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Politics / Re: Yoruba Nation Protesters Storm Ojota, Lagos (Pictures) by Roger3D: 12:20pm On Jul 03
With all the security presence, the protest still went on.
I think at this point the FG should dialogue with this pple instead of this unnecessary shoe of force

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Religion / Re: Mike Bamiloye: "Trump's Tenure Was Just A Short Window Of Grace" by Roger3D: 7:14pm On Jan 23

He is slowly receiving sense under the new Biden administration grin

Cc lzaa chewwie
kikikikikiki grin

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Religion / Re: Mike Bamiloye: "Trump's Tenure Was Just A Short Window Of Grace" by Roger3D: 4:49pm On Jan 23

1. Biden 2021.
2. Trump 20 to 21 years imprisonment
Where is our guy Mr imadeyoureadthis? Hiding behind Trump's skirt? grin

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Politics / Re: Photos From Colonel Emmanuel Nwobosi Burial by Roger3D: 11:06am On Jan 18
Rot in hell you murderer


Foreign Affairs / Re: Vice U.S.A President Elect Kamala Harris To Resign Her US Senate Seat On Monday by Roger3D: 4:24pm On Jan 17
I watched NTA last when I was 15
Then you're 16
Family / Re: "You Can't Be A Feminist And A Christian" - Reno Omokri by Roger3D: 2:42pm On Jan 15
Reno talks too much jare, you can be whatever you what and still be a Christian. Its a free world.
No you can't. You have to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ as is written in the Bible to be one
Politics / Re: Is Kano IGR/ Allocation Larger Than Combined Trio Of Abia Enugu & Ebonyi by Roger3D: 3:56pm On Jan 10
The kano igr has more than 30% igbo business taxes while the taxes in enugu ,Abis and ebonyi has 99.99999% igbo taxes and less than 0.00001% northern contributions

If Nigeria is restructured and the center government is no longer leaching on the resources of oil producing states and dishing it out to kano based on population, the igr of kano will not be up to Aba igr
And where did you get your 30% statistics from? The IPOB bureau of statistics?
Politics / Re: Who Know The Total Population Igbo Living Southwest And North Nigeria? by Roger3D: 12:59am On Jan 09

Our intention is to get Biafra and then conquer and enslave you. We go nowhere!!
In both objectives you will faiil. History is on our side
Politics / Re: Shop Owners To Pay N20,000 In Maiduguri As Governor Zulum Increases Tax by Roger3D: 10:05pm On Jan 08
Ask yourselves how many Shops are owned by an Hausa or Fulani person? I know this new tax rate will be taking more serious on that Igbo businessman than that Kunu or kuli kuli seller shop.

Funny thing is that it always hit back on we Hausas. Igbo man rice importation business was blocked, rice rose from 8000 to 35000. Isn't it foolishness to rejoice when government torment this hardworking people?

Now, wen they pay 20k, won't they simple raise their commodity price? Last last, na still we go pay the tax. Very unfortunate
Then why can't you ibos just get the hell out of Maiduguri and take your business elsewhere?

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Politics / Re: Who Know The Total Population Igbo Living Southwest And North Nigeria? by Roger3D: 10:01pm On Jan 08

Very bad English. Fulani has succeeded in rendering nigeria's school system useless.
Just get your Biafra and get the hell out of our region
Politics / Re: Who Know The Total Population Igbo Living Southwest And North Nigeria? by Roger3D: 9:20pm On Jan 08
We have more than 5 millions of them in the north west alone.

Ask them to go back to the east and watch them condemn their own region
The actual figure is close to 10 million. In the north east they're over 5 million and when Biafra comes we kick them out

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Politics / Re: My Predictions For 2021 by Roger3D: 9:08pm On Jan 08

Trumpism, like Sai Babarism, is hazardous to the human brain.

cc lzaa bamite yarimo blackking98
Sai Baba! Sai RUGA! LZAA is on board grin

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Politics / Re: My Predictions For 2021 by Roger3D: 2:53pm On Jan 08

This oga is still denying reality grin

Cc lzaa bamite Roger3D
His most recent excuse is 'America ceased to exist on January the 6th'. Hahahaha grin What a sore loser
Politics / Re: My Predictions For 2021 by Roger3D: 2:50pm On Jan 08

Biden is not POTUS since America ended yesterday .

No US no bet.

What we have now is Jew rats and their Masonic useful idiots plus their bio dredges ruining America to the ground.

Bets off !

Because America no longer exists.
You are a pathetic loser just like your mentor Trump, spinning lies and baseless conspiracy theories. America no longer exists? Ahahahaha grin Next time be a real man and put your mouth where your money is.
Politics / Re: My Predictions For 2021 by Roger3D: 10:20pm On Jan 07

Winner of what ?

The United States seized to exist on January 6th, 2020.

Biden will only be sworn in as chairman of the United Socialist State of America.

Big difference .

Hahahaha I always knew you were a fraud. You can't even keep to your word. You are a thrid rate pseudo intellectual with a knack for conspiracy theories. Dectivate all your accounts in accordance with our deal
Politics / Re: My Predictions For 2021 by Roger3D: 10:07pm On Jan 07
1. The FG will make vaccine certification a must. You will not be able to operate a bank account , travel locally and internationally with out one. You will not be allowed to have a driver's liscence issued or renewed without one. The NIN registeration is all a ruse. Same NIN that was announced by the same FG if it's discontinuance is what they want you to now have?
All the NIN wahala is a compliance test towards Covid vaccination certification. Civil servants who refuse to take the vaccine will be outrightly sacked.

2. The US dollar will be collapsed and replaced by a digital currency tied to the Chinese economy . So that will surely see to the naira being scrapped and in it's place the new digital currency which you can only access with your unique ID2020 Covid certification number.

3.A major civil war will break out in the US but the Nationalists will be crushed by a multinational force led by China and the EU.

4. America will seize to be a democracy.

5. Israel will align with Sunni Arab nations and their terrorists to wage war on Christian nations. Hungary , Poland, Armenia and Greece will be occupied by Muslim armies.
Christianity will be declared a hate religion and the NT banned as hate speech.

6. Iran and Yemen will be nuked.

7. The pope will denounce Christianity and Christ and call for a new age religion to replace Christiandom

8. In Nigeria , the fulani genocide will continue unabated and will engulf every corner.

9. Christmas will be banned.

10. Jews will declare their Messiah which all your fake pastors, pope and imam will endorse as the saviour of the world.

11. Donald Trump and his entire family will be executed by gulotine on the orders of Kamala Harris (the supreme leader of the United Socialist States of America).

12. Joe Biden will be arkancided before July.

MagicBishop we had a deal that you would dectivate all your handles once Biden is declared winner. Now is the time to keep up to your word
Cc Imhotep grin
Politics / Re: Biafra? Anonymous Announces The Birth Of A New Nation From West Africa- Photo by Roger3D: 9:32pm On Jan 07
Who has your cursed Presidential ticket help. Buhari is a president yet his region is being ravaged with poverty, and terrorism. Backwards stunt..
And yet still over 10 million of your people have run to Buhari's region of poverty and terrorism seeking a better life. So much for your eldorado Biafra
Foreign Affairs / Re: Odds Maker Reveals The Fraud Surrounding The US Elections by Roger3D: 1:22pm On Jan 07

ImadeUReadThis is very confused grin
He will never deactivate any of his accounts. Kikikiki grin
Food / Re: Man Sells 6,000 Dead Poultry Meat To Borno Residents (Photo) by Roger3D: 1:18pm On Jan 07
Hassan Ebere !!!!

wat a Strange combination of names .......

names checkers association will find it very difficult to know his tribe
He is an ibo man. His father's name is Ebere, which other tribe bears that name?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Odds Maker Reveals The Fraud Surrounding The US Elections by Roger3D: 12:56pm On Jan 07

And if that doesn't happen, I promise to deactivate all my accounts before wiping all my threads and posts on NL.

Do we have a deal?

Oga MagicBishop AKA Revdesmondjuju AKA imadeyoureadthis oya time to deactivate all your accounts on nairaland just like we agreed. Trump is on his way out. grin

Cc Imhotep cheesy
Foreign Affairs / Re: Biden To Concede Defeat After Wake Of Massive Voter Fraud. by Roger3D: 12:47pm On Jan 07
CNN.Police cars revolving light

Straightforward from here:
Right-pointing triangleGOP controls state legislatures in key swing states
Right-pointing triangleLegislatures convinced of fraud; send own/no electors
Right-pointing triangleBiden deprived of 270
Right-pointing triangleState delegations in House re-elect Trump 26-23

"So the outcome would be to re-elect Donald Trump." Down-pointing red triangle
State delegation for house don reelect him now ba? grin
Politics / Re: Igbo Leaders Persist South East Must Produce President In 2023 by Roger3D: 10:43pm On Jan 05

I can vote an ibo man nothing wrong with it
Good for you
Politics / Re: Igbo Leaders Persist South East Must Produce President In 2023 by Roger3D: 10:36pm On Jan 05
Honestly I can't imagine myself voting for an ibo man as president.

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Religion / Re: A Fulani Christian Shares His Challenges After Accepting Christ by Roger3D: 9:26pm On Jan 03
What a dumbass

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Literature / Re: Top 5 Books To Read In 2021 by Roger3D: 2:12pm On Jan 02
Whatever happened to
1. Sapiens: A brief history of humankind
2. Homo Deus: A brief history of tommorow
3. 21 lessons for the 21st century

All three written by professor Yuval Noah Harari

Anyone who reads even one of these 3 books can never remain the same again


Politics / Re: El-Rufai Demolishes Asher Hotel In Kaduna Over Proposed Sex Party by Roger3D: 6:21pm On Dec 31, 2020
That's great!

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Politics / Re: SOS: Boko Haram Currently Attacking Hawul LGA, Southern Borno. by Roger3D: 6:59pm On Dec 26, 2020
this is a majority Christian LGA
And so?

Tell your northern people that the rocket testing which you all saw on youtube is the smallest category of Biafra's current arsenal. Did you remember "Ogbunigwe" that our fathers used during the first failed attempt to restore Biafra? The bigger and much-modernized longer-ranged ones have been built and stored waiting for D-Day. Worse is coming your way. The plan is to destroy all your cities starting with Abuja if you cow brains dare start any shiat with us. Biafra must go in peace, or else.
Hahahahaha or else what?
Politics / Re: Nepa:you Dey Suffer Yourself If You Get UPS And You No Connect Am To Big Battery by Roger3D: 9:57pm On Dec 22, 2020

What I described there didn't include solar panels, is what I mean.

Yes, you can use UPS, batteries and solar panel alone. It is what I am using.
But in this case, instead of a change over, during a power outage, you will need to connect your devices from an extension box connected to the UPS. You understand?

So, for solar solution wey fridge na 100w, I go recommend you go for ATLEAST 2 units of 12V 200Ah batteries,
4 units of 330watts solar panels,
And 3kw Inverter.

Companies dey wey dey do this as a bundle. What I mean is them go give you battery, inverter, solar panel and installation material plus them go do the installation for you.

But you know say as solar panel don join this list, cost don go up sha?

Two types of popular power solution na:

I) Inverter solution (no solar panels, only inverter and battery)

2) Solar solution: solar panel inverter battery.

But if you notice, this is different from wetin I open the thread with.
I know say no be wettin you bin open thread with. I don give you my spec, so which one you advise make I take? Your UPS with batteries or the inverter with batteries or di one with solar? You get price quotation for each?
Politics / Re: Nepa:you Dey Suffer Yourself If You Get UPS And You No Connect Am To Big Battery by Roger3D: 8:53pm On Dec 22, 2020

Okay, you know the power rating for your fridge?
Like if you check the label, usually at the back of the fridge,them dey write am as "input power".
Mine is 100watts.

But since I don't know the wattage of your fridge, I will advice you go for 2.5kw or 3kw inverter with 4 units of 12V 200ah battery.

But if the money too big, there are other affordable solutions like with 2 batteries instead of 4, but the fridge go dey quick finish the battery.

With two batteries, if your fridge na the same small power with my own, you can get a full 24hours before the battery run down.

But without the fridge connected, ahhh..just dey holly dey go. Light forevergrin
You gat wharramin?cheesy

So you go unplug the fridge, except say NEPA dey quick quick give una light. So that you can recharge your 2 batteries quick quick before another outage.

Oh! You said with solar. I just see that part.
Abeg wetin I describe ba inverter solution.
Try give me your fridge input power.
You go fit check am?
My fridge is about the same power Watts as yours. You don't recommend an inverter? You mean I can use a UPS, batteries and solar panel alone? How much will all these cost?
Politics / Re: Is This What Nnamdi Kanu Is Doing . by Roger3D: 8:19pm On Dec 22, 2020
Force will have to be eventually used against nnamdi kanu's outfit. I doubt if any government regardless of who heads it will tolerate an illegal army

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