there or enter #NextLevelPain

Mod: some idiots have been insulting me for this comment , in reality , Buhari has been too kind to the likes of ThiefYose ,FFk , Nnamdi and other bastards who say and post nonsense about the office of the president

So called law makers understand the meaning of Lèse-majesté

even cameroon will jail you up to 5 years 0r ~$45,000 for insulting Paul Biye

Don't you think you are the original omo àlè in Yoruba land? Your mirror can tell you more clearly.
Politics / Re: Yemi Osinbajo Disables Comment Section Of IG Account After Onnoghen's Suspension by rock003: 12:48pm On Jan 27
If you were pained by my comment please write it nicely on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, fold it up and shove up your arse
Lol, I'm not surprised. It is coming from a mentally dull Yoruba Muslim.


Politics / Re: Yemi Osinbajo Disables Comment Section Of IG Account After Onnoghen's Suspension by rock003: 12:47pm On Jan 27


Have you paused for a minute to imagine what becomes of your mental state if Buhari is defeated in the election..?

I imagine your case will be far worse.

Don't expect a Yoruba Muslim to use his brain. Hausa/fulani has imprisoned him mentally. His brain is below that of his slave masters. He has no right to think beyond the dictates of his slave master. Abdulazeez1002 is a Yoruba Muslim. He is too mentally dull to think or see beyond his nose. He is a typical religion slave.


Politics / Re: Yemi Osinbajo Disables Comment Section Of IG Account After Onnoghen's Suspension by rock003: 12:42pm On Jan 27
I don't want to insult this man of God
A man of God is he who is serving God.

Is Osinbajo serving God? Or is he serving his political godfather?
Politics / Re: Yemi Osinbajo Disables Comment Section Of IG Account After Onnoghen's Suspension by rock003: 12:37pm On Jan 27
A Frustrated man is not different from a madman. But I am very sure ,many people will run mad when Buhari will be declared winner come February 17th, nothing anybody can do to prevent it. I pity their souls because they may not recover from the shock announcement

Mr Yoruba Muslim, if your almanjiri brain is still functional, you would have realized that the issue being discussed here is about Osinbajo disabling comment on his IG page because he is troubled by guilty conscience.

Stop acting like your brain has been replaced with sawdust

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Pets / Re: Nigerian Lady Punishes Her Dog For Chewing Her Iphone (Photos) by rock003: 8:00am On Jan 27
In a sane society, she will be in jail at this moment for this foolish act.

Imagine a zombie talking about sanity. Synonymous with a pig talking about white garment

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Politics / Re: 9 Reasons Why The Suspension Of The CJN Is Constitutional - PoliticsNGR.com by rock003: 8:02pm On Jan 26
Buhari suspend CJN but did not remove him
But pigs can't understand this

Looks like your brain is poorer than that of a pig.

He was "just suspended" but another person has been appointed in his place

What a show of thoughtlessness!
Politics / Re: Femi Falana Reacts To CJN Onnoghen Suspension by rock003: 3:36pm On Jan 26
Vrengkat, you know the law more than Femi Falana, right?
Politics / Re: Dele Momodu On Buhari Suspension Of Onnoghen: 'Our President Has Done It Again' by rock003: 3:33pm On Jan 26
At least not like a useless locally bred Pig.

thanks for declaring with your own mouth that you are a useful idiot. Case closed.
Politics / Re: The Moment Buhari Announced Suspension Of CJN Walter Onnoghen by rock003: 12:22pm On Jan 26

Read the Interpretation Act:

11. (1) Where an enactment confers a power to appoint a person either to an office or to exercise any functions, whether for a specified period or not, the power includes-

(a) power to appoint a person by name or to appoint the holder from time to time of a particular office;

(b) power to remove or suspend him;

(c) power, exercisable in the manner and subject to the limitations and conditions (if any) applicable to the power to appoint,-

(i) to reappoint or reinstate him,

(ii) to appoint a person to act in his place, either generally or in regard to specified functions, during such time as is considered expedient by the authority in whom the power of appointment in question is vested.

Read the full text of the Interpretation Act here:

Then by your interpretation, the president can also hire and fire the Senate President? Watch it

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