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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (23578 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (43238 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 8,672.12/week (64.4% discount).

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How To Save Your Relationship
by Iamgeecee. 3 posts & 214 views. 4:42pm On Aug 11 (Iamgeecee)
Nigeria Ranked Most Sexually Satisfied Country In The World (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by machinex10. 175 posts & 47069 views. 4:30pm On Aug 11 (OyinO)
She Pulled Her Pants…. “i Fvcked”
by BlinksBlinkd. 29 posts & 10390 views. 4:14pm On Aug 11 (Lordbooster)
I Regret Having Sex At Age 19
by bignoisemaker. 14 posts & 2575 views. 4:12pm On Aug 11 (Lordbooster)
Romance Your Career With A Professional Certificate In PUBLIC RELATIONS (2)
by symmetric. 36 posts & 1098 views. 4:05pm On Aug 11 (symmetric)
I Need Lenses For Google Cardboard.
by anochuko01. 1 post & 63 views. 4:01pm On Aug 11 (anochuko01)
Things You Can Observe To Know A Man That Can Beat You
by luvkidtemmy. 7 posts & 327 views. 3:47pm On Aug 11 (daviesblaze)
by Preciousgirl. 17 posts & 204 views. 3:47pm On Aug 11 (360great)
Man Seen Watching Adult Content Inside Public Bus In Lagos.
by Issafela. 14 posts & 1134 views. 3:38pm On Aug 11 (InTime)
Why Cant A Nigeria Guy Date A Girl Without Sex (2) (3)
by ritylove. 93 posts & 5011 views. 3:28pm On Aug 11 (KingNom)
Jilted Nigerian Lady Cuts Off Fiance's joystick in Jigawa (graphic Photo)
by FlirtyKaren. 7 posts & 495 views. 3:06pm On Aug 11 (youngberry001)
Identical Twin Sisters Marry Identical Twin Brothers Same Day! See Photos..
by Nawaaoh. 7 posts & 330 views. 2:59pm On Aug 11 (Nawaaoh)
I'm Giving Someone Else's Pregnancy To My Husband Because He Has A Low Sperm Cou
by hearthdesire. 2 posts & 227 views. 2:33pm On Aug 11 (weyreypey)
Although I'm 26, I Don't Think I Can Date A Girl Above 16 [see Reasons] (2)
by bignoisemaker. 62 posts & 3373 views. 1:50pm On Aug 11 (bignoisemaker)
How Do You Feel As A Guy When Asked "Why You Want To Marry"
by mrphysics. 12 posts & 557 views. 1:48pm On Aug 11 (ebukason3)
Woman Sleeps With Son To Have A Child For Her Husband In Benue State
by stane007. 10 posts & 716 views. 1:46pm On Aug 11 (Dreamkiller)
I Want To Make My Observations About A Nairalander - Nwanyiawkaetiti (2)
by bignoisemaker. 37 posts & 909 views. 1:41pm On Aug 11 (bignoisemaker)
20+latest:Bleep Hookup Whatsapp Group Chat (Lagos Base)
by Wobey. 2 posts & 202 views. 1:40pm On Aug 11 (Wobey)
Meet The ‘world’s Sexiest Dwarf’ That Men Can't Stop Dying For
by avetiz. 13 posts & 5090 views. 1:29pm On Aug 11 (vahebanu)
He Has Not Called Me Back And Refused To Pick My Calls
by BIGVAJINA. 12 posts & 943 views. 1:02pm On Aug 11 (Preciousgirl)
Are Africans Really Good In Bed?
by BIGVAJINA. 7 posts & 321 views. 12:57pm On Aug 11 (InTime)
My Girl Wants To Take My Gen To Her New Apartment (2) (3) (4)
by Biafrareform. 113 posts & 2314 views. 12:50pm On Aug 11 (shaneroberts26)
I’m Ho.rny And The Police Arrives
by BlinksBlinkd. 18 posts & 4356 views. 12:33pm On Aug 11 (BlinksBlinkd)
Florentine(letter to Florence) By Ur Very Own Emm Ode
by rexcharlie. 2 posts & 52 views. 11:40am On Aug 11 (rexcharlie)
My Wife And My Sister’s Fantasy Is Threatening Our Marriage
by Beke2020. 2 posts & 509 views. 11:36am On Aug 11 (Samuelgr8)
My Husband Kissed Me Last On Our Wedding Day He Just Go Straight To Sex Without
by 123naresh. 9 posts & 1304 views. 11:36am On Aug 11 (donbachi)
What Do You Think: Type Of Women To Run Away From
by fuperligua. 1 post & 118 views. 11:35am On Aug 11 (fuperligua)
Couple Caught Having S3x While Ordering Food At A Busy Mcdonald’s (video)
by good20. 8 posts & 675 views. 11:32am On Aug 11 (good20)
Website Where You Can Find Professionals To Date!
by sabigros. 1 post & 74 views. 11:30am On Aug 11 (sabigros)
Masturbation Is Biblical Quote Me Anywhere
by Estringx. 27 posts & 2529 views. 11:26am On Aug 11 (Benediah)
I Lost Hope In Relationships But My Rebound Landed Me In A Mess
by Samuelgr8. 3 posts & 306 views. 11:20am On Aug 11 (Samuelgr8)
A Man I Considered A Friend Wanted To Have Sex With Me - Lady Cries Out (photos) (2) (3) (4) ... (10) (11) (12) *
by 0luwajuwon. 355 posts & 74882 views. 11:19am On Aug 11 (Samphoenix1)
I Am Scared I Will Be Alone As My Relationships Never Last!
by Samuelgr8. 10 posts & 578 views. 11:19am On Aug 11 (Samuelgr8)
Help Me: My Wife Has Turned Me To A Married Bachelor!
by Samuelgr8. 21 posts & 3280 views. 11:16am On Aug 11 (Samuelgr8)
AUTHORS ONLY: Do You Want To Write A Book? Read This And Get It Done [PICTURE]
by iLegendd. 12 posts & 126 views. 11:04am On Aug 11 (iLegendd)
10 Qualities You Should Look Out For If You Are Looking 4 A Healthy Relationship
by fraspree. 3 posts & 178 views. 11:03am On Aug 11 (RadicallyBlunt)
The Side Effects Of Porn/masturbation And How To Cure Yourself
by wisdomguy4u. 2 posts & 193 views. 10:36am On Aug 11 (Giddymoney)
Is She A Wife Material Or Should I Forget About Her?
by mrex911. 22 posts & 971 views. 10:29am On Aug 11 (nuggarito)
Solution For A Longer, Harder Er^ction And Delay Ejaculation for N19000
by vigrxplusng. 5 posts & 550 views. 9:55am On Aug 11 (vigrxplusng)
My Dirty Secret With My Attractive Landlord’s Daughter
by BlinksBlinkd. 15 posts & 5995 views. 9:52am On Aug 11 (BlinksBlinkd)
Things Every Woman Wants In A Man
by chidex6195. 4 posts & 237 views. 9:51am On Aug 11 (pafo)
Man Seen Enjoying Some Adult Content Inside A Danfo
by made4naija. 10 posts & 1785 views. 9:44am On Aug 11 (pafo)
How To Make A Lady Happy In A Relationship Without Money
by chidex6195. 1 post & 168 views. 9:27am On Aug 11 (chidex6195)
Valzod's Birthday Is July 20th. I Promise To Reveal Some More Sexcapades
by ValZod. 8 posts & 388 views. 9:19am On Aug 11 (ValZod)
Online Data And Dating Tips For Women
by fraspree. 1 post & 49 views. 9:19am On Aug 11 (fraspree)
How Do Broke Guys Manage Relationship?
by patosky3310. 32 posts & 818 views. 9:18am On Aug 11 (bobokeshington)
My Mum Forced Me To Live With A Soldier Who Isnt My Husband, He Kidnapped My Son
by fraspree. 7 posts & 114 views. 9:16am On Aug 11 (bjayx)
Choose Between Been A Second Wife Or Side Chick
by hmabdool. 14 posts & 190 views. 9:12am On Aug 11 (bjayx)
I Feel Bad For Men Who Have Never Dated Non-nigerian Ladies" - Man
by Revolva. 10 posts & 307 views. 9:12am On Aug 11 (dayleke)
Existence Of Spirit Wife. My Story
by lalaray. 16 posts & 1524 views. 9:09am On Aug 11 (PrecisionFx)
Dilemma Of A Godly Chriatian Lady
by gracein. 7 posts & 189 views. 8:44am On Aug 11 (Bluezy13)
Cee-C: The Most Embarrassing Day Of My Life, Someone Saw Me Unclad (Video) (2) (3) *
by uche87. 69 posts & 49039 views. 8:32am On Aug 11 (seangy4konji)
My Experience With A Lady I Intend To Settle Down With (2) (3) (4) ... (10) (11) (12) *
by Raskasal. 377 posts & 51222 views. 8:29am On Aug 11 (seangy4konji)
Ladies Get In Here!let's Get That Marital Bed Sweetened Again! See Testimonies O (2)
by YetundeOtedola. 33 posts & 1636 views. 8:24am On Aug 11 (YetundeOtedola)
Ladies: Beware Of Fake Male Feminists.
by Ksatriy. 9 posts & 181 views. 8:00am On Aug 11 (Bluezy13)
18+SEXCHAT: He Requested For My Nudes & I Sent Him My Hottest (Photo)
by softwerk. 12 posts & 4930 views. 7:57am On Aug 11 (gasparpisciotta)
Why Is Female Sexual Assault Taken Seriously Than Male Sexual Assault? (2)
by Elder001. 52 posts & 494 views. 7:57am On Aug 11 (chiraqDemon)
Join The Trending!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Victornn361. 1 post & 44 views. 7:50am On Aug 11 (Victornn361)
Christian Girl Dating A Muslim Guy...can It Work? (2)
by CastingCrowns. 35 posts & 1452 views. 7:41am On Aug 11 (Welcomme)
Is It True That Pussy Runs The World?
by Rosay15. 22 posts & 468 views. 7:39am On Aug 11 (Rosay15)

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